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Where is She? (Part 1)

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Pairing: Jay Halstead x Reader x Will Halstead (Siblings)

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Summary: There is an explosion at the hospital and no one can find you.

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Part 1 - Part 2

A high pitched sound rang through my ears. I was disorientated, confused as to what happened. Then it hit me.

I was with a patient, he came in earlier with a women and were now both treated for both internal and external injuries, and I was helping him see the women he was with who I thought to believe the person she loved but turns out to be someone who she truly hates. He was her attacker. When I found out though it was too late. He already had a scalpel against my side and seethed in my ear. “Do as I say and I won’t hurt you. Keep walking and don’t let on to anyone that you’re in distress. You’re going to get me the hell out of here, okay?” I nodded in response.

I was scared, no terrified. I had no idea what to do. All I could think was ‘what would Jay do?’ But nothing. My mind came up blank so now I was even more nervous than before. The thought that I may never see my brothers Jay and Will ever again scared me. They were my everything, my rock, I loved them to bits.

I was jolted from my thoughts when the man who was holding me hostage whispered in my ear. “I thought you said no one would be down here.”

“There shouldn’t be.” I replied. “But I’ll get us past and he won’t suspect a thing.” I tried to reassure him.

“Hey, Dr Halstead.” Connor said with a hint of uncertainty, unsure of the situation. He noticed how nervous I looked and my erratic breathing. “Is everything okay?”

“Uh, yeah. Just taking the patient for a walk. It’s required.” I replied. On one hand I hoped he would see that I was in distress but on the other hand I don’t. If I just get this man out of here in one piece without the police then there’s a good chance I’ll live.

“Okay, do you need any help?”

“I’m good, Connor, but thank you.” I smiled at him.

“Well see you around, Y/N.”

“Yeah, you too Connor.” I smiled at him one last time before he left around the corner then my nervousness came flooding back. I was more tense then before.

“Good, now keep moving and I do hope for your sake that we have no more disruptions.” He asserted whilst stroking my hair. I shuddered as he did it.

I scanned my ID across the panel to open the door but nothing. It just beeped at us and the light stayed red signalling it was locked. ‘No, no, no, no.’ I thought to myself. We were now trapped. The hospital was on lockdown which only angered the man more. “What are you doing? Open the door.” The man said anger slowly bubbling inside him.

“I- I can’t. The hospital is on lockdown. The doors won’t open unless…” I stopped immediately what I was saying as I knew it was a terrible idea but he caught on to the fact I wasn’t finishing that sentence.

“Unless what?” He had the scalpel at my throat now with enough pressure on to make it bleed a little.

“There was an emergency, like- like a fire. If the fire alarms go off the doors will open and you can leave.” You replied trying to reassure him.

“Great! Then that’s what we’ll do. We’ll set a fire and get out of here.” He said crazily looking around the place for some flammable supplies to set a fire. He found a lighter, some rags, and a bottle with flammable liquid in and drenched the rag in the liquid dropping it to the floor and carried on with trying to light the rag. With him distracted you quickly grabbed the bottle and squirted him all over with the liquid causing him to catch on fire. What you hadn’t taken into account was him running towards the massive tanks of flammable substances. You tried to stop him but it was too late, they exploded sending you back and becoming trapped under equipment.

Your arm was trapped by a metal pole going through it, your head was bleeding when you banged it, and your chest started to hurt from the smoke. 'I have to get out of here’ you thought but the only way was to remove the pole from your arm which you started doing.


Downstairs everyone heard the explosion which sent everyone into panic. The protocol was to remove every patient from the hospital and onto the parking lot which everyone started doing. Will however was worried because he couldn’t find you anywhere, he started asking his fellow colleagues if they’ve seen you but they hadn’t but they would keep an eye out for you which he was grateful for. Outside on the parking lot he was treating a patient when his brother Jay finally caught up with him. When Will was done with the patient he gave him a hug and said. “Thank god your okay!” He let go of Will to look at him and asked. “Where’s Y/N?”

Will’s face immediately masked worry. He thought you may have been busy with patients on the other side of the car park, that’s why he hasn’t seen you yet. “Wait, you haven’t seen her yet?” Jay shook his head, his face with the same mask of worry as Will’s. Jay immediately began calling your phone and Will spotted Connor and asked him. “Hey, Connor, have you seen Y/N? I can’t find her anywhere.”

“Wait, she’s not down here?” Will just shook his head in response. “She was with a patient and-” that’s when it clicked for Connor. He heard that there was a woman’s attacker on the loose in the hospital and earlier he saw Y/N with a patient looking nervous. “Oh, god. I saw her earlier with a patient near where the explosion happened. Will, I think the patient was the attacker on the loose.” Will left Connor and went to Jay to relay all the information Connor just told him.

“She’s going to be okay, Will.” Jay assured his brother. “She’s going to be okay.” He repeated, this time a little unsure himself. With that Jay went off and informed Voight and Chief Boden of the situation.


Now free from the metal pole you wrapped your arm up tightly to stop the bleeding. You got up off the floor and began to make your way to the door to the stairwell. Before you got to it though the ceiling fell causing your only exit out to be blocked. “Crap.” You cursed under your breath. Looking around the room for a solution you spotted a sink and some fabric. You soaked the fabric in water, wrapped it around you and ran through the fire over the rubble from the ceiling that had just fell and out of the door. Slamming into the railing you started coughing, smoke began to fill your lungs and you knew that if you didn’t get fresh air or oxygen you’d die. Going down wasn’t an option as that was blocked so the only way was up to the roof.

When you got up there you noticed you didn’t have your key card on you to open the door. You cursed again under your breath and slid down the wall, the sudden realisation of your situation hitting you like a ton of bricks. You had nothing with you other than this wet towel. The stairwell began to heat up, smoke accompanying it. Breathing became difficult and you were becoming heavy, you knew this was the end you just prayed that you would be found soon. The lack of oxygen was now getting the better of you, you tried to stay awake but you couldn’t anymore. Your world began to get dark but before your eyes closed for good you thought you heard someone shout. “Fire department! Call out!”

Then silence.

A/N: So this is inspired by the Season 13 finale of Grey’s Anatomy but I changed it a little to fit in with Chicago Med. Also I know it’s longer than usual and there wasn’t much interaction with reader and the Halstead brothers but it’s the direction I wanted the story to go in so I hope it’s okay :) My next post will hopefully either be a Teen Wolf one or a Riverdale one.

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What are some of your favorite Wincest one shots, AU, series ... well whatever ... what are some of your favorites

oh, that’s a really good question and by good, i mean really fucking hard question because i’ve read so much and trying to find them all is kinda hard but i’ll do my best. *cracks knuckles* let’s do this thing.

  • title: sharp dressed man
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 4,200+
  • warnings: weecest, underaged, spanking, daddy!kink
  • summary: sam gets in trouble at school. dean arrives, playing as john. dean’s wearing a suit, sam has finds it hot, ensuing daddy issues and punishment that turns heated.
  • title: unexpected consequences
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 1,700+
  • warnings: weecest (sam is 17), spanking
  • summary: dean catches sam skipping.
  • title: fullofsugar!verse
  • pairing: jared/jensen
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 46,000+
  • warnings: student/teacher, cross dressing, feminization
  • summary: a verse about the love story between a boy and his dearest teacher. little glimpses, long nights, teenage love, everything that’s wrong.
  • title: american sweetheart
  • pairing: jared/jensen
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 7,600+
  • warnings: teacher/student
  • summary: professor ackles lives in a structured world of suits and ties and the monotony of a mundane life. the wearisomeness of his life changes drastically when he stumbles upon a website that alters his once thought of ordinary life and brings out the dark desires of his heart. twenty-year-old jared padalecki lives in a conservative world of class schedules and paying rent and trying to find his place in a black and white world. on the other side of his webcam, jared learns he can be made of lace and soft fabric and pastel colors—bringing out the darkest desires in strange men over the internet. in an odd turn of events, fate will bring them together and it will be their duty to hold themselves together or allow fate to ultimately tear them apart once more. a professor and a college student will together learn the meaning of mortality, vulnerability, and heart break.
  • title: born to die!verse
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 63,000+
  • warnings: underage, rape, drug use
  • summary: this story follows the lives of two young brothers as they try to make it in a dark world. after an overdose threatens to tear them apart forever, sam and dean vow to never leave each other’s side again and hit the open roads of the american west to live fast and free together. they fight and fuck like every day could be their last because one day it just might be.
  • title: v i c e
  • pairing: sam/dean, lisa/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 56,600+
  • warnings: police officer dean, prostitute sam, underage, daddy kink, control issues, drug abuse, abuse
  • summary: dean winchester is an undercover cop in the sex trafficking unit of the chicago pd. he suffers from the loss of his former position in narcotics, a bullet injury that causes him to limp, and the sudden divorce of his wife lisa who'se kicked him out of the house and kept their son, ben. dean meets sam during one of his stings, an underage prostitute who loudly proclaims his sexuality and a penchant for older men. they become slowly fascinated with each other, developing a strange and twisted relationship, while dean struggles to regain what he’s lost, and sam looks for any way out of his life on the street.
  • title: poughkeepsie
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: teen and up
  • length: 5,700+
  • warnings: pre-series
  • summary: the reason “poughkeepsie” became their code word for “drop everything and run” was because that was the one place child protective services ever caught up with the winchesters.
  • title: air catcher
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: mature
  • length: 1,000+
  • warnings: curtain fic
  • summary: sam’s rocking chair always stands to the left of dean’s and no-one will tell dean that sammy’s not coming out to sit with him anymore.