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Ride or Die (Barry Allen x Reader)

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Requested by: anonymous “i have an idea for a oneshot of barry/cisco x reader from a convo i’ve actually had: 1: “you know what let’s freaking fight” 2: “i’d rather make out.” 1: “what” 2: “what?” 1: “i mean i’m down, but that was unexpected.” the reader can be either :)”

Word Count: 1,065


Author’s Note: So this’ll be the last imagine for a while, probably like a two or three days haha bc um my laptop broke so im using my mom’s rn and it’s in her room and she’ll be SUPER confused as to why im in there 24/7 so…anyways thanks you guys AND IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG FORGIVE ME

“That’s it! I’m done!” you said frustrated. Barry was smiling like what happened was some kind of joke, making you even more irritated. “Barry, seriously, this isn’t funny.” You crossed your arms in anger. 

He had been messing around with your computer when he accidentally deleted all of the pictures that you’d taken on your trip to Europe. All.

You had been wanting to go and explore that continent for the longest time and when you had finally done it with a group from your college, of course you’d taken photos. A couple hundred actually. 

You loved that trip and when you figured out that all of the pictures were gone, you were mad. Beyond mad. You were so frustrated and angry that you could feel tears building up, blurring your eyesight. 

And that wasn’t all of it. Lately, your boyfriend, Barry, had been bailing on your dates. Now, you knew he was the ‘oh so famous’ Flash. You loved him for it and you respected it. But when he had cancelled five dates already, you were angry. And hurt.

But you didn’t say anything. What were you supposed to say? ‘Oh, Barry. Stop saving Central City and come have a date with me’? No, you couldn’t. That would make you sound selfish and barbaric.

So you kept it in.

And now, after a horrible day at school, you had come home to this. And Barry was about to start laughing. Really, if you were a cartoon, smoke would be fuming out of your ears.

You took one long deep breath in and tried to calm yourself. Sadly enough, it didn’t work. 

“You think this is funny?” you asked, clenching your fists.

“I mean, it’s pr-” Barry started, looking at the laptop but then saw your facial expression which clearly told him not to continue that sentence. “Oh, no. It’s not funny. At all,” he stuttered.

“You-.” You gestured to the laptop. “You just deleted all of my photos, Barry!” you said with a raised voice.

“It’s okay, Y/N. You can-” he continued but you cut him off.

“What, Barry? I can what?”

“Y/N, I didn’t want to fight, but if you’re gonna act like this-” Barry said, getting interrupted again.

“Oh, oh,” you scoffed. “Okay, so it’s my fault? You know what? Let’s fight, Barry! Let’s freaking fight!” you yelled, letting your built-up anger out.

Barry shook his head and scoffed back lightly. “I’m not gonna fight you, Y/N,” he told you with a cocky smile.

You squinted his eyes at him. “Are you kidding me? Why not? What, you can’t take the heat?” you asked him. You actually thought his douche stance was one of the hottest things that he could do, and no matter how badly you wanted to be mad at him, that smirk would get you every time.

He leaned against the wall with arms crossed and shrugged, acting as if he didn’t care.

“I mean,” he paused in mock thought, one eyebrow quirking up, “I’d rather make out. But that’s, you know, your preference.”

This made you pause. You raised your eyebrows in surprise yet you could feel a blush rising from your cheeks. And it wasn’t from anger. Even though you and Barry had made out many times, and gone further than that, just the word makes you turn red. 

“What?” you questioned, trying to keep your voice steady. 

Barry looked at you as if you just had said something that he didn’t hear. “What?” he asked, acting confused.

You glared at him. This tall, hot, arrogant, headache of a boyfriend was making your emotions go into haywire. And, for some unknown reason, you loved it.

You chuckled and let your arms dangle by your sides. Shrugging, you replied back to his proposition. “I mean, I’m down, but really Barry. That was totally unexpected.”

And just like that, the core of your anger melted away and the only thing that you could focus on was his lips on yours.

He grinned at you before crossing the room to where you stood. Barry grabbed you by the waist and came to kiss you. At first, it was a regular kiss, but when you tangled your fingers into his hair and pulled lightly is when it got more heated. 

He pulled you closer, your bodies melting into each other. Barry’s hand came to grab the back of your head, pushing your lips tighter against his. His tongue licked your lips, mutely asking for an entrance that you gladly gave. 

You moaned into the kiss, feeling his tongue against yours. 

But then you pulled away, remembered the reason why you were mad in the first place.

“Mm, Bar,” you whispered. He resorted to kissing down your neck and sucking on one spot. Oh, that’ll leave a hickey later.

“I’m supposed mad at you, Barry Allen,” you said teasingly. Instead of stopping, however, he bit the raw spot on your neck, sending a blissful feeling throughout your entire body. You hummed in pleasure.

“Don’t worry, Y/N,” he murmured against your neck, finding another spot to suck. “They’re all in the backup folder.”

“What?” you asked, slightly pulling away. “Really?”

He sighed, missing your warmth against him. “Yes, really. Now come back here,” Barry mumbled, grabbing your cheeks to crash his lips against yours.

You smiled into the kiss, pushing him onto the couch that was behind him. You crawled onto his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I’m still mad at you. I still need to talk to you,” you murmured against his swollen lips.

“And I still wanna make out with you,” Barry said. With that, he carried you and flip the two of you. You laid under him as he hovered above with on his elbows. You squealed as Barry pecked you lightly on the lips.

“I could stay like this all night,” he whispered. You beamed at him. You knew that there was still unfixed problems between the two of you, but right now, you could care less.

“Why not?” you said.

Barry’s smile grew big before showering you with kisses. You knew that Barry would make you mad again, and vice versa. But, it was okay. You knew that it would be okay, because you loved each other. 

And if two people loved each other so much, they could overcome any fight that they faced. Together.

The End


Author’s Note: So I hope that you guys liked this imagine:) idrk how good it is haha but this’ll be the last one for a few days:( I will try to write one tomorrow too but it probably wont be until I get my new laptop which will be…idk when bc THE MAILMAN IS TAKING IS SWEET TIME SHIPPING IT anyways love you guys and see you soon!