oh but she's smart

Alright so idk why this just occured to me, but like last week my mom told me about how when I was a baby/toddler, my grandma (dad’s mom) told my mom that I was smart and how my mom needed to “teach [me] how to manipulate people, because smart people are manipulative”

my mom was naturally freaked out

so like

  1. why is my family like this
  2. this is the most kira comment ive ever heard and i can see him saying that about yoriko

“Oh, she’s so smart, isn’t she!”


“What do you think we should get started on teaching her–”


“Oh. Well I mean, I was thinking like, getting started on that whole second language thing, or maybe numbers, but like…the supervillain route. It’s unique, I guess? Spices things up. One question Kosaku: what the FUCK–”


And I know that it’s so cliche, to tell you that every day I spend with you is a new best day of my life.


2/ favourite fictional characters → CHO CHANG

“obviously, she is feeling very sad, because of cedric dying. then i expect she’s feeling confused because she liked cedric and now she likes harry, and she can’t work out who she likes best. then she’ll be feeling guilty, thinking it’s an insult to cedric’s memory to be kissing harry at all… and she probably can’t work out what her feelings are towards harry anyway, because he was the one who was with cedric when cedric died, so that’s all very mixed up and painful.”


I realized I had never painted Pidge and I was like WHAT???

I was too absorbed in shipping. She’s my queen, though. I absolutely adore her.

(This is from a breakdance AU I read on a great Klance fic. I think I might do the others later?)

an au where kara’s pod crash lands right by fort rozz, since that was what indigo locked onto to get them all out and astra finds her instead of clark and immediately takes kara away because i’m p sure a lot of astra’s hatred of alura was bc she thought, for over 10 years, that alura didn’t heed her warning and that her pride was more important than kara’s life, but all the Fort Rozz escapees would still want Kara dead so Astra takes Kara and then they go into hiding

but Kara’s curious and wants to do more than hide and sometimes the best way to hide is in plain sight so she goes to school and sometimes uses her powers more than she should and stands out a bit more than she would have with the Danvers, more than a little bit because the Danvers at least had a baseline to be like no, no that is something you can’t do as a human and that is way beyond current human science no, you can’t correct your teacher on Newton’s laws Kara and she’d definitely seek out her baby cousin, even if he’s not so much of a baby anymore, although Astra would be right there with her and probably would get into a big fight over custody and in this version, yeah Astra wouldn’t let Kara go to a human family when Kara has her Kara’s cousin wanting to spend time with her but him dropping her off w humans to live? Yeah no, she’s not risking her niece like that.

So Clark actually spends time with Kara maybe, but more so as Clark Kent, and maybe takes Kara to visit the Danvers so she still knows Alex pretty well and Clark makes sure she’s signed up for school and help her with English and History (Clark’s no slouch in the math and department, he took Calc III, but this girl is barely a teenager and already running rings around his comprehension. His only consolation is that although Astra can keep up, it’s keeping up, not out pacing Kara.)

Tbh the main way he convinces Astra is that humans are really good at art–and look how animated Kara is after taking that one art class with people her age! And yeah, they’re still on the move and Kara would totally fly to school from like a different part of the country and have her home address be Clark’s place in Metropolis bc yeah they kinda have to keep on the move a bit–and kara wants to explore, and so does astra, she’s bored–but yeah she goes to school in metropolis

and maybe Clark’s like. shit. shit i am in my 20s wait you know who has a kid sister? Lex. What was her name again? Oh! Lena. She’s smart so she can keep up with Kara, and she seemed nice. Maybe they’ll get along! And oh yeah, Lois has a little sister, Lucy! Spoiler alert: they do.

A Luthor, a Super, and a Lane

anonymous asked:

I have really complicated feelings about Mary. I actually like that's she's not some perfect mom and has her own agenda. I like her as flawed. But I just don't like that Dean once again was the one who was made to apologise for how he was feeling. And I'm not happy with how she was basically willing to let Cas die over the Colt (though I guess you can make the argument it wouldn't have mattered much). Idk, maybe I just don't like the choices she's making right now? I get she's lost, but still...

Hey anon, I’m totally with you - I think it’s great so many people seem to have complex feelings about Mary. Because that means she’s not a one-dimensional character, but a flawed, realistic person, as you point out.

I also really hate that Dean is getting the short end of the lying stick again, with Mary, Sam and even Cas at the very end of the last episode. He sure didn’t have anything to apologise for, in my opinion, but it was a good way to not let the situation escalate. He compromised - instead of shutting Mary and Sam out & pushing them away because he doesn’t agree with the stance they’re taking re the BMoL, he chose the more difficult - but imho the more mature - path of “agreeing to disagree” and settle the dispute like that.This allows him to stay close to Mary and Sam, which, I’m sure, he hopes will mean that they start trusting him more. The more you push people away, the more they’ll lie, after all.

And the narrative is obviously going to prove Mary and Sam wrong - the BMoL are going to do something horrible (well, more horrible than they have already been doing and it’ll be revealed to Mary and Sam) - possibly related to Cas - that’ll show their true vile nature to Mary and Sam. So in that sense, I’m pretty sure Dean will be vindicated - in the sense that he’ll be proven right all along.

Of course, this is SPN so it’s likely Dean won’t be able to enjoy that little victory at all, because it’s gonna come at a great price.

Anyway, yes, Mary. It hurt me that she didn’t give up the Colt to (potentially) save both Cas’s and her sons’ lives, but then again as you say Ramiel probably would’ve wasted them all anyway, and she likely realized this. I definitely disagree with some of the choices she’s making, but I understand them. Thinking about where she came from (a family of hunters), the trauma of dying in such a horrible way, getting ripped from heaven and thrown into a world you barely recognize, being faced with adult sons that are physically close to your own age, having to deal with your beloved husband’s death…honestly she’s coping better than I would, that’s for sure.

And her motivation for working with the BMoL comes from a good, albeit misguided place. Remember what a long, long road of character growth Sam and Dean have behind them. The many mistakes they made, often multiple times, with heartbreaking and disastrous consequences. She simply hasn’t had that journey yet (well, she’s learned the lesson about demon deals…). And she deserves to have one, and certainly not be judged more harshly (as some people seem to do) for her mistakes than Sam & Dean (and Cas, too). I think she’s looking for a purpose. And while being a parent is a fine and worthy purpose in life, her children are adults. They don’t need her the same way young children would. They grew up without her, and she just hasn’t connected with them on a deeper level yet - these things take time after all.

I don’t know what her endgame is, but I sincerely hope she survives the end of this season, because I think she’s a fascinating character and also because SPN needs to stop killing off all their women. She could become a multi-season semi-regular! why not?

This got long so I’ll stop here - but thanks for sending this, I was planning on talking about Mary at some point on this blog, and your ask was the perfect opportunity for it.

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We need an entire fanfic starring Alex and her glasses (ok maybe maggie and a bed too but details...) (referring to the adrian's one when they're studying! Alex would totally help out a college student).

(Prompt referencing this fic – http://archiveofourown.org/works/9122290/chapters/21498746 )

When she first found out she needed them, she cried.

Eliza had gone on about how smart her little girl looked in glasses, and Alex just wanted to cry.

Because she got made fun of enough – she was enough of a nerd, it was hard enough for her to get through lunch without wisecracks or someone spilling a drink on her or general laughter sent in her direction – and glasses? Glasses would just make it worse.

It was Jeremiah that knew. It was Jeremiah that ordered her contacts. It was Jeremiah that fought with Eliza to get Alex to be able to use them, instead of her glasses, when she went out.

Vicky Donahue caught her in her glasses once. She’d dropped by unannounced and Eliza had let her up to Alex’s room without a second thought. It was nice that Alex had such a good friend now, after all.

Alex was laying on her bed, her nose stuck in an astrophysics book, trying to puzzle out the contradictions between the stories Kara told her about Kryptonian physics versus the Earth physics whose math she was scribbling into the margins.

“You wear glasses?” Vicky had asked, and Alex had jumped a mile high, moving to take them off immediately.

Vicky strode across the room quick enough to still her hands, quick enough to push the rectangular frames back onto her face, a small smile tugging at her lips.

“They’re cute,” she said, and Alex felt her face, her entire body, getting hot, felt an odd tugging sensation just underneath her belly, and she adjusted them like Kara did when she was nervous.

“You think?” she asked, and she’d never heard her own voice go that high.

“Yeah! You should wear them more often,” Vicky told her as she pulled Alex’s textbook into her lap before declaring it gibberish and that they should go grab some ice cream.

It was that, more than anything, that made Alex wear them a little more often at Stanford. In her dorm, at least. In her sweater and fuzzy socks and basketball shorts, one pen sticking out of her mouth and one pushed into her hair behind her ear.

They were replaced almost entirely by her contacts, though, when Eliza’s railing on her got too much. When I don’t understand how you could choose your own prestige over Kara’s safety, she’s languishing in Midvale without you, Alexandra became their every phone call, and the alcohol and the clubs and the attention from men with rough hands and cocky smiles at least made her feel… something. Sort of. Not really. But it was worth a try.

So her glasses, then, became standbys only for her worst hangovers, when dragging herself to the bathroom to slip in fresh lenses was just too much to ask.

And then there was J’onn, and then there was the DEO, and the days were so long her eyes would sting, but she would refuse to complain, and she would refuse to put on her glasses – or even acknowledge that she had them – until J’onn showed up, somehow, with her under-used glasses case and insisted that she take a minute to replace her contacts with her frames, because how could she expect to continue training when her eyes were that red, that painful?

He got her improved lenses after that, but he always made sure he kept a pair of glasses for her in storage, for those nights she insisted on working extra late, extra hard, extra, extra, extra.

But for the most part, still, her glasses still only come on at night, when she’s alone, when she’s huddled in her old Stanford sweater and sweatpants and no bra and a single bobby pin keeping her hair off her forehead as she loses herself in reading.

But then there’s Maggie Sawyer.

Because the first time Maggie sees Alex in her glasses – it’s late and they’re settling in for a night of snuggling, of reading, by the fireplace – Alex pads out of her bedroom tentatively, eyes wide, eyes nervous, pajama pants and gray long-sleeved shirt, biting her bottom lip slightly, because what if Maggie thinks she looks weird, what if Maggie thinks she looks ridiculous, what if Maggie thinks her glasses are stupid, that they make her less… perfect?

But when Maggie looks up, her breath hitches and her jaw nearly smacks onto the floor, and she gulps, and she splutters, and Alex reddens, because she’s still just getting used to being this vulnerable, still just getting used to being this… worshipped.

Because Maggie is rasping her name and padding across the floor to her and sweeping her hair away from her face and staring, staring, staring, because “Alex, you… you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“You don’t think they look silly?”

Maggie gulps and Maggie takes a long, slow breath. “I think they look like the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Alex’s heart flutters and heat pools between her legs. “Really?”

Maggie pulls back to take in the whole picture of Alex looking that domestic, that vulnerable, that trusting, that smart, that sexy, that perfect.

“Oh yeah.”

So she starts wearing them at night, to cuddle, to read, to talk by the fireplace, to have tickle fights and laugh, and she even starts wearing them to some game nights, and god is it a relief to not have to always have her contacts in, to always have her guard up.

She starts wearing them while Maggie fucks her, slow and steady and harsh and ragged; starts wearing them when she gives Maggie lap dances wearing nothing but her glasses and a slip; starts wearing them when she puts on a tight-fitting suit and takes Maggie out to dinner, and Maggie can barely speak the entire time, and they don’t even make it fully back into the apartment before she slams Maggie into the wall and gives her exactly what she knows she’s been wanting all night; she starts wearing them and nothing else on lazy Sunday mornings while Maggie makes breakfast and coffee and sweet, desperate love to her.

She starts wearing them to tutor Adrian – and, as it turns out as the term progresses, the small handful of friends he starts bringing by every other week, because our professor doesn’t make physics half as cool as you do, Agent Danvers – and she starts wearing them to brunch on weekends and to the park on evening strolls and to the grocery store with Kara, Adrian, and the woman she swears she’s going to marry one day.

Because glasses?

Glasses don’t make her less perfect.

Glasses make her her, and if it’s good enough for Maggie Sawyer, then dammit, it’s good enough for her.

Lie about love - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Lie about love

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Castiel x Reader (slight, not really)

Warnings: Possessed Reader

Prompt: Reader gets possessed and tells Dean lies about reader&cas just to hurt him, but then cas comes and exorcises the demon and Dean thinks that what the demon said was true (bc of huggin etc) but then time skip reader tells the truth about her feelings?

“Do you think she’d ever have feelings for you? Dean Winchester?” she scoffed, spite in her voice but Dean couldn’t bring himself entirely to hate it because it was your face, it was your voice, it was your eyes- your everything that he actually loved. He couldn’t bring himself to be strong an face the monster because he was actually facing the woman he loved more than anything. She laughed. But it was not the same laugh that would usually make his heart skip a beat because unfortunately it was no longer you that laughed.

“Like hell” she scoffed “She’d rather kill herself than fall for you, much less get any closer as far as a relationship is concerned.” she said in a hiss “You’re one big damn flaw, Dean. Broken, in every possible way. You are a mess, a man with daddy issues, womanizer and an alcoholic. What would she ever want to do with you?” she scoffed and Dean swallowed down the lump in his throat.

He fought so hard to not let it show how much your words were getting to him.Because he knew it wasn’t yours words exactly it was her words because she was the one speaking. But in the very end she was inside you, she could see all of your thoughts and feelings. How could Dean be sure she was only lying to him?

“Shut up.” Dean growled, his hands not even flexing to throw the holly water at you like he would do with any other demon. He couldn’t bring himself to hurt you not even when it wasn’t actually you.

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A Higher Education PT.2

Summary: Shawn and yourself are best friends at University.

Word Count:  6,293

A/U: So happy with all of the support from you all. I’m really enjoying writing this so I think instead of three parts I will be doing four. But nothing more than that. ENJOY!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Yeah well just text me when you want us to come over?” I said as I pulled out my notebook.

We were sitting in the second row out of my choosing and because I had shown up early to get a good seat. I liked the third row because you were close enough for the prof to know your face but not too close for him to ask you questions.

“Excuse me?” I heard a voice coming from next to Shawn. I glanced over and saw the girl in the row up from us leaning over the seats, her long hair falling near Shawn and she pushed it back behind one ear. “I wasn’t here last class, do you think I could get a picture of your notes?”

My eyes narrowed automatically. First, most of the power points were online, you could sufficiently catch up by just reading them alone and supplementing with the textbook, second why didn’t she ask the people next to her and third, why was her smile so fucking big?

“Oh yeah for sure, but my writing is terrible? Maybe you might want to ask someone else?”  Shawn answered

Yeah, maybe you should ask someone fucking else.

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haikyuuliberos  asked:

i know i just messaged you but can i humbly request OtaYuri and their daughter is going on out her first date and the parents READY TO SQUARE UP

Jillian I’ve been thinking about this a lot okay

Katya was just sixteen years old when she was asked out for the first time. She knew that she had no choice but to tell her fathers but oh, was she dreading it.

She chose the smart route and went to her Papa first. Otabek was grading papers in their study, glasses pushed up his nose. After he retired from skating he had gone back to school in order to become a teacher. Yuri supported him fully of course, in exchange for Otabek supporting him becoming a model when he retired five years later at twenty-eight years old.

“Papa?” Katya approached him with a knock on the door. She was the spitting image of Otabek, with thick dark hair and eyebrows, but she had fair features just like Yuri.

Otabek looked up, fringe falling into his eyes. He still had the same hair he had all those years ago, but little spots of gray were starting to grow in. It was most likely from having to deal with Yuri all these years, and their two children.

“What’s up, princessa?” The nickname had stuck even after all these years and it always brought a smile to Katya’s face.

“Um, well.” She traced figure-eights onto Otabek’s desk. “Mikhail, from my class, asked me to hang out with him this weekend. Is that okay?” She bit her lip and looked at him with the most innocent look she could muster.

Otabek blinked for a moment and took off his glasses with a sigh. “What would you guys be doing?”

Katya blinked. He had just invited her over to his house but she knew he wouldn’t let her go if she said that. “We were going to get a bite to eat.”

They stared at each other for a moment, Otabek’s dark eyes narrowing a bit in thought. Then he shrugged and put his glasses back on. “As long as you aren’t out too late.”

Katya perked up and beamed at him, coming around the desk to throw her arms tightly around his shoulders. “Thank you Papa! Love you.” She kissed his temple and then skipped off, almost knocking into her younger brother Nikolai. He was named after Yuri’s late grandfather yet he was Yuri’s spitting image.

Everything was fine after that except for one small detail.

Otabek and Katya failed to mention the date that Katya was going on to Yuri.

Katya was almost able to slip out the door too until Nikolai called. “Where are you going Katya?”

Katya turned around and glared at her younger brother, who was grinning at her sweetly. Nikolai was five years younger than Katya, having been born right after Yuri’s last season. 

“Shut up Nikolai.” She hissed at him. 

Nikolai’s grin didn’t let up but only grew wider when Yuri padded into the room, raising his eyebrow at her. “You’re going out?”

“Um, yeah.”

“With who?” Yuri asked curiously.

Katya mumbled the name and then said louder: “Mikhail.”

Yuri’s face fell. “You’re going out with a boy?”


“Beka!” Yuri screeched and both Katya and Nikolai flinched. This couldn’t be good.

Despite what everybody would have thought, Yuri was not a laid-back parent. He was very hands on and he was a bit of a worry wart. He was also very strict. Otabek was the more laid back one, letting his children get away with anything as long as there was a good reason. Yuri would freak out over every little thing.

Otabek entered the room then, running his fingers through his hair. “Yes, dear?” He teased.

“Did you know about this?” Yuri asked, motioning to their daughter.

Otabek’s eyebrow rose. “About what?” 

“She’s going on a date.”

“Oh. Yes.”

Yuri gaped. “And you let her go?!”

“Yura, she’s sixteen-”

“Don’t you remember what we were like when we were sixteen?”

“Well, you were a punk who hated everybody and went out of his way to piss people off. And you rebelled. I was well-behaved.” 

Yuri grit his teeth. “Yeah. Exactly. She’s not allowed to go.”

“Dad!” Katya protested.

Yuri turned back to him. “Absolutely not. All teenage boys are the same and I’m not going to let my daughter be taken advantage of!”

“It’s not like we’re going to have sex, we’re getting food and then going back to his house.” Katya exclaimed.

Otabek sighed and muttered to himself. “Oh no-”

“You bet your ass you’re not going to have sex you’re not going!” Yuri yelled.

Katya glared at him. “That’s not fair! You just don’t want to admit that I’m growing up! I’m not six anymore, I’m sixteen and I can do what I want! You can’t control me forever!”

“I’ll damn well try! Ekaterina Altin, you will go to your room.”

“No! I’m going out! Mikhail is already here.” Father and daughter glared each other down with identical pairs of eyes, jade green staring down jade green. And then Katya defied him, grabbing her jacket and storming out the door.

Yuri was ready to go after her but Otabek grabbed him around the waist, holding him back. 

“Beka!” Yuri looked at him incredulously.

“Just let her go and deal with her later.” Otabek said calmly. “It’s like when you went to Japan.”

Yuri’s eyes went comically wide. “This is nothing like when I went to Japan! This is WORSE!”

Otabek just hugged him close and tried to get him to calm down. Their daughter was right; Yuri was just afraid of her growing up. Otabek stroked Yuri’s hair, which fell halfway down his back still, until Yuri’s breathing returned to a normal pace. He would never admit that Otabek was right.

“Papa? Dad?” Nikolai asked from the couch.

Yuri and Otabek turned their heads to give him their attention. At least they had one obedient kid.

“What’s sex?” Nikolai asked.

Otabek and Yuri looked at each other. Shit.

More Otayuri parents!

Til the End Draws Near-- Part V

Originally posted by olivergifs

read part I // part II // part III // part IV


Read on AO3


Oliver dismounted from his bike, picking up a discarded pop can threw it against the wall. He was so angry he picked up another one, and another. The actions were repeated, each smack of the can hitting brick harder than the last one. 

Oliver swore. 

He could hear Diggle and Lyla arguing on the comms, catching bits of their heated conversation. Diggle was doing a fine job of expressing how Oliver felt–betrayed and disappointed. But unlike John, this didn’t come as a surprise. Of course Lyla would do something like this. Oliver just blamed himself that he didn’t suspect it sooner. He’d’ve stopped Felicity. 

He let himself spiral, let himself feel the anger, the worry, the desperation. They were losing time, they were no closer to Felicity, and they had no leads cause Lyla burned them all. 

Finally, he’d had enough.”Stop!” Birds on the fire escape above him flutter away from his shout.  “Both of you. This isn’t helping us save Felicity, which is our priority right now! You two can hash this out later!”

Oliver pressed his lips together. Just as he opened his mouth to issue orders, he heard his phone sound. And not a usual pop or ding. It sounded like an emergency alarm. The whoop sounded low, slid up the scale, and pierced a whistle. His phone did this twice. 

He fumbled pulling it out. but saw one large word covering his entire screen. 



“Why–” He heard a rolling chair in the background. 

“Just DO IT!” Two seconds later, after frantic typing, he heard a good sound. 

“Oh that brilliant girl.” 

Knowing Felicity, he straddled his bike, purring to life after securing his phone in a gps position. 

“Tell me where she is, Curtis!” 

“oh but this is so smart! She rerouted the signal using a bimetric process–”

“I don’t care about the semantics! GET ME HER LOCATION.” Oliver roared.

“Pennytown. I think. We’re still triangulating her position.” 

Pennytown was north of his location. Rosewood Avenue would be the fasted route. It was straight, had few stop signs, and low traffic. The only downside was the speed limit– which he broke on a daily limit. 

Pushing the bike to it’s limit, he flew down the street, weaving around cars crossing intersections, and narrowly missing a pedestrian. 

“Watch out!” The poor student yelled, shaking his fist. Oliver ignored him, barely seeing the road as it was. He had Felicity in his mind’s eye, tied to a computer, simpering in pain. She needed him, now. 

 “Turn left! I said LEFT!” Curtis yelled in his ear. “Finally narrowed down. She’s in one of three buildings on Pine and 67th. That’s all I got.”

Oliver barely acknowledge him with a grunt. He revved his bike faster. 

“Oliver,” Diggle spoke, “I have Dinah on route to your location. She’s about 2 minutes behind you, coming from the precinct.”

“Rene find anything yet? I don’t like going in blind.”  

“Not yet, Hoss. I’ll let you know.” 

The corner in question came in view. Not in the Green Arrow suit, Oliver pulled out a balaclava, rolling it down his face before tugging up the hood on his sweatshirt. 

He was going in there without any protection. No Kevlar, no leather to protect him. Just cotton. He hesitated, hearing John’s words repeating themselves. 

You’re no good to her dead!

“John,” he whispered, hating the anxious note. “Is Dinah bringing an extra vest?”

It was Dinah who answered. “I grabbed your spare suit from your office, Boss. Just in case you changed you mind. But I have an extra vest, sure.” 

Oliver parked his bike, waiting. Two minutes wouldn’t change anything. He could wait for Dinah, save Felicity and not die trying. He was no good to her dead. 

Things could change drastically in two minutes though. A little voice whispered. Felicity could bleed out in two minutes. A bomb could go off in two minutes. You could get shot standing on the street in two minutes. 

He shook off such thoughts. He didn’t deserve the suit, didn’t know why Dinah thought that was a good idea. He wanted to rush in there, arrows flying, throwing punches, but that was the monster, the rage within. The monster couldn’t help Felicity. Only he could. By being Oliver Queen, he could. 

“ What you’re feeling isn’t darkness. It’s a schism. You’re at war with two sides of yourself.” 

Felicity’s words of last year came back to him. He was fighting a war. And how do you end wars? Sign a peace treaty. Compromise. 

This is what she’d been trying to tell him all along. What he’d been failing to do the last five years. He was the monster and the man. He couldn’t take one out of the other and trying to do so, was how he created this whole situation. 

“The light and the dark.” Shado, a voice from the past. 

He couldn’t be either Oliver Queen or the Green Arrow. 

They were one and the same. Defining them by themselves had him split in two. 

I hate how you refer to yourself in third person.” Diggle this time. 

Running away to Ivy Town with Felicity he’d chosen Oliver Queen. Lying to Felicity he’d chosen the monster. Back and forth he’d chosen one over the other. But what if… what if he stopped doing that?

And chose both. 

Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. The Green Arrow is Oliver Queen. There is no one or the other.

Such an epiphany left Oliver feeling light, hopeful. Like he could handle anything life threw at him right now. 

that crashed as soon as Dinah pulled up next to him. “Here boss,” she passed him a vest. 

No. The suit please.”

Thought you might want it.” 

Just as he reached over to take it, Rene spoke through the comms. “Found something, Oliver. But I don’t think you’ll like it. I found out who took Felicity, but it’s not who you think. “

to be continued… 

Just Pretend

Summary: “We make Jungkook jealous, we make him wish that he was with you all the time.” Taehyung says, “we make you look so incredibly fun, so ridiculously unforgettable, that it feels like the world doesn’t spin without you in it. It’s easy.” 

“You’re insane. See this is why we’ve never spoken before.” You say, half inclined to get up and leave now before Taehyung continues with his idea. But, your interest again, is bigger than you. “Wait, what would you even get from that?” 

“It would uh—-” he begins.

“It would what?” You say, leaning in closer, close enough for him to whisper it to you. 

“Oooh, Taehyung has a little crush on someone too, does he?” You tease.

That’s right, you fancied Jeon Jungkook, but you’re not alone in the world of unrequited love, and it just so happens that making people jealous often makes them fall for you. But what happens when you really make the perfect fake match?

Genre: Kim Taehyung Fluff, Angst and super mild smut suggestiveness

Words: 10.6K (10,662 words)

Originally posted by bwipsul

a/n: so it was a spur of the moment decision to write this fic, but the words college au and fake dating just seemed so perfect together that i couldn’t resist. i hope this mends any broken hearts and maybe breaks a few with the angst. lots of love, mo.

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“The captain looks bad,” he said. “What did he try to do to poor little you?”
“Patronize me,” said Polly, glaring at Maladict.
“Ah.” said the vampire.
—  the absolute best part of Monstrous Regiment, by Terry Pratchett.

cmmdrsnow  asked:

Jonsa + 7

accidental baby acquisition.

it’s magic and stuff!~

They find the baby in the godswood.

It is, truth be told, kind of creepy. Not the baby. Well – okay, if Sansa is being honest, the baby is a little creepy, if only because the baby is perfect. Bright green eyes, a head of a soft golden curls, and plump rosy cheeks and chubby little arms and legs and toes.

No, the creepy factor is that they found the baby in a weirwood-woven basket, sleeping peacefully on a bed of fresh moss under the watchful, weeping eyes of the heart tree.

“And it was wearing a crown,” Arya says, arms crossed fitfully over her chest. “You need to stop forgetting to mention the damned crown.

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The reader works at the DEO and her and Kara are dating. The reader knows her gf is Supergirl and much to their disappointment, they can't act like a couple at work, in order to protect Kara's identity. Of course this is extremely hard for them bc when they're together there's a crazy amount of sexual tension, and all they want to do is touch each other. So, they sneak off to make out in another room and just when things are getting heated Alex walks in on them.

You’d known Kara since before she was Supergirl, it never bothered you either, unless you were at work. At work you can’t touch her for more than a second because it looks unprofessional, you can’t hug her and kiss her when she comes back from a mission, you can’t be a couple. The only thing you two can be at work is colleagues, nothing more than that, at least in front of the other agents that is.

You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t been a bit turned on by Kara in her suit, in that short of a skirt, in those tights. Yeah, you totally, maybe, sorta kinda, perhaps had a suit kink. You liked the body underneath it though too, Kara knows that. Kara also knows that look you’ve given her countless times across the DEO briefing room, during a meeting, or even just when J’onn pulls the team aside personally.

Kara puts her phone in her boot when she’s in uniform, which to you is not the smartest idea since it’s obviously there, but there’s no outline of it when you’re both walking to the meeting area J’onn assigned for today’s mission walk through. It wasn’t a mission big enough to involve the whole squad, just you, Maggie, Winn, and Alex. You’re wondering where on earth she put it until it beeps and Kara looks down at her chest, which unfortunately you’re also staring at when she glances back at you.

“Your heartbeat picked up, I wondered why, but now I know you’re clearly insatiable,” she groans, walking ahead of you so she doesn’t pin you to the wall right then.

“No, I was wondering why you put your phone there-,” you interject as you rush up to meet her. Kara stops and spins around, you know she isn’t mad but the sudden movement still catches you off guard. She holds you steady so you don’t fall over, her eyes are concerned she’s done something. You take her hands and laugh.

“So the boot wasn’t working I guess?” you joke, her eyebrows furrow and she’s fighting a smile from tugging at the corners of her mouth. She rolls her eyes and shoves you into the meeting room, promptly closing the door behind her. You look at her playfully, unable to get a word out before her lips are on yours.

“You know what also isn’t working?” Kara asks, tugging at your DEO polo, “you being in clothes.”

“Oh so that’s how it’s going to go- Kara,” she cuts off your smart assed comment by moving her lips to your neck. She’s biting and sucking, she’s intent on marking you before the mission, which would be hot and all but even though the room is under the DEO there’s still glass surrounding you both.

“Glass- Kara- people,” you stutter out as she glides her tongue along your pulse point. She shoves you harshly into the table, your back is probably bruised from it, her thumbs dig into the soft skin near your hips. 

“Let them watch,” she growls into your ear, “let them know that you’re mine to fuck and some stupid DEO rules arent going to stop me from touching you.” You shake in your skin and debate on asking the next question, it comes out in a shaky voice all the same.

“How, how would you touch me?”

Her eyes glint from the fluorescent lights above you, her smile is crooked, bearing her teeth in an animalstic nature. She sneaks her hand under your pants, since your tactical belt is still on there’s somewhat of a resistance, but the roughness in which she’s guiding her hand to your center is a more intense feeling. You throw your head back, it hits the glass with a loud thud but again, you’re not concentrating on that. Kara’s lips are back on yours and you’re smiling into her kisses, she’s intent on getting you off before this mission, you couldn’t be more satisfied.

“I don’t think the other agents are going to like how tired you are after I fuck you-”

There’s a shriek and it doesn’t come from either one of you, you glance at the door that you’re pretty sure Kara locked? Oh, apparently not because there’s Alex, a very shaken up, red-faced Alex.

“You! You did- that! In here? In this mission room? This room is for missions!” she exclaims, using frantic arm movements, gesturing to the room and to you two.

“Well I was on a mission,” Kara mumbles, nipping at your bottom lip. You purr in response, encouraging Kara to continue but Alex isn’t having it.

“Stop, you’re both so gross. I can’t believe-”

“Believe what babe? Oh hey Danvers Jr., Y/N,” Maggie smiles and waves before returning to Alex’s statement. You offer a weak wave in response, Kara continues to glare at Alex. Alex whispers something to Maggie, causing her to grin.

“How do you expect us to not touch each other when you guys are too slow to get here on time?” Kara blurts out, she must’ve used her super hearing.

“She has a point Alex, it’s not like we haven’t done the same thing-”


“Hypocrite!” Kara yells.

“Spare time abuser!” Alex yells back.

You laugh at her response because it isn’t a very good one. 

“That’s Barry, Alex.” Winn says, stepping into the room and between the two sisters.

“Where’s J’onn at?” you ask.

“Wishing I didn’t hear anything any of you all said in the past fifteen minutes.”

Living My Life

Wrote this while I was listening to “Cancer” by Twenty One Pilots. I suck at summaries so I’ll just let you guys read this for yourself. Enjoy :D


You felt weak, tired, and ready. You knew for a while this couldn’t be fixed and the only regret was not telling Newt earlier. Newt, your too-kind-for-the-world, creature loving, pure hearted, awkward-but-so-knowledgeable, amazingly beautiful best friend and boyfriend. Together since you met on the train to a new beginning at Hogwarts and the magical world and now it was the end of your little but amazing adventure. You felt weak and tired. You wished you weren’t such a coward to wait until a month before the fated date to tell him about the monster growing in your body. This parasite was tearing you from this precious boy’s side and you couldn’t stop it. No one could, no Muggle doctor or Wizard. You were dying and you felt weak.

“Y/n? Is it hurting? Do you need water?” The fiery haired boy next to you franticly looked around for whatever he thought you needed and you couldn’t help the smile curling your thinning lips.

Grabbing his hands still, you stare into his bright hazel eyes, never tired of the vast colors clouded by well hidden distress, sadness, and fear. “I’m fine, Newt.” Your throat was constantly scratchy and it took a lot to even talk, a sign your body was losing the fight. He nodded and just stared at you like you were his whole world, something he couldn’t live without. But he would have to. “Newt, promise me you won’t shut yourself away from the world. Don’t stop living because of me. Promise me, sweetheart.”

He shook his head like he didn’t want to hear her words. “I c-can’t do th-that, Y/n.”

“Please, Newt. I love you and you have made my life so bright. Find someone you can love just as we loved each other, find someone who will bring color into your life just as you did to me.” You begged him in low whispers and you felt so tired.

“You brought color into my life, Y/n. I’ll never find someone like you.”

Your shaking thin hand reaches up and cards through his ever soft and fluffy mess of hair, smiling painfully as he immediately closes his eyes and curls closer to your cold hands, kissing your palm with trembling breaths. “You will, Newt. Because you are kind, wonderful, and stunning in every way.”

“I d-don’t w-want to. P-please.” The tears rolling down his cheek broke your heart but you felt the end coming closer and closer.

“I love you, Newt. Be happy. For me. Promise me that, Newt. Don’t stop yourself from loving. Keep living. Promise me.” You insist when the nurse comes for the end of visiting hours.

You could see the discord in his heart but he nods, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I love you, Y/n. I promise I’ll keep living even when you–” he choked back a sob, words failing him.

Bringing him into a hug, you relish in the last bit of heat you can gather from the boy who stole your heart. There was a feeling in your chest that would be the last you would gain. “You’ll be fine, Newt. I believe in you and I love you. Now go before the Headmaster comes and drags you out.”

“I love you. I love you. I love you” he mumbled into your forehead before leaving, not taking his eyes off of you until the door shut.

“Who is she?” Newt looked up from sorting the nuts at Queenie’s voice. Her voice always seemed like light glistening bubbles like how she sounded when she–he cut that thought off before he could dive into something he tried to avoid.


“The girl in the picture.” his eyes gravitated to the picture frame in her delicate hands but his eyes didn’t see the young lady in the front but something hidden deeper.

“No one.” He forced his mind not to think of the one who took the color from his world.

“Leta Lestrange?” He paused at her name. The woman used the bleeding hole in his heart to her advantage, weaseling herself past his already crumbled defenses for her own purposes. It wasn’t until she almost took away the last remaining sign that she was really a part of his life and he was expelled for ‘releasing a magical beast and endangering students’. “I heard of that family. Are they a little–” Newt glanced up at the unsure shrug but glad she didn’t get past his deepest barriers.

“Please stop reading my mind.”

“Oh, sorry.” He could hear her walking closer and the prodding in his mind.

“Please stop it.” He slightly slammed the nuts into the bowl with slight frustration.

“I can’t help it.” He sighed a bit because he knew she couldn’t help it. She was like that as well, always leaning against him for attention even when she swore she didn’t do anything of the sort. “It seems like a really close relationship you had with her.”

“We were both different from everyone else.”

“That’s sweet. Does she still like books?” Of all the things she commented on, it was the only thing he really appreciated.

But she still used him and he let her. “I’m not really sure what she likes anymore.”

“She was a taker.” And didn’t he know it. “You need a giver.” He paused and he could only think one thing, a thought he couldn’t hide. I lost my giver. He couldn’t bear the weight of the stunned empathetic broken heart in her eyes and he went back to his task.

“What are you guys talking about?” Tina, oh Tina. Ambitious, smart, caring Tina. Maybe this was what she was telling him the day his heart broke but he was so afraid.


“School.” Queenie saved with her casual white lie. He let the change in subject take his mind but his heart still reached for someone who was no longer there.

Looking up at the towering castle, a solemn smile on his face as he remembered all little happenings in his adventure here. Walking through the empty halls, he could practically feel her next to him, hear her babbling about a story she just dreamed of or a scene only she could see. “This was a bad idea.” He whispered to no one as he could feel his healing heart threatening to crack with every step. He really wanted everything to work out with Tina but he was scared. “I shouldn’t be here.”

“Newt?” He thought he was delusional, denying the voice he knew by heart, the sound of his name just the way he imagined he would hear forever. “Newt, please don’t cry, sweetheart.” He felt a chill against his cheek, making him shiver and finally look up.

There floating slightly above him was the young girl he wanted his whole life with, the young girl who have him the will to live. “Y/n?” His voice cracked with the name he hadn’t muttered in years, the name he cried for the night its owner was lost. She looked exactly the same as she was before she told him the news. Her hair in soft curls, her soft features crinkled in worry and concern, her cute button nose scrunched up as she grew frustrated and sad by his tears.

“Please, sweetheart. If you keep crying, I’ll cry and I don’t even know if ghosts can cry.” That was the only thing reminding him of what he lost, what he couldn’t hold onto. Her body was transparent and floated through the air. “I can’t even get rid of yours.”

“You’re here.” He whispered, he didn’t notice someone walking quietly from the corridor to his left.

“I’m here, love. I’m here.” And that smile that shined with a million stars never failed to make him smile, even through his tears. The smile he loved so dearly. But when he reached out to brush that strand of hair falling over her perfect face, his heart sank as he just phased through. “Oh, sweetheart. It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.”

“How? I lost the one who gave me color and I don’t know what to do.” He whispered not knowing he was breaking someone’s heart.

“But you do. Whether if I was still alive or a ghost or completely wiped from the fae of the Earth, I’m always with you, sweetheart. You aren’t alone and you never were.”

“But why now? Why weren’t you there to tell me how stupid I was? Why weren’t you there to tell me what to do when I lost the one thing I really had of you?” He begged her for answers. He couldn’t do this anymore.

“You need to learn to live without me, sweetheart.” She said her words like it was a truth she never wanted to tell him. “I knew for 8 months I wouldn’t have long to live, that I couldn’t grow old with you and watch you become the greatest magizoologist the world has ever known. But I was afraid. Afraid of the truth of the situation. But that last month, I regret my fear, my mistake of not telling you sooner. I learned that it would’ve been better to know and live then let negatively rule my life. If I was there, you would’ve never branched out. You would’ve never parted from my side and shut you in. I couldn’t let you do that.” The chill running through his hair reminded him of the night he lost her, the last time he saw her sweet smile. “And now look at you, writing a magnificent book, running around the world learning about something you love, and a wonderful women to support you when I couldn’t. You’ve grown so much in ways I can’t help but be proud of.”

“And what of you? The life you couldn’t live?”

“You’re living it for me, aren’t you?” And then he realized just how much weight he kept on his heart. “Because you’re happy, I’m happy. Because you live, I live.” Somehow even after death, she knew how to brush his worries and distress away. “I loved you and I still do and honestly I don’t think I’ll stop. But you aren’t limited. You are more than those years we had and I’m so proud of what you became. Don’t ever forget that.”

“I–I miss you.” He confessed, the woman hiding to the side finally understanding his reluctance. His heart was always on someone not miles away but a whole life away. Someone who he couldn’t follow.

“I miss you too, sweetheart. But remember I love you.”

It sounded like the first ending and he felt his light heart clench with fear. “Please, don’t leave me again.”

“I know, love. But I finally got to see how you grew.”


“You’ll be fine, sweetheart. She’ll take care of you. Everything will be fine and maybe one day we’ll see each other again.” He watched with tears and devastation as he loses his love once again.


“She was my first love, the one who taught me what love was. I–my heart–she had terminal cancer and no one could fix her and I lost her. And now I lost her again.”

“But she still is with you no matter what. Whether it is in your heart or memories, she is still here with you.” And for once, he believed he could be better. That he could take that first step to creating his own colors.

listen not to be That Guy but i honestly do not understand why they put in so many coming out imagery and ambiguous sexuality quips if kara danvers is straight

Could Never Be (Newt Scamander X Reader)

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Request by Anonymous: I just love your writing and was wondering if u could write another newt fanfic? One where the reader gets jealous of newt and she’s heartbroken. Lots of fluff? 😂

Word Count: 2,695

Warnings: Nothing really… I think.

I think I made it a little angsty, sorry.

A/N: The Nundu in the story is based on how it is described in the book, not how it is shown in the movie.

I’m not really that happy with this one but oh well


You were sitting in your train carriage on your way to Austria with Newt, who was currently fast asleep across from you. You were watching the scenery rush past outside the window. You and Newt had just been in Ukraine studying Ukrainian Iron Bellies, the last species of dragon you two had to research. You and Newt had decided to come to Austria to examine Nogtails, you could’ve gone anywhere in Europe to find them but Newt said that he had met someone here on one of his journeys so you two could stay with her instead of having to look for accommodations. It was really nice of the person to offer you her home, you were tired of sleeping on uncomfortable beds in cold lodgings. See, you and Newt hadn’t gotten much funding in Newt’s book project so you couldn’t really afford high quality lodgings.

You two had met through your jobs. You had a minor job in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and Newt had already started his travels and book. He had failed to turn in multiple progress reports and when questioned about it he said it had slipped his mind. You had later found out that he thought of it as a waste of time, he of course didn’t say this outright but you could tell. He didn’t want to spend his time writing reports when he could be finding more about the beasts he so loved. You didn’t know this at first though and was slightly sceptical about being assigned to him to keep him in check. You didn’t really want to have to look after someone who you thought was irresponsible and insubordinate. But you had grown close to this man over the months you two had spent together. You two had agreed that every month you would write to the Ministry your progress reports and in exchange Newt would teach you more about beasts. He was wary at first, letting you come with him on his dangerous adventures but soon found you to be an invaluable asset. Your affection only grew for him and you knew it wasn’t a platonic affection.

You turned your gaze to the sleeping man across from you, notebook and quill in hand. He had fallen asleep mid sentence in his finishing notes about Ukrainian Iron Bellies and you didn’t have the heart to wake him up. You took the moment to admire the handsome man, how the light from the window shone on his messy auburn hair and illuminated his many endearing freckles, how his dark lashes fluttered slightly as he dreamt. He looked much more vulnerable when he slept, normally his body language was more guarded and careful as he was used to it having to be so around beasts. His face revealed much more though, you found he was a very easy man to read, every emotion he felt would be clearly expressed on his face. If he was curious, happy, focused, uncomfortable, it would show.

You couldn’t help but feel the surge of affection you felt whenever you thought of him. You just felt so happy and almost blissful when he was with you. You could never express your feelings to him though, you didn’t want to scare him off and endanger your precious friendship with him. You knew he wasn’t looking for a relationship, he was focused on his work and creatures and adventures and love was just - just something that he didn’t think of. You tried to keep these thoughts away and suppress your feelings, you were happier that way, or so you thought.

Suddenly, the train jerked to a stop and Newt’s eyes snapped open, looking a little disoriented at first then his eyes landed on you and he smiled softly and looked down.

“Well, we’re here.” You said, standing up and stretching. You started to reach up for your bags in the upper compartment, you had to go on your toes to reach it. You felt Newt walk up behind you and reached over you. Your breath hitched in your throat at your closeness.

“Here, let me help.” He offered kindly, grabbing onto your bag. You looked up at him as he lowered your luggage and gazed down at you, smiling softly. You gave a little smile and a quiet ‘thank you’ as you took your bag from him. “So,” Newt started, opening the carriage doors, “shall we?” He asked, opening the doors for you. You took a deep breath, something you always did when visiting a new place. You used the time in that breath to clear your mind and relax yourself as you stepped into the new and unknown.

“We shall.” You said, stepping out of the carriage.


“Newt! Over here!” A voice shouted from the crowd of people at the train station. You looked around, quite pointlessly you realised as you didn’t know what the person looked like. Suddenly a woman was flinging herself onto Newt and enveloping him in a hug. You watched, stunned at how close Newt was to this woman. You suddenly realised, your heart dropping, that you and Newt had never hugged. Not even a friendly hug. You plastered a fake smile onto your face as the woman stepped back from Newt. She was beautiful. She had lustrous black hair, stunningly blue eyes, high cheek bones and angled features. She was also quite tall, you noticed, as you had to look up at her to meet her eyes.

“Y/N, this is Emilia. Emilia, this is Y/N.” Newt introduced you.

“Lovely to meet you.” She said politely, holding her hand out for you to shake. Though you could’ve sworn Newt told you she was Austrian, she spoke with a slight British accent.

“Likewise.” You said and shook her hand. “You have an impeccable English accent, are you part British?” You asked.

“Oh no. I’ve never been there actually. I just learnt English from a native speaker and I may have picked up the accent.” She said, shrugging.

“Emilia was the one who helped me rescue my Graphorns. Without her, Graphorns may well have been extinct.” He said, smiling at her, gratitude and admiration in his eyes. Had Newt ever looked at you like that?

“Oh please, Newt, I barely did anything.” She said, giggling. So she was smart, resourceful, modest, polite, beautiful and bilingual. You could feel your self esteem plummeting as the three of you walked through the station to her car. What were you compared to her? Just someone Newt kept around to do his paperwork?

No, you reminded yourself. You two were friends, close friends. Best friends? You didn’t know anymore, it was always somewhat blurry. You were pulled away from your thoughts as you felt Newt brush his knuckles against yours. You quickly looked up at him, your face already heating up from the light contact. He looked down at you worriedly, you must have been frowning unconsciously. You gave him a small smile and nodded your head slightly, you didn’t want to worry him. He smiled at you and brushed your knuckles again. The moment was gone too soon though and you felt yourself missing even the softest of touches he gave you.


It was feeding time for Newt’s creatures and you were waiting for him in the little cabin in his suitcase. You had come straight down after dinner, you didn’t think anyone really noticed that you had left anyway. All throughout dinner Emilia was talking to Newt, not letting you slip a word in. You were sure it wasn’t on purpose but you couldn’t help but feel unwanted. You just sat there as her and Newt exchanged stories and memories. You hated seeing how comfortable Newt was with her, he was talkative and was less shy and you felt your whole being clench in sadness as you stared down at your plate. Newt had of course tried to include you in the conversation but his attempts proved useless as you found you couldn’t relate to their stories. When Newt brought up plans on capturing the famously evasive Nogtail you hoped you would be able to contribute more but found yourself in silence again as she and Newt shared ideas.

You had restrained your tears as you stepped down into what was your home for so many months and spent time with the creatures you loved so much, braiding Dougal’s fur, playing a coin game with the Niffler and running around after the Mooncalves. But now it was feeding time, a time where it was just you, Newt and your beasts. Both you and Newt always made sure you’d be there to talk and feed the animals and just be in each other’s company without any other obligations. You were hoping Newt would come, even with Emilia. Apparently not.

You slowly climbed up the steps of the cabin and quietly lifted the lid of the case slightly so you could peer out of it. Newt and Emilia were still talking and laughing and looking at each other and breaking your heart. You slowly moved back down the steps and grabbed the buckets of food you had to distribute. You weren’t going to cry, you refused to. You were friends, nothing more. They were friends, maybe more. You wanted Newt to be happy, even if that meant your heart shattering, your stomach clenching, your eyes watering.

You slowly made your rounds, giving each creature some food and love until you finally reached the last enclosure, the Nundu. Arguably one of the most dangerous beasts and very rare. You had no idea how Newt had managed to capture the Nundu and get it trust him. Not only was he brave but kind too, something that animals could usually tell. You could just trust him. You threw the Nundu a slab of meat and watched the beautiful beast devour it swiftly.

You sat down on the soft grass as it walked over to you and flopped itself down, resting it’s head on your lap. It wasn’t often that the Nundu would be calm and relaxed around others but he could tell when someone was feeling bad and would try to make the person feel better if he was close to them. It was always an honour when the great beast allowed you to come near enough to it to stroke it calmly. You finally relaxed, loosening all your muscles and letting your face fall, all your sadness clear on your face. There was no one for you to hide it from in that moment and that is maybe what prompted you to unravel.

You let your sobs escape your lips and tears fall down your face. You scolded yourself for being so upset over a boy which just made you cry harder. You felt your entire being contract painfully in heartache. It wasn’t just about Emilia anymore, if it wasn’t her it would be the next girl. You knew it would never be you because he would never look at you like that. You would forever be held back by the boundaries of friendship, you would never know what it would be like to be close enough to him to share breath, close enough to count his many freckles, close enough to feel his whole body against yours. You would never know that feeling. You shut your eyes as tight as you could. The Nundu whimpered in sadness for you as it nuzzled closer.

You suddenly heard Newt’s voice say your name softly. You shook your head, trying to rid your mind of his kind voice. You heard the Nundu growl protectively and a quick shuffle of feet. The weight of the Nundu lifted off your lap. Your eyes snapped open to find the animal standing between you and Newt. You quickly wiped your tears away, trying to be inconspicuous. You stood up and placed your hand on the creature as it released another growl at Newt surprisingly.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s just your mummy.” You said to it. It didn’t stand down but it did let Newt come closer.

“Y/N,” Newt started, rushing towards you, “are you alright? Are you hurt?” He asked frantically, looking your body up and down and cradling your face to look into your eyes. You brushed him off and stepped back, surprising him slightly.

“I’m fine.” You mumbled, not meeting his eyes.

“Y/N, you’re not fine, you-“

“I’m fine.” You said, cutting him off. You didn’t know why you were being so aggressive. It was just easier you guess. It was better than crying in front of him.

“Y/N, please, talk to me.” He begged. You stayed silent as you stepped closer to the Nundu and began tracing it’s leopard like spots. You hoped your silence would prompt him to go away and let you cry in peace. “Is this about Emilia?” He asked quietly. Your gaze snapped to his in surprise. “Do you not like her?” He asked. You shook your head lightly, turning back to the Nundu who’s eyes were still fixed on Newt. “Then what is it?” He asked desperately. You took a shaky breath.

“I - I’m just used to - to being your girl.” You whispered. You heard him walk closer to you.

“What do you mean?” He asked quietly. You turned to face him and laughed, trying to put some humour in it but not really succeeding.

“It’s so silly. It’s nothing really.” You said lightheartedly. “I just -“ you sighed, your eyes watering “I just don’t like watching how you are around her. And it really is stupid because I know it’s selfish and I know you don’t belong to me and that you won’t ever feel anything more than friendship towards me. And honestly I don’t blame you. I just want you to be happy and if that means me not being with you then -“ You were cut off by Newt enveloping you in a hug. Your first hug with him. You were too shocked to do anything. He had never had much physical contact with you before and you found you loved how you fit against him. You hugged him back, releasing a shaky breath, not knowing why he was hugging you.

“Please don’t finish that sentence.” He whispered into you hair. You were surprised at how much pain and emotion was in his voice. “I -” he hesitated “adore you.” Those weren’t exactly the three words you were hoping he’d say but you were relieved. So relieved that you could stay in his life. So relieved that you let out another sob, it was a confusing sob, a mix of happiness and sadness and jealousy.

“I love you.” You whispered against his chest. You felt him tense against you and you suddenly regretted saying that. You wanted to take it back but you couldn’t. Newt stepped back from you and looked right into your eyes. You couldn’t quite tell what he was feeling in his spring green eyes. He looked more shocked than anything, disbelieving actually. Suddenly he broke into the happiest grin you had ever seen on him.

“You love me.” He repeated giddily, a light blush gracing his features. You had made Newt Scamander, the beautiful, strange, caring man you loved, blush and you couldn’t be happier about it.

“I love you.”

“You love me.”

“I love you.” You said again, smiling uncontrollably.

“I love you too.” He said. Your eyes widened and you could’ve sworn your heart screamed in joy.

“You love me.” You repeated.

“I love you.”

“You love me.”

“I love you so much.” He said and enveloped you in another hug. You started crying tears of joy. You felt the Nundu brush up against you and Newt. You laughed and Newt grinned happily and brushed his hand against the soft fur of the beast.

“Don’t worry, we love you too.” You reassured the creature. You turned back to Newt as he brushed some stray tears from your face with his thumb and leaned his forehead on yours. You didn’t think you could be any happier.


Welp, there it is. Sorry that it isn’t so great. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Ugh I really don’t like this

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. \ (•◡•) /