oh baby shhh


..and then they got eaten by mama dragon. the end.

Remember back when I used to draw Acno and Anna as childhood friends and Acno collecting lizards as a hobby? So I was throwing out some things and found some old sketches of this, and since I still have a soft spot for this au why not use them?


Ring Ring Ring

Derek groaned as he let go of his pull up bar, he couldn’t even workout in peace.

He looked at his annoying phone and saw that it was (Y/N) calling him.

He hit accept and put the phone up to his ear.

‘What do you want?’

‘Hey Derek, quick little weird question for you. Did you have a one night stand a few months back, maybe a year?’

'What?’ Derek asked in surprise.

'Or maybe a relationship that you got a little sexually comfortable in that ended in her leaving and not coming back?’ (Y/N) continued.

’(Y/N) what the hell are you talking about?’ Derek asked getting tired of not knowing what she talking about.

'Is there a possibility that you have a kid?’

'And I repeat, what the hell are you talking about?’ Derek said angrily.

'I found a baby, a werewolf baby.’

'What?!’ Derek roared into the phone.

'Shhh! I just got him to calm down.’ she hissed.

Derek took a deep breath to calm himself enough to talk without yelling.

'Where did you find a baby?’

'Just on the edge of town in a ditch on the side of the road. I was going to pick up some herbs for Uncle Deaton when I heard him crying by a cluster of wolfsbane flowers.’ (Y/N) answered.

‘How do you know its werewolf?’

‘Maybe because most babies don’t flash alpha red eyes.’ she snarked.

‘Wait, red eyes?’ Derek asked as panic built up in lungs.

‘Yes, red eyes.’ 

‘(Y/N), get the hell out of there NOW! Take the kid and get here as fast as you can.’ Derek ordered.

‘Why?’ she asked but Derek could hear her panting as she ran along with little baby gurgling noises in the background.

‘If that baby is an alpha then that means his pack is dead, if they’re dead someone killed them you idiot. Now hurry up and get here, I’ll call everyone .’ Derek explained.

‘I’ll call the sheriff and tell him to search the area for a body, this baby didn’t crawl all the way out there by himself. If the baby got the alpha power then that means the alpha was killed by someone who couldn’t take the alpha’s power.’ (Y/N) worked out.

‘Hunters.’ Derek growled.

‘Alright, so we know how the baby became alpha and who killed its pack. Now we need to know who his pack was, how he got in that ditch and what the hell are we gonna do with him.’ (Y/N) summarized.

‘OK, I’m texting everyone now, you call the sheriff and get that strip of road searched. Tell them to search it top to bottom, I know hunters and hunters are thorough when it comes to clean up.’ Derek said before he hung up and texted everyone to get to the loft now. 

Within thirty minutes the loft was full of pack mates, all of them waiting for (Y/N) to come in.

‘What is taking her so long?’ Allison asked.

‘I’m here, I’m here.’ 

Everyone looked over as she came in pushing a baby stroller with a huge diaper bag hanging from one of the handles.

‘Sorry had to stop and pick up some things you know.’ she explained.

Everyone crowded the stroller and looked at the baby, he had big brown eyes, cute little baby nose and cute little cheeks.

 The baby boy was adorable.

Stiles phone vibrated and he quickly checked it, and everyone looked to him waiting for the news.

‘They found a body a three miles out of town, female, mid twenties…tied to a tree, cut in half but a apparently blunt object.’ Stiles said sorrowfully.

There was a moment of silence before Derek finally broke it by punching wall and letting out a roar of pure anguish.

‘Derek…’ (Y/N) tried as she approached him carefully.

‘If we’re the monsters then what the hell are they?’ Derek growled.

‘They’re demons, hiding behind a title they don’t deserve and a code they don’t follow.’ Allison said.

Derek sighed and rubbed his face.

‘Could they identify her?’ he asked.

‘Uh yes, her prints were in the system. Jesie Baker, got into a fist fight at a basketball game.’

‘The Baker’s Pack, my mom and their alpha had a peace treaty since the territories were so close. She wouldn’t have crossed the city line unless she had no choice.’ Derek said.

‘She left the baby to be found, rescued.’ Isaac added.

‘What do we do now? Find the hunters, make them pay?’ Stiles asked.

‘No, if we do that we are no better than them.’ Scott said calmly.

‘These hunters were sloppy, leave them to the cops.’ Lydia suggested.

‘It’s out of my dad’s jurisdiction, so unless they come after us-’ Stiles started but was cut of by loud baby wail.

‘Oh oh shhh…shhh little guy.’ (Y/N) cooed as she picked the baby up from the stroller.

‘He needs his diaper changed.’ Scott whined holding his nose.

‘Oh, thanks.’ she said as she dug in the bag for a diaper.

After the baby was nice and baby powder fresh.

‘Now onto the most important question, who is gonna watch this kid? We can’t just put him in a home, they might get upset when he goes furry at age three.’ (Y/N) asked as she rocked the baby.

‘You.’ everyone said at once.

‘W-what? Why does it have to me?’ she asked.

‘Clearly you have motherly instincts and none of us can change a diaper.’ Lydia stated.

‘I can’t just raise a baby on my own, a were wolf baby at that. I need help.’ she pointed out.

‘Well, looky here a full born werewolf who knows plenty about werewolf babies. Derek can help.’ Stiles smiled.

‘Excuse me?’ Derek glared.

‘Come on Derek, you know all about this stuff, help her out.’ Scott urged.

‘Plus its only logical it be you two to look after the kid. In case you haven’t noticed, you two are the only ones here out of high school.’ Allison added in.

Derek huff at the fact that she had a valid point. 

‘Fine, (Y/N) go get some clothes from your apartment, you can stay here until we found out what to do with him permanently.’ Derek sighed.

‘OK, last question before I leave, what do we call him? We cant just refer to him as the baby.’ (Y/N) pointed out.

‘His name is Jacob Baker, I kept contact with the Bakers after I left town, I heard about them having their third son a few months back.’ Derek answered.

‘Well can you watch Jacob while I go get my things?’ (Y/N) asked.

‘Yeah, and everyone can go home now too.’ Derek said.

Once the loft was cleared out Derek took the baby from his stroller and held the infant close to his chest.

‘I’m sorry for what you had to go through tonight, and I’m sorry it happened while you were so young. Just know your parents loved you, and I’m going to make sure you’re going to be OK.’ 

Tea Mugs & Tear Stains

A little blurb to share with y’all while I work away at HALF. Sorry it’s taking me so long to write this update, I wanna get it perfect! In the meantime I hope you like the little blurbs I set out! Xo.

* * *

You weren’t always the best at staying calm. 

You were usually pretty good at it. You had a level head and could keep your stress under control ninety-nine percent of the time.

But every once in a while, things would pile up and spin out of control. Every once in a while things would become too much to bear even for you, and that’s when the one percent came out.

You were making yourself a cup of tea to try to calm your anxiety. You weren’t a frequent tea drinker, Harry was usually the one to drink it and often remind you of all the health benefits, but tonight you needed something to bring you back down and ground yourself. Harry had been at the studio all evening and you didn’t want to bother him with your problems if there wasn’t a solid solution to them.

You grabbed ahold of the handle of the mug and were about to walk over to the couch when your hand betrayed you, trembling suddenly and causing a significant amount of tea to fall onto your wrist. Hissing quietly at the sting, your first instinct was to release, which sent the glass mug to the floor with a loud shatter.

The rest of the hot beverage was now spilled across the floor and sprinkled with shards of the broken mug, and that was the tipping point. 

You felt your tears well up in your eyes as kneeled onto the ground to try to clean, but you were suddenly overcome by a wave of stress and settled for sitting down in the kitchen tile and hugging your knees to your chest, curling up as small as you possibly could.

You had a laundry list of things that had to be done in your head, not to mention everything that had gone wrong or unlike you’d planned. Work had been hell this week and you’d been trying to fix everything but the universe really just seemed to be against you. You’d overworked yourself so much that you hadn’t had time to unwind, especially with Harry recording so much lately and spending less time at home. He was often the one to remind you to eat or to take a few minutes to yourself, so without that reminder you’d often forget to eat breakfast or work until you fell asleep at your computer. It all added up to this moment: you, sitting on the kitchen floor, eyes puffy and red as your cried quietly, sitting beside the broken glass.

“Baby, I’m home!” 

The sound of his voice breathed air into you for the first time in what seemed like forever. You couldn’t see him from where you were in the house and it took you a few moments to build up your voice enough to reply, but you finally replied, voice trembling.

“I’m in the k-kitchen,” you called out softly, your arms and legs beginning to shake. You suddenly got cold, and you weren’t even sure that Harry had heard your reply. But you then heard him enter the room, and it took a minute until he found you, huddled up within yourself behind the island.

“(Y/N)!” He called out your name, his eyes widening with unabashed concern as he rushed to you and got down on the ground beside you. He was on his knees, his hands on your shoulders as you began to shake more violently, your teeth chattering at this point. You didn’t remember it being this cold in the room fifteen minutes ago. 

“Babe, what’s wrong?” He tried to reach you again, his large palms caressing the length of your arms in an attempt to warm you up as he caught sight of the goosebumps on your skin.

“It’s so c-c-cold and I can’t stop c-crying and I don’t know why, I’m so sorry this is so stupid, I dropped and broke the mug, oh God, I’m so stupid I broke it I broke it I broke it,” you rambled quickly and almost incoherently, your voice coming out between short breaths and the tears still streaming steadily down your face.

You’d only ever had one panic attack before, and it was such a long time ago that you couldn’t even remember, but if you had to guess you’d say that this was another one. Your breathing was short and shallow and your frame didn’t stop shaking, no matter how hard you tried. Everything in your mind was piled up like a garbage dump, all the things that loomed above your head finally collapsing onto your shoulders.

“Oh, baby. Shhh, com’ere,” Harry cooed softly, and he situated himself behind you. He stretched his legs out on either side of your frame so you could lean against his chest, and he wrapped his arms tightly around you; one slipped firmly around your waist to hold you against him, and the instance your body was met with the warmth that radiated from his own, you immediately felt a bit more at peace. His other arm was wrapped around you across your chest, in a way that he could lay his palm flat over your chest where your heart resides.

“Breathe with me, love. You can do it, c’mon. Take all the time y’need,” he murmured against the shell of your ear in a tone so loving that you almost broke. Your own hands immediately grasped onto his that was resting atop of your heartbeat and you squeezed softly, your lids falling shut as you tilted your head back against his shoulder.

“Breathe in…breathe out…stay with me, my beautiful girl,” he guided you patiently, his voice never faltering in strength nor tenderness as he sat with you. You followed his instructions, matching your breathing to his words as best you could. His voice filled the room as he repeated himself over and over, and there was never a hint of impatience in his tone. There was only ever love and perhaps a little bit of worry here and there. 

Harry grounded you. He was the anchor that pulled you back together when everything fell apart. In every other aspect of your life you felt like you always had to be put together, because others depended on you. You didn’t often get anxious to this degree, and since you always looked like you had it together people just expected you to always be put together. But never Harry. He accepted you as you were, and he didn’t have any of those expectations. He was happy to just let you be and be there with you along the way.

About ten minutes later you were laying calmly in his arms with your eyes shut. You had finally stopped shivering, and you felt exhausted from all that crying. When the room was filled with nothing except for your quiet sniffles here and there, you heard his voice again. 

“How’re we doin’, princess?”

You exhaled a shaky sigh and gave his hand a squeeze, lifting it from your chest to your lips so that you could press soft kisses to each and every knuckle, including the ones that had been decorated with his signature rings. 

“Better…thank you, my love,” you whispered, your voice raspy from it all. You felt his lips pressing against the top of your head and staying there. You counted seven seconds until he pulled away and gave your frame a little squeeze.

“Mm, I’m glad…but you weren’t jus’ crying because of a broken dish, beautiful,” he prodded gently, settling his fingers beneath your chin to lift your features up so that he could get a good look at them. “Wha’s going on?”

You looked at his face for a long moment. You didn’t know what you would do without this man. This man, who despite being hard at work the entire day, dropped to his knees and held you for who knows how long. He had a knack for being there right when you needed him, and some days you could swear he was an actual angel.

“I’m…I’m just overwhelmed. I have so many things to do at work, and I’m so TIRED, I can’t remember when I got a good night’s rest…” you admitted, a bit shamefully. You didn’t want Harry to think that you couldn’t function without him, and you knew it was possible he’d feel a little but guilty that he wasn’t around as much this week.

He was silent for a few seconds, and you were about to speak again when you heard his voice.

“Why don’ we make a list, hm? You like lists, right? I see you writin’ them down all the time,” he offered as he began pressing soft kisses along the side of your neck and down your shoulder. You exhaled a happy little sigh. He was right—the first thing you always did when you were overwhelmed like this was to write down everything that was on your mind and tackle each thing one by one. It touched you that he’d payed attention enough to notice.

“That sounds like a good plan,” you said with a soft smile, the first one since you’d gotten home that day.

“Perfect. But you’re gettin’ a good couple hours o’ sleep first. No fightin’ me on it, either,” he threatened, his voice stern yet loving at the same time.

“But— ”

“No buts, (Y/N). You need your rest—I jus’ found you in pieces on the floor, for God’s sake. Not tha’ I mind holding you, but I’d rather do it without the tears,” he declared, nuzzling his nose softly against the smooth skin of your cheek. “Y’know it breaks m’heart to see you in pain…” 

You closed your eyes again and nodded, his words striking a chord with you. You knew it hurt Harry to see you in pain, maybe even more than it had hurt you.

“Alright,” you agreed.

He seemed content with your response, and gave you a final tight squeeze before unwinding himself from your frame.

“Off t’bed you go, then. I’ll get this all cleaned up,” he offered. You stood up off of the ground and turned to look at him. He had already picked himself up as well, and he looked down at you with such love and unshaken admiration that it was hard to not throw yourself at him and live in his arms the rest of your life.

“Are you coming, too?”

“Of course,” he reassured. Satisfied with his answer, you turned and headed towards the bedroom. 

About ten minutes later, when you had gotten yourself settled into bed in your (Harry’s) sweater and a pair of sweatpants, you heard him enter the room. You slowly opened your eyes and watched him as he peeled his shirt off of his torso and wiggled himself out of his jeans. You knew you were supposed to be sleeping, but you couldn’t without Harry’s warmth. So when you finally felt his body shift the mattress and his arms wind around you, you exhaled a soft sigh of relief. You heard him chuckle softly in response, his legs playfully intertwining with yours. 

“Better?” He mumbled, pressing you tight against his chest.

“Much,” you whispered, already half asleep. “I’m sorry I’m such a crying, panicky mess.”

He stayed quiet for a long time, and for a second you thought you’d said something wrong, until you felt his lips linger against the back of your shoulder, followed by a low whisper.

“If you’re gonna be a cryin’, panicky mess…well, I’ll be here t’hold you every time.”

anonymous asked:

Those ab flash pictures are totally Seb or Bucky being a tease to Chris/Steve. Especially since he knows his sweetheart is totally thinking about how his abs looks while he's fucking him six ways to Sunday. Or covered in cum while being ridden. ;3

Imagine Bucky lying on his back, his hands on Steve’s hips. Steve’s face is tucked into Bucky’s neck, whimpering sweetly.

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“You know you need to stop being so FUCKING Innocent. Its FUCKING disgusting.” G dragon scoffed.

He was either drunk or he was high, Or all of the above. And you really didn’t really appreciate his actions. He was always more of an asshole when he was under the influence. One of the unattractive traits although his face made up for it.

“you know you really should learn self-respect.” You spat.

He looked at you and busted out laughing. Such a cocky one he was. He always thought about himself rather than others. Always fucking the next one and dumping that one for the next. And what was he getting at? For him to take your innocence? No way!

“what have I offended you?” he tried to get himself together.“ I may need to learn self-respect but you need to learn how to be thick skinned. Your sensitivity is rather unattractive.”

You about smacked him. you tried to bit your tongue but you found you just couldn’t dealing with this monster Gdragon aka Kwon Jiyong was impossible. He was just rather. ..Impossible….

“fuck you Kwon Jiyong! You think you’re the best thing ever, just because everyone likes you and wants to drop their panties for you doesn’t mean I do! You the last guy I would sleep with even if you were the last man on earth I would rather die than reproduce with you!” you yelled.

Standing in front of him on the balcony of the party inside people looked towards you because of your outburst. he gave you an angry look and slammed his alcohol down on the nearest table to shut the balcony doors. then he roughly grabbed you and pushed you against them.

“you better learn how to respect me.” He growled.

Why he wasn’t respectful he was a cocky asshole who you couldn’t stand.

“ why should I respect you! you don’t even respect others!” he looked in your eyes high and intoxicated. “because I’m g g g baby baby GD g-” you smack the shit out of him. immediately he became furious. “neo michoseo” he yelled in your face.

He grabbed your arm and opened the doors leading you through the party passing his YG friends and Nuthang crew. Kiko looked at you and his hand on yours. To her It might of looked really bad. As if he was talking you home for the night but in reality his grip hurt and well….you didn’t know what was to happen next. Everything was unpredictable with a drunk Gdragon. He was angry and aggressive when high and you could be in remote danger.

as you go outside the hotel suit you found him pushing you up against the wall out in the hallway where the party was located.

“so do you think your better than me because your all cute and Innocent while I sleep around and get high?” he laughed an evil laugh. “You’ll be just like them. Once you give it up you’ll be just as slutty.“ He smirk. "how do I know because that’s how they all are.” He looked at you straight in the eyes. Again you went to smack him tears coming out your eyes. But he caught it and threw it away roughly. “don’t touch what you cant handle.” How could he say such things? “go ahead and cry, sensitive bitch.”

That was your last straw you started kicking and hitting him. hitting his chest over and over. Pressing his lower body against yours and trying to grab your arms he was restraining you. and when you were trapped between him and the wall you gave up. And just cried. And when he realized you wouldn’t do anymore he let go.

“see, you can’t Handel this, why do you hang around here?” he was right why do you hang around here. This entertainment businesses weren’t what you had imagined it to be. It was dark and you got cold shoulders everywhere yo went. The Nuthang crew wasn’t excepting you like you though. You weren’t their material. And although you were training in YG you seemed to not fit in as well as the other trainees.

“I don’t know.” And that was true you didn’t know.

“is it perhaps me?” he whispered in your eyes seductively. he was so close to you his body exactly on yours. He was hard . you could feel it poking you.“just say it ________-ah” he said kissing your neck.

Was it him? did you not want to leave because you wouldn’t be able to see him anymore? Was you putting suffering upon yourself because you just liked him? did you like that cocky slut of an asshole?

“ani I don’t like you.” you stuttered.

“ Really” he said putting his hands on your hips pushing his erection harder on your leg.

"J-Jiyong” you breathed. “come with me.” He said huskily.“ You didn’t want to you knew you were only going to break yourself by allowing this monster to have his way with you. but he was Gdragon. He had this affect. And now you realized how effective he was and how girls feel for him so easy.

"no.” you breathed.

“you WILL and YOU are.” He huskily said. Was you? you were weren’t you. why were you being so hardheaded? Oh because he was the slutty dragon you couldn’t stand. The one you always found with. The one who everyone thought you hated because they witness you bickering all the time. Could this hate really be. LOVE hate?

“come on babe.” He said.

You let him lead you down the hallway and into another room that he had obviously already paid for. Once you were inside he slowly walked over to you. what an evil smile he had. He gd was a devil himself. He was the axis of evil. So good looking but completely different inside. And that’s why you hated him so much. Everything about him pissed yo off but still you liked fighting with the axis of evil. It was somehow refreshing.

He grabbed your body in his arms. “I wouldn’t admit this more than twice.” But I’m mean to you because I want to be with you" he whispered. At that moment, your heart stopped and before you could make sure it was to beat again GD had his lips crashing against your roughly. You started to get wet something that you never thought this asshole could make you do. And he hardly did anything but kiss you. bring you to the bed he pushed you down. Leaving no time to rip them off. You were now in your bra and underwear.

“he took the time to memorize your body and you looked up at him with lustful eyes.” So you’re not as Innocent as I thought.“ He said looking at your sex ridden face. ” I like this side of you. he said getting on his knees. He pulled your hips towards you taking your underwear off. You panicked but he ignored you. looking at you clean shaven button he kissed it. And already it sent shocks through your body. “j…” you tried to call at his name grabbing his hair in your hands.

“shhhh.” He said blowing on it. Without warning he started eating you out in the result to your loud screaming. Jiyong started smiling against your womanhood. He was liking what he was hearing. He was so glad he got you to agree to this. He secretly was in love with your ass and he wouldn’t admit it. But you would figure it out eventually.

Sticking his tongue inside of you, you found yourself going into bliss causing the feeling of an potential orgasm come on. “j…jinyong.” you moaned. “yeah say my name baby.” He said threw licks. He dug a finger in you and that waist. You came so hard on that handsome face of his you could have died from the impact. Jiyong stood up wiping his face of your juices and he got in between your legs to kiss the shit out of you passionately. You moaned his hard cock keep pressing into you and you moved your hips in want and need for him. he got up surprised and smiled at your willing to give yourself to him.

You couldn’t take it. You got up and pushed him down on the bed. Dragging his pants to his ankles to suck the shit out of him. you shoved it down your thought making him grown out. He tangled his hands in your hair. You sucked it like no other. Sucking his balls here and there. “baby I’m not going to last long your sooo good.” He breathed. And without warning he came all down your throat you swallowing ever bit.“ Your evil.” he said no believing how such an Innocent girl could make him cum like that.

You paused him down ready to give him what you had left but he stopped you and sat up. “honestly, I Didn’t want this to go this far. I just wanted to get you to agree and for me to pleasure you. you didn’t have to do what you just did babe, honestly I want our first time to be special.” He admitted.

Who was this? This wasn’t the slut you had thought you known.

“but.. I want.” You said. He grabbed you in his arms. “I’m in love with you _____-ah, please don’t make me take you here by begging. I really want to be a gentleman about this. I want to be your special lover. I want to take you out take you to dinner set up rose petals want that. Not this hotel room.“ He said looking around in disgust.

You could have cried. This was too much, him confessing to you, him telling you he wanted to wait to wait till you were ready. This side of him….

"I care about you, I have ever since I first laid my eyes on you.” he said shyly.“ I’m sorry if I got aggressive back there, I was really angry by your words you were making me feel like someone like you wouldn’t be with someone like me.” He whispered. Yo wanted to ride that cock just by those words but he was right you both should wait.

“and I promise I will only look at you. honestly, I haven’t had a fling since I realized I fell in love with yo last month, that why I’ve been so angry and aggressive I just wanted you so bad he said huskily squeezing you tightly. "so, thank you for my release but you really shouldn’t of, I could of waited longer.” He looked at you.

You were about speechless this was cute. The guy you said you hated said he loved you. And you loved him back.

“so, will you take my offer and be with me and ill love and protect you, and when that times right we will make love? Something I have never done so I also need time as well.” He said seriously.

You started to cry I response,“ oh baby don’t cry shhh.” He said kissing your tears.“ I’m sorry I treated you so bad by I’m here now saying I’m sorry.”

“its okay I treated you bad too.” You replied kissing him back.

“so, will you say yes?”


Will have part 2

Daddy Loves You

Written in Y/n’s P.O.V

Rubbing my fists against my eyes, I fluttered my eyelashes open and stared at the white ceiling of Cam’s huge house. Our huge house. His strong arms weren’t wrapped around me like usually, and I missed the feeling of warmness and safety when I wake up with my back against his strong chest and his warm breath on my neck. But despite that, I smiled, because my man was holding someone else this morning. Someone much important than me or him.
Moving my head to the right side, I grinned at the sight of Cameron sleeping on his back, lips parted and eyelashes curled perfectly. His hair looked so messy and fluffy.
With his huge hands resting protectively yet carefully on the back of our baby girl, he slept peacefully with his chest moving up and down, along with the small body of the one month old baby. Her small, barely noticeable light brown curls were stuck against her small forehead, hands curled in tiny fists against Cam’s chest and her cheek puffy and chubby as she faced me. Jasmine’s pink lips were making a fish face as she slept just like her father; calmly. I loved the way her already long eyelashes rested against her rosy cheeks, and how perfect and kissable her skin looked. She was so small. Her diapers were securely wrapped around her little butt, and her delicate body was covered with cotton, baby pink bodysuit. She looked so adorable.
Motherhood was amazing, especially because of this. I loved waking up to my man holding our little daughter on his chest, sleeping and protecting her from everything. At first, I insisted on her sleeping in a crib, but she cried a lot and it hurt me to see how sad Cameron looked whenever he saw her crying. He would run immediately to her room and pick her up in his hands, hold her little body against his chest and let her head rest on his shoulder as he hushed her and patted her back. He would sing to her the most beautiful songs, the songs we loved to listen the most. And she would be calm in his strong arms. She would mumble faintly and chew on her chubby fist until she fell asleep again. Cam would kiss the top of her head and hold her for more than one hour.
I’d never be able to forget that perfect picture. He would stand in front of a window, sway her gently in his arms and sing the first song that popped up in his mind. I’d laugh when he’d start singing Drake songs in a gentle, slow voice. And our daughter would fall asleep. She would clutch his long, index finger in her fist and close her beautiful eyes as he held her and kissed her. He loved her so much. Sometimes, I’d wake up in the middle of night to find the bed empty. I’d search the house until I saw him in our daughter’s room, sitting in front of her crib and holding her small hand in his. He was so protective over her.
Sitting up in the bed, I looked down at my family sleeping and breathing together. Cameron started snoring, silently at first, but then it grew louder and louder until Jasmine woke up. She grunted quietly and squeezed her eyes shut, yawning softly and blinking her eyes open. Looking up at her father, she stared at his open mouth wide eyed, her tiny lips parted and hands pressed against his chest. I bit my lip to stifle my giggle as she climbed closer to his face until her face was right in front of his. She didn’t even notice me sitting there.
Grabbing my phone from the night drawer, I started recording them. Jasmine blinked at me before she leaned down and grunted when Cam’s breath hit her face. He snored louder. Jasmine whined and smacked her tiny palm against his cheek. He grew quiet and closed his mouth, still asleep. But I knew he’d start snoring again.
Just how I expected, Cam parted his lips wider and started snoring again. Jasmine’s eyes were so wide as she stared at her father, probably scared from the loud noises coming from him. She pressed her tiny finger against his chin and poked him, but of course, he didn’t feel anything. She was just a baby.
“Jasmine,” I whispered and she gaped at me, “Wake him up. Wake daddy up.”
She gasped quietly and turned her attention back to Cameron. Leaning over his mouth, Jasmine grabbed the tip of his nose and tugged hard. She squealed in amusement and slapped his cheek again. I started laughing so hard that the phone started to shake in my hands.
“Ugh,” Cam groaned, “What was that for?”
Jasmine pressed her forehead against his and supported her weak body with her palms on his cheeks. She was almost lying on his face.
His annoyed face turned into a happy one as he grinned up at his baby girl. He pressed his big palms against her back and held her so she wouldn’t fall. I couldn’t help myself but notice how his hands covered her whole little body.
“Good morning, darling,” Cameron smiled and blew kisses all over her chubby face. She closed her eyes and grunted in annoyance as he continued kissing her.
“Mhh!” she whined and slapped her palm against his mouth to stop him from kissing her anymore. I giggled and sat on my knees as I recorded them.
“Oh, don’t hit daddy…it hurts…” Cam pouted and started faking sobs and tears. As he sobbed, Jasmine sat back on his chest with her short legs hanging around his neck, her hands on his chin. She looked at him then at me, then back at her father. She was confused, that was for sure.
“Aww, Daddy’s crying, Jasmine!” I gasped and recorded her face. She stared at the camera then reached up to poke it with her tiny finger. I giggled and leaned back, out of her reach.
“Come on, Jazzy. Make daddy stop crying. Aww, look how sad he is.”
Jasmine pressed her palms against His eyelids and whined softly, pressing her cheek against his and sliding her hands across his temples because she still didn’t know how to give a kiss. Cam didn’t stop faking that he was crying.
Sitting back, she looked down at her daddy crying and soft sobs shook her body. She probably felt so helpless because she didn’t know what to do to stop her daddy from crying. So she cried along with him.
Whining loudly, Jasmine grimaced and her face flushed hard as the big tears rolled down her cheeks. She waved her arms up and down like a chicken, and I knew that it was from hysteria.
Cam stopped faking immediately and he looked up at her to see her small fists rubbing against her swollen eyes as she cried because she didn’t know how to comfort him.
“Oh baby, shhh…shhh baby, I love you, don’t cry… Daddy is okay now,” Cameron cooed and picked her up, sitting in the bed and leaning against the headboard. He pressed her body against his chest and hugged her gently, hiding her face in the crook of his neck as she sobbed loudly. Her small feet thrashed against his thigh as he held her. I stopped recording and left my phone on the nightstand when I saw how actually worried Cam was.
“I really thought it’d be fun…but this isn’t fun…” Cam sighed and frowned hard as his little daughter cried.
“It’s okay,” I hushed her and rubbed my hand against her back, causing her to stop with crying. She hiccupped a few times and moved her face away from Cameron’s neck, rubbing her fists against her wet eyes and looking up at Cam. He took her chubby hands in his and kissed each of her fingers. She watched in awe.
“I love you baby. Don’t cry. Daddy loves you,” he murmured in such a husky voice, pressing his lips against her forehead and calming her immediately.
Cameron looked at me with bright, sparkling eyes, smiling warmly and grabbing my hand in his.
“And good morning, love.”
Chuckling, I shook my head and curled up against him, one of his arms wrapped around Jasmine and another one around me.
“Good morning, babe,” I smiled and arched my neck up to kiss the man I love, causing Jasmine to giggle and jump in his lap.
“And no matter how much she loves you, your snoring scares the hell out of her.”
“Heeeey!” Cam pouted but kissed the top of my head, wrapping his arms tighter around the two girls he loved the most.

Request:Dean x reader where the reader gets turned into a 3 year old by a witch and is basically attached to Dean. He has to do everything for her and won’t let Sam or Cas help or touch her. Cute cuddly moments and super mega fluff! 

A/N: I had so much fun with this!! My nephew is three so I just tried to imagine myself in his shoes and what we usually do with our time haha. ENJOY!

“I’ll take upstairs, Sammy you go downstairs and (Y/N) you go that way.” Dean pointed and whispered. We all nodded and went our separate ways.

I hated hunting witches. They were so obnoxious. Why couldn’t they just leave everyone alone and get on with their lives? I nudged open a door, turning swiftly, gun drawn. I lowered my gun and looked around the room. Poor kitty cat. The door slammed behind me and I turned around, gun up, only to get something thrown in my face. Luckily I popped her right between the eyes and she fell with a thud. Then suddenly, everything seemed larger.

“(Y/N)!” Sam’s voice came suddenly, soon followed by Dean.

“Why are (Y/N)’s pants on the floor?” Dean said, stepping over the dead witch. I sniffled from the corner and their eyes fell to me.

“Oh, Shit.” Sam said. Dean slapped him on the shoulder. “Ow, what was that for?!” Sam yelled.

“Small ears.” Dean said gesturing to me. I had been turned into a toddler. Dean walked over and knelt down by me. He seemed so much bigger now that I was only a few feet tall. “Hey (y/n), why don’t you come with me. We’ll go ahead and go home and then figure out how to fix you up. How does that sound?” He said. I nodded eagerly, still sniffling and held out my arms for him to pick me up. He picked me up effortlessly and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“You want me to take her so you can drive?” Sam asked.

“No, you drive, grab her stuff will ya?” Dean called over his shoulder walking with me out to the car. Dean crawled into the back seat and held me in his lap the whole way back to the bunker. I kept my thumb in my mouth and lay my head on his shoulder, playing with the fabric of his shirt, and soon I fell asleep.

The next day I woke up in my bed, which seemed never ending. I pulled myself out from under the covers and crawled to the edge of the bed and jumped down. Running out of the room, I soon stood in front of Dean’s. I reached up onto my tippy toes and twisted the handle. I scurried over to his bed, which seemed much taller than mine and hoisted myself up. I sat still for a moment just watching him, trying to stifle the giggles. Little did I know, he was actually awake. I stood up on the bed and fell over again, a giggle escaping my mouth. I stood again and pounced. He caught me mid jump and began tickling me furiously. I giggled and laughed.

“Ean, top!” I giggled. He finally stopped tickling me, a big smile on his face.

“Did you sleep ok (Y/N)?” he asked and I nodded. “You hungry?” he asked and I nodded again.

“I yant toat.” I said simply.

“What?” He asked, it was hard to understand three year old language.

“Toat!” I said again happily.

“Toast?” he questioned and I nodded. “Alright, toast it is.” He said. He stood up and I scooched to the side of the bed and ran to catch up to him. I caught one of his giant fingers in my hand and turned down to smile at me. He picked me up and plopped me in a chair where I waited patiently.

“Morning Dean, Morning (Y/N)” Sam’s voice rang out through the kitchen.

“Morning Sammy, want some toast?” He asked turning and winking at me, which caused me to erupt into another fit of giggles.

“Uh, no thanks.” Sam replied. Dean shrugged and put a plate in front of me.

“What do you want on it kiddo?” He asked. I thought for a moment.

“Jeyy” I said. Dean thought for a moment and looked to Sam who looked just as confused as Dean felt.

“Jelly?” Sam tried and I nodded. “Alright.” Sam started to get up but Dean just held a hand up.

“I got it Sam.” Dean said and walked to the fridge to get some jelly. After I had eaten my toast I began to bounce happily in my seat and trying to push my hair out of my eyes.

“Tupid haiw.” I said as it fell into my face again.

“Your hair is bothering you sweet pea?” Dean asked and I nodded.

“I’ll put it up for you.” Sam started.

“No, it’s ok Sam, I got it.” Dean said standing up and going to my room to retrieve a hairbrush and a hair tie. Dean tried and tried, but failed and finally let Sam do it. “Just because you have girl hair.” Dean muttered under his breath.

“Yeah, well look, let’s go start researching, see how to turn her back, then she can do her own hair.” Sam said with a nod. Dean wiped my jam hands and mouth and I bounded happily after them to the library, only tripping over my feet twice.

“Would you like some paper and crayons so you can draw?” Dean asked, facing me and I nodded a big grin spreading on my face. I spread out at one table, crayons and paper everywhere and began scribbling furiously. Soon a noise alerted me to someone’s arrival. I looked up to see Cas, but he was a lot scarier as a child. I jumped off my chair and ran over to Dean gripping tightly at his leg.

“Who is this?” He spoke quizzically, head tilted to the side, I just gripped Dean’s leg tighter.

“It’s (Y/N), Cas.” Dean said, rubbing small circles on my back.

“Why is she small?” Cas asked again.

“Witch.” Sam spoke up, not looking up from his book. Cas nodded his head

“It’s ok (Y/N), he won’t hurt you. Why don’t you go back to your drawing.” Dean said. I nodded sheepishly and walked back over to the table. Humming and jumping up and down on my chair I kept drawing.

“Sure is energetic.” Sam said with a laugh. I scrambled off the chair and reached up grabbing my picture. I ran over to Sam’s chair and tugged at the sleeve of his shirt. He looked down at me and I handed him the picture before running back to my chair without a word. I had just sloppily written my name and drew some scribbles around it. “This is beautiful, thanks (Y/N).” Sam said with a smile. I just continued to draw. Then I jumped off again, this time running to Dean.

“Ean! I mae you a pitchure.” I said jumping up and down.

“You did! Tell me about it!” He said excitedly, just making me more excited.

“It you, me, yammy and cat.” I said pointing to Sam and Cas.

“It’s wonderful, I’m gonna put it on the fridge.” He said. I nodded furiously.

“Can ye yatch a moo-ie?” I asked.

“Yeah, we’re not any closer to figuring this out.” He said shutting the book and picking me up. Thankfully I had some kids movies lying around that we could watch. Dean lay down on the couch, expecting me to just lay next to him. I climbed up on the couch and plopped down, right on top of his chest. He groaned and I giggled, but lay my head on his chest, feet barely reaching his waist, and stuck my thumb in my mouth as we cuddled and watched our movie.

By the end of the movie the boys had figured out that it was something we had to wait out, eventually the spell would wear off.

“What do you say (y/n) should we have some dinner?” Dean asked and I nodded.

“I yant nooyas” I said bouncing on his tummy. He picked me up mid jump and threw me over his shoulder. I crumbled into a fit of giggles.

“Noodles it is!” Dean said whisking me off to the kitchen.

“How do you understand her?” Cas asked following, completely intrigued with the small me.

“You get used to it. She can’t really make a lot of different sounds. Sam was kind of the same way.” He said with a shrug. Cas just nodded and watched me intently as I bounced in my seat. After dinner I desperately needed a change of clothes.

“I don’t have any three year old clothes.” Sam said when Dean looked to him.

“Well she’s just been wearing a baggy t-shirt since yesterday, I think she can just wear another one of her own t-shirts.” Dean said, rolling his eyes. “Go get one, I’m going to clean up her hands and face.” Dean picked me up and sat me on the counter and began scrubbing at my hands and face.

“Ean, top it” I squirmed.

“C”mon (Y/N) sit still, I gotta get you cleaned up.” He said but I squirmed some more and leaned back, bumping my head on the cabinet behind me. I froze and my lower lip began to tremble as big wet tears threatened to spill down my cheeks.

“Ean” I cried as he scooped me into his arms.

“Oh, baby girl it’s ok, shhh.” He said rubbing the spot where I bumped my head as I continued to cry.

“What happened?” Sam asked returning with one of my shirts.

“She bumped her head.” Dean said, pulling away to see that I was now just sniffling. “But you’re a tough girl right? You’re going to be just fine!” He said smiling. I sniffled again but nodded.

“Alright, well here’s her shirt.” Sam said tossing it over.

“arms up!” Dean said. I obeyed lifting my arms over my head and he pulled the shirt up and over and placed the new one over my head. I held out my arms for him to pick me up. He wrapped an arm around my waist and picked me up. I wrapped my arms super tight around Dean’s neck and gave him a big sloppy kiss on the cheek.

“I yuh you ean!” I said.

“I love you too.” Dean said kissing me on the cheek. I held my hands out to Sam. Dean walked over but didn’t let go of my waist. I gave him a big kiss on the cheek too.

“I yuh you yammy!” I said.

“I love you too.” Sam said kissing me on the other cheek and I rested back on Dean. I held my hands out to Cas who looked horrified. Dean laughed and walked over, still holding my waist.

“I yuh you cat!” I said giving him a big kiss on the cheek. Cas stared, wide eyed. I stared back. “I aid I yuh you!” I said louder.

“tell her you love her too.” Dean whispered.

“I love you as well (Y/N).” Cas said in his usual monotone. I smiled and rested back on Dean’s shoulder with a big yawn.

“Are you ready for bed?” Dean asked and I nodded against his chest, my thumb making its way to my mouth.

“I yanna yeep wi you.” I yawned again.

“Alright sweet pea.” Dean said. We crawled into his bed and fell asleep. Not for long though. About 4 in the morning I was awake.

“Ean!” I whispered in his ear and poking him in the face. “Ean!” I whispered again.

“What? (y/n), it’s too early to be up, go back to bed.” He grumbled.

“I can yeep.” I said.

“If we watch a movie will you go back to bed?” he asked and I nodded. He groaned and rolled out of bed taking a blanket with us. He put a movie in and settled on the couch and I resumed my place on his chest like we did the previous day. He sprawled out the blanket over us. I stuck my thumb in my mouth and began picking at the fabric of his shirt.

My eyes fluttered back open what seemed like moments later. Dean still beneath me, he too had fallen asleep. My neck hurt, my back hurt and everything seemed, smaller.

“Oh my god!” Dean said and I looked up and suddenly realized what had happened.

“Oh my god!” I yelled rolling off his chest and falling to the floor. “Oh god!” I yelled again when I realized I wasn’t wearing any pants. I grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch and ran from the room. I emerged a few minutes later, fully clothed.

“Welcome back.” Dean said with a smile.

“Thanks. And uh – thanks for taking care of me.” I said with a nod.

“The prodigal hunter returns!” Sam said walking into the room. I smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, I was just telling Dean, thanks for taking care of me.”

“Psh, that was all Dean, he wouldn’t let us come near you.” Sam said with a laugh. I smiled and turned towards Dean who was rubbing the back of his neck and looking down at his feet with a small chuckle. I walked over and placed a big sloppy wet kiss on his cheek.

“I yuh you Ean.” I said. I walked over to Sam and did the same thing. “I yuh you Yammy.” I smiled as both boys laughed.

“Cas is terrified of you by the way.” Sam said. “Jam hands freak him out.”

“Duly noted, well I’m starving.” I said starting toward the fridge.

“Want some toat?” Dean said with a chuckle. I was never going to live this down. I walked over to the fridge and smiled at the drawing of Sam, Cas, Dean and I and in an untidy scrawl the word family.

Something New~ (Larry Stylinson fanfiction)

Prompt: Could you do one where Louis wants to be manhandled and have it rough with Harry and they have a safe word but Harry doesn’t hear it and continues and he hurts Louis and then fluff? Please?

Louis wants to try something new

Harry takes it a bit too far

Fluff ensues

(Basically; Harry hurts Louis during sex and tries to make up for it later)


Harry had Louis against the wall, hands on either side of his face, kissing down his neck. Little whines and keens escaped Louis’ small, parted lips and he gripped Harry’s shirt tightly, holding his younger boyfriend closer to him. -

It had been a long day at a meeting with a song writer. They had all had conflicting opinions and no one was happy with the new writer. Not to mention the sexual tension in the room with Harry’s hand rubbing Louis’ thigh or Louis whispering dirty things in Harry’s ear the entire day. The moment they had gotten home, Harry slammed Louis up against the door and ravished him.

“wanna try something?” Louis gasped out.

“Like what?” Harry breathed, coming up from Louis’ neck to look his lover in the eye.

“Like maybe..you could be really rough with me?”


“Yeah I know. You like to take it sweet and slow and I love that baby, I do. I just thought, since we’re both really upset today, why don’t you take your anger out on me?”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“So we’ll have a safe word.”

“Like what?”

“Haz. Ill say Haz if I want you to stop.”

“Alright,” harry gave in.

“How do you want it though?”

“Just rough. Completely manhandle me. Treat me like a sex toy,” Louis said seductively, trailing a finger down Harry’s chest.

“Alright,” Harry agreed, grabbing Louis’ finger and forcing it off his chest. “Let’s go.”


In the bedroom, Louis was laid out on the bed, naked. Harry was rubbing all over his body, squeezing and pinching his most sensitive areas. Louis loved it. It felt absolutely amazing. Little gasps of “more” and “oh Harry” escaped his mouth as Harry’s mouth encased Louis’ nipple and began sucking on It roughly. Harry bit down as hard as he could without drawing blood.


Louis had his hands above his head, not tied there, but he kept them there at Harry’s orders. He felt Harry prop his knees up and then a long, dry finger slide into his bum. Louis let out a small whine. It really hurt. He hasn’t been a bottom in a few weeks and he was tight.

“Lube. Harry lube,” he gasped, but felt a sharp smack to his bum.

“Shut up.” Harry said. With no proper time to adjust to the first finger, a second thick, still dry finger slid in next to the first one. Louis let out a scream at the burn against his rim, he could even feel his cock sinking down. This didn’t feel good anymore. It just hurt. When Louis felt the third finger nudging in, Louis had had enough.

He felt tears in his eyes and tried to say, “Haz,” as loud as he could, but his voice broke and Harry couldn’t hear him.

“You wanna be treated like a slut? Ill treat you like a slut alright,” Harry said darkly.The fingers disappeared but the relief did not last long. Louis felt Harry’s huge, dry cock being nudged into his entrance. Louis screamed and cried as Harry forced himself into Louis’ small hole. Louis regretted everything. He missed the way Harry was careful, and would treat him like royalty. Now he felt like a cheap whore and it didnt even feel good. When Harry bottomed out, Louis lost it and began sobbing, begging Harry to stop. Harry seemed to hesitate but, without hearing the proper safe word, he began thrusting at a hard pace, gripping Louis’ hips tightly, leaving little blue fingerprint shaped bruises on his sides.

Harry came a few moments later, buried inside Louis’ ass. Harry pulled out and rolled over, breathing heavily. “That was fantastic,” he said breathily, turning over to help Louis finish when he saw Louis’ cock was completely soft.

“Louis?” Harry gasped, looking up at Louis’ tear stained face. Louis’ eyes were screwed shut and his cheeks were red.

“I-I said the safe word,” Louis whimpered.

“What?” Harry asked horrified, “when? Lou I swear I didn’t hear it. I would have stopped.”

“It hurt,” Louis cried and then began incoherently speaking about how much it hurt.

“Shhh. Oh baby boy I’m so sorry,” Harry whispered softly, gathering Louis carefully in his arms and sitting up, cradling Louis like a child.

Harry gently rubbed Harry’s back, something he knew Louis loved, and whispered little apologies in Louis’ ear. Harry had never felt more awful about anything in his life, watching while his tiny boyfriend crumpled in his arms. Harry could only imagine the pain Louis had been going through, and if Louis’ soft cock was anything to go by, Harry would have to say Louis didn’t enjoy any of it at all. Harry, of course, blamed himself. He wanted to make it up to Louis but he didn’t know why. In the beginning of the relationship Harry and Louis had promised they’d never hurt each other. Harry couldn’t help but to feel as if he had gone back on his promise.

Lifting Louis into his arms, Harry carried Louis into the bathroom. Louis tucked his face into Harry’s shoulder and Harry could feel the wet tears on his neck. 

“Shh, baby I’m gonna make it feel all better,” Harry promised.

Their bathroom was huge, and the bathtub was a large, circle tub, which had hot tub jets built in. Harry reached down and turned on the hot water, beginning to fill the tub with warm water. Harry went over to the light switch panel and flipped the switch to turn on the jets. Harry stood with Louis in his arms, rocking him back and forth until the tub was at least half way full. Harry kissed the side of Louis’ face and then slowly lowered himself into the tub, keeping Louis in his lap.

“Mmm..” Louis let out a soft mewl.

“Feel good?” Harry  hoped, reaching around to secure his arms around Louis’ waist.

“Yeah,” Louis sighed contently, scooting back until his back was completely against Harry’s chest.

Harry rubbed little circles on Louis’ tummy, trying to relax the older boy. 

“Louis I hope you know I would never hurt you on purpose.”

Louis nodded up at Harry, tilting his head so he could look at Harry’s face, “I’m not mad at you boo. I’m really not. It hurt, yes, but it’s my fault. I pressured you into being rough.”

“I should have listened more carefully, heard the safe word.”

“Hush love, it is not your fault and I’m not mad,” Louis assured him. Louis knew Harry's tenancies to blame himself for things that were not his fault.

Harry just sighed and grabbed a bottle of vanilla scented oil from the tub ledge, pouring some into his hand and rubbing his palms together. Harry set his hands down on Louis’ shoulder and rubbed the lather into his skin. Louis let out a breathy sigh, closing his eyes and going slack against Harry’s body. 

“Feels good,” Louis told him.

“I’m glad,” Harry smiled, pecking three small kisses up the side of Louis’ face, hitting his jaw, cheek, and temple with his soft lips.

“Harry I love you dearly,” Louis mumbled, falling asleep.

“Oh love, I love you so so much. Love you the most.”

“No way.”

“Absolutely. You’re my favorite person ever.”

Harry waited for a regular, witty remark from Louis, when none came, Harry gently moved his hands from where he was massaging Louis’s shoulders and turned Louis around in his lap. Louis’ face was relaxed and his eyes was shut. Harry smiled and unplugged the drain, letting the water begin to rush down it. 

Harry picked Louis up and carefully got out of the tub with him, wrapping Louis in a towel and setting him in bed. Harry then dried himself off and climbed into bed beside Louis, wrapping the smaller boy up in a blanket and holding him tightly on his chest. 

“M'so sorry,” Harry mumbled one last time for good measure.

Harry rubbed Louis’ back softly for a few moments until he was sure Louis was safe and asleep. After that, Harry let his body relax and made plans in his head to make breakfast in bed for Louis the next morning. He knew it wasn’t his fault per say, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t pamper and baby Louis all day tomorrow.

And of course, that would include carrying Louis everywhere.

(Thanks for the prompt.

This is pretty short and idk, not that good lol

I’m sorry. hope you enjoyed<3

Feedback is appreciated)

*walks into your room*

*grabs you by shoulders*

*starts shaking you*


*drops you*

*leaves room*