oh baby jane i miss you so much

highlights of the stream:
  • Bella’s fursona would be a lamb, and Edward’s would be a lion.”
  • “He’s gonna monch. He’s gonna cronch.”
  • “slurp slurp slurmp”
  • “billie u slut”
  • “LET HIM  S U C C !!”
  • “When vampires transform do you think over the three days they spend it all covered in their vomit, piss, and shit?”
  • “I think vampires would dribble out their periods as vampires.”
  • [ Bella jumps off a cliff ] “Same.”
  • “FUCK YOU JACOB” x1000000
  • Everyone continuously and collectively yelling at Jacob for an entire movie.
  • “Bree is a tiny babby”
  • “Why does Maria have so many child soldiers.” “Snack vore.”
  • So much god damn talk about vore.
  • [ Every single time a girl is on screen ] “I would die for her!”
  • “Carlisle vs. Charlie: Who is the superior daddy?”
  • “Do a dab every time someone says ‘Bella’!! ”
  • “ BLOCKED! “
  • “Miss. Kesha? Oh my god she fuckin dead.”
  • [ Bella punching/kicking the shit out of a rock] “God I wish that were me.”
  • [ Jane throwing a baby into a pyre ]  “GOD I WISH THAT WERE ME!”
  • Alice / Bella / Rosalie / Leah Confirmed™ to be the best pairing outcome.
  • “Did you know that Aro is from Greece, has jet black hair, and – you’ll never guess it: red/black (vampire) eyes.”
  • Everyone cringing in union everytime Aro appears or laughs.
  • first time viewer of breaking dawn part 2 and didn’t know about the plot-twist at the battle scene.
  • “Real life footage of Jacob’s squad.” [picture of a group of wolf furries]

and the best for last!!

  • Spending time with a whole bunch of awesome and amazing new twilight friends. <3

 Feel free to add any that I couldn’t remember!

anonymous asked:

yoooo I loved what you said about charlotte and a lil master collins that's so cute!! any other thoughts on the children of the novels and if they'd ever be interconnected??

Oh anon, Next-Gen head-canons is a rabbit-hole I could spend hours down.

Ferrars and Brandon babies being the best of friends-and-cousins and just constantly tumbling in and out of each other’s houses like they live there, ‘cause they pretty much do. Maybe Anna Weston and a pretty Miss Emma Martin from the farm and that awkward romance.

Also consider the potential for novel crossovers! Love it.