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Next Anti Appearance?

There’s been a lot of question as to whether or not Anti will be showing up in October this year. Now personally, I’d like to think he’s not going to show himself and here are the reasons why:

Firstly, Jack’s going to be going on tour, so I don’t see how he’d have the time to create any Anti stuff. Secondly, I recently saw him respond to a post about whether or not we’d see Anti in October and he seemed really unsure, plus it seemed to him that it’d still be a bit too early to bring Anti back (which I have to agree with him). Also, I know October’s the spooky month and all, but if we always expect Anti to show up on Halloween, where’s the surprise in that? Anti’s all about being unpredictable. He showed up at PAX, no one expected that. He showed up in the middle of SUMMER - such an odd time for him to show up!

Personally, I’d like to think he’ll show up either in November or December. Could you imagine? We’ll go through October, all on edge expecting him to show up, but not once does he make an appear. So we let our guard down by the end of October. And then come November, Anti hints start showing up and suddenly it’s part 2 of the Antipocalypse, and it leads up to December. But what would really mess us up is if come the week of Christmas, suddenly everything stopped. No hints, no zalgo text, no images, no suspicious videos titles. It all just stops and goes quiet for DAYS.

Now I got a REALLY twisted idea the other morning. Bear with me here and just imagine this:

If Anti is going to go after Chase (which I honestly think he is), and if he did show up around Christmas, imagine this:

You get up Christmas morning and have a great lovely morning with the family, opening gifts and what have you. You know, having a happy fun-filled Christmas morning :) And after everything’s calmed down, you go online and find out Jack’s posted some sort of Christmas video.

It’s a video of Chase and he’s going to FINALLY get to see his kids (because it’s Christmas! Why the hell not?!) It’s all happy fun times….until things begin to go awry and Anti comes in to fuck things up. What would happen, I don’t know. I don’t know if he’d corrupt Chase, torture him, kill him. Either way, I got this sick idea that he’d kill our “favorite boy” and that would be like his Christmas present to us all. Could you fucking imagine?! Do you know how fucking twisted and sadistic that’d be - for him to kill our precious cinnamon roll (ON CHRISTMAS DAY, WHEN HE WAS GOING TO SEE HIS KIDS!!!) - and we can’t do fuck all, and he does it as some twisted gift idea for us all?! It’d be worse if Anti made Chase’s kids watch too! It’d be so messed up!

We would be scarred for days, weeks, MONTHS! We would NEVER forgive Jack for doing something like that - we’d probably temporarily hate him for a day or two. But the scary thing is just how easily I could imagine something like this happening. For crying out loud, Jack loves horror and he knows how much we love Chase, plus Anti’s know for being unpredictable. You put all of that together and the possibilities are endless (and frightening).

Could you guys imagine?

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Hot Guys in 18th Century Period Films and Series

Because it’s my birthday I’ll share with you these gorgeous actors in period clothing (and some times shirtless). Here they are (in no particular order):

quirky Johnny Depp in “Sleepy Hollow”

shirtless and working Aidan Turner in “Poldark”

super hot almost shirtless Joaquin Phoenix in “Quills”

funny Orlando Bloom in “Pirates of the Caribbean”

gossiping Benedict Cumberbatch in “Amazing Grace”

gorgeous Matthew Goode in “Belle”

thoughtful Diego Luna in “Casanova”

shirtless Dominic Cooper in “The Duchess”

puppy love Keanu Reeves in “Dangerous Liaisons”

Aneurin Barnard and his Bambi eyes in “The Scandalous Lady W”

super young Colin Firth in “Valmont”

winking Adrien Brody in “The Affair of the Necklace”

Special mention to the “Casanova” guys: Heath Ledger and Charlie Cox

Special mention number 2 for the “Turn” guys:

skinny and cute Jamie Bell (with a cute baby)

OMG JJ Feild

Special mention number 3 for the “Marie Antoinette” guys:

cute Jason Schwartzman

hot Jamie Dornan

and very hot Tom Hardy

And since I love Ben Whishaw here he is in period dramas (not all 18th century but I don’t care):

crazy homicidal in “The Perfume”

poetic in “Bright Star”

being vintage in “The Hour”

not being sober in “Brideshead Revisited”

And also since Tim Hiddleston rules tumblr and the world:

on horse in “The Hollow Crown”

crazy curly hair in “Miss Austen Regrets”

puppy eyes in “Return to Cranford”

curly and perfectly combed in “Midnight in Paris”

being Victorian and dark in “Crimson Peak”

ok, no. I’m not sorry. I REGRET NOTHING.

(And I just realised that the only not brunette-with-wild-hair in this list are Heath Ledger and Tom-marryme-Hiddleston!)

Alright guys, am I the only one who noticed this??

These have been uploaded the EXACT same day (you can check if you don’t believe me).

First we have Chase’s video and right after that we have Anti with a FUCKIN GUN!!

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Egotober, Day 15 - Trickshot!

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

Last time I checked “Trickshot” was the shipname for these two, and while this isn’t a shippy drawing it did give me the idea for it. I think they’d get along splendidly.


Maybe you remember this theory: “Chase = Anti”, which Jack liked btw.
I personally don’t really like it, I’d prefer Chase being a good guy, obsessed with fidget spinners and slightly depressed because of Stacy and his kids.
BUT. I saw something…

Remember when he grabbed the camera?

Who else grabbed the camera – who shouldn’t even be able to do so because he canonically doesn’t even have a physical body (… yet)?

Notice a parallel?

A Fallen Hero

It had been a while, being confronted like this in his own home. That same psychotic grin was always unsettling, and the knife loosely held in their hand did not help matters. It usually meant one thing when that weapon came into sight.

“Get out,” Chase pointed to the door, eyes wide and jaw set. “You’re not welcome here, and you never will be.”

“Now, is that a way to treat a guest that has a bit of an anger problem?” The freak somehow lifted himself into the air of the apartment, his heterochrome eyes boring into Chase’s baby blues. “You’ve kinda been a thorn in my side, whether you think it or not, Brody,” The knife dangled from the glitch’s index and thumb. “I think it’s time we got you out of the picture, hm?”

Chase was frozen on the spot. How in the hell could he have gotten in Anti’s way? His breath caught in his chest; had he been found out? No, he was so careful. There was no way. Anti’s grin turned into a sneer and his head glitched around, his grip on the blade made his knuckles turn white.

“Never again, Chase. Been ‘round too long for you to come along and mess everything up for me,” Anti pointed the tip of the knife, shaking with rage and power. An unholy cackling filled the room as the villain charged forward, the knife angled right at Chase’s throat. “SHOW ME WHATCHA GOT!!!

Time seemed to slow down with each passing moment. First, his head moved, the blade barely touching his pale skin, causing a tiny cut. Then his body kicked itself to the side, turning to meet Anti’s quick movements. The knife was quick to return, slashing across Chase’s cheek, sending crimson to the floor. He was too slow, arms stretched out to try and catch himself only for a hard hit to the jaw to send him to the floor.

“Oh come on!” The glitched being hovered above, grin terrible and eyes crazed. “I know our beloved hero has more in him than that!”

Chase felt a buzz in the air as he struggled to get up, the cuts on his neck and cheek seemed to fizzle and crackle. His eyes widened as he felt an explosion of electricity shoot out from Anti’s fingers and connect with his broken flesh. He cried out in pain, body seizing and twitching as the power coursed through his veins. Chase grit his teeth, muscles flexing to try and regain control of his own body, but it was all for nothing. Then it was gone. Chase gasped for breath, eyes wide. Anti was gone.

“Wh-what?” The man scurried to stand, looking around in a frenzy. The devices in the apartment all had a green glow about them. His phone buzzed in his pocket, causing him to jump. He threw it away from his person in an attempt to not let Anti any closer. Chase stood in the middle of the room, looking around at every electronic it had. A burst of green electricity shot out of his television, morphing into the glitch that was Anti. He tried to dodge out of the way, but he could never match the speed Anti possessed without revealing himself.

The being caught him by the shirt, hurling him to the center of the room. With his glitching of the devices, he was all around Chase. The momentum of each hit to Chase’s body kept him in the air, slinging him around each time. All he could hope to do was shield the most vital parts of his body and hope for the best. His hopes were terribly wrong. Anti struck Chase in the chin after glitching out of his phone on the ground, trailing near him in a flash of green. Chase’s back hit the tv, making the screen shatter and the device to go through the wall. His feet hit the ground but his legs were too weak to stand properly.

The next wave of pain was unlike any other. Anti had conjured a mass of electricity around his knife, enjoying the screams of Chase as the new blade plunged through his abdomen from behind.

“C’mon, hero. Surely you’ve felt more than this!” Anti kicked Chase off his new weapon, giggling with a sick glee. “Surely you jest. You have to be stronger than this, right? You are this city’s savior, after all,” Chase coughed, holding his stomach as a trickle of red left his mouth. He tried to stand, stumbling to his knees in an attempt to gain some distance. He groaned when Anti’s hand grabbed the back of his shirt to pull him up.

“Why?” Was all he could muster at this point. Anti hummed, grabbing the back of Chase’s head to get him to look up.

“You got in my way, simple as that. Now that I know who you are, this is going to be so much fun!” The glitch, with Chase still in his hands, flew through the apartment, slamming and breaking the window to the outside. Chase tried to struggle, his shaking hands grabbing at the villain’s wrists. Anti’s next words made Chase stop for a moment. “Why don’t we make a show out of this, hm? Show the city the death of it’s own hero,” Anti looked around, clicking his tongue. “I know the perfect place, let’s get it on the news. We’ll make it in the headlines within a minute or two!

Anti streaked across the sky, Chase having no choice but to follow in his wake. He could see the city’s center coming into view, dread filling him at the thought of others being on the receiving end of what Anti had planned. The being flew through the air, descending between cars and people before spinning and throwing Chase into the large fountain the city was built around. Green electricity acted like an aura around Anti as he dropped down on the street. People all around were screaming, running away, or too shocked to even move.

“Gather ‘round everyone! I’ve got a little show for you all, today!” Anti cackled, grin wide and terrifying. Chase grunted as he stood, everything hurt. He wiped his mouth of the blood that kept dripping. He looked around, all these people… “Today, you will all bear witness to the death of your beloved hero!” Chase froze, the likelihood anyone would recognize him was very slim. He wasn’t much of a figure in real life, even online his persona wasn’t well known. But it was still a worry. “I wonder if there’s anyone out in the audience that recognizes this pitiful excuse for a man,” Anti began to look around, everyone that was around looked between the two. Some kept starring at Chase, obviously scared out of their minds.

“Anti, don’t–

“Daddy?” Chase froze, eyes widening and voice suddenly gone. Anti, if it was possible, seemed even more delighted than before. His head glitched with laughter as he slowly turned to look at Chase. He lifted his eyebrows, absolutely enjoying the scene before him.

Daddy?” Anti giggled. Chase felt a small tug on his shirt, and he wanted to believe this was all some sick dream. He felt his stomach tighten as he looked down to meet a set of baby blue eyes. It was his daughter. She needed to go, she needed to go now.

“Honey, please go back to your mother. Please. Daddy’s… Daddy’s got something to take care of,” His eyes glared daggers into Anti, a small sob escaping someone in the crowd. Chase had to look, he just had to look. “Stacy…”

“Well we’re just havin’ a good ol’ family reunion, aren’t we?!” Anti kicked off the ground, eyes crazed. Chase felt his heart drop, he was not going to lay so much as a finger on any of them. “Oh don’t you dare give me that look. You’ve been expecting this for a while now, haven’t you? I mean, it’s not like I kept it a secret  the last time we met!”

The last time they met, Chase never expected his identity to be found out. Anti’s words reverberated in the back of his mind as a costumed Chase had believed to have cornered the villain. ‘You can bet the next time I see you I’ll be prepared. I’ll know everything about you then. And there’s nothing you can ever do to possibly stop me. That’s a promise.’

“Sorry, didn’t expect you to actually follow through. You’re not exactly the smartest foe I’ve had the displeasure of meeting,” It happened so quickly Chase thought he’d missed it. Anti’s facade broke, pure rage and anger showing through for a split second. Chase noticed his daughter hadn’t moved, she was scared stiff. “Honey, I need you to go to mommy,” She nodded, but didn’t move. His breath was shaking, Anti looked like he was hungry for a mass murder.

“You know, Brody. It was only a matter of time for that mouth of yours to get you into more trouble than you bargained for,” The being shot forward, Chase held his daughter close as he jumped out of the way. The jump was much larger than a normal human could muster. If he was found out, he might as well use what he has at his disposal. He held his daughter, hand over her head, body blocking anything Anti had for her.

“Sweety, I need you to go find mommy. Daddy has something to finish, okay? Remember how you were the fastest in your school. I need you to run that fast, even faster, for me, honey. Please,” She nodded, sniffling and giving him a hug around the neck before darting off when Chase let her go.

Where do you think you’re goin’ lass?” Anti watched the young girl stop in fear, her tears dripping from her little chin and hitting the pavement below her. “We were just havin’ fun!” The glitch charged towards her, knife poised. But he never made it very far. Chase wouldn’t allow him to. He shoved himself in Anti’s way, grabbing the wrist that held the blade and pointed it upward, his hand gripping the being’s throat.

“See, there’s one thing you seemed to have missed about me,” Chase watched Anti’s eyes widen in a moment of fear. “No one, messes with my family. No one makes them feel scared. NO ONE WILL HURT THEM WITH OUT FACING CONSEQUENCES!!!” He headbutted Anti in the nose, twisting his hand in the glitch’s black collar and hurling him into the fountain. The structure broke under the power, causing water to spray everywhere and the fountain to fall on top of Anti.

An eruption of cheers caused Chase to realize where he was. He was still in the city’s center, he was still surrounded by people who could potentially be hurt. And he was still in pain. His abdomen felt the worst out of anything. He had to get them all out of there.

“Everyone! Listen to me! You all need to leave! It’s too dangero–”

Every streetlight, billboard light, advertisement screen, even every phone, exploded. Chase watched as some people screamed in immense pain. Quite a few people here holding their hands close and some were on the ground with burns all along their legs. The buzzing returned to the air that Chase had experienced before, every open cut began to crackle and burn.

N̸o̡w̡ ͡ju̢s͘t w͘ho̡ ̶d͏o͝ you͝ ̀thi҉nk yo͘u ͡a͠r͡e.́..̶

Chase saw several people shouting in agony as green electricity covered their bodies.

You̷ mu͏st͟ ͟ţḩin͢k you're͞ ͡som͜eo͢ne̸ pre̶tty d̕a̵m͟n͘ s̀pe̴ci̡al…

Every muscle in his body shrieked with a renewed pain, he couldn’t move, only watch as the citizens around him cried out for him to help them. Chase tried to move, but a strong shock erupted through his body, making him shout and nearly crumple to the pavement.

An͟d̴ t͢h̨a͟t̕ r̨eall̴y ̧p̀i̧ss̀es mè off..̛.

An arm shot out from under the rubble of the fountain, skin a light green tint. Chase watched the being slowly climb out of his temporary tomb, the glitch’s body living up to it’s name. The being’s power was leaking out, making him twitch and shake. Anti’s eyes were wide, sclera black as night and iris’ radioactive green.

I̵’m a̕ ̴ma͞n of my word̶,͡ Br͟ody͞.͡.̶. Le͢t́’s ͟give͡ ̡t̨hęse͠ ̧pȩơp͡le̴ ͝a ́sho̡w ͡tḩey͠’ll n̡e̕v͝er͠ ̴f͢orģét!

Chase raised his arms to block, but the glitch’s newfound strength moved them away as if they were made of a light plastic. Anti raised his knee to Chase’s stomach, doubling him over. His next strike was with his knife, plummeting itself right in his shoulder blade. Chase didn’t have a chance to even blink. Anti kicked him down to the ground, holding a hand above him, like a taunt.

I ͏t͝h́i̡nk̡ it̶'̀s f͟i̡t̢tin̡g.̛.̕. ̡A͠ fam̷iĺy m͟a̢n̨ ̧dying n̕ f̢r̴òn̨ţ o̷f ͢hi͜s fam͟il͞y…̢

Chase felt the air shift, his eyes closed as he felt the pain enter his body once again. He shouted. Everything hurt tenfold. His body began to spasm, he couldn’t control anything anymore. He heard crying, when had he started crying? No… it wasn’t him. They were saying something…

Stop! Daddy!!! Make him stop! IT HURTS!!!“ Chase’s eye snapped open, when had Anti left him…? “DADDY!!!

Chase shot up, looking around in a haze. He saw Stacy on the ground, and his kids… His body was on autopilot, legs moving at a speed he didn’t know he had, hands grasping at the black clothing in front of him, arms locking around the other’s head and chest. He drug them away, ignoring the electric bursts, the hard, solid hits to his sides. Anti was screaming something Chase couldn’t hear. His vision was fading, but he wasn’t done yet. He lifted the glitch up, putting his hand over the villain’s mouth. His words were soft and scratchy.

“What did I say… No one hurts my family without facing consequences,” He heard screaming, death threats for everyone he ever held dear, coming from Anti. It was amazing. Whatever he was doing was obviously affecting him. His arms were twisting, his hands on each end of Anti’s head. A loud scream and then nothing. Just a sickening pop. And it was done.

Chase dropped the body, stumbling backwards until he too was on the ground. His vision was blurring, body finally giving out. Someone was shouting something, he couldn’t understand them. It was like his head was in water. They were loud but he couldn’t decipher their words. Everything was getting fuzzy…


Chillton’s Saviour Unmasked?

The Fallen’s Last Moments

It may have been a mystery who the masked man of Chillton was if the events of yesterday had not taken place. The man, Chase Brody, had been assaulted in the city’s center. He had defended the city until his last breath. Everyone mourns this day. We have lost one of the few who ever seemed to care about our great city. It is unknown of the whereabouts of Chase Brody and the villain Antisepticeye’s bodies. Police were unable to uncover where they had gone after returning to the station. –

“My my,” He set down the paper, gloved hands running a finger over the last few sentences. “It seems zeh verld vas not quite ready for my experiments… How sad,”

The Doctor turned around, arms behind him as he walked.

“I vish you two had not been so rough on each ozer. But, you can and vill be healed. I just need to run a few more tests. I need to find out vhat vent wrong…”

He laughed.

Zen ve can move onto phase two of my plan. But I need you both to be ready. The verld believes you both to be dead or at least very injured. You vill prove zem wrong. You vill prove zem all wrong…

The Doctor tied a masked behind his head.

“Now, let’s see vhere I vasn’t fully prepared…”

Based off of the “Fallen Hero” post, the “Chase Brody is Jackieboyman” post, the “Dr. Schneeplestein experiements on Chase and Anti” post. This came to mind and I just HAD TO OKAY?! My poor boy… All he wanted was to protect the city and see his kids…

Sweet Spells

Ok dorks, this one is sort of a doozy. Written as a thank-you for @twenty-third-born who spoiled us recently with a fic called Lovely Mess, this story features magic, mayhem, and a couple of JackSepticEye’s egos. Not my usual thing, but regardless, I hope you all enjoy! (P.S. *”Liebling” = “Darling” in German)

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Marvin had noticed Bunny acting strangely disobedient the past few days; refusing to cooperate during tricks, chewing the bars of her cage at night, hiding from him around the house. He was getting fed up, so naturally, he decided a little attitude adjustment was in order.

After finding her sulking behind the couch, Marvin took her back to his room and settled her into her cage. She watched him with a grumpy expression as he began flipping through his spellbook, skimming the pages before coming to a lengthy passage about correcting behaviour. Wincing at the numerous chapters, he chose the first spell he saw at random and took out his magic wand. Clearing his throat, he pointed at Bunny and read the unfamiliar incantation in a measured voice.

There was a blast, and pink smoke filled the room, smelling of sweet, burnt sugar. Marvin choked, inhaling the strange cloud before it dissipated, revealing… Bunny’s empty cage and a door left ajar.

The Magician gulped.


It wasn’t unusual for you to be woken up by the sounds of some new calamity. Shouting, running footsteps, even odd green flames licking underneath your bedroom door; you’d seen it all and then some.

But today, you just weren’t in the mood.

Sniffling miserably under the mountains of blankets on your bed, you cursed your cold. With your nose plugged and head pounding, you were already over the day when a very loud bang sounded in Marvin’s room above you. You groaned, sluggishly dragging yourself out of bed to open the door.

There was a trail of bright pink mist floating through the hallways, and you arched a brow. This was new…

Hesitantly, you lowered a hand to touch it. When nothing seemed to happen, you figured it was safe enough and headed for the bathroom to grab an Advil before interrogating Marvin.

The mist was there, too, floating around your feet in small clouds. Just when you were beginning to get curious about it, a fluffy streak shot out at you from behind the shower curtain. You yelped, instinctively grabbing it before recognizing the trembling form as Marvin’s rabbit, its fur sparkling with an unnatural pink sheen.

So Marvin’s practicing some new trick. Poor thing…

You maneuvered the bunny to cradle it against your chest. After taking something for your headache, you hummed soothingly to the shaking creature as you wandered into the living room.

There you found Chase sprawled across the couch cushions, snoring loudly with the television still on. You grinned at his squished face; no doubt he’d crashed after staying up too late during one his gaming sessions.

You put Bunny down on the couch and waded through more pink fog to turn off the TV. Then you heard rustling, and when you turned back around, Chase was sitting up, groggily rubbing his eyes with a major case of bedhead. He stifled a yawn, and you giggled. “Morning sleepyhead.”

Chase blinked, looking at you hazily. “…Hey, (Y/N)…”

You rolled your eyes. “What were you playing this time; Mario Kart or Overwatch?”

“…Mario Kart. I’m stuck on Rainbow Road.”

You laughed at how out of it he sounded, moving to pull open the curtains. “Fair enough. Maybe I can help later? I’m a bit rusty, but two heads are better than one!”

There was no response, and suddenly a weight slammed into your back. You gasped as arms encircled you, a warm body pressed flush against yours. “Chase…?”

The man behind you sighed, resting his chin on the top of your head. “Do that again…”

“Uh… do what?”

“Laugh. I freakin’ love hearing your laugh…”

Confused, you turned around in the Ego’s embrace to stare at him. “You’re more tired than I thought. Maybe you should go lie back down for a bit.”

Chase pulled back to pout at you. “Noooo, I’m fine. I just wanna hear you laugh, that’s all!” He smiled innocently, then his fingers moved to your sides.

Your eyes widened. “Chase, wait, don’t-!”

A giggle burst from your lips as Chase prodded your stomach through your light pajama top, tickling you without mercy. You laughed yourself breathless, squirming in his grip until he finally relented.

You panted, annoyed and flustered. “What-what the heck was that for?”

The hyper-Ego just grinned, looking extremely pleased with himself as he bounced on the balls of his feet. “You’re really cute, lookin’ all red like that!”

You gaped, mind reeling. “Ok, seriously, what’s going on? Are you and Marvin pulling another weird prank?”

It was like you doused him in cold water; his smiled vanished and his hold on you loosened somewhat. You took advantage of the opportunity, slipping out of his grasp as he stuck his hands in the pockets of his jeans, frowning. “Why are you thinkin’ about Marvin? What about me, huh?”

Your jaw dropped. “Nope, that’s it. Something’s wrong with you.”

Grabbing Chase’s wrist, you headed upstairs, the Ego trailing behind you. He seemed contented again now that you were holding his hand.

“Where are we going?” he asked excitedly, and you shook your head exasperatedly.

“To see Schneeplestein. I think you caught my cold and it’s messing with your brain.”

Chase whined, tugging on your hand childishly. “I said I was fiiiiine. I don’t want you to be hanging around that weirdo Doctor!”

You turned your head at his words with a scoff. “You’re possessive when you’re sick.”

Chase just blinked, staring at you unabashedly as you both climbed the stairs to knock on the Doctor’s bedroom door, passing through more of those pink clouds.

You knew it was still early, so you were a little surprised when Schneep actually answered, flinging the door open in a rush. He was already dressed in his lab coat for some reason, with his stethoscope hanging around his neck and his surgeon’s mask covering his mouth. “Vhat, vhat iz it?” the German snapped irritably.

“Sorry Schneep, didn’t mean to bother you…” you apologized with uncertainty. “Are you ok?”

The man blinked, almost as if he hadn’t realized you were there, before shaking his head. “Ah, I… I vas just running some tests. I fear something is not quite right vith me today.”

Your features coloured with sympathy and you let go of Chase, to which he whined again. “Not you too! What happened? Can I help?”

The usually stoic Ego opened his mouth, then closed it, cheeks tinting red as he pulled off his mask. “Zat is… very kind of you. Please, come in.” He stepped back into his room and you dragged Chase inside with you.

Schneep was already in full swing; a heart monitor beeped steadily, his eye-chart pulled out. It looked like he’d been running a full-diagnostic on himself. You bit your lip. “Chase, can you sit over there for just a second?”

Chase nodded, eagerly moving to sit in Schneep’s desk chair. “Totally! But you won’t take too long with him, right?” He cocked his head to the side like a puppy, and you resisted the urge to console him.

“We’ll work as fast as we can, right Doc?” You grinned over your shoulder to see the German man skimming over a long print out. At your words, his grip on the paper tightened.

“Yes… ve certainly vill.”

Satisfied, Chase beamed. You left him to lean over the Doctor’s shoulder and peer at his print-out. “Is that your heart rate?” you asked, and Schneep jumped at your nearness. “Uh, yes it iz. However, I have noted it to be much too fast.”

You hummed in agreement. “We should determine when you first started feeling sick, as well as what other symptoms you’ve developed. Then we can compare what we find to Chase, and see whether or not you’ve both got the same thing.”

Schneeplestein nodded distractedly, turning away from his computer. “Vell, I vas fine this morning vhen I first voke up, but soon after, I began experiencing shortness of breath.” You nodded, and he continued. “My thoughts vere muddled, and I struggled to focus.”

That definitely sounded like Chase.

“Any coughing, or sneezing? Maybe a headache?” you questioned.

He shook his head, running his hands through his hair agitatedly. “Nein, nothing like zhat.”

“Hmm…” More on impulse than anything else, you lifted a hand to his forehead. “Well, you definitely feel flushed, and you do look a little red.” You peeked over at Chase, mentally going over the notes, when you were suddenly whirled around and backed against the computer desk.

Schneep’s gaze was piercing, the hand you’d had against his forehead now held tight against his chest. “You…”

You squeaked as a gloved hand came up to cup your chin, keeping your eyes locked on his. “Schneep, w-what are you-”

“Vhy do you make me feel this vay?” The question was abrupt, whispered in a low, hoarse voice. “My heart drums vhen you are in my thoughts… in my sights. Vhen you valked in with him,” he spat, seemingly disgusted by even mentioning Chase, “Vhy did I have the urge to pull you close to me?”

You swallowed, free hand gripping the edge of the desk. “Schneep, wait, you’re not thinking clearly! You-you’re being affected by whatever Chase has!”

Schneep blinked, and he let go of your wrist to tuck a piece of your hair back. “You are alvays so kind… Assisting me vith my vork… Vorrying about us… Your brilliance is matched only by your beauty, *Liebling…”

His tone was sincere, almost reverent, and your breath stuttered to a stop as he leaned in closer, closer, closer…

A thunk and Schneep recoiled slightly before growling. “Can’t you tell vhen you’re not vanted, boy?” He addressed whom you could only assume to be Chase, and you saw out of the corner of your eye the other Ego was standing behind the two of you wielding a… tissue box?

“Back off man! You’re freaking them out!”

You nearly sagged with relief. Thank you, Chase!

“And they’re with me, so don’t bother trying anything lame.”

Never mind.

Slowly, Schneep pulled back. “You truly think you are a more deserving man than myself?” 

Chase scoffed, already shouting something back, but you weren’t paying attention anymore.

You had no idea what was going on this morning, but the one thing you did know was that you needed to figure this out, preferably alone.

With Schneep and Chase distracted by… whatever it was they were yelling about, you quickly snuck past them, quietly pulling the door shut behind you. Then you were rushing down the hallway, back towards the direction of your room. 

Just as you turned the corner, you smacked into a firm chest. You groaned, rubbing your nose before looking up, and your stomach sank. Anti was glaring down at you with an unreadable expression.

“Uhh, hi Anti…”

A sneer from the man now towering over you. “Going somewhere?”

You swallowed. “Oh, you know, just back to my room…” You smiled meekly before slipping past him. Or tried to, anyway. His hand slammed against the wall beside your head, effectively pinning you in place.

You sucked in a breath, and Anti leered at you. “What’s your hurry?”

A tremor shuddered through you. Normally you were on good terms with the demon, but you weren’t an idiot; you were well aware of his power.

“A-Anti? Are you ok?”

The demon growled, his teasing tone vanishing. His voice rose and fell in pitch as his form began to glitch spastically. “Don’t fuck with me!” His eyes scanned your face, a swirling vortex of blues, greens and inky black. “What did you do?” he hissed, rage marring his features. “Tell me!”

You paled. “I-I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Anti laughed, cold and high-pitched. “Oh, don’t play games with me! I’ve watched you scurry around the house with that idiot and ‘’ze good Doctor’,” he mocked, smiling widely. “You’ve got them wrapped around your fingers…”

His breath was hot on your neck, lips trailing over your ear. “And now… you’ve done something to me… “ A hum against your skin, and another giggle. “You smell different today… so sweet.”

You froze, having no idea what to do. You couldn’t possibly overpower him, and there was no way you could slip out of his vice-like grip. You clenched your hands, trying to think on the fly, when suddenly a red handkerchief appeared over Anti’s eyes.

“What the fuck?!”

The demon snarled furiously, reaching up to claw at the makeshift blindfold. It held tight, and you took the opening, dashing down the hall to the only open door - Marvin’s room.

The door swung shut as soon as you made it in, and you leaned against the frame, sinking to your knees as you gasped for breath.

“Are you hurt?” Marvin’s soft, concerned voice made you look up. The Magician was anxiously wringing his hands, chewing his lip.

You nodded briefly. “No… no, I’m ok.”

Marvin sighed, a relieved smile on his face. “Good, I-I’m glad!”

The temporary moment of peace was forgotten as you stood up, rounding on him.

“What did you do Marvin?!” you accused. “Between the explosion from this morning, that weird mist everywhere, and your rabbit’s new dye job, I know you have something to do with it!”

You paced back and forth, rambling off the top of your head until Marvin finally clapped his hands onto your shoulders with a guilty look.

“Alright, so I guess you could say I played a part, but really, it’s not all my fault!” He hurried to the corner of his room and unlocked his rabbit cage. He presented Bunny, who was still as pink as she’d been earlier.

“She hasn’t listened to me for over a week now, and I was at my wits end! So, I thought maybe…”

“Maybe a little magic would fix it?” you deadpanned, and Marvin flushed under his mask.

“I’m sorry; I really didn’t mean for any of this to happen to you.” He toyed with the hem of his cape, and your scowl faltered. Ugh, it was nearly impossible to stay mad at him!

With a defeated sigh, you took Bunny from Marvin’s arms, scratching her behind the ears. “Ok, Bunny training aside, we really need to undo the effects of your spell and fast. Any ideas?”

Marvin instantly perked up, smiling excitedly. “Actually, yeah!” He led you to his desk, where a dusty book sat opened to a marked page. “This is the spell I cast originally, and obviously, it didn’t quite work.”


“Heh, yeah… Well, turns out it’s actually a spell used for intensifying emotion! I’m not too sure how it works, but it mentions something along the lines of ‘clouding one’s mind using the senses’.” Marvin’s brow furrowed. “The air did smell really sweet after I performed the incantation…”

You shrugged as best you could with Bunny in your arms. “I’ll have to take your word for it; my nose is so stuffed up I can’t smell a thing.”

Marvin gaped at you. “So that’s why you weren’t affected!! With your cold dampening your sinuses, you were immune!”

“Good for me. Now, the cure?

“Oh, well, there isn’t a clearly marked reversal incantation, but since that’s the case, I’m thinking all I’ve gotta do is read the spell backwards!”

You bit your cheek. “You really think that’s gonna work?”

He shrugged. “It’s kinda all we’ve got to go on here.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and an overlap of voices.

“Babe? You in there?”

“Marvin, open up! We know (Y/N) is vith you!”

“Come on out! Nowhere to hide now!”

Your eyes widened and Marvin quickly waved his hands, sending his card table flying across the room to barricade the door.

“Looks like we’re short on time!” Marvin laughed nervously, and you dropped Bunny on the bed, grabbing the book and shoving it in his face.



He took the book from your hands and started reading, working slowly so as to avoid any mistakes this time around. The banging on the door grew louder, and you gripped Marvin’s arm.

“Hurry Marvin, hurry!!” The Magician nodded frantically, before pausing and lifting his gaze to stare at you.

“What?!” you hissed, and a dreamy smile stretched across his face.

“Your eyes are so beautiful…” 

Great. Just perfect.

The book was slipping from his grip, and you realized grimly you were going to have to take matters into your own hands.

Easily yanking the book away from Marvin - who was now openly gawking at you with a sappy, love-struck expression - you read through the foreign text as fast as you could.

Then, as the last syllable passed your lips, a wave of light rippled outwards. The banging suddenly stopped; the house was quiet. The sound of your laboured breathing echoed in the silence.

You turned and saw Marvin out cold on the floor, sleeping soundly. You checked his pulse for good measure, finding it to be strong.

With an exhausted sigh, you collapsed beside him, the book falling to the floor with a thud. You heard snoring coming from outside the door, and the mental image of Anti, Schneep, and Chase falling into one big dog-pile had you snickering.

Bunny hopped down from the bed to nuzzle into your side, soaking in your warmth. You smiled, rubbing her back.

“You caused a lot of trouble today, you know.” The rabbit twitched its nose at you, and you giggled. “Alright, I’ll talk to Marvin about changing your treats back once he gets up.”

Bunny seemed satisfied with that and nodded off to sleep. You stared up at the ceiling, trying to wrap your head around everything that had just happened, when the sound of fluttering paper had you turning your head.

The pages of the tome flipped wildly in a nonexistent wind for a moment, falling still around the middle of the book. Curious, you scooted over, careful not to disturb Bunny or Marvin, and read the top passage:

“Love has the ability to cloud one’s mind, dulling the senses. By casting this enlightenment magic, harboured feelings shall be brought to light. Love becomes obsession; indifference becomes hatred. Feelings are not to be meddled with carelessly; as one who practices magic, you should take care to remember this.”

You blinked at the hand-scrawled words on the yellowing paper before falling back, lying spread-eagled on the floor.

The Egos… loved you?

Your heart pounded in your chest, the weight of this realization striking you fast. What were you supposed to do now? Did you ask them? Did you wait to see what they remembered? And more importantly… what did you feel for them?

Marvin’s slight whistling snore distracted you. He looked so at ease beneath his mask, and suddenly, you weren’t worried. Your heart would decide where it belonged.

It might take some time, but you would figure it out. You didn’t need a book to tell you that.

I love Gil but if you cut Jill out from his plotline there is almost nothing left.
Imagine how much better his romance would be if he realized on his own that he wants kids instead of never ending teasing on her part.
Jill is such a bad character.
Pretending otherwise is an excuse for devs who fail to write fulfilling m/m content.


Chris finding old photographs of you and your ex, Adrien, by accident while going through the closet. You had them in a box because you shared too many good memories with him and felt like you couldn’t get rid of them. Chris in a fit of jealousy ends up throwing them in the trash.


I’ve killed so many people I’ve lost count. I can never come back from this. I’m a monster. I can feel the anger inside me. But somewhere inside me, I’m still more than that. Better than that…