oh but this was funny

please stop the “today we eat at blank” meme because if it gets popular enough more companies are gonna get on the hip ironic meme trend and that’ll take years off my life

oh yeah also none of you are funny for pointing out ineffective advertising campaigns

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hi, the submitter invisible paintbrush anon here--did my submit not go through or did something go wrong? just thought I'd ask if you wanted me to resubmit it or something, since your paintbrush meme post thing.

Oh sorry i saw it and posted it i thought it was funny! But ended up deleteing it because i needed to keep refrencing my blog page and such a long transparent image was throwing me off

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Crimson! im you from the future! Beware your past self is trying to kill you!

Hmmmm oh really well that’s funny cause I permanently froze time so the future doesn’t exist *Turns you into a diamond and shatters you into a trillion pieces* Anyway if my future self really tried to kill me I would fucking kill him, idiot


Oh well…


Yep, I think this is the end of this short journey~

part one . part two . part three .


The rise and fall of a champion.

Idk if someones done this before i just thought about it

and then made this

inspired a lot by that miku one.