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Can we have relationship headcanons for Lukas, Python, Conrad and Tobin? Please and thank you!


  • being in a relationship with lukas is a calm, loving, and understanding one.
  • lukas is a pretty calm person and caring. he’d always make sure that you’re feeling well and that you’re okay. but he’s not overbearing he’s just a little bit like a concerned mother.
  • he’s not a cheesy romantic and he’s a little shy with PDA so don’t really expect any of that during the beginning of your relationship.
  • eventually though he gets more comfortable and will give you kisses and hugs and hold your hand in public.
  • oh btw lukas gives incredible gifts, like holy shit why is he so good at them?!
  • lukas loves giving you forehead and neck kisses. he prefers being kissed on the cheek or lips though.


  • pfff this jerk loves teasing you, he loves seeing your you get flustered.
  • he is not afraid of PDA like at all, as long as you’re okay with it he doesn’t mind showing everyone how much you mean to him.
  • python loves hugs, like he won’t admit it but he does. especially if you’re shorter than him he loves it, he likes when you bury your face against his chest or his neck.
  • python is also weak for neck and collarbone kisses both giving and receiving them.
  • he’s actually pretty bad at remembering the small things and important dates so please don’t be too hard on him he’s trying!!
  • he’s the type of guy who gives money as a gift because he doesn’t know what to get someone so his gifts are the cheap way out!!
  • python is pretty open and trusts you, so he isn’t the jealous type and he’s fine with spending the whole apart from you. because he understands that people need some space.
  • oh and so anything embarrassing around him and he will NEVER forget.


  • aww this poor boy is so flustered in a relationship.
  • he doesn’t know how to act in one or really what to do.
  • he like asks permission to do anything to you. “May I hold your hand?” “Maybe i hug you?” “May i-” “Conrad yes, you don’t have to ask me every single time. I don’t mind.”
  • he will sometimes just look at you with the warmest smile ever and he wonders how he got so lucky to meet you and be your boyfriend.
  • he remembers the little things and dates and everything. that’s just how he is.
  • expect to be spoiled by him he will get you anything and will do anything for you.
  • Celica teases him about it but she’s so supportive of you and his relationship.
  • he loves just any physical contact with you and loves just placing small kisses all over you.
  • he’s so giggly and cute like gods how are you even still alive with how beautiful he is?!


  • tobin’s pretty confident and he will ask you out first. He will most likely initiate things first because he’s a little impatient.
  • he doesn’t mind PDA if you don’t mind if. and he likes showing off how cute you two are.
  • he loves kisses so much. he thinks they are the best thing ever.
  • Tobin remembers only important dates, and your likes and dislikes. He’s kind of bad at remembering things.
  • if he sees something that he thinks you’d like he’ll probably pick it up and bring it back to you. he loves seeing you smile.
  • he’s pretty clingy and feels like he always has to be touching you. it can be a little much sometimes but he’ll back off if you say so.
  • he’s just amazed that someone actually liked him back and deals with him. he’s so used to seeing alm and gray get admirers and praise that it kind of hurts his self esteem. So please comfort him and remind him how amazing and cool he is.
  • he shows off in battle to try and impress you whoops.