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Okay I got one but idk if it was said before but what made u decide loving jotaro?

/cracks neck
here we go lads now we’re talking

I originally got into the show off the back of hearing Sono Chi No Sadame at a Halloween Party and was thoroughly a Phantom Blood girl- I was all about that Jonathan and Dio life- this is in November 2015 remember. So I’m scrolling through the tag and I’m like seeing some really nice art of a sleeping boy ‘oh, who’s this?’ because my ass didn’t realise that Jonathan died and the story progresses ‘he looks really angry- wait, is that a gif of him calling that lady a bitch? ugh’- I later learned that his name was Jotaro Kujo, the 3rd jojo in the series.
And then my friend, who was already into the series, was like ‘Jess, you’ll like him- he’s just your type, emo’ and I was like nah lmao she just called his mom a bitch- I’m not about that life.

And then I was on youtube and was watching the op’s 1-4, because that’s was all we had back in the olden days, and he looked so fucking cool? and Stand Proud/Sono Chi No Kioku were like really selling the angst and dynamic of the part so when I actually got to watch and read it, I straight up just fell straight for him and quickly fell into the later parts too. I liked the fact that he was such a complex character but still had certain mannerisms of a typical shounen protagonist- he had his faults too; he was brash, rude, seemingly the frequent the victim of social insensitivity or misunderstanding and often violent. But he also had redemption if you want to call it that; he loves his family and wants to keep them safe, he /does/ care about people he feels responsible for, he has a keen sense of overall justice, and wouldn’t think twice about putting his life on the line for someone he loves. He also has his struggles but I won’t delve into them.

It annoys me so much when Jotaro is ruled down to be the ‘emotionless’ character of the series like, really, Jotaro has been known to make a /few/ jokes, smiles more than Johnny and has the same sort of introductory personality of blunt/calculating as Giorno did. I feel like I never get to write Jotaro the way that I want to because I either put too much character analysis in or make him too cold or blunt, which isn’t a Jotaro that people want to read. 

Honestly did you guys know that I love Jotaro Kujo



by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

Chapters: 1/1 (6827 words)
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Tesco AU, Smut, Butt Plugs, sex toy discussion, sexy cornetto eating, Bottom Louis, Blow Jobs, this story basically revolves around a twenty pence piece, Office Sex, inappropriate declarations at the height of arousal

Part 1 of the Tesco series


Curiosity mingled with pity inside of Louis as the man took his tote bag from his shoulder and rifled through it, seemingly looking for change at the bottom. He became a little frantic, unsuccessful in his hunt for coins.
“Come on, 20p. Twenty fucking pence. Where are you?” The man mumbled.
Pity won out in Louis; he dug his hand quickly in his pocket.
“Here you are, mate.” He handed the man a twenty pence piece.
“Oh, um-” He frowned down at the coin that Louis had placed in his palm. “Cheers, that’s so nice.”
“Don’t mention it.”

Louis lends Harry 20p in Tesco, and Harry is adamant about thanking him properly.

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Song: Breath of Life by Florence + Machine

Movies (In Order):

Moana- Disney
Aladdin- Disney
How to Train Your Dragon- Dreamworks
Zootopia- Disney
Mononoke Hime- Studio Ghibli
Atlantis: The Lost Empire- Disney
Brave- Disney
Big Hero 6- Disney
Beauty and the Beast- Disney
Rise of the Gaurdians- Dreamworks
Mulan- Disney
The Lion King- Disney
Tangled- Disney
Howl’s Moving Castle- Ghibli

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I wanted to see how many different Sanses I could draw. Here we go (oh boy).

Going in rows, left to right.

(They’re transparent c:)







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Least favorite sheriarty hcs/tropes/aus?


  • everything with non-con involved is fucking out of character. 
  • “jim moriarty is sherlock’s abusive and possessive ex boyfriend!! bonus: john saves the day”
  • jim moriarty always wears westwood, always talks about burning things and is super dominant. i’m not against these things if moderate and part of a well written three dimensional character but too many people write a clichè version of jim.
  • i’m also not a big fan of jim not being able to accept his feelings for sherlock and saying “it’s just sex/intellectual interest!!!”. i’m not saying it’s out of character, but i’ve always seen jim as someone who is in touch with his feelings - i can see sherlock thinking that, though.
  • jim talking about john all the time
  • clueless virgin sherlock & sex god moriarty
  • things that are too fluffy. i love domestic sheriarty, but if fics lack banter and that typical sheriarty vibe or have either jim or sherlock blushing like 15 years old girls then… no. just no.
  • i don’t like omega!verse. really few exceptions
  • sherlock being ashamed of being attracted to jim or that whole “he know john will hate for that” thing. it’s boring and clichè and stop, please

and i think that’s it? there are more of course, but these are the biggest turn-offs in sheriarty fics for me


          The  sea  will  unmake  you,  bone  by  bone;  leave  you  aching  for  salt  and  brine,  for  the  divinity  it  leaves  in  wake  of  its  kisses.  It  is  always  hungry  and  the  ghosts  it  claims  are  hungrier,  ravenous  and  endless  as  their  paramour,  creatures  of  celestial  concoction  that  leave  bruises  like  flowers  in  place  of  their  touch.     /     written by ash


jacket update

Assassin’s Creed: Bonds #18

I took a break from studying and suddenly…there was a chapter. I got a little request thing queued for today because I reached 900 followers! Yay! One hour after my exam, it will post. 
I’ll show mercy from my angst this way~ NSFW request prompts!

Chapter Eighteen: The Rain Falls

The silence of the room was astounding. It made the insides of his ears ache: in shame or guilt he was not entirely sure.

Side by side with his brother in arms, shoulders brushing occasionally with every uncomfortable shift, they both faced the most horrifying sight: Makarov’s calm disappointment.

Sitting behind his desk like a dignified banker, the old man sat with his hands folded, pools of papers all over the polished oak desk. The aged quill sat in the ink pot, raggedy as it was the day Gray brought in the brown eagle feather as a gift for the Master.

The flicker of candles cast wrinkles in a strange shadow, eyes shining with deep emotions of betrayed trust. After all, his two favorite upcoming assassins had failed him…horribly so.

“So, Bora got away…with heaps of information on the Strauss scandal defense…and paperwork on Erza’s observations of Duke Everlue.” The restrained anger rang in his stressed words, knuckles creaking from the strained grip. Beside the desk stood the stoic Laxus, eyes gaunt and barely contained in his emotions.

The old study had once been bustling with fresh books and jokes the day before. The walls of dusted tomes and maps a thing of comfort to the two assassins in training. Now, it was a show of how much they failed in their growing responsibilities.

It was as if they had flat out declared that they no longer saw him as their Master, and denounced his teachings in the ways of Fairy Tail. The hurt trust was clear in the older man’s eyes more than anything else.

In a piss poor effort to lighten the absolute dishonor, both Gray and Natsu pointed at each other with pleading faces. “It was his fault.” They both snapped, legs quivering from the deafening silence afterwards.

Laxus gave a ruthless snarl behind bared teeth, the true anger of a Dragon Assassin shining through. The blond man looked closer to Dragon Force more so than ever before.

The pink haired man shuddered, hoping that Laxus kept his anger under control. When in Dragon Force, blind rage could easily break bones. Though he had not found the trigger for his own, Natsu knew that the Force was a gift not to be trifled with and used only as a last resort. Igneel had taught him that much.

Laxus never had training from an actual Draconian descendant. Thus, his Dragon Force could very well be unstable as madness. After all, it was just submitting to the most basic desires of humanity: survival aggression being the most primary.

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Name: Tavis Krys Weiss

Nickname: Tav, Cape, Krys, Fuckface McGee.

Gender: Man, Male, Guy, Dude, Sir, but also Nonbinary tyvm.

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 180cm

Favorite character: Oh boy where do I even begin…I need a specific fandom, yo, or we’ll be here for years. I’ll just name my top five at the moment: Mumen, Arakita, Lucio, Soldier76, Gabriel Reyes, and Lance from Voltron.

Hogwarts house: Slytherine

Favorite color: blue/purple/black

Favorite animal: cats!

Average hours of sleep: somewhere between 4-12 hours. In other words I’m not consistent at all; thanks insomnia.

Cat or dog person: Both, but I do have a preference for cats more.

Number of blankets I sleep in: 1, but it’s gotta be a thick comforter.

Favorite singer/band:  Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, ONE OK ROCK, and (unironically) Evanescence. 

Dream trip: Japan, Dubai, South Korea, Sweden, Ireland, and Germany.

Dream job: Concept art for something, like an MMO where it’s constantly growing and evolving, or a writer/editor.

Current number of followers: 688 after I got rid of a bunch of porn blogs.
What made you decide to join tumblr?: I had several friends make roleplay blogs, I think they were for Hetalia characters at the time, so I was interested, but it was months later until I actually made my blog, after the release of the first Avengers movie, and I got into Superhusbands (steve x Tony) about the same time I got into Superbat (Superman x Batman) and it sort of escalated from there.

92 Truths

Um, I was tagged by @fictionismynationality so uh yeah (thank you!! ^^)

Rules: Write 92 truths about yourself then tag 25 people (yeah I’m not gunna tag 25 people screw that)

Oh golly… this is really fluffing long

Welp here we go

[1] drink: Chocolate milk!
[2] phone call: My mom
[3] text message: My mom (I think?)
[4] song you listened to: Fall Out Boy- Sugar We’re Going Down oh cod… this is embarrassing
[5] time you cried: Like, earlier today? I was listening to Kelly Clarkson’s Piece by Piece and if you haven’t cried to that song you’re not human

[6] dated someone twice: hA I’ve never been in a relationship sooo~
[7] been cheated on: Nnnnnope; you can’t get cheated on if you were never with anyone
[8] kissed someone and regretted it: Never been kissed >:D
[9] lost someone special: I mean… yeah? This can range from family members to friends and stuff so of course I have
[10] been depressed: Basically me everyday of my life
[11] gotten drunk and thrown up: I’m still under the legal drinking age in my country heh (but when I’m of age trust– my first drink WILL be tequila rose)

[12] Blood red
[13] Periwinkle blue
[14] Lavender or pastel pink?

[15] made new friends: Yeye!
[16] fallen out of love: uh, define this version of ‘love’?
[17] laughed until you cried: I probably have but can’t think of something off the top of my head
[18] found out someone was talking about you: Yeah, I’m pretty sure. I don’t especially care anymore though– I talk more trash about myself than anyone else can probably
[19] met someone who changed you: Well, yeah, I think so?
[20] found out who your true friends are: Still figuring some stuff out but for the most part I hope so
[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: 1. Don’t gotta facebook 2. never been kissed or kissed anyone in my life~

[22] how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: Once again, I don’t got myself a fb
[23] do you have any pets: Unfortunately no D:
[24] do you want to change your name: Not really. My name is p unique and I only know one celebrity who shares the same name as me
[25] what did you do for your last birthday: Invited my friends over. That’s it really?
[26] what time did you wake up: Ha. Haha. 12:00 sharp today. I sleep in when I get the chance
[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: On the internet. Looking up… stuff nothing bad I promise
[28] name something you cannot wait for: VOLTRON SEASON 3 BECAUSE I NEED TO SEE MY BLUE SON AGAIN
[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: Today?
[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: My family’s view point on LGBT+ stuff…
[31] what are you listening to right now: …Still… FOB…. I’m sorry through me into the dumpster
[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: yES–
[33] something that is getting on your nerves: Life
[34] most visited website: Tumblr and YouTube are my top two
[35] elementary: Uh, I mean I went there
[36] high school: Currently going here
[37] college: Oh cod
[38] hair colour: Dark chocolate it’s not black I frickin swear
[39] long or short hair: LONG
[40] do you have a crush on someone: Sorta? I’m kinda unsure rn
[41] what do you like about yourself?: My creativeness I guess
[42] piercings: Yeh, just my ears
[43]blood type: Uh
[44] nickname: I nicknamed myself Luce? So
[45] relationship status: Singleeee~
[46] zodiac sign: Aries! Well, I relate more to Pisces but eh
[47] pronouns: She/her

[48] fav tv show: Steven Universe
[49] tattoos: Nope, not yet anyways. I kinda wanna get one when I’m older but don’t tell my mom that–
[50] right or left hand: Righty

[51] surgery: On my left wrist for a ganglion cyst. It’s funny when I draw two dots above it because when I move my wrist it’s like a small mouth
[52] piercing: On meh ears
[53] best friend: don’t wanna think about my first best friend. Didn’t end well.
[54] sport: pFFFTTTTT– well I mean I like to play badminton now but uh I’d rather watch sports than play ‘em
[55] vacation: I think to the Philippines? I’m p sure to visit fam
[56] pair of trainers: I don’t frickin know????

[57] eating:  I want to eat fruit but nope not now
[58] drinking: I want more chocolate milk..        
[59] i’m about to: Sleep
[60] listening to: I finally changed the music! Iindesuka- Radwimps
[61] waiting for: insomnia to stop kicking my butt
[62] want: Death to come swift
[63] get married: I’ll think about it when I’m older. But it’d be nice I guess
[64] career: a;sdfjghkwenla;’, I don’t know yet but probably something in the neuropsychology field if I can’t be an artist, singer, writer, or any other creative career really..

[65] hugs or kisses: Hugs are preferred! I like cuddles on occasion
[66] lips or eyes: Eyes because there’s a lot to them~
[67] shorter or taller: uM– If taller, I’d like to cuddle them? If shorter, I’d also like to cuddle them, but it’d be so cute to cuddle someone smaller than me because I’m short //////
[68] older or younger: I go by the high school rule– If you’re old enough to have gone to high school the same as me, then sure
[70] nice arms or nice stomach: I don’t really care? But arms I guess???
[71] sensitive or loud: Both is nice, but I’m probably loud enough so someone quieter is nice
[72] hook up or relationship: Relationship… I’m ace so yeah. I’m more of a committed person too.
[73] troublemaker or hesitant: Hesitant I guess. Please stop me before I do something stupid–

[74] kissed a stranger?: Never kissed
[75] drank hard liquor?: Not yet
[76] lost glasses/contact lenses?: I mean, I’ve misplaced my glasses but I find them again later
[77] turned someone down: No one??? Has ever??? Really been interested so??? Whatever
[78] sex on first date?: I’M ACE
[79] broken someone’s heart?: Chance of that is very small
[80] had your own heart broken?: …yeah? yeah
[81] been arrested?: Nope
[82] cried when someone died?: Yup
[83] fallen for a friend: I’m demibiromantic. I’ve only fallen for friends in the past…

[84] yourself?: Meh? I suppose though
[85] miracles?: Uhm, sure? Well, wait I am religious so yeah I guess so
[86] love at first sight?: Not really, but for others I guess
[87] santa claus?: I don’t wanna talk about it. *whispers* darnit dad
[88] kiss on the first date?: I mean, I guess others might but not for me
[89] angels?: Yurp

[90] current best friend’s name: I don’t really pick out any of my friends over others so uhm… all my friends?
[91] eye colour: Dark brown
[92] favourite movie: Shoot I can’t choose…

I tag: @mytinygayitalianson @tsarbucksvodka @maskedheart-beat @lukasha-dove @sexorsuicide @whatdoyoumeanunicornsarenotreal @anyone else who wants to do this

Shadows And Phantoms


A pair of purple dots looked lazily around near deserted base. It was night time, and the lone figure seemed to be very comfortable with that. Corridors, rooms and buildings, the figure seemed to be famillar with her surrondings. Almost like she used to live here before. The figure quickly navigated trough the base and found an office that was much more active before. She sat on the chair and turned around, almost like waiting for someone to come find her.

I was tagged by @parkersrevenge

Relationship status: lol

Favourite colour: blue - the darker the better

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, always

Last song I listened to: White and Nerdy

Last movie I watched: Fried Green Tomatoes

Top 3 TV shows: currently it’s Elementary, Black Sails, and the Musketeers

Top 3 characters: ahhh there’s too many, okay umm Idgie Threadgoode, Athos, and Stephen Maturin

Top 3 ships: Sumhowe (it counts), Aubrey/Maturin, and Raffles/Bunny

Books I’m currently reading: oh boy, here we go. Herman Melville, W.H. Auden: The Life of a Poet, Collected Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe, The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel, The Vile Village, Leaves of Grass, Three Saints and a Sinner, The Far Side of the World, Nelson, and a collection of poetry by Henry Longfellow.

I’ll be boring and tag anyone who wants to participate

oh hecc @hxhneon tagged me here we go

name: Ewan!!

nicknames: idk people i know from natter usually call me Skunk but other than that i got nothing

gender: dumb boy

star sign: virgo

height: 5'10 (i think)

orientation: pansexual (but like 99% of the time im love boys)

hogwarts house: the Harry Potter website says im Slytherin BUT that website also says HP characters shit themselves & magic it away so im gonna go with Ravenclaw thanks 

favourite colour: purples & blues & pinks!! 

favourite colour to paint walls: i like lilac/light blue walls its easy to fall asleep with

favourite colour of lipstick: i dont wear it but if i had to id probably go full red. go big or go home

favourite animal: i love lots of animals but dogs mean so much to me 

time right now: 2:23am

cat or dog person: both!!! but definitely dogs

favourite fictional character: im incredibly attached to Symmetra and Napstablook 

number of blankets i sleep with: usually 1 but sometimes 2 in the winter

favourite singer/band: Of Monsters And Men

dream trip: SDCC would be really cool with friends

dream job: i have no fucking clue

when was this blog created: like late 2013 i think 

when did your blog reach its peak: a few months ago when i made like 1 post about Junkrat and Roadhog and got like 300 reblogs for some reason 

what made you decide to get a tumblr: my friends

why did you pick your url: i like space and i like skunks

last movie you watched: Pacific Rim in January it was a really fun movie

last song you listened to: Rito Village from the BotW soundtrack

last book you read: ive not read a book in ages so idk 

last thing you ate: biscuits probably

if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?: cuddling my doggo ive not seen her in weeks 

what time would you travel to: fuck if i know like. maybe the 60s/70s when space travel was really kicking off and everyone was talking about it 

fictional character you’d hang out with for a day: Prince Sidon from Breath of the Wild hes so encouraging and hed treat me right 

idk who to tag so anyone who wants to do it can just say i tagged them!!