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…but look, look at the boy squad and the girl squad at the end credits of the last episode…even is part of the boy squad!!

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Tom, have you ever fallen in love with anyone??💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Tom: Love… Love is how i feel when Iook at her, I want to see her everyday, when we are apart my heart hurts and I can’t stop thinking about her
Tom: She is the reason i live and truely the one I love

Tom: Oh baby, I’ve missed you!
Edd: You better not be making out with your guitar in there again, Tom!

[[It’s gonna take some brains to know his real crush]]

Miraxus Headcanons

- Both are very passionate kissers. But when asked which of them is the better kisser, this is probably one of those rare times Laxus would concede and agree that “nobody kisses like Mira”

- In the middle of a heated kiss, Mira enjoys being the first to break off contact for a bit. From time to time, just to tease him. Also to smile sweetly at Laxus, which Laxus really loves ‘cause her smile is definitely among the things he love most about her. When Mira does this, Laxus flashes his signature smirk at her. 

- When feeling under the weather, Laxus would just wrap his arms around Mira’s waist and hug her from behind, burying his face in her shoulder. Mira would know instantly that something’s bothering him and would go, “awww baby, what’s the matter?”, where she would face towards him and run a hand to stroke at his cheek.

-  Mira gets called beautiful every day of her life. Although she appreciates every compliment, she’s not one to be bothered too much by how she looks and she’s not thoroughly aware how she drives men crazy. As for Laxus, it’s not everyday that he compliments her beauty. So when he does, there’s a huge improvement on her mood and she really takes it to heart.

- When Laxus comes home late from a mission, he would always find Mira asleep on the couch, waiting for him to come home. His heart always warms at the sight. If he still has some energy left, he’d carefully wrap his coat around her and carry her to their room. Otherwise, he’d just join her at the couch if he’s too tired and cuddle to sleep.

- Mira is usually the one to wake up early and make breakfast for them. One day, Laxus decided to return the gesture and surprise her with a nice breakfast in bed. He burned the toast and eggs quite a bit but Mira was too happy to even notice and felt honored that she gets to eat Laxus’ cooking.

- Mira is the only other person Laxus allows to touch/wear his precious coat. When watching movies together at home, he enjoys wrapping his coat around her. So when he’s far away on a mission, he’s more than glad to find her scent still lingering in his coat. After all, dragon slayers have heightened sense of smell. 

- When Laxus is swamped with paperworks and has to pull an all-nighter, Mira would bring coffee to him. But before she leaves the room, Laxus will suddenly pull her to his lap and at this, Mira would wrap her arms around his neck. They’d spend a few good minutes sharing subtle light kisses. With credit to their insane amount of control though, Mira would break away first and urge him to continue his work.

- One of the Miraxus babies is named Lux. She’s the absolute sweetheart and Laxus loves spoiling his princess. She mostly takes after Mira (and got her singing talent too!) except for the light blond hair. She’s literally everybody’s princess and ray of sunshine, with much credit to her name. Sweet master Mavis gleefully thinks Lux looks a lot like her (and yeah…well, she does). 


2013.01.17 - 2015.01.17 - Happy 2nd Anniversary S-P-double E-D, SPEED~!  

Request: Tig’s imagine

Request: Catching Tig masturbating

[Ladies and gentleman, THAT would be something to see…

Just saying…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Enjoy the imagine! Thanks for reading! Love you all! 💋 ]

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: Smut (obviously…)

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Your suitcase was open on the bed and you were folding clothes. A cheesy 80’s song was playing, so you didn’t hear Tig entering the room until he was holding you by your waist.

“Tiggy…”, you warned him.

“Oh baby”, he whined. “I’m going to miss you”

“One week Tig”, you said.

“So much time…”, he kissed your neck, pulling your skirt up your legs.

“You will survive”, you laughed and slapped his hands, getting back to your task.

“I’ll go crazy”, he mumbled and stretched on the bed, clearly trying to annoy you.

You sighed and looked at him. Tig was perfect, a great old man, but he was too dependent on you. He hated to be alone when you had to travel for work and some nights you just felt suffocated by his arms, especially if he had a nightmare. You walked towards him and leaned for a kiss. Tig smiled and tried to pull you to him. You grabbed his crotch and whispered in his ear.

“You better behave while I’m away, if this dick gets remotely close to another pussy I will kill you Alexander Trager. Do you understand?”, you said.

“Yes”, he swallowed hard. You rarely played dominatrix in bed and he always loved when you were up to a game.

“Excellent”, you got up and walked away from him, going to the bathroom.

“Baby?”, he called. “Baby are you gonna leave me like this?”

You turned on the shower and immediately heard the sound of his boots following you.


Tig was going crazy. One week without you and he was almost surrendering to the crow eaters, but he would never did that to you. Since he had met you, his life had changed, you were the only one, he always felt lost when you travel for work.

He decided to go home by the end of the day, skipping the drink with his brothers. All he wanted to do was sleep in your bed, holding the pillow with your scent.

Feeling dirty for working all day at the TM he decided to take a shower, relax under the hot water. He put his hands on the wall and let the water fell on his neck. Tig looked down to himself and decided to do something he hadn’t done in so long. He kept on hand on the wall, closed his eyes and grabbed his cock, thinking of your naked body under his.


The taxi parked in front of your house and you paid the driver. Tig’s bike was there. You had thought he would spend his nights with his brothers, since you weren’t there, but there he was, at home.

You opened the door and was ready to call him when you heard the shower. Smiling to yourself you decided to surprise him and walked to the bathroom, taking off your shoes on your way.

You stopped when you heard him groan. That was odd. Oh no! There was somebody with him! Feeling the angry grow you opened the door, ready to grab whoever bitch was there by the hair, but there was nobody…

Tig had one hand on the wall and the other was around his cock…He was masturbating. You smiled, surprised. That was totally a teenager thing, but it was also hot to see your old man lost in his own world.

“Do you wanna help with that?”, you asked.

He stopped and turned around, looking at you with his mouth ajar. You crossed your arms and stared at him.

“You came home earlier”, he smirked.

“Yes”, you said and turn your look to his hands. “I guess you missed me”

“So damn much”, he leaned against the wall and continued to masturbate. You bit your lip and started to take off your clothes. It was impossible to keep watching him for much longer. You were missing him and the vision of him hard turned you on immediately.

“Remember what I said?”, you asked, getting under the shower with him, looking inside his eyes.

“Yes”, he swallowed and nodded.

“So?”, you raised an eyebrow.

“This dick stayed away from pussy”, he mumbled. “I swear”

“Good”, you smiled and took him in your hands. Tig put his own hands on your hips and closed his eyes, enjoying your touch.

You knelt in front of him and let your hands run through his tights. He looked down to you with lust in his eyes. You opened your mouth and slid your tongue over him, from its base until the tip. Tig groaned and cursed in a low voice when you took him inside your mouth and deep in your throat.

You let a hand around him and put the other between your legs, touching yourself. He noticed that, you were pleased to see him swallow, and his eyes widened.

“Baby”, he mumbled and pulled you up. “Let me…”

His fingers took the place of yours and his thumb made a perfect pressure on your clit. His other arm held you by your waist while you moaned with the pleasure. You were getting closer, Tig was hard on your hands and both of you wouldn’t hold for long.

“Alex”, you whispered. His name pulled a trigger; he took your hands and put them on the wall, staying behind you. He pulled your hips to his body and lined up with your entrance, taking you from behind.

“Yes”, he hissed. “Oh I missed you baby”

“Please”, you begged. The water running down your back and him thrusting hard, were sending you fast to the edge. You felt Tig’s fingers rubbing your clit while he got deeper inside you. You couldn’t hold, tightening around him.

“Shit baby”, he cursed and increased the speed, the sound of your moans echoed on the bathroom. Tig let out a deep groan finding his climax too. “That was amazing”

You laughed and turned to look at him. You caressed his cheeks and kissed him. You held him close and whispered in his ear.

“Better than alone with your hands right?”, you laughed.

“So much better”, he laughed.

Kinda want to start up the Chestnuts again (start gen3 fresh) With ts4?? My game has kinda killed their save in Ts3 and I kinda want to play again (maybe to justify buying a pack or two!) AND I MISS MY BABIES OH MAN.

What do you guys think??


“What are you doing tomorrow night?” Theodore whispers as he absently runs his fingertips down the small of her back.

“I have a date,” Maddie replies, the lie tumbling from her lips a little too quickly. “Why?”

“Cancel it. I want to see you again.”

“Really?” Madeleine tries to sound nonchalant about it, but Theodore can hear the smile in her voice.

“Yes. I missed this, baby.”

“Oh Theo,” she sighs contentedly. “I missed you too.”

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Request Scenario: Kai have a crush on you, his best friend, but you are unfortunately quite oblivious to whole ordeal. god, take a hint!

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1102

A/N: Oh how I miss writing baby Jongin, thank you so much for requesting this and I hope you enjoy it!


The look on your face is usually a tight grimace from the fact that you could not ever imagine bending or even putting your body in such an awful situation or a smile that could probably break your face because of just how unreal he looked. Today was the latter. It will never cease to amaze you just how beautiful he looked every time he danced. It was like he was apart of the music and the music was just moving along with him. He was under control and there was no stopping him…unless it was you though. Jongin would never ignore you when you bashfully tip-toed into the practice room, but then again. He could never ignore you.

“Y/N.” His chest puffed in and out, showing signs of eventual fatigue from his constant desire to practice and perfect every second of his choreography. The small towel in his hand was already partially a few shades darker because of the sweat that was dripping down his neck and forehead.

“Jongin!” You’ve known Jongin even before people knew him as Kai, so wrapping your arms around his damp body was not necessarily deemed as gross. 

“Agh. I cannot believe you are okay with doing that. You will smell so bad with my sweat all over you.” But you didn’t care, you only held on tighter, feeling his tensed body relax a little after you’ve shown your stubbornness to let him go.

“I haven’t seen you in six months, don’t tell me what not to do. If I want to hug my best friend, I will.” Jongin would never complain to that because he loved feeling your body against his, having your sweet perfume intoxicating him all over again every single time. It has been already a year and he was more or less tired of seeing you smiling at other guys in front of him and hearing you tease him about other female idols. He wanted you to be his and he wanted to be yours.

“You want to go for dinner tonight? Just you and I?” Jongin couldn’t believe it came out so easily…until the small hitch of breath at the end because of the inherit shock of just blatantly blurting out his apparent feelings for you. But alas, you were clueless.

“Awww of course I would love you spend time with just you!” You fingers poked his chest as you both sat against the wooden floor.

Completely clueless.

“Ah yes. Of course. As friends.” He awkwardly enunciated every word, trying to convince himself what was happening.



The smell of the spicy noodles and meat sizzling on pans reached the both of you as you two inhaled the mouth-watering scent at the same time.

“Oh my god.” You groaned in delight, dragging him towards an empty table. It was already so late that nobody who knew who Jongin was would be out, so this was the most peaceful time Jongin has experienced in a while and it was with you.

“So… come on. There are so many stunning girls that you see everyday. Any interest in any of them or are you going to tell me that you are actually into Kyungsoo or Taemin after all this time.” You teased, dabbing your chopsticks in front of his face.

“What no. I mean there is a girl…” The anxiety was rushing back into Jongin and he mentally cursed himself for feeling this way again. As if it wasn’t painful enough the first time.

“Oh my god oh my god. Please tell me who.” You were definitely intrigued to know who caught your shy bestfriend’s attention.

“I’ve known her for quite a while now, but I don’t get to see her too often.” Jongin was too nervous to straight up say it, so hinting was going to be the most direct this conversation was going to go.

Munching on some lettuce and beef, you looked up onto the tattered ceiling, wondering which idol he had known for a while. “Someone from Girls’ Generation?” You were not aware of the boy who was growing more restless as you kept guessing.

“No. She is basically my best friend though.” That has to be obvious enough right?!

“Jongin! Have you replaced me with a gorgeous kpop star?” He didn’t mean you right… no way. You laughed dryly, for some reason or another you didn’t want your doubts to be true though.

“Y/N! It’s you. I cannot believe how oblivious you are. I’ve loved you ever since middle school. You were always there for me even before I was Kai. You were the one that kept me going even after I felt so discouraged when Taemin got debuted first. You were always there and now I want to be there for you. Always.” The small restaurant was dead silent as a few elderly couple and office workers confusedly stared at us.

“Jongi—“ He was kissing you. Your high school best friend’s lips were against yours, but you were frozen until you felt his hands gently rub against your shoulder, urging you to kiss him back. It was sweet and his lips were soft. You felt dizzy when you both reluctantly pulled away, not knowing what to think about this whole situation.

“Jongin.” You finished you were about to say before he planted a kiss on you.

“Y/N.” For the second time tonight, Jongin was out of breath, but this time it was solely because of you.

There was so many things that were being said between the two of you without either of you opening your mouth, but it was just simpler to kiss the boy in front of you once again to truly tell him how you felt.

“You should’ve done that earlier.” You giggled softly, watching the pink tint rise to his golden cheeks.


Hope you enjoyed it xx

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Daryl x Reader (Ch. 9)

Imagines: Imagine Daryl going through houses and happens to go to your old one. He goes through your room and takes a few pictures of you off of your walls.

 Warnings: nahhh

 Word count: 2,536

 Author: Caroline

 Jesus Christ. “Isaac… You’re alive?” Instantly my body went numb, my heart felt like it stopped beating, and my face went completely pale. I felt my body about to faint, but Isaac ran over to me and caught my fall. He looks the same, maybe a bit more rugged. Tan, tall, broad shoulders. Couple years older than me… Black hair with perfect teeth. I remember why I fell in love with him years ago.

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