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Completely pervy question but from Seido, who would have a happy trail and who would have the rock hard abs and gun shows? They all look really tone but HOW toned?

Collab from Admin Lena and Dia! We gotchu anon-chi! <3 Also…we may have made it a little long haha. Read below the cut~

Happy trail:

  1. Kuramochi: Hands down he has a very sexy and very tempting happy trail that his s/o is, without a doubt, willingly to follow. ;D
  2. Jun: Now, he doesn’t have a very impressive trail but damn its there and it just adds more character to his goatee.
  3. Chris: (gasp) Chris?! Yes well he’d have a very nice one but it would be neatly trimmed and maintained. Thus also making Chris the first one on the list of ‘Trimmers and Shavers.’
  4. Tetsu: This past captain’s happy trail is on par with Kuramochi’s but tread carefully. He’s not as playful~

Rock Hard Abs:

  1. Kuramochi: Need I say more? This man has a lot going on for him and not just in his pants.
  2. Furuya: The Monster Pitcher? Well with a title like that Furuya also has those annoying natural abs.
  3. Shirasu: Soft spoken does not equal soft and squishy. He’s a man’s man and his abs are def. on par with Kuramochi.
  4. Kanemaru: Just a first year but Kanemaru always tries his best to be the best. Having abs is just a bonus from all the hard work he’s done.
  5. Eijun: Our unexpected sunflower child is hiding some impressive work but you’ll have to look past his loud noise to find them.

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