oh barrowman

  • Fan: I just want to mention, [John Barrowman] is in L.A. right now, where it's just after 8 in the morning
  • David Tennant: Yes. But I don't think he'd appreciate that [him ringing him up]. Um...how do you know where John Barrowman is?
  • Fan: He posts where he is all the time -
  • David Tennant: Is there an app?
  • Panel host: Have you seen that man's instagram feed? We all know where he is at any point in the day
  • David Tennant: I must...sign up
The Flash 3x17 LB Part 2:

Kara and Barry reunite.

Kara is really in denial due to finding out about Mon-el.

Lol. Kara referencing the Wizard of Oz.

“My sister says I put the Kara in Karaoke.”

Oh, there’s John Barrowman. That explains it. And it looks like this guy is just as violent as Malcolm.

And Grady, the alternate Winn.

And Alt. Cisco.

Yep, all the Wizard of Oz references.

So this is from their heads.

Violent Kara.

Lol. No Kara, the script not the yellow brick road.

The Music Meister trying to get them to sing.

Alt. Winn and Alt. Cisco singing with the Music Meister.

Wow. They really went all out on this episode.

And now Alt. Malcom’s singing. Of course Barrowman is.

Now they’re searching for Music Meister and try to follow the story.

And there’s gangsters.

They don’t have powers.

Alt. Martin! It wouldn’t be a musical without Victor Garber!

That awkward moment when you're staying the the Barrowman household and it sounds like John and Scott are having sex but John actually just had really bad heart burn.

‘One night, she (Carol) was startled awake by some very aggressive moaning, loud sighing and what sounded to her like chests being beaten and wild animals being skinned alive in our room. I was making the noises, I admit it.


“I had the worst heartburn I have ever had last night,” I told her over my shoulder, continuing on my way to the kitchen. “I seriously thought I was having a heart attack. I thought I was dying. Scott thought I was dying. At one point, I even had Scott punch my chest 'cause I thought my heart was stopping.”

“Oh thank god,” she said, “I am so glad to hear you say that. I thought you’d forgotten I was next door and that the racket was you two having rowdy sex.”

“What do you mean, 'thank god’?!” I exclaimed. “You’re okay with the idea that I might have been dying - just as long as I wasn’t having loud sex?”’

Have I mentioned how much I love this book?

o and did I mention that last weekend I met John Barrowman, the Hillywood sisters and John Rhys Davies?

I told the Hillywood sisters we’re v excited for their upcoming Sherlock parody and also told them I started watching their videos back when they made twilight parodies and hilly called me a veteran viewer :’)

Also John Rhys Davies said he didn’t know how I could wear a wig like the one I was wearing because they’re so hot and I said “you have experience though” (motioning to the picture of Gimli he was signing) and he was like “yeah, you’re not wrong there”

oh and John Barrowman called me a princess so. yeah. Good weekend.

also this means I’ve officially met people who have been with Ben and Martin. So 🙂🔫