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If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to hear more headcanons about Nobunaga and his MC from your modern/college au! I love their relationship 💕

Oh bby anon, ask and you shall receive, because I love myself some Oda Nobunaga. Thank you for your request, I really love the college au and ALWAYS love writing for it. <3

1. This is a tumultuous couple. Both of them are essentially debaters at heart, and neither of them have a problem taking arguments to the extreme, because they are stubborn. Oda has met his match in his MC, though, because she is just as sharp as he is.. The integral difference between the two of them is that her response to an escalating argument is to seek compromise that benefits the both of them. What does this mean? It means that apart from actually finding answers to their problems they enjoy a very healthy amount of makeup sex.

2. Okay but Nobu may have a reputation for being cold hearted in business, and for being a bit tsun but for his fiancee he is much more soft. He always makes sure to make the time to eat lunch with her, since they work blocks from one another, and often remembers to bring hers when she’s forgotten it. Also is the boyfriend that buys his MC an entire outfit and leaves it on the bed with notes like “be ready by 7, foolish girl”. So he is 100% a “secret romantic”

3. They are a ~professional~ couple, so not a lot of PDA beyond heated stares across the room or his hand protectively around her waist, at least in serious settings.  Nobu has a possessive streak, and can be a bit jealous, so if it is just a normal day he has been known to pull her into deep kisses around men he considers unsavory or a threat. They are a bit of a power couple as well. So when they are together they can own a room.

4. There is one day a week where Nobu and his MC have the fight club + his siblings over for dinner, usually cooking up by Nobu’s MC and Mitsuhide’s MC (Who are BEST FRIENDS once they meet). Lots of alcohol and rowdy behavior (think, vaguely mafioso type behavior). Although MC does not agree with the concept of fight club, she really does love all those guys, and does her best to give them some stability.

5. Nobunaga has nightmares, for undisclosed reasons, and sometimes he’ll wake up his MC with his disturbed sleep. She always wakes him up and brushes his hair out of his face, kissing him and curling herself against him, lulling him back to sleep with her gentle touch.

6. SECRET PICNIC COUPLE. There is a little river that runs a few miles out of town that they like to go to on the weekends if they are free. MC will make picnic food (and put it in a basket and everything) and they’ll head down to the river and spend the better part of the morning and into the late late afternoon enjoying the sun, lying together on the blanket they brought, relishing  each other’s company, skipping stones, and if they are alone getting a bit frisky.

Vixx Reaction to you wanting your first time to be with them

N:  *Because this boy knows hes the shit…*

“Of course you’d want your first time to be with me Jagiya”

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Leo: *Here you can see my favorite Taekwoon…the cute adorable Taekwoon*

“Really!? Don’t worry i’ll make the night perfect!! I’ll take care of everything Jagi, I love you”

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 Ken: *Flirty bby*

“Oh really Jagiya? 

*Looks at you like this ↓↓↓ then Comes closer and grabs you by the waist*

“I love you”

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Ravi: *Already undressing you with his eyes*

“Hmmm really Jagi? I like the sound of that, you wont regret this one bit baby girl”

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Hongbin: *dimpled cutie*

“YES!! I mean…I love you Jagi!! I’ll make everything perfect, something you and I wont forget!!”

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Hyuk: *Adorable Maknae*

“Me?! Really?! Im going to be your first!? wow! Okay, we will make it perfect Jagi everything you ever imagined and more, you wont regret this! I love you so much!!”

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Guys im so sorry I’ve been a shitty co-owner life has just given me like no time to post…i will try to get some of these reactions out and to your eyes as quickly as possible because i love you guys!! ~ Becca 


Montgomery Clift: October 17th, 1920-1966

“Monty and Brando fathered a whole generation of actors- Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Deniro. Monty was the first movie star to seem OBSESSED-slightly nuts. There was a tremendous resistance to craziness in the 1950s and Monty was disturbing- he had an edge.” -Bob Gunn

“In close-up, Monty was absolutely riveting. One was practically absorbed into his eyes, which were clearly formidable and perhaps his best assets as an actor. Large, grey, infinitely expressive in his beautiful but rather deadpan face, they could register yearning, intelligence, and despair in quick succession.” -Patricia Bosworth

“The theater is full of illusions but films are real” -Montgomery Clift

**A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MONTY CLIFT** (home video gifs credited to @jacquesdemys



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