oh boy do i love this scene

Episode 9 thoughts

Yoi episode 9 has just slayed any romance/shoujo manga/anime out there. They truly are making history. This is the time for the anime industry to take notes and see how it’s done! We finally saw a genuine hug (two) out of love, and care not just a prize for doing great. That scene between Victor and Yuuri  made me cry, I was sobbing, and I still am if I think about it. I have turned into an emotional wreck. I have never been so impressed with a couple in my entire life and oh boy I had my own fair share of anime. Nothing can top YOI. 

The scene between the Crispino twins was very emotional as well. It’s hard to let go of the hand that you always held. I kinda’ get where he’s coming from. It’s not creepy, it’s genuine love. 

Yurio, I never liked him, EVER but after this episode…I adore him. I want to protect him and cheer on him until I die. He was so beautiful during his free skate (better than JJ any day) Indeed a prima ballerina <3 He genuinely was worried for Yuuri and he wanted to cheer him on. He gave him piroshky! What a sweet child! 

JJ was extremely douchey during this episode! Just a quick reminder mister, Yuuri might not be the skating King  you are , but he’s Victor’s King!  He even pitied Victor at some point. God, he has no idea how happy Victor’s been since living with Yuuri. I really want JJ to lose the GPF. I don’t care if Yurio or Yuuri gets the gold medal but he just can’t! I’m done with his cocky ass! 

I’m so happy Makkachin is safe, I had a feeling nothing bad would happen to him, that’s why I didn’t make a fuss about it. 

Yuuri can’t give his best when Victor isn’t around. He looked extremely miserable at the beginning of his performance. He IS skating for Victor so I wasn’t surprised. This just means, they have to be together forever ;) 

Yakov is adorable and he’s a great coach. Lillia was crying during Yurio’s performance, she’s so precious :’D 

Thank you Mappa for making this beautiful series <3 

I’m a bit sad that we didn’t found out anything about Victor’s past and didn’t see Yuuri and Yurio train together but overall this was the best episode so far. I’m still crying while I’m typing LOL….  I’m very excited for episode 10! I wonder if Victor is giving Yuuri a ring? XD If he does, please all come to my funeral :D 

Day 1 - Favorite Fergus Scene

The 25 Days of Outlander has returned!

Oh Fergus. The little boy neither Jamie nor Claire expected to fall into their life - let alone prove himself to be worthy of their love and admiration not as a servant, but as a son.

Mon fils, indeed.

Hands down, my favorite Fergus scene is during the fistfight that concludes the dinner party from hell in 02x04 “La Dame Blanche.” This scene alone shows why Fergus is just a total boss - and demonstrates the hardscrabble survival instincts that Book readers know will serve Fergus well for the rest of his life:

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I mean, who *wouldn’t* do that, given the chance?

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Whats ur absolutely favorite scene, in detail, from shadowhunters?

oh boy oh man where do i even start like i literally have no idea? what my favorite scene is? so i’m just gonna talk about magnus’s line “i get it. i’m a lot to get used to.”

like. this is not the magnus we know. the magnus we know loves himself and doesn’t apologize for the way that he is. the magnus we know is loud and vibrant and this line…he just sounds broken tbh like he was remembering some long ago heartache

which makes me wonder who it was that put that thought in magnus’s head, that he’s just too much and he takes getting used to. was it camille who we all know is the source of most of magnus’s heartbreak? was it imasu? was it someone else he loved dearly only to find out that they didn’t love him back that he was just too much for them, that being who he was wasn’t good enough for this person that he loved?

did he go through a period where he tried to tone it down so he wasn’t too much? did he wear more muted clothes? did he throw away his make up? did he make himself quiet? did he try to blend into the background hoping that maybe someone would love him without having to get used to him?

then he found alec, a man who made him feel things he hasn’t felt in nearly a century, who seems to have feelings for magnus as he is, not caring that he is loud and vibrant and outspoken.

so what happened? what made magnus think that maybe alec thought he was too much too? that alec needed time to get used to him? because alec said it was nothing personal and i truly believe that it wasn’t - he’s frustrated because to him, it feels like no one is trying as hard as he is to find jace, even though they are. but to magnus, something happened between that scene and the scene on the roof that made him think that alec needed to get used to him.

anyway this is long and rambly and i’m going to end it by saying that i love magnus bane more than i love being alive and i will sucker punch every single person who ever hurt him in his four hundred years on this earth i’ll punch a corpse i don’t care

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u should answer all 20 of the mob psycho ask meme things jsust DO it u peice of fuck....

Fuck you, I will.

1: What is a scene that really got to you?
In the anime, probably either the flashback to when Mob went ???% when he was young (I love the Angst™), or when Mob nearly goes 100% murderous intent and then instead goes like, 1000% gratitude. In the manga, the entirety of the fuckin Mogami arc (the part with the cat like Holy Shit) nearly made me cry, and I barely cry at things anymore. So like. That.

2: Who’s your favorite character out of the cast?
I….love so many……..They’re all so good. All the esper kids are Good, Reigen is a good man, the Body Improvement Club members….Tome and Mezato…..fuck, even Dimple. I can’t choose…

3: Who’s your favorite esper kid?
Mob, Ritsu, Teru, and Shou are all my sons thank you very much. I can’t decide between them. Mob is a Good Boy™ who needs a fucking break holy shit. Ritsu is a little shitsu but he cares a lot about his bro and I cry and he’s good too. Teru is also a shitty boy and also he wants to do good and I cry for him (I’m his parent now cause idk wtf his actual parents are, ONE plz explain). And Shou is a good but destructive boy who deserves better. 

4: Who’s your favorite ship(s)?
I….really like Ritsu and Shou, and was kinda indifferent to anything else, until @pundeserving​ (and fanfics) ((thanks u fuck)) showed me the beauty of Teruki and Mob. Also???? I kinda like Tome and Mezato?????? They could like find aliens and report it to the news and honestly they’d be a power couple.

5: What battle shook you most?
Uhm. The one at the end of the World Domination arc. So many emotions…..

6: What friendship do you find the cutest?
Literally any with Mob. He’s such a good boy.

7: What’s the most hilarious moment to you?
(pff other than so many lines from the dub, uh, I’m not too sure. Right now I can only think of how funny the whole situation with that Shirt ™ in the Divine Tree arc is, and like the school festival in which for like a panel Ritsu is forced to dress like a maid and Shou is there. NO WAIT. I KNOW. Justifiable Self Defense. We’re not too sure it’s justifiable, but he’s yelling it anyways. also: OOHHH. HE FUCKING APPEARED! There’s probably others. I can’t remember them rn. OH well, guess I better reread the manga…..).

8: Favorite and least favorite arc?
hmmmmm….The angst pit inside of me wants to say my fave is the Mogami arc, because of how fucking sad it could be (or the way it can spawn fics about it like nobody’s business) but honestly I don’t really have any favorites or least favorites. They all have their pros and their cons, but they’re all really good. 

9: Which antagonist could you never forgive?
Mogami. Hands down. 

10: Do you have any OC’s?
Nope. But there is an oc I saw once on this hellsite which was a cat named Milk that Mob owns and I fully support that hah.

11: Did you watch the anime or read the manga first?
Anime. Subbed. Then went for the manga, then to the dub hah.

12: Would you visit Spirits and Such Consultation Office (if you didn’t know any better)?
Hm. I dunno. Probably would be too lazy to seek out help if I thought a spirit would be on me or smth, or haunting a place. Maybe if it was Real Bad.

13: Are there any specific MP 100 artists/writers you admire?
Uhm. Idk, I tend to not actually look at who is the OP on an art post or who writes a fic. I’ll edit this if I find out some good ones (there’s one artist I’m thinking of on here and they do real good arts, they do comics based on fics (one was on this court thing where Mob was dead by Teruki’s hand b/c the choking thing, the other was on an au fic where Mob was kidnappeped and Reigen ended up rescuing him and they hadn’t met before that idk I have yet to read it myself) and there’s a fic on ao3 that I am always waiting for the next installment, even if it’s been 20 seconds since I read the last chapter. That story’s linked below, and you can see other authors I’ve linked too).

14: Are there any MP 100 fanfics you HAVE to rec?
(this answer is So Long I am So Sorry I just have A Lot Of Love)
Ohhhh boy. You’ve done it now. You’ve awakened the Beast ™. Fanfics are my forte. I’ve gone through all of them on ao3. Don’t fuckin test me on this.
Ok so first off, if you want all the stories I’ve gathered off of ao3 (My picking process: Ignoring all stories with incest or an adult x a kid (or ships I don’t particularly care for), is the fic well written with a good plot? then onto the list it goes. Or if its bad enough to be good. That too.) you can just ask me for the fics and I can either share the googledoc with you or send you the links in another way.
Some of my favorites from the list, tho, are as follows (in order of which I read them):
Color in a Monochrome World by Sifl is a really good introspective series on many different characters, set after the World Domination arc. Sifl also wrote a companion piece, Vertigo.
Extracurricular Education is a series by entrenched about Shigeo and his growth as he works for Reigen. It’s real cute, they’re good bros, I love it. A few stories takes place after the Mogami arc and reference it.
Turning Slowly by sorrow_key is a fic about how Shigeo knows what unrequited love feels like b/c of Tsubomi, so he can see through Teruki really easily. He feels like a liar pretending to not notice. (eventually becomes TeruMob), My notes say if you’re in the divine tree arc, then you’ll get any references made in the fic. Can’t remember what’s said, but it must reference something in that arc for me to have wrote that.
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back by fireflysummers_ao3 is a fic in which Teru feels terrible after the Divine Tree arc (this was made before 97.uh. the chapter that came out this last Thursday, the 5th of Jan, so it may not be as accurate as it could be) and Shigeo just wants to be friends and help him out. After Divine Tree arc.
Temporary Accommodations by Originia is an interesting fic where, through shenanigans, Shigeo’s body is kidnapped without his like, spirit thingy in it (using the strategy from the Mogami arc) and Reigen tries to rescue Shigeo (which Dimple is possessing in Mob’s absence). I fucking love Ritsu in this story holy shit.
The Adventure of the Red Shoes by dyingplatypus. Ho. Ly. Fuck. If you only read one story, read this one. It’s funny, it’s quirky, it’s in character. It’s solving a paranormal case about haunted shoes, and Reigen being cursed. It feels like it could be an actual happening in the anime or something. Seriously. Read this one. It has a little reference to the World Domination arc cause Serizawa is in there but like. You could proooobably read it without reading the manga.
He Just Likes Dogs by reiqenarataka nearly made me fucking cry in a dentists office. It’s about Reigen and dogs, what more could you want?
Signed, Sealed, Delivered by entrenched is a series centered around Teruki and his crush on Shigeo, even as Shigeo crushes on Tsubomi. He would rather never tell Mob and continue being friends, over risking their friendship by confessing.
do make tomorrow a sunny day by dyingplatypus is a series based off an au I mention in the next question. The AU is one in which Shigeo is taken by Claw at a young age, and thus works for them currently. Ritsu grew up without a brother, only knowing he had a brother at some point who presumably died. Both Shou and Shigeo are a part of Claw and work for it, and things Shigeo took care of during the normal universe didnt happen. (LOL) is a growing and powerful cult, Teru still wants to fight people. There’s many different perspectives in the series and they all add up to a unique experience (I’m still real fuckin amused by what Teru thinks of Shigeo in the first chapter of his POV fic)
tomorrow isn’t always another day by suitablyskippy is another good fic on par with The Adventure of the Red Shoes. It’s also quirky, funny, in character, and shows Shigeo and Reigen solving cases. Of a haunted copy machine. Which Mob is preeeetty sure they solved yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that….
Three by Ravenesta is an outsider POV story from a teacher’s perspective, on Shigeo Kageyama and his mysterious third emergency contact, Reigen Arataka. It’s pretty cool, and shows some good shit. 
Return. Continue. by UncannyCookie. A series. Takes place after Mogami arc, Shigeo isn’t doing too well, hands feeling too itchy and wrong after he was driven to choking someone in that unreal world. It’s bad. He’s fine. Teru tries his best to help. The second story, though, Teru is acting weird and Shigeo wants to help him but he swears he’s fine. (also has some of my fave tags: “Teru is not a natural blond, that’s the real drama here”). This is the fic I find myself waiting for updates with bated breath. It’s so good and interesting. Love that shit.

15: Do you have a favorite AU?
I don’t know of too many aus, but most are real good. I like the art I see of the ageswap thing, where Mob is the adult and Reigen is the kid, although I don’t tend to read the fics about it. Idk why. But there are other good aus too, like any where Mob ends up being raised by Reigen. There’s an interesting one on ao3 I saw where Mob was taken by claw at a young age and now kinda like…works for them? Idk. It’s good though. 

16: What would be your first or basic psychic skill (telekinesis, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, ect)?
Honestly telekinesis. I’d fuckin own that shit, being too lazy to get up and grab things myself. I’d probably be like, hah, my pop is on the table literally inches from my hand. If only I could just float it over to myself! And then it does and I’d be like Holy Shit. Also, using telekinesis on yourself (if it’s strong enough) allows you to basically fly? I’d train til it’s that level and then I would be the least athletic person in existence. 

17: Do you like milk?
I really like strawberry milk. I only have normal milk if I dip a cookie in it. Sometimes chocolate is ok too. And I only really have whole milk cause it tastes the best.

18: What headcanons do you have for (character)?
I mean u didn’t provide a character uhm. There’s so many. Me and @pundeserving​ have been talking and whenever I come up with some headcanon I tell her and she may or may not add it to her headcanon list. Usually she does. It’s very good and if you wanna hear some shit about a certian character feel free to ask abt them specifically.

19: Would you hone your basic psychic skill or try to learn different ones?
Both? If possible? I’d like to get my telekineses to a point where I can move myself with little to no effort, but having basic version of other powers would also be nice (like psychokinesis to light a candle or warm up some cold soup or smth)

20: Would you try to use your psychic powers for personal gain or only if you had to?
I mean, if it’s (like i mentioned above) heating up soup, that’s kinda personal gain hah no but seriously if it’d unfairly advantage me above other people (in a sport or something) or harm someone else, I wouldn’t do it. I’d use it for little things like retrieving something that’s out of reach or smth, or if worse comes to worse, to protect my friends or family,  if there are no other viable options. 

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Okay, so that improvising vid. I just need more crankiplier cuteness and??? I love it how Mark subconsciously keeps Ethan close to himself at all times and Ethan looks so happy like, have u seen that blue bab, oh gosh -V (am sorry about the stupid ranting)

he basically always has a smile on his face and him and mark looked like they had such a fun time doing that improv scene gosh darn those Boys

Oh come on Pearl, you have to know that every single thing Steven does is childish because, surprise surprise, he’s a child.

Just play along with it, it’ll make him happy.



This little sequence was the most adorable and hilarious scene of the show by far.

Like, there was no reason for them to do it, but they did it.

And I love them for that.

Pearl is so angry omg.

Things I would like to see in the Kingsman sequel:
  • The other agents,like percival and why he picked rox
  • Eggsy’s family and how they have changed
  • Grown up Daisy (well like Daisy that can talk and walk, HOW CUTE)
  • Michelle being a happy single independent woman, with a great circle of gals and no dean 
  • Roxy’s backstory, like maybe some flashbacks and stories from her army days this would make me so so happy
  • Roxy’s poodle and its name
  • A couple of scenes of Eggsy having nightmares and not being able to sleep
  • More female cast members!!!
  • A scene like in the original movie and like Roxy has to seduce the guy but she finds out he’s gay and in a heart beat Eggsys like “I got this Rox, posh boys love a bit of rough”
  • More MAR STRONG pleASE
  • more suit porn
  • Roxy in her Kingsman get up, oh my sweet mother of god please
  • Eggsy having to do different accents for whatever reason
what does my brain want to say?

this night i had a really good but painful dream. i don’t remember it that good but i for sure know the “key scenes” and it was definitely a really thight warm hug, one of the best things ever and “i love you”. it was jiminie. i don’t complain but why do i never have interactions with kookie in my dreams? he’ll just stand there and do nothing :( 

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Thoughts while watching Pitch Perfect 2
  • - Gale Abernathy lol
  • - Man, that's gay
  • - I can't believe I'm shipping something else beside Bechloe here (Bumper+Amy=<3)
  • - They should've cut out this Emily-Plot and replaced it with more Bechloe scenes
  • - Who has the money to stay in college for 7 years?
  • - Flula my bae <3
  • - We're all germans in this cinema and nobody is offended by these outfits?
  • - Oh wow DSM is really good
  • - AUBREY!!
  • - Bechloe is on.
  • - Pentatonix should've had a whole song
  • - This movie is basically tumblr
  • - This has to be even gayer than the first one
  • - I love it.
  • - That movie was indeed perfect <3
thoughts on yoi ep #4
  • yuuri sleeps with makkachin and his phone case has lil baby makkachins all over it i am deceased 
  • viktor’s cheerful happy face even when yuuri is super late, like are u kidding me what is this boy is he made of sunshine 
  • literally everything about the bath scene oh my god
  • yuri casually standing like that while he’s on his phone, why is he so extra jfc
  • i love mila 
  • i love her
  • she’s so strong and pretty let me live
  • phichit seems so sweet what an absolute darling awww
  • listen yuuri is so relatable, he’s so self conscious but he’s working through it and i’m so proud of him
  • yuri doing ballet with his lil hair bun i’m crying
  • also viktor not getting mad at yuuri for missing practice like does that boy have a mean bone in his body 
  • (also yuuri seems to have a tendency to run away from/avoid his problems and i really hope that we get to see him deal with that and start approaching his problems more head on, i think he’s gaining the confidence to do that and i want to see more of him developing that way yes please)
  • the heart to heart at the beach was so sweet i’m so glad that we got to see them bonding and being honest with each other… yuuri is starting to open up to viktor on a personal level and it’s so nice to see that yuuri trusts him as well as admires him
  • viktor: “you’re not weak” “then [i’ll be] your boyfriend, i guess. i’ll try my best” MMMMMM BOIIIIIIIIIII LIGHT ME ON FIRE 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 
  • lmao viktor and makkachin turn their heads simultaneously when yuuri freaks out at the word “boyfriend”, amazing
  • yuuri’s stamina > viktor’s stamina 👀
  • no but seriously it’s cool to see that yuuri has talents that maybe viktor doesn’t have? i would love to see at some point yuuri teaching viktor something that he isn’t great at but yuuri is… that would be such a monumental moment in their relationship tbh. i’d love to see them get closer and closer to seeing each other on equal footing
  • yuuri transfixed by the top of viktor’s head and viktor getting embarrassed im  ch ok ign  
  • theme “on my love” mmmmohmygod 
  • also yuuri blushes every time viktor compliments him awww
  • yuuri is starting to get excited about the upcoming year of skating like he’s looking forward to it working so hard, he feels like a new person and he’s gaining more confidence, listen i am so proud of this boy look at him go
  • “i may never regain what i’ve lost, but i can clearly see what’s in front of me now” LOOK AT HIM he’s not letting his past failures keep him from moving forward, he’s learning from his downfalls and aiming for a brighter future look at him
  • yuuri’s theme is so beautiful excuse me while i go listen to it a million times and sob uncontrollably 
  • anyways viktor and yuuri’s relationship is progressing so beautifully i am so happy to see them learning from each other and bonding, i think they will both be so good for each other, whether or not it’s romantic (even though i desperately want it to be romantic)

As always I must focus on the Garnet part of the episodes so here are some great parts and by great parts, I mean every scene she was in

-Garnet and Steven doing the thing where he sits inbetween her legs is the cutest continuity thing ever omfg

-I totally believe Garnet loves video games but never plays them herself because its like the Arcade mania incident 



-Speaking of the ‘power couple’ comment, they have just explicitly stated that they were a COUPLE, so ima just show all those naysayers this (and yes, there ARE some people who deny this fact) 

-The affronted little gasp Garnet does d e s t r o y  m e

-’Your Ruby is showing’ D E S T R O Y  M E

-Garnet canonically took on 3 battalions and won, can my thirst get any worse, the answer is YES


-Just how like, touchy and cuddly Pearl, Garnet, and Bismuth were with eachother was so cute