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Tempête || Foxxay Oneshot

A/N: Hello ! You can read this fic on Ao3 if you prefer. I hope enjoy reading this, I enjoyed writing it.

Summary: Misty gets scared of the thunder, and Cordelia makes a poor decision 


Warnings: None

“Shit Dee” Misty cursed as another wave of thunder boomed and echoed through the house. Misty could have sworn she felt the thunder vibrate through the couch she sat on. 

“What Misty ?” Cordelia said in a sarcastic tone. “I thought a girl who lived in a swamp most of her life would be used to storms.” She sneered.

Cordelia looked up from her book and immediately regretted what she said. Misty’s eyes were glossed over and she could see her face getting redder by the second. 

“Oh, babydoll.” Cordelia mummered in a nurturing voice. She quickly rose from her seat and walked over to the opposite couch where Misty sat, bundled in a mountain of blankets. Cordelia perched herself as close to Misty as she could and wrapped her arms around her. “I’m sorry, I-I just assumed…” She started, squeezing Misty tightly.

“No, it’s alright Delia. It’s a stupid thing ta be scared ‘f anyways.” Misty let out a half hearted laugh that melted into the silence of the room. Cordelia heard a quiet sniffle as Misty started to escape from the mountain of blankets and get up. But as Misty started to rise she felt a gently grip of someone’s hand on her wrist. 

“No, it isn’t.” Misty turned to face Cordelia, caught off guard. “I don’t want you to feel bad for being scared Misty. It’s okay to be afraid. No matter what the fear is, big or small, I’ll always protect you from it. I would never let anything ever hurt you.” Cordelia grabbed Misty’s chin and led her closer to her. She connected their lips into a gentle kiss. Misty’s hand wrapped around Cordelia’s neck and pulled Cordelia’s body closer to her own. Cordelia pulled out of the kiss, “I love you angel.” She beamed. 

Misty’s bottom lips quivered as her eyes started to tear up again. “I love ya so much Delia.” She whispered. Cordelia’s smile grew as she softly wiped the tears from Misty’s cheeks. “So goddamn much.” She panted before tugging Cordelia back into another kiss. 

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Honestly ur writing is so soft and amazing and the faraquez fluff drabbles im currently reading are giving me so many happy, warm feelings 😄😄

Oh babydoll~

I have been super down in the dumps and feeling really awful about my writing for like, months now and it’s lovelier than I can rightly say to receive wonderful comments like this. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my silly fluff and thank you so, so much for taking the time to let me know.


Here is my Smutty Valentine’s Day Edition Scenarios

Scenario: You lovebirds are at a restaurant ;)

Word Count: 1257

A/N: Hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it cause boy did I like writing this. Please also check out the member’s Valentine’s Day Edition (most smut and fluff)


If you could actually harm the boy next to you with your glare, you would. You wanted to scream at him for doing this to you, for fuck sakes, doing this to you in front of your parents. In the middle of a high-class restaurant, he  just couldn’t keep his goddamn hands to himself.

“Fuck you Park Jimin.” You hissed, digging your nails into his muscular thigh as your parents were distracted ordering the wine for the evening.

“Oh babydoll, I sure hope you do.” His voice was already a few octave deeper than usual, making you slick with his voice alone. Jimin saw the tightening of your thighs and knew you were completely under his control.

“So how are you two love birds doing? It is the day of love after all!” Your mum innocently drank from her glass of wine, completely oblivious to the situation you were currently in.

“We are doing incredible Mrs. Y/L/N.” Jimin’s hands shoved themselves between yours crossed legs, trying so desperately to keep his talented fingers away from your wetting core. You don’t even have the slightest clue as to how you were suppose to keep from crying out his name in public if he was to fulfill his desire to finger-fuck you in the middle of dinner. With your parents right in front you. “You have no idea how much I love your daughter,” he smiled, feigning a childlike innocence, while his fingers began massaging circles in your inner thighs, so agonizingly close to where you didn’t want him to be, but at the same you did.

“You better be treating my daughter right, Jimin.” You dad cocked his eyebrows up as you quickly interjected, “Dad…”

“Oh i sure hope I’m treating your daughter right. The last thing I want in this world is to mistreat her. She is everything to me.” Him and his damn double meanings, while you parents were left in the dark, your pulsing body knew exactly what he meant. His fingers were now closer to your heated core and Jimin could feel the heat emitting from you. It took every ounce of control within him to not just thrust his thick fingers into you and make you moan his name.

“What has gotten into you?” You were beginning to contemplate whether or not you should just beg him to stop the deliciously invading touches he was giving you.

“You really have no idea how amazing and stunning you look tonight. I mean you look absolutely breathtaking on a daily basis, but that dress. I have never ever made a better investment than that dress you are wearing right now.” His whispered back to you. It was only him that can still make your heart skip a beat during a sensual moment like this with his loving words.

“And what would you like tonight miss?” The waiter redirected his attention to you as you looked back completely lost because you’ve been paying close attention to the fingers that were now pushing your delicate panties to the side rather than the blurring menu in front of you.

“Umm…” You groaned, covering your whiney whimpers with a cough.

“She’ll have the steak special paired with the red wine.” Jimin took over your supposed order, your forehead was now slightly damp with sweat and against your hand. Trying your best to cover up your obvious aroused expression.

“Sweetheart, are you feeling okay?” Your mum was worried now, trying to get a better look at you. You weakly looked up, face flushed for an entirely different and immoral reason.

“She was feeling a bit lightheaded before this dinner, but she did not want to miss a night out with her parents.” His long fingers were now thrusting you in different rhythms, matching the dinner blues that were playing on stage in a mellow manner. It was excruciatingly slow, every entrance of his fingers were felt by your overly sensitive folds. You sent a sideward look of defeat, chewing onto your bottom lips as your breathing became more and more unstable.

“I’m fine mum. I’m sure some wine would calm my nerves down.” You managed to whisper out, taking deep breaths as slow as you could right now. His intense provocations were driving you over the edge, every plunge of his fingers rammed against your sweet spot and at moments of rests, you felt yourself senselessly rocking yourself against him and grinding your sensitive nub upon his palm.

Muffled conversation continued between the boy next to you and your parents, all the while you were withering weakly under his mind-numbing stimulations. Your body was tense, rigid, but your legs were quivering and the only thing you could focus on was your breathing. Trying to keep it slow and silent. If it wasn’t for the quiet commotions throughout the restaurant, you were more than positive that your parents would have heard your wanton moans. The soft clinks of plates shifted your attention towards the waiter who was gently placing the entrees onto the table, but Jimin didn’t like your change in concentration. He wanted you to only focus on his longing to make you unravel all over his hand.

“Here babe, have some wine.” He placed the glass against your bitten lips, watching the bittersweet liquid travel down your throat, where he wished to suck on until purple bruises began to appear faintly, marking you taken by him. The mixture between his fervid rubs on your bud, deep strokes, and the wine was intoxicating your mind. It only amplified his arousals ever more, making you delirious and hungry for a whole different type of sustenance. The erotic burn began to grow inside you, you couldn’t hear anything else but your breathing weakening, your tongue tasted the iron droplets that were surfacing from your harshly bitten lips.

“Oh sweetheart your lips are bleeding!” You heard mum exclaimed somewhere in the background, but nonetheless, you released a faint lewd cry as you reached the climatic peak, leaving only Jimin to know the source of your sound.

“I really think I should take her home Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N.” Jimin slipped his sticky digits out of your drenched center, causing you to release another whimper, feeling so lost and empty with him. Your body was exhausted, the effort to keep your cries down was taking its toll on you. Limply laying against Jimin’s body, he dipped his fingers into his mouth and sucked on it, pretending to be tasting the sauce that was swirling on his plate of food.

“Now that is one good seasoned sauce.” He groaned, your insides trembled knowing that it was you he was sucking off his dripped digits in front your unconscious parents.

“Please take care of her, Jimin.” Your father sounded worried, but the way Jimin’s hands were tightly gripping your waist didn’t give your mind much space to care about your parent’s concern.

“Don’t worry sir, I will take good care of her.” Dragging out good with only you hearing the hidden meaning, you wanted to make sure he wasn’t getting anything tonight, knowing the control he had one you… You shook away all your dignity, prepared to completely surrender your body to his doing.

“Now where were we.” He growled, as the frosty evening air chilled your fiery skin. You mind could not even fathom the anticipation your body was going through. He drove you mad.


Happy Valentine’s Day to me. Hope you all enjoyed reading it and please check out my other scenarios for Valentine’s Day on my Masterlist xx

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Miraculous Ladybug Ep 11 Liveblog

Ok ok ok ok you know I’m deep into a fandom when I start liveblogging it. I had a lot of stupid comments for ep 11 so here’s a liveblog, spoilers under the cut. Warnings: super long and image heavy. 

*EDIT*: All image/sub/translation credits to mlsubbing on tumblr, who do a WONDERFUL job translating and subbing the episodes!! Thank you!!!!! 

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