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When I was a child, I realized that the camera was designed exactly like the human eye, taking in light through a lens, forming it into images. I began taking as many pictures of eyes as I possibly could. I’d like to tell you the story of the eyes that changed my world.
I Origins (2014), dir. Mike Cahill

lmao when people do fancastings of john but still use cropped photos of matt

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Oh, The Little Brit is lovely! Part 2 was incredible, I enjoyed it a lot. I want to ask will you make a Part 3? I hope you will because as I said, your writing is lovely ♡

thank you little nugget!!! i do want to extend it for another part but I do have another short series on my hand but if enough people would like me to write another part i will most definitely take the time to write another part! i really enjoyed writing it and im glad you guys enjoyed reading it!! 🌹