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Boys Day In (Jungkook)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Daddy Jungkooktaking care of his twin with some other member

Summary:  It’s a good day in for him and his girls

Yeunja sat calmly in her uncle Jimin’s arms as Jeongguk watched Heran run around in the living room. “So what do you have planned for today?” Jimin asks his younger friend “Y/N says that the girls wanted to stay in today”Jeongguk says “you weren’t listening?” Jimin asks. “I had babies yelling in my ears” Jeongguk shot back “so why am I here?” Jimin asks “obviously because your Yeunja’s favorite uncle” Jeongguk says rolling his eyes. “I thought we agreed that I’m the love of her life. Didn’t we Yeunja?” Jimin coos at the girl in his arms who smiles up at him. 

“My daughter won’t marry you, you’ll be old and sagging when she’s gonna be able to get married” Jeongguk says with a smirk as a look of hurt filled Jimin’s face. “Are you one of those dad’s who won’t let his children even date til their like 40?″ Jimin jokingly asks “yeah I am. Heran will end up being like Hoseok I can feel it and Yeunja I’m stuck between Seokjin and Yoongi” Jeongguk explains. “A funny yet attractive type and the older and hungry type” Jimin lists. 

Jeongguk smiles “I’m very glad they don’t have the same personality though. “My babies should just look alike but be different people” he continues “I need to get married and have kids. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll have boys-” “No way will my daughters be dating your children” Jeongguk says in a protective tone. “That would be up to them. You never know if I have boys they could be noona chasers” Jimin continues to add fuel to the fire. “Do you want to die?” Jeongguk asks “just saying” Jimin smirks as he kisses Yeunja’s cheek before putting her down. “To have these babies you’ll need to find someone who’s willing to carry your babies” Jeongguk says “oh I dont think that will be a problem my little friend” Jimin spoke.

Oh you would love to wouldn't you (michael clifford smut)

“Fuck you michael” “oh you would love that wouldn’t you” he said with a smirk “i’d rather fuck a cactus you prick”.

This was normal, me and michael rarely see eye to eye so naturally we fight all the time. i didn’t hate him i actually really liked i just pretended to hate him because he doesn’t like me and i think the only reason we argue is because we both have strong opinions.

“Aw is wittle Y/N upset and angry” “shut the fuck up you arse” I say walking away.

—–later that night——

I have been friends with aston for a while and that how i met the rest of the guys , i got on with all if them except michael.
“I think i know whats up with you” i heard from behind the back door, it was luke talking to michael “what the fuck are you on about now” michael whisper shouted “i know you like Y/N” “ no i dont” “yes you do its so obvious you idiot” “okay so say i do, she hates me” he almost sounded hurt “Im pretty sure she doesn’t mate” “well what should i do?” “ask her out dumbass” i ran to the couch and acted as casual as i could.

It was time for a bit of fun.

“Oh ash you have such big strong arms” i say putting my arm around his “what are you doing” he said “just go with it” i say back, he just looks confused but then nodes.

For the next 15 minutes me and ash keep flirting and every few minutes i keep looking at michael to see his reaction, only to see every time he was redder than his hair.

It was mean yes, but it was fun.

“Y/N can i talk to you in the hall for a moment” “sure” i say smiling walking out.
“don’t kill each other” luke shouts.
“what was that” “what was what” “you flirting with ash” “nothing, and why should it concern you” “it doesn’t it just looks slutty” “don’t you dare say that to me you pig!” i shout “well its true” he shouts back. i go to hit his chest when he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a kiss. i put my hands in his hair and pull it. “please fuck me michael” i moan “oh sweetie you have no idea what youve got yourself into” he says with a smirk. he rips my top of me and carries me up the stairs bridal style leaving my top at the bottom of the stairs.
“suck me” he says, i smirk and get on my knees, i kiss the tip and lick the pre cum of he tip, i start bobbing my head up and down, my started to moan and my panties got wetter and wetter he grabbed my hair and said “stop baby i want to come in you” he pulled me up off the floor and gently puts me one the bed “you can repay me for that later i just really need you to fuck me” i say. he turned me onto my front so my ass is facing him “this might hurt a little bit baby he whisper growels into my ear. he puts his cock in me and slowly started to fuck me hard and good. "harder michael” i moan “oh god baby say my name again” “michael don’t stop” “Y/N you feel so good” he moans “im so close” “so am i baby” “im gonna cum”“1..2..3..cum baby girl” he whispers, with that we both cum together moaning each others name. “oh shit we didn’t use a condom” “dont worry im on the pill and i don’t have any STDs”. lets go get some food im hungry now. he say putting on some sweats an giving me a pair of clean boxers and his shirt. walking out the door he says “i really like you, will you maybe go out with me?” “of course” i say smiling and hugging him.

 "oh michael harder" i hear luke say coming down the stairs “fuck you luke” we both say going into the kitchen.