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Requested: When you accidentally send the wrong member a nude?


A/N: fun fact, i used a picture of a puppy for these. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I hope you enjoyed these and thank you for your request!! Oh and before i forget, hit me up with your requests. I’m opening them fRIENDS!!

Here we are at what? My third attempt at playing Joel. I love this character so much and I think I kept leaving because I was insecure of my portrayal or my OC, Jake kept making Joel disappear. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I think I’ve finally found my niche with Joel here and I believe I know how to portray him well enough to keep him around. I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to talk to me ooc and rp with me to help make this blog great. Even the people who followed me over from Jake’s account even if you weren’t really familiar with his character. You are ALL so wonderful and I am honored to be surrounded by such amazing people. Note: these are not in any particular order just what I can come up with off the top of my head. If I forget anyone I apologize.

OH before I forget. Credit of the beautiful screencaps I used for this goes to @joelismyhero. Only just started following this personal but they are a beautiful human being from what I have seen.

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Requested by Anon #290

Y/N: Good morning Julian.
Julian: It would’ve been if you came in on time. It’s not the afternoon Y/N.
Y/N: I had to help…someone.
Julian: Y/N, I don’t care whatever you were doing. Just get to work on time.
Y/N: Yes sir, Julian sir! *laughs* Oh! Before I forget!
Julian: What is it now?
Y/N: Do you want to get lunch together?
Julian: Just do your…wait what?
Y/N: Well I realised we spend all day in here together everyday so we might as well get to know each other. So lunch?
Julian: Um…y..yeah..yeah sounds..grea..I mean good.
Y/N: Aw are you blushing Julian?
Juilian: What? No!
Y/N: You better watch yourself Julian people might start to think that you like me.
Julian: I talk to you like crap Y/N. I don’t like you.
Y/N: You know what I got told growing up? If a boy picks on you it probably means he likes you. Within reason obviously.
Julian: Wh..why would I like you?
Y/N: It’s okay Julian I know you like me so I won’t let anyone else know. It’ll be our little secret.
Barry: *walks in* What are you two talking about?
Julian: Nothing!
Y/N: *laughs* Julian was scolding me for being late.
Barry: *rolls his eyes* Julian give her a break.
Y/N: *winks at Julian*
Julian: *laughs to himself* She’s going to be the death of me.

Impala Dreamer

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Warnings: Overflowing fluff, insomnia mentions

Summary: It’s too short to need one lmao

A/N: Keep in mind I don’t suffer from insomnia so this is probably inaccurate. Feel free to correct me if anything is too fake okay? Oh and before I forget Merry Christmas (even if I’m a bit late) and Happy Holidays

Originally posted by abreaktocome

It had been a hell of a long day. The ghost hunt had gone wrong, getting you nearly killed. There were cuts and gashes all over your skin, and bruises had formed everywhere. You were entirely exhausted and you could barely move your sore limbs, to the point where all you wanted to do was sleep. But sleep was not coming.

Insomnia had always been a problem to you. Since your late teenage years, sleeping was probably one of the toughest parts of your days. Sometimes you could go without sleep for days. It could be adrenaline, fear, excitement, sadness or happiness, or even nothing at all that kept you awake. But it was so incredibly frustrating.

Tonight was one of those nights. Where you could not sleep, no matter how tired you were, both mentally and physically. The rumble of the impala along with “Night Moves” by Bob Seger were softly playing in the background. Your head was leaning against the window of the passenger seat as your eyes blinked tiredly. Street lights passed by occasionally, outlining the dashboard, and Dean and you for just a second or two.

Dean Winchester.

Two words with so much meaning.  Fourteen letters that held such a legacy, such burden and such story. Miles of tanned white skin that had endured uncountable pain. Green eyes that had seen sights that could never be unseen. A kind soul that had been through so much it was now damaged, but, still, the kindness and good remained.

His left hand rested on the steering wheel with his elbow on the door. His right hand sat on your knee and lower thigh, absent-mindedly drawing circles with his thumb. His captivating forest green eyes darted on the road, occasionally glancing at your slumping figure.

“Can’t sleep?” he asked. His voice was a bit rumbly, making him clear his throat lightly and wetting his lips with a swipe of his tongue. You hummed tiredly, rubbing your eyes like a child after a tiring day, and looked at him from between your lashes. You placed your hand over his and he turned his palm up to interlace his fingers with yours. He glanced at the road and then at you and smiled softly. “Come ‘ere, sweetheart” He tugged your hand and pulled your body towards him.

Knowing what he wanted you unlocked your hands,  curled your legs up and rested your head on his right thigh. He smiled again and thanked Chuck for the exicstence of bench seats. He placed his hand on your head and entangled his fingers with your hair. He thumbed your temple for a minute or two and then started running his fingertips through your locks. You hummed and wiggled around for a second to get more comfortable, before curling your arm against your chest and placing your right hand on his knee

“Thank you” you whimpered and he hushed you, still running his hand through your hair, occasionally stroking your cheek or grazing your forehead lovingly.

His musk had to be your favorite scent. The mix of leather, pine, faint whiskey, sweat and just him. You couldn’t get enough.

“Don’t worry. I got you. Sleep, baby” he whispered. You closed your eyes and focused on the movement of his hand, on his scent, on the rumble of the engine, on the sweet hum of the song playing. Your body relaxed and you slowly fell asleep.

Cancer & Leo
  • Cancer, calls out to Leo, fixing her hoodie: Hey!
  • Leo, turns around and smiles brightly at, runs a hand through his hair: Hey! Isn't that my hoodie? I would take it back from you, but you just look too adorable in it
  • Cancer, screaming on the inside as she hugs him:
  • Leo, spins her around while laughing, puts her down: Oh, before I forget- there is a kickback going on later on tonight, do you want to come with me?
  • Leo: I'll pick you up, don't worry. It will be like a date.
  • Cancer, screaming intensifies while Leo continues to ramble on about his plans for NYE:
  • Alicia: On a scale from 1-10 how drunk are you?
  • Elyza: [Mutters] Not drunk enough to kiss you.
  • Alicia: [Chuckles] I think you're mistaking liquid poison from liquid courage.
  • Elyza: [Sighs] Things people do when they're drunk is what they wish they could do when sober.
  • Alicia: So what's stopping you?
  • Elyza: There's no way you'd be willing to put up with my smartass, you may not be into girls, you might forget the kiss even happened, hell, you don't reciprocate my feelings. It wouldn't be right. I mean kissing when being being drunk never ends well. Of course, I'm one to talk when I used to be all about no strings and one night stands. Then all that shit changed when I met you. On my god! I'm turning into a romantic sap- Holy fucking shit!
  • Alicia: So if we were both sober right now would you do it?
  • Elyza: I don't know, it'd be weird to kiss you out of the blue without even asking you out or- And I need to shut up. What the hell is happening to me? Anyways no, I probably wouldn't have the guts to do it.
  • Alicia: Just kiss me now then.
  • Elyza: But-
  • [Alicia pulls Elyza forward by her shirt and presses her lips against the blonde's, by the time the brunette pulls away Elyza is a blushing flustered gay mess]
  • Alicia: Wow, didn't know I could make the great Elyza Lex a rambling nervous wreck.
  • Elyza: Shut up.
  • Alicia: I've liked you for awhile now. You either miraculously remained oblivious or refused to make that assumption and acknowledge it. Speaking of which, there's no way I could forget ever kissing you.
  • Elyza: [Panting] How can you say all of that right after what just happened?! I can't even catch my damn breath!
  • Alicia: If a single kiss is going to leave you breathless, I can't imagine how breathless you'd be in the bedroom. [Winks]

So I hope no one else has done this. I may have spent way too much time on these…

I just put them on some Fate Stay Night backgrounds I found on google.

I have a need. I thirst.

Oh, before I forget.  We can’t leave out our favorite troublemaker, can we?

That’s better.  ❤



I haven’t posted in ages and I’m really sorry for that, I’ve just been so so busy and I’m really gonna try to post more.

Anyways, waz good? How have ya’ll been?

And for those of you who don’t know who I am, I’ll do a quick introduction :)

My name is Kendra Jamal, I’m a Lebanese and Trini gurl (Caribbean girls come thru *; )  with a huge family, that I love so so much! lmao. Also, I’m 23 years old. So hmu if you wanna get to know me better, I promise I don’t bite ;)

LOL Before I forget, Oh ma gosh! Thank you guys so so so much for 2K followers, that’s honestly crazy! Thank you!! Love you guys, Mwah 😍 :*** I’m also sure that its been a year since I started this, so 1 year anniversary! lol <3

anonymous asked:

would remus also smell freesia in the amortentia since kagome's scent is soothing to him?

OH MAN, oh man, idk. i don’t… i don’t think so? the scents one smells in the potion are what they find desirable?? like, without a doubt remus would be smelling his favorite chocolate because he loves to eat it, and hunger is a desire right? sirius smells freesia bc hes head over heels for her,  he wants to be with her. again, desire. so i’m not sure it would fit??

but say he does,  i think he’d recognize that it doesn’t have the same effect on him as it does sirius? like with sirius, he finds himself drawn to it bc it gets his heart racing and gives butterflies in his stomach? whereas with remus it relaxes him, settles him, gives him peace, so he’s drawn to it bc it clams him

Shadow Friends in my peripheral vision, please do not hide i just want to See you

Make It Viral, FAM. Momma Is NOT Playing Around

Here are photos stolen from IG/Facebook and put into online ads that are very solicitous in nature. The picture on the right was a selfie taken at a video shoot for T.I. This Aleeia woman stole these pictures and posted a valid phone number in the ad. I know because I fucking called it and told her to take the pictures down. She didn’t. You want to steal my daughter’s photos and make it seem like my daughter (a lesbian btw) won’t go out with black guys, with your racist anti-black ass.

Stealing photos can ruin people’s lives. It is not funny. (I am not slamming sex workers. Do you thing, boo). I am slamming catfishing schemes and stealing identities. We are pressing criminal charges.

I hope Aleeia enjoys the internet fame she so desperately wanted. Oh, and before I forget, here is my text message to her:


Yes, my daughter gave me permission to post this.