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Bygones of the Sun | 03 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 7.8k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03 | 04

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So apparently Jungkook has a personal Instagram

This is the instagram account in question (Update: I guess I will update this for those who find this post days or weeks after. The account was a fake, it was found that this person has created fake accounts before. As you can see they have deleted their account, this is mainly because they had 100k plus followers, most followers from a popular bts info youtuber who made a video about it but without doing real research and having the comments disabled so most people believed it was jungkook’s real account and were DMing it. I think the main reason for deleting the acc was probably that the studiobillybean instagram were they stole the location pictures from ended up finding out about the fake account and in turn started posting BTS pictures. Shortly after the fake account deactivated their account. 

It’s sad that there are people who create accounts like this, there is another fake jungkook acc that posted an instagram story pretending to be jungkook singing but in fact it was an audio from an old bts radio interview. There’s also a fake Yoongi personal Acc. I have learn’t alot and I won’t be making a post like this again anytime soon…. I have come to realise that some army’s are just…..sPeCiAl.) 

it has 6 posts, apparently Wkskkk on the hangul keyboard is equivalent to Jeonaaa (i don’t know korean so…) the account has also written I miss you on Jungkook’s brother’s post of the dog. (I’m not going to lie, I have written I miss you Jungkook, when he hadn’t posted a selfie in a while so…yeah)

But note, the I miss you on the dog is kinda important, remember that.

Before I did some searching, they were a few things that didn’t add up. 

1. Jungkook is the member who is least active on social media so for a member to have a account like this, Jungkook would be the last person I would think.

 2. Let’s assume Jungkook has a personal account like this, he has a high definition camera that takes high quality pictures.

Exibit a: Taken by Jungkook.

Even if he used his phone, the pictures would not come out that low quality. So, my conclusion before searching was that maybe it’s a member of staff with a bad camera. Oh, how wrong I was….

Firstly, I image searched the pictures posted and let’s start with the Puma pictures.

These are the ones posted on the instagram account:

When I imaged search the second picture I ended up on this website. 

 It has a lot of pictures on the day when they were shooting for puma.

Notice the difference in quality, these pictures are hd, so i’m guessing the person used a filter.

Let’s talk about this jikook post. The exact same picture can be found on Bon Voyage 2.

This is selfie Jungkook himself hasn’t posted in full quality we only have this preview. This would explain why the picture is posted 4 times, because it’s small and why it’s in black and white.

This picture we have all seen it. They put a filter to make it look low quality.

Heres a better quality version.

Now I’m going to move on to the picture of the dog.

This to me, looks creepy because from my prospective it looks like a picture taken from outside a door or window..i don’t know. I google searched it and there was no match found. So, this could mean there is a picture for this dog somewhere it just wasnt found by google image search or maybe this is the only actual picture taken by this person of the dog. Remember that post where his person said I miss you on Jungkook’s brother’s instagram. That was a picture of the same dog. 

I searched the other pictures of the wall, buildings and stuff but there were no matches found there. This was the only match found and it was other korean instagram’s of sorts. 

Edit: All the pictures of the wall, tree and with the radiator are all taken from this instagram account. 

So, I would assume this person is Korean but I don’t think it is Jungkook nor a member of staff. Just a fan of Jungkook. But you never know I could be wrong. This is just what I found. 

(I’m going to tag @kookminworld0507   and @myriam1457-blog  because I wouldn’t have even known about the acccount if it wasn’t for your posts. 

Also, i do believe that BTS members have personal social media accounts it’s just I highly doubt this one is actually Jungkook’s.

McCall Pack, Meet Riverdale Part 2

Summary: Your the sister of the late Allison Argent. Soon after her death your father, Chris Argent, Isaac Lahey and you move to France. Not long after you find yourself living with your Dad in his hometown. While Riverdale doesn’t have a supernatural mess, it sure does have a strange and mysterious murder.

Characters: daughter!reader x chris argent, reader x undetermined love interest, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and Allison Argent (mentioned)

Words: 4507

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own Riverdale OR the characters, the show is based the Archie Comics which I do not own either. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs that may appear.

Warnings: possible swearing, mention of death, mention of murder, angst. Angry reader and allusion to the murder of Jason Blossom.

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: Ask if you want to be removed or added! At the bottom.

A/N: I’ve completely fallen in love with Riverdale mainly because I grew up reading the comics. IT’S AMAZING! With that being said I will be taking requests for Riverdale!

This is to hold you guys over because Ash and I will be unavailable for a little way. I have tons of homework and I’m not at liberty to say what Ash is busy at!

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“What the hell?” Archie exclaimed following the three of you. His friends trailed after him.

“Jesus christ.” You groaned rubbing your arm from where you had been manhandled. Scott smacked Stiles in the back of the head before he looked at you, “What the hell are you doing here?!”

“Argent sent us.” Scott said, “Beacon Hills has trouble and we need your help.”

You were pushed back as a tall red head protectively stood in front of you with his arms crossed. To your horror Archie and his tag alongs had joined the group also causing Stiles to curse as he pointed a skinny finger as you.

“Please tell me that the Scooby-gang doesn’t know about the Nogistune.” Stiles hissed.

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Romanian Fun

Request: Hiii, are u taking request? If you are not feel free to just ignore this ☺️ could you do a Sebastian x Reader where they are in an interview about civil war or infinity war idk and he says something to her in Romanian (dirty or not) and he is surprised when she answers and Romanian because he didn’t know she could speak it

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Warnings: fun n stuff, language, hints @ smut

A/N: I get a little uncomfortable when writing for a celebrity. Like I’m fine writing for the celebrities characters that they have played in movies but when it comes to them specifically, I dunno. I don’t really know how to explain it.

p.s. all the Romanian spoken in this is from google so don’t come at me.

p.p.s. the ending insinuates smut so if any of want, you can write it and I’ll be happy to reblog :)

“Now let’s welcome our special guests, the cast of Captain America: Civil War!” you hear Jimmy Fallon’s voice and a crew member gives you a signal to start walking out. “Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Sebastian Stan and Y/N Y/L/N!”

You all walk over to the couches and you end up sitting between Sebastian and Elizabeth. Once you all are situated, Jimmy starts.

“It’s such an honor to have you all here tonight.” He smiles.

“I was debating whether or not to come.” Robert says. “I was gonna blow thing whole thing off for pizza but Chris wouldn’t let me.”

The audience erupts in laughter and Chris shakes his head.

“Chris is one of those ‘keep-to-the-schedule’ type of guy. He keeps us on track.” Jeremy adds.

Chris chuckles. “I’m a proud, organized, team leader!”

“Woah, woah, woah, who said you were the team leader?” Anthony questions and you playfully scoff.

“Anthony, we probably wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for Chris.”

The audience laughs again.

“You make a valid point, Y/N.” Anthony points to you while nodding his head.

The laughter dies down and Jimmy smooths out the front of his suit before leaning against the desk he was sat at.

“Alright, so, tell me about the filming…”

The interview goes on, everyone making jokes and laughing every now and then until the spotlight hits Sebastian.

“So, Sebastian, it’s no secret that you speak Romanian, correct?” Jimmy folds his hands on the desk as he waits for Sebastian to respond.

“Correct.” The brunette nods.

“Would you mind speaking some for us?”

“Right now? Oh, I don’t know I kind of-”

“Aw c’mon!” Jimmy then turns to the audience. “Do you want Sebastian to speak Romanian?”

The crowd goes wild with cheers and whistles and screams – even your friends are cheering him on. Sebastian lets out a laugh and tucks his hair behind his ear before nodding.

“Alright, alright, I’ll do it.” the crowd cheers again and Sebastian looks over at Jimmy. “What do you want me to say?”

“Anything. Say anything you wa- actually, I’ve just thought of something better.” He says. “Choose someone, anyone, and tell them what you’re thinking about this very moment.”

Sebastian smiles. “Alright, should be easy…” he pretends to think about who he was going to choose before shifting in his seat so that he was facing you.

“Oh boy, here they go.” Robert teases.

Now, there’s no doubt that something was going on between the two of you. Nothing major though, just flirting here and there. Your costars could sense the tension between the two of you whenever you were in a room with each other. You liked Sebastian and Sebastian liked you but nothing had come from that. Yet.

“Mă gândesc să scot rochia de pe tine chiar acum.” (I’m thinking about ripping that dress off you right now).

You breathe in sharply, the tone of his voice sending shivers down your spine.

“Ți-ar plăcea asta, nu-i așa?” (you’d like that, wouldn’t you?). He continues.

Sebastian scoots closer and drapes an arm around you innocently.

“Nu știi cât de prost vreau să te duc acum.” (you don’t know how badly I want to fuck you right now).

You gulp and look up at Sebastian who was smirking at you.

Glancing around you see everyone with their eyes on the two of you, waiting for a reaction from you. You clear your throat and smile at the brunette beside you. “Vom avea o mulțime de timp pentru asta după acest interviu.” (we’ll have plenty of time for that after this interview).

Sebastian’s eyes widen and his mouth falls open at your response all while everyone else goes crazy, cheering and clapping.

“It looks like you’re not the only one who can speak Romanian, Seb.” Scarlett smirked.

“He’s speechless, look at him!” Elizabeth points out and your friends burst into laughter.

Anthony waves a hand at Sebastian while trying to contain his laughter. “Close your mouth seabass, you don’t wanna catch flies.”

Sebastian snaps out of it and regains his composure.

“What did you say?” Jimmy asked, still trying to control his laughter.

Sebastian licks his lips, cheeks tinted pink as he steals a glance at you. “I asked her how her pussy was doing.”

Everyone fell back into laughter and Sebastian ran his fingers through his hair with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.

“Sebastian!” Jimmy exclaimed while laughing. “This is a PG-13 show!”

“Wha- oh come on! I was talking about her cat, you perv! Get your mind out of the gutter!” the brunette joked.

Once the laughter died down, Jimmy moves onto the next topic. While he talked to Robert and Chris about their characters rivalry, Sebastian leans in towards you.

“You and me, after this interview, right?” he whispered.

You giggle. “You gotta take me out to dinner first, Stan.”

Sebastian bites his lip, ghosting over your ear. “You’ve got yourself a deal, baby.”

A/N: I just really love Jimmy Fallon o k a y

tell me what ya think!


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I’ll take what’s left of you

The wonderful orenjimaru (I put a link because it refuses to tag) drew a fabulous piece with Jack and Gabriel on Tumblr and Twitter

Which inspired me to write this:

Gabriel visited the one Angela called ‘Jack’ every time he was at the watchpoint.

It had taken her weeks to relent and let him inside, she thought his intentions malicious, but that was to be expected. A cancer was growing inside of Overwatch and it was Gabriel’s job to snuff it out. However, that didn’t mean he wasn’t at the top of the list in ‘persons of interest’.

The first time he visited, it was for a routine check-up and the large, bubbling tube of green liquid caught his eye from the exam room. He had migrated to it like a bug to a light, booted footsteps heavy against Angela’s tile floor.

Jack’ was a sight to behold.

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Jungkook as your boyfriend

I’m gonna fucking yell while making this I can just feEL IT

…….*sigh* hol up…..lemme just….take a deep breath cause uh….we in for a wild ride friends

heres the other boy btw if ur interested Jimin Hobi Yoongi

•A complex boy lemme tell ya

•He just??? Never stops confusing and amazing you at the same damn time?

•He’s probably really shy wen you first meet bc he’s just not comfortable around people he’s not used too

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Imagine Tony Finding Out he has a Teenage Daughter...

request: Can you do headcannons for tony stark finding out he has a teenage daughter?


Originally posted by passion-of-arts

- you always bounced around from foster home to foster home

- your mother died in a car accident just after you turned 5 and left no record of who your father was

- she was a runaway and had no family

- you were always rather rebellious and wicked smart

- you ran away from foster homes very often

- once you even faked being a college student to get an internship, but someone noticed your belongings in a storage closet and ruined it

- you made it your life venture to find your father

- you had a few of his belongings that your mother had on her when she died

- a small picture of the two of them kissing and then with arms around each other (but it had a f*cking coffee stain on it right by his face) and a notebook from Stark Industries so you figured he must work there

- always being extremely smart and in advanced classes despite moving constantly

- you did a lot of research and finally found a copy of the same picture you had online on a tony stark website, the label beneath was: Tony Stark (right) with current girlfriend Y/M/N (left)

- so you found the tower and left for new york, hopping trains and buses

- you snuck into the building one night after a security guard was switching shifts and you caught the door before it shut

- you wandered around until you found his lab

- it was AWESOME

- but as you explored you heard a whoosh and turned around to see none other than your father holding a gun and with his iron man fist glowing

- “you have 5 seconds to tell me who you are and what the hell you’re doing here little girl”

- you were speechless but then he started counting, “I THINK YOU’RE MY FATHER”

- he really had to sit down for that one

- tony running his own blood test and vision even confirming it

- he doesn’t hesitate to take you in

- but he is wary of you because he looked up your record

- “damn, 15 foster homes and a break out of all of them, impressive. but if you even think of pulling anything here, you’d better think again”

- assuring him you won’t run away

- showing him tech you started working on to improve his suit after finding out he’s your dad

- “you did this for me? but what if you came and hated me?”

- “this could be used against you…” he respects you for that one

- father daughter tinkering days

- training with happy/black widow/anyone commencing immediately

- he even makes you a suit: “this is NOT for use, it is for emergency only.”

- the smirk you have gives you away and that night when you sneak up to try it on he is already there sitting in a revolving chair

- “how did i know you’d be here?”

- “because i’m just like you?”

- for that comment and the pride he feels he lets you put on the suit

-… which was a mistake because you fly away immediately, igniting a race between you running and him trying to bring you back

- him overriding the suit and having it fly you home

- “dammit, guess i’ll just have to learn how to override the code myself” you’d muse

- he’d be SO GODDAMN PROUD, but also ur ass is grounded for a month and the suit is on friggin lockdown

- he’d have his hands full with a brand new 15 year old, but Pepper and everyone else would be really good with you

- omg the first time you are on your period and whine about it in front of him he kinda freaks out and treats you like you’re dying

- “LAY DOWN LAY DOWN.” “do you need water” “chocolate?” “wanna watch a movie” “I SAID LAY DOWN, DON’T HURT YOURSELF”

- yelling at him for smothering you

- “god, dad. leave me alone, it’s just a period.”

- silence and then “that’s the first time you’ve called me dad..”

- you sitting straight up and realizing it too, then making fun of him, “wanna go outside and toss around the pigskin pop?”

- he is just as fast, “anything is fun with my boy-scout son”

- laughing for ages

- watching movies together to catch up on lost time

- you falling asleep with his arm around you and him feeling so lucky that you found him

- always making him proud papa™

-even when you built a laser for the science fair and cut off a girl’s ponytail by accident

- “oh come on, disqualified?! it was an accident! my daughter made a laser, the girl’s hair will grow back”

- promptly being asked to leave

- having fun with all of the avengers

- each of them taking on a different family member role

- your father sending you out of town whenever something big goes down in new york

- but come on, happy is no match for you and you have recovered your suit by that point and come to help

- he is FURIOUS but you save his ass

- huge argument over you coming

- not talking for a week because he wants to destroy your suit but you want to be an avenger

- natasha and pepper (surprisingly) both taking your side

- pepper’s words got through to him, “she is your daughter, she will end up here eventually and you would much rather help her through it and still have a relationship than estrange her and cause her to do it alone”

- shopping trips with wanda

- always getting cheek kisses from your dad

- every single night, before you go to bed he says goodnight and that he loves you

- calls you “little hero”

- also, he’s really good at helping you with homework

- being content because tony is everything you ever asked for…and more <33


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Who is she Ketch?

A/N: So I was sitting at work this morning when this idea struck me and I was like…I HAVE TO WRITE THIS. Set during the current season so spoilers.

Summary: The British Men of Letters want info on all the American hunters & finally find something they can use against Sam & Dean to get the information.

Originally posted by faith-in-dean

Sam and Dean sat in their chairs as they glared at Ketch and the two other members of the British Men of Letters who had barged into the bunker. The boys had just returned home from a hunt Ketch had sent them on and were enjoying some beers when Ketch came through the door with his gun drawn.

“We wanna talk to Mick. Now.” Sam said as he scowled at the Englishman.

“Ah, about that. Mick, he’s dead, been dead for a couple of weeks now.” Ketch replied nonchalantly.  The Winchester’s continued to stare at Ketch, trying to not react to the news of Mick’s death.

“Why’d you kill him?” Dean questioned.

“Let’s just say that the, higher level members back home didn’t approve of the way he was handling things here in America. So he had to be handled.” Ketch told the brothers.

“What do you want?” Sam asked, changing the subject.

“Well, you see, those same members decided that we need to change our strategy towards you American hunters. Assimilate or eliminate.” Ketch said as he looked between Sam and Dean.

“So if we don’t take to your rules, you’re gonna kills us?” Sam replied.

“Yes. Now, we’re almost positive that you two are going to be a pain in our side and work against us so you’ll be handled, but first, you’re going to give us information about all the hunters you know.” Ketch stated as if it was a fact. 

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Flirt With Me - Part 2

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Requested: Yes (20+ OMG)

  • @skymoonandstardust: This is so sweet and so perfect!! I would love a second part– if you want to that is, and if you do write one can you please tag me?
  • @themaddesthattter: Literal perfection A part two would be awesome 💕
  • @blackbluberrys: i need a part two for this FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCC
  • @zsupernaturalz: Ajjejsheh can you make a part two!! And tag me if it’s no problem
  • @hippie-bibbie: Part two please oh my god
  • @shineecharisma: can this have a part two ohmygod
  • and a lot, lot more!

A/N: IT’S HERE! The highly requested and long awaited sequel! I hope it meets your expectations, I’m actually terrified because I’m afraid that it doesn’t meet the standards of the first one… Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!


Part 1


How to flirt

Your fingers move swiftly across the keys of a school laptop as you type, glancing around the library, praying that no one was around to see what you were up to.

Less than a week ago (93 hours and counting… yeah you kept track), your best friend Peter Parker had flirted with you to help you avoid a certain obnoxious fellow Decathlon member, leaving you feeling very confused.
You’ve known Peter almost your whole life, but you had never imagined you would witness the slightly very seductive and flirtatious side of the sweet little, innocent boy from Queens.

You’d be lying if you said that you hadn’t enjoyed the little experience, even if it left you feeling extremely vulnerable and flustered - being a rather confident girl, that was something you definitely weren’t used to. You always liked Peter, he was an amazing friend, however, the episode left you desiring for something more… which has led you to this moment; sitting alone in the library and Googling for flirting tips during your free period. As pathetic as it sounded, you had a plan to finally admit your feelings for Peter, you’d win his heart the way he’d unknowingly captured yours.

You sigh as the page buffers, stupid school wifi.

But in order for your plan to be successful, you needed to be able to flirt. And unfortunately, that doesn’t happen overnight.

The page finally loads and you cheer silently in success, jumping slightly in your seat. The librarian glares at you accusingly but doesn’t raise a finger.

“These internet people better know what they’re doing…” you murmur to yourself as your eyes skim through an article. Of course, it was useless.

You yelp in surprise as you felt someone breathe on the back of your neck while peering over your shoulder. Hurriedly, you slam the laptop shut but the damage had been done.

“Learning how to flirt on the internet?” Michelle drawls with a smirk and you feel yourself heat up. “I’ve tried it before. You’re lame.”

“Wait, but you said you tried it too-” you start before she cuts you off with a smirk. Ah, Michelle, such a complex and bright mind yet ever so confusing at times.

A thought suddenly pops into your head.

“So are you any good at flirting now? Perhaps you could help me?” you inquire hopefully. Sure, Michelle didn’t seem like a flirt, but at this point, you honestly didn’t know what to expect from anyone anymore.

“Me? Flirt? Pfft, no. I’d rather be doing something productive, like drawing people in crisis.”

You simply nod, not exactly eager to find out what she meant about ‘people in crisis’.

She ignores you for the rest of the period, checking out a few interesting looking books as you resume reading a few blogs and online magazine articles, but to no avail. By the time the bell rang you still hadn’t learned anything new.

Sighing in frustration, you pack your things.


“Okay, Ned. Play along with me for a moment.”

“Wait, what?”

“I’m going to do something, just go with it!”

Ned looks dumbfounded as you saunter over to him, twirling a strand of hair around your fingers.

“Hey, handsome,” you whisper, closing in on him. He backs up nervously against the lockers.


You give him a flirtatious wink.

“(Y/N), you’re scaring me.”

You sigh in defeat as you slam your face into the lockers with a loud bang. A few freshmen stare at you curiously but you couldn’t care less. Ned, on the other hand, looks as confused as ever as he awkwardly tried to pry your face from the lockers.

“Hey Ned, (Y/N)!” you hear an all too familiar voice call. The feet carrying the person skid to a stop. “Uh, what’s wrong with her?”

Peter glances at Ned, who shrugs before walking off, still pondering over your crazy behaviour from earlier. Peter pokes your head gently but you ignore him, even though you wanted nothing more than to face him and look into his beautiful eyes.

“(Y/N),” Peter tries again when he suddenly spots Flash coming around the corner. His face lights up in realization and the faintest traces of hope, however, you (your face still shoved against the lockers) didn’t see his eyes shine in excitement. “Ah, I see. Flash approaching quickly at six o'clock. Want to put your old plan into action again?”

His voice is eager and hopeful, but once again this remained unnoticed by you for your face was starting to flush, the blood roaring like strong waves in your ears.

Without warning, Peter successfully removes your face from the cool metal (damn his inhuman strength) and twirls you around to face him, his cheeky, flirtatious smirk from a few days before, returning.

You feel your knees shaking beneath you and your heart beating faster. You wanted to scream in delight but also die right there and then. You weren’t prepared, the websites had taught you nothing. You were defenseless and you wouldn’t be able to play along with him nor tell him how you really felt. Your heart stopped and all your trains of thought left you as he opened his mouth.

“There isn’t a word in the dictionary to describe how beautiful you are.” Peter whispered, his voice low and husky.

Your face was burning like a freshly lit fire as he gazed into your eyes, taking your hand in his gently. You tried to keep your hand as still as possible, but it was shaking madly in his grasp. However, his grip only tightened. You rack your brain to the websites you browsed merely hours ago, and blurt out the first thing that came to mind. The line that would allow Peter to understand how you truly felt, the line that would start your relationship as a real couple-

“And you must be the square root of two, because I feel irrational around you.” you uttered, your voice awfully tremulous.

He chuckles and you wanted nothing more than to slap yourself. Out of the hundreds of pick up lines you read, you chose to use the only one with math? Freaking mathematics? Nobody would ever take that seriously, not even Peter and he wore science pun shirts for goodness sake!

“Good one, (Y/N). I’ll have to get that printed on a shirt soon,” he laughs, vocalizing your thoughts. “But back to business.”

Before you knew what you were doing and before he could say anything ridiculously attractive, you push him against the lockers, sealing the small gap that was between the two of you. He looks surprised at first but it doesn’t last long as his face sports his seductive smile again.

“Whoa, careful darling. Please keep your distance. I might fall for you.” he mused, as you fought hard to keep your blush from darkening.

You take a deep breath and close your eyes. It was going to work this time. It had to.

“Roses are red, my face is too… and that only happens when I’m around you.”

You shut your eyes tightly, dreading his reaction. You didn’t know what to expect, perhaps he would think that you’re still playing along, or maybe you had just ruined a perfectly amazing friendship with Pete or-

Your body tenses as his hand finds his way to your cheek, cupping it gently. It glides swiftly to your chin, his touch feather-light, and tilts your head so that you were less than inches away from his face. You hesitantly open your eyes, only to meet his gentle ones that showed no sign of anger, confusion or pity. Were you mistaken or did his eyes sparkle with love? And did yours too?

“I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile,” you resumed. His eyebrows quirk up in an adorable way and he opens his mouth to reply but you start speaking again. “And walk into a pole.”

The two of you double over with laughter and butterflies flutter in your stomach as Peter pulls you into him, wrapping you in a hug.

“You totally ruined the perfect moment,” he chided while continuing to chuckle. “I was about to say something equally as romantic y'know.”

“Oh, believe me, I’ve heard enough of that from you already.” you admitted, grinning wildly. “And are you admitting to liking me too?”

He smirks and pushes you against the lockers, trapping you against him and the metal that creaked in protest from behind you. The space between the two of you, incredibly small. But you definitely weren’t complaining.

“That I am. I have for years. And besides… your lips look so lonely. Would they like to meet mine?”

He leans in and you mimic his movements, lifting you face up to connect your lips to his-

“Hey (Y/N), I was wondering if you wanted - ARG, WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME?” Flash shrieks from the other side of the hallway as he spotted the two of you against the lockers.

You and Peter pull away abruptly, and you sigh disappointedly. Your eyes shoot daggers at his back as Flash retreats, his heavy footsteps echoing angrily.

“And another perfect moment ruined.” Peter sighed dramatically, pulling you to his side while snaking his arm around your waist. You snuggle into his embrace.

“You owe me a kiss now.” he declares with a smile.

“Yes, I do.”

Your plan was definitely successful.


Thank you so much for your support on this series!… (wait is it even considered a series??) 

Also, my inbox is open, feel free to send in a request! THANK YOU! <3

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Miscellaneous Hermione FFs List

I decided to make this list for my own personal reference as well as for anyone who is looking for some interesting Hermione-pairing fanfics. I suck at writing summaries and it’s been a while since I’ve read some of these stories so I apologize in advance for any discrepancies! Without further due, here are some memorable fanfics I’ve read so far in no particular order:

Dramione (Draco x Hermione)

A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy- Countess of Abe. Complete. Genre: Romance/Drama. Rated M: Sexual situations. Word Count: 136,998 (25 chapters).

Now in their 20′s, some of Hogwart’s former students have gotten married and have kids, including Draco Malfoy. Except he was an idiot who got forced into a shotgun wedding and the only good that came out of it was his son, Zane. Now that he’s finally divorced, he’s back on the market as a wealthy, successful, and single dad but his gold-digging ex-wife has a plan to take Zane away from him. Draco is left with no choice but to turn to a woman who he had scorned and bullied throughout his school years to help save his family. Hermione seems to think she can help them and come out unscathed, but she has no idea how much her life was about to change the more she got involved with the “hottie” daddy. 

The Deadline - Lena Phoria. Complete. Genre: Romance/Drama. Rated M: Smutastic. Word Count: 329,548 (39 chapters). 

By sheer coincidence or stroke of fate, Draco and Hermione are reunited many years after graduation, at the very same graduation ceremony of their respective children. Maybe it’s because they’re both miserable in their marriages or maybe all the repressed sexual tension have finally come bursting out, now that they’re no longer confined by the rules and prejudices of Hogwarts, but the two find themselves involved in a scandalous affair. How will they hide their naughty secret from everyone, especially when what started out as a one night stand evolves into something so much more? 

Almost Perfect, Almost Yours - BelleOfSummer. Complete. Genre: Romance. Rate M: Violence/Smut/Angst. Word Count: 237,158 (50 chapters). 

Hermione had been raised as a perfect Pureblood princess, believing she belonged to one of the oldest Pureblood families around, the Puceys. It was because of her bloodline that she was able to meet a mischievous but charming boy from another old and prestigious Pureblood family named Draco Malfoy. Their meeting and budding romance all seemed like it was out of a fairy tale, except when one day she found out the shattering truth of her past. They had promised to love each other, no matter what, but will Draco be able to keep his promise after finding out that Hermione wasn’t as pure as he thought? How important will blood purity be to to him as he succumbs to the darkness of serving under Lord Voldemort? 

The Mind Trap - LainellaFay. Complete. Genre: Romance/Angst/Hurt&Comfort. Rated T: I CRIED. Word Count:  4,636 (One-shot). 

Hermione’s a busy person, working as a healer in St. Mungo. So why does she keep bumping into Draco Malfoy here? That prat. He can’t seem to stop annoying her even when they’re out of school. And who is this blond haired, greyed eye man who keeps visiting her? Why does he seem so sad? Merlin, all these people need to leave her alone. Can’t they see that she’s busy? Busy, busy, busy….

Brokeninadaze22. Complete. Genre: Angst/Romance. Rated M: PTSD, angsty af. Word Count: 367,993 (36 chapters).

After the war had ended, Hermione disappeared and only to quietly reappear years later - completely broken. Her closest friends felt abandoned by her and now shun her, not understanding the excruciating loss she had gone through. Ironically, she finds support from former enemies, including one (albeit reluctant) Draco Malfoy. Draco was never one especially equipped to deal with strong and deep emotions, let alone being a source of comfort to another. But as Draco delves into Hermione’s past, he discovers that it isn’t just she who needed that special someone to take the pain away. 

Love In A Time Of The Zombie Apocalypse - Rizzler. Ongoing. Genre: Horror/Romance. Rated M: Violence/Gore/Mild Smut. Word Count: 241,300 (65 chapters). 

After the fall of Voldemort, an even bigger threat to humanity emerges - the dead coming to life and eating the living. Hermione Granger, one of the crucial members in a rag tag group of surviving specialists, finds herself battling old prejudices as she is forced to work with convicted terrorist and scientific genius, Draco Malfoy, to find a cure. As time is running out and the pressure is on, the two find their new relationship put to the test as they encounter threats in the new world that are even more dangerous than the undead. 

Five Days - RavieSnake. Complete. Genre: Drama/Suspense/Romance. Rated M: Graphic depictions of injuries/MIGHT MAKE U CRY CUZ I DID. Word Count: 32,001 (14 chapters). 

Draco and Hermione find themselves trapped in a crevice of a cliff and no one knows they’re there. Not only do the two have to fight the elements to survive for as long as they can, but they end up fighting past hurts as they open up to each other, just when it seems like they won’t have much time left on this planet anyways. It’s funny how sometimes you only realize how important someone is to you when you’re about to lose them. 

Claiming Hermione - ilke. Ongoing/Hiatus/Abandoned?. Genre: Romance/Angst. Rated M: Graphic smut but oh so good. Word Count:  118,833 (33 chapters).

Sometimes all it takes is one gesture of kindness, to change someone’s life. For Draco, it was when the least suspecting person in all of Hogwarts lent him a shoulder to cry upon after finding out his parent’s tragic fate. For Hermione, it seemed like it was no big deal, after all she was used to being a pillar of support for anyone who needed it, even for blond snarky jerks like Draco. She didn’t expect anything in return, so how was she to know her brief moment with Draco would open the door to something so sinful but so right?

Tomione (Tom Riddle x Hermione)

Somewhere In Time - Serpent In Red. Complete. Genre: Romance/Adventure. Rated M: Violence/implied sexy times. Word Count:  360,029 (63 chapters).

They were brawling with Draco Malfoy one minute and the next, they found themselves on top of the young Dark Lord, literally. As Hermione, Harry, Ginny, and Draco scramble to find out how and why they were sent back into time, they must also try to avoid the attention of the ever observant Tom Riddle. This proves to be a little difficult as he quickly becomes obsessed with Hermione after realizing he particularly liked her brand of fire. As the group learn to get over their past differences and come closer to reaching a way to return home, Tom makes it clear that no one is going to take away his little lioness - not Dumbledore, not Grindelwald, not Death, not even time itself.

Ultima Ratio - Winterblume. Complete. Genre: Romance/Angst/Hurt&Comfort. Rated M: Abusive relationship/violence/Tom is a dick here. Word Count:  772,571 (54 chapters). 

After losing her best friends to Voldemort and his Death Eaters, Hermione accidentally sends herself back into time where she meets the teenage Voldemort, Tom Riddle. She had planned to enroll into Hogwarts in the mean time to research how to send herself back to the present, not to become Tom’s object of rapt interest. The plan falls apart as her gentle heart could not stand by and watch as the young Dark Lord is unfairly punished and tortured, becoming his savior and opening herself up to his manipulations. To Tom, she was seemingly the perfect match to his own until he finds out her secret. Violence, hurt, and angst ensues but the looming threat of Grindelwald is the final catalyst that has them questioning what truly matters, ultimately. 

His PersephoneReneehart. Ongoing. Genre: Romance/Adventure. Rated M: Mild smut/some violence. Word Count: 190,966 (26 chapters). 

The outcome in the war against Voldemort is looking bleak and Dumbledore is desperate for a way to turn the tides. He convinces Hermione to go on a mission back into time to infiltrate his group of followers and sabotage him before he can rise to power. When Hermione finally meets Tom Riddle, she finds it increasingly difficult to focus between her mission and losing control to her desires. On the other hand, Tom seamlessly incorporates his newfound, worthy companion into his plans for world domination. But how long will she be the Queen to his King before she’s able to ruin him from the inside out? Or will he find out his Queen is actually his downfall in disguise? 

Muderer’s Mazeibuzoo. Ongoing. Genre: Horror/Angst. Rated M: GORE GALORE. Word Count: 65,276 (13 chapters). 

There’s a serial killer on the loose in London that would make even Hannibal Lecter proud. Special Agent Hermione is assigned to piece together the clues the maniacal genius left behind. Meanwhile her partner is none other than Draco Malfoy - a handsome, charming, but also pain in the ass Intelligence Officer. Together, they must work against the clock to track down and stop the killer before he commits his next heinous murder. Hermione will become entangled in a mad man’s mind as she learns what it means to be human.  

Nothing SpecialWinterblume. Complete. Genre: Tragedy. Rated M: Depressing af, I cried again. Word Count: 1,373 (One-shot).

Tom Riddle didn’t expect to get involved with her to this extent. And things weren’t supposed to turn out the way it did. But it did and there’s nothing that can change it. Does he regret what happened? Maybe, maybe not. After all, she wasn’t supposed to be anything special to him.

School DaysMeowmers. Complete. Genre: Romance/Friendship. Rated M: Tom is a lil scary kid. Word Count: 133,702 (14 chapters).

Hermione’s personality is one of her strongest points but it has also made it difficult for her to make friends. One day she encounters an older, mysterious and intimidating boy named Tom and the two develop a strange friendship. Their relationship changes over time but one thing remains the same – Tom’s protectiveness over the sole person he cares about in this world. As his ambitions grow, so does his enemies and they will learn the hard way not to mess with his only true friend.

MafiosoMeowmers. Complete. Genre: Romance/Drama. Rated M: May or may not involve getting nasty in public. Word Count: 12,121 (One-shot).

Hermione Granger is a law student working part time in one of New York’s biggest firms as a secretary for its mysterious and intelligent CEO, Tom Riddle. One night while working late she discovers a huge secret her boss has been hiding from his employees, putting her in incredible danger. On top of that, she has a very important wedding to attend soon – her ex’s to be exact – and she’s going alone. Maybe she and Tom can find a solution to each other’s dilemma that would be to each other’s mutual benefit, along with some other mutually beneficial fun times.  

DamnedMeowmers. Complete. Genre: Horror/Romance. Rated M: Grotesque scenes. Word Count: 38,573 (4 chapters).  

Hermione had lost her parents and was trying to move on with her life with the help of her best friends Harry and Ron. When they move into her old house, they find an old Ouija board and decide to have a little bit of fun to take their minds off of things. Since then she has noticed strange occurrences happening within her home that have become increasingly terrifying. She had been looking for a sweet dream to cure her depression and never would have thought it instead would come in the form of a beautiful nightmare.

Nagini Ate Your Homeworkbloomsburry. Complete. Genre: Horror/Romance. Rated M: GRAPHIC SMUT/dub-con. Word Count: 4,564 (One-shot). 

Hermione Granger has always been a feisty girl with a hard head for competition. She battled with everyone – her friends, her classmates, even her own professor, Tom Riddle. One day she gets asked to stay behind in class because Professor Riddle’s pet snake had apparently eaten her homework and as her smart mouth gears up to give him a chewing, he quickly finds another way to preoccupy it.  

Voldemione (Voldemort x Hermione)

Empathetic SeductionNerysDax. Complete. Genre: Romance. Rated M: Fight/makeup smex?. Word Count: 16,187 (One-shot).  

Voldemort has won the war and now rules over the wizarding world. But all hope is not lost, as Hermione goes undercover as Madame Cleo, the owner of a brothel where she can make any and all fantasies come true. In reality, her prostitutes work as spies to gather insider information from Death Eaters to use in their secret resistance movement. One day, she receives a call from her employee, panicking over the surprise appearance of the Dark Lord at her brothel. Apparently, Bellatrix Lestrange’s recent visit to her brothel did not amuse him and he offers her a challenge she could not refuse, or else. Who will truly win in this game of deceit, wit, power, and seduction?

Theomione (Theodore Nott x Hermione)

Tying The Nott ShayaLonnie. Ongoing. Genre: Romance/Drama. Rated M: Sexual situations/Theo is so hot damn. Word Count: 113,781 (37 chapters). 

After the war Hermione had found success as an employee of the Ministry and who else would be her annoying coworker but Draco Malfoy. Indeed, it seemed like the future they had hope for post-war had come true when former house rivals were now all working adults and surprisingly, good friends. Whereas everyone seemed to have found their place in the new world along with their soul mates, Hermione had yet to find success in the romance department. That is, until Draco came to her with a vital problem – his friend and former Death Eater, Theodore Nott, was dying and only she could save him by marrying him.

Thormione (Thorfinn Rowle x Hermione)

A Promise UnspokenKittenshift17. Ongoing. Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst. Rated M: No full blown sex but some sexual situations/Hermione is underage (for now). Word Count: 188,069 (32 chapters). 

Goody two shoes Hermione had gotten herself into trouble with a 7th year Slytherin boy named Thorfinn Rowle. Poor girl, she had no idea that the Viking hunk of a bad boy never lets anyone mess with him and get away with it. Unfortunately for Thorfinn, he hadn’t count on becoming increasingly fond of the fiery little lioness but he had already put his revenge into action. Now he has find a way to deal with his mistakes as well as keep them hidden from her, for he would die if she found out, quite literally.

You Get What You Give (Communication)

Requested: Yes

Summary: Where Harry’s just begun his solo career and performing is everything that he’s ever dreamed of; he can’t help but feel so alone sometimes though. Feeling as though everyone has someone, and he’s so out of the loop with his love life that it brings an imbalance. However, you can’t take everything and expect to give nothing in return or for everything to be ok for forever.

Word Count: 1,221

Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Desperation, Mention of partying, Mention of loneliness

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anonymous asked:

Hi, Saori! I see you blog a lot about Sterek and I was wondering if you read fanfiction too? If yes, can you rec me some fics to read? If not, can you recommend a blog that you think recs good fics? I find your taste in Larry fics similar to mine and I was hoping you can do the same with Sterek as well. Thank you!

Oh boy, honestly I have no idea what to say, I’m just glad that not everybody’s fed up with my Sterek spams (probably a lot of people are but oh well) :D

First things first, you should check out @theofficialstereklibrary @wheredidhiseyebrowsgo @underappreciatedsterek @acountrygirlsfun @christinesficrecs @eternalsterekrecs and if you like Larry too then @nottooldforthisship recces  awesome stuff all the time, (her sterek fic rec tag is a blessing) (my fic rec page is kind of a mess, but you can find some there too)

As of my recs, I usually don’t do it cuz I’m always anxious I’ll rec something the other doesn’t like, but since you asked so nicely here are some of my faves:

The Undisclosed (109k) - For once the pack doesn’t panic when a new hunter arrives. The gleefully sadistic man has labelled himself a collector of all things rare in the supernatural world and wants one of the rarest creatures; a werefox. Content that the pack is safe, the wolves focus on why their human member is acting so strange, ignoring the fact that Stiles only started once learning who the man wanted…

I’ve read this like, how many times? Way too many to be healthy? Seems accurate. And I’m totally not re-reading it again, nope.

Baking My Way Into Your Heart (179k) - Derek is an uptight college student, all work and no play. His carefully scheduled life is thrown kilter when his regular barista is replaced with someone new.

This fic changed my life tbh.

As Luck Would Have It (I’m already smitten) (188k, WIP) - When Stiles meets his Dom for the first time, it’s nothing like the cutesy, lovey-dovey Subflicks he used to drag Scott to when they were thirteen. There’s no burst of sunshine when they collide, no sudden swell of violins when their eyes meet; only a really big dent in the front of his Jeep and a seriously pissed off Alpha glaring at him from the sidewalk.

When I see the e-mail I shut down and don’t even look up until I finished reading the update. It’s by far the most exciting fic I’ve read, and I read A LOT.

Do Not Go Gentle (108k, WIP) - Derek Hale, Beacon Hills Alpha, is thrown into a dark cell which already contains another captive.   Someone quite young.   Someone who’s clearly been badly treated.  Someone who cannot speak and who has a cruel collar around his neck.Derek is both a Dom and an Alpha.  What do you think he’ll do?

Same with this. Mondays can’t come fast enough. Dark, but worth it for me.

Home (160k, WIP) - January seventh. Seven days since the start of 2015, and seven days since his father’s death.The bastard, he thinks bitterly. The past year Derek Hale had made it blatantly obvious that he hated his scrawny guts, taking every given opportunity to shove him up against a wall, growl threats in his ears and roll his eyes whenever he stepped into the room, muttering some snide comment about how spastic or idiotic he was.So why did he fucking volunteer to take him in?

You can’t even imagine what this fic does to me. It’s everything.

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Sugar on the Asphalt

bts x reader // fluffy angst, eventual smut // 2158 words

part 1 || part 2 || part 3

summary: In which Yoongi doesn’t know how to bite his tongue and you fight fire with fire.

Originally posted by enflorescence

“So all my friends think we’re sleeping together.”

“Um, Hello Hobi. My day has been great, how about you?” You scoffed, eyes wide at the way your friend blurted out something so blunt before you even had a chance to say your pleasantries. You were enjoying your Sunday afternoon sprawled out on your couch watching Stranger Things on Netflix while planning next week’s cupcake menu. You hadn’t even bothered to change out of your pajama bottoms and tank top. Your hair was curling and sticking every which way and you had a white binder full of recipes thrown haphazardly across your stomach. Unless you had plans to pick up special ingredients or hang out with Hoseok, Sundays were for pjs and minimal effort. 

Your brain was floating somewhere between sriracha chocolate and orange ginger when Hobi’s annoying ringtone screeched you out of your internal debate. He had downloaded the ringtone onto your cell himself. It was apparently Suga’s voice, and all you could hear was him screaming “J-HOOOOOPE,” over and over until you picked up. It could get really embarrassing in public. 

“I’m sorry, peach,” he chuckled sheepishly. “What are you doing?”

You sighed, reaching to set your binder on the coffee table. “Brainstorming special flavors for next week. Why do your friends think we’re having sex? What did you say to them when I left?”

“Aish! It’s not like that.” He laughed. You could just picture the way his eyes must have widened as he tried to explain what happened after you left his place last night. Apparently Hobi had kept you quite the secret. The guys figured he had found a girlfriend when he disappeared for hours at a time, or spent hours on his cellphone laughing and teasing the other person on the phone. He claimed that he never felt the need to explain his behavior, because the boys never asked, but once he began telling his band mates about you they thought for sure you were his special friend, not his best friend. 

You couldn’t stop laughing. “Unbelievable, do you boys not hang out with chicks without wanting to dick them down or something?”

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idol au character rundown

so if you havent heard, @mooksmookin created an amazing idol au which they allowed me to write! (you can see their explanation here!) so i thought it was about time to introduce the characters to the au!!! without further ado, here are the stars of the show~

Oikawa Tooru

  • the leader and main vocalist of the famous boy group seij-OH!
  • signed to the company HQ entertainment at 13, oikawa grew up as a child actor and singing in musicals, deciding that singing and producing was what he wanted to pursue.
  • widely regarded as the group’s prettiest member and a visual, oikawa is sought after for modelling, promotions, and acting. however, oikawa turns each opportunity down unless the other members accompany him.

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • rapper and supporting vocalist for the group seij-OH! with a voice rough, sensual and honey sweet.
  • signed around the same time as oikawa, his childhood friend. iwaizumi always supported oikawa, but made a point of asserting himself and chasing after the goal of making music.
  • can play guitar, and often writes the guitar licks, bass lines, and chord progressions for the music. the fans die whenever he plays guitar, and frankly, die whenever they get to see his biceps.

Matsukawa Issei

  • lead rapper of the group seij-OH!
  • was signed at the age of fourteen after repeatedly sending demo tracks of his garageband music to HQ.
  • the fans know him as “the bad boy with a soft heart,” which earns snickers and laughs from the other members. really doesn’t give a shit about PR and often speaks his mind and doesn’t tone down his sarcastic and lewd humour.

Hanamaki Takahiro

  • lead dancer and supporting vocalist of the group seij-OH! choreographs all of seij-OH’s dances
  • has been studying dance since age six, taking different styles including, but not limited to: jazz, contemporary, modern, several types of ballet, lyrical, tap, and hiphop. was signed to HQ at age twelve but only started training to become an idol at age fourteen.
  • he and Matsukawa met as trainees when Hanamaki was asked to fix his dancing form. they’ve been inseparable ever since, and have been informally announced to be dating.

Hinata Shouyou

  • at 20 years old, he’s confused as to where his life is going until he meets his idols, the legendary boyband seij-OH and creates a friendship with the members. his life spirals from fanboy to friend, and with it, romantic~ feelings begin to form
  • through his best friend kenma’s short film, hinata lands a modelling job via Kuroo Tetsurou Models, skyrocketing his own fame and earning him his own chance at the limelight

Kozume Kenma

  • 21 years old, and Hinata’s best friend. they met in high school through the internet, and eventually ended up living together when they moved to kyoto for university.
  • a film major and filmmaker, creating haunting, creepy, and visually stunning short films. has a decent presence in the indie filmmaker community, but struggles to find actors within his price range

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • a 22 year old acting/modelling agent, who was born into the modelling scene quite literally, with famous parents. never having sought out stardom himself, kuroo prefers to pull at the strings and makes his living making other people famous.
  • he was contacted by kenma, looking for actors, but they couldn’t work out a deal. later, kuroo goes to a film festival where kenma is featured and watches his film, taking special interest in the lead actor used- none other than hinata shouyou himself. it takes a little persuading, but he’s able to sign hinata and whisk him away to a career where he naturally excels .
  • kenma is stubborn and tries to ignore kuroo. it doesnt always work

anyways i love this au so so much it has so many shennanigans and so much angst !!! pls feel free to message me or mooks with questions about it and i promise to have the first chapter up soon ~

supporting characters under the cut!!!!!!

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anonymous asked:

If u don't use ot4 or ot5 to denote whether something was before or after Zayn left or whether a gif/photo contains all 5 boys vs 4 because it was after March 2015, then what do you use for tagging?? Or like, if it was up to u what would u want everyone to tag things as?

Oh, it’s much deeper than tagging.  It’s really the issue of the fandom either A) not thinking critically at all, or B) being hypocritical about what they apply logic to.  It’s also about people, no matter what they think happened (Zayn’s leaving wasn’t fishy vs. Zayn’s leaving being super fucking fishy), being willing to immediately believe the worst about someone they should already know the true good character of.

In more specific terms, it’s about the fandom buying everything the media and the narrative says about Zayn without valuing logic and the things Zayn says from his own mouth more.  It’s about fans willfully interpreting everything related to Zayn as negative, deciding they have a grudge against him because of those perceived “slights”, and then erasing and demonizing him in equal measure.

To state a surprising truth, there isn’t a single person in this fandom that believes everything the narrative says about One Direction.  They probably think they do, but they don’t.  I’ve seen people who constantly mock the idea of a narrative or a constructed media image and yet they still push back when the boys are said to be dating someone that’s not confirmed, said to have been rude, said to be doing odd things (sheep placenta facials anyone?), said to have a bad relationship with each other, said to be violent or on drugs, etc.  

The thing is, people THINK they believe everything is simple and truthful, but at a basic level, they have their own beliefs about who the boys are based on what they’ve seen in interviews.  If those conflict with what they’re told, they scoff at what’s being fed to them.

This is fact and yet a large chunk of the fandom had very little problem turning around and believing everything bad the media said about Zayn, even when the things he himself said and did were so different from that.  

“so grateful” and “loved what we did as a boyband”

“I don’t think I woulda done anything different”

“there was no contingency” and “my band’s been really supportive, they’ve been really cool about it”

“it was nice to look back at the memories we shared together” and “ok, you’re saying that” (this requires tone interpretation, but his tone is “don’t agree, yeah, ok, whatever, shut up” rather than “I agree with you and I’m being coy about it”)

“you don’t want to feel that you’re being lied to, not that I was lying, it’s just that them songs didn’t really fit my style of singing, so I wasn’t really 100% confident in the way that I was singing back then”

What Zayn said in person didn’t at all match up with the headlines the newspapers kept running and the words they kept putting in his mouth.

A specific example is this whole thing that people believe Harry and Zayn have a problem when NEITHER. HARRY. NOR. ZAYN. EVER. SAID. A. BAD. WORD. OR. SHOWED, SIGNS. OF. TENSION.  

I can understand believing Louis and Zayn fought a little bit more (even though evidence suggests the Twitter fight was all a planned show), but the only things that ever happened with Harry and Zayn were some BS news articles with no source and Harry making a few jokes about the unnecessary tension and glee the interviewers had when talking about Zayn.

Up until the very last show Zayn was at, he and Harry were acting normal and close. Even after Zayn’s last show, Harry was right there with the other boys in leaving space for Zayn on stage.  Even after THAT, Harry was involved in things that referenced Zayn in a positive way.

(When a fan showed Harry this picture of Zayn in concert)

There is NO basis for believing there’s an issue between Zayn and Harry, yet the fandom believes it because it’s what the press has said.  They apparently want to believe it since there’s been little to no pushback.

This is my problem with group A.

My problem with group B is all of that plus they DO know how to see everything I’m pointing out; they know and they choose not to bother with it if it doesn’t apply to Harry and Louis.  That’s even worse.  There’s no way to miss what’s going on since it’s entangled with the other boys.  It’s even harder to miss since there’s a good core of bloggers here that always gather evidence, do the hard legwork, and make posts about it.  

With the ability to reason, there should only be 2 divisions in fandom: those who believe the narrative no questions asked and those who don’t.  Instead, there are those who believe the narrative no questions asked, those who believe it about some and not others, and those who question and examine everything.

“OT4″ and “all 4 boys” are heavily associated with the erasure of Zayn from the band- even the pre-March 25 band-, the degradation of Zayn’s character, failures of logic, gross hypocrisy, and the diminishment of the amazing bond OT5 share.  

I understand and acknowledge that not all people using it have those intentions or participate in those actions (which is why it doesn’t bother me as much when people I follow and know have good intentions use it), but so many do that it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth every time I see it.  Zayn’s career prospects, personal desires, name, and reputation have been so unfairly and so badly abused that the injustice of it makes me furious. Anything connected to it makes me furious and that’s why “OT4″ and “all 4 boys” has that affect on me.

It’s not something I’m expecting everyone would use, but @paynoisbatman uses “zayn’s boys” when there are 4, or “liam’s boys” if Liam’s the one missing, etc.  It’s a great way of showing that the missing member is still important and is still part of the love all 5 share.  When it comes to “all 4 boys”, you simply have to drop the “all”.  It might take a tiny bit more typing, but it’s worth it to represent the situation accurately and honor the contributions of and bond between all 5.

Little Lost Soul

Negan x Reader

2400 words

Warnings ~ Negan language, bit of angst (reader is selectively mute), no smut in this part

So this is the first part of what might be a new series. I’ve put a bit of myself in the story, mostly just the selective mutism. I would love feedback, positive or otherwise!

Tags are at the bottom. If you don’t want to be tagged, or do want to, just let me know!

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The Boss’s Daughter

* John Laurens x Reader

* Hamiltime

* Requested by: @cheyenne-dunn-universe

* Request: I was wondering if you could do a John Laurens imagine where you are Washington’s daughter and you rush into one of his meetings without knowing he was in one and you meet John. Then you meet again at the winter ball and it’s like helpless.

A/N: Done! And now proof read. Thanks to everyone who liked it and told me it was good. It was shit. Like the grammatical errors made me cringe. But its all better now! It’s easier to enjoy!

Word Count: 3, 470


You strolled through your house. You needed to see your father for a moment but you really should’ve thought about things for a minute. There was a war on and your dad was the general. He’d have very important meetings all the time. However, you waltzed right to the door of his office and barged in without even knocking. You froze in the doorway when you realized your father was talking with two young soldiers. “Oh. Sorry.” You squeaked. You knew you should back out of the room but you were frozen in embarrassment.

“Uh, Washington? Who’s that?” The shorter of the two men asked.

“Is that important Hamilton?” He asked the man. Hamilton. Of course. Alexander Hamilton. You heard your dad talk about him a lot. Hell, your dad praised the man as almost as much as he did you. He spoke of him like the son he never had.

“Well, I guess its not important. But Alexander and I are very curious Sir.” The other man spoke up. He was just staring at you with a strange look on his face.

“Seriously, Laurens?” Your dad asked him. John Laurens. Another name you heard a lot. According to your father he was a young soldier with a lot of potential. You thought you can add extremely attractive to the description. He had freckles spotting his face and his hair was full of tight curls. You could only tell because a few strands had fallen free of the pony tail he was sporting.

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Tired [Part: 3]
  • Pairing: Jerome Valeska/Joker x Reader x Peter Parker/Spiderman.
  • AU included: DC/MARVEL
  • Prompt: You had enough with Jerome as he keeps seducing other girls in front of you so you plan to leave him and go to New York. Where you will find yourself stuck in the web of another bug who will fall in love with you.

Aye! The author is back! I was procrastinating and stalking RDJ and his gorgeous posts lolol; Anyways, I don’t really know how to introduce Spidey that well and sorry if he’s OOC I’m not really a big fan of Spiderman but found him as a great potential lover for the reader. Also hope you enjoy this story! AND ALSO THANK YOU FOR THE LOVING MY STORY, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM BECAUSE OF THAT! Ps. This chapter is more like a filler but I PROMISE THAT IT WOULD DO GREATER IN THE FUTURE AND ALSO MORE JEROMEYYYY SCENESSSSSSS!!!!!! Gotta love the joker ;)

PART [1] [2] [4] [5[6]

You woke to find yourself in an unfamiliar room, filled with posters and blueprints around. Some old collectible stuff where there just sitting. You groggily sat up but were meet with a migraine, you scrunched your nose and stroked your forehead groaning.

Where am I?” you asked yourself.

“I went to New York, Jerome called me and I destroyed my cellphone so they couldn’t track me. Then I stole some devices and then meet this spider dude who was powers or something…” just then with your re-calling you heard someone entered the room with a bucket, he was wearing a pizza shirt and a hoodie along with pants. You snatched the nearest thing that was beside you, a Gameboy and held it up high and moved your body into a fighting stance.

The boy apparently a teen looked shock and dropped the bucket as it collapsed onto the ground. Luckily the fall made it stand on a vertical formation not in horizontal. That would make it harder to clean. It spilled some water on the floor and now that you had a good look at it you found a cloth in it. He approached you as his facial aspect morphed and screamed hysteria, “N-no! That’s one of my collectibles.” He yanked the Gameboy and placed it gently on the counter.

“Damn… I spilled some water.” He said putting both of his hand behind his head and puffed some air. Stress overcoming him but he just sighed it away. He returned his attention to you, “Hey, umm. Miss? Are you okay now, do you feel light headed or anything?” his expression changed to a genuine worry as he looked at you placing a hand on your forehead.

“Uh, I’m fine? Who are you, why am I here? Do you see someone in spider costume, that bitch need to pay.” You slapped his hand away. He looked at you in a sassy way but when he opened his mouth to answer your questions you stood then looked at a trap door that was above. “Ooh, what’s this?”

“No, no! Don’t open that!”

As soon as you opened it a familiar spider suit fell down, your eyes widened and you looked at the brunette boy next to you that looked at you wide eyes too.

“That—eh ha-ha, well—“

Without letting him explain you started to kick him while he dodged it. It didn’t last long because the room was little. He proceeded to fire some web at you that made attached to the wall with an ‘”Oof!” You groaned in pain and glared at him.

He sighed, scratching the nape of his neck. “Please let me talk first, alright?” his index finger up in a telling manner. You spitted on him, which made him gape. “I did not expected that.” You mumbled incoherent words while struggling to get out of the sticky liquid. He proceeded to wipe the saliva stain on his face and clothes while he looked at it disgustingly and just removed his jacket.

“Alright listen to me ma’am.” He started, now pissed off.

“I am Peter Parker, alter ego Spiderman.  The one you called, ahem ‘Bitch’. You are here because well, I don’t— Err it’s complicated to explain but I guess I felt bad and you know… Took you in I guess?” he explained, cringing because he found it cheesy.

“You have been here for a day because you managed to catch cold. Which is quite unusual since the last time I saw you running you look like you’re pumped up ma’am.” You stared at him, raising an eyebrow. “Look, my intention is good. I just want to help, I even lied to the officer.”

“Wait, why did you lie exactly?”

“Well… I’m not sure if you want to hear this but I think it includes of a person named ‘Jerome’ that you kept screaming.” At the sentence of his, you now remembered. Your face full of embarrassment now as you stared down, you couldn’t believe yourself that you broke down in front of a spider, spitting, web, human, hybrid shit.  “I know that you’re mentally ill, since it is quite obvious actually. I just want to help you.” He smiled “I know deep down that you want to be sane again.”

You stared at him, maintaining eye contact. “How do I know that I can trust you?”

He looked at you bewildered,  “Funny that sentence came from a thief but—-Spiderman? Hero? The one who caught one of the mightiest hero’s shield? Does that ring any bell?”

“Yeah—- The thing is I’m not from here.”

Oh God Dammit!


Peter removed you out of the web and started to tell you the latest news here in New York. You won’t admit it but it seems like you two became close friends in such a small amount of time, which amazed both of you. You told him your life in Gotham since you noticed that he started to trust you by telling his story and how he became Spiderman. You told about the former group you were in, your best friend Barbara and Jerome. He started to comfort you when he noticed you were starting to choke up on your own words and sob between sentences. You both continued telling the adventures of both of your life, laughing and crying. You both cherished this moment, between two strangers. Both of you appreciated each other’s company.

“You know what, I can’t believe that you are actually giving your trust to a former killer.”

“I believe in second chances.” He smiled, you stared at him smirking and punching him playfully on the arm. “That sounds so cheesy, may I ask why?”

“Maybe some other time.” He chuckled. “Oh, and by the way. You seemed actually pretty normal right now, you know with the disorders and thing.”

You nodded, “Well… I’m taking medications. I’m actually curable, just like you said spider boy. The reason why I’m in Arkham is because I’m like a disciple of Jerome.”

“Well, at least you’re doing okay now.”


A loud bang of the door can be heard outside of Peter’s bedroom. They perked up as he heard a woman’s voice following by a male, both were chortling and conversing. “Stay right here,” he stood and stepped towards the door. “What if they’re thieves? I could help with that!” you hoisted your hand in a childish manner, which made him roll his eyes. “You’ll probably just kill them if that’s the case.” Speaking of a dark humor. You stuck out your tongue at him as he left. You have nothing to do so you looked at the surrounding, you haven’t noticed the smaller details before actually.

The wardrobe was full of jackets, long sleeves, and the unfashionable ones. Again wandering you saw portraits, one was Peter playing the other one is a picture of an old man and woman, the little Peter Parker on the middle beaming.

“This must be his Aunt… Who’s the old man though?” you tried to remember other individuals he told about you but couldn’t think of any persons that could resemble the old man in the story he told about his.

Just you were about to look more, you heard the door open and shut with a panting Peter. He looked at you in panic and started to push you towards the large closet, “Hey! What are you doing? —“

“No time to explain, I just need you to hide—“

Peter, remind me if you’re a superhero or not. Why is a top notch hooligan inside your room?”

A man wearing an aviator sunglasses and in a suit entered, not amused. Peter laid his eyes upon the man in fear, “M-Mr. Stark, funny seeing you he-here.”

“We just meet ago Parker. Also your unusually attractive aunt doesn’t really know how to bake scones, have you told her about it?” he said, spewing some of the food into the trash bin while wiping his mouth.  He then proceeded to approximate towards you, palms pressed together. You couldn’t help but feel a little daunted.

(Y/N) (L/N), parents deceased from an accident at nine years old. Has been transferred to an Orphanage called TKOG but after a few months escaped. Jean Bautista, a former gymnast from Haly’s Circus has found you. That’s the place where you befriend your current partner Jerome Valeska; he introduced you to killing when you were at the age of fourteen. First kill was at the birthday party of Steven Stewart, you were detained in prison thirteen times and has escaped from jail thirteen times without the help of your partner. Caught by some citizens red handed and has been placed to Arkham Asylum at the age of sixteen, diagnosed with mild OCD, HPD and a syndrome called Hybristophilia. Escaped and is a member of MANIAX, former for all I know now. I didn’t knew you called quits and gone to New York, at least the current news informed me that. Also, I think you have been replaced by a cute insane chick named Harley.”

You winced at the words he said, the name Harley and the word partner. “Who are you?” you looked at him in bemusement, this guy just literally summarized your whole life. He stared at Peter; amusement could be read all over his face.

“This is the first time someone didn’t knew me. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, the one and only Tony Stark kiddo.”

Peter looked at you, “He’s one of the earth’s mightiest hero, Ironman.”

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BTS SCENARIOS: Their S/O Finds Out They Cheated

genre: angst


Originally posted by jiminrolls

K I M S E O K J I N :

Let’s say you two were cuddling on the couch. You both made time for each other for an at-home date, where you guys popped some popcorn, filled up glasses of soda, and selected a movie. The lights would be off, your bowl of popcorn would be in between you two, a huge blanket would be covering both of you, and your phones would be placed facing up on the coffee table beside you. 

Halfway through the movie, Jin would fall asleep on your shoulder. You, on the other hand, would be captivated by the plot of the movie you were watching since it was so sad and dramatic. There were some tears you didn’t bother wiping off that strolled down to stain the collar of your shirt & snot wiped on the sleeve of your arm. 

Jin’s phone chimes, causing the phone to light up the dark room, and you didn’t bother to look at it at first because it wasn’t your business, but through your peripheral vision, there was a photo that perked your attention. Your eyebrows furrowed, not believing what the corner of your eye was catching, and with your free hand that didn’t have Jin using as a pillow, you grabbed ahold of his phone.

It turned off by the time you were holding it, and as you were going to press the home button, the phone chimed again, and your eyes widened at the sight of Jin’s messages.

The messages came from a girl you haven’t heard of, with a text that was suggesting sexual actions, and a photo of nudity. 

Tears started to form and your heart was beating so loudly against your ears and you were giving yourself the benefit of the doubt that maybe, just by the slightest possibility, this girl was some school-made friend that Jin had happened to have stored in his contacts and this girl sent him this inappropriate image & text by accident and—

Suddenly a third message chimes, this time it was just a message, no photo, but it included Jin’s name and that’s when you knew that the messages were no accident; these sext messages were intended for him.

Your body became numb and your glossy eyes dared to look over at your ‘boyfriend’ sleeping peacefully beside you. You put his phone back down and covered your mouth to stifle back sobs as you abruptly got up and ran to the bathroom. You knew you had woken Jin up, so you locked the door behind you, pressed your back against the door, and slid down so you can cry.

A couple seconds later, Jin is knocking on the bathroom door and he’s calling out to you to open the door but you ignore him. “If something happened in the movie, then remember: It’s fictional!” He tries to comfort you, but you roll your eyes.

You shut your eyes tight and take loud, deep breaths as an attempt to calm yourself down. Once your sobs were steady enough, you manage to yell out, “Fucking hell, Kim Seokjin,” His knocks stop because you used his full name & he knew that the reason for your crying had nothing to do with the movie, “I know you cheated, you bastard!” 

Jin doesn’t say anything for a moment, but then he whispers,”What? What’re you talking about?” 

You responded to him with a laugh full of anger and sadness, because who was he to try and make himself seem like the victim here? “Cut the bullshit and check your phone, why don’tcha?” You spat out.

You resumed sobbing when you heard the quick little taps of him running towards the living room. 

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M I N Y O O N G I :

Let’s say you did the laundry. Yoongi would be out at the studio, as per usual. You had just finished folding the last of your guys’ clothes and now you’re putting it away in the drawers. 

After putting your clothes away first, you moved on to your boyfriend’s. You opened out a drawer and put his neatly folded clothes on top of the ones that were already there, and as you were smoothening it out so that there was as much space as possible to fit in all his shirts, you noticed a Victoria’s Secret tag sticking out at the bottom of the drawer. 

You immediately assumed that it was yours, but confusion filled your heart as to why it would be with Yoongi’s clothes, especially since you weren’t one to misplace things. You took it out and realized that you’ve never bought something like this. Without even thinking, you took out all of Yoongi’s clothes out of that drawer and you were surprised to find more of this lingerie hiding underneath his belongings.

You put the pieces together and came to the conclusion that he was seeing another woman behind your back. 

Anger filled your heart and suddenly you’re thrashing all his stuff around. His clothes and the other woman’s clothes were scattered all around the room, and your anger has been replaced with sadness. You took out the suitcases from your closet and started to fill it up with all your belongings as tears streamed down your face. When you were done, you placed the bags beside the door and took out a post-it & a pen, where you wrote him a message and stuck it in the middle of the mirror in your shared bedroom.

With that, you left and you didn’t bother turning back.

Yoongi would come home later on, as in late at night. He would notice a strange aura, considering that you’re usually doing something when he got home. It was quiet, and he didn’t complain about it but he would be lying if he said that it didn’t concern him. So he makes his way to the bedroom, thinking that maybe you fell asleep. Much to his dismay, he finds the room a mess with his clothes spread on the floor mixed with the clothes of his other girl’s. His eyes widened at the sight as he steps over the clothes. 

As he made his way to the middle of the room, he can make out some tear drops that were sprinkled on the hardwood too. His hands grab his hair, tugging it at the roots from the frustration reigning over him because he cheated on you and now you know. He looks around the room, not focusing on the clothes anymore, to see if you’re still around, but his eyes stop at a yellow piece of paper stuck on the middle of the mirror. 

He slowly walks over it, already feeling his heart dropping and his eyes tearing up. He takes the note in his hands, where he reads:

Don’t bother looking for me

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J U N G H O S E O K :

Let’s say you were out shopping. You would run into old classmates that you haven’t seen since high school and they invited you to eat out for lunch with them. Even though you wouldn’t consider them close friends, you accepted anyways. 

You didn’t say much to them, you just listened to whatever they were gossiping out. They were mostly talking about other classmates and what they’re doing now, and honestly, you couldn’t care less. 

At the moment, they were talking about this one popular girl that used to be in your class. At first, they mentioned what she did during school-times and complimented her looks, but now, they were talking about who she was dating. This caught your attention because according to them, she was dating someone from BTS. 

From Bangtan, you say?” You ask, and your group looks at you as if they forgot you were there. You don’t blame them for forgetting your presence though, since you haven’t said anything until now. “Which one?” 

You were interested in this because you’ve met & befriended the boys, and none of them mentioned dating anybody. As far as you were concerned, you were the only girl dating one of the members of BTS. Your relationship with Hoseok was a secret though, so it’s not like your friends knew.

Ah, I don’t recall the name,” One of the girls say. “I believe he’s in the rap line though.” 

Oh, so it would be Suga or Rap Monster?” You pressed further, not even including Hoseok as an option because you were the one dating him.

Yeah, but the names don’t ring a bell…” She responds. “What’s the name of the other rapper? Or is Suga and Rap Monster the only rappers in BTS?

Well…” You say, your mouth going dry. You lick your lips and say, “There’s also J-Hope.” 

The girl’s eyes widened & her eyebrows raised at the name as if there was a light bulb that turned on above her head. “That’s the one! J-Hope!

Your mouth dropped to a frown, and you manage to whisper. “No way… Really?” 

Wait, I have pictures saved on my phone, I’ll show you.” The girl then pulls out her phone and starts looking through her camera roll. 

When she finds the picture she was looking for, she hands her phone to you, and you had to fight back tears at the sight of your beloved boyfriend kissing another girl. Since you were in possession of the picture, you decided to send it to yourself before giving back the phone. You then excuse yourself to the bathroom, where you let yourself cry. 

You pull yourself together and take out your phone to look at the picture, which was a mistake on your part because it fueled your anger and made you cry even harder. 

You send the picture to Hoseok, where you also message him, “Is this why you wanted to keep our relationship a secret? Because you were dating her too? Well don’t worry about it anymore because we’re over.

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K I M N A M J O O N : [inspired by Day6′s “Congratulations”]

Let’s say you and Namjoon were going through a rough patch in your relationship right now. The fight that caused this rough patch wasn’t a big one, but it was enough for Namjoon to need space from you and for you to need space from Namjoon. Sure, it wasn’t good for this fight to be unfinished like this, but it was another problem for another day.

During the time that you & your boyfriend were giving each other the silent treatment, you had been accepted to a job that you applied for. Unfortunately, you had to take the train on a daily basis.

One time, on the way to work, a couple took the seat in front of you, and at first, you paid no attention to them & you were staring out of the window you were sitting behind just to kill time, but you changed your focus to look in front of you and that’s where you caught Namjoon holding hands and laughing with another girl. 

He didn’t notice you; he was still captivated on this girl. You watched him with wide eyes as he leans his nose against her temple and presses a kiss on her cheek. You scoff at the sight, rolling your eyes and looking off to the side as you crossed your arms. You didn’t bother looking towards their direction after that, and you guess that Namjoon didn’t bother looking your way too, because you can hear him having a conversation with this other woman. 

Luckily, your destination was close by, so when the train stopped, you immediately got up. Namjoon seemed to snap his eyes away from the girl and look at you, finally realizing that you were there. HIs jaw dropped a little as he watched you leave. Before the doors closed, he chased after you, leaving that other girl behind. You didn’t notice him behind you though, because you never bothered looking back. It wasn’t until he grabbed your wrist and stopped you in your tracks that you’ve come face-to-face with him.

He doesn’t say anything to you, still needing a moment to take in the fact that you saw him being affectionate with another girl. You yank your arm away from his grip.  “When you said you wanted to take a break, I didn’t know you meant breaking up.” Your voice cracked in the process of saying. “I’m gonna be late for work.” You then mumble off, “Goodbye, Namjoon.

He watched you leave, not chasing after you anymore, and you cried.

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P A R K J I M I N : 

Let’s say you were just doing a routinely clean up of your apartment. Jimin, as far as you were concerned, was at the dance studio. 

As you were jamming out to some music and vacuuming the floor, you hear your doorbell go off. You’d blink at the sound of it at first, confusing the chime with the background of your music. You even turned off the vacuum to see if it would ring again, and you were quite surprised when it did, because you don’t remember inviting anybody over.

You open the door to see a girl. You look at her in question, and you say, “Uh. Hi. Can I help you?” 

She bites her lips as she looks at you straight in the eyes, which makes you slightly uncomfortable. After a moment of silence, she brings herself to ask, “Are you dating Park Jimin? Of BTS?” 

You tilt your head at the girl, wondering why she would ask you such a question. You assume she’s a part of A.R.M.Ys who bias Jimin and happened to find your house. You hesitated to answer, but your relationship wasn’t a secret and you’ve already been seen with him in public anyways.

Yes, Jimin is my boyfriend. Why?” You respond honestly.

I’m sorry,” She whispers. “But, last weekend, he slept with me…

Your eyes widened and you didn’t know how to respond, so she continued explaining, “I don’t want to go into details about it, but the guilt was building up in me and I don’t think he plans on telling you any time soon if you’re still his girlfriend…

I, uh,” You say, still a little distraught, “Thanks, I guess. I’ll deal with him when he gets back.” Suddenly, this need for revenge takes over you and you say to the girl, “Hey, why don’t you come on in?

Jimin visits your apartment later that evening. He would’ve came sooner, but he was all sweaty from dance practice, so he went straight to the dorms to freshen up before arriving. He has a spare key to your apartment, so he doesn’t have to ring the doorbell. 

He walks into the living  casually, a small smile forming on face from the sound of you laughing with another person. He assumes you have a friend over -which wasn’t exactly the case. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees you on the same couch as the girl he had slept with just days prior, a drink of some apple cider in each other’s hands

When you two notice his presence, you say, “Aw, speaking of the devil,” You say with an exaggerated smile. You get up and walk over to him, greeting him with a kiss on the cheek before going to his side & placing your arm around his back. The other girl does the same thing, kissing his cheek and going to his other side, placing her arm behind his back.

Jiminie, this is my new best friend! Her name is— Wait a minute, you know her name, don’t you?” You say, your pettiness reaching a whole other level. “Hey,” You say, leaning forward to look at the girl, “Remind me, how do you know him again?” 

The girl finishes taking a gulp of her drink before replying, “He fucked me last weekend!” 

Oh yeah, that’s right!” You say, laughing, and the other girl laughs with you. 

Then, you and the girl  splash what’s left of your drinks on Jimin.

Now,” You say, your tone turning from forced enthusiasm to venom, “Get out of my fucking life.” 

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K I M T A E H Y U N G :

Let’s say you work at your average coffee shop. It was just another tiring morning, managing the counter.

This one girl comes in, though, and you notice that this one isn’t a regular customer. She takes a moment to glance at the menu hanging on the wall behind you before walking up to you. She then puts her phone on the counter as she tells you, “Can I get a small iced coffee, please?” 

You type it int o the register and say, “That’ll be $3.25.

She hands you three dollars, and she sets her bag on the counter to dig through for a quarter. “I know I have it here somewhere…” She mumbles, and you wait patiently for her to find it. Suddenly, her phone sets off, the vibrating startling you a  bit, and it was natural reflex to glance at whatever the source was for your jumpiness. 

You were confused to see your boyfriend pop up on her screen. “Ah, here it is!” She exclaims to herself before handing it to you. You exchange a forced smile as you take it and put it into the register. You give her the receipt with her order number and she goes off to the side to answer her phone. As you were taking the rest of the costumer’s orders, you focused an ear to listen in on the girl’s conversation.

Mixed emotions of anger and sadness took over you as you hear the girl say things like, “Tae baby,” and “I love you,” and “See you later!” 

When you finished taking the orders of the rest of the costumers, you went on to make their drinks, and as you were making the girl’s drink, you couldn’t help but write on her cup, “Tell your boyfriend that Y/n is breaking up with him.

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J E O N J U N G K O O K :

Let’s say he was on tour. He texts you when he cans and he videochats/calls you whenever it was nighttime where he is, but the long distance was really putting a damper in your relationship and you weren’t going to let it be the reason to your guys’ end. 

You’ve been talking to the other members too, and you guys all planned on flying you over to the country they’re in right now to surprise your beloved boyfriend. You were so excited to see his face when you arrive in his hotel room. As you were on the plane there, you couldn’t help but imagine scenarios of how to surprise him.

Jin picks you up from the airport, where he takes you to the hotel. You and the rest of the members meet up in front of Jungkook’s room. Jimin, who was sharing rooms with him, opened up the door for you.

Jungkookie!” Taehyung sings, “Guess who’s here for you!” 

Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, and Taehyung all crowded you so that your presence can still be a surprise to him. He didn’t answer, and since you can’t see anything, you were quick to assume that he was probably asleep. They waddled their way inside the room, not daring to break formation of keeping you hidden. When they stopped in front of the beds, you hear them gasp but you didn’t pay attention to it. You did find it weird though, when they didn’t part to make space for you to see Jungkook. You had to practically wiggle in between two of them to finally see your beloved boyfriend.

As you suspected, he was asleep on his bed, but his arm was around another girl. You stared a little bit longer, just noticing that they were both naked, before Namjoon covers your eyes. 

C’mon, Y/n, let’s get outta here.” He mumbles, still covering your eyes as Hoseok takes you by the hand and drags you back into the hallway.

Once they close the door to his bedroom, they all look at you for some sort of reaction, and to their surprise, you remained neutral -in fact, way too neutral. You didn’t bother to look at them before going off to your own hotel room. “Y/n-ah, wait! Where are you going?” 

You kept your head held high as you made your way to the elevators. Your room was in a different floor, after all. “I’m gonna head to my room and look for the closest flight back home,” You answer. “I’m not in the mood to see Jungkook right now, and I don’t think I can ever, so do me a favor and tell him that I’m dumping him.” You sigh, “Don’t worry, though, I’ll still be in contact with you all, and I’ll probably ask Suga to pick up his stuff from my place when you come back from tour.” 


[ their s/o finds out they cheated - the aftermath ]

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17 on Tumblr (Jun)

hohoho here is the requested Jun on Tumblr! can you believe I actually got around to continuing this series lmaO

  • *cracks knuckles* *rubs hands*
  • let’s get started hohoho
  • okay so we all know Jun reads novels online and what not right
  • and seventeen has shamelessly, on a few occasions, admitted to searching themselves up online
  • so one day, Jun, being, well, JUN, searches up a fanfic about himself and he’s casually scrolling through naver when a title catches his eye
  • and it’s a posted on tumblr fic
  • at first he’s all like “????????” and innocently wonders what tumblr is, but then he asks vernon who then widens his eyes because yknow tumblr is mainly known for porn
  • he decides to venture into the unknown anyway
  • he starts off by reading the fic that got him there in the first place, and wow is he hooked
  • he kinda forgets that he’s the main character because it feels so surreal and different but at the same time similar to his own personality
  • but damn! he’s enjoying this fanfic way more than he should be
  • (don’t imagine an emo wen junhui staring at his phone intently at 3am about to internally explode because fic-him and the oc are giving each other the cold shoulder)
  • (and don’t imagine him stifling his laughs with a pillow to avoid waking up the other members)
  • yeah 
  • don’t
  • and let’s face it, he probably didn’t realise tumblr existed as a mobile app until he finished reading the entire fic
  • when he realises it is a mobile app he’s so excited and literally falls over himself downloading it
  • his username is probably some shit like “wjhui179696″
  • he searches up the fanfic that he read by the title, and finds the blog that posted it
  • and he’s awestruck
  • the blog is so pretty and the theme is so warm and the description is so nice and!!!!!!!
  • he falls in love instantly
  • guess who owns that blog
  • that’s right
  • you
  • and you don’t just post 17 fanfics, you also post a great deal of other writings and poems and short stories, but your svt stuff always seemed like the only things that got reblogs so you stopped writing your poems and stuff for a while and focused more on the fics
  • and wen junhui is so enamored he finds himself scrolling through your entire blog and looking through all your pre-svt stuff and he’s like
  • shit not only are they a seventeen fan, they’re also generally just a really good author and poet who puts out really meaningful things!
  • and you have this one poem written in chinese for a module you took a long time ago and it’s so beautiful 
  • that jun took a quote from that poem and used it as his kkt status
  • obsession?? noOooOoOOooo what psh
  • anyways
  • he notices you don’t write such stuff anymore and he gets kinda sad 
  • so he sends you an anon ask that goes “Hello I’m a new follower but I realised that you stopped posting your original poems and short stories after a while, is it okay if you let me know why?”
  • and you receive the ask and !!! you didn’t actually think anyone would notice that you stopped putting out those poems and stories because they never got many notes anyways
  • you’re kinda touched and a small grin forms on your face because someone actually noticed? 
  • and you reply with 
  • “nah it’s nothing I just thought people would rather read my 17 fics instead. but thank you so much for sending this ask in”
  • jun reads it an d lmao guess what he says
  • “Oh if that’s the reason then just send those poems to me! I’d be more than happy to be your only audience ;-)”
  • and you’re at this point giggling and smiling to yourself because THIS ANON IS SO GREASY AND THEY’RE ONLY ON ANON but they’re also really cute so you reply with 
  • “sure but first reveal your username ;-)”
  • so he messages you with a “wassup i’m the ;-) anon”
  • and from then on blooms a beautiful beautiful mutual friendship thing
  • like it’s super cute because the both of you tag each other in 17 shit and other funny stuff and while jun always knows the 17 stuff beforehand (because, he’s well, part of seventeen), he always finds himself chuckling at the stuff you tag him in
  • not to forget you keep by your agreement and send him a bunch of your poems and stuff, and he’s always so happy and ! to read them
  • plus he’s always really excited to check the message you leave him, especially if svt had a really grueling schedule and he was dead tired and exhausted
  • and he finds himself being more drawn to your personality as y’all talked more and more??
  • you’re also under the impression that his name is wendy because when you first asked for his name he typed wen and then regretted it immediately so he did a Save and now he’s wendy
  • ok fast forward a few months
  • jun just had a comeback and he’s dead tired
  • you still don’t know he’s The Wen Junhui
  • (also he has a habit of referring to himself as The Handsome One)
  • (and Hot Boy 101)
  • (and Sizzling Shenzhen Babe)
  • the list goes on
  • but one day you message him and you’re kinda curious about how he looks like so you’re all like
  • “hey Muscle Man shouldn’t you at least show me your face once and let me see for myself how hot you actually are?”  
  • “sorry y/n i’m really tired now, another time maybe?”
  • but you don’t think he’s being serious so you say “lmao then what bout a skype call? you can just sleep and i’ll just stare at your face, we both win”
  • when jun reads your message he gets upset and disappointed because! he’d just gone through a day of shit from everyone
  • he had to deal with recording for an hour because woozi wasn’t pleased with his one line
  • and he had to suffer through hoshi’s relentless nagging and tiring choreography
  • and he thought maybe opening up tumblr would make him happier but instead he came on to see you asking for a pic and not even taking no for an answer???
  • so he’s just like 
  • you know what fuck it i’m just going to stop replying them
  • anyway it’s not like they can know i’m wen junhui
  • so boom
  • jun ignores you for a good whole week
  • but then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • in that week you actually manage to get tickets for seventeen’s fansign !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you’re so pumped and hyped because YOU FINALLY GET TO MEET JUN AND !!!
  • he’s the literal love of your life how can you not get really excited
  • except, you still feel kinda shit because wendy (jun) hasn’t replied you for ages
  • okay maybe it’s just a week but still
  • so before you go for the fansign you drop wendy (jun) a message telling him that you finally get to meet your idols and that you’re sad he can’t be with you :’)
  • and then right before he gets onto the fansign stage, jun reads the message
  • he panics for a while but manages to stay calm because lmao its not like they know i’m their online friend psh it’s all aight
  • but when he gets up there he sees a person sitting in a corner alone, with no fancy dslr but a small iphone camera, eagerly waiting for him to come out and 
  • he knows that’s you
  • you look so happy yet slightly :( and he can’t help but feel slightly guilty
  • so when it comes to your turn with jun,
  • you tell him how much you adore and love him (at this, jun blushes and eye smiles) but then you ask him for advice on how to apologise to a friend
  • and he goes from :-D to :-( real quick
  • because although that confirmed his suspicions about you being his amazing author memey mutual, he felt really really bad about making you feel shitty
  • so he’s like “wait let me show you a magic trick”
  • “take out your phone”
  • “you wanna apologise through text right?”
  • at this you nod your head fervently 
  • jun takes out his phone too
  • and he’s like “okay go to your chat, and on 1,2,3…”
  • a new message bubble pops up and 
  • “why use facetime when the real deal’s in front of you?” 
  • he shows you his phone screen with the exact same chat log as yours
  • and you’re just like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he smirks and puts a finger to his lips
  • “sh’’
  • when the fansign ends, you’re so certain that it’s all a dream that you check your phone again
  • at this point another message pops up 
  • it’s an selfie of jun at the fansign location with his finger poking a far off image of you in the background
  • “how’s this for a picture? get home safely ah my dear carat! ;-)”
  • and that’s when you realise your mutual’s name isn’t wendy, but wen jun hui

!!!!!!! finally done with 3/13 of this series! i’ll finish the rest and update the masterlist in my free time so please be patient!

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