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The Corinthe School for Boys by @juanjoltaire.

It’s Enjolras’s last year at the Corinthe School for Boys, a prestigious boarding school in France for the elite. He’s president of the ABC Society and he has a dorm room all to himself. Things are looking up. That is, until he finds out there’s a new kid joining their class this year. The unkempt, infuriating Grantaire, who seems to have been sent to the school simply to be a burden on Enjolras.

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Hello!! I absolutely ADORE you twos' writing and it caused me to wonder, is there any way you could you write how the RFA members (as well as V and Saeran) would react to finding out MC's gift for them under the tree was a box with a (positive) pregnancy test in it? I hope you enjoy writing this when you get around to it (or if you decide to).

A/N: HOW CUTE IS THIS OMG!! No worries anon, we definitely decided to! (sorry it’s after Christmas though ;A;) Thank you for your kind words!!!!! ~Admin 404

Hi I adore you <3 ~ Admin 626


-He’s so excited for Christmas!!

-He knows he got you so many gifts! He really hopes you like all of them!

-You got him multiple gifts as well! But there’s one that you’re really nervous to give him…

-You decided to save it until the end! After all the presents and clean up from the wrapping paper, it was time

-”Hey, Yoosung? I um… I think there’s another present for you in the tree.”

-???? He looks in the tree to find a cute small box, wrapped up with a bow

-When he opens it, the first thing he sees is a piece of paper that says, “Player 3, joining the game.”

-Under it, he finds a pregnancy test.




-”MC, is…is this for real? Are you… are we going to….”

-The moment you assure him that yes, you are pregnant with his child, he hugs you so tightly you were worried for your health yoosungie pls let me go i cant breATHE

-He’s so hyper the rest of the night! Takes care of everything! Makes you rest!

-Constant reminders that he loves you, and that this is the absolute best present he’s ever gotten on Christmas


-If you’ve ever said something vague, like, “Oh, hey, that dress is kinda cute”

-Bam, it’s now under your tree

- you need a bigger tree to cover all the presents he’s gotten you

-You try SO HARD to get him gifts but he!! Never!!!! Lets you!!!!

-”It’s alright MC, all I’ve ever wanted is you. There’s no reason to give me anything. If I wanted something so material, I’d simply buy it for myself.”


-It’s time to play, Who’s the Most Spoiled: You or Elizabeth the Third?

-He didn’t expect any presents from you because he’s already told you a million times he needs nothing

-So when he finds one, he’s super confused?

-Why is this here? What could it be?

-Of course he didn’t wait for you to come back from the kitchen to open it

-When he saw the positive pregnancy test, he immediately felt like he was soaring flyyyyyin’

-Stared into the box with tears in his eyes, so when you walked in you immediately froze

-Was he upset??? Did you make a mistake???

-When you spoke his name, he looked up at you with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen him make in your time together

-”MC, this… this is the best news I’ve ever gotten. I… We…. You… a baby? All I’ve ever wanted was to have a child to call my own. Thank you. So much.”



-Y E S

- his longest yeah boy ever

-Not only bought you a TON of gifts, but also handmade you a lot of things!

-Wakes you up early by jumping on the bed like a little kid

-Since it was his first real Christmas, you decided to buy him as many gifts as you could!

-Though, there was one gift that you couldn’t figure out how to give him…

-Later that day, after all the gifts were opened, and you two had time to relax and unwind, you tell him you have to go do something

- okay that’s not vague at all MC???

-You were gone for a very long time, so he went to go find you

-When he got to the bedroom, the only thing he found was a small, wrapped box in the middle of the room

-He saw that it was labelled to him, and opened it

-”…Wait. Is… is this?”





-You came out from behind the door where you were hiding and call out to him

-You braced yourself for a tackle but it didn’t come?

-When you opened your eyes, you saw him drop to his knees in front of you and wrap his arms around your hips

-He laid his forehead against your stomach and through tears started to talk to your guy’s child

-”Hi there little man or princess. You’re gonna have the best Christmas’ from now on, I can promise you this. You’ll have the childhood I never got to have.”


-The two of you were more of a “Here’s a gift let’s just watch movies and nap the rest of the day” kind of couple

-So that’s what you did

-You exchanged gifts and cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie

-He sat cross legged, and you sat on his lap

-He reached for the remote but…. That… isn’t a remote?

-It was a rectangle box, with a bow on it

-But, you two already exchanged gifts? Was this one from another RFA member?

- lowkey gets a little jealous

-Until he notices it has his name on it?

-So he holds it up in front of you and asks about it

-”MC, what is this?”

-”I dunno maybe it’s from Santa”

-”Yeah, whatever”

-He keeps it in front of you and opens it to see the positive pregnancy test



-You keep quiet because you want to let it sink in, and wait for him to speak first

-He doesn’t though. No words come out. The only reason you know he moved was because he crossed his arms over your chest and grabbed your shoulders, pulling you closer

-After kissing the back of your head, you heard him sigh before resting his chin on his hand, lips close to your ear

-”MC, I love you. I really do. I’m so scared of being a terrible father. But knowing you, this kid’s going to have a fantastic mother, and I can’t imagine having a family with anyone else but you..”



-Omg this boy goes all out on christmas for you!!!

-Jewelry, books, video games, etc

-Anything you wanted, he got you

-He thinks he’s gonna beat you again this year


-He’s so confused when he sees only one box for him under the tree?

-Not that he’s ungrateful, he’ll love anything you got him! But last year you got him tons of gifts

But oh my god when he opens it, hE DROPS THE BOX AND PICKS YOU UP IN EXCITEMENT

“We’re gonna have a baby?! Like an actual baby?!” oh my god this poor boy is about to cry, he’s so excited

“Do we know the gender? How many months are you? When’s the next appointment?!” omg Zen pls calm down MC has a baby she needs to relax

-He’s so happy though

-He never thought he’d have a family

-But now he has you and a child on the way <3

-He vows to treat his child with all the love in the world; he will never make his child feel the way his parents made him feel

-The rest of the night he just can’t stop kissing you

-It’s either your lips or your tummy, but this boy will not stop attacking

-Hell, he does this the entire time you’re pregnant

-You’re going to have his child, of course he’ll treat you like a goddess


-Ever since you came into her life, this lil lady is always so hyped about Christmas!!!

-You two don’t really give each other presents because Jaehee sadly never has time to get gifts

-But you two snuggle and watch Christmas movies on Christmas day and nothing could beat that <3

-But Christmas morning, she sees that there’s a box underneath the tree? MC wtf you two didnt agree to gifts this year

-She knows you’re super excited for her to open it though because you even whipped out your camera

-When she opens it, she’s really confused…?

-It’s a bunch of baby items???

-But then she opens the card, and she sees the positive pregnancy test taped to the inside

-“We’re going to be Moms, Jaehee!!!”

-This girl loses it

-She’s crying so much and she’s hugging you so tightly

-You two have been trying for so long and it was taking a toll on you two because treatments were expensive

-But it finally happened!!!

-She’s going to have a family with you!!!

-She spends the rest of the night nuzzling to your stomach and talking to the baby <3


-Christmas with V is really chill

-You two agree to one gift, and one gift only

-And then there’s so much snuggling thisboydoesn’tletyougo

-Well since this lil boy can’t see, you can’t exactly place a box underneath the tree and hope he sees it

-So you hand him the pregnancy test and a card that’s in braille for him <3

-He has no idea what the stick is but he figures you’ll tell him?

-But in the card, you don’t tell him you’re pregnant

-Instead you tell him he should get the surgery

-“We’ve been over this MC, I’m not getting the surgery” he really doesn’t wanna have this argument today of all days


-“Fine, but when you don’t get to see your child when they’re born, don’t blame me”

-“That’s fine, but-”

-W A I T



-“You’re holding a positive pregnancy test in your hand. I think you’d hate it if that was the picture of our baby’s first ultra sound though and you didn’t get to see”


-V’s gentle though, he doesn’t pick u up, he doesn’t start sobbing

-He slowly strokes your stomach the entire night and comes up with an entire plan for your pregnancy

-Which includes getting the surgery because there’s now way he’s missing out on seeing his kid <3

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hello! first of all i would like to welcome your blog to tumblr! super excited to see what you come up with ;) how would you turn on the 95' line? thank you in advance, fighting!!

Thank you pumpkin! Wow-ie, what a great way to start the blog! 

Seungcheol would be extremely turned on by you dominating him. I’m not talking about a BSDM sense, but by just pushing him down and having your way with him, woah. He takes me as someone who absolutely loves to tease his partner, but once it goes the other way around, oh boy, he’s done for. Sit on his thighs, straddle him. Pull him into a kiss. Move your hips into a gentle grind against his lap, but don’t let him touch you. Pin down his hands to his side and dig your nails softly against his wrists. I can guarantee that he’ll be a begging mess in no time, and completely ravish you once you say the word.

Jeonghan strikes me as one to be turned on by your chest. The simple curve of your breasts or dip of your collarbones is an A+ in his books. Wear a low cut shirt that exposes much more skin. Bend down when it’s not even necessary, and brush against him when you reach over for something you don’t even need. Oh, and, by god, do not wear a bra. When you’re lounging on the couch together, arc your back in a stretch and let the blanket fall down from your chest. Play with the hem of your shirt, and run your fingers along your sharpened collarbones. He’ll immediately notice your lack of undergarment and won’t help but to stare with glossy eyes. Slowly brushing your hand up to your boob, and grab a hand of his own. Guide him to the cup of your breast and give a squeeze. He’d be choking down some moans the minute he feel you under his touch. If you keep this up, don’t be surprised if he snaps and tackles you with hungry kisses.

Jisoo oh my sweet baby bean. This poor boy would be squirming at your mouth in general. Just: Use. Your. Lips. Tease him. Whether you take a fold in between your teeth or run your tongue along the bottom, it will surely send his mind into a whole different train of thought. Kiss him. On the lips, his collarbones, the tip of his nose, along his jaw. Bite him softly, use your teeth. Nibble on his ear and tug his lips in a kiss. Suck on the sensitive crook of his neck. Whisper all the sweet things you would like to do to him and breathe on his skin. I assure you that he’d turn into utter mush in a matter of seconds.

I hope I managed to meet your dirty little desires ;)

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YD: Yeah… you know, those obsessive clingy types. Guys wouldn’t like that, right? That kind of girl, I mean.
HJ: I’d like it.

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Hetalia, my first anime. The show that took world countries and gave them human personifications. The fandom that went "Oh nazis aren't bad! See how cute he is!!!" and romantically wanted rapists, stalkers, and pedos. The fandoms that took real life, horrible terrorist attacks, and made them into "OH NOZ!!! MY POOR WITTLE BABY BOY!!!" The fandom that doxxed and threaten to kill themself and you if you shipped the 'opposite' of them. The most disgusting group; I'm happy I left that behind. -🔒

god im so glad i couldnt get into that anime


accurate representation of every army watching the new i need u teaser

yes DANCE 

hey jeon I wanna lay in pretty flowers too-




too much eye contact im very crying 



dont u dare boi dont u dare DONT U EVEN THINK ABOUT IT


AFter THouGhT S: where the fuck is namjoon

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I forgot that Lisa and Ben were mind wiped, oh my god, Dean, my poor poor baby boy 😭💔

See like I get so mad when people bash Lisa. She was a goddamn saint. She took Dean in when he was half out of his mind with grief and likely suicidal as fuck (read the Spn stand alone novel One Year Gone. Some very good background about what those first few months were like.) She didn’t have to do that for him. Yeah, they weren’t a good match. Because Dean was such a mess he wouldn’t have been able to give himself to the relationship no matter what. But she cared for him when he needed someone to do that for him. That alone makes her amazing in my book.

Sixth Year


Flower, gleam and glow. Let your power shine. Make the clock reverse. Bring back what once was mine.

“Daddy I want to grow my hair long and pretty like Rapunzel’s!”

“Of course sweetheart.”

“And I want to paint my room with lots of pretty colours like Rapunzel!”

“Sure sweetheart.”

“And I want a pet gecko, like Rapunzel!”

“Whatever you want sweetheart.”

“And I want a handsome man to sweep me off my feet and take me away on an adventure!”

Over my dead body.


Annabel Hooper-Holmes was five years old (“five and three quarter years old thank you very much!”) and she already had her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Sherlock Holmes doted upon his only daughter, showering her with attention and affection and unwavering adoration. Anything she wanted, he would give her no matter how absurd. Unless of course mummy put her foot down.

But as Sherlock watched his precious little baby girl grow, he realised that his worst fear was coming true. As Annabel grew so did her beauty. He had been absolutely right, their daughter looked just like Molly when she had been younger. Except for the hair. Annabel had been blessed (“Cursed! It’s a curse I tell you!”) with Sherlock’s dark, wavy curls. And coupled with Molly’s big, brown doe eyes and button nose, Annabel was perfect.

And Sherlock mourned the fact.

People would stop on the street to coo at the little girl, much to Sherlock’s chagrin and Annabel’s glee. Compliments were thrown left, right and centre. There had even been pictures taken of the Hooper-Holmes daughter walking down the street with her parents in one of those gossip magazines.

Curiously, the photographer mysteriously disappeared the day after the photographs were published and all copies of that particular issue of the magazine had been destroyed by order of the British Government.

So basically, Annabel was flawless, Sherlock struggled with protecting his precious baby from evil, corrupt, unworthy eyes and Molly wore a shit-eating grin as she watched her husband’s misfortune.

Molly had to agree, their daughter was beautiful, but she could hardly see how that was a bad thing.


“So what if she’s pretty Sherlock? What could possibly be wrong with that?”

“Molly she is a splitting image of you! If she’s as beautiful as you are-”

“Oh Sherlock, did you just call me beautiful?”

“- who knows how much attention she’ll get from some wretched-”

“I’m sure you’re just over exaggerating.”

“-despicable, revolting, contemptible-”

“Okay now you’re just being overdramatic.”

“-unworthy, filthy, disgustingly vile vermin!”

“Mind your blood pressure, love.”

“Honestly Molly if she inherited your looks, who knows what else she got from you! Like your horrid taste in men!”

“Hey! I married you, didn’t I?”

“Yes Molly, you married a high functioning sociopath with a nicotine addiction! Are you mad woman?!”

“You know sometimes I wonder.”

“Oh my poor baby girl. Some boy is going to take her away from me. Evil, unworthy boyssssssssss.



“Sherlock, did you just hiss?”

“Of course not, that was Toby.”

“Don’t lie to me.”


Despite the betrayal of his wife, Sherlock did have one ally in the fight to protect his daughter’s innocence. And that ally came in the form of nine year old Christopher Watson.

God bless that child.

Chris had acted as a surrogate big brother/confidant/bodyguard to Annabel. At the playground, while Annabel enjoyed her time on the swings, Chris would diligently push her whilst keeping an eye out for any threats. While Annabel played in the sandbox, Chris would hand her the necessary bucket or spade whilst patrolling the perimeter. One incident at school had begun with some snot-nosed little brat unyieldingly pulling on Annabel’s hair and ended with Chris’ fist in the kid’s snot filled nose.

From his parents, Chris received a stern talking too and a weeks grounding.

From Sherlock, Chris received a bar of chocolate and a new bike.

Chris gave the chocolate to Annabel and taught her how to ride without training wheels.


However, no amount of assistance from Christopher Watson would help Sherlock if his daughter was hell-bent on having a fairy tale love story with some prince charming. He blamed Molly and the ridiculous notions of happily-ever-after she put in Annabel’s head with all her bedtime stories. And he blamed Tangled.

He had somehow been cajoled into watching the animated Disney movie by his daughter (“It was her eyes! Her perfect, little eyes! God dammit Molly! This is your fault!”) and as he sat with his sparkly tiara on his head (Annabel had insisted that it was the only way to watch a Disney princess movie. Molly had taken pictures. And sent them to Mary. Who sent them to John. Who sent them to Lestrade. Who sent them to the entirety of Scotland Yard. In the distance, Sherlock could have sworn he heard the sound of Anderson cackling with glee.) Sherlock realised he was going to have his work cut out for him.

The movie had begun with the kidnapping of Rapunzel (“See sweetheart, this is why you don’t talk to strangers and why Uncle Mycroft has agents following your every move.”) and saw Rapunzel being locked in a tower, isolated from the rest of the world (“Now there’s an idea.”) until some big-nosed hooligan practically slingshot himself into Rapunzel’s room (“So much for that idea.”) and then there was some singing and dancing and floaty, glowy lanterns and ended with a kiss and a happily-ever-after and Annabel wanting to be just like Rapunzel. Big-nosed boyfriend and all.

So Sherlock sucked it up and did one of the hardest thing a parent ever had to do. He had to break it to his baby girl that she couldn’t have everything she wanted in the world.

Especially a boyfriend. Like ever.

But he did let her grow her hair out. And paint her room. And he bought her the goddamned lizard. Which she decided to name Eugene.


“I don’t understand Molly! What could she possibly see in this Eugenecharacter?”

“Hmm, I don’t know Sherlock. I always quite liked Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.”

“Oh good god not you to. First I have to defend my daughter from some lecherous scum and now my own wife as well!”

“Hey don’t knock Prince Eric. He’s tall, handsome, dark hair, blue eyes and has a glorious set of cheekbones.”


“Oh indeed. And he has a thing for redheads.”

“You’re not a redhead.”

“I’m close enough.”

“Well then my queen, allow me to escort you to the bedroom.”

“Of course my king.”


Merry Christmas Ruby! I hope you like this instalment. I pinky promise that even though it’s after Christmas I’ll send you the next parts!

Much Love, your Secret Santa!

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