oh bby i love you



The babah’s have been shipped.

Sorry if it looks a little crappy. Also I kind of wanted them to look a little in your style so the noses are based off of it I hope you still like it though. O w O


Shaaaaade, bby, you did an amazing work! I love it! Gold star for your great effort, yee! *pats*

Vixx Reaction to you wanting your first time to be with them

N:  *Because this boy knows hes the shit…*

“Of course you’d want your first time to be with me Jagiya”

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Leo: *Here you can see my favorite Taekwoon…the cute adorable Taekwoon*

“Really!? Don’t worry i’ll make the night perfect!! I’ll take care of everything Jagi, I love you”

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 Ken: *Flirty bby*

“Oh really Jagiya? 

*Looks at you like this ↓↓↓ then Comes closer and grabs you by the waist*

“I love you”

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Ravi: *Already undressing you with his eyes*

“Hmmm really Jagi? I like the sound of that, you wont regret this one bit baby girl”

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Hongbin: *dimpled cutie*

“YES!! I mean…I love you Jagi!! I’ll make everything perfect, something you and I wont forget!!”

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Hyuk: *Adorable Maknae*

“Me?! Really?! Im going to be your first!? wow! Okay, we will make it perfect Jagi everything you ever imagined and more, you wont regret this! I love you so much!!”

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Guys im so sorry I’ve been a shitty co-owner life has just given me like no time to post…i will try to get some of these reactions out and to your eyes as quickly as possible because i love you guys!! ~ Becca 



Happy birthday to our precious visual, Kim Himchan ♡ B.A.P is nothing without your stunning good looks, your charismatic aegyo and your spine tingling deep voice. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for BABYz, and alsofor your members. Your love and care for them reaches new heights, and every day we should count ourselves lucky to have you be such a big part of B.A.P. Thank you again, for everything, and I hope you have an amazing day with your loved ones.
We love you, we miss you. Happy birthday, Himchan!

Happy Birthday Mako-Chan ໒( * ◕ ڡ ◕ * )७

uzumaki naruto gives the best hug because he loves the warmth of people’s body. he gives the best hugs because he likes to cradle and rock the person he’s hugging. he likes to inhale the scent of the person he’s hugging. he gives the best hug because when he hugs people, he makes it feel as though he would never let go of them. he gives the best hug because he’s just full of sunshine and warmth and butterflies and flowers and love and happiness and something inside him that makes everyone wants to hug him.

he gives the best hug because he’s uzumaki naruto