oh boy i expected this to be nice and happy and light

I didn’t post my thoughts last night but this is oh so necessary. SO LET’S DO THIS.
-First off, I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS? I was minding my own business and then I saw this and I cried?? SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL.
-Look at all the boys!!! Being oh so fancy with their suits and looking super dapper! Let’s analyze them one by one.
-Taichi’s suit fits him so well!!! Light blue suit and a red tie and his innocent looks over me, is anyone else blushing here? Plus Agumon looks so happy ;-; they deserve this happiness.
-YAMATO, YOU SON, HOW DO YOU DO THAT. He looks soooo good and he’s not even trying!!! Is that champagne in your hand?? Y'all are supposed to be minors you… okay I forgive you, just because you look GREAT and are taking care of Gabumon.
-HEY TAKERU, THAT’S A NICE HAT!!! Yes, I said it. The kiddo looks fancy and I love that green army jacket and Patamon is as adorable as always. I just wish we could see the front :(
-Jou, JOU KIDO. I think no one has ever looked any better than Jou in this poster. That’s class, that’s a look!!! He looks so dapper, so fancy, so nice. Plus he’s matching Yamato so JOUMATO RISE!!!! I love to see Jou happy ah.
-LMAO Koushiro is me always close to the snacks at fancy parties. He looks so focus and so does Tentomon!!! I love how he’s not pervy/ike for once. Stay awesome Koushiro, I love you.
-That’s some age-appropriate, Hikari! I’m so proud! You look super cute and those colors fit you like a glove. See Toei? There’s no need for bikinis here.
-Meimi!!!!! I’m so glad you both decided to come out in this party. Lol, jokes appart, look at Mimi!!!! She looks super good, I love that dress and the gloves!!!! Even Meiko looks good!!!! A bit too old-ish if you ask me but it fits her style. Y'all are goddeses.
-AND MY QUEEN!!!! Work that white dress, Sora! It’s such a beautiful dress and she’s wearing a freaking CHOKER I honestly screamed when I saw it there it’s too good to be truth. Now I can only see her designing her own clothes and that just makes me so!!!!!
-I love how everyone seems to have small stars on their clothes, makes my heart so full.



Amy Jellicoe, Aspiring Agent of Change