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so for your dragon AU is Iwaizumi really protective of Oikawa? like, on public transport or when he gets hurt? I'd imagine that Iwaizumi doesn't really understand the human world? he doesn't really understand personal space or anything and everything he knows is based off his instincts. so he doesn't get why it's okay when idk someone slams into Oikawa in the middle of the street and just keeps going, and also, what kind of role would Ushijima play in this AU? (he's my sweet baby haha)

oh wow friend I’m worry I had this in my inbox for so long because I was gonna draw something for it but the motivation has gone pffft

Anyway! He is super protective (partly because of the familiar thing, partly because he’s got some weird dragon instinct that labels Oikawa as his). Although I’d like to think he does have a good understanding of the human world (humans are pretty predictable most of the time) and that just makes him being protective over stupid little things even better. 

Oikawa gets shoulder checked on the street? Iwaizumi knows that’s what happens, but it’s still rude and I didn’t say you could touch my witch, you business-casual bastard get back here and apologize before you lose your jugular. 

And I have Ushijima as a priest/exorcist kinda person. There’s some more about him in the tag! 

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I'm watching the season 4 and I want her with Jake so bad like I hate Fitz

You can hate Fitz, that’s your prerogative. I am not here for Jake because he has *spoilers* choked, threaten to kill, hospitalized, slut shamed, stalked, lied, recorded an unconsented sex tape, and done other various fucked up things to Olivia and all on top of that he was sent by her father as some weird ass pseudo control Olivia plot. So nah, I hate Jake, Joke, Choke. If you like him good for you.