Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 14

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Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 4,676

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

A/N: :D Look, I did a thing! Thank you all for waiting patiently~ I’m literally posting this right before I leave for work, I was rushing to proof read it lol. Hopefully I didn’t miss too many mistakes :p

Black fabric mask secured over the lower half of his face, Jungkook waits tensely in a coffee shop half a block from his family’s penthouse. Its 2 minutes before noon, and his leg bounces nervously under the table, his coffee already gone cold.

Managing to get a whole of 3 hours of sleep the night prior, still too bothered with the thought of you potentially being in trouble to be able to get some shut eye, Jungkook had slipped out of the house early that morning, requesting his regular chauffeur to take him to campus a tad sooner than usual. The driver had complied, toting him half way across the city to the usual spot where Jungkook was dropped off and picked up. Jungkook then left as usual, walking towards his building, but this time he had no plan on going to class. As soon as the Jeon heir was far enough from the car which had dropped him off, he ducked into a building and watched through the old, clouded windows for the car to leave. It took a few seconds, his driver likely confused as to why Jungkook was going into that building when he usually didn’t, but luckily a car wanting to get by honked in slight anger, and the chauffer immediately placed the car in drive and coasted away as if nothing had happened.

Sighing thankfully to the impatient college driver who had honked, Jungkook waits in the building for a few long minutes. He wants to be perfectly sure that his car won’t circle back around to look for him, and when 5 minutes pass and there’s no sign of his chauffeur, Jungkook determines that he’s safe.

Nodding to himself, determination for what he now has to do settling in his gut, Jungkook shrugs his book bag off his shoulder, unzipping the main pouch. Today his normal folders and notebooks are nowhere to be found, replaced by a spare coat, hat, and a mask. Jungkook knows that his father has men stationed all over the city—maybe not on the lookout for him, since as far as they know nothing out of the ordinary is going on—but Jungkook won’t risk anything. It seems to him that his father is currently scheming with Taehyung against Namjoon, judging by the small amount of their conversation he had overheard last night, but Jungkook needs Namjoon by his side. He needs Namjoon’s friendship because right now Namjoon holds all the information Jungkook wants to know about you. And…more so…Namjoon truly isn’t too bad of a guy, in Jungkook’s eyes—better than his father, at least—and Jungkook doesn’t feel well knowing that his family is possibly working to…hurt Namjoon in some way.

So, changing his jacket, hiding his face behind a plain back mask, and tucking his hair beneath a dark blue hat, Jungkook had left the building he’d taken refuge in, walking back into the city. He didn’t want to risk a taxi or a bus, so he had braved the chilling winds and had walked the crowded streets of Seoul. After nearly 40 minutes he finally arrived at the café Namjoon had requested he wait at—the brief text containing the location arriving at just shy of 5am that morning.

And now here he is, Jeon Jungkook, eyes boring into the watch on his wrist, the second hand ticking past the 12 mark, officially meaning that it was noon. His leg continued to bounce with nervous energy, hand reaching into his pocket to check his cellphone, and as soon as the device is in his hand, it buzzes, a new text message lighting up the screen.


I’m stopped behind a bus at the light outside the coffee shop. Come now.

Reading the words with unsteady concentration, Jungkook quickly stands, bumping into the table as he reaches for his backpack and heads outside. Not bothering to correctly zip up his coat, the cold air immediately soaking into his skin, Jungkook glances both ways down the congested street, breaking into a jog when he spots the bus a little ways up the sidewalk, a black car with tinted windows momentarily stalled behind it.

As he approaches the car, his feet suddenly falter as he realizes that he’s currently putting himself in danger. He has no clue what’s going on right now—who he can trust and who might be hiding in the city ready to hurt him. As a Jeon he had been targeted before. Once or twice, but nothing serious. A kidnapping attempt here or there by people desperate to use him as ransom in return for monetary repayment from his father, but all attempts had been thwarted by family men—faint screams ringing in Jungkook’s ears, but he hadn’t put all the pieces together until he’d gotten a bit older.

Yet, despite the danger, Jungkook regains his stride, especially when the light in front of the bus turns green, the tinted car honking urgently. He can’t stall for much longer, and Jungkook rushes forward, pulling open the passenger door, grateful to see Namjoon occupying the driver seat.

“Christ kid, hurry it up,” Namjoon sighs as he steps on the gas, following behind the bus. Jungkook rolls his eyes, dropping his bag on the floor between his feet.

“You could have actually stopped somewhere to wait.”

“I could have, but everything feels risky nowadays,” Namjoon mumbles, eyes casting to the side. Jungkook can immediately tell how tired the older male is, dark bags hanging under his eyes, unkempt facial hair prickling his chin and upper lip.

“Hyung…,” Jungkook says, voice sympathetic yet serious. His eyes harden, heart steeling as he shifts to face Namjoon. “What’s going on? Please, you need to tell me…”

“The other day–,” Namjoon starts after a moment of hesitation, knuckles turning white around the steering wheel. “Y/N came over. I was trying to make things right after everything that had been happening. It went well, really well…,” he says with fondness, his defenses momentarily dropping, but as he continues recounting what had occurred Jungkook sees his body curl in on itself, anger staining his face.

“I got a call that morning from a client. Left Y/N to sleep because I figured I’d be right back…I asked Yoongi to check on her. He…,” Namjoon takes a moment to calm himself, throat tight, adam’s apple bobbing. “He got there and saw Y/N in Jimin’s car. Jimin somehow got into my apartment and took her. Yoongi gave chase, but…”

Stopped at another red light, Namjoon slams his fist on the dashboard, and Jungkook winces, heart sinking into his stomach.

“She’s gone?” the younger whispers, hands laying stiffly in his lap. Namjoon bites his lip, trying his best not to give into all the dark thoughts lurking in his mind.

“She is—but I’ve got people looking for her. We’re going to get her back, Kookie–,” reaching over, Namjoon places his hand on Jungkook’s knee and the younger startles, immediately batting Namjoon’s hand away, his eyes filled with rage. However, when Jungkook sees the hurt and pain on Namjoon’s face, that spark of anger dies, and he hunches over, pressing his palms to his face.

“I know this isn’t your fault, hyung…I’m sorry. I just—”

“You can blame me if it makes it easier,” Namjoon responds, dead eyes tracking the road. Jungkook shakes his head, taking a deep breath as he pushes any potential tears back into their sockets.

“I won’t blame you. I can tell that you’ve changed, Namjoon hyung. You care for Y/N, and I can tell this isn’t easy for you, so I’m sorry I reacted like that, I just…she’s my friend, you know?” Jungkook says quietly, loosely hugging his arms to his chest. “I don’t have many, and none else like her, considering father’s—”

“Right, your father,” Namjoon interrupts, suddenly remembering the reason he’d had to call Jungkook out in public to meet like this. Jungkook’s eyes widen as well, and the two males stare at each other, surprised.

“Right, right—my dad!” Jungkook recalls, eyes searching his lap as he tries to remember everything he had overheard the night before. “I—last night a guy named V showed up at our door. He told me to call him—”

“Taehyung,” Namjoon growls, swerving into a small parking lot and shifting the car into P. He can’t trust himself to continue driving calmly when he’s got all this shit on his mind—and Taehyung is not helping. Especially after he’d touched you…and now he’s apparently making ties with Jungkook’s father, which isn’t good…

“Yeah,” Jungkook nods, biting his bottom lip with his teeth, his eyebrows furrowing. Last night he hadn’t been able to recall where he’d heard the name before, but pairing it with Namjoon’s reaction…

“Is that they guy who hurt Y/N? At the club?”

“Yeah,” Namjoon sighs, fingers coasting through his messy hair. Jungkook scowls.

“Right…now that I think about it, it makes sense. The guy was such a goddamn flirt—even with me—

“Taehyung is very…open,” Namjoon says cautiously, and then shakes his head, getting back to the situation at hand. “What did he say to your dad?”

“I went looking around last night because one of our maids broke a glass, and on my way back to my room I overheard my father and Taehyung talking. They…said something about…,” he furrows his eyebrows, trying to recall the faint words he’d managed to pick up on. “They mentioned a girl, your name, bait, and a ball next week. They–! They said something about another man, and how my father was glad he had trusted Taehyung’s friend, Jimin…”

“Oh, fuck,” Namjoon groans, palms dragging down his face. “Fuck–! I forgot that Taehyung and Jimin are friends, those little assholes—”

“…the person who took Y/N from your apartment—you…said his name was Jimin, right?”

“Yeah,” Namjoon grits, palms pressing into his straining eyes. “Yeah, it was Jimin. And if Taehyung got Jimin to do his dirty work and kidnap Y/N, and Taehyung is suddenly your dad’s best friend, then…”

The car falls silent, and Jungkook and Namjoon’s eyes meet.

If Taehyung and Jungkook’s father are working together against Namjoon, then—

Jungkook sees the flash of distrust that momentarily passes through Namjoon’s eyes, and while Namjoon and Jungkook have never truly been friends, the younger’s heart aches.

“Hyung—Namjoon hyung I promise I’m not against you, please,” Jungkook says, leaning over to rest his hand on Namjoon’s thigh. He can feel Namjoon’s muscles stiffen beneath him, but his face gives away nothing.

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Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 16

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Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 4,618

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

A/N: Here’s another chapter for you all~ I tried to actually write one in a timely manner this time :p Ahhh…only 4 chapters left. Let’s see how long it takes lmao.

Anyway, enjoy!

Jimin watches from his car as Yoongi rounds the corner and pulls into a parking spot near the edge of the park. A few seconds after parking, Yoongi exits his vehicle—and Jimin can tell that he hasn’t taken his gun.

“Idiot,” he mumbles, his heart aching for a second, yet when Jimin pops open the driver’s door and steps out he also leaves his gun on his passenger seat. Jimin has no intention of hurting Yoongi. Despite how their relationship has changed, there are very few people Jimin would prefer to protect instead of hurt, and Yoongi is one of those people.

Following after Yoongi up the worn down trail, Jimin shoves his hands into his pockets, worry pricking at the back of his mind. He knows that Yoongi is more than likely pissed at him. Yoongi and Namjoon are basically brothers, despite what Yoongi might say, and for Jimin to have been hired to capture Namjoon’s girlfriend of all people…

Even if Yoongi and Jimin had been in love, there’s no easy way to atone for hurting someone who is Yoongi’s only family—and Jimin knows that.

So, for once he’s a little scared. He doesn’t know why Yoongi has called him out here. Maybe it’s a trap and he’s being foolish by agreeing to meet up so easily. Maybe Namjoon is waiting in the bushes ready to stab Jimin in the throat. Jimin doubts it, but…just maybe.

Falling back a little, stepping off the path to rest against a tree, Jimin watches as Yoongi slips into their little grove—the grove they’d always meet at like two teenagers running off to their secret hiding spot in the middle of the night.

Jimin laughs to himself quietly. Yoongi had always hated him making comparisons like that—but Jimin always loved to tease him. It was fun to see Yoongi flustered and smiling. He always blushed and grumbled at the mention of “love”, and never really said it aloud, but Jimin never pushed it.

Their…relationship had been unconventional to say the least. A man for hire and the second in command of a mafia group. Their meeting had been a coincidence at best—two men tiredly saddling up at a bar next to each other—exhausted from the day and needing something to wash the feelings back down.

Alcohol had caused them to…well, Jimin had ended up half naked on Yoongi’s coffee table before the elder had paused at the freshly healed wound on Jimin’s shoulder. A product of someone who had managed a swing at him while he’d been doing his job.

Yoongi had pressed him about his scar, and Jimin had noticed the way he’d tensed—worry and suspicion lingering in his gaze. Yet, the alcohol in Jimin’s system had caused Jimin to wave him off—arms snaking around Yoongi’s neck with the simple excuse of “sometimes I get hurt because of work”.

It hadn’t been until the next time they’d met—Jimin calling Yoongi up asking if he wanted company—that here—in this park, on the bench in this grove—the two had figured out each other’s occupations. Immediately Jimin had pinned Yoongi to the ground, fearful that Yoongi might take him out. He wasn’t exactly an enemy, but he wasn’t an ally either. But…in the end they’d released each other, brushed themselves off, and made a promise. They wouldn’t tell on each other—no one would know about what they had going on besides themselves.

Of course…as things had gotten more serious, Namjoon had noticed a change in Yoongi, and had found out. He hadn’t been happy, but had sucked it up for Yoongi’s sake, since the elder had actually seemed…happy, for once. Yet, even as their relationship had been accepted, they had managed to grow apart. Yoongi had objectives to carry out that required him to be gone for weeks at a time, and Jimin couldn’t just neglect his job and obligations either. Work started to get in the way, and after a time the two had…mutually parted.

Until the day you showed up and ended up causing them to cross paths once again—and in the worst way possible.

“I’m sorry, hyung,” Jimin says as he stares down at Yoongi sadly, his guard dropped, and heart sullen. Yoongi’s fingers squeeze his waist gently in affirmation, his cheek leaning into Jimin’s palm, and the younger manages a small smile.

“I didn’t think I would end up…I mean…”

“You thought that you’d be able to get in and out without encountering me,” Yoongi surmises for him, laughing bitterly. His eyes open and he meets Jimin’s puppy dog like stare, but Yoongi only continues frowning with brewing anger.

“I saw the look on your face, Minnie, you panicked at the sight of me and almost got us both killed—”

“I mean you didn’t have to chase after me like that—“

“And what? Let you take one of the most precious people in Namjoon’s life?” Yoongi scoffs. Jimin sighs, removing his hand from Yoongi’s cheek and running it through his hair instead.

“You never get attached—I thought you’d just leave it be,” he grumbles, and Yoongi’s frown deepens.

“Hey,” he says in a low tone, his fingers sinking lower on Jimin’s waist, and Jimin peeks at him. Immediately Yoongi is leaning up, nose just inches away from Jimin’s—so close that he can see the younger debating whether to lean into Yoongi or scramble off his lap and run away.

“It’s not a matter of me getting attached—though you and I both know from experience that I have things that are precious to me. It’s a matter of Namjoon’s happiness, and Y/N’s safety. At one point I had you but now Namjoon has her, Minnie, and I know you get what I mean by that.”

“I do—that’s why I feel terrible, hyung,” Jimin sighs again, rolling his head back to glance at the passing clouds, illuminated by the moon. “But Taehyung recommended me to Jeon and if I refused I was sure both Taehyung and he would be suspicious and wondering if I had allegiances—since everyone knows I’m for hire, so…I had to do it.”

“You never have to do anything, Jimin—,” Yoongi begins, and hushes Jimin when he opens his mouth to argue differently. “Though I know you have to make a living, and have to do certain things to stay safe, so I…I can’t be completely pissed at you, but…come to our side, Minnie. Help us,” Yoongi whispers, fingers squeezing Jimin’s waist to express his plea further. Immediately Jimin sighs, his hands moving to grip Yoongi’s, and when he tries to pull the elder’s hands away from him, Yoongi only holds him tighter.

“I know you and you know this is the right thing to do. Please, Jimin.”

“I…what about Taehyung? You know he’s the only one who has had my back for this long, hyung,” Jimin speaks quietly, face still angling towards the sky, unable to meet Yoongi’s begging stare. “Of course I don’t like taking someone innocent like Y/N, and of course I don’t want her to get hurt in the end, but…”

“For what reason is Taehyung even helping Jeon and Jaehyuk?” Yoongi questions, brows furrowing. “Is he just—what?—bored?”

“I…from what he told me Jeon approached him about making a deal, and since Taehyungie didn’t have anything exciting going on at the time, he agreed,” Jimin sighs. “Considering the deal included Y/N into the equation…that perked his interest too. You know, after that time he encountered her at the club.”

Jimin pauses considerately, his lips turning into a frown. “…Taehyungie isn’t good at reading into people’s true feelings, so he probably doesn’t realize how serious Namjoon hyung is about Y/N. He likely doesn’t think that in the end Namjoon will truly be devastated if something happens…”

“So he’s doing it because he’s bored,” Yoongi repeats, humming a little. “What say we explain to Taehyung how serious this all is, and convince him to join our side too? Throw in a little extra reassurance to him that as long as he cooperates with us Namjoon won’t murder him in cold blood.”

Jimin winces at that, and Yoongi shrugs uncaringly.

“He sexually assaulted and drugged Y/N, and is now plotting with her kidnappers. Namjoon has the right to be furious. Just be glad that he let me come talk to you…because when I told him it was you that took Y/N…”

“He probably wanted to throw me out the window of his penthouse, I know,” Jimin grumbles, hands moving to run down his face as he releases a giant sigh. Yoongi knows that this likely isn’t an easy decision for him—even if in Yoongi’s mind joining forces is clearly the right option.

“All I know…,” Jimin begins slowly, eyes finally moving to meet Yoongi’s, “is that Y/N is Namjoon’s bait to attend the ball, and that their plan is to get Namjoon out of the picture.”

Dead, Yoongi surmises, scowling. No way in hell is that happening.

“Jaehyuk will be attending with Y/N as his guest. My guess is that he’ll still be playing the ‘she’s my daughter’ card. Obviously Jeon will be there, considering he’s the one hosting the ball. Taehyung will be there too, to keep an eye out. From what Taehyungie has told me, it’s just the three of them. Jaehyuk will try to keep his head low the entire time, considering he’s rumored to be dead anyway. Jeon will draw attention, and is hoping Namjoon will go after him—that way Taehyung can silently take the shot, and by the time anyone realizes anything, Taehyung will be gone, the weapon will be disposed of, and panic will have displaced the blame away from Jeon.”

“And they just think that this is all going to happen smoothly?”

“Apparently,” Jimin shrugs, and Yoongi breathes a laugh. For a few seconds silence falls between them, and then Yoongi is drawing the younger’s attention once again, his fingers lightly tucking a few strands of hair behind Jimin’s ear.

“Will you help us?”

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oh, baby [draco malfoy]

request: “Could u do Draco x reader with prompts 97 and 103 please? It would be so interesting plus I love your writing. You’re so cool xoxo” -anon

word count: ~3000

a/n: why thank u anon, i AM pretty cool! (kidding im actually SO lame like u dont even know omG) anyway i wrote this at like 3 am and im posting it at 5 am so. i’m a few hours late (like a day actually but who’s counting, NOT ME) but happy bday to the real OG man draco malfoy! now enjoy this hot mess of sleep deprivation, angst, snark, and marina and the diamonds inspiration

97: “i don’t want to have a baby.”

103: “i had to see you again.”

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Oh, Baby - Part 5 (Final)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,514

Summary: The reader gets distracted and crashes into Baby, making Dean an instant enemy. What happens when they get stuck working together?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


You’re feeling seriously conflicted and for some reason you’re just staring at his beautiful face.

“Are you gonna say anything?” Dean pleads looking nervous.

Are you gonna say anything?! You can barely breathe right now. Talk about mixed fucking signals. Is this guy trying to drive you insane? 

Dean is watching you closely and he has no clue what you’re thinking. He definitely expected a reaction but instead you’re just staying mute.

“I guess you don’t feel the same.”  He sighs and swears under his breath before getting up and walking towards the door.  

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Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 13

[Pt 1] [Pt 2] [Pt 3] [Pt 4] [Pt 5] [Pt 6] [Pt 7] [Pt 8] [Pt 9] [Pt 10] [Pt 11] [Pt 12]

Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 3,794

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

A/N: It only took me four months to write this, you say? Whatttttttttt…..I’m sorry. Forgive me ❤️

Despite Yoongi’s failure in keeping you safe, he knows that he has to own up to it immediately. He has to let Namjoon know that you’re…gone.

“Fuck!” he screams, banging his fists against the steering wheel of his car. His knuckles are white with rage—frustration clouding his mind to no end. He should have been able to stop Jimin! How the fuck—how had this managed to happen–?!

Tap tap—“Yoongi?”

Startling out of his anger, Yoongi jumps and reaches for his gun, head whipping to the driver side window where the sound had just come from. However, the moment he sees that it’s Namjoon—an innocent, questioning look on his face—Yoongi’s heart drops into the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

Oh no.

“What’s up? Why are you just sitting in the parking garage? Did you check on Y/N?” Namjoon asks, voice dulled through the glass. He steps back away from the door to allow Yoongi some space to come out, but Yoongi doesn’t move—can’t. He’s failed at tasks before but this time—losing YOU, possibly the most meaningful person in Namjoon’s life as of present—the realization is completely inhibiting.

Fuck,” he hisses, hunching forward and pressing his palms into his face, frustrated at himself and the situation to no end. Outside the car, Namjoon frowns, hating the way that his heart has started to sink for some reason. Why is Yoongi acting like…like he majorly fucked up on a task? Namjoon has known Yoongi long enough to know that Yoongi only actually gets frustrated at himself when he messes something important up.

“…where’s Y/N?”

The mention of your name causes Yoongi’s jaw to tighten—veins popping out on his neck—and Namjoon immediately drops the bundle off food in his arms—the food he’d finally retrieved for you and him to share on his way home from his make-shift business meeting.

Like in the middle of a blizzard, Namjoon freezes, heart nearly stopping in his chest as he frantically begins to realize that Yoongi’s car isn’t in good shape. There’s bullet holes in the front windshield, an empty clip on the passenger seat next to his gun—

Nearly ripping the driver’s side door off the car, Namjoon fists his hand in Yoongi’s shirt and pulls him from his seat, lips snarled and anger the only emotion managing to prevail through his inner despair. Why does it feel like his entire world is falling apart?

“Yoongi I swear to fucking god–!”

“Not here, please,” Yoongi manages weakly, though when his hands move to pry Namjoon’s from his shirt, his grip is strong. Eyes dark with regret and apology—small cuts lining his cheek and hands from his shattered windshield—Yoongi pleads to his boss and friend.

“You know it’s not safe here. Let’s go upstairs.”

Namjoon knows that Yoongi is right, deep in his mind. But he can’t find the strength to let go. His knuckles turn white, jaw clenched so hard that his teeth hurt. At the moment he wants nothing more than to—to—

“Who took her?” he growls, voice low. “What happened?”

“I see you’re coming back slightly,” Yoongi comments, lowering Namjoon’s hands from around his collar when the younger’s grip loosens—the reality of the situation seemingly beginning to sink in. Reaching up, Yoongi grabs Namjoon around the shoulder and steers him towards the elevator, thumb subconsciously coasting over Namjoon’s shirt as a way of comfort. After all, they may be mafia members but that doesn’t mean they like to see their own guys get hurt. They have hearts—and if Yoongi cares for anyone in the world, its Namjoon.

“C’mon,” he quietly says, and the elevator doors shut behind them. The ride up is filled with tense silence, Yoongi’s arm dropping from around Namjoon. The younger begins to curl and uncurl his fingers, clearly trying to rally his rationality, but fuck—

When the elevator jolts to a stop Namjoon quickly shuffles out, hands shaking as he digs in his pocket for his keys. However, when he reaches his door he notices that it’s ajar, and his back stiffens.

“Did you ever come into the apartment?” Namjoon asks, tone eerily calm, and Yoongi shakes his head, already putting the pieces together—how Jimin got you to the parking garage and into his car…

“No, I…,” Yoongi is cut short by Namjoon’s raised hand, and without speaking anything the younger steps into his spacious apartment. He first notices that your shoes are gone, and then spots your shattered phone spread on the ground near the kitchen—his heart feeling entirely too similar to the destroyed glass, at the moment.

Following Namjoon in, Yoongi watches as Namjoon slowly traverses the familiar space—picking up on every little thing that had changed—every little thing that you had done as your attacker had likely assaulted you.

“Do you know who did this?” Namjoon finally speaks up solemnly, his broad back kept to Yoongi. The elder of the two immediately sighs, head hanging as he rests his elbows on the kitchen island.


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