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Little Witch (Part 1)

Pairings: It’ll be a Peter x reader

word count: 1730

Requested:  Hey can you write one where the avengers go to recruit a girl they heard about? She lives in the deep woods and uses magic. When they find her they weren’t expecting someone so young since she’s only like 14-15. They start having second thoughts but she shows them that she can handle herself. She also wants revenge cause hydra killed her family trying to get to her.

A/N: I made the reader a little older and i hope it’s not a problem. I really liked the request and i have a big idea how to continue this. I hope you like it and if so let me know in order to post a Part 2 and maybe more ;) Enjoy (and sorry for the mistakes)

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It was Saturday and everyone in the Avenger tower was finally able to relax. The whole week represented a lot of missions, hours of training and a serious lack of sleep. Today had to be their day off. Nat was trying to find an interesting film on the TV but for now with no luck. Steve was in his room immersed in his thought for the present again. Tony, as always, was doing something in his laboratory with Bruce but this time they weren’t eager to make a progress so fast, so they were mostly telling each other jokes rather than work. Clint and Vision, unusually, were cooking whatever they could think of while Peter, Wanda and Thor were ready to become tasters. Everything was going fine until a familiar and detestable sound reached their ears.

“Good morning, Avengers.”, said Colson, “How are you in this sunny and beautiful day?”

“Oh, hey Son of Col! We are perfect.”, Thor answered with a bright smile on his face.

Now everyone was in the living room looking at the man in a black suit showing on the huge TV.

“If you have to tell us something good then go on, if not…better fuck yourself.”

“Well, I’m glad to see you too, Romanoff.”, the man looked with a smile at the red-head and then turned again to the whole gang, “Okay, I will go to the main part. Three days ago something extraordinary happened in woods north of Minnesota.”, bellow him appeared some photos, “As you see, some of the trees are burnt but definitely not from a fire, and this one.”, a photo showing something like spikes coming from the ground became in view.

“What the hell is this?”, Peter exclaimed, “How is that even possible?”

“That’s what you have to find out.”

“What?! No!”, Tony said angrily. “No! Not going to happen! We have a day off, Colson!”

“I know you do, but it’s important. Given the fact it’s like 7km away from a Hydra base, it may be someone used for an experiment. And we need only three or four of you to go and check.”, the man announced.

“I’m in!”, Wanda said with no hesitations.

“Count me, too”, Clint raised his hand to show that he’s ready.

“And me.”

“Peter, you are not going.”, Tony declared.

“Why not? We only have to check what’s going on, that’s all.”

“He is right Tony, and I will go, too.”, Steve stated and the four of them received the needed information.

“I’m sick of Mr. Stark treating me like a kid.”, Peter breathed out as he and the other three avengers were getting in the helicopter.

“But you are a kid, Pete.”, Steve sat down and put his belt on. The others followed his actions and soon they were high above the ground.

“That’s not what I mean. I may be a kid as I am that young but I can look after myself. I can do things just like you guys. I want and I can become a hero. It seems he…he doesn’t want me to be one.”

“You know that’s not true.”, Wanda tried to calm the boy down, “He is just afraid. You and either I are new in all of this, but he, Steve and Clint are deep in this dangerous world and know what it costs to be a hero.”

“Wanda is right, boy. I share Stark’s thoughts but not completely. If you want to be a hero, you must know that you risk the lives of your beloved ones – family, friends, girlfriends… We all have experienced the feeling of losing someone; we just don’t want you to go through this at that young age.”, Clint said while checking his arrows.

“But don’t worry, we’ll be beside your back.”, Steve patted Peter’s shoulder and till the end of the flight nobody spoke.

Two hours later the group was finally at the mentioned place. There was no place for the helicopter to land so the heroes had to get down with the help of a rope.

“So…which direction should we go?”, Clint questioned as he, the last one, got on the hard ground.

“North.”, Steve looked at his compass to make sure he was right and then led the gang towards the destination.

“Why would somebody stay so deep In the woods?”, Peter decided to break the silence.

“I don’t think they are just staying there, Pete.”

“They are hiding.”, Wanda respond back.

“Why do you think so?”

“Colson said that there is a Hydra base in the distance…I think whoever managed to escape, is now terrified and…and angry.”

“How can you be so sure? Hydra probably sent out somebody to see if he can cooperate and serve them.”, the way Steve retorted back showed he had no good feeling towards the organization.

“Because I can feel it!”

“What do you mean?”, Peter was so confused given the fact he was new and didn’t have much information about the Hydra thing and Wanda’s powers.

“Sometimes I can either get in your head or memories, or feel your emotions.”

Steve was about to say something back as his anger has somehow unlocked but Clint was the one to stop them from a fight.

“Guys! We have a work to do and right now it’s in front of us.”, Hawkeye showed the previously seen spikes, which were like 10 meters away from them, “Can you solve your problems when we are back in the base, and I am away from your childish behavior?”

Wanda and Steve looked a little ashamed while Peter was still standing there with a stupid expression on his face while trying to figure the things out. While going to the strange and kind of a scary place the gang saw some burnt trees, others had a burnt hand mark on them, others were still up but their leaves were dry. As they were becoming closer a change in the temperature was felt.

“It wasn’t that hot minutes before. I’m sweating in this costume and now my body is itching like crazy.”, Parker announced as he began scratching.

“It’s coming from the inside.”

The spikes coming from the ground were making something like a dome. The sharp sides were touching at the top, while at the bottom they were forming a circle. This ‘structure’ was definitely made for some sort of protection.

“Maybe the person is inside this thing.”

“I will try to break it. Step back.”, Wanda commanded and then, using her magic, she broke one of the spikes. As she did so, another one grew but not upwards. Instead the spike with its sharp side directed at her body was about to kill her if it wasn’t Steve to save her.  They both fell on the ground while the others two tried to save themselves from the other deadly formations that suddenly appeared from the ground.  

“What the hell was that?!”, Clint exclaimed as he tried to catch his breath.

“I don’t know but we better find a way to…”, Peter was interrupted from Wanda’s scream to watch out. But his spider senses had already informed him about a danger. He jumped and used his webs to get on a high tree.  From up there he managed to notice the small aperture.

“I can get there and I will. Don’t try to stop me, we are losing time. When I get there you will attack and try to ruin this shield. Got it?”, the young boy notified the others through his micro earphone, “Let’s have some fun.”, Peter put his mask on and jumped from the tree. He landed just a meter away from the wanted place but as soon as his foots touched the spikes others began appearing. With his fastness he got in the hole seconds before getting seriously injured.

Although he has done it before, this time Peter made his superhero landing on his ass.

“Shit, that hurts.”, he cursed out but as soon as he did he was thrown against the strong wall made from the spikes.

“Tell me who the hell you are or I’ll kill you.”, a sweet, yet dry voice reached his ears. He looked up and saw a girl around his age standing defensive opposite him with a rage written on her face.

“I’m Pet-, shit! No, I’m Spiderman and I-”, but the boy was interrupted by being sent to the ‘wall’ again.

“You are lying! If Hydra is sending you, which I am sure about, you are gonna die in agony. They’ll finally see what I am capable of! That’s what they want, isn’t it?”, the girl screamed and clenched fists. Peter, who was thrown again, managed to see what she was doing and how she was capable of whisking him wherever she wanted. The guy soon realized she was a witch just like Wanda.

“I have no idea what you are talking about. We are here to help you”, as soon as those words were spoken, the girl was ready to make that boy shut up by repeating her previous actions but Peter was faster. He sent webs towards her hands, sticking them on one of the spikes. She tried to escape but with in vain. Peter used this opportunity to scan the girl. She was his height, with a (y/h/t) (y/h/c) hair, (y/e/c) now full with anger. Her clothes were dirty and scattered, her face slightly sunken maybe due to the lack of food.  

Suddenly the whole structure was hit and a part of it ruined down. The girl used this as an opportunity to go away and this time she managed. She began running but the boy shoot web at her and stopped her. The witch fell on the ground and looked at the four people standing meters away.

“I’ll kill you!”, she screamed and sent a stone towards the group. Wanda was the one to create a shield with her magic and protect her friends. The girl’s eyes widen as she saw that somebody had powers just as her.

“Stop attacking us and just listen!”, Wanda spoken calmly.

“We are here to help you, don’t need to be afraid.”, a man with a soft voice gave his hand to help her stand. The girl looked up and was met by a dirty blonde hair and kind blue eyes.

“C-captain America?”

Part 2 

i was searching something on google, and then this has happened…

Clary: What do you usually do in your free time?
Jace:in my free time?

Jace: uhm…. sometimes i’m a king…
Jace: sometimes i’m a powerfull  dark wizard

Jace: and also a vampire

Jace: and a Sailor  with strange friend

Jace: oh yes, Also an awesome and popular singer in the mundane world

Clary: yes, and i am snowhite.

Jace: ooh, awesome, it seems fun!

Inglourious Basterds: Why did Hans Landa let Shosanna go?

This is one of the biggest headscratchers in Quentin Tarantino’s filmography. In the first scene, we see the first two main characters, two opposites, an Austrian Nazi Colonel in his fifties and a late-teenager French girl, who’s a Jew. We see the two sides of this war, the real duel in all the film: Nazi vs Jew. So, for plot motivations, it was impossible for Quentin to let this duel happen in the first twenty minutes, in a film longer than 2 hours. But what motivation did

Hans Landa


The Original Screenplay: an Analysis 

         COL LANDA  Hermann, I sense` a question on your lips?   Out with it? 

           DRIVER  Why did yoy allow a enemy of the state  to escape?  

        COL LANDA  Oh, I don’t think the state is in too  much danger, do you?

            DRIVER   I suppose not.

           COL LANDA  I’m glad you see it my way. Besides, not putting a bullet in the back of a  fifteen year old girl, and allowing her to escape, are not necessarily  the same thing. She’s a young girl, no food,  no shelter, no shoes, who’s just witnessed the massacre of her entire family. She may not survive the night. And after word spreads about what happened today,          it’s highly unlikely she will find any willing farmers to extend her aid. If I had to guess her fate, I’d say she’ll  probably be turned in by some neighbour.          Or, she’ll be spotted by some German soldier. Or, we’ll find her body in the  woods, dead from starvation or exposure. Or, perhaps-she’ll survive. She will elude capture. She will escape to America. She will move to New York city. Where she will be elected President of the United States.          The S.S. Colonel chuckles at his little funny.

Quentin tells us what Hans thinks about what he’s done in the original screenplay (you can find it online or buy it). This scene was present in the original version of the movie, the one presented at the Cannes Film Festival. Here, reading it, we can understand the principal motivations that made Hans spare, apparentely, the life of our little rebel girl.

  • He does not see her as a danger.

Come on. In the original version of the story, Shosanna was 16 when she escaped (and Hans belived that she was 15!). What could a 16 years old girl, without shoes, family and destroyed inside, do?

  • He wants to spread the word of the massacre to be more famous.

We all know the name that the people have given to Hans. The Jew Hunter. A catchy one, indeed. What could possibily make him more famous? Another killing! “He killed a whole Jewish family, a girl escaped and they found her dead!”. Well, that’s the kind of stories that people told each other during the war. And we all know how much Hans is ambitious. If he can be powerful and feared, he will do anything to became even more a legend than he’s already. A scary legend. A hated one. But, what is the difference? He wants power. He wants fame. And he is getting them.

  • He thinks that she is going to die anyway.

This is really easy to understand, reading the n.1. If she was not captured by the Germans, or turned in by some other farmers, she would have probabily died for the hunger or the cold. Anyway, she was not a danger, in Hans’s opinion.

  • He wants to hunt her. He bets on her.

Hans, if you did really understand his character, is not completely a Nazist from the start. He said it himself: he does not think like a German soldier. He is not part of the Nazist ideology. So, why does he work for them? From the medals he has, he is part of the Nazi Party even before the  Anschluss (the admission of Austria in Hitler’s Germany). He had a lot of profits from it. The truth is: he’s not in for the fight or the ideology, but for the profits. And his work as a Jew Hunter has the biggest profit for him: keeps him mentally active. He likes to hunt for intellectual fun. For him, it’s like playing chess.
So, he has the chance to play a little longer with a small, little, french mouse.
Why don’t catch the opportunity? He has fun betting on her destiny. That’s why he recognizes her in the resturant: he looked for her. A lot. She was not a danger, he said it: he did it just for fun. A creepy one…But that’s why I love Hans so much.

What do you think?

col-sebastian  asked:



It was all about the game. The games he played was all Jim cared about. People were so easy to predict that he could whip them up into just about any shape he wanted, and when a challenge had finally come his way, well, he had to win. Now Jim’s full plans were coming to fruition, and on the morning of the fall, his world, for once, was eerily silent. 

The previous night had been odd too. He’d kept Sebastian’s company all night, distracting the soldier with all tools at his disposal. He had sensed Sebastian’s unease, but glossed over it as the night drew in. Whiskey, explanations of the vastness of the universe, short-lived kisses had lasted until Jim had finally exhausted his tiger. He didn’t know where the sudden - what would he call it? Non-platonic? - actions had come from but it seemed to have worked. Now in the early hours of the morning, the city outside was coming to life again, a single stream of light slipping through a gap in the curtains. For a moment Jim just lay there, listening to Sebastian’s breathing. This wouldn’t do.

He pushed himself off the bed, and by the time Sebastian stirred he was up, showered, dressed, and nearly ready to go. Jim reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a large brown sealed envelope. On the front it simply said ‘Sebastian.’ 

“Your orders for the day. They’re to be followed to the T, ‘Bastian.” Jim smirked, although the stiffness in the air made it feel short-changed. As Jim left, he didn’t look at Sebastian. He didn’t want to see whatever confusion he guessed was spreading across the soldier’s expression. “I’ll see you later.” 

Those were the last words Jim had ever said to Sebastian. Now, three years later he was sat outside a small cafe outside his old flat in Conduit Street. He sipped on a too-bitter latte and watched, waiting. It didn’t take long for Sebastian to come into view, looking like he’d just come from a job, but wearier. Jim watched as his previous employee pulled out keys, and let himself into their flat.

His. His flat. 

It had been so long. And for once, Jim couldn’t predict the outcome if he were to go in.


COLLIN: Surprised to see me? Haha, my flight back home came early! How is everything?

TURNER: Oh, Col, you shocked the life out of us. How was Eritrea?

COLLIN: Exhausting. I’m not cut out for the work I thought I could be good at, it seems. I thought…I don’t know what I thought.

TURNER: Well, you’re back home now. Are you all right?

COLLIN: I just feel I didn’t make as much of a difference as I thought I would. But, it’s okay. I’ll figure something else out.

CORY: That’s my girl.

I have seen so much shit being talked about how cc treats malec and while thats all completely legit I have one major other problem with cassandra clare’s writing namely:


One thing that camaron cullinary apparently can’t stay away from is describing how fantastically majestically he is through the entire mortal instruments series. I think we can all agree on that. My other problem with him is that hes a MAJOR. FUCKING ASSHOLE. I can’t be the only one right?

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My Top 3 Bellarke Scenes

I had an anon ask me several weeks ago to list my top 3 Bellarke moments and explain why they’re my favorite, so here they are. 

Thanks, anon, for the awesome question ;-) 

Top 3 Bellarke Scenes:

2x16 “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” Scene:

This is still one of my favorite Bellarke scenes to date, and it’s a scene that is layered and tragic. First, it parallels the 2x15 Cl/xa good bye, and it (to me) signified that Bellarke was the real deal and Cl/xa wasn’t the real deal (not the endgame type at least). We just need to sit tight and wait for all of that to play out. L.exa is gone, so I think it’s safe to say Cl/xa isn’t endgame … let’s wait to see if Bellarke is. Second, I still believe Bellamy will be Clarke’s home therefore, for me, this scene plays with dramatic irony (especially after season 3). If Clarke had stayed, would things be different between them? If Clarke had stayed, would L.exa still be alive? If Clarke had stayed, would she have overcome her pain sooner? I would say yes. Even Clarke acknowledged that one: “I’ve tried running away from my pain. It doesn’t work.” If she had listened to Bellamy in this scene and trusted that she wasn’t alone (that L.exa and Dante were wrong. Clarke didn’t have to lead alone nor carry her burdens alone), then all the terrible struggles and losses she experienced in season 3 wouldn’t have happened. Tragic. Luckily not everything was lost, our girl learned that she wasn’t alone in 3B thanks to Bellamy and her friends, and by learning to work with people again as a unit, Clarke and Bellamy (L.exa, Raven, and the others) saved the day … for now. 

3x05 “Bellarke Argument” Scene:

This scene. Oh, wow! This scene was like an exposed nerve for both Bellamy and Clarke. I’ve never seen Bellamy OR Clarke this open and vulnerable with anyone before, except (maybe) Clarke with her mother and Clarke with Finn/L.exa a little bit … but not quite in the same way as with Bellamy in this scene. Now, Clarke was this open and vulnerable with L.exa and Finn too, but only when she knew she was losing L.exa and Finn forever. She also was this vulnerable with her mother, but only after she met her mother again in season 2 after believing she had lost Abby forever. . otherwise, Clarke has been fairly stoic with her mother. Again, Bellamy is able to produce a vulnerability in Clarke that doesn’t require her losing him for it to be exposed. That’s interesting, don’t you think? In this scene, Clarke and Bellamy exposed and laid bare each others’ souls… the good and the bad. Neither of them sugar coated or excused each others’ bad decisions, but neither could they bear to see the other in pain. They love each other, and just because they’ve hurt each other, it doesn’t mean that that love disappeared. In fact, they both wanted to share and comfort each other. They connected. They felt the others’ pain,

but neither Clarke nor Bellamy were ready to let their mentors (Pike and L.exa) nor their mentors’ goals (goals they adopted as well) go just yet. The narrative wasn’t ready for the head and the heart to reunite again because Bellamy and Clarke hadn’t finished their personal journeys… can’t have that until the finale because as the personifications of the head/heart philosophies and the grounder and sky people, they couldn’t be fully together until the climax of the narrative: the finale episodes as well as the final switch scene in the COL. 

Oh! Then, Bellamy approaching Clarke and taking her hands in his … wow! That was the first time (and likely the only time) that Bellamy initiated an intimate touch between them. Heck, even the script was surprised:

Nope, I don’t believe it for a second that Bellamy preemptively took her hand in order to cuff her. I believe it was fairly obvious that Clarke’s “we” was what caused him to cuff her, so I still believe this scene of him coming over to her is still “pure” so-to-speak. Bellamy’s intent in initially soothing her was not tainted with his “betrayal”. 

3x16 “Hand Holding” Scene:

I loved this scene because it was the first real indication (to me at least) that Clarke and Bellamy are going to head down the romantic arc (I think) sooner rather than later. First, it parallels all their other almost hand holding scenes between them, which are visual pictures/symbols of their bond that started in 1x02 (saving her from the pit) and in 1x07 (taking the torture tool from Clarke’s hand) and has continued throughout the series. Therefore, their scene in 3x16 is a visual reaffirmation of their bond and that they’re now more solid in their partnership than ever before.

It was also the first real intimate touch (besides the 3x05 touch) between Bellarke. Yes, the hug in 2x05 and 3x13 were intimate, but they still felt like the type of intimacy between two people that “love” each other platonically (overall), but not necessarily the type of intimacy that suggested they were “in love” with each other. This. This felt a little like being “in love,” though not consciously so. It was the touch of two people that cannot imagine life without the other. Ugh, guys, they’re so close … how much longer, writers? How much longer?! 

Their first hug was a hug of joy and relief between two people that loved each other but they were still just friends. The second hug (2x16) was tragic and her trying to communicate to Bellamy that she still cared for him even though she was leaving him, but still, that hug wasn’t “romantic” per se. The third hug (3x13) was a reconnecting hug, which spoke of a deep love for one another, but still it wasn’t romantic either … it was Clarke consoling Bellamy and Clarke finding comfort and peace in the arms of a man she feels deeply connected to. This scene, however, of her reaching out for him was about her “needing” him physically … it wasn’t about comforting him (3x13), it wasn’t a good bye (2x16) or a hello (2x05), instead, it was about her (just her) needing him on an emotional and physical level that implies something deeper than friendship.

That’s why this scene is one of my favorites because it’s the closest we’ve gotten to seeing something that implies that Bellarke is more than a friendship.

Runner Up (haha… pun) - 2x05 “The Running Hug” Scene

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First, the music. Listen to it (HERE). How epic is that music? And it was made just for Bellarke’s reunion … oh, no, that’s not important or intentional at ALL (wink). That music was intentionally made to emphasis the importance of this relationship and that this relationship is THE CENTRAL relationship of the show. Dude, Clarke streamlined to Bellamy. She saw nothing else but Bellamy. Octavia was an afterthought, not to mention that beautiful Clarke smile (one of her oh-so-rare smiles after season 1). Come on! How the heck isn’t that an indication of Clarke’s feelings for Bellamy? Okay, okay, yeah, sure, it’s not romantic … but she sure acts physically reckless and free (free, meaning she feels safe and open) with him in ways she has NEVER acted with anyone else in this series (except a little bit with L.exa). Now, she did once hug Finn after finding out he was alive, and the hug was similar, but this hug … oh boy, this hug was the very definition of reckless abandonment and it happened in a time of joy and safety, NOT DESPERATION unlike her hug with Finn. Clarke is so calculated in her physical affections, overall, and that’s important to remember, because when she isn’t calculated, we need to pay attention. Now, I liked the Cl.exa love scene. It was beautifully shot, but Clarke was VERY calculated in her touches with L.exa and she looked conflicted and regretful (regretful that she was leaving L.exa) but resigned when she was making love to L.exa. But her physical affections with Bellamy? … no calculations … it just is

(*Note: Clarke and Lex.a in COL did, however, show Clarke for the first time being a bit reckless and free in her affections with L.exa (note: she was also more relaxed with L.exa after they made love too). I think losing L.exa and knowing L.exa was gone allowed her to fully open up to L.exa in the COL. She had nothing else to lose, so she was able to expose how to felt without any calculations on her part. It’s part of the reason I felt that their scenes were “off” in COL but it does show that Clarke did learn to become reckless with L.exa in the way she is with Bellamy naturally. I wanted to make sure I was fair and pointed that out.)

Anyway, there it is. My top three Bellarke moments, plus a bonus moment. 

Compiti per casa

E’ un po’ come con i compiti per le vacanze, credo.

Ci si accanisce a fare tutto all'ultimo, si corre, ci si affanna, si cerca quello secchione o semplicemente responsabile - o intelligente - da cui copiare, partono le telefonate disperate per sapere se anche quel capitolo era da fare, se anche quell'esercizio era stato lasciato, e gli ultimi giorni diventano un tornado di ansia e mancanza di tranquillità.

I propositi di fine anno, le cose da fare il 31, sono la stessa identica cosa: ci si costringe a dire di voler finire l'anno in grande stile, di voler fare qualcosa di epocale, che visto l'anno di merda, almeno il 31 bisogna…! 

…Ma bisogna cosa, poi. Bisogna fermarsi un momento, riguardare tutte le immagini che sono partite dal 1° gennaio, il conto alla rovescia dei giorni che è durato quasi tre mesi di fila, e mentre il conto dei giorni partiva la gente era troppo impegnata a cercare la foto del giorno successivo o a lamentarsi che l'anno era iniziato di merda piuttosto che mettersi un attimo sotto a verificare il possibile, il fattibile. Tanto c'è sempre tempo, a Gennaio c'è sempre tempo, l'anno è iniziato, chi ci corre dietro, chi ci mette fretta, e se non inizia esattamente come vogliamo che inizi, allora è già andato tutto in malora e non ha senso impegnarsi davvero.

E’ come con i compiti per le vacanze, chi cazzo ha voglia di mettersi a farli direttamente dal primo giorno in cui smetti di seguire i corsi, di andare a scuola, di fare quello che facevi di continuo e che odiavi? C'è tempo, siediti, rilassati, esci con gli amici, lamentati che la vita fa schifo, che nessuno ti corre dietro.

Ma crescere è anche questo: nessuno si prende più la sbatta di correrti dietro, di ricordarti quello che devi fare, di ricordarti che devi farlo, di metterti scadenze o preavvisi di qualche tipo: ci sei te, e se te non te lo ricordi da solo, allora tanti saluti, si arriva alla fine dell'anno dicendo che è stato un anno di merda, che non è accaduto niente di quello che si desiderava, che si spera che l'anno successivo sia migliore, e che almeno il 31 va fatto finire in grande.

E quando sarà il 1°? Beh, c'è tempo, è appena iniziato l'anno, ti pare che devi già sbatterti che l'anno è appena iniziato, non c'è fretta, e poi guarda, è iniziato con una discussione, allora andrà a puttane, e se andrà a puttane che m'impegno a fare per cambiare le cose?

Un anno passa in fretta, da un certo punto in poi della vita, è un maledetto soffione un anno, basta un colpo di vento e da Gennaio a Dicembre è un attimo, senza scherzi. Ci vuole un nulla a ripercorrerlo, ma ci vuole ancora meno spesso a farselo scivolare via dalle vita, perdendosi in tutti i “c'è tempo”, “questo lo faccio dopo” “nessuno mi corre dietro” “ma chi c'ha voglia di sbattersi”… 

Ma in fondo oh, bisogna finire quest'anno col botto, mi dicono, che tutto il potenziale che s'è mandato a puttane appresso all'idea di poter sfuggire ai problemi invece di affrontali in qualche modo andrà fatto scoppiare, no?

Che in caso, così per dire, stanotte alzate gli occhi: in mezzo ai quei botti stanno scoppiando anche le possibilità che potevano svilupparsi durante l'anno. 

In caso per il futuro, comprate meno petardi e fate più progetti.