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Sehun Mafia AU
Genre(s): Smut/fluff/angst/gore/suspense/drama
warning:some things may be unsuitable for younger readers any triggering or sexual scenes will be starting after “***” is read.

— Let’s start off this little whatever it is if it get good views or whatever or people are interested I’ll make it into an entire series prewarning: the intro is going to be choppy just so I can like start the interesting stuff sooner–

“UHHHHH” you cry out as you throw yourself onto the couch after a long day at work. You roll off onto the floor feeling the thin layer of sweat covering your body stick to the couch. “ew” you state crawling over to the small wooden table lifting yourself up. You walk over to the bathroom flicking on the light you strip off all your clothes , and step into a nice cool shower. You finish up stepping out to a phone call from your best friend “BITCCHHH. LET’S GO OUT TONIGHT PLEASE ITS SATURDAY NIGHT AND WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING I WILL DRAG YOUR ADS OUT OF THAT HOUSE BY YOUR HAIR DON’T PLAY WITH ME.” you roll your eyes muttering something along the lines of ok and chill the fuck out.

You walk out of your house to meet your friend wearing a pair of black leather shorts, high heels and a black sequence top that has a band that wraps around the neck, attire you never wear on a normal day or wouldn’t think of wearing. You guys arrive at the club she was chattering about the whole drive there. She knew you hated clubs but the atmosphere there was really hype but still cool, and calm a great way to end the day. You walk over to the bar ordering a shot of tequila as your friend makes her way to the middle of the dancefloor, you toss that back heading over to the dance floor to eventually meet up with your friend. You away your hips to the hypnotic thumping music blaring it’s way across the club. You feel a body slide behind yours a semi-hard buldge pressing against your back. You turn around facing the stranger with a sneer taking your bad mood out on him “excuse me sir but I think you misplaced your dick. it doesn’t belong near me at all, actually you don’t either now shoo pest” you turn back around flicking your hair in his face as you turned. A small part of you feeling bad for your words due to your normal softer nature. The man walks past you bumping into you roughly causing you to fall to the side “watch out jackass” you yell out to him as he throws up his middle finger in your direction. You laugh to yourself walking back over to the bar needing another shot a small headache already making it’s way to the center of your forehead. You order another shot of tequila just as you are about to shoot it back the same man from earlier shoves past you causing you to spill your drink on the unlucky person behind you. “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to. This guy jus-” you begin spill out a string of apologies when you stop dead in the middle of sentence when you get a good look at your unexpected victim.

He’s a tall, thin faced man with small lips that look a soft pale pink in the club lights. His dark hair is slicked back slightly just so that none of it is falling on his forehead, he’s dressed in a dark suit that seems too dressy for the club you are in now. His face is set in a annoyed face, his lips pursed together and his legs spread out with a dark wet stain coating his lap which you knew to be your drink. His eyes flick up at you as he begins to speak “Excuse me. Do you got any idea what you just did. This is my good suit. By the looks of it you wouldn’t be able to afford the dry cleaning bill either. Watch what you are doing women.“ His face twists into a disgusted sneer as he faces you fully. He’s handsome you think to yourself but you quickly ignore that fact after hearing him speak to you. “Ha? Women? Excuse me Man but watch your tongue. I Don’t know what kind of people you are used to talking to like that but it definitely is not me. Enjoy your wet pants Man.” You turn around and begin to walk away before he grabs you by your wrist. “I think not. clean it. Use your mouth if you have to I don’t care. Obviously it seems like that’s your profession based of your attire.” You reared your hand back smacking him loudly across the face. Three men jump up ,one grabbing your arm holding it painfully behind your back the second putting his hand in his jacket the third turning to face the rude man “Young Master you ok? Do you need us to get rid of her?” The man referred to as Young Master grabbing his cheek clicking his tongue “tch stupid women.” He stands up grabbing your face “touch me again and I will END you. Got that? get the hell out of my face before I make you. Stupid bitch.” The man holding your arms throwing you out into the crowd you stumble into the group of gyrating hips and sweat running into your friend. “Let’s go.” You pull her along “What ___? Why? ____? Are you ok?” you guys walk out explaing everything that happened. Her eyes open wide as you described the man. “Wait ____… did he look like this?” she pulls out her phone pulling up a picture of the guy from earlier. “Yea? Why? How do you know him?.” She bites her lip “for starters his name is Sehun. He owns this bar.His father is crazy loaded and scary from what I’ve seen and rumors I heard. I heard he once completely tore some guys house down just for accidentally scratching his car… and um… heh here’s the silly thing…Hes uhh.. supposedly the son of a um.. ya know… maf…ia… boss?” she ends with a small shy smile. You stand there taking in the information you just learned you open up jaw dropping Your friends eyes open like a dear in headlights as you turn around to see Sehun and the 3 men behind you. “Fuck me.” you groan out “Well if you insist” Sehun replies with a smirk.

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i... i need more merman!arin angst... maybe him missing home...? maybe he starts becoming attracted to suzy and it confuses the hell out of him because he's enthralled with dan already...? maybe he gets a fuckin idk a fuckin knot in his hair and he's frustrated he can't get it out idk the choice is urs

if u want more fish boy angst all ya gotta do is wait just a little while longer..

Kwon Ji Yong, Boss Pt 5

Hello lovelies, just my usual reminder,
Y/S/N is “Your sons name” 
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You wiggle your nose, opening and closing your mouth a few times. You are completely asleep, unaware of Ji Yong staring down at your face. He grins as he realizes just how cute you really are. Your son comes into the room, and sets his chin on the edge of the be, looking at Ji Yong with curious eyes. “Do you like omma?” Ji Yong jumps and looks at Y/S/N. “Aigoo! You scared me!” He chuckles, getting out of bed and picking up the small boy. “Let’s go make breakfast for mommy, and we’ll talk in the kitchen. Yeah?” Your son nods his head furiously, and they leave the room. You slowly open your eyes, a small smile on your face. You take a quick shower, pulling on leggings and an oversized shirt, you wrap your hair up in a towel hat. Peeking around the corner, you watch as Ji Yong and your son make breakfast. “You like omma.” He states again in a matter of fact voice. Ji Yong looks at your son, and chuckles. “How do you know?”

“Well mommy said that she’ll be with you. And you guys shared a bed.” Ji Yong tilted his head. “Are you sure you’re really 3?” Y/S/N giggles and nods. “Mm, mama says I talk like a grown-up. But I’m almost 4. So, I’m close.” Ji Yong laughs, and ruffles Y/S/N’s hair. “Don’t rush it little man.” It’s quiet for a moment, and then you hear the little voice peep up again. “Will you marry omma?” Ji Yong suddenly choked on a piece of bacon, “What if your mom doesn’t want to marry me?” He stopped for a minute, the way 3- year-olds do and made a very serious thinking face. “Well… Maybe you can dance, around… OH! And wiggle your butt. Omma and her friend used to talk about guys with cute butts.” Your son rambled on, and on, and Ji Yong responded to everything. You took a picture of them, and went back to the room.

The life that your son had been living up until this moment, had been hard. And even though he was a trooper, he still showed signs of being sad. You had hoped that you could build a better life for him, and even find someone better to marry and have a bigger family with. A knock on the door brought you out of your thoughts. “OMMA! We’re bringing you breakfast in bed. IN BED. It doesn’t count if you’re standing next to it.” Y/S/N shooed you back under the covers, and climbed onto the large bed. Then he pointed Ji Yong to the spot where he had slept. “You too. I am feeding both of you. Because I need to be a responsible adult.” Hiding a giggle, you look over at a very amused Ji Yong. Your son continues by explaining what you were about to eat, even though it was a simple generic American breakfast. “I don’t have too much for Korean meals. But I was wondering if you would come with me to the store and help me get stuff?” You nod, as you begin to eat your meal. Ji Yong and your son cuddle up and giggle as they tease you.

 After having giving Y/S/N a bath, and Ji Yong insisting to buy you both new clothing, because the ones you had were getting old, and the rest were at your house. And it wasn’t safe to go to anymore anyways, you all bundled up warmly, and headed to a shopping mall. A few people gave you judgy looks, but Ji Yong grabbed your hand after boosting your son up on his shoulders. “Anything you want to do, try, eat, or buy, tell me okay?” Feeling overwhelmed you looked up at him. “But I don’t want you to spend money on me…” Ji Yong shook his head, “No, don’t do that. This isn’t a drama, okay Y/N? I promise you, I won’t force you to buy everything, but we aren’t leaving until you both have enough clothing. I am taking care of you. In fact, in public, let’s play family. Even though I just met Y/S/N, I’ve known you for several months now. We can pretend to be a family, and that way you won’t get looks like what they gave you a few minutes ago.” You sigh and look up at your son. “What do you think buddy? Wanna call Ji Yong Appa?” Your son smiled, and nodded. “Yeah! He can be my dad!” He leaned down to whisper in Ji Yong’s ear. “You wiggled your butt, didn’t you?”

After having bought countless amounts of clothing, and socks and underwear, you finally finished getting Y/S/N clothing, and a few toys. Ji Yong took you to get your hair and nails done. You got a new haircut, and style. Staring at your reflection you gape at your final look. “I mean you were gorgeous before, but damn.” Ji Yong said obviously approving this look. “Ommaaa you look so pretty! Appa did a good job choosing.” Blushing you thank the ladies who had helped you, and took Ji Yong’s hand. Stopping to eat pizza, you begin a conversation. “So, I heard your little chat this morning.”

Ji Yong grinned, “Snooping, were you?” You shrugged, shifting forward in your seat to lean closer. “Thank you for all the stuff you’re doing. I was so scared that he would have to grow up without someone to look up to.” Taking a bite of pizza, you gaze down at your child, happily eating and drawing on a coloring placemat. He was kicking his legs back and forth, had sauce on his face, and a really good appetite. Something he hadn’t had in a while. Glancing back at Ji Yong, you were startled by his stare. He had a very intense look on his face. “No. You are someone to look up to. Just because you don’t have a husband now, doesn’t mean he can’t look up to you. If anything, you’re the only one he should look up to. You are amazing. You’ve come this far, and you held it together. Okay?” You nod, soaking up the words that were just said.

He opened his mouth again, “And for the record, what do you think about my butt?” You giggle, and shake your head not answering as he pesters you. Once you had finished eating, you walked through the mall, buying a few more things here and there. Ji Yong was carrying your sleeping son, and watching you explore such a huge shopping mall. Coming to a lingerie store, you stop, and turn. “Ji Yong…” He interrupts you. “No no no, it’s Oppa.” You begin to protest, but decide against it. “Oppa… Can I have some money? I want to get something, but I want to go alone.” You give him your best puppy eyes. “You’re going in there aren’t you?” He laughed, nodding towards the lingerie store. Blushing, you take the money from his hand and run away. He chuckled watching you go, and wondering why you were suddenly being so shy. Once you had bought some special somethin’ somethin’, Ji Yong took your hand as you went out to the car. “You know, buying lingerie isn’t something you have to be shy about. I know that girls like to buy sexy stuff just so they feel good about themselves. Even if only they see it.” You pull the large bags away from his prying eyes. “Mine.” You giggle.

He gets closer to you as the driver starts taking you home. “No peeking? Not even if I wiggle my butt?” You sigh, and pushing his shoulder teasingly, “Well you do have a very cute butt. But no.” He pouts, getting closer and closer, touching your nose with his. “Then can I have a kiss?” You hesitate, which he takes a no. Ji Yong begins to back off, but you grab his arm, and nod. “Yes.” He looks at your face, to make sure you weren’t just saying that. Leaning in, his lips gently brush yours, and his phone rings. Groaning he sits back and checks it. “It’s my father. Hold on.” He answers it, but all you can focus on is your heart pounding. Y/S/N, is sleeping peacefully in his car seat. Ji Yong hangs up and laughs, “I think that’s the first car seat to ever be in a limo.” Then he grabs your waist and pulls you up against him. “Now…” Without hesitation he leans down and kisses you. The feeling in your body goes numb, as his tongue touches your bottom lip, and you let him in. In fact, your kiss was so intense that neither one of you noticed the car stopping, or the driver chuckling and taking your son into the house to be put to bed.

However, you did notice the man that got in, and cleared his throat. “Ji Yong.” Ji Yong pulled back, and looked at the man in shock. “Father?”




Blood, and soot, and sulphur, heat more intense than he’d ever felt but didn’t burn…the sound of muffled sobs. His ears were ringing. Nothing he was feeling was here, yet all of it felt real– wooden floors versus tiles, the stink of burning flesh versus bleach and soap.

Snap. Like a rubber band pulled taut giving way, he was fully in the bathroom.

And he hurt.

What happened? He’d been setting up his room…and had started to feel ill. So he went to the bathroom, and–

That ill feeling hadn’t left, either. It was like he had the flu, but more. Something else. Something worse.

Three agonisingly loud bangs echoed through the room and he was up, scrambling backwards and trying to cover his ears.

Wait, no…it–

“Hey, Okumura-kun? You alright in there?”

“I–” Oh no. Nononono, this can’t be– “I’m f-fine. J-just q-q-queasy.”

“Ok,” said his roommate, who he’ll never get to know and was still painfully loud, “Just holler if you need anything.”

Yukio listened to the retreating footsteps until they were safely gone before giving into the half-breaths rattling his chest, covering his mouth, his shoulders shaking as he tried not to cry.

What happened?! Why…why am I…?

There was no denying it. There was no denying it and yet he couldn’t stop shaking his head.

Why? Whywhywhywhy? Oh, god, I’m going to die. We’re going to die. I’ve messed up, when the Order finds out–

Tears weren’t coming, yet sobs were still coming thick from his throat, as he buried his face into his knees.

Time’s up. The carefully laid plan, up in smoke…up in blue fire.

Somehow, he had to get home. Tousan, Nagatomo, someone would know what to do.

Letting out an unsteady breath, Yukio fished through his pockets for the key that led to the monastery, only to brush something new and furry.

Flinching from both shock and pain as he and it recoiled, Yukio almost lost his composure again, the urge to curl into a ball and not move almost winning out. But he couldn’t be found here…not like that. Not like this.

He staggered to his feet once he’d found the key, almost lunging toward the bathroom door– the only thing keeping him from falling over outright hurt and hurt to think about. As a result, he practically fell through into the monastery, the door closing behind him with a thud that rattled his skull.

All at once, scents hit him. Blood, smoke, soot, sulphur. Death. Though his sense of smell had never been this acute, he knew that stench. Something had happened here.

Of course, he’d known that Tousan was going to tell Rin the truth today. The thought that what had happened, very suddenly and without precedent, was connected had crossed his mind for a moment, but most thoughts weren’t clear right now.

Pain rocketed through his body as his knees crumpled, the shaky sobs returning. Someone was dead. And he…and he was…


Yukio looked up to a friendly but concerned face, only to remember that he probably looked like a god damned nightmare and duck his head again.

“Nagatomo, I–I’m sorry,” he spluttered, barely able to keep a sentence together.

“Hey, hey. Take a deep breath,” he said, approaching with measured steps to rub Yukio’s back. “I’ll help you to your room. Your brother’s out still.”

Rin’s alive. But, did that mean– “What about T-Tousan? What happened? Nagatomo, I can smell it, something–”

“Yukio, he…” Nagatomo averted his gaze, and it was all Yukio needed for actual tears to well up, a low wail coming up from his throat as he curled into a ball, rocking himself.

“No…no…please no…”

This was too much. All at once, everything was falling apart, with nothing he could do to stop it.

Nagatomo tried to coax him out of the ball again, but he didn’t want to move. Maybe if he stopped and stayed here for a while he’d wake up and none of this would’ve happened.

He wasn’t sure when, but at some point Nagatomo and one of the other priests moved him somewhere soft and full of familiar scents, and the sheer emotional and physical exhaustion had him out in moments.


“My name is Angus McDonald. That part you already know. Uh, I am, and I’m not being braggy, because I– my grandpa says not to do that, but I am the world’s greatest detective.”

Magnus rolls his eyes.

“Okay. I mean I— I did detective good enough to see through your horseshit, so I can’t be too bad.”

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