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Dating Sodapop Curtis would include…

- Hanging out with Steve and Soda at the DX

- Sitting on the counter while Soda works the register

- Watching Soda fix cars

- Having to deal with Steve and Soda constantly talking about cars

“But Steve did you see it? That thing was a beauty-”

“No that thing was a piece of junk. Did you miss the mustang we saw last week? That was a beauty.”

“You’re crazy. You know-”
“Would you both please take a break for three minutes and not talk about cars? I mean seriously, carry on some other, normal conversation, please.”



*sigh* “Oh whatever. You two are hopeless.”

- Hanging out at the Curtis’s house

- Soda taking you on little dates randomly

- Making Soda blush because it’s so easy

“You are so cute.”

“No I am not. I’m tuff-”

“You’re like a little puppy. You wanna be all big and bad but you just look so adorable! See, you’re blushing again! Aww you just look so cute!”

- Convincing Darry, Ponyboy and the gang that you aren’t like Sandy

- Dealing with Two-Bit’s jokes

“Hey, can you get me a soda while you’re in there?”

“God y/n, you really love soda don’t you.”

“I mean, yeah it’s alright.”

“How often do you drink soda?”

“Well, um, I mean I don’t really-”

“Shut up Two-Bit!”

“I’m just making conversation!”

“No you are trying to be vulgar so shut it!”

- Reassuring Soda that you don’t care if he’s a dropout

- Getting real nervous when the draft starts and Soda is eligible

- Saving up for years with Soda so that you two can afford a place together

- Coming home to Soda

- Seeing his bright smile every morning

“You have such a pretty smile.”

“You’ve got a pretty face.”

“You’ve got the brightest smile I have ever seen.”

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on.”

“Oh please.”

“The best view i could imagine waking up to.”

- Trying to win over Ponyboy, who is convinced no girl is good enough for Soda

- Getting angry when other girls flirt with Soda

- Him calling you his baby

- Soda singing to you when you’re sick because you made him one time and discovered he has a real pretty voice

- Sodapop loving to go down on you, just all the time. He doesn’t even ask you to return the favor

“What are you doing?”

“Good morning baby.”

“What are you- ohh, oh God Soda,”

“Just relax baby, let me get my breakfast.”

- Soda admitting through truth or dare that his favorite place in the world is in between your thighs

- Lots of morning sex because Sodapop never fails to wake up with morning wood

- Him being really demanding in bed, always insisting that you tell him exactly what you want him to do before he will start anything

“Come on Soda, please.”

“Nope, you gotta say it.”

“But you know what I need Soda, just, please, come on.”

“Not until you say it.”

- He is really passionate but he can also be very playful and lighthearted when it comes to sex

- He adores the way your legs feel around him, his waist and his neck

- Him absolutely loving blowjobs but never wanting to ask for fear of pressuring you

- You trying to get him to stop being so nice every once in awhile and really say what he wants

“Too nice?”

“Yes. I mean it’s great that you are so well mannered but, I just need for you to tell me what you want ya know. At least pretend like you want to be in this relationship.”

“What do you mean?  I want this y/n I do and you know that.”
“Then act like it. Just take something you want for a change and stop being such a pushover!”

“You want me to stop being a pushover? Take what I want?”


“I want you. I want you everyday for the rest of my life. I want to come home to you in my home. That is enough for me y/n. You are more than enough for what I want in my life.”

- Having little fights with Soda that always seem to end with long hugs with Soda whispering sweet nothings into your ear

- Fighting some of the girls who go too far

- Him never letting you alone with Dally

- Showering with Soda

- Patching Soda up after he gets in a fight with some socs who were trying to hit on you

- Trying to get Soda to stop from going to the rumbles

- Getting caught staring at Soda whenever he is changing

“What are you looking at huh?”

“Something very sexy.”

“What did you just say?”


“Did you just seriously say that? In front of everyone?”

“No. I have no idea what you are talking about.”

- Sometimes suggesting that Soda should go with pants for a while

- Soda asking you to start your life with him so that the two of you will never have to be separated.

I am so sorry.


Blame It On The Alcohol

Pairing/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader
angst, jealous!Bucky (lmao bitch u know what’s comin next), SMUT, unprotected sexy time (donut be silly, wrap that willy u kno)
Bucky gives into his jealousy and confesses his love for you
Word Count:  
Part 2 of Tequila Works Wonders!!!!! I’d like to thank the Steve to my Bucky, @sickplanets for giving me the idea for the smut! Thanks you homo, all the homoeroticas for you from me :*


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anonymous asked:

Can you explain how you know the baby isn't real? I don't know who to believe

well for starters she was never pregnant

fake bump in one picture (this is halloween so around 7 months-ish)

and would you look at that it suddenly vanishes in another picture taken the same day:

you can see it’s her arm wrapped around her stomach which would still be noticeably huge if she was actually pregnant:

this picture below would have been when she was nearly 9 months pregnant. notice how there’s no bump. my food baby is bigger than her stomach.

also here’s how we know for sure the christmas pic is from this year 1 2 3 4 5 6

this picture below would have been taken like at least a couple of weeks before the christmas pic:

so where did the bump magically vanish to?

and i know there’s an argument that she was pregnant earlier than they announced and then gave birth before christmas but that makes no sense because then she’d be WAY bigger here (speaking of which … WHY THE HELL WAS A RANDOM NON CELEBRITY PAPPED?):

and here (this is mid-september):

hilariously they gave her a new bigger bump THE NEXT DAY after we all pointed out how weirdly low and small the fake bump she had was in the pic above.

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Request: Hey ! Im sorry this one is too smutty but… Okay, can you please make an imagine where, the reader and Shawn fall asleep and in the morning or middle of the night idk, he heard some moans and realise the reader is grinding on him while sleeping and he watch her and don’t want to wake her up yet ( cuz he is turned on ) and like after that you can do what you want 😂 OMGG I FEEL SO BAD I FEEL LIKE A PERVERT NO 😭 But yeah like.. if you could please do one 😂 I love all your imagines ! 💋 thanks !

Word count: 1,501

A/N: I tried, but this was hard. 

Moans (Kind of a smut)

“Hey baby” I whispered, as I silently walked into the bedroom.

“Are you awake?” I wasn’t quite sure if she was sleeping or not.

“Mmh” She grunted at my voice.

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It’s not a good time in Hellsing fandom and it’s really upsetting. All I can see on my tumblr dash is hate, judging and fit throwing and all of this coming mostly from grown-up, experienced people…

My friend @shoriani was accused of supporting pedophilia. People unfollowed her and called her names because she wrote one thing that was badly interpreted. So I felt the need to write something on that matter too. And yes, I am aware I might also lose followers, and some of them will probably be the same ones that unfollowed Shori. But well, if you think of me so badly, just do it now and do not even bother to read what I wrote here, because it means you don’t know anything about me…

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pairings: Dylan O'Brien x reader, father!Dylan x baby.

A/N: just a cute, fluff thing that came to me while listening to a song. hope y'all enjoy it! also, I’d like to thank my gorgeous bee @dylan-trash-tbh for reading this for me ❤

word count: 751

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I might have to pick a different object for Chalo’s “send to target” – one with less of a history of me encouraging him to tell hilarious dog jokes. (I do so love his jokes, though.)

  • <p> <b>Jimin as a top:</b> oh baby boy let me take care of you all nice and slow. I love you so much baby let me kiss you everywhere. I'll touch you where ever you want my love I want you to feel good.<p/><b>Jimin as a bottom:</b> c'mom fuck boy you think you got what it takes? Prove it big boy, cause my pretty little hole demands to get filled and you either fuck me good or I'll fuck myself better!<p/></p>