oh charlie

Dear Charlie,

Oh god. She’s going to leave me. Oh god. I can’t function. I can’t live. I’m having a mental breakdown. It’s 5:40 am and I haven’t slept and she hasn’t answered me since 5. She’s asleep but idk how or why. I responded immediately and she was already asleep I guess. I don’t know what to do. I have to have her. I gave my body to her. But she can’t love me. She can’t love me until she forgets the person who hurt her. But the person who hurt me slept with the person who hurt her. Why doesn’t she see that I hurt too? We both have to heal, why can’t we do it together? The same situation happened to both of us… why can’t she love me?

Not to make light of the everything that is the No Man’s Land sequence, but one of my favorite moments in Wonder Woman is a small, nearly forgettable moment, and the one I would argue at its core is Most Diana™️

After Veld is liberated and before they’re getting ready to go to the Gala, Charlie finally falters, expressing his self-doubt at joining them after choking earlier.

And Diana - kind, good, darling Diana - she smiles and laughs, not in a way that mocks or belittles, but rather expresses a purity and sincerity.

“Oh Charlie,” she breathes, “Then who will sing for us?”

With such a simple, seemingly innocent gesture, she reminds us of her true superpower. Yes, she’s strong. She’s a fierce warrior, she can fight like a badass and make us cry while watching her deflect bullets and swing a sword, but more than that, more than making us believe in her, she makes us believe in ourselves

Wonder Woman inspires and reminds us of the goodness within; of our own value, strength, and significance. 

She reminds Charlie of his own worth. That he is more than an eye behind a lens and a finger above a trigger. That a moment of weakness doesn’t define us, any more than our pasts, and she lifts him out of that insecurity effortlessly. 

I just.

Diana, man.


are we as a community aware of this?