oh captain my captain~


(fancam) 170115 guilty lounge (wonho focus)
oh my captain! ϟ do not edit or crop logo. 

your annual new year’s greeting card from the grotto 

usually it’s just the captain and milady but after 2016 i think it’s best to keep the first illustration sunny and cheerful

eta: not moana, not ariel, these are my ocs (as you can probably see in the tags). thank you

How to go on with your life after Rogue One (Part 1):

 Rewatch Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights AT LEAST a thousand times because of Diego Luna (and imagine this being a young Cassian with Jyn).


lord help me


You also have a “metal arm”, like a “metal robotic arm” in the movie… How difficult was that thing to get on and off, I mean…?

Well, when you have a lot of lube, it’s not really that difficult, I’m gonna tell you. I had to put this thing and then like everytime… I’d have to get into this thing everyday so…