oh booster


One new release. I told myself I’d take a study break to read ONE new release. And what do I get? DC taking my fave out of limbo and making him relive the worst thing that ever happened to him again. 

Moral of the story: don’t take study breaks, kids.

(Injustice 2 #9)


here’s another one! a playlist of upbeat songs to make the bad days seem a little brighter :’)

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listen, one time


i made boostle sims okay

and hilariously, booster (with free will on, mind) tried to kiss ted this one time

and ted turned him down and then  IMMEDIATELY rolled the want to kiss him

which i honestly

was like…..

te …. d…..

(ages later they went out to a bar together and ted got super drunk, danced on the tables, and then flirted with booster.  YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP)

Uh, Teething?

Being whisked out of the maw of mortal peril. Lots of mechanical explosions. Flashing lights and yikes, ouch, pain there it was jeez. Ted woke up as memories from last night slipped away and the dull post-combat aching filtered in with the light from the loft window and his consciousness. And then he remembered.

Booster had gotten punched in his beautiful face.

Even though Ted had had a massive crush on a hockey player when he was 15 and in his junior year at U of Chicago, seeing Booster with his maxillary central incisors gone, didn’t really do it for him. It was not a good look. Booster’s sometimes-dashing, often-bashful smile was one of Ted’s favorite parts of Booster.

He rolled over. Booster was awake (of course) and blinked at him. And then his expression switched to concern, probably mirroring however Ted was staring at him.

“Good morning? You all achy?” And then Booster grinned.

And Ted could see, yes, all of his teeth were decidedly back to normal. He gaped.

“Your teeth?” Ted asked.

Booster pointed at his mouth. “My teeth?”

“They’re there.”

Booster stared at Ted.

Ted sat up in bed. “They’re back.”

“Oh,” said Booster. He looked to the side before meeting Ted’s gaze. “They grow back?”

“They grow back.”

“They grew back. Overnight.”

“They grew back? Overnight?

“Teeth grow back–?” Booster paused confused. And then laughed. “Ooooooh, hah, right, that doesn’t happen in your century.”

Booster yawned.


Beaucephalis - Dragon Booster

Oh my god, it’s finally done. I’m pretty sure it’s been close to a year since I started this. It’s been mad complicated and things seemed to get in the way - not to mention breaks in focus and drive! But I finally did it, thanks to patient spurring from the commissioner. I’ve got another one lined up right behind it - but it seems the other color scheme will be easier to do.

Hey ya’ll, I’m interested so please add yours onto this:

First rare opened from a booster: Gigantomancer

First planeswalker opened from a booster: Dack Fayden

“IN RETROSPECT---” Hannibal 3x06 Again

**Warning: rewatch live-blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

It is happening.


Season 3, Episode 6: “Dolce”

The dissolves in this opening are unreal. Additionally, I find myself reminded of Don’t Look Now, and LOVING IT.

Aw yeah, Hannibal’s half-lidded unblinking eyes as he watches Bedelia calmly stitch him up. I heart the Fells. They are…. fell.

What do you think Jack Crawford is most surprised by when Will appears: him being all beat up, or him wearing a nice suit? The answer is wearing a a nice suit. Maybe the suit is responsible for how they shake hands like this is a pleasant and professional business meet-up, and not two damaged morally gray vigilante frenemies hunting down their old serial killer friend in Dream Italy.

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i’m so so so sorry. Guy explaining why Booster’s pretty much non-responsive after our GL’s walk in on him crying at some point on the watchtower. This is courtesy of bibliofilariidae who helped spawn this evil thing

edit: okay extra pain added it’s okay to read now.

They beamed aboard the Watchtower about… Guy thought it must have been nearly 4am, the sun was in the right place over the Earth’s surface for it to be that early in the morning West Coast time. The lights were mostly off in the private quarters and the rec rooms, but the four of them made their way quietly to one of the observation rooms, hoping to just relax for a few hours as the adrenaline wore off.

When the door opened, Kyle went in first with a happy “oh, hey Booster!”

Guy’s stomach dropped.

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if you’re starting college this fall please don’t do anything that you’ll regret

if you’re starting this college this fall and don’t know what you’re going to do, it’s okay. four years is a long time and you’re going to find something. and if you don’t, that’s fine too. every single year so far i’ve spoken to graduating seniors who say they don’t know what they’re doing

there are going to be people bustling around you and knowing what they’re going to do and maybe you don’t know what clubs to join what volunteering to do what internships to seek because you have absolutely no idea what direction you want your life to go in

it’s okay

try stuff out

join clubs

take random classes (except not too many make sure to do your required classes)

spread out your gened classes they will probably be your gpa boosters and oh my god you will need them when you really get into your major

appreciate dorm food. especially if you’re like me and cannot cook

probably go to office hours of the professor and not just the ta, especially if you’re going to grad school because you’ll need rec letters


don’t leave your clothes in the laundry/dryer for too long. don’t be that jerk.

joining a frat is up to you. if you want to, go ahead and rush, but understand the cost and time commitment

8ams are probably unavoidable… if you go through all of college without a single 8am, i hate you

you don’t want huge blocks of free time between classes. i like to get them over as soon as possible and get back and just sleep

college is hard college is stressful college is fun college really is a time where you start transitioning from a kid to an adult

but most of all remember that you are not worthless, you are not nothing, you are not stupid

the admissions committee decided you were good enough and that you can succeed

don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t fall into bad habits don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t

more people than you think will feel that sense of hopelessness and despair and misery. you are not the only one college is hard for and just because it’s hard doesn’t make you a failure. first year is for adjusting and, i think, that’s why it was so hard for me

you’ll survive college. and if it’s overwhelming, there is no shame in taking a semester off. i know people who’ve done that and they say it’s really helped. so absolutely do what’s best for you