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TITLE: Bruna
CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Ch 1 of 5- In Which the Customer is not Always Right
AUTHOR: staria
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine working in a coffee shop and having Loki as a regular customer. You screwed up his order the first time you ever prepared a coffee for him a few months ago so he really dislikes you but as time passes by he starts talking more to you and doesn’t seem to hold that big of a grudge anymore.


NOTES/WARNINGS: There’s some mildly strong language like f bombs and such. This is a quick doodle of what Bruna looks like.


I was in a hurry and needed everyone to get fuck out of my way. The morning was cool, the sun slowly rising  as I was quickly walking- no, running- to Midnight Cafe, a small coffee shop where I was currently one of the baristas. My phone alarm had failed to go off because I forgot to charge it, so of course I woke up an hour late in a frenzy with barely any time left to brush my teeth, put on the first thing I found on the floor and bolt out the door.

As I sped running down the street I double-checked what had I put on this morning: black leggings, a sleeveless oversized olive colored shirt over my black sports bra, and red keds… could be worse. I braided my waist-length teal colored hair on the way to work.

Not that I was proud or anything, but I was so used to doing this that I could do it in my sleep.  

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Playing with Fire || Part 1 || Neymar Jr Imagine

Note: First part of a new Neymar series! This one will be a bit sinful as requested by the nonnie. This one is still safe but after this one things will be heating up. This one is like a big intro to the series and some background stuff. I hope my sinful nonnie likes it even if it will start a bit slow for the build up. Remember to let me know what you all think of it!

“Come on, you can sleep when we come back. I promise we won’t stay until late” Dani says as he stands outside your door.

Dani, Gil, Gabriel de Jesus, Gabigol, Rafaella and Neymar have showed up at your house at 9pm after a day of work to go out to some club. You weren’t much of a club person, you only went with them because they were your friends.

“You should’ve called” you tell Dani who rolls his eyes.

“That one over there needs some distraction so we have to do it” he says and points behind him at Neymar’s car, where he was sitting scrolling through his phone.

“Why?” You ask as you tilt your head to take a look at him, useless move really because it was dark.

“You didn’t hear?” Gabriel asks and you shake your head.

“I’ve been working all day. I haven’t heard a thing and he hasn’t told me anything. Plus, I’ve been busy all these weeks with work so I haven’t really followed anything. What’s up?”

“They broke up. Again.” Your eyes widen.

“No way. Why now?”

“He won’t tell us exactly why. We just know he had plans of asking her to marry him but we don’t know if he did it” Gabi says and shrugs.

Personally, you weren’t too keen on the idea of Neymar and Bruna together again for several reasons. One just doesn’t go back to their ex after what happened in the first try, she seemed to show up when he becomes important, and you had a crush on your friend’s brother so it hit you bad when Neymar told you he was back to dating Bruna.

“Oh.” You say after getting lost in your train of thoughts.

“So you coming? Do it for him” Rafaella says and grins, you know very well why.

“Give me 10 minutes” you say in a sigh and they cheer.

The ride to the club was filled with conversations, but they didn’t start with Ney as usual. He laughed and talked, yeah, but not like he would usually.

“I’m sorry about Bruna” you say as you look at him from besides you. He was deleting the last pictures left on his phone of her.

“It’s fine I guess” he says and you frown.

“You deserve better. I told you that. This is just another sign of it” you say, straightforward but whatever.

“I thought she was the one. It’s the second time so I thought…”

“You got it wrong, but it’s okay.” You shrug and look around the club, spotting your friends dancing.

“I’m sorry. You probably expected-”

“I didn’t expect anything” you start. “I don’t expect you to be all fine about it. I do miss your flirting but-” you tease and he chuckles.

So yes, you two had a flirting game that started months before he and Bruna got together the second time. That’s where you fell for him and he fell for someone else. Relatable, right?

“Are you admitting you like it when I flirt with you?”

“Have been hinting it for a while, but thanks for noticing before I died” you joke and he laughs, and you fall for him a little deeper.

“I missed you” he says and gives you a warm smile.

“I missed you too” you say and rest your head against his shoulder. He kisses your temple and holds you close.

“You should go have fun. Go with Gil and save him from whatever he thinks he is doing” he says and you turn to look at Gil and you laugh at his little awkward dancing.

“Join us when you feel ready, okay?”

Neymar nods his head and you head over to Gil. He greets you with a smile and you two start a small random dancing that went from going with the beat to just do whatever. And that’s how it went for the rest of half of the night.

You all take a break at some point and sit at the reserved spot on the club for you. Neymar looked better and was sipping on his drink as he laughed and joked with all of you. That’s when your new favorite song came up, Crying in the Club by Camila Cabello. How convenient were the lyrics for this night.

You stand up and walk over to Neymar and hold your hands out, wiggling your fingers before him.


“Come on.”


“This is my favorite song, stop asking and move.”

“Why?” You glare at him and he chuckles. “I’m kidding” he says and takes your hand and stands up. He is the one to lead you to the dance floor and you grin to yourself, butterflies taking over your stomach as your heart beats in anticipation.

With a small twirl, he brings you close. One hand around your waist and you smile softly at him as the song comes up. You hum and move your hips at the rythm and he follows. His gaze shifts everywhere but to you, lips pressed together as you two move. You mutter the part of “ain’t true” as you look at him trying to get his attention and he looks at you and smiles weakly.

“So put your arms around me tonight, let the music lift you up like you’ve never been so high. Open up your heart to me, let the music lift you up like you’ve never been this free” you sing happily at him and he chuckles and you know you are making some progress.

As the chorus starts, you drop your arms from around his neck and get closer to him and he does the same, a hint of confidence showing in his eyes and body language. You turn around, back facing him and one of his arms snake around your waist, a shiver running down your spine as a result. He has always done this little gesture, but tonight it felt different.

You can feel his breath on the back of your neck and his arms holding you closer to him and you turn around to face him. He is surprised by the movement of course, his eyes are slightly widen and he is looking right into your eyes. You notice his hazel eyes are darker, even if the club was low in light, and he looks at your lips before looking up into your eyes.

You can’t see yourself, but you know your eyes are dark as well and your gaze is soft. Your hips move almost against his, unconsciously, but neither of you move an inch to stop it. He leans forward slightly and so do you but you miss his lips and just press your cheek against his and his face hides on your neck. Hands tighten around your waist and his index finger sneaks under the hem of your shirt and lifts it up before his hand is placed against your bare skin. Did he knew the effect that he had on you?

As the song comes to an end he pulls away slightly and leans forward again and brushes his lips against yours and you melt, but just then the song finishes and the lights turn slightly brighter and you both pull away. Okay so maybe it was just the song that made you think all of this and had you both acting this way…

“Want to get a drink?” He asks and you nod your head. He takes your hand and leads you through the crowd to your reserved spot.

“You two looked cozy over there” Dani says and winks playfully.

“The song was like that. You know, supporting a friend while in the club. Like we are now” you say and Ney let’s go of your hand and moves to get the drinks.

“Friend…sure” Dani says, doing that face where he doesn’t believe a word the other person says and you glare at him.

The rest of the night at the club goes well, Neymar lifted up the spirits and was somewhat acting normal again. At his house, Dani, Gil and Gabigol played video games and Ney joined them not long after. You sat with Rafaella watching them from behind.

“You are good for my brother, you know?” Rafaella says and you look at her curiously. “Yeah, it has been probably days since he has touched that console and look at him now.”

Your head turns to look at the guys and you smile softly as you watch Neymar laugh and stick his tongue out as he plays. “It’s probably the guys, or going out with all of us” you say.

“I don’t think so. He only agreed to go when we said we’d bring you.”

“ ‘Ella “ you groan, it was a nickname you had for her. “He just broke up with Bruna. I don’t think he is looking at me like that, or looking at anyone like that. It’s too recent.”

“We both know that you and Ney have had your thing. Nothing serious but it has been there. Things have not happened between you two because Bruna has been there nagging at him and he was all over her again. Maybe now…”

“We will see…” you say and you look at Ney and then back to Rafaella. “Let’s see…”

Each of the guys leave in their respective cars, Rafaella leaves with Gabi and that leaves you with Neymar.

“Lovely, they pick me up but can’t drop me off” you mutter.

“I don’t mind” Ney says and looks at you. “Although it’s kind of late, you should stay the night” he says and you turn to look at him.


“I-” he rubs the back of his neck. “I can take you home but I don’t really feel like driving right now” he admits.

“Oh” you blink. “It’s okay. I don’t mind if you don’t mind” you say and run a hand through your hair before sliding your hands awkwardly into your front pockets.

“I’ll give you one of my shirts so you can change and everything. I’ll set up the guest room” he says and smiles softly before nodding and making his way down the hallway.

In a couple of minutes he gives you one of his shirts and his sweat pants that could be tighten, hoping they’d fit. You take a quick shower and change before making your way to the living room where Ney sat staring at the TV.

“You are not going to sleep?” You ask softly and you seem to have broken his train of thoughts because he quickly shakes his head and runs a hand through his face. Was he crying?

“No. I’m not tired yet” he says after clearing his throat and you decide to make your way to him. “They fit” he says as he looks at you, trying to smile.

“Yeah” you say and sit besides him, your body facing his. “Ney, if you need to talk, I’m here, okay?” You say as you take in his poofy eyes. It was so rare to see him like this.

“I’m okay, I promise.”

“Ney” you say in a warning tone and he sighs, body shifting in his spot.

“I just thought she was the one. That this was it. The second was the charm but…”

“I know” you say as you look at him. “But you can’t let this put you down. There are more girls that would be happy to be with you” you say and scoot over and rest your head on his shoulder. “You are a wonderful person and you are talented. You are so sweet with girls that there is no way a girl would say no to you. I mean, look at those eyes” you say and reach to poke under his eyes and he chuckles and catches your finger and you giggle.

“I guess…”

“There will be other girls and you will find the one who will do anything and everything for you…” he smiles and pulls you closer and rests his forehead against your temple and you smile at the closeness. He was so vulnerable right now but you just wanted to move just a little…And you do.

You take in a soft intake of breath and move your head slightly so your foreheads are together. You look at him through your eyelashes and notice his eyes are closed. You shouldn’t be looking at his lips, but you are, and your lips move close to his and brush against them, waiting for a reaction. His hand moves to your leg which was pulled up on the couch when you sat. His thumb running circles around your thigh in a soothing manner.

You lean in and press a very feather like kiss on his lips, almost nothing but enough to know that it was there. Then another one more firm and you move slightly to wait for a reaction, biting your lip softly. For a few seconds, you expected him to pull away or say something that would break the moment, but nothing happened until his hand moved to your cheek and you lean to it, he presses a soft kiss against your lips, parting your own and liplocking.

A beat is skipped at the action and you sigh through your nostrils before moving your lips along with his. Your hand moves to rest on his neck as his rest on your cheek. The two of you kiss for a few seconds and he pulls away, his hand slides down the side of your body feeling your curves until they stop at your waist where he lifts the shirt slightly to sneak his hand to touch your skin.

You look up at him and notice his hazel eyes darkening and something about it made you feel some sort of way that you think twice your next action. Your body shifts and you move to sit on his lap while facing him, your hands resting on his shoulder and his own go quickly up to your waist. Eyes meet for a few seconds before the two of you lean in at the same time for another kiss, one that it’s more passionate yet urgent. Hands go under your shirt, more like his, and rest on your back while yours go around his neck and play with his curls as you kiss.

He let’s out a grunt and you grin softly as you make pressure on his lap. Your teeth catch his lip and tug at it making him grip your waist.

“Ney…” you breath out and he hums before moving to kiss along your neck. Your head tilts backward and he kisses your throat, teeth grazing the skin before biting making you moan quietly. This was escalating quickly and you had to stop it even if you didn’t want to. He was still hurt and he is probably not acting like he really should. You didn’t want this to be a rebound kind of thing because you liked Neymar and if he wasn’t sure of anything right now, you rather stop.

Yet the way his lips moved along your neck was clouding your judgement. Soft lips with a tease of his tongue in every kiss he gave to your neck. The way his hands gripped your hips so they stayed pressed to his shifting one’s, trying to find the perfect position to move against yours…

“Ney, please…” you moan out instead of having it come out in a normal tone and that encourages him to suck on your neck as his hand travels to the front of your shirt and down your stomach, hitching your breath.

“Dime (Tell me)” he whispers in a soft breath against your skin, now moving his shirt away to kiss your shoulders. You move your hips against his involuntarily, because the moment just asked for it and you moan quietly. This felt better than you imagined. It was more than you ever imagined actually. Yet, you had to put a stop at it because this might not be something based on true feelings.

“Stop…” you breath out and stop yourself from moving more. His mouth opens slightly and he drops his head to rest on your shoulder.

“I’m sorry I got carried away…” he mutters, his hand slowly leaving your skin to rest on top of the shirt.

“It’s okay…It’s just…I don’t want to be a rebound…” You admit to him and run a hand through his curls.

“You won’t be…”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I know…”

“You are hurt” you whisper, your lips moving to rest on his temple.

He stays silent and let’s out a small sigh before pulling away. “You know what I mean” he says, “you know there has always been something between us.”

“If you want this something to work, we have to make things the right way even if we are just teasing” you say and he nods his head and both of you smile.

“If that’s how you want it…”

“That’s how it should be…” he nods his head again and leans in to peck your lips.

Things work just fine within your agreement. He seemed happier, that’s for sure. You have decided to not be too cuddly with him in public so it didn’t affect his image of some sort, although of course Neymar didn’t care about that.

In that way of not being cuddly with him, you have found some fun in it when you went out with his friends. You would hug them and lean against them and Ney would get jealous. His expression would turn all serious and screaming possession, since his friends didn’t know about it. For you, this was quite amusing so you continued to do it despite his silent complains. Thing was, he was also doing the same and you tried to keep it down.

“Gil, come on” you say as you hold your hands out to him as you stand before him.

“Y/N, I just sat down” he says chuckling.

“I don’t care. Come on” you grin and he sighs before taking your hand. You look at Neymar and see him frowning and you simply wink before letting Gil lead the way. Definitely, your favorite place was being the club because of the reactions you got from Ney while here.

Your arms were around Gil’s neck and his arms were around your hips. You two laughed and danced for a few songs. He’d spin you around and hold you close to his chest while his lips grazed your ear sending a shiver down your spine and making you lean against him, resting your head on his shoulder closing your eyes.

After the song ended, he went to sit with the others and you follow, Neymar with a serious expression. As you walk towards him, someone catches your arm and you turn around quickly to punch whoever it was but you notice just in time it was your best friend.

“Michael!” You say over the loud music and he winks at you.

“Haven’t seen you in a while. Thought clubs weren’t your thing” he says as he let’s go of your arm and moves a little to the side away from the speakers.

“They aren't” you admit, “but those people over there hang here all the time and they drag me.”

“Is that Neymar? How the hell you know him?”

“His sister. She used to go a lot to the store I started working here and we became good friends.”

“That’s awesome” he says, a grin coming up his lips before looking at you. “Wanna dance this one?”

You look over your shoulder at Neymar and catch him looking at you as he sips on his drink. “Yeah” you say and look at Michael. “Lead the way” you say and stretch your hand to him, which he is quick to take and leads you to the group dancing.

You used to have a crush on him, his curls and his way of being were just adorable. Also those little freckles, but you two lost contact because of work and life so you ignored that feeling. Now you were crushing on Neymar…Who was currently asking a girl to dance that wasn’t in your circle as you looked over your shoulder for his reaction.

So he really wanted to do this…

You dance close to Michael to the rhythm of the song, swaying your hips, and maybe exaggerating a little, in case Neymar was watching. Michael’s hand goes around your waist and holds you close to him, the height difference making him lower down slightly to look down at you. You were going to use this opportunity the best that you could, because you could see Neymar holding the door too close for your liking.

You move forward to close the gap between Michael and your lips, having them only brush since you didn’t want Michael to get the wrong idea either. When Michael tries to do the same, you turn around in his grasp and press yourself to him, back against his chest, it was a dancing position you enjoyed lately to be able to take a good look at Neymar’s reaction. Difference between Gil and Michael was, Michael was ghosting his lips over the skin of your neck and your eyes flutter close at the sensation. A mere touch, but enough to have you weaken. Fingers run through his curls and he takes it as an encouragement to kiss your neck.

Now when you look at Neymar, you frown at the scenery. He was with two girls by his side, arms around their waist and he was kissing, ACTUALLY kissing, the one on the right while the one on the left kissed his neck. Your blood seemed to boil through your veins and you had a fire inside of you that only had you wanting to push them away…

You should’ve expected such behavior from him. You did told him that he was hurt and he was trying to get comfort somehow, and that it wouldn’t be just with you like he was so sure of.

Body shifts slightly in the grasp you were in, hand going around Michael’s neck before pulling him down for a kiss. He is caught by surprise, that you were sure of, but he gives in and returns the kiss. Both hands rest on your waist and pull you even closer to him as he tries to deepen the kiss, and you let him because the song was about to be over and he will have to pull away. And he does.


“I’m sorry” you say, trying to look in shock so it didn’t seem so obvious you used him to spark some jealousy on Ney. “The song and all…Don’t get me wrong…”

“It’s fine. I get it” Michael waves off and you nod your head.

“If it helps, you kiss amazing” you laugh and he chuckles.

“Thanks, I guess.”

The night goes on and you spend some more time talking with Michael, trying to ignore Neymar’s presence until he had to get you home. He waved goodbye in a very dismissing way to his friends before you two start walking over to his car. Complete silence.

When you get to his car, he turns you around and backs you up against the passenger side.

“Had fun with that one over there?” He growls as he looks at you.

“Oh, you mean Michael or Gil?” You tilt your head to the side as if thinking. “Answer is yes to both anyway.” You swear you hear a growl coming from his throat.

“ ‘You kiss amazing’ “ he mocks. “Seems like you forgot about something for a moment” he says and tries to lean in but you move to the side.

“You mean your two girls?” You ask and he rests your head on the crook of your neck.

“Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?” He asks, a mischievous chuckle coming from him.

“Yeah” you agree, his lips now moving in one spot on your neck and you have to do everything in your power to not give in. “But I can be more of a bitch” you say and push him away with a smirk.

“You really want to go there?” he asks. “Deverdad quieres jugar asi? (Do you really wanna play like that?)”

“Mhm” you hum and grin. “Are you up for it?”

He chuckles as he looks down before looking at you through his eyelashes, “If you think you can win…”

“Game on, then” you say triumphantly and he comes close to you again.

Fingers move down your waist and down your curves ‘till they reach the side of your thigh. He is looking down before he gives you THAT look again and he leans in quickly to kiss you. Lips move against his, matching his pace and your hands rest on his shoulders before you push him for a second time, this time more gentle.

“Take me home, Ney. I’m tired” you say and turn around, waiting for him to open the door.

You hear him chuckle to himself and open the door for you, “As you wish, princesa” he teases.

This was going to be a very interesting game and challenge and you couldn’t wait for the outcome.

Wedding 10
  • Leo Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo, protagonists of SPORT & STYLE this week
  • The most high-profile wedding of the year will have 250 guests

It is, without a doubt, the wedding of the year. And not only in Argentina. The whole planet is aware of the event that will turn Leo Messi’s hometown in the epicenter of the world. 250 guests are expected to get together at the cathedral of Rosario and later at the hotel-casino City Center for the party. The bride and groom decided a few weeks ago that they preferred a more intimate celebration and reduced the attendee list by more than half.

The parade of world football figures, led by Leo’s trident companions, will be one for the ages. Neymar, recently separated from Bruna Marquezine, will attend alone while Luis Suárez will do it with his wife and intimate friend of Antonela Rocuzzo, Sofia Balbi. Both will match with designs by Rosa Clará and Ricky Sarkany shoes, their business partner who just opened a store in Barcelona. 

The future wife of Leo Messi did not hesitate for a second to choose the Catalan designer and she has made two spectacular gowns for the Argentine. Rosa Clarà will send members of her team to assist the bride until the last moment. The mother and sisters of Antonela, Carla and Paula, will also wear custom dresses. They will not be the only ones. Romarey Ventura (girlfriend of Jordi Alba), Christel Castaño (wife of Pablo Zabaleta) and Florencia Parisi, Antonela’s sister-in-law and wife of Rodrigo Messi, have also relied on Rosa Clará for the event. 

Dante Palaveccino, Antonela’s trusted hairdresser in Rosario, will be responsible for her hairstyle and makeup, although all guests will have an army of stylists available at the hotel. A personal trainer, with which Rocuzzo exercises almost daily, a diet supervised by nutritionists and diverse beauty treatments have left her ready for the wedding day. 

Messi, meanwhile, seems to have opted for Armani and It is very likely that he will also wear Sarkany designed shoes for the occasion. The Argentine has decided on the Italian firm for important galas lately and everything indicates that it will be the chosen one, although at some point the possibility of picking an Argentine designer was considered. The wedding planners and the photographer are all rosarinos. They are the Farina-Pavia duo, event producers, and André Preumayr. Hermetism, confidentiality contracts and extreme security measures surround the wedding of the best football player in the world.

by Carme Barcelo and Vero Brunatti