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I had this idea of matt crusing on kandreil. here me out:

  • so i imagine matt being a bit on the sidelines of kandreil (not knowing kevin is in on andreil) always looking out for neil to be safe and protected even tho he has the other two dudes
  • he’s not super obvious abt it and it takes him some time when the 4 of them get drunk together over a movie or game to realize that kandreil is a thing that he finds oddly fascinating and attractive
  • cue the next morning when he wakes up on the couch with kevin cradling him that he has a near meltdown from the cute 
  • wondering if he blacked out the night before 
  • but all that happened was that kevin was too drunk to move to his dorm room, and used matt as a pillow so matt wasnt heartless enough to move him
  • after that morning, matt is not the same anymore

  • whenever he sees anyone of the 3 he images what its like being with them. at first it’s kevin cuz kevin seems to be more cool abt affection than the other 2. he talks openly abt thea (in this case as an ex) w/o shame, and a lot abt sex as matt found out that drunk night before
  • so matt goes to think he has a crush on kevin
  • but then he finds neil also attractive and his protectiveness over him is more fierce than before and he has wild thoughts and images that he cant stop whenever they are close
  • like when they study, and neil shows him something on a paper, matt wants to grab his hand and never let go and maybe put it to his face??
  • he’s so lost

  • he see’s affection between andrew and kevin, and andrew and neil and he kinda learns the way andrew shows affection and cares and is blown by how much it makes him want to show affection to andrew - the dude nothing and no one gets close to or moves 
  • and he cant help himself but think he must be going crazy
  • and he even thinks would andrew care at all. he knows that kevin and neil are somehow able to with him
  • and he remembers the unconventional way andrew made sure matt got sober. and even tho he knows that andrew did that for aaron, it still matters to him that andrew saw him struggle, and was the only one to do something about it.

sorry, i have no idea where I’m going with this but it’s my new jam 

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“I know that it’s not always gonna be on that level, and I’m fine with that,” Hale says slowly. “I’ve seen it really mess with people when they’re in the spotlight and then they’re not necessarily in the spotlight, and they do something crazy to be in the spotlight again. So you have to have a life outside of it, and luckily, I have really great friends and family to keep me grounded, and I recognize what’s real and what’s not. I have a sense of who I am outside of my job and the Lucy Hale that people know.” — Lucy Hale for Bustle.

i got tagged by the one and only @iwriteblogpostsnotsongs (thank uuuu) to make a moodboard using stuff from my camera roll and uh lmao johnny, ten + wonho obviously aren’t from my camera roll but oh well the rest are mine so it counts

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