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Hell on 6/30/17

Some bitch is complaining (to management or corporate idk yet) about me and my csm ®. Her complaint about me is that she was in line too long (she was in line for 30+ mins) because I was “talking and not ringing stuff up”. Yes I was talking, but it was the “how are you did you find everything” while I was ringing and an occasional nonwork related/non work mandated topic while cards/checks went through. If management tries to coach me or pull me in the office, I’ll flat out tell them 1. I did not wait on that lady. I called R over and had him take over for me (I’ll get to why later) 2. I said two things to her total. 1st, when I turned my light out cuz it was almost time for me to leave I told her “you’re still ok to stay” and second when I signed off and let R take over I said “I’m gonna leave you with him” *retail smile TM* apparently that last was rude though…second I’ll tell them pull footage and my reciepts, pretty much EVERY person ahead of her ran at least one WIC check, most ran more than one, and some other bitch (who was fucking NICE compared to this twatwaffle and her husband) ran 6 to 8 WIC checks. The people in front of her, while they didn’t have WIC did have 5 seperate orders, which combined put over $800 in $20s in my drawer. So that’s where the wait came from, not me being slow. Also the check reader was acting up every other check too so technical difficulties. But the order right before her asked how much we make starting out ($9/hr then up to 10 once the theoretical/online training is done) and this bitch scoffs and her husband fucking says that “they make too much. They should make $6 since they’re so slow and don’t know what they’re doing” so I spammed the code to get a csm over right before I finished their order. And I looked at R when he walked up and said “you need to get me off here NOW like before the next customer now” but I said it in a whisper so I KNOW this bitch didn’t hear it. So I finished the order I was on and he took over for me as soon as I was done with them. I still don’t know what her complaint about him will be (probably that he told her I’m SUPPOSED to ask people how they are and if they found everything ok) but after I clocked out (like 5mins later) I went up and found R and apologized for leaving him with that bitch and her husband.

Now for the lady that seemed nice by comparison, she had what had to be her entire months WIC checks (why use em on the last day of the month, instead of throughout, idk) but I didn’t notice the grain on the first check (my bad but easy fix. Csm (F) said ring the bread and cash it out then reprint and leave a note for cash office so I did) then her fruit/veggie checks kept going over the total allowed and once we add a partial amount (with customer paying the difference) our system doesn’t allow another item to be scanned so she didn’t get the second bunch of bananas because “I’ve held up the next lady enough” this one is also the one that had 3 checks that wouldn’t go through until we ran them manually. And she complained that we couldn’t just ring all the items then run the WIC checks like the do that (Really Large Patriotic Bird) but between you and me, their location in my town will lose its WIC license the first time a WIC secret shopper goes through because they break the rules constantly. So she’s going there for WIC from now on (yay!!) But karma’s a bitch too cuz she forgot her peppers.

Oh yea, I’m not even a cashier, I’m a Sales floor associate. I spent a total 3 minutes in my own department all day today because I spent the first half in shoes, helping them put out freight because they got their back to school mod already all at once. I took my hour lunch then went to help sporting goods cuz they had a long line (hunting licenses, only one machine, takes 5 to 10 mins to make a license and he was on hold with pa game commission trying to resolve issues) then I had to cover his lunch and didn’t get to leave the counter. Then I wound up on hold with the game commission. Then I was mixing paint in hardware after SG guy came back. Then my last break. Then I was on register the rest of the night and the stuff above happened.

On a worse for coworkers/good for me note, starting on 7/17 we will no longer be price matching (idk if it’s company, tramlaW backwards btw, wide or just a test in my store or permanent in my store) that’s the part that’s worse for my coworkers. The good part for me is I go on vacation on the 18th so I’ll be on vacation the entire first week we no longer price match.

So Far

Pairing: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 711

Warnings: ANGST!!

Anon asked “Can you write a Sebastian x reader imagine where the reader goes to surprise Seb in Atlanta for filming and she waits in his trailer and he walks into his trailer and is kissing his costar or something like that??? I don’t condone cheating and I think anybody who does it is so low but I’ve been having that in my head all day and I love your writing.”

A/N: YAY my first request you guys. Let me know how it was pwetty pwease.

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YAY I’m finally back on this blog! Been busy-ish lately, but today I took the day off, and NOBODY ELSE IS HOME.  I have the house to myself and it is the best thing ever.  

I am bopping back and forth between here and my 900 other blogs to hit up asks and drafts, and getting some massive fall cleaning done.  It is so much easier to get shit done without the two packrats I live with going “oh don’t throw that out, I’m saving it!”   

Coal Coloured Curls (Pearlet) by Kiwi and the Cub

Disclaimer: We may have gotten some facts wrong and we’re really sorry if we did. We tried very hard to make this realistic but we realise it’s not quite.

A/N: This was written over three days over skype, really. Cub was showing me a damn Lana Del Rey lyric booklet and I pointed one out and this was born. You’ll be able to tell which parts were written during the night through the obvious mood drops, but we hope you enjoy anyway. 5.8k words. Thanks to Cheshire for reading through before it was posted!

T/W: Self hate and it’s kind of graphic? If you cried reading the Powerpuff Boys…this will hopefully make you sadder.

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Make A Wish, Birthday Girl

Requested by Anonymous whose birthday was yesterday. Hope you like it! Happy birthday!
Written spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Character: Sam

Reader gender: female

Warnings: smut, loss of virginity, cussing, fluffy fluff

“Happy birthday, beautiful.” Sam poked your side, making you squeal a little.

“Morning, baby. Thank you.” You smiled groggily up at him, peeling your eyes open to see a nice breakfast on your side table, even a cupcake with one lit candle in it. “Aww, SAMMY! You didn’t have to do all this!”

“I would do anything for the birthday girl. Especially since we’ve been dating for three months today.” Sam smiled down at you, handing you the cupcake. “Make a wish, birthday girl.”

You took the cupcake, squeezed your eyes shut, and blew it out.

“Yay!” Sam cheered.

“Thanks, baby. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” He leaned down and kissed your nose. He set his forehead against yours, “So… What was your wish?”

“Now, Sam, you should know that if I say it out loud, it won’t come true.”

Sam sighed, “Oh that’s a load of-“

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Dean stormed into the room with a horribly wrapped gift box.

“Hey! Thanks Dean. Whatcha got there?”

“Oh a little something for the birthday kid.”

“Oh really? Gimme.” You stretched out your arms, fingers curling and uncurling to grasp at it. When it came into your hands you quickly pulled it into your lap. “Can I open it right now?” You looked up at Dean.

“Uh… Sure.” He smiled.

You unwrapped the box semi slowly, trying not to look too excited. Once you got the paper off, all that was left was a cardboard box, you lifted off the lid to see pink tissue paper.

“I swear Dean, if there’s just paper in here…” You laughed and gave him a quick look before continuing. You took a clump of paper off the top and finally saw the ‘gift’. A vibrator. Holy shit. Dean got you a vibrator.

“JESUS CHRIST, DEAN.” You shot him a dangerous glare.

“What?!” He threw his hands up in the air, leaning back and laughing.

Sam was leaning over the box when you opened it, and you looked up at him, not sure whether he was about to laugh or murder Dean.

“Oh my god.” He sighed, running his hands over his face. “Dean, you’re an idiot.”

“Bitch.” Dean said to Sam and then turned to leave.

“Jerk!” You and Sam called after him at the same time. He laughed as he walked down the hallway.

“Well if it’s here… You might as well use it.” Sam laughed.

Your face turned red as you closed the box again, setting it to your side. “This is making me uncomfortable.” You groaned as you covered your face with the blanket and curled up.

“You know I’m joking. Dean’s such a dumbass. You know that. Don’t sweat it.”

You just curled up tighter and groaned into your pillow.

“Hey, what’s the big deal over- wait, have you ever…?”

Your eyes flew open, then you peeked up from to covers to look at him. You shook your head. “I’m a virgin, Sam.”

“Oh. I didn’t-”

“I know I probably should’ve told you. I mean, it’s not that I don’t want to… I’ve just never really been that close to someone. Except- except you.” You watched him carefully as you finished your sentence.

A small smile grew on his face. Not a mischievous or judging one, but an understanding one.

“You know what, we don’t have to talk about it if it makes you uncomfortable. Let’s talk about something else.” Sam rubbed your arm comfortingly.

“Okay… Um did you get me a present?” You said in your cutest voice and smiled.

“Well, SOMEONE wouldn’t tell me what they wanted.” He laughed and kissed your cheek.

“Well is it too late?”

“Most certainly not.” Sam smiled.

You batted your eyelashes couple times before getting up the courage, “I want you, Sam. I- I want you to- to take my virginity.”

Sam’s hazel eyes opened a little wider, “Really?” He asked, not sure if you meant it.

You nodded. “Yes. I love you, Sam. And I can’t think of anyone better.”

“I love you.” Sam smiled lovingly.

You stood and tugged him towards you by his shirt. “I love you too.” When your lips met his, electricity surged through your body. The anticipation, the knowing, made just a simple kiss all that more exciting. He pulled your shirt over your head and growled animalistically when he saw that you wore no bra. You pulled his shirt awkwardly off of him as his lips attacked your neck. He laid you back on the bed and settled himself between your legs, above you. One arm supported him as he bent down and took a nipple into his mouth. His other hand pulled and tweaked at the other one.

“Fuck, SAM!” You whimpered as his mouth and hands switched places. Your hands were twisted in his hair, desperately trying to hold on to reality.

“Mmhm.” He moaned against your chest.

He moved his mouth down your stomach until reaching the top of your shorts. He buried his nose between your legs, breathing in.

“You smell amazing. I bet you taste even better.” His dirty words sent you into an orgasm, making your panties and shorts even wetter, now.

“Easy to please. I like that.” Sam groaned. “I didn’t even need to touch.”

“Sam- p- please!” You whined.

“You sound so pretty when you beg.” He growled while pulling down your soaking shorts and panties. When he pulled them off your feet he kissed up each of your legs slowly, making sure to place extra ones on your thighs. He pulled your legs over his shoulders and held your hips as his breathed ghosted over your wetness. His tongue swiped up through your core, eliciting a loud moan from deep inside you. His tongue worked at your clit while he pushed a finger slowly into you. There had never been anything there before and you weren’t sure what to think of it, until he started curling his finger against your gspot. Then you knew it felt fantastic. He had you close to falling off the edge again until, “Sam. Stop. I- fuck- I need you.”

“I’m here, baby.”

“You know what I mean. Goddammit Sam, it’s my birthday, don’t be a fucking tease.” You groaned.

“Eager, heh?” He smiled and came up to kiss your lips after licking his owns lips and finger.

You weren’t sure when, but he had taken off his boxers and his erection was standing at full attention. You were both coated in a thin layer of sweat and it got thicker as his warm body came over yours. He lined up and you felt him drag his tip through your core. You scratched your nails up his back as he pushed into you. A sting, a slight pain, then ecstasy. You screamed when he pushed in, never having felt anything like this before. You waited a moment to adjust and you started rolling your hips. He caught your rhythm and began thrusting in time with you. Slow and gentle became fast and rough in a matter of a couple minutes.

“Shit. Oh fuck. Sam I’m so- I’m close, baby. Ahh!” You whined into his shoulder.

“Me too.” He smiled against your neck.

With two more thrusts you were screaming as the most intense orgasm of your life washed over you, making your body shudder. Sam followed suit and it took almost ten minutes for the two of you to calm down. He laid down next to you and held you close.

“I love you.” You whispered.

“I love you too.”

“Wanna know what my wish was?” You looked up at him.

He nodded.

“That was my wish.” You kissed his chest.

“Was it worth it?” He whispered.

“Totally worth it.”


Hello! Yay! (And nay!) As I am home.


The weather in Toronto is scorching right now, so I took today (Monday) off to enjoy the lake a little longer, and despite being a frizzy (literally, see photo) hot (so sweaty in my apartment; no air con) mess (because oh goodness, I need to clean and do laundry!) I wanted to pop onto Tumblr to say I hadn’t forgotten about you, and…

I did really bad this week on Weight Watchers. I want to blame the fact there was hardly any phone signal up there so I couldn’t use the app (it took me about 2 hours to post each Insta photo! #dedication), but really I was just bad, and ate way too much, and said “fuck it” when I shouldn’t have, and now was/am frustrated at myself. 

*as the record player continues on in its continuous loop*

BUT. What’s done is done. Sadly. So I must face the music tomorrow morning, and move on. 

Tomorrow is Tuesday (my reset Weight Watchers day), so I’ll weigh myself, and once again set out to have a productive weight watchers week.

I’ll also try to log in (baha, as if I ever even sign out of Tumblr) to update this blog about the cottage, because it still frustrates me I didn’t blog about it properly last summer, and/or earlier this year, as I love capturing the memories.

And now… shower, emails, sleep! NIghty night.