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Phan fluff: moving house

This ones kinda short but everyone keeps saying that they’re moving and it inspired me to write sooo

Dan and Phil were sat on the floor in Phil’s room. They were trying (trying being the key word) to sort through their stuff to get it ready and packed. They were running out of time though. Dan had kept nagging Phil to start sorting through his seemingly endless pile of junk, Phil’s argument being that he wanted to keep it all, his room was full of it did he really need that much?Eventually has Dan given up relying on Phil to do it on own and decided to help him, only because he was afraid they wouldn’t be packed in time. After all, they were moving tomorrow!

Hey Dan, do you think I should keep this?’ Phil asked, pulling some form of soft toy out of one of his draws.
‘You should probably throw it away to be honest, do you really need a stuffed walrus plushie?’ Dan questioned, half rolling his eyes.
‘But it’s cuddly and soft’
‘Like me’ Dan joked.
Phil snorted
'Does that mean I should throw you away too?’
'Oh but you wouldn’t want to throw me away would you?’

Dan got up and wrapped his arms around Phil, Phil chuckled and whispered
'Maybe I would’
to which Dan quickly responded by turning the hug into a wrestling match. He squeezed Phil tighter, scrambling as Phil reacted, then both boys tried to push each other to the floor, Dan tried to jump on Phil when he suddenly felt him tickling his neck. His neck was extremely sensitive and his arms and legs were flailing all over the place as Phil mercilessly tickled him, laughter escaping them both. Phil eventually gave up the tickling and gave Dan a cheeky grin before pinning him to the floor.
'Don’t mess with me Howell’ Phil exclaimed proudly as he looked down at Dan.
'Wouldn’t dream of it’ Dan gazed up at Phil innocently.

Phil let out a sigh of content and collapsed, lying on top of Dan on the carpet, he could feel Dan’s heart beating and his stomach moving gently up and down as he breathed. Both boys lay there like that for a moment, though they would have lay there forever if they could. It was Dan who eventually spoke up.
'Phil?’ He whispered.
'Yeah Dan?’
'Im really gonna miss this apartment you know, we have so many memories here’
They both sat up and looked at each other then.

'Like all the times we walked into that goddamn glass door in the kitchen!’ Phil chuckled.
'And remember when you literally broke three mirrors!’
'And all the videos we filmed here, oh Dan you’re making me sad now!’
'Yeah, it is sad but think of it as a new adventure, in mean we’re moving into our very own house! We’re gonna have a garden and our own bedroom…’
'Still don’t know how we’re going to explain to our subscribers that we only need one bed now…’ Phil blushed while he said this.

'Well um… yeah, but I’m sure we can overcome that, anyway maybe we could even get a little puppy since we’d be allowed to now’
'We could get a little shibe, oh my gosh Dan yes!
'Although I’m not sure we’re quite cut out to be parents, even if it is just dog parents’
'Oh come on, we’ve got our own house now! We’re totally adults’
'Says the one holding the walrus plushie’
Phil was in fact now holding the plushie again, having picked it up to fiddle with while they were talking.
'Okay, mabye I’m not 100% adult yet’
Phil smiled, a cute childish little smile that caused Dan to smile back.
'No, you’re just 100% dork’
Dan leaned in closer to him and their lips connected, Phil throwing the walrus plushie to the side and running his hands through Dan’s hair.
'I love you’ Phil breathed against his lips, Dan lips smirked against Phil’s as he replied.
'Now 101% dork’

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Any soumako fic recommendations? I'd appreciate it!

np! ive got a couple, lol :’D 

- When The Stars Align, by astudyinwhimsy. soulmate AU, very dreamy and cute. :’) i don’t often read soulmate AUs, but this was a reaaaal good one. 

- Unnamed, by tastewithouttalent. PWP, featuring soumako one night stand and bottom!sousuke, which im personally a big fan of. great characterization, great writing, great smut, with the tiniest dash of angst to top it all off. 

- close quarters, by popnographic, aka @radiodread (<3) roommate AU with broke friends, sousuke and makoto, bein adorable sexy dorks together. a must read. 

- 404 by moeblobmegane is another soulmate AU that’s FANTASTIC. a great example of a soulmate AU done right, and it’s adorably done soumako, to just add a whole new level of perfection to it. :’) 

- Image recieved by Trashness, aka @irrevocably-delicious, is an absolutely hilARIOUS texting fic that should be a required reading for anyone who likes soumako. so good. makes me giggle just thinking about it. 

- To the flower of winter, by aesopeau, is a soumako classic that’s p much 25 chapters of pure poetry. it includes yakuza!sousuke and paramedic!makoto, and i just about die every time i so much as think about the title, it’s so good. 

- I’ve known you before…, by wheelsablaze. Another soulmate AU, but much more lowkey on the soulmate aspect of it. focuses more on the fun lil plot. remember how i said i didnt read a lot of soulmate fics? well i wasn’t lying, soumako just happens to have top-tier soulmate fics that get the better of me. anyways…. real good fic including messy makeouts and scary video games

- Ever Blue! Iwatobi Music Club, by karumello aka @karumello. super cute band AU with slow burn soumako bein high school dorks. features both of them singing, so you know im gonna lovelovelove it

- and, of course, the legendary Future Earth, Future Sky, by Inky. the soumako bible, if you will. it’s unfinished, (and probably abandoned for good, as much as it pains me to say,) but boy oh boy what a fic. 57 chapters of A level shit right there. 

Really anything by cyancandy (@roseshell ) and Miss_Murdered (@miss-m-muses) and ishka (@iskabee) is gonna be hella good. Very trust-worthy writers who leave me shook again and again. next level shit w/ them, guaranteed. you should check out their blogs too, bec i know iska and miss-m both have soumako drabbles on their tumblr and roseshell’s got a greaaaat soumako dance AU under the tag :’D

ok, that’s all im gonna say now, bec im p sure that’s more than enough and im starting to feel guilty about tagging all these people :’) sorrryyyyyy

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i havent ridden sam since april but ive been riding teddy a lot and im really really gonna miss those ponies when i switch but know i'll be with horses that actually know what they're doing jump wise and can school up to 4 feet whereas Teddy can't jump high because he's too rushy and somethings wrong with Sam so he's not allowed to jump anymore :/ but yeah! i love matchy matchy so im all for

Oh no, poor Sam! Hope he (she?? I don’t remember if it’s a girl or boy lol) feels better, and it’s nothing serious. But, that’s good you get a chance to practice on more seasoned horses.

Edit: My dumbass missed the part where you said he lol

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hi this is weird but i was wondering if u had any kind of little headcanons or thoughts about wirt. i feel like u get him super well and its so cool to see how you interpret him in art and stuff i love that boy

oh man yeah, i have plenty… this is probably gonna get rly heavy and sad tho, my headcanons arent cute #suicide ideation #self harm

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