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To Tell You I Set You Apart

Author: Sequence Fairy

Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor

Rating: G

Words: 2,467

Summary: Sometimes you just need a figurative kick in the pants. 

Notes: I’m so sorry this took so long. This is my @dwsecretsanta offering for my lovely Santee @caedmonfaith who prompted me with post-GITF with Nine coming to knock some sense into Ten. I hope you like it friend! 

Beta’d by the wonderful @chiaroscuroverse

Time Lords don’t sulk. No matter what Rose thinks. He most assuredly is not sulking. Or brooding. Or moping. He’s thinking. Alone. In the dark. Because it’s quiet and he’s tired and it’s been a bloody long day. He sighs, and scrubs a hand over his face, and then back up through his hair, destroying the perfect coif he’d spent more time on this morning than he’d care to admit to.

Rose has gone to bed. Or at least to her room. He doesn’t blame her, he’d have had enough of him by the end of today too. He’s not sure he’ll ever manage to make this up to her. He was a bloody idiot today, even if he had the best of intentions. Of course he had to save Reinette, but he knew, oh he knew, what Rose was feeling and he could read the disappointment and the disbelief and the way her eyes had flashed with unshed tears when she’d left him in the console room with his letter.

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A Rave Story part 9

A/N: Hi Emus! Well here is part 9 only 4 more parts to go hang in there with me it will be worth I hope lol. Anyway the WC is 1,749 again a little over my goal but not as much as last chapter so I’m improving haha. Hope you enjoy this one and any feedback is always appreciated. Thanks!

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A Rave story

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okay so what the fuck

chippy is sleeping in her usual spot, pillow in the captain’s chair…

sound asleep. been sleeping a half hour.

i don’t know if she was still sleeping, because i am not facing her, when she started meowing. but she started meowing, and immediately i stood up and almost stepped towards the door - because when i hear that meow, it means she’s outside, fighting. when another meow sound behind me reminded me that she was inside, i turned and she was on the pillow, awake now from her own crying, and still crying, and then slowly got quieter and quieter until she stopped. then went back to sleep.

i went over to her and pet her and kissed her and picked her up and held her. i guess she was having a nightmare.