oh blob

God it’s been a long time since I attempted to animate a thing

This was mostly a test for a bigger thing I wanted to put together, but since I only have so much time this weekend, this is as good as it’s gonna get for now.

chyrstis  asked:

Now I'm stuck imagining the SS sitting there messily wrapping duct tape around their weapon while Danse is gazing over at them fondly. Their scope's askew, and the knife they've rigged to the bottom of their rifle's in danger of falling off, but it's still the best thing ever, darn it.

‘What’s she doing?’ ‘HER BEST.’

Little do they both know she’s deliberately fudging it because Danse fixing SS’s mistakes and teaching her the proper way to mod and leaning around her and guiding her and whoops did our hands just touch as we both reached for the same part is a quality way to spend quiet evenings in Sanctuary Hills.

hello! we love calvin and we love that you take fat cat submissions! this is my boy seymour aka squeemore aka fat fucker. 16 pounds of extra squishy orange blob love. oh, and the markings on his side actually spell the word “blob” but i can’t figure out how to attach a second pic.

edit: SQUEEMORE. He’s got a good face!! Cute little ears! Good loaf shape. A+


I want to take this opportunity to wish Lee Seokmin–Seventeen’s resident happy virus, seokshine, and horse enthusiast–the happiest of birthdays. From your infectious smile to your Dracula laugh, I love everything about you. You’ve brought joy to so many fans like myself and I hope you continue to be the DK we’ve all come to know and love. I’m honestly so proud of everything you’ve accomplished in the past couple of months. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you because I just know that you will put 110% in every opportunity that comes your way *cough* hopefully a musical or your own radio gig or a variety show *cough*. Please continue to stay happy and healthy so that you can continue to be Seventeen’s main vocalist and energizer. Thank you for being born on this day and thank you for blessing Carats with your beautiful voice 💕


An actual conversation I had with my artist friend
  • Tobi: sometimes I wish people were just like expressionless blobs
  • Tobi: that'd be
  • Tobi: pretty
  • Tobi: easy to draw
  • Doku: Pff yes XD
  • Doku: But boring
  • Tobi: Also very true
  • Doku: And you wouldn't be able to draw in first place since you're also a blob
  • Tobi: and how do you draw various variations of expressionless blobs
  • Tobi: OH
  • Doku: How does blob hold a pencil anyway
  • Tobi: they stick the pencil in themselves and kind of wiggle around idk
  • Doku: :D
  • Doku: Who made the pencil if everyone's a blob? :D
  • Tobi: Also true
  • Tobi: we wouldn't even have them
  • Tobi: let along the internet
  • Tobi: or computers
  • Tobi: for that matter
  • Tobi: fuck, now I'm very glad people are complicated to draw
  • Doku: The price of drawing humans with four limbs and such is small :D
  • Tobi: This is also very true
  • Tobi: what if
  • Tobi: people where still people but just didn't have arms or legs
  • Tobi: and used their mouth for like
  • Tobi: everything
  • Doku: Mm evolution would cause our jaws to develop in a completely different way
  • Doku: And nothing would be tall, all chairs are directly on the floor and such
  • Tobi: Crap you're right
  • Tobi: plus if everyone's jaws evolved
  • Tobi: then
  • Tobi: jaws would probably
  • Tobi: OMF
  • Doku: Just be happy with what we have XD
  • Tobi: I realize this now

Also; When I was buying Gooliope, the guy at the register looked at her box for a long time and went “Wait, how do they know she doesn’t has a parent? How does that make her a monster?”

“Because she’s super tall!”

“That doesn’t make her a monster ?”

“She’s also made of goo.”

-beat- “OH - The Blob! But they can’t say it!”

“Well, now my question’s been answered, you go and enjoy your parentless monster.”