oh balthier

tinycactus-tinyllama  asked:

So about that Iggy reader Balthier sandwich request :D How about MMF and MFM (with some MM and FM)? and what kinky shit can you throw in to surprise me? I'm ready ;)

Oh, man… that Balthier x Reader x Ignis threesome is one of those ideas that I now have completely outlined in my head and ready to pour out of me. I am addicted to the imagined banter between the two men and the poor reader caught up in shenanigans that of course will be initiated by The Leading Man, himself.

… but first, I have to complete this drabble I’ve been working on, do a request for UTW, and THEN I can treat myself to this indulgence. My muse hates me for keeping it restrained rn but it HAS TO OBEY ME SOMETIMES AND BE RESPONSIBLE