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Just a movie, babe (S.M. smut)

A/N: Okay i actually got myself aroused while writing oh my gawd! its smutty as fuck. ENJOY!

Shawn’s P.O.V.

I unlock the door and open it, and before I can even get a foot in the door I hear Y/n’s voice yelling.

“Shawn! oh thank god” not a second later i see her running towards the door…towards me terror on her face. I drop my jacket and keys so she can run into my arms. “WHAT! Whats the matter babe!?” I ask, panic in my voice. She wraps her arms around my neck and hold her tighter than i’ve ever held anything in my life. 

“I just watched that movie with that psycho hockey player!” she cried out….her face is still hidden my neck but I let go of her waist. My facial expression instantly changes from anxious to blank. 

“Friday the 13th” I correct her. 

“yeaaah. oh my god i’m so glad you’re home Shawnie i was so scared here alone” she whimpers. “get off of me” I chuckle, backing away from her and picking up the items I dropped a second ago. 

“what? nooo you’re suppose to protect me!” she gasped. “From…Netflix? its just a movie babe” I shake my head and make my way the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water. “for a second there i thought you were a good boyfriend” she pouts while locking the door and walking into the kitchen after me. I look down at her and she rolls her eyes, taking the water bottle from my hands and drinking a sip. “For a second there i thought you were actually in danger. And would a bad boyfriend let you steal their water?” I smirk before taking the bottle back. I take a sip but almost spill some on myself when pokes me in the side.

“jerk! id like to see you sit through a scary movie without feeling the least bit paranoid” she challenged.

“Let’s watch one tonight then”

“Hell no! i’m already freake-”

“I’m here now so I wont let a hockey player or anyone else get my girl” I know she loves it when I call her that. I see her fighting back the smile it always causes. “okay fine but i swear to god if you try to scare me later on i’m going to strangle you” she squints her eyes to try and intimidate me but all it does is make it even harder for me to take her serious. She so short and doe eyed, its really hard for me to be scared of her. 

45 minutes later

“Shawn you’re supposed to be watching this” she giggled pushing my hand away from her thigh. “Id rather be doing this though” I smirk, moving my hand back to her leg and leaving a wet kiss on her collarbone. She sighs with a smile and crosses her arms. “i shouldn’t let you even sit on the same couch as me considering you told me to get off of you earlier” she teased

“haha y/n” I started “but remember what happened before that?”

“You were holding me?” she guessed, looking over at me.

“Yeah. I thought something was wrong and that-….I don’t know” I ran a hand through my hair, reliving that moment when my heart felt like it was going to explode from how fast it was beating.

What would you have done if there was a real killer in here?” she questioned. 

“I usually say violence isn’t the answer but I guess i’d have to kill him” I laugh. I see her eyes turn a bit darker and she took a deep breath. “….did that turn you on or something?” I joke. She doesn’t verbally answer but she guides my hand back to her thigh, and then further up to one of my favorite places on her body. I start rubbing her thought her pajama shorts and judging by how soft she feels right now, i’m one hundred percent positive she isn’t wearing panties. 

She bites her lip and whimpers while pressing my hand harder into her. With her other hand she pulls her shorts to the side and waits for me to do the rest. I rub for a few more seconds to make sure she’s absolutely dripping for me.

I finally have her where I want her and by now she’s almost at her peak. I take two of my fingers and wet them in my mouth before sliding them inside her. Her mouth is hanging open, a look of disbelief on her face. “sh- shawaann” she gasped. I shake my head “I know I know, that was really dirty” I chuckle, still pumping in and out of her.

 “mmm baby you..you’ve never done that…that was h-hot” she struggled through her moans. “fuck” I grunt before pulling away from her and undoing my belt and zipper quicker than I ever have before. Without me having to tell her, she swung a leg over me and pulled her shorts to the side once again. She pulls my hard-on out of my boxers and runs her thumb over the head of it. 

“aahh baby..fuck ride me” I groan

She sinks down on me, the material of her shorts are out of the way but still add some friction every time she comes back down. Her hands find my hair and I can feel my climax building with every stroke. My hands grip her ass and i help move her up and down. “nnh shawnie right there..” she whimpers. I guide her face to my neck and she begins nibbling at my jaw line. She picks up the pace for a second before pulling me out almost all the way. She’s teasing me

“ don’t you fucking stop y/n” I growl in her ear. She starts to grind again but this time, she starts to lose her rhythm. She’s close, so am I.

“i’m almost there baby oooh fuck…yes” she nods at me and i’m assuming she feels the same. Just when I feel her clench around me, I lose it. I throw my head back and squeeze her ass just enough to make her really feel it.

  I’m moaning out her name along with a list of profanities, she’s riding out her high and when I glance down I can see her biting on her finger. I could cum again just watching her. My breathing evens out and even though we’ve both finished, she’s still slowly grinding on me. She leans forward and kisses me with so much passion, it makes me smile. 

I just love her so much.

I grab her waist to stop her movements because my dick is way too sensitive right now. “another go?” she chirps. “give me like 20 minutes babe”

We laugh and she pulls herself off of me, shifting her attention to the tv to catch the last scene of that damn movie.

riverdalewritings  asked:

Number 44 with Jughead and reader!

FOOTBALL GAME? IS that the one where they hit the big, orange ball with the bat?” Your boyfriend is a mass of sharp angles and jutting bones atop your floral-patterned bedding. From the outsider’s vantage, one would say he emanates an air of discomfort—beanie still crowning his head, ragged leather jacket blanketing his shoulders, even his feet remain tucked inside his worn boots—but, to your knowledge, this is his highest state of relaxation. Iron rods have materialized from a decade and a half of misery, guarding his gelid heart, and shielding him from curious outsiders. He says there’s something special about you; you think that’s how you managed to slip through the gates.

“You’re funny.”

“You’re cute.” The reflection of a boy in your vanity mirror winks. Involuntarily do your lips ascend into a pillowy crescent. “But seriously, it’s not my scene.” And then aforementioned lips descend.

Steely optics seek out his tangible form, goading you into pivoting on the balls of your feet. “What does that mean?”

His brows graze his hairline in a terse, first meeting. “It’s not my scene? It’s not my thing? I don’t do school events?” The questionable lilt that punctuates every last statement plucks on your frangible nerves. Of course Jughead doesn’t like school events, one glimpse of him is all the confirmation necessary, but he does like you, and you like school events—a message you attempt to convey with your facial ticks.

He isn’t comprehending.

“O-kay? And I don’t do Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, but do I not sit with you at Pop’s every night, going through evidence I don’t give a damn about to help you write your novel?” Baby pink nails cut into a curling palm, and—

—Oh, he’s getting it now.

Jughead tucks pallid digits underneath his cap, massaging the skin usually hidden underneath. “That’s different, Y/N.”

“How so?” you persist.

“Uh, I dunno, ‘cause my shit actually has a purpose?”

It’s not raining, but the cold seeps into your uniform and laces through your bones.

“As opposed to cheerleading, right? That’s what you’re trying to say? The River Vixens’ only purpose is to raise tents in pants?”

“Well, I wouldn’t call that a purpose since it’s a considerably easy feat,” he murmurs through clenched teeth and stiffened jaw. Your spine straightens—an aftershock of, well, shock. You’d find it comedic how his gaze enlarges, his sardonic bite and exactly who was being subjected to it dawning on his cognition, if anger wasn’t coiling around the mass of your stomach. Jughead displays both palms in a bid of surrender. “That came out wrong.”

“There’s a right way for something like that to come out?”


Now, you lift a hand. Your boyfriend’s focal point snags on the half-moon indents that desecrate your palm. “No. No.” The wear and tear of six months spent with a boy who isn’t as immersed in your interests as you his finally laps over you. He can’t attend one game, not one for you. “I’m good at cheer. I’m really good.”

The raven-locked boy lopes long legs over the edge of the bed, sitting from his previous lackadaisical position. “I know that.”

“How could you? From mandatory pep rallies? You bring your laptop to those, Jughead.”

He doesn’t disregard this fact, opting to offer a soft “I stop typing when you perform.” He thinks it’s a compromise; you think it’s a cop out.

You swing (literally, swing) into action and your bedroom’s threshold is the end-goal. Jughead tosses himself off the mattress, thrusting himself in front of your mobile form and nearly skittering into the doorframe. Dexterous digits curl around your shoulders, though you think the gesture’s done more for his balance than to immobilize you.

“I’m shit with words,” he begins.

“No, you’re great with words.” Thin lips quirk, and you wish he wasn’t so damn cute. “You’re just a shit boyfriend.” You utilize the loosening of his grip to your advantage, shrugging his hands and his touch and him away from you. “Look, I don’t wanna look like a fool anymore than you do. So here’s your chance, Jug, tell me. Tell me you’re not interested in me anymore. Tell me the reason why I’m giving you my all and you’re giving me half is because you’re sick of me. Tell me, Jughead. Be honest with yourself, be honest with me!”

A beat of silence.

And then two.

“Not interested in you anymore?” he half-echoes, half-sputters. Incredulity paints his sharp features. From knitted brows above cerulean irises down to slightly agape pink pout, Jughead’s disbelief is like a grass stain on white shorts. Unbelievably stubborn and not going anywhere. “Y/N, I am so interested in you it’s sickening. Literally. You make my stomach hurt.” (You hate that a chuckle rumbles from your chest. Jughead grins.) “Honestly, I thought you were into the whole Jason Blossom mystery thing. You love Criminal Minds.”

“It’s not scary when it’s on TV.”

He visibly softens at this, back winding into its comfortable slouch. “No, it’s not. And I’m sorry I never asked you how you felt.”

So you’re not sick of me?

Your gaze follows the swing of his head. “I am the farthest thing from sick of you. You make me sick” —Jughead catches your hand before it could make playful contact with his shoulder “—but I’m not sick of you, no.” He swipes his thumb across the skin pulled taunt against your knuckles. “If anything, I’m a little in love with you.”

This confession, subtle but heavy, sinks its claws into your disposition, altering your expression sans consent. You aren’t aware you’re wearing your perturbation as well as you are your uniform until Jughead says:

“Gee, baby, I hope that’s your ‘I love you, too’ face.”

So he did say the l-word.

“No. No, of course, I just–I never thought you would say it first. Is that–? That’s the first time you’ve said I love you.”

“Yeah, and it doesn’t mean shit unless I start showing you. So from now on whatever you’re into, I’m into. You like cheer, I like cheer. You like watching bad Netflix movies at 2 in the morning, so do I. You like Reggie Mantle, I–well, I don’t have to like everything you like, do I?” The tip of his nose crinkles in jocular distaste. Your own laugh of euphoria rings in your ears.

“Juggie, you mushball.”

Whipped Cream and Cuddles

Paring: Miniminter x reader

Word Count: 2,252 (sorry, I had fun)

Warnings: Couple of swears

Requested: Yes!


Y/N - Your name

Simon and I have been friends for years, since we met in secondary school. We didn’t go to the same fine institute of education (lol), he was at a private college while I attended a public school across the city.  We were introduced by a mutual friend at a party; the football loving giant, and the shy, bookish girl.  Despite these differences in personality, we hit it off immediately and have remained friends up to this day.  I went to university in London, while he started a YouTube channel and became the teen heart-throb who inspires hysteria in millions of pre-teen and teenage girls across the globe, a fact I never let him forget.

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Fort Night

Josh crouched over, finishing up building a pretty impressive looking pillow fort. It hadn’t been his first time making one, but he had never put so much effort into making one before. Standing back up straight, he took a small step back to scan over the fort. It looked like it could have withstood a major earthquake and was decorated with cute stuffed animals. His eyes quickly checked the cat clock on his wall, 5:37 PM. He still had time to take a shower if he hurried.
Slipping into a loose tie-dye shirt and shorts, Joshua skipped over to his kitchen where he pulled out a jar of Nutella. His eyes scanned the pantry, his hair was still dripping wet, the small pitter patter of water drops falling onto his tiled floor made him anxious for the night to come. Before he could close the red pantry door, he heard knocking on his apartment door. Not expecting this, he jolted slightly in surprise before rushing over to the door.

Swinging the door open, he was greeted by a boy in a red shirt and a black visor. “Hello!” He held a bag in his arms that contained the pizza Josh had ordered earlier. Without saying a word, Josh pulled out his wallet. It was completely covered in pictures of kittens, Tyler got him it on his 27th birthday. It was a cute scene. At exactly 12 AM Tyler shoved a little box into Josh’s chest. The box had Christmas gift wrapping around it, and a bow that was bigger than the box itself. It was typical for Tyler to do silly things like that, especially for birthdays. Pulling out a wrinkled up twenty dollar bill, Josh handed it to the boy quickly. “Thanks man!” He exclaimed, handing a box of lukewarm pizza over to the drummer. Before Josh could say anything back, the kid rushed away down the hall.

Setting the box down on his counter, Josh opened up his stainless steel fridge and retrieved a clear plastic container filled with cut up fruit that he had bought at the store. Taking all of the food in his arms, he carefully laid out everything in the fort, along with two spoons for the Nutella and his laptop for movies. A few days prior, Tyler brought up the idea of having a movie night. It wasn’t considered a date, neither of them had ever believed that they could ever make a move. But, Josh was definitely considering it a date. He had a good feeling about that night. Once he finished making the fort and all of its contents inside, he heard faint knocking on his door. Taking a deep breath in, Josh readied himself for the night. As he strided over to the door, he fluffed his almost fully dry hair, trying to make himself presentable. His hand clutched onto the ice cold doorknob and he slowly opened up the door.

“Hey man!” Tyler exclaimed, walking into the apartment right away. “I was looking through Netflix before I came over and….” Josh wasn’t listening to a single thing his friend was yapping about. His heartbeat was drumming in his ears as he checked out Tyler. Slowly closing the door after his friend, he smiled nervously and nodded. “So, what movies were you thinking about?” His bandmate asked as he made his way to the living room where the pillow fort stood.

“Clueless,” Josh said with a quiet chuckle. His friend busted out into a fit of giggles. Tyler absolutely loved that movie, Joshua knew that was a fact. “It’s funny and cute and the best,” He added, walking over to the pillow fort. “Do you like the sick layout?” The drummer grinned widely.

“Sick as frick,” he answered without any hesitation. Dropping down to his hands and knees, Tyler crawled into the fort and laid on his stomach. Josh followed Tyler quickly, getting into the fort and laying down right beside his friend. “Pizza, Nutella, and fruit?” The taller male asked, cocking up an eyebrow.

‘Oh god what a terrible idea,’ Josh thought to himself. He felt like a complete idiot for not actually making dinner. The pink haired male honestly thought that making dinner would be pushing it. It would have made things feel too much like a date. “Erm, yeah,” he stuttered, pursing his lips out in frustration with himself.

“This is perfect,” Tyler insisted, opening up the box of pizza and retrieving a piece of pizza that was way beyond cold. “I love cold pizza,” he teasingly pushed Josh and looked over at his friend with reassuring eyes.

“Heh, thanks man,” He sighed in relief, opening up his laptop and launching Netflix. After a short bit of loading, the 90’s chick flick started to play and Tyler quickly zoned out, completely lost in the film. Josh wanted to watch the movie too, but he was so distracted by the fact that Tyler was beside him, in a pillow fort, in dim lighting, while watching a romcom. He couldn’t concentrate on the film, the scent of Tyler was enough to get him completely high. Every time Tyler would laugh at a crappy punch line, Josh would examine his face. The dimples that formed on his cheeks, the lines that cutely creased his cheeks, his eyes would squint almost to the point where they looked closed. All of this detail, it gave Josh butterflies. He was so infatuated with his friend and he didn’t know what to do about it. They had been friends for so long and he didn’t want to ruin it by making a move.

Halfway through the movie, Tyler opened up the jar of Nutella and grabbed one of the spoons. Although he loved Clueless, he couldn’t pay much attention to the film. He knew Josh was staring at him. It wasn’t very awkward, he loved feeling his eyes all over him, but it made things feel tense. Gripping onto the cold spoon, he took a big scoop of Nutella and turned slightly so he was facing Joshua. “Open up,” he commanded with his dopey smile.

“Oh my god,” Josh giggled, closing his eyes and opening his mouth. Tyler carefully placed the spoon in his friend’s mouth. He loved feeding Josh like this, it made him feel like they were a couple. “No homo,” he cackled. Josh quickly followed after, feeding his friend Nutella too. After a few bites, Tyler thought it would be funny to put some of the chocolate spread on his friend’s nose.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, cleaning off his nose with a finger and licking it off carefully. He couldn’t manage to make a stern face at the singer when he was cracking up over the scene. Without any hesitation, Josh took a spoonful and spread it all over Tyler’s mouth. “Hah!” He said victoriously.

“Oh my gosh,” Tyler’s jaw dropped in disbelief that his friend really did that. He shot Josh a glare before laughing. He tried his hardest to lick off the dense chocolate on his lips, but it quickly became a challenge when Josh was practically in tears, struggling to tell Tyler how he looked great with a goatee. “Help me dammit,” he demanded with a big smile. Josh scooted over to Tyler, his eyes carefully shot at his lips and then into his deep brown eyes.

“Sure pal,” he smirked and started to wipe the Nutella off with his thumb and licking it afterwards. Seeing Josh lick his thumb slowly was driving Tyler crazy. His tongue looked so soft and gentle.

“N-not like that!” He exclaimed, dipping his fingers into the jar before smearing it all over Josh’s mouth. “Like this,” Tyler started to kiss the Nutella off of the sides of Josh’s mouth. His tongue gently ran across the drummer’s lips, cleaning up the Nutella that was caked on him. Josh wasn’t sure how to react, he stayed dead still, terrified to make a move. “Aren’t you going to help me?” Tyler asked in a pushy time.

“I- uh-” Josh followed along, carefully kissing the chocolate off his lips. Soon enough, the chocolate was gone, and Tyler was still kissing his friend. His eyes were closed at this point, he had no reason to be looking at his lips when he knew the Nutella was gone. The kisses were short and quick at first, but as Josh warmed up, they became longer. Their lips started to open and tongues slipped out, dancing together. Tyler pushed Josh onto his back carefully. Their lips had disconnected as Tyler climbed on top of his friend.

“No homo,” he whispered and giggled before lunging his head down. His soft lips started to nip at the drummer’s neck. This had sent chills down Josh’s whole body, he took in a sharp breath when he felt the boy’s teeth graze against his skin softly. The movie was still playing in the background, but Josh honestly couldn’t care less. Tyler was straddled on top of him, giving him small hickeys all over his neck. His lips moved up to behind his ear, “I want you,” he whispered, hands slowly moving down the drummer’s chest. His heart was racing a hundred miles per hour, he was sure that Tyler felt it when he stroked his chest. Josh’s unsure hands tried to grab onto Tyler’s belt but was quickly swatted away. “Not so fast,” the brown haired male purred.

Arms moving up, Tyler took off Josh’s tie-dye shirt slowly. His head dove back down, tracing small kisses from his chest to his abdomen to his belly button. The drummer’s head was slowly becoming fogged the lower Tyler kissed. His hands gripped Josh’s pants. His fingers fumbled with the button and zipper. After a short struggle, Tyler yanked the pink haired boy’s pants down. A wide smile grew on his face when he saw that Josh was wearing iconic smiley face boxers. “Cute,” he chuckled before groping his friend.

“F-fuck,” Josh whimpered, he hadn’t been touched like that in a long time. Looking down at Tyler, he slowly propped himself up with his elbows.

“You like that?” Tyler hummed, pulling down the smiley face boxers. “You’re hard and I haven’t even started yet,” he grinned widely. He slowly started to stroke Josh, locking eyes with him. He loved the facial expressions he made when he touched him. The drummer’s eyes fluttered closed, his eyebrows furrowed and his body twitched under Tyler’s grasp. His head tilted back as his friend stroked faster. His stomach tightened as he tried to control his breathing. Soon enough, Tyler stopped, pulling off Josh’s pants and boxers off completely. The pink haired male whined when he felt the tanned boy stop. “Oh hush..” Tyler cooed gently before continuing, “You’re gonna get more than that.” He assured his friend.

Licking his fingers, Tyler slowly inserted his index finger into Josh’s entrance. He didn’t move an inch, not wanting to hurt his friend. “Let me know when you’re ready for me to move,” he whispered.

Josh was as stiff as a board, he had never had a finger up his ass before. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling at first, but after a few moments he got used to it. Nodding slowly, he gave the word to Tyler. “O-okay. You can move.” He said, feeling his muscles loosen up before tightening again when he felt Tyler slowly push his finger in and out. After a short period of time, Josh’s whimpers became moans. He added a second finger, scissoring his fingers in his friend to prepare him for what was coming next. He was getting used to this feeling, it started to feel amazing. Soft moans escaped from his lips as precum leaked onto his own stomach.

Tyler retracted his fingers, wiping them onto Josh’s discarded shirt quickly. “Do you want this?” He asked, hands on his belt.

“Y-yes. Fuck Tyler please don’t stall.” Josh cursed. Nothing was cuter than seeing Josh all flustered and cursing underneath Tyler. He loved how red his cheeks were. Nodding slowly, he unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and zipped his pants, and slid them off. Josh sat up, practically tearing his friend’s shirt off. Tyler smirked, finally taking off his boxers. The two sat in the pillow fort for a few seconds. Josh felt like it was forbidden to see his friend completely nude and… Well, erect. Before he could whine some more, Tyler gripped Josh’s neck and pulled him into a rough kiss.

“Tell me you want me,” he demanded through is teeth. His eyes scanned Josh’s carefully as Josh spit out,

“F-F-fuck… I w-ant you.” He choked out and closed his eyes. Tyler could hardly wait himself, letting go of his friend’s neck, he looked down at Josh’s stomach. He clenched his jaw, spitting on his friend’s ass before thrusting into him slowly. “F-” The drummer couldn’t speak at this point. Consonants were the most he could blabber out.

Tyler’s rhythmic thrusts went along with Josh’s whines. He leaned down, kissing his friend to shut him up. Hips bucking along with Tyler’s thrusts, he couldn’t even open his eyes. He wanted more. Moving up, Tyler dug his fingers into the male’s hips, pulling him up and forcing him to go deeper into him. Their hips crashed together like waves in the ocean during a storm. Their breaths drowned out the movie. As each minute passed, Tyler’s went faster and harder. Josh wasn’t sure how much longer he could last if Tyler was going to keep up the pace. “I-I’m,” he moaned loudly, biting his lip, almost breaking his skin.

“Don’t,” Tyler growled, gripping his friend’s neck tightly and pushed up. His hand pressed against Josh’s windpipe. His eyes rolled back as he tried to gasp for air. “Don’t cum until I tell you.” The drummer’s hands moved up, finger’s intertwined in Tyler’s fluffy hair. Small beads of sweat dotted along his forehead as he struggled to keep going. The singer’s free hand moved down and began stroking the male underneath him.

All of this was too much. The pressure built up until he reached his breaking point. Josh let out a gentle cry as he came. His back arched and toes curled, throwing his head back, he shook uncontrollably underneath Tyler. “Fuck.” Joseph whispered harshly under his breath and between his grunts. The pillow fort that was thought to withstand an earthquake came toppling down. Seeing his friend so flustered set him off, eyelids fluttering shut, he came and hunched over Josh. Both panting together, Tyler managed a smile and stuttered “No homo,”

“Totally homo dude, totally homo,” Josh replied, sitting up and pulling the male on top of him into a gentle kiss. Tyler smiled softly into the kiss, pulling out of Josh he sat down beside his friend. His fingertips slowly traced the tree on the drummer’s sleeve. “How long have you been wanting to do that?” Josh asked, finally able to breathe normally.

“A long time.”


“I love you man.” Tyler admitted. “And I don’t mean having sex with you has made me love you. I’ve-”

“I know.” Josh interrupted his friend. “I love you too. Can we just sleep in my bed together tonight?”

MFM Day 2: Goodnight Kisses

Marinette had shrieked after hearing a knock on her window, she hesitatingly walked over to it, to be greeted by a familiar black cat, Chat Noir.

She groaned “Chat, what do you want?” Marinette said in a frustrated tone.

“Well, little lady, I just wanted to check up on you.” Chat said, smiling, he then winked at Marinette, causing her to show a light pink blush.

“I’m fine, Chat. It was only a simple akuma attack, nothing new.” Marinette says, she looks at her bed and then looks at Chat, who is no longer smiling, causing her mouth to form a tiny “o” shape.

“Erm, listen…” Chat begins to say, he looks at his hands that he’s currently moving around.

“I may not show it, but I do… Care.” He says hesitatingly, afraid that Marinette will look at him differently if he confesses his thoughts.

Marinette walks over to Chat, causing him to stutter and back further away, he ends up hitting her bedroom wall.

“I know you care, Kitty. and I’m so happy that you do.” Marinette says, she then shows the smile that Chat adores.

Chat lets out a short awkward laugh before sneaking past Marinette, so he’s no longer cornered.

“So erm, what were you doing before I came in?” Chat asks, trying to look and sound casual.

Marinette giggles, “I was working on a design, but I’m not letting you see it yet.” she smirks.

“Aw, man! I love getting sneak peeks at things!” Chat whines, making Marinette giggle once again.

“We can watch a movie if you want.” Marinette says, smiling.

Chats ears immediately dart up from their sad state, and his eyes light up.

“Really?” Chat says, a smile begins to show on his face, and its not one of his flirty smirks or grins, is a smile of happiness.

“Yeah, now come onto my bed, we can watch it on my laptop.” Marinette says, her head nudging to her bed, Chat walks on all fours to her bed, and sits down criss-cross.

“I’ll go make some popcorn.” Marinette says, she gives a closed eye smile at Chat before going downstairs.

Chat sighs, he then looks at all of the posters of himself, as Adrien Agreste, hung up all over Marinette’s walls.

“Okay I got the popcorn!” Marinette yells happily, holding a bowl of popcorn in her hands, clearly trying hard not to trip over anything.

“So have you picked a movie?” Marinette asks, she then stuffs a bunch of popcorn into her mouth.

“Eh? Was I supposed to?” Chat asks with a confused expression.

“Oh its fine, I guess I forgot to tell you.” Marinette gives another closed eye smile, she then scrolls through Netflix, trying to find a movie to watch.

“Here! This one looks cool.” Marinette points to the movie on-screen, and Chat starts to smirk.

“That one, ey? Alright.” Chat moves his eyes to look at Marinette who is happily smiling at her choice.

Once the movie finished, both Chat and Marinette are pretty tired.

“I am sad to say that we must go our separate ways.” Chat says, he gets out of Marinette’s bed and bows, making her smirk.

She then crawls over to him and lifts his chin up, causing him to form a small “o” with his mouth. She then kisses him, so passionately, his bright green eyes are wide open, he wasn’t expecting it at all. He then stops bowing and closes his eyes, he puts his hands on her cheeks.

“G-goodnight.” Chat stammers, he then opens the window and looks back at Marinette, who is still smiling at him.

“Goodnight, kitty.” Marinette says, she then yawns and lets out her pigtails, causing her curly short hair to flow freely, making Chat turn into a blushing mess.

“Well? Are you gonna go? You look pretty tired too.” Marinette says sarcastically.

“Actually, I think I’ll stay the night.” Chat says, he closes the window and crawls up into Marinette’s bed, he moves his hand onto her stomach, almost in a cuddle.

“I’d like that, kitty.” Marinette says before dosing off, quiet snores follow, now Chat knows shes asleep.

“I love you.” Chat says quietly, he leans over to kiss Marinettes cheek, she then starts to smile in her sleep, Chat lays back down and sighs.



Relationship Status (A Matty Healy Imagine)

Authors Note: I can’t do exact age because I want this story to appertain to as many people as possible. But I hope “high school” will do. x

Just got in town x – Matty

Lemme kno what you’re up to // - Matty

First text from Matty in two weeks. You haven’t really spoken to him on the phone either. He doesn’t text you much but when he does it’s normally when he’s getting close to your city or even when he’s been there a few days and wants to meet up before he leaves. You guys aren’t really very good at communication, but why should you be? There’s no label on your relationship. You would think you’re just friends with benefits, except every once in an awhile you have talks deeper than any other conversation you’ve had with anyone else. And Matty gets pissed when he sees you with other guys, and guilts you by saying he never sees any other girls. Although you’re not sure if that’s the truth. He can be really insensitive, and maybe it’s because he’s a guy. You’d think he’s embarrassed of you with how secretive your relationship is. Maybe its because you’re still in high school. Ha, that’s probably it. No one except your close friend, Liz knows. In high school you’re not really popular, and I doubt anyone would guess you’re hooking up with the lead singer of the 1975. I don’t think anyone besides his band mates know either. He says it could ruin him if the public heard about us and he’s constantly worried about his brother finding out. Your “dates” are always in the privacy of his apartment, or in the bathroom stalls of the venues he’s playing at. Sometimes he takes you to clubs, where no one knows how young you are. Those are fun. He’s never been to your house, probably for fear of your parents. You pick up your phone and reply.

How long? – Y/N

Three days, we have a show tonight – Matty

… come?  – Matty

I’ll try, what time? – Y/N

8:00. – Matty

Kk, I’ll see you tonight.. – Y/N

Wait… it’s fucking sold out – Y/N

I have two tickets reserved; you just need to tell them your name. We can hang out after if you want // – Matty

I want. Can’t wait ;) – Y/N

Honestly, I’m so excited to see him, I just wonder if he’s missed me? You work on homework until it’s time to get ready for the concert. You and your friend Liz arrive and the crowd is wild. Almost everyone is dressed in black, wow. You might be a few minutes late, and you and Liz rush inside and get as close to the front has possible. He’s singing M.O.N.E.Y. and you and Liz start dancing. You catch a glimpse of his eye and he smiles briefly at you before turning back to the crowd.

“Is it those brief smiles and winks he does that keep you from leaving?” Liz says with a sassy smirk.

“Sometimes, yeah. I wonder what keeps him?” You say as you stare at him on stage. He’s magical, every move he makes is in beat with the music and he smiling so big and looks so happy. Seeing him like this, dancing drunk, happy and a little high, made you fall for him undeniably.

Matty announces that Me is the last song they’ll be playing tonight. Everyone quietly whines but the song starts and everyone is silent. Matty grabs a half-empty bottle of wine and sits down on the stage. There’s a 1.5-foot barrier between him the fans and the girls are going crazy trying to grab at him and his hair. He smiles and holds some of their hands during the long instrumental segments of the song. He even grabs someone’s phone and takes some videos/pictures from stage on it. He’s sweet to his fans. He goes back to singing and…

I hurt your brother as well

Don’t you mind

Oh I was thinkin bout killing myself

Don’t you mind

I love you

And he’s looking and pointing at you. And staring at you. And your face must be really funny because he giggles quietly and looks back the crowd.

“Woah. The L-bomb… And that was a bomb.” Liz says smiling at you.

“It’s just the lyrics.” I say, denying anything and everything she’s thinking.

“Yeah, and he literally pointed at you when you said it, so…”

“Shut up”

“Okay then”

Now I’m actually afraid to see Matty after the concert.

“You’re gonna be fine. He was just being drunk and stupid. Have fun tonight” Liz says and she kisses me on the cheek and leaves. Oh boy. You head backstage and Matty is sitting on an amp, smoking a joint. It takes a couple seconds for him to realize you’re here and when he sees you he smiles big and stares at you long enough to make you feel slightly insecure,

“Hey” You tell him and he stands up and hugs you. It feels good to have his arms around you tight, with your head on his chest, his heart beating fast, actually.

“Hey”, he says softly, in a purry voice. You both stand there hugging for longer than normal. He clears his throat and pulls back. “Did you have fun tonight? Glad you came” He smiles.

“Yeah, you guys did great. I can tell you love it up there” I used the word love. Shit, I hope he didn’t notice. This is awkward. As if he can read your thoughts, he clears his throat again and its like he can’t look into your eyes anymore.

“So, I think I’m gonna go out with the guys tonight. Do you have a ride home?” And ouch. Okay. He looks like he couldn’t be less interested in me.

“No, I mean Liz left awhile ago”. Why doesn’t he want to go out anymore?

“Here’s some money for a cab? I’m gonna be here awhile longer.” He hands you a twenty-dollar bill and walks off slowly, still smoking. What the hell? He’s the one who asked if I wanted hang out later and he’s the one who did the whole l-word stunt. Whatever, screw him. I go home and sleep hard. The next day I wake up and Matty hasn’t called or texted me. I wonder if he’ll spend his last two days here without seeing me? I decide to text Liz..

I’m bored. Whatchu gon do bout it?? xx – Y/N. Its only takes a minute and..

Ouija? – Liz

Ouija. – Y/N

You both are the only one in the theatre so Liz talks without caring. It kinda ruins the mood of the horror movie when she’s talking about shit like her latest celebrity crush.

“So where’s Matty?”

“You mean douche-bag?” You look at her smirking.

“Sure.” She laughs. “What happened?”

“Ever since he kinda dropped the l-word last night he’s been acting stand-offish and he ditched me last night. He literally left me at the venue.”


“Oh, but he paid for my taxi!” I say with a sarcastic sweetness and Liz laughs. He’s just mean. He pulls random shit like this all the time. You guys have an amazing few days together and then he treats you like you’re nothing to him. And yeah, you like him. A lot. But you try really hard not to act like it too much. It’s like you’re walking on eggshells and he’ll crack if you act too girlfriendish at the wrong times. And you get mad, and you leave him. But he always gets you back. You can’t let him go. You remember the first night you gave him everything, and you laid there, completely exposed in his arms. He sang you to sleep until his voice became a small whisper, and then it became silent. Does that mean nothing to him?

You say goodbye as Liz drops you off; you both went shopping and it was close to eleven at night when you went inside. You try to fall asleep but it’s killing you knowing that Matty hasn’t contacted you and he’s leaving tomorrow. You think back to last time he was up you guys sat talking on his couch for three hours and it felt like 10 minutes. He told you about traveling the world, and crazy fans, and his relationship with his mom and trying to keep his brother Louis out of trouble. And after that he kissed you. Which definitely isn’t the most you both have done, physically. You’ve hooked up a lot, but this kiss wasn’t out of lust; it was something else.

It’s Sunday and your parents have gone a few hours away to visit your grandparents. You told them you weren’t feeling well, but truth be told, you’re ditching them for Netflix. You’re watching How I Met Your Mother when you hear a knock at the door. You walk to the door and after opening it, realize Matty’s standing there, looking hungover as fuck. He’s wearing black skinny jeans (surprise, surprise) and a white button up shirt, which isn’t buttoned up at all. God, I love his tattoos. And now you’re staring at his bare chest. Stop staring, damn it.

“Hi” he says with squinty eyes, wincing because he probably drank way too much last night.

“Matty, what are you-”, and he’s squeezes past me and walks into my living room. “What if my parents were home? You would be dead right now.”

“I guess I’d just have to explain some things to them.” he says as he sits down on my sofa and puts his feet up.

“Explain what?” you say just standing and looking down at him, trying hard to look pissed. You are pissed, you’re just trying extra hard.

“Explain that I think I’m officially in a relationship with their daughter.” He smiles and winks at you. Holy, what?

“If only that were true, Matty. All we do is act like we are, and then act like we aren’t, and the repeat. All in secret of course.” Matty grabs your hands and gently pulls you down so you’re sitting down right next to him, facing him.

“Listen, I’ve been a dick to you and I’m sorry, love. I’ve been in denial about you and I for a while, and I’ve decided I’m done with it. I want you and I to be official. We’re good together and we get along so well. And you handled all the shit I put you through. So I think you’ll be okay.” He says and smiles sassily at me.

“Oh, so this whole thing was a test to see if I’d make a good girlfriend?” And I’m smiling back, because he’s adorable.

“I wish I was that smart. But I am sorry, forgive me, love?”

I smile again and wrap my arms around his neck. “You’re fucking terrible at apologies. Stick to writing songs, kay bud?”

His hands are at my hips and he pulls me onto his lap.

“And kissing, I’m good at kissing.” He says softly while staring at my lips And he pulls me by my waist even closer, and I get the point. I press my lips to his and my hands explore his curly locks. I open my lips further and his tongue moves in soft circles on my lips, every once in a while touching mine. We’re breathing heavy and my hands slide up his chest, removing his shirt that was never buttoned. His hands leave my hips and slide under the back of my shirt. His hands are warm, and oh my god this feels amazing. He pulls away and looks at my face, breathing heavily he smiles at me.

“You’re so beautiful.” I smile and blush a little. “Really though, you’re fucking stunning, babe.” I blush a little more and place a finger over his soft lips and try to shh him, but he moves them away.

“No, I mean it, I don’t think I’ve told you that before. I guess I just assumed you knew.” He stares at me more and I start to say something, but we hear his phone go off and he goes to ignore it, but I tell him to answer. It could be important. He picks it up.

“Hello? Hey.” He’s quiet for a second and his smile fades and he says okay and hangs up. He looks up at me and places his hand on my cheek.

“Babe, I have to go.” He frowns and I frown.

“It’s okay, we’ll see each other soon, and there’s still Skype, babe.” He smiles and he gets a bit more serious.

“I’m going to make more time for you from now on, and I’m to warn you as soon as I know I’m anywhere close to you. Don’t find another boyfriend, kay?” I laugh

“Don’t find another girlfriend, kay?”


And he grabs my waist and kisses me hard one last time before walking out the door. And he’s gone. I’m sad, slightly, but I know that I’ll see him and talk to him more. Things are a lot different now.


 I had some trouble finishing that one, but I think it went okay? Third imagine: DONE! Keep requesting; I’m doing them chronologically and I have a bit of a waiting list going already, but send them anyways. I’m doing ALL of them. 

Love you guys. x

Idk Sleepover? (Patrick Stump Fluff)


Requested? ~ Yes (anon)

Word count ~ 1,420

Scenario ~ Patrick (your best friend) admits his love for you (aw)



“No! You’re still just as cute.” Patrick laughed and playfully hit your arm.

You were both looking at pictures from when you two had first met. You had only been five.

“Yeah, right.” You smiled, blushing. Patrick was cute. Like, super cute. He was playing in the sand at the beach. You were splashing in the water.

The two of you had met through your mothers. They had been friends since they were both in high school.

“Look at how scared you were!” You pointed at Patrick’s face in the picture. The waves had overwhelmed him and he was crying.

His ears turned pink, “Oh, I was not.”

“You totally were!” You smiled and flipped to the next page in the album.

Patrick looked uneasy about something.

“’Trick? Is something up?” You turned to face him.

“Hmm?” he looked up, “Oh, no, no, I’m fine.”

You didn’t believe him.

“Hey, listen Y/N, I’ve gotta go. What’re you doing later tonight?”
You blinked. He’d never just walked out like this.

“Uh… Nothing. I was planning to just hang out with you. You’re kind of my only friend. But, if you’re busy, I get it.”

He smirked, “Why don’t you pack an overnight bag and I’ll be here at six to pick you up.”

“Overnight bag?” You raised an eyebrow.

He smiled, “Yeah. Don’t overthink it.”

He stood up and you walked him out, giving him a hug before he got into his car.

“Goodbye, Pat.” You said to yourself and waved from your porch.

A cool wind blew your hair around and you shivered, pulling your cardigan over your body and crossing your arms.

You walked into the house. It was warmer in here than outside, but still a little cool.

You made a cup of hot chocolate and went upstairs to your room to pack your bag.

“What would he be planning anyways?” You questioned. You could picture his cute little smile. His laugh was round and full. He was always happy when it was just you and him. You’d only ever seen him angry when Pete messes with him, but he could never stay mad at him. Pete was his best friend.

Bzz bzz

New text.

It was from Pete.

Speak of the devil

<Hey shorty>

You smiled at the nickname he’d chosen.

<Hey, Pete>

You replied.

<You with Pat tonight?>

The question was almost rhetorical.

<Yeah (like always)>

 You smiled and pressed send.


You laughed at Pete.

Tossing your phone onto your bed, you made a mental checklist. How can you pack if you don’t know where you’re going?


You finished packing and decided to watch Netflix until Patrick showed.


Knock knock


You got up to open the door. Patrick looked hot. You could tell he had showered and spent plenty of time perfecting himself. Honestly, he didn’t need much. He was perfect anyways.

You realized you had been staring at him for a little too long when he blushed and shoved his fists in his pockets.

You blinked and closed your mouth. “H-Hi.”

He blushed a darker shade and replied, “Hey. Are you ready?”

“Am I… Oh, oh yeah, I’m ready. Come in.” You stepped aside and motioned for Patrick to step inside.

You walked over to get your bags, but Patrick grabbed your arm with a warm smile, “Here let me.”

Now it was your turn to blush, “Oh, okay. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” He tossed the bag’s strap over his shoulder and offered you an arm. “Do you have everything?”

You happily took it, “Yeah, I think so.”

He walked you to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for you. You blushed again. “Thank you.”

He smiled and closed your door for you, jogging to the bag to put your bag in.

He got into the driver’s side and pulled out of your driveway.

“So…” You began, “Where are we going?” You smiled.

He chortled, “My place, sweetheart.”

Sweetheart? That’s new.”

He laughed and focused on getting the two of you safely to his house.

Pulling up to his driveway, he insisted on getting your door for you again.


His living room was tidy. Like, super organized and perfect.

“Wow, Patrick. Your house is… beautiful.” He had an impeccable taste in décor.

He laughed, “Thanks.”

“What’re we even doing here? Are we going to have a sleepover?”

“Yeah! I have hella snacks in the kitchen and we can watch whatever movies we want!”

“Okay, well, first of all, I’m never going to let you live down the fact that you just said hella, but a sleepover sounds wonderful!”


The both of you spent the night watching movies and playing games.

You were on the couch, super groggy. “Patrick?” yyou said, yawning.

“Hmmmm?” he hummed from the floor.

“You’re my best friend.”


The next morning, you woke up on Patrick’s couch.

“’Trick?” You called.

“I’m in the kitchen!” He called back.

You rubbed your eyes sleepily and stretched. His house smelled wonderful. Bacon, eggs and coffe swirled around in the air. Yum.

Patrick had showered and had been making breakfast.

“Aww, you’re adorable.” He smiled when you entered the kitchen.

Adorable? You thought. Your hair was tangled and wavy and you had just woken up. How is that adorable?

You laughed and thanked him. “What’ve you been doing up?”
“Well, this morning while you were being a slumbering little bug on the couch, I decided it would be nice to do something for a really cute someone.”

You blushed and looked away. “Thank you. That’s so sweet.”

He smiled, “Breakfast?”

“Absolutely! It smells wonderful.”

You ate together at his little island table. He had a vase of fresh flowers in the middle.

“Patrick, how did you come to be so nice all the time?” You asked, helping take the dishes into the kitchen.

He shrugged. “I spent a lot of time with my mom when I was younger. She had always said to me, ‘Girls are like delicate flowers. They’ve more than likely had guys stomp on them and pick them to give away to other people their whole life. You should strive to be the one that comes along and waters them so they can grow’.”

You smiled at him. His eyes were like blue, shiny marbles and they contrasted perfectly with his light completion.

“That’s beautiful, Patrick.” You smiled dreamily.

He looked like he was thinking something over for a second.

And then he swiftly placed his hands on your hips and kissed your lips softly.

You were taken aback. Is this even happening? I hope so.

He pulled away, his face still close to yours.

Stumbling backward he stuttered, “Oh my god. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-“

“Patrick, its okay.” You smiled, grabbing his arms to steady him.
You stood up on your tiptoes to kiss him again, but he pulled away.

“I’m sorry, its just that I need to say something.” He looked upset.

“Yesterday? When you thought something was wrong? I was just worried you didn’t feel the same about me as I do about you. I’ve loved you ever since seventh grade. I don’t even have the amount of time left in my life to describe why, its just everything about you is so wonderful. I-“

“Patrick, stop.” You smiled. “I’ve loved you since I was five. I just thought you wouldn’t have time for me. I just assumed it… wasn’t your cup of tea, being in a relationship and all.”

“You know what is my cup of tea?”



You rolled your eyes, “Patrick, you’re such a cheeseball.”

He smiled, “Can I be your cheeseball?” He made a pouty face.

You shook your head, “Of course.”

The two of you spent the day watching movies and laughing about pointless things.


Around two thirty, there was a knock of Patrick’s door.

“Can I get it?” You asked.

He smiled, “Sure.”
Pete and Meagan were at Patrick’s door.

“Whoahhh! SHORTY!” Pete jumped up and tackled you. “WHAT’RE YOU DOING HERE!? ARE YOU AND PATRICK A THING??!” He helped you up and continued to wrestle with you.

Patrick laughed and stood up. “What’re you guys up to? Come in!”

Meagan stepped inside and laughed, rolling her eyes. “Cool it, Pete. I doubt they’re a ‘thing’.”

“Actually….” Patrick smiled, looking over at you. You smiled back.

The four of you decided to have dinner together. You spent the day with your best friends (and boyfriend). ;)

If You Were A Movie {Kellic Oneshot}

Let’s start off my new blog with a bang.



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A name

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Have no idea what the should be so….😐

Tom holland x reader

Note: this is written weird because I wrote this for my Instagram page. 

You woke…. Late from a text you got from Tom, your best friend and main lead of the movie you were co-starring in, spiderman homecoming.
“Y/n you’re late again. get up or i was will give up making excuses for you,” you Read from your phone. You smiled as you read the text for you loved when Tom and you talked even if he was upset with something. You ignored your text and stayed under your warm covers until you heard a knock on the door. Rolling your eyes you pulled off your covers and crawled out and towards to the door but right before your hand touched the handle you heard a sound from outside your door.
“Tom open it already! You know Jon is going to kill you AND (y/n) if you don’t arrive on set soon,” you smiled. It was Tom and Harrison.
“Fine Haz whatever!,” Tom firmly grasped the handle. You let out a little yelp and fell backwards onto the carpet as Tom threw open the door so that it slammed back to the outside of the trailer. Tom face went pale as he hurryed up beside you.
“Oh god (y/n) i am so sorry um ahhh i didn’t mean to do that. Are are you ok,” you nodded and rubbed your head.
“ it’s just well you need to get on set… like now,” Tom stuttered as he quickly helped you up from the ground.
“I’m fine Tom, seriously. I needed something to wake me up anyway,” you said with a smile as placed your hand on Tom’s shoulder. Tom blushed and there was a long silence as the both of you looked longingly into each others eye, Harrison rolled his eyes and smirked at Tom.
“Sorry to interrupt you guys but may I remind you we have a movie to shoot here,” your eyes left tom and turned to Harrison while you removed your hand from Tom’s shoulder.
“Oh yea sorry, be right back just need to change out of my pjs,” you said hastily before running into your room to change into a pair of jeans and a Tshirt. While you were getting changed you could hear a embarrassed tom and a laughing Harrison talking outside your door.
“Tom come on you need to ask her out already. It’s just getting hard to watch now,” you heard Harrison said from outside your bedroom door.
“No i couldn’t Haz! I mean like she is so beautiful and then there is me plain old boring Tom,” you could here harrison snicker as Tom said he was plain because he was very much the opposite of plain.
You opened the door, “ready,” tom asked as you grabbed a smoothie from the fridge in the kitchen.
“Yeah, let’s go before we get in trouble,” you said while Tom held the door for you and you exited the trailer.
Tom really likes me back, you thought to yourself as you turned to Tom and smiled. Tom smiled back and blushed as you led the way onto the crowded set of spiderman homecoming.  
As you made your way onto the set you said goodbye to Harrison and Tom and followed your assicident toward the makeup chair where Zendaya was also getting ready. As you walked your mind continued to drift toward Tom for you have never felt this way about a guy before. Were you in love? You sat down in the seat next to zendaya who was on snapchat.
“So here we are on the set of spiderman homecoming and, oh look who’s here, the one and only (y/n),” you didn’t even notice zendaya for you where still in a state of confusion about if you are in love with tom or not.
“I mean maybe I am…. I have been liking Tom for a while and…” you mumbled to yourself so quietly almost no one could hear you.
Zendaya gave a smirk at the camera and raised her eyebrows,” (y/n) is in love,” Zendaya mouthed at her phone before closing the snap. You looked up from your lap as the makeup artist came walking over.
“Ok (y/n) what is the matter, you have been acting like this for days,” Zendaya asked as a woman beside her brushed powder onto her face.
You turned to Z, “What! No! Nothing’s the matter i….um…..just miss home,” you stuttered as the makeup artists finished with both you a zendaya.
“Yeah..sure honey,” Zendaya smirked and you turned pale. The accident led you and Z toward the dressing room.
“So you like Tom don’t you,” Zendaya asked suddenly getting a bit serious.
You turned to her and looked into her eyes,”I think I might love him Z. But i am not sure, i  mean like i have only known him for a few months and well…. I don’t know…..help?” you gave a weak smile as you entered the dressing stalls and changed into the clothes you would be wearing for the scene you would be shooting.
“I don’t really know how to help (Y/n) but… well you know….. You are his love interest in the movie so you at least get to know is he is a good kisser or not by today,” your face went white and you gulped as the stylists patted down your clothing.
You had completely forgot that today would be the day you would be shooting the scene when Tom’s character and you well kiss.
You have been in other movies before, kissed other boys before, kissed on camera for a movie before, but never have you kissed someone that you possibly love before. Your mind went blank as people hurried around you getting you ready to shoot the scene. This was not really happening not right now, you thought to yourself.  
“We need (y/n) and Tom on stage five,” The director said over the overcome.
Seconds later a golf cart showed up besides you and Zendaya. Z pulled you into the car and the motor started and you started to go towards stage five.
“I am not sure if I am ready for this Z,” you told Zendaya as the both of you road on the cart toward the stage.
“(y/n) you have done this before, I have seen your movies, it’s just another fake .movie kiss. You will be fine, I promise,” Zendaya gave you a smile and patted your back, but it didn’t help. Your heart still fastly raced and head too.
“There you are (y/n) we have been looking all over for you,” Jon said as he grabbed your arm even before the golf cart stopped.
“Good luck (y/n),” Zendaya said as you were pulled away into a crowd of movie workers.
“Sorry Jon I….um… slept in but Tom woke me up,” you explained as you entered the area where the scene would be shot. You glanced over and around the area until your eyes found Tom. he looked so good beside the black eye he was sporting for that scene.
“Ok you know the scene right. Tom and you are talking blah blah blah he leans in you guys kiss end of scene. Easy. You have done scenes like this before haven’t you,” your face stood still.
“(y/n), you awake?”
You snapped out of your phase,“Oh yeah done these things before….lets do it,” you said trying to keep cool.
Jon went to back to your seat behind the camera while his accident led you to where Tom was.
“Ready to do it (y/n),” Tom asked awkwardly as you walked over to him.
“Ready as i’ll ever be i think,”
“Ok ready,” the both nodded “ok… Action!”  
You and Tom walked down the school hallway, ”Sorry about being rejected by Liz and getting beat up but flash….again,” You said to Tom who was holding an icepack to his eye.
“Do you want me to call may or my mom,” you asked as you led peter down a hallway.
“No it’s fine I can walk home….i think,” said as he removed the ice pack from his eye.
“Oh Peter that’s really bad Pete,” you said as you held your hand to his bruised cheek trying to examine it. Peter head relaxed into your hand and the both of you stared into each other’s eyes.
“Peter…” You hushed.
Peter leaned into the space between you (Oh god it’s happening, you thought to yourself). Finally Tom’s lips met yours and it was a moment to remember.
Tom’s arms wrapped around you Whitney sent a Chill down your spine. Suddenly you heard the word “Cut!” from the director. But Tom didn’t stop he continued kiss you and you kissed him back too.
“Guys we said cut,” you broke from the kiss and turned back to the director then back to Tom.
“Was that good,” you smirked at Tom whose eyes were wide and had a big smile on his face.
“Yes! I mean yeah great acting,” you smiled and exited Tom’s arms with a smile.
“Soooooo how was shooting today,” you turned around from your seat from somewhere on the set to find Zendaya hovering over you awaiting the news.
“The best day ever,” you explained as you but your bottom lip and smiled a little.
“Tell me everything,” you laughed and stated to explain.
“So you know it started out normal but well once he leaned in….. Ahhh it was so good…. Like its just… I don’t even have words. Oh and once the director said cut Tom like continued to kiss me so of course I did to but unfortunately the director eventually made stop too soon,” you said happily.
“Then what,” Zendaya asked as she sat in the seat next to you.
“Well then I kinda just walked away with a smile.”
“Didn’t tom do anything,” she asked
“Nah he was just kind of dumbstruck, it’s was actually quite funny,” you giggled a little.
“When is he going to learn not to be a baby about asking someone out,” Z said shaking her head.
“It’s not that bad. He will come around…… I hope.”
“He better or I i’ll teach him a lesson,” you both laughed and headed your separate ways back to each other’s trailers. Once you got back to your trailer you made yourself a snack and settled onto the couch to watch some netflix. As you turned on the television your phone lit up. You sighed and got up from your seat and walked over to the kitchen and grabbed your phone to be happily surprised it was Harrison.
“Hey Harrison what’s up,” you asked.
“So I finally convinced the spider to ask!” Harrison said quickly
“What the hell do you mean!”
“You know what I mean, Tom will finally ask you out so don’t be an ass or anything,” you rolled your eyes.
“Haz you know I like him why would I act like that.”
“I don’t know, but just b-” there was a knock on your door. “Shit that must be him, don’t tell him that I called you.”
“Bye haz,” you ended the phone call and turned to the door. You swiftly walked over to the door and opened it.
“H-hey (y/n), um can I come in I…..have something to tell you,” you smiled.
“Of course Tom, what’s up,” you opened the door and let him in. You bit your bottom lip as your head followed Tom as he entered your trailer.
“So….. Did you just come here to pace in circles,” tom smiled.
“No I just wanted to ask you if maybe…. Umm,” you smirked and tom gave a weak smile. You launched yourself at tom and crashed your lips into his. Tom was shocked by your actions but he still kissed you back as fell backwards onto the couch behind him.
You broke from the kiss now sitting ontop of him, “I was just going to ask if you had any bread but I guess this is better,” tom said with a smile.
“Oh shut up,” you leaned in and kissed him again and Tom wrapped his arms around you. You continued to kiss him until you heard a ring from your back pocket, you ignored the call.
“(Y/n) you should answer it,” tom said I between kisses.
“Ok one sec,” you got up and answers the call.
“Hey, (y/n) it’s Ann (your personal assistant), all of the cast is wanted on set now. Can you get do here like now.”
“Ok I will be down in five,” you said as you turned to tom who was smiling.
“Great… Oh and do you know where Tom is he is not answering his cell,” she asked.
“Um… Yeah he is with me I will bring him with me,” you could hear a snicker from the other end of the call.
“Shut up Haz,” she whispered angrily to Harrison who was with her
“Well I am going to go now so…. Bye,” you hung up the phone and turned to tom.
“We are needed on set,” you said.
“Aww that sucks…. Well since I have you here and we um just made out I will ask the normal question. Do you want to go out with me like on a date,” you smirked at tom and help both of his hands.
“I would love to Tom,” He smiled and leaned in and kissed you.

Surrender: Part Seven

Summary: As a flight attendant, you’d traveled all over the world. You’d never thought you could meet someone who could take you somewhere you hadn’t already been.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader, Natasha, Steve, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson [more to be added]

Warnings: [all tags are eventual and not just for this part] smut, angst, fluff, violence, cursing, possible death, possible murder, crime, idfk… reader beware.

Word Count: 800ish

A/N: Ok, so this part was supposed to be posted yesterday but I had it scheduled for next Tuesday (smdh). Is anyone still interested in this story? lol I feel like I’m dragging it out too long. LMK what you think. 

Catch up here!


“He was nice, friendly, even.”

“So, he didn’t threaten you in any way?”

“Nope. He even bought me a drink. Paid for it with a credit card and all.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I ask how come you are anti doctor strange? I'm curious on case I have missed something aha

edit: holy shit this is really fucking long and became a rant not only on dr strange but the entire mcu

okay, so shitposting aside, i can become serious too especially if i’m ranting. *clears throat* here we go

the mcu. is fucking white AS FUCK. the mcu is praised by so many people and has made no progress at all, even though there have been over ten movies out there and about ten more are already planned (more probably, i don’t want to count). ten movies in which literally LITERALLY every movie had a white man as it lead. there are only that many iron man movies i can watch until i get tired of it.

i’m not only talking about the fact that they only have male leads and no female leads or that they’re just white because i want representation. i mean sure, yes, but let’s face it: the mcu has become BORING AS FUCK. maybe that’s just me, because all of you are waaay too far up the mcu’s ass. the movies itself have nothing interesting anymore, they all follow the same pattern. superhero, there’s this villain, they fight, there’s a character of color that’s sidelined as the hero’s sidekick and will never ever get their own movie and probs just be in the avengers. some movies from the mcu are not in that pattern, i liked catws and i guess civil war won’t be like that either, but most of them are just so boring nowadays. they’re so boring, throw some white male in the lead, give him a female also white love interest, a villain, some poc side characters and throw some empty witty jokes and the audience fucking loves it.

(MUUUUCH more under the cut)

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  1. jerk or jolt (someone or something) suddenly, typically so as to cause injury.

Chapter Five

I hear my phone vibrate against the fabric of the chair and I groan. Another message. Curiosity gets the better of me and even though I’m pissed off I stand up to retrieve the stupid thing and see what else he said.

“What are you up to?”

Such a simple question and it elicits such a surge of annoyance in me that I feel like my head might pop completely off. What am I up to? Well, I’ve just come off a really great date where I felt like I did nothing but think about you. Can’t say that though, can I? But then I have a thought. I wonder if I could possibly make Niall jealous. Would he even care if he knew I’d been out? Hell, honestly, it doesn’t matter to me if he cares or not. I’m going to rub his face in it anyway. So I pick up my phone and type out a quick response. 

“Not much. Just got back in for the evening from a date.”

His response is almost immediate.

“a date?”

I chuckle darkly as I type out something that could only be read as sarcastic.

“Yeah, a date. You know what those are don’t you? Like a guy asks a girl out and they enjoy dinner and conversation.”

I can almost hear the flatness in his tone when he answers.

“I know what a date is Harper.”
“your date couldnt have been that good if you’re back home, alone, and texting me.”

I scoff. This asshole. He thinks he hung the goddamn moon. But two can play this game.

“Who says I’m alone?”

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“Netflix & Chill w/ Cas”

Castiel x reader

Author(s): Lambie

Warnings: Awful cooking, awful flirting, possible death by feels, “intense kissing”, puke in the mouth because it’s totes adorbs (I hate myself)

Word Count: 1250

You smile when you wake up to have burnt waffles and too-sweet syrup. Cas in the mess of it. Still wearing his damned trench coat that he refuses to take off, he flips a waffle on the floor. He bends over and sees you when he comes up with the fallen waffle in his hand.

“Oh, good morning, (Y/N).”

“Morning, Cas.” you smile scraping burnt waffles off your kitchen floor. “Whatcha doing here?”

“I wanted to surprise you. The door was a-unlocked.”

“Well, I’m glad it’s you and not some psycho murderer.” you say with a straight face. Cas looks at you uneasily, fear and confusion in his blue eyes. “It’s a joke, Cas.”

“Oh, yes. A joke. Very funny.” He grins and gives a fake laugh. You shake your head at him. You take a waffle from the plate and dip it in the syrup. You fake a smile, cringing internally at the crisp in your mouth with tart syrup. But you smile because Cas tried and that’s all that matters.

“You want eggs?” You ask swallowing the burnt waffle.

“Um, yes. I suppose my cooking wasn’t the best.”

You lean into him and grab him by the waist from behind. He’s just short enough that you can rest your head on his shoulder. You kiss his cheek. “No, it was wonderful. You didn’t do anything wrong.” You say, cracking an egg into the pan. Cas smiles and turns around, grabbing you by the waist.

Normally you hate this, Cas always demonstrating his strength though he’s short. He places you on the counter. Your favorite sweatpants landing into a pile of flour. You don’t mind. You take his head firmly in your hands and pull him forward under he grabs your neck softly. He kisses the corners of your mouth slowly and gentleman like. He pulls away every now and then to ask, “Am I doing this right?” You always shut him up with another kiss, and another.

He looks so sad and scared when he asks you that. You want to take his pain away. Whatever he’s hiding. It’s innocent and confused. A puppy. You find your hands on his waist, just above his belt buckle. You resist the urge to undo it. Not now. Not in the kitchen. You move them up until you caress his arms.

Deep and sensual. Peaceful and loving in his arms. “Is it hot in here?” Cas asks pulling away. You smile and pull him back in. He pulls away and you suddenly feel hurt. Then you see the eggs. Burning. Fire. You break a part and frantically grab the sink, pulling the hose out and pointing it aimlessly on the stove.

Once the fire is out, Cas walks over with a smirk and switches off the stove. “Yeah, I forgot about that.” you say.

“Me too.” he smiles.

“Dennys?” you suggest.

“Can we get pie?”

You smile. “Yes.”


Cas and you both went home after breakfast. Cas never actually ate the pie. He had it boxed and insisted he was waiting to eat it later. You didn’t think much of this. When you left Denny’s, Cas said, “I have to go.”


“I have to take the pie. To Dean.”

You laugh. “Of course. Cherry pie. Hey, come back over when you’re done. I want to watch Netflix.”

Cas freezes upon your statement. “Um. Okay.”

You laugh and kiss him, then he starts walking, turns around the corner and disappears.

Now you arrange the popcorn and soda on the table, gathering blankets and pillows on your couch. You’ve changed into an oversized T-shirt from the men’s section and spanx. Cas wore nothing but the clothes on his back with a loosened blue tie. You always straightened it when you kissed him.

You here Cas come through the door. “Hey! Come on in! I’m just starting the movie.” It’s silence between you and him. You turn around and stare at Cas, still in front of the door. “Hey, Cas, you coming?”

“Um, yes.” he stares at his feet for a moment then plants his body on the couch. You practically sits on you.

“Hey, Cas, a little space please?” he jumps a foot away. You shake your head and start the movie. The Notebook. “Hey, I didn’t mean it like that. Come over here.” You don’t wait for him to move, you pull him over to you and he surprises you with a tongueful kiss. You laugh when you pull away and return it with a tentative one.

You relax on the couch, watching the birds in the sunset on the screen. “I’m so glad I can just watch Netflix and chill with you.” This statement makes Cas rigid again.

He isn’t much for conversation. He sit rigidly on the cushion. “Hey, loosen up. You alright?”


Thirty minutes into the movie, you kick off your blanket. “Man, it’s getting hot in here.”

Wordlessly, you watch as Cas undoes his tie that you just tightened. He throws it carelessly onto your apartment floor. He slips off his coat, throwing it to the side too. You resist the urge to ask what he’s doing.

He snuggles you and you relax. His hand finds its way into your hair, freshly washed, partially damp. He kisses your forehead down to the tip of your nose. He reaches to unbutton the top button on his white shirt. You try to pull away but he takes it as a sign to only go deeper.

Until he’s straddled over you. His hair touching your forehead as he kisses you. Deeply. He bites a few times, harder than others. He moves down to your neck, his hand on your shoulder.

You tickle his stomach, you don’t want to hurt him. He jolts back and looks down at you. You slide from under him. “Cas. What are you doing?”

You sit up and pause the movie. Cas turns red, suddenly embarrassed. He looks as if he might cry. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N).”

“Why are you sorry?”

“I wanted this night to be, perfect. But it wasn’t.”

“Why does it need to be perfect? I just invited you over to watch a movie with me. Maybe kiss a few times and snuggle. But, I don’t know what you’re getting at.”

“But. I thought, we were…Netflix and Chilling.”

You burst out loud laughing. “Cas! No! I don’t want to do it like that watching a Nicholas Sparks movie. I want to do it on our own time, not some arranged meeting. It’s not a hookup.”

He looks ashamed. “Yes. I don’t know who this Nicholas Sparks you speak of. I didn’t make an appointment to um-and I’m aware that you’re not Dean.” he says bluntly.

“What is that supposed to mean?” you laugh.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry (Y/N).”

“It’s okay. Sorry, I was giving you mixed signals.”

You stare at each other in the dark for a moment. Cas speaks. “Is this on our own time?”

You smile and begin to unbutton his white shirt. He grabs his trench coat and you crash into the bedroom onto the queen sized bed. You take your time undoing the buttons of his shirt. He kisses you more deeply and meaningful and soft than he ever has. He kisses you like he never wants to lose you. Never wants to hurt you. You kiss until you fall asleep in his arms.

You wake up with his trench coat draped around you.

redflowerblooming  asked:

prompt: Steter AU, Agoraphobic!Stiles with Peter trying to court him. Cute fluff and maybe some insecure!Stiles. Also could the Hales totally live, that would be AMAZING!! (throws you all the love and runs away)

Stiles meets Peter on a Wednesday. 

It’s an odd day to move in, a Wednesday.  The middle of the week when everything is going on, when everyone is working or—in Stiles’ case—not-working; it’s odd.  Stiles decides that it’s odd.

It isn’t the only odd thing about his new neighbor.  He moves in right across the hall, and Stiles watches through his peephole as people come carting furniture, artwork, box after box into the apartment.  He watches Peter tip them generously even though he likely already paid the moving company for the services, and Stiles frowns.  Obviously too wealthy to live in these apartments; Stiles can practically smell the money coming off of him even through the door.

But the weirdest thing happens when Peter is still waving off the movers with a polite smile, one hand tucked into the pocket of his immaculately pressed pants, and then he pauses and looks right at Stiles.  Rather, he looks right at Stiles’ door and tilts his head, smile softening to something bemused.  He stares right at the other end of the peephole Stiles is peering through, and Stiles swallows thickly. 

Without a word, Peter crosses the yard and a half between their doors and raps his knuckles lightly against the enforced wood.  Stiles’ heart jumps up into his throat and he stumbles back a few steps, eyes wide.  Breath a bit short, his fingers twitch at his sides, and there is a pause before Peter knocks again. 

“Uh,” Stiles breathes, palms already starting to sweat.  “Can I—Can I help you?”

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Title: Something More
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing(s): BokuAka, KuroKen (endgame); KuroAka
Ch. Word Count: 5.3K
Total Word Count: 5.3K
Summary: The one where Bokuto gets a text message from a wrong number only to find that maybe, just maybe, something wrong can lead to something right.
A/N: inspired by that one episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and a convo with @shizuos about my need to have Bo in a box as an apology to Kuroo. also inspired by @meruems-thighs fic and this secondhand serenade song.

On AO3

Multichapter | CH1

Received From: Unknown
[9:06]: I’m sorry I can’t make it tonight.
[9:06]: Work ran a little late and I had some clients that had gotten… difficult.
[9:07]: How about tomorrow? Maybe I’ll let you give me a massage instead.

Sent To: Unknown
[9:12]: that’s too bad
[9:12]: sucky clients suck!

Received From: Unknown
[9:16]: Yeah, well. It’s part of the job.
[9:20]: So… sushi tomorrow? I’m really too tired tonight. I’ll even treat this time.

Sent To: Unknown
[9:28]: not that i dont appreciate the invite
[9:30]: and now im really REALLY craving sushi
[9:31]: but u maybe wanna give me ur name first or?

Received From: Unknown
[9:35]: Wait, who is this?
[9:36]: I dropped my phone and had to get a new one and I could’ve sworn this was the right number.

Sent To: Unknown
[9:39]: oh man thats a bummer!
[9:39]: im BOKUTO btw bokuto koutarou
[9:40]: whoops idk why it capslocks my name
[9:40]: i guess i yell about myself a lot HAHA
[9:41]: nice to meet u! well it will be once u give me ur name :D

Received From: Unknown
[9:45]: Akaashi Keiji. Nice to meet you too, Bokuto-san.

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Friendly Fire (pt. 6)

part five • part seven

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little prank war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Words: 920 it went back up lol

Warnings: Slight jealousy? Angst?

Notes: ooooooh, things got intense. whaaaats going to happen next? the world may never know… i kid. that tootsie pop commercial popped into my head for some reason. this was a bit difficult to write because its kind of serious and this is a prank war im writing. kind of hard to be serious but alas, here it is. sorry if theres any typos. enjoy :)

“This isn’t a good idea Y/N” Wanda expressed, shaking her head in disapproval.

“As fun as it’s been watching you and Buck prank one another, I think this is going a bit far” Nat chimed in, agreeing with Wanda.

“Are you kidding?? This will be hilarious” Sam said. He was always up for messing with Bucky, at all costs. 

You just finished explaining your prank to the three of them, and boy, did you go all out with this one. When Wanda and Natasha told you about Bucky supposedly having a crush on you, not for a second did you believe them. A part of the reason you were doing this prank was to prove them wrong.

Once Sam was clear on the plan, the both of you walked out of your room and began the charade. You headed to the couch, and started looking for something to watch on Netflix.

“How ‘bout a suspenseful movie, baby?” Sam asked, giving you a soft smile.

Immediately, Steve’s head snapped up from the kitchen.

“Sounds good,” you replied, “It’ll give me an excuse to cuddle closer to you.”

Tony was barely walking into the room, but managed to hear everything. He looked over at Steve with wide, questioning eyes. Steve looked back at him, and just shrugged. Tony made his way over to the kitchen, and tried his best to not grab attention.

“What is birdman doing?” Tony whispered as he passed by Steve, pretending to look for something to eat.

Steve caught on, and took a slip of his drink before answering back.

“I’m not sure,” Steve mumbled, lifting the newspaper up. “But I know nothing good is going to come of it.”

“Jeeze, look at him,” Tony pointed out, watching Sam wrap his arm around your shoulder. “He’s asking for a deathwish.”

A few hours later, Bucky emerged from his room in workout attire. He was heading to the gym, but on his way he stopped by the kitchen to get a drink. As he turned to look at the t.v. he noticed you and… Sam?

He nearly choked on his drink.

Is this a joke? What is Y/N doing with Sam?? She doesn’t know, but he sure as hell does.

Snapping out of his thoughts, he headed to the gym. He turned around once more to look at the both of you, just to make sure this wasn’t some nightmare. He could feel his jaw clench.

When he got to the gym, he noticed that Clint, Natasha, and Steve were having a session. He walked over to observe what they were working on, and caught Steve’s attention.

“You alright there, pal?” Steve inquired, noticing Bucky’s jaw right away.

“I’m fine. What are you guys working on?” Bucky replied, ignoring Steve’s stare and focusing on Clint and Nat.

“Come on Barnes,” Natasha muttered as she pinned down Clint, “You don’t have to keep up this apathetic act.”

“Yeah,” Clint agreed, flipping Nat off him, and pinning her down, “We could feel that tension from outside the gym.”

Bucky sighed, and closed his eyes.

“Y/N and Sam. Please tell me it’s all a nightmare”

Nat’s eyes widened, and looked at Steve. Clint furrowed his brows, let out a laugh and looked at Nat. Steve shrugged.

“I saw it too, so you’re not dreamin’ Buck” Steve stated flatly.

Clint snorted and got up, “Wait, am I missing something here?”

“What did you see…?” Nat questioned, keeping her composure.

“I saw her! All cuddled up in Sam’s arms!” Bucky exclaimed, throwing his hands up, “They didn’t even seem to notice me walk in and out of the area!”

“Calm down Barnes,” Nat suggested, “Honestly, I wouldn’t stress too much about it.”

“Are you kidding Nat? Everyone knows Bucky has a thing for Y/N, except for her” Clint bursted out, “I gotta see this for myself.” And with that, Clint headed out to see if it was true, Bucky following behind.

You and Sam abandoned the couch to go look for something to eat in the kitchen. It was almost dinner time, and the both of you were pretty hungry.

“What do you feel like eating?” Sam asked, searching the pantry.

“Just about anything,” you answered, “Did you want to pick some food up? We can go out-”

“Whoa, what’s this about going out now?” Clint announced, causing you and Sam to jump at his sudden presence.

“Jesus Clint, you scared me!” you said, holding your hand over your chest.

“My bad” Clint apologized, “So are you two really a thing now? Because if so, I did not see that coming.”

You looked over at Sam, giving him this slightly worried look that your plan might be exposed. Instead of looking at you, Sam came up to you and pulling you close to him.

“What’s it to you man?” Sam jokingly asked.

“Oh nothing, just curious” Clint smirked, “I just don’t buy that you two are actually anything.” He said, crossing his arms.

Before you could tell Clint the truth, Sam had placed his hand to your cheek, turning you to face him and carefully placed his lips along yours. You were completely thrown off, not expecting him to actually kiss you. When he broke the kiss, you tried not to look as shocked as Clint.

“Did you buy that?” Sam remarked with a cocky smile, clearly proud of his action.

“I sure did.”

The three of you turned around to see Bucky standing on the other side of the room.

“Shit” Sam mumbled.

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The First Meet (Part 5) (The Finale Part)

Read “The First Meet” here!

Read “The First Meet” here!

                You were busy in the kitchen cooking when you heard the front door open. “Hello?” His deep gruff voice called out. “In the kitchen!” you said as your dog began barking and stood up from his bed in the kitchen, running into the living room. This wasn’t the first time Dean had come to your house but it was the first time he’d ever stayed. You finished the potatoes and wiped your hands clean before going into the living room to see Dean bent down petting Tucker, your dog as your cat stared lazily at him from the couch. “Hey” you smiled as he looked up at you. He grinned and stood walking over and kissing you softly. “Hey to you too; what smells so good?” he asked smiling at you. “Oh uh, just some stuff I threw together…my room is down the hall. You can just put your bag on the bed” you said as he pecked your cheek. “Good hot stuff, I’ll be in the kitchen in just a minute” he smiled before walking down the hallway.

               You internally groaned looking around, his apartment was way bigger than your house and it wasn’t a cute little house either, it could use a fresh coat of paint and the wood floors could be redone but it was livable and it was the perfect size for your pets and yourself. You patted your leg for Tucker to follow you as you opened the door and walked out to the closed in porch where your washer and dryer sat. You opened the backdoor and grabbed the leash connecting it to Tucker. You smiled and let him run. You almost had the money to put up a fence and you couldn’t wait to let Tucker run free in a fenced yard. You turned to see Dean smiling at you from the kitchen, a cold beer in his hand.

               Dean had never seen himself as the marrying type and in fact, the thought of settling down with one woman and marrying her, scared him. But here before him stood a woman who had her head on straight. She was kind, wise and caring. She took care of herself and didn’t live to please others. She was so happy and bright; she could light up the whole world when she laughed, and he found himself falling more and more in love with her.

               “I see you found the beer I bought for you” you said laughing. Dean chuckled snapping out of his daze and nodded “yeah, hey. I was wondering, what all do you have to do tomorrow to get ready for the wedding?” he asked. You smiled and shrugged “just whatever Melissa needs from me, why what’s up?” you asked smiling as you finished dinner.

               “Well, I was going to treat you to breakfast or lunch tomorrow before the wedding, but you’ll probably be too busy” he smiled kissing your head as you revealed the dinner to him. “Mashed potatoes, fried chicken and green beans…to be honest, I forgot dessert…But maybe if we eat and want dessert then we can go-“ Dean smashed his lips to yours causing you to lose your train of thought. “This is perfect…I love it” he whispered. You blushed biting your lip. “Well thank you, but you haven’t even tasted the food” you laughed a little as he grabbed a piece of chicken and bit into it. As he chewed he moaned a little. You raised your eyebrows. “What?” he asked as he swallowed. You bit your lip, “you moaned…” you held in a giggle as he pulled his brows together. “No I didn’t” you nodded as he shook his head. “Come on, I’ll set the table and then we’ll eat.”

               After setting the table and placing an extra plate on the table, you told Dean about how you fed chicken bones to your dog and how it didn’t hurt him. Dean gave you a funny look but put the bones from his plate on the spare. You finished your dinner and talked between the two of you for a few hours.  You gave Tucker his treat and then yawned a little retreating to your room where Dean came out of your bathroom after a shower. He wore dark grey sweats that hung low on his hips and water droplets from his hair fell down onto his bare chest. You blushed slightly seeing him in such a way. “So, what do you wanna watch? I have lots of movies to pick from and I also have Netflix.” You said as you made your way to the book shelf. When you turned, Dean was lying on your bed, a smile on his face. “What?” you asked smiling some. “You can pick the movie while I get ready for bed” you said shaking your head at how he continued to stare at you.

               You entered the bathroom and washed your face, brushed your teeth put lotion on. You put on your shorts and a tank top, letting your hair hang down. When you came back out, Jurassic Park was playing on the TV and Dean was watching it in bed. “Comfortable?” you asked as you climbed in beside him. He smirked down at you before pulling you tightly against him. “Now I am” he whispered lightly pecking your lips. You smiled at him as you leaned up and kissed him. “I know this place isn’t even a dirt clump compared to your place-“ Dean shook his head. “What are you talking about?” he asked his eyebrows pulling together in confusion.  You looked up at him and bit your lip; “my house isn’t nearly as nice as your place and I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” You admitted as he smiled down at you. “I love your place, its warm and home like, unlike my apartment. My apartment feels like a showcase, this house feels like a home.” He said smiling. “I love it.”  You had never felt for anyone the way you felt about Dean. You were in complete awe of the man before you. He’d heard the stories of how other men had treated you and how you didn’t trust anyone. People only wanted you for one thing, to use you. So when Dean would say something, compliment you, at first it was hard to believe, but now…it seemed to have gotten easier. You smiled at him. “Thank you very much, it really isn’t much but I love it and think it’s a cute starter home. It’s perfect for me and my kids.” You said as Dean laughed. Dean always thought it was so funny how you made your cat and dog sound like your children.

               Dean and you talked over 20 different topics before your eyes drifted shut as you curled against his chest. Dean watched you sleep for a long time; he’d never done this, fell in love with a girl that to anyone else was just a normal girl. But to him, oh she was so special. She made him feel young and alive, like he could do anything he ever wanted. She made him happy and free.

               When Dean woke up the next morning only to find the bed empty; he got up and wondered out into the kitchen to see if there was any sign of you, but there wasn’t. You simply were gone. There was a note lying on the counter with a coffee cup sitting on top of it. Dean smiled to himself as he walked over and picked it up to see your beautiful handwriting.

               ‘Dear Dean,

                                               I had to get a much earlier start to my day than what I had planned, but please make yourself at home and fix yourself breakfast and some hot coffee. I have tucker out on his leash, if you could just let him in before you leave, I’d really appreciate it! I’ll meet you at the church at 4! Have a good day!


               Dean smiled as he made coffee and cooked some eggs and bacon; he began to look around and really study your house. He noted the old worn floors and the paint peeling off the walls around the ceiling. Your furniture looked old and outdated and your TV had to be 10 years old, if not older. Dean realized that you didn’t have much. In fact, he was surprised when you’d invited him over.  He’d seen your house before but he’d never stayed here. He knew you felt embarrassed about it; he’d seen it in your eyes last night.

               Dean washed his dishes and cleaned your kitchen. He then moved the furniture in your living room and swept the floors and mopped them. He noticed it was almost 1pm and that he still needed to shower, and dress for the wedding. So he did just that, he moved the furniture back into its places before organizing a few things and letting the dog in. Tucker sniffed around before lying on the couch as Dean went back to getting ready. Dean fixed his hair, buttoned his suit and smiled in the mirror. He enjoyed his time with you, in your house, feeling like you two were more than just “going together”. He grabbed the little black box out of his bag and stuck it in his pocket. He fed both your cat and dog before leaving; making sure the house was locked up.

               When he arrived at the church, he wasn’t sure about what he was going to go through with. He let out a breath before getting out and soothing his tie out. As he walked up the steps, he felt antsy. He wanted to see you; he needed to. He noticed a man handing out wedding programs and smiled. “Bride or grooms side?” he asked. “Actually I’m with the maid of honor…which do you know where I could find her at?” Dean asked smiling. The guy pointed him down the stairs and Dean followed to a T. He knocked on the door and after a minute, the door opened and a girl stepped out into the hallway. “You must be Dean” she said smirking at him.

               “Yeah…I’m looking for Y/N, could you get her for me for a moment please?” he asked as polite as possible. He didn’t like the looks of this girl before him. She seemed, odd. Like she wanted something but couldn’t quite reach it. “I could see if she’s around…or….” She whispered stepping closer. “I could do what she hasn’t” she smirked. Dean stepped back and walked back to the door knocking again. “Forget it, I’ll get her myself.” He knocked on the door again, and this time. You answered. “Dean….wow…you look great” you said grinning. You wore a long teal blue dress, which went over one shoulder. Dean grinned at you, “Me? Have you looked in a mirror?” he whispered winking some. You blushed and stepped out into the hallway. Tiffany stood there and gave you a smile. “I’ll keep Melissa happy until you get back” she faked a smile at you before walking inside the room and almost slamming the door.

               You followed Dean out and toward his beloved Impala. “Y/N….we need to talk” he whispered and suddenly your heart sank. You felt the world spinning and you reached over grabbing the side of the car for support. “Dean…?” you whispered at him. He stared at you before his eyes widened. “Oh god! No, that…that came out wrong! I’m not breaking up with you!” he said as you sighed some. “I have a present for you…” he reached down into his pocket and pulled out a small box. “Now…I know that we haven’t claimed to be dating or seeing each other really, but when I saw this, I knew you had to have it…” he smiled placing the box in your hands. You smiled at him before opening the box.

               You gasped almost dropping the box. Inside the small velvet box, was the shining silver locket with ‘D.W & Y/N’ engraved on the front. “I’d really love it if you’d be my girlfriend” he said smiling wide. You felt the tears prick your eyes as you began crying. “You remembered…” you sobbed out and pulled him into a tight hug; Dean wrapped his arms around you hugging tightly. “Do you like it baby girl?” he whispered as you nodded another cry escaping your lips. “It’s beautiful, just like my mothers.” You looked up at him and gave him a smile.

               “Would you put it on me please?” you asked taking it from the box and turning so he could. “So you really like it?” he asked after a moment. “Yes, its….it’s perfect Dean. I can’t believe you did this, it must of cost you a fortune.” You admitted, your fingers caressing the metal lying on my chest as you turned back to face him again. “I knew the moment I saw it, it would be perfect on you” he whispered kissing your forehead. You stared up at him, just admiring his features. “But, I also have another surprise for you…it’ll have to wait until after the wedding though” he smiled bending down and kissing you softly. You put your hand on the back of his neck deepening the kiss. After pulling away for air, you smiled at him. “I have a surprise for you after the wedding too” you whispered with a smile.

               Dean grinned and took your hand leading you into the church as Melissa’s wedding started. You couldn’t keep your eyes off Dean the whole time; and when the reception came, you sat with him laughing, and talking. Your friends gushed over the locket and you couldn’t help but smile at Dean as he made friends with their husbands and boyfriends. “Looks like you won’t be alone forever huh?” Melissa joked elbowing you. You grinned and look from her to Dean. “I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about that again” you whispered as he turned and smiled at you.

(Thank you all who read this story and loved it!! Let me know what you thought of the ending…and who knows…..maybe it might not be the ending ;) ) 

the one with the horror movie

→ Nathan Adrian x Y/N

→ Word Count: 1.2k

anon asked: a nathan adrian imagine where you get scared because of a horror movie or something and his 6'6" self is there to protECT YOU ILY

+ protective!nathan , fluff , a few curse words here and there 

+ oh MAJOR plot spoilers to Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!!

masterlist // prev. nathan imagine

Originally posted by asialampard

Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Funhouse. I hate these movie options. Maybe Nathan’s secretly the devil and wants me to suffer. I sit on the couch, wrapped up in blankets, ready to hide my face in them as soon as I see the opening sequence. Nathan sits in front of the TV with both DVD’s in his hands. I tell him to just chose one, because frankly, I have no interest in watching either of those movies let alone pick the one I’d rather shield my eyes from. “Chainsaw Massacre it is,” he states while popping the disk out of its case and into the DVD player. He grabs the remote before plopping down on the couch and propping his feet on the coffee table in front of us. I shift my body into his and rest my head on his shoulder. His t-shirt smells like someone used a bottle of cologne as laundry detergent and washed it in chlorine infused water. I don’t mind though, it’s like it’s his scent that you never grow tired of.

“I really hate you for making me watch this,” I confess- even though it’s not really confessing when he already knows how much I hate horror movies.

Nathan snickers. “Y/N, you watch American Horror Story, though.” We’re at the DVD’s menu screen and I already feel like this massacre guy is going to pop out and kill me with his chainsaw.  

“Yeah, but that’s different,” I defend myself. I’m not exactly sure how or why it’s different, but it is. Nathan shakes his head and laughs. He presses ‘Play Movie’ and my heart begins to pound against my chest. “You know what we need? We need popcorn! I’ll go make it.” I stand up from the couch but I soon realise my efforts to avoid this movie will be pointless when Nathan pulls on a belt loop of my shorts, pulling me back down on the couch. I’m practically laying on top of him and I couldn’t be more uncomfortable.

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Netflix and Pizza? (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N: So I’ll be using this as a background of sorts for my next story. Hope you enjoy, its long. And D/N means dog’s name

You were currently bored, sitting in your apartment, flicking through the TV channels. You had been dreading the time until you next-door neighbor / best-friend got home. Your neighbor was none other than Steve Rogers, Captain America himself.  Ever since he moved in 3 years ago, the two of you had become inseparable that is until Steve had to go away on missions. After becoming comfortable with you, he didn’t hesitate to tell you about SHIELD, although he never did tell you about his missions and assignments, claiming that it was for your ‘well being’. You looked at the clock. 9:00, You sighed. You could’ve sworn Steve told you he would be back today but you knew he could sometimes need an extra day or two to finish the job. You had just pulled out your laptop and logged into your Tumblr, when you heard a knock on your door.

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