good neighbors, 1.9k, that fic I threatened to write about Loki suffering in hot weather

Once - and only once - as a youth, Loki had joined Thor and his gaggle of friends for a journey to Muspelheim. He remembered the first part of it clearly - the unceasing misery that the others took for his dragging his heels - and the part where he’d woken in the healing rooms missing two days of his life, but very little in between.

The only fortunate thing about nearly dying was that the Warriors Four were too shame-faced to mock him about his weakness. And he had Thor’s undivided, extremely solicitous attention for a whole month.

New York, Loki was aware, was not Muspelheim. There were significantly fewer fire demons, for one, and more air conditioning.

But it was still very, very unpleasant.

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Why I love Anna Kendrick
  • pitch perfect 1: *comes out*
  • universal studios: Beca and Jesse are mEanT to BE togeTh e r 'aca-babies'soon YEAH
  • bechloe fandom: hey maybe Beca and Chloe are more than friends? there are really distinctive signs we're sensing here...
  • universal studios: NO. they are F-R-I-E-N-D-S. To the cast: we shouldn't confuse fans.
  • Anna Kendrick: I love Bechloe. I love the fanfics. Send me the smut, bitches!
  • Pitch Perfect 2: *comes out*
  • Pitch Perfect 3: *trailer premieres*
  • Universal Studios: They are SO straight it's nuts. They're the straightest girls in the world.
  • Anna Kendrick: Anyways my favourite thing in the whole world is Bechloe. Hopefully they'll include their scenes in the new movie. Will they won't they? ;)

nikolaj coster-waldau: me? ship jaime and brienne!! no way man they’re just friends (trips) (hundreds of JB fanfics fall out of jacket) what these aren’t mine, he loves cersei, i’m just holding them for (gathering the pages up frantically sweating) shit listen I, just listen fuck (thousands of pages of fanfic scatter across the floor) shit fuck i’m holding them for mark mylod JUST LISTEN