oh charlie brown

Ever Since - Jensen AU Imagine

Prompt: Reader and Jensen reminisce over how they met and got together.

Warnings: soooo cute I’m dying i wish this was true



“Honey hurry up we’re going to be late…again might I add” I shouted as I finished the final touches of my outfit which were the earrings. “Alright alright I’m ready” Jensen stepped out in a sharp classic tuxedo man he took my breath away he was so irresistible. “Babe close your mouth you’ll catch flies” he chuckled “oh hush it’s your fault for being so damn hot” I blushed heading out with my purse and coat in hand,Jensen following behind.

>>time skip>>

We arrived at the restaurant Gen and Jared were already chatting it up with Misha and Vicki. Jensen put his hand on the small of my back and walked beside me. “There they are” Misha interrupted all eyes on us as we took our seats. “Yeah sorry Y/N took soo long” giving me a just go with it look “Yeah I’m the one who took 2 hours doing their hair” Everyone laughed “hey I thought you wouldn’t tell” Jensen pouted “sorry babe” I shrugged.

The night carried out on back to Our place with random topics,conversations & laughter. We reached the point in the evening where we talk about each other & asked each other questions ,Jared piped up “so Jensen what made you fall for Y/n?” his smile quirked upward “Well it kinda of a long story I don’t think you guys wanna hear it” Jensen tried avoiding the confrontation “oh come on Jay tell us” I pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

“Oh alright” he gave in as I smiled in victory “It was the first day back from break,Season 9 was up and in gear I walked out to the lot and saw Misha speaking to a beautiful woman so of course I was intrigued. I headed over to introduce myself and to get a closer look at her as I approached she turned and looked at me with big gorgeous y/e/c eyes and smiled ever so kindly it blew the air out my lungs. Misha being Misha was like this is the guy I told you about,Jensen who plays Dean. I smiled awkwardly as she held out her hand to me and said ‘Y/n,Y/n Y/L/n I’ll be playing Roxane Stern aka your fake brother’s love interest’ as soon as those words left her mouth I froze like an idiot I don’t exactly know why but I did.”

“Yeah that’s how you met her but the question was what made you fall for her?” Jared clarified growing impatient “Sweetheart he was getting to it. Right Jensen?” Gen asked softly “oh yeah of course” I reached for his hand and held it as he spoke “Well It had been about 5 months since Y/n started Supernatural and she had a great bond with everyone but she wasn’t really paying attention to the hints I was giving that I was interested so I decided like any normal person would to come clean and ask her out that day she was reading The Death and Life of Charlie St.Cloud and like the idiot I was I said Oh Charlie Brown I love that cartoon total face palm moment. But instead of getting upset or saying that I’m an idiot even though I totally was Y/n smiled and said me too. In that moment I felt a feeling I had never felt while with another other person like a tingling in the pit of my stomach.”

“God Jensen TMI” Jared interrupts “not like that Jared just let me finish” Jensen stated “I took it upon myself to ask her out since we had this common interest she accepted which was a total surprise to me. I took Y/n out two nights later at the Shan Gri La Restaurant it was a lovely evening and I went to pick her up she came out wearing this stunning aqua low high cut flowy dress that made my jaw drop I rushed to open the door and take her hand getting in.

At the restaurant we started up convo with the common questions like favourite hobbies,shows,movies etc and found we had more things in common which was great the night carried on just as planned so after our dinner we took a trip to the fair just outside of town. Y/n decided it would be great fun to take the ferris wheel and the dumbass I am accepted. Big mistake we ended up getting stuck at the top and I freaked out again I don’t know why but now that I think of it the reason was being nervous anyways I was breathing heavily and trembling so Y/n being the sweet person she is put her arms around me and began singing The Beatles’ songs it eventually calmed me down and I ended up kissing Y/n as the ferris wheel began running again we were stuck for about 3 hours at least but I was content with Y/n.

Ever since that moment where I felt so lost and panicked and Y/n sang to help me through it I knew she was the one it sounds cliche and it was only the first date but she made my heart patter in such a way it never has before” Jensen turned to me and smiled wiping a silent tear for my cheek that I didn’t know fell he got up and pulled something out of his pocket once I realized it was a ring box I gasped he got down on one knee “Y/n you are my sun,your the stars that shine at night,your heart is so pure and made from gold that I believe you truly were created by heaven. You’re the one I wanna see when I wake up and the one I want to see when I go to bed, you’re my best friend,my other half and the only person I’d want to have as the mother of my children. So would you please do me the grand honour of marrying me?” I had my hands to my face as I bawled unable to put words together I just nodded my head crazily “yes?” Jensen question “yes a thousand times yes” I grabbed him and kissed him he picked me up and spun me around Misha,Vicki,Gen and Jared all cheered.

Jensen placed another kiss on my lips before putting me back down and placing the ring on my finger then taking a seat “ok that isn’t all the news we have for tonight I was going to do this two weeks from now but this feels better than anything. I went to the doctor 5 months ago to get some routine blood work done when I was told something I was unaware of” I turned back and grabbed my book where I knew it would be safe since Jensen never opens them and opened the page where I had left it “I’m pregnant” I smiled Jensen’s mouth dropped “you’re you’re i’m i’m” he got up and grabbed me kissing me passionately as we broke apart he smiled “I’m going to be a dad” a tear fell and I wiped it hugging him tight.

The eventful evening had come to a close after all the congratulations and celebrating we did it was way past 12 I was in the bathroom changing out of my black dress and into Jensen’s acdc tshirt and pj pants when I heard scribbling I opened the door and saw Jensen at the desk writing away I came up to him asking what he was writing he smiled and said “I dunno Darling I just wanted to write the baby a little welcome and a few need to know things” I quirked an eyebrow “what things?” “Well for starters how we met,our first date,the first time I said I love you and vice versa,our first parental meeting,first vacation etc you get the point” he smiled turning back to his note book “alrighty then Imma head to bed okay honey” I kissed his forehead and crawled in. Man was I lucky my eyes became droopy and before I knew it I was asleep dreaming of Jensen and the life our future awaits.

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