oh babe is right

person A: what’s your favorite thing in this whole world?
person B: what’s yours?
person A: let’s say it in 3. 3…2…1…
person B: you!
person A: red velvet cupcakes!
person B:
person A:

person B: *lip wobbles*
person A: babe, you’re not a thing
person B: oh, right 
person A, internally: pfui, that was close

dating peter parker...

let me know if you liked this it’s tragically long i went overboard haha

  • first and foremost, peter would be the most loving/attentive/caring and overall best boyfriend to ever exist, ever 
  • he’s also a needy baby who likes attention 
    • “Y/N”
    • “Yes, Peter?”
    • “You haven’t kissed me in, like, five whole minutes” 
  • majority of the time you make peter very flustered so you’re usually the one to initiate the kisses because he’s a blushing mess 
  • he thinks you’re the most gorgeous person to ever walk the earth
  • he cannot believe you’re as in love with him as he is with you
    • “How’d I get so lucky”
    • “Peter stop it it’s not like I’m a magical princess I’m normal stoppp” 
    • “But are you sure about that”
  • he will adamantly deny that he likes staring at you but that’s all he does when you’re with him
  • he prefers to call it gazing because it sounds less creepy and the last thing he wants is for you to think he’s a creep
  • he likes to tease you about the fact that you had a crush on him for most of your freshman year and it annoys you endlessly 
    • “That’s so cute Y/N how adorable”
    • “I will literally break up with you right now”
    • “What no no I’m sorry I love you don’t do that” 
  • the first time he told you that he loved you he stuttered for a solid ten minutes, almost cried because c’mon Peter just tell her you love her you idiot she’s gonna hate you if you keep stumbling over your words like a madman oh my god you haven’t said anything in five minutes no one has ever been silent this long
  • finally he closed his eyes and choked out the words and when he opened his eyes he swore that he had never seen anything as beautiful as the way you were smiling at him in that very moment 
  • after that he has no problem saying it to you whenever he can no matter where you are or what you’re doing
    • “Mr. Parker can you please share what you were just whispering to Ms. Y/L/N with the rest of the class?” 
    • “Oh yeah I was just telling her that I love her because I do and I need to make sure that she doesn’t forget” *cue adorable smile*
    • Oh my god Peter please be quiet I love you too you weirdo” 
  • he kind of lives for embarrassing for you, he thinks it’s the funniest thing 
  • you love Ned too and it kind of makes Peter jealous sometimes which is just hilarious to witness
    • “You’re spending an awful lot of time with Ned” 
    • “…………..I spend every waking moment with you and Ned hangs out with us dummy” 
    • “Just checking”
  • you’re the only person he tells about being Spider-Man because you’re you and he can’t keep something like that from the love of his life that’s just not how it works
  • when he sends Happy voicemails every day he makes sure to update him on how you’re doing and whatever thing you do that day that Peter found adorable
  • when Happy finally texts Peter back he doesn’t ask Peter how he’s doing he asks about you 
  • Peter introduces you to Tony with a proud smile on his face as he practically shoves you at him 
    • “Mr. Stark Mr. Stark Mr. Stark this is my girlfriend the one Happy told you about I wanted her to meet you isn’t she cool Mr. Stark”
    • “As long as she’s not as hyper as you are I think I’ll like her very much”
    • “Oh great ‘cause she’s very calm right Y/N?”
    • “Peter babe please stop yelling in my ear” 
    • “I like her already!”
  • he’s very big on calling you my love because it makes you get all shy and you turn away from him since you’re getting embarrassed
  • he proudly talks about you to anyone within earshot and everyone comes to love you because adorable, precious Peter Parker does too
  • Aunt May might love you more than Peter does 
  • sometimes Peter will come home to find you already sitting at the table with her sipping coffee out of his favorite mug and talking about your days and he just lights up with happiness 
  • you yell at him every time he loses yet another backpack 
    • “when will you learn your lesson about webbing your bag to the wall in dark alleys where thieves and probably murders hang out”
    • “that’d be a never” 
  • you kind of hate that he’s Spider-Man since the job is extremely dangerous and he literally almost died fighting Vulture
    • “are you sure you’re okay? i don’t want you dying on me”
    • “i would never leave you my love i promise” 
  • you yell at him whenever he comes back to his house with new bruises and injuries but he knows you’re just yelling because you care and so he takes the yelling and the angry crying from you and hugs you really tight and strokes your hair and tells you that he’s fine and it’s just a scratch and gives you the whole you should see the other guy spiel 
  • he draws engagement rings on your ring finger and swears he’ll make sure it’s a real one day and not just a shitty circle drawing because yeah he’s fifteen and so are you but who cares you’re the one for him and living without you is a life he doesn’t want to even imagine 
  • it’s just not an option and never will be
  • he gets anxiety whenever you have to ride the train out of Queens and back into Manhattan alone since that’s where you live
    • “but what if something happens and i’m not there and you get hurt i wouldn’t be able to live with myself”
  • he goes through metro cards like water in the summer when he doesn’t have his student one because he refuses to let you take the train alone 
  • he never lets go of your hand when you’re together… so basically he’s never once stopped holding hands with you unless absolutely necessary
  • you telling him to ask Tony to let you become an avenger
  • you want to be Black Widow 2.0 
  • or maybe Scarlet Witch but you don’t have powers like Wanda does so Black Widow 2.0
  • Tony actually says he’ll think about it because whenever he goes to see Peter or Peter comes to see him you tag along ( “we’re kind of a package deal Mr. Stark” ) and you’ve grown on him considerably 
  • after Peter meets the Avengers for the first time you plead with him to let you meet them too and when he finally relents you almost faint in front of Cap and have a heart attack in front of Natasha 
    • “Sorry she’s a little excited she’s not usually like this” 
    • “I think I need a glass of water or an oxygen tank”
    • “Mr. Stark do you have an oxygen tank”
    • “She didn’t faint in front of me I’m offended Y/N”
  • Cap offhandedly says you and Peter are cute kids and you almost die
  • Peter is definitely not jealous aT ALL
  • you reassure him that you love him more than Cap and always will
  • you would never want Peter to think for a second that anyone else could ever take you away from him you love him too much to think about that
  • he’s just ridiculously head over heels beautifully in love with you and he wears that love on his sleeve for the entire universe to see and doesn’t care if he’s called “whipped” because hell yeah he is 
  • he managed to become the boyfriend of the most divine person he’s ever had the pleasure of meeting
  • who wouldn’t be a lovestruck mess over you is the better question
  • at least in Peter’s humble opinion
Ain’t Got Nothin’ But Love

A Highschool AU SnowBaz fic for the Carry On Valentine’s Celebration

Admittedly, it might not be entirely truthful to say that Baz joined Vocal Jazz because he loved singing.  This is not to say that he didn’t love singing, it just wasn’t something that he tended to broadcast. And yes, Vocal Jazz was a good way of coming out of his shell, breaking past that barrier of shyness when it came to his own voice, plus maybe making some friends.

           However, let’s just say that Baz might not have auditioned if it weren’t for the blonde-haired blue-eyed tenor.

           And maybe he didn’t get up for those early morning practices before class purely because he loved singing, but because he loved something else.  Someone else.


Baz was more than a little disappointed when the group was split into two for the Valentine’s Day Musical Candy Gram event.  Granted, some might find it a little overwhelming to have ten people singing at them in front of the class, but couldn’t he at least have been put in Simon’s group?

           No, because the ensemble only had two basses and two tenors.  Both groups needed one of each, and Simon couldn’t miss third class.

           So Baz was left to swallow his disappointment as he followed his group down the halls of Watford High, singing excerpts of Beatles songs at poor unsuspecting students.  Objectively, it was a cute little setup.  They would barge into a classroom with the chorus of “She Loves You”.  Then Trixie, one of the sopranos, would call out the names of any “lucky” students, who would then have to make their embarrassing way to the front of the room to accept a flower or a card or both from Trixie and be serenaded with “8 Days A Week”.  All in all, not horrible.  Objectively. Baz was just glad he wasn’t on the subjective side of things.

           After fourth period, which he spent both quietly chuckling at the sound of his choir mates in nearby classrooms, and also praying they wouldn’t burst into his classroom or, heaven forbid, bestow a Musical Candy Gram upon him, Baz returned to the empty music room for his coat, which he had left there when the group had met at lunch.  As he buttoned up the coat, he couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit melancholy.  He hated to admit it to himself, but while singing was great, it was nothing compared to singing with Simon.  Because when he was singing with Simon it made “I’ll Be Seeing You”, their competition piece, feel different.  He wasn’t just singing words; it was more of an outlet.  Like pouring his bottled-up feelings down a drain.  They weren’t going to Simon, but at least they were going somewhere.

           “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah…”

           Baz’s heart sank when all nine of his choir mates filed into the room, singing and snapping their fingers, this time directing their song at him, but he had to smile a little.

           “Really?” he smirked as Trixie came forward to hand him a single rose with a card attached by a ribbon.  “Is this all necessary?”  In response, they burst into “8 Days A Week”, beaming at him like he’d won some sort of prize.  It was mortifying, but it was almost nice.

Baz snuck a glance at Simon, who was singing through a grin, and even though he knew he was probably blushing, Baz held his gaze for a few more seconds, saving the sight to replay later.

“Alright, who’s it from then?” he demanded when the others had finally finished singing.  “There’s no name on the card.”

“Oooh, a secret admirer!” squealed Trixie, but nobody had an answer for him.  Baz didn’t miss the smirk that twisted Simon’s mouth though, or how smug the boy looked when he left the room.


“You know, don’t you?”

Simon didn’t answer right away, but Baz saw his mouth twitch.  “Know what?”

“Who sent me the card and the flower yesterday.” Baz tried to sound indifferent as he trawled through the philosophy section of the library.  “I could see it on your face.”

Simon pulled a book on Aristotle off the shelf, not looking at Baz.  “It’s possible,” he drawled.  “After all, you are my best friend, I ought to know who has a crush on you.”

“What you ought to do is tell me, best friend.”

“I can’t.”

“You won’t.”

“I can’t,” Simon turned to him giggling.  “If I tell you who sent the Valentine, it would be breaking confidence.” He solemnly put one hand over his heart and one in the air by his head.  “I am under oath.”

“Under oath to whom?”

“The person who sent it, of course.”

Baz shot a look at him.  “So you’ve talked to them about it?”

“You could say that.”

“You’re being annoyingly cryptic.”

“Do you have any suspicions?”

Of course Baz had thought about it all day yesterday after school, but his mind had kept wandering back to what Baz wanted.  Because there was only one person he wanted to be behind the Valentine.

And if Baz was being honest with himself, it Simon hadn’t sent it, Baz didn’t want it.

He just shrugged.  “No one I can think of really makes sense.”

“Most love doesn’t make sense,” Simon murmured in reply, so softly that Baz thought maybe it wasn’t for him to hear.  Granted they were in a library, but still.

“Would you tell me if I guessed correctly?”

“No guarantees, but you have permission to interrogate me.  Ask away.”

“Boy or girl?”

“Hopefully a boy.”

Baz raised an eyebrow.  “What do you mean ‘hopefully’?”

“Well, in theory,” Simon stammered, “whoever sent it cares about you enough to know that you’re gay, and if it were a girl, hopefully she would respect you enough to know better than to send you a Valentine.”

Baz had to admit he had a point.  “So basically what you’re saying is that it was a boy?”

Simon smiled.  “If that’s what you think.”

A thought occurred to him.  “It wasn’t Agatha, was it?  Just to get that off the table?”

“No it was not,” Simon admitted, “that would be a bit weird.”

“Especially since she’s still carrying a torch for you,” Baz snorted, maybe a little louder than was appropriate in a library.  Simon gave a wry smile that Baz couldn’t quite interpret.

“It wasn’t her,” Simon assured him, “guess again.”

Baz was honestly stumped.  There just wasn’t anyone else who seemed even the least bit interested in him.  He had thought that maybe Dev had had feelings for him a few years earlier, but now Dev was happily involved with his girlfriend, which eliminated that possibility.

“Really?” Simon smirked.  “No one?”

“There just isn’t anyone who shows any signs of liking me like that,” Baz shrugged.

“You might be surprised at the number of people who would gladly date you.  I mean, you’re certainly not hard to look at.”

Baz shot a surprised glance at Simon, who was apparently very interested in a chapter about nihilism.  Did he just…

“Is there anyone you want it to be from?” Simon asked quickly, like he didn’t want Baz to question him further.



Simon looked up at him with a smile that seemed just a little bit painted, and looked back down quickly.  “You should ask them,” he said in an overly cheery voice, “you could get lucky.”

“There’s no point,” Baz shook his head.

“Why not?”

“There’s no way it was them,” he chuckled sadly, “absolutely no way.”

Simon shrugged without looking at him.  “Maybe that’s for the best.  If you never know who it was, you can just imagine that it was who you wanted it to be, and the person can just imagine that you like them back.”

Baz didn’t have an answer for that.  It sounded like an easy solution, to just let the whole thing fade away and imagine that Simon had picked out the rose with care, that he had skirted around Baz when the group prepared all the Candy Grams so that Baz wouldn’t find his own name among the Valentines. That he had done something silly like kiss the card before tying it to the bloom.

But it was too good to be true, and Baz knew it. He would never stop wondering if he didn’t find out for sure.

So he steeled himself and forced the words out of his mouth: “Was it you?”

Simon looked up at him with practiced innocence, but his eyes betrayed a touch of fear.  “Why would you think that?”

“I just had to ask,” Baz floundered, hoping he hadn’t gone as scarlet as he felt.  “So that’s a ‘no’ then?”

“… No.”

“No, what?”

“No, it’s not a ‘no’.”

Baz’s brain was going at a thousand miles per second, and yet he couldn’t for the life of him comprehend what Simon was saying. “Oh,” was his scholarly response. “So that means…”

Simon stared straight ahead into the bookcase. “I sent it.  You got me.”


Simon finally turned to look at him.  “Why?  Gee, I don’t know, Baz!”  He was whispering, but with so much force that it felt to Baz like he was shouting. “Maybe because in all the years we’ve been friends you have astounded me and I only just made sense of it all! Maybe because you’re brilliant and gentle and so goddamn beautiful and when you sing I never want you to stop, and even if you never found out who sent you the stupid flower or if you didn’t care, at least I would have tried to tell you how much I like you, at least I would have -”

The next sound he made was one of shock as Baz’s mouth covered his own.

The sound after that was one of oh god, finally because Baz had him backed against the philanthropy section and was tangling his fingers in Simon’s curls, burying his lips in heat and need and oh, this is what all the hype is about and it was a million times better than Simon could have hoped for.

“Under oath to whom, again?” Baz teased against Simon’s lips, and Simon laughed lightly as he snaked his arms around Baz’s neck, already desperate for more.

“You got me,” he whispered, reaching up for Baz’s mouth again, and Baz couldn’t help but grin as Simon pulled him down to meet him.  Baz angled his head and deepened the kiss, a low sigh escaping his throat.  In the back of his head he remembered the rose and the card, and took to moment to appreciate the fact that he wouldn’t be throwing them away after all before setting up a long, slow rhythm against Simon’s mouth like they had all the time in the world.

  • Jin: what's your favorite thing in this whole world?
  • Namjoon: what's yours?
  • Jin: let's say it in 3. 3..2..1..
  • Namjoon: you
  • Jin: red velvet cupcakes!
  • Namjoon:
  • Jin:
  • Namjoon: *lip wobbles*
  • Jin: babe, you're not a thing
  • Namjoon: oh,right
  • Jin, internally: that was close
Seriously though

Am I the only one who gets genuinely frustrated when the show ends without us ever finding out how the otp/best friends of the show met??
Like excuse me I’d like to know how Lance and Keith’s rivalry started at the Garrison. I want to know how Shiro knew Keith and Pidge. I want to know how Hunk and Lance started talking. I want to know how Lukas and Phillip started hanging out before Phillip was shooting his motocross jumps. I want to know how Armin and Eren became friends. I want to know how Karma and Nagisa’s friendship was going when they were at each other’s houses. I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW MY BABES RELATIONSHIPS BEGAN AND DEVELOPED OKAY?!?!

Harry Styles - Abusive Ex Imagine

[Hope you like it! ]

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Quill: What’s your favorite thing in this whole world?
Tony: What’s yours?
Quill: Let’s say it in 3. 3…2…1…
Tony: You!
Quill: Red velvet cupcakes!
Tony: [lip wobbles]
Quill: Babe, you’re not a thing.
Tony: Oh, right.
Quill: [internally] That was close…


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Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader
Request: Hi there, I discovered your blog only a few days ago and I absolutely love it💕 I just noticed that your requests were open so I was wondering if you could do 181 and 170 (or just 181 if that’s too much to ask 😂) with Monty? Thank you so much if you write it ! 😊💕
Word Count: 843
A/N: Welp, my first ever smut story. I need some holy water, that’s all I have to say.
Warnings: SMUT
Italics = You, Bold = Monty

   You body was sprawled over Montgomery De La Cruz’s bed. What was supposed to be studying, quickly turned into something completely different. Math had always been your least favorite subject, so after an hour or so of trying to study, you grew bored. You watched as Monty spun in circles with the chair he was sitting in. It was weird being close to him because at first you guys didn’t hit it off too well. It seemed that all he ever cared about was getting into any girl he could get his hands on, but when he somehow managed his way into your heart, you knew that you might’ve been wrong. He was looking for the right person, and it completely surprised you that Monty could actually be a gentleman. Even though he slipped up sometimes, he genuinely tried. He cared about you, he really did.
   “Monty, baby, I’m bored.” You whined, rolling around in his bed. “Let’s do something.” Sitting up, you stared at him, waiting for his reply. “If you’re bored; Wanna have sex?” You stared at him with a shocked expression before walking over to him and straddling his hips. A smirk painted his face as he stood up, wrapping your legs around his waist. “Let’s try something a little different tonight.” He carried you over to his desk, sitting you down before it. He leaned down to kiss you roughly, then pulled away to slap your ass. “Bend over.” You bit your lip, doing as you were told. He pushed his body up against your backside and you wiggled your butt a bit. Chuckling, he got on his knees, peeking under your skirt. He massaged your butt a bit then slowly pulled your panties down. “Monty what are you-oh~” Wasting no time, he presses his tongue to your wet heat. His hands held a firm grip on your thighs as you writhed above him. Your hands tugged on his hair as small moans slipped from your lips. His tongue was buried deep between your folds, hitting all the right spots. “Oh babe, I’m gonna…I-I’m gonna cum.” He groaned, your words completely turning him on. His thumb rubbed harsh circles on your clit and moved you so that one leg had been sitting on the desk. Taking his other hand, his put in two fingers, harshly moving them in and out. Your knees felt week as you neared your first orgasm. “M-Monty I’m gonna cum!” He hummed against your sex as you reached your high. Your breathing had quickened and your knuckles turned white as you gripped onto the edge of the desk. He stood up, slapping your ass again a few times. “You look so hot bent over that desk. You like that don’t you?” Barely able to feel your legs, you slowly stood up and turned to face him. “My turn.” You walked over to him and pushed him onto the bed. Unbuttoning his pants, you pulled them down along with his boxers, watching as his member sprang free. You pumped up and down his length a few times before situating yourself over him. Slowly, you slid down onto him and he growled, holding a tight grip on your hips. His bucked a bit, eager to move. “(Y/N) you look so damn sexy on top of me.” You moaned at his words, holding his hips down so you could do all the work. Leaning forward and placing your hands on his chest, you bounced on his cock. He ripped your shirt off and pulled your bra down, not bothering at all to take it off. “Yeah that’s it baby, fuck yourself.” He words motivated you to go faster. His grunts and groans like music to your ears. “Faster babe, come on.” “I-I…” Monty held you up while playing with your ass. His cock moved at a fast pace as his hips moved up to meet yours. Flipping you both over, he topped, pounding into your dripping pussy. Using the headboard as leverage, he buried himself deeper into you. You wrapped your legs around his waist, your nails scratching the skin on his back. “Tell me how good I’m fucking you.” He was short of breath as he stared down into your eyes. “Oh Monty, you fuck me so good. Keep going I’m close. Make me cum please, I need you.” Unhooking your legs from his waist, he threw them over his shoulders. “Cum baby, come on. Cum for me.” Grabbing your hand, you allowed yourself to let go. Your back arched of off the bed, your nails digging into his shoulders as you screamed his name. He pulled out, pumping his hand over his length as his cum shot over your stomach. “Fuck babe.” You both sat there out of breath and panting. He picked you up, and you looked at him confused. “I’m not done with you. It’s going to be a long tonight.” You giggled as he carried you to the shower. And he wasn’t wrong, Monty gave you a night full of screaming and pleasure.



RFA + Saeran finding MC wearing their clothes/underwear (NSFW)

These two anons suggested something similar, so I combined these. And… two NSFW requests on a row, gurl… the sin is real!

Hope you like this


  • He only sees your upper half since you’re behind the balcony
  • Awww, you’re wearing one of the white tank tops he usually wears to work out, how cute! But… where is your bra?
  • “Good morning, Zenny! Slept well?” “I always do when you are in my arms, princess…” this man just woke up and it’s already being that smooth? Jesus…
  • You giggle and blush. “You’re so cute when you blush, babe.” “Cute? I’m as red as your boxers, Zenny!” now he’s blushing, do you remember the color of his boxers from last night?
  • But wait! He’s not wearing red boxers and… LORD GIVE HIM STRENGHT! You move from behind the balcony to put the breakfast on the table and he sees… YOU are wearing his red boxers!
  • “B-babe?” “Yes?” you answer without looking at him, focusing on setting the table. “Wh-why are you wearing my underwear?” “Oh? I’m sorry, I just picked the first time I found in the closet, on that note, can I have my own drawer? It’s kinda messy in your closet with our clothes all mixed…” dressed like that, you can have anything you want from him!
  • “B-but babe…” “Oh, I’m sorry! I should’ve asked you, right?” you pout. OH MY GOD! It’s 8 am, MC! Too early to unleash the beast!
  • You know this look, you always know when he’s fighting internally with the beast. “I’m sorry, Zen. I’ll change right now!” you smile and pass right beside him, heading to the bedroom, he grabs your wrist and pulls you for a deep kiss
  • He pins you against the wall without breaking the kiss, his hands already looking for the bra… oh yeah, no bra… well, better for him.
  • “How come my own clothes look better on you?” he asks while his hands play with the tank top hem. “Why are we still talking about clothes and not taking them off?”
  • “Oh babe, you’re so bold…” his lips attack yours, the tank top is so baggy he manages to take it off of you just sliding the straps from your shoulders.
  •  His mouth travels to your breasts quickly, giving you some nips. Oh… you know that fight with the beast from before? Yeah, he lost…
  • Not that you’re complaining.


  • He wakes up super down to some cuddling, but… you’re already up? Too bad…
  • He blushes noticing the pool of clothes from last night still on the floor. He should pick them, but… he looks at them and can only remember what you two did.
  • “Good morning!” you greet him, he doesn’t answer. He’s frozen to the image of you cooking wearing his blue t-shirt.
  • You look beautiful in every color, but you in blue is so mesmerizing… he’s just worried if this tee isn’t dirty or smelly. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be and… HOLY SHIT!
  •  You go to him, he notices your bare legs and his dark blue boxers as your pajama bottoms. “Yoosung, are you okay?” OF COURSE HE’S NOT!
  • “MC, is… is… this… my… my, un-underwear?” “Hum? Oh, yes, it is. I’m sorry, it was dark and I took the first thing I found in the closet.” “Why… Why didn’t you turn the lights on?” “I didn’t want to wake you up, you looked so tired…” of course, YOU let him that tired, ahem.
  • “Are you mad? I’m sorry…” “N-No! I’m not mad! How could I be mad? You look so hot and I… cute! I meant ‘cute’!” he’s trying so hard not to stare, you giggle and cup his cheeks, forcing to look at you while you give him a little peck.
  • But he wants more, so he holds you when you try to back away. His hands circle your waist, bringing you closer as his tongue shyly meets yours in your mouth.
  • You sigh in satisfaction, and boy is not that shy anymore with his tongue as one hand of his moves to the back of your head, his fingers tangling to your hair.
  • “You look so good in blue…” he says, pulling you away a little to admire you one more time. “Guess I should wear blue more often if that’s how you’re gonna react.” You play with his hair and smile, oh… he really thought he was the one in control of this?
  • “MC… do you… do you mind taking this to the bedroom?” the way you wrap your arms around his neck and kisses him can only mean ‘no’.
  • But he would still like to have the upper hand this time, so his hands move to your ass, giving it a little squeeze before going down the back thighs, making you raise your legs and wrap them around his waist.
  • He carries you to the bedroom. Well, guess that pile of clothes on that floor will gain a few more pieces…


  • She wakes up and smells the fresh coffee. Oh… what a nice surprise drinking your coffee that early in the morning.
  • You’re wearing a long-sleeve button shirt, judging from all the room in the bust are, it can only be her shirt.
  • She doesn’t mind, you two have this habit of sharing clothes, even though yours usually feel really tight in her chest since your boobs are fairly smaller.
  • But sharing panties? That’s new! She knows it’s hers because usually you wear thongs while she likes the bikini type more.
  •  This arouses her more as she would care to admit. You making coffee while looking that cute it’s too good for this hour in the morning…
  • “Earth to Jaehee!” you tease her waving your hand in front of her face. “Why are you spacing out like this?”
  • “Don’t ask as if you don’t know. Did you finally surrender to the bikini’s comfort?” “I guess, though thongs are cuter, don’t you agree?”on you? Yes, definitely.
  • “Anyway, your clothes are comfortable and smell like you,that’s why I put it,  I hope that’s not a problem…” How would this be a problem? You can’t say cute things like that looking so sexy! It’ almost a crime!
  • “The only problem here is that you look so beautiful I feel I won’t be able to get my hands off of you.” Oh wow… so bold in the morning, miss Jaehee… “Hmm, I don’t see the problem here…”
  • “Good.” She says bringing you closer, you’re so surprised by her sudden boldness you almost don’t know what to do with your hands, you start holding her forearms, then wrapping around her neck, but holding her by the waist feels more comfortable.
  •  One of her hand is in your cheek, moving your head as she wants, the other one is already undoing the buttons of the shirt. “You’re not wearing a bra, are you?”
  • You nod negatively with a wicked smile, that’s her cue to slide the shirt off of you and plant hungry kisses to your neck as you moan.
  • That delicious coffee you made would have to wait a little… okay, maybe a lot.


  • He got a little sad you weren’t beside him in the bed.
  • But as soon as he saw your back in the kitchen, that little sadness faded away completely. Of course he doesn’t need you cooking since he can always call the chef, but seeing you like this make him feel so special and loved…
  • And then he couldn’t help but smirk in curiosity realizing you were wearing his striped shirt from last night.
  • “May I ask why you keep stealing my clothes when you have the most comfortable and beautiful sleepwear in your closet?” you yelp in scare, just noticing him standing by the table looking at you with his arms crossed.
  • “They’re so fancy I’m afraid of ruining them. Plus, this smells nicer.” Cute… unbelievably cute! He heard about people being grumpy in the morning, but you’re just… cute.
  • He was about to say you won this one, then you bend down to take something out of the oven and he notices grey boxers showing up…
  • “MC?” “Yes, Jumin?” your eyes are still focused on the oven. “Why are you wearing my underwear?”
  • “Hum? Oh… don’t get me wrong, I really like those Victoria Secret’s ones, but this is so comfortable! Why is man’s underwear so much more comfortable? Ugh, it isn’t fair!” he narrows his eyes at you.
  • “You know what is really unfair? You provoking me this early in the morning before I have to leave for work.” He comes closer, his eyes locked to yours as a predator corning its prey.
  • “Provoking you? Me? Ah, come on, Jumin, it’s just und… mmm.” He interrupts you with a kiss, his tongue desperate trying to invade your mouth while his hands move to under the shirt, making you shiver.
  • You’re not feeling like having him in charge so much, so you break the kiss and start kissing his neck, he plays along and starts undoing his pajama so your tongue can roll down.
  • And it keeps rolling down his neck, reaching his chest, his abs… you tug his pajama trousers and smile playfully as find he’s wearing grey boxers too. “We’re matching!”
  • It’s still weird letting you in charge and he definitely needs to teach you a lesson for stealing his clothes but right now… all he can focus is in your mouth.



  • He is a light sleep, so when he hears some noises coming from that kitchen, he immediately wakes up.
  • Then he finds you wearing his hoodie and… nothing else? Ohoho, what a view in the morning, am I right?
  • “Good morning!” you notice him behind you and smile, he hugs you from behind and buries his face in your hair. “Yes, it’s a great morning!”
  • He presses his body against yours and feels there are some panties down there. Well, not as if this was less hot, anyway.
  •  “Someone is in a good mood, usually I have to drag you out of the bed, your lazy bum!”
  • “Well, now you should be careful I don’t drag you back there.” He tries to tickle your sides, but you shoo him away. “No! We have to eat something beside HBC at least in the morning, you know?” he pouts, but you ignore him, focusing again on whatever you’re cooking.
  •  And he knows you’re right, so he sits and just watches you. And he was really willing to leave you alone, but when you raise your arms to reach something in a higher shelf, revealing his kitten pattern boxers, he’s gone!
  • “MC?” “What now, Saeyoung?” you glare at him, only to find his eyes roaming to your body. “You know stealing my hoodie is one thing, but stealing my underwear is something I can’t let you get away, right?”
  • “So what? You’re always stealing my bras and I never say anything!” “But I do to be funny because I know I look pathetic, you can’t steal my boxers and look that hot!” “Well, I’m sorry I look so hot, are you happy?
  • He knows you’re not actually mad, you’re just teasing him. “Oh, you’re sorry? I see… but I don’t think I can’t forgive you just like this” he’s behind you again, now using his arms to lock you and corner you against the balcony.
  • “What do you want me to do, then?” “First, give me back my hoodie…” he unzips the hoodie, making you shiver. “But then… then I’ll have nothing on…”
  • “That’s the idea.” He takes it off of you and tugs your hair behind your ear, letting your neck and shoulder completely available to his nips and bites while one hand slips to inside the kitten pattern boxers.
  • Well, he warned you about dragging you back to bed, didn’t he?


  • It took him a while to get used to sharing the bed, but now he got used to it, he hates waking up without you beside him
  • Then he finds you in the kitchen making breakfast… okay, you’re forgiven this time.
  • But he can’t forgive you for wearing one of his sweaters and… one of his black boxers? WHAT THE FUCK?
  • “Hey! Who told you could steal my clothes like that?” “Good morning to you too, Saeran!” you smile sweetly, ignoring his glare.
  • “Don’t mock me! And what’s with you wearing my boxers, you pervert?” “Don’t think too highly of yourself, it was just the first thing I found in the closet.”
  • “Ugh… you’re impossible! What would you do if I stole one of your panties?” your eyes gleam “Would you really? I would recommend a pink one, you would look so cute!”, he blushes, you’re obviously not taking him seriously… or maybe you are a pervert after all.
  • Either way, he’s not pleased. He doesn’t like this invasion of his personal space, like, the most personal space he could have.
  • So he corners you against the balcony, and having you this close wearing his sweater and boxers, nothing else… he’s almost forgetting why he was mad.
  • “You’re tempting me, aren’t you?” “Ugh, not everything is about you…” you look so cute when you get mad like this… he grins.
  • “But okay, since you don’t like it, I’ll take it off!” YES! Oh… no, you mean change, right? “Well, allow me to take it off for you.”
  • He hooks his thumbs on the waistband of the boxers, you look down in anticipation, then look back at his face, reaching his mouth for a deep kiss.
  • He takes this as a chance to grind on you , his hand slowly pulling the boxers down your thighs as he moves his mouth to your neck, biting and letting a few hickeys.
  • Now he definitely forgot what he was mad about before.

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HC for Maggie/James BrOTP: James picks Maggie up in order to hug her: bending that far down is bad for his back. He puts her on the counter for serious/long talks to save both their necks.

Okay I know you said HC but we all need fluff and we all need James and we all need Maggie and we all need James x Maggie BroTP so like.

Alex and Kara exchange raised eyebrows the first time it happens.

It’s at the bar – of course it’s at the bar – and James and Maggie have teamed up against the Danvers girls (Winn has been banned from playing), and James is leaning over Maggie and repositioning her fingers and giving her soft encouragement, and if anyone else were that close to her woman, Alex would be threatening them with her index finger, but it’s James and he’s gentle and Maggie is laughing and Maggie is relaxed and Maggie is happy, and then suddenly she’s sinking the 3 ball into the corner pocket and she’s letting out a victorious yell and tossing up her arms to hug James, and he just scoops her up by the middle of her back and spins her around at his full height, and she grabs onto him and laughs and laughs and squeals and Alex smiles because she loves them so much and because she knows exactly how she’s going to hug Maggie next time she’s that excited.

It becomes a thing, James picking Maggie up.

And Maggie would normally be distinctly anti-loss-of-control, but it feels safe with James, just like it feels safe with Alex.

Because James is the big brother she always wanted and never had, and Alex is the woman she’s desperate to spend the rest of her life with.

But James is even taller than Alex – and they’re note remotely attracted to each other – so when he lifts her, it’s makes her squeal and giggle in a way that’s somehow different than when Alex does it.

And James goes all out with it.

He doesn’t just pick Maggie up when he wants to hug her and spin her around, like when she sank that 3 ball or when she tossed a dart right in the center of the target or when she finished the 10k they were racing together.

He does it when they’re calm and he just wants to talk.

When they’re at the DEO and Alex is out on a mission and Maggie is starting to panic because shouldn’t she have reported in by now, James scoops her up and plops her on the edge of Vasquez’s work station – much to Susan’s bemusement – and looks her square in the eyes (he still has to bend down, but not nearly as much).

“Alex is going to be just fine, Maggie. I promise you.”

“You can’t promise that.”

“Oh yes he can – I’m right here, babe.”

He has to grab at her waist and swing her off the table so she doesn’t tumble over and sprain an ankle in her haste to get to Alex, and he smiles broadly as he watches her rush into Alex’s arms.

He does it when they’re at Kara’s for game night and they get into involved chats about DEO and NCPD policy. He sets her on the counter and they’re so involved in each other’s perspectives, in I know right and yes exactly and that’s what I’m saying that they don’t notice Winn, Alex, and Kara snapping pictures, because none of them have ever seen anything quite so adorable.

And he does it when she comes to his apartment late one night, wringing her hands and smoothing down her already skin tight jeans. He lifts her up and sets her on his counter and asks what’s on her mind.

“I wanna marry her, James. I need to marry her. She’s everything, she’s just… Help me plan the perfect proposal?”

And when he smiles his megawatt smile and leans down to wrap her in a massive bear hug, he doesn’t have to go far.

“Welcome to the family, sis. Welcome to the family.”

A Friend Of A Friend, These Strangers At The Party Never Paid

summary: “I left phone number on the bathroom stall wall and you text me about your day and your frustrations for a month & it’s really nice and cute but I still don’t know who you are” AU

words: 12.7k

warnings: smut, mentions of smoking, alcohol/being drunk, lack of imagination as far as fic titles are concerned


Can you believe this was meant to be 3k?? I honeslty don’t know what happened there. all I know is that I have five exams in less than three weeks that I should be revising for and instead did this. yikes I hope this was worth it. (also pray4me that I don’t fail everything) x

Also on the topic of exams the actual reason I wrote this now was bc I’m kinda not gonna be writing for a while because of Lovely responsibilities and school stuff and revision so I’m gonna leave yall with this before I’m off Working and doing fun stuff that adults do.

I hope this is ok!!


Dan’s halfway through skipping History when he does it.

He doesn’t know why he did it – he really doesn’t, he was just kind of bored one afternoon and happened to be carrying a Sharpie and hey, it’d just be a laugh, right? In a school like this, what’s the worst that could come out of leaving his phone number on a cubicle wall?

His pen squeaks across the pale blue paint, already tainted with curse words and penis drawings and tipp-ex and “Call _____ for a good time ;)”. He supposes the caretakers have given up with trying to cover up the graffiti – there are still thin layers of paint and chipped plaster coating every inch of the stall walls, at least showing attempted coverage, but people had just written over them, scribbles of song lyrics and “never got caught” tattooing every inch of the previously blank walls. No amount of assemblies or threats of “whoever did this-“, inserts picture of something someone had written about the Maths teacher on the hall projector, “is seriously going to pay” from the head teacher had ever stopped anyone, so, really, what does Dan have to lose? Sure, they could trace the phone number, but that doesn’t prove anything – he could just as easily throw on the ‘innocent’ act and say it was his friend.

07843983276, he writes. He doesn’t sign it off with any comment, nor kisses, not even a smiley face let alone a winking one. He just leaves it there, in a kind-of conspicuous place just above eye-level on the right hand side of the door, eleven digits amidst many others.

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♔: Finding the other wearing their clothes- Percy and Annabeth

♔ finding the other wearing their clothes | Percabeth 

warning: dork alert

If there was one thing in this world that Percy was good at, it was losing things. It was like a superpower. If he’d been a superhero instead of a demigod, his ability would be to lose things. 

Well, that or being able to, like, play the harmonica. 

As good as Percy was at losing things, his yellow sweater shouldn’t have been so hard to find. His “closet” - more like the floor or any flat surface he could toss clothes on - consisted of mainly dark colors, with a lot of blue. His sweater would stick out like a bright fish swimming in dark waters. 

“Annabeth?” he called. “Hey, babe—”

Oh, right. She’d gone out only an hour ago to run some errands; she’d probably be back soon. Percy checked the time and winced. 

“Where is it?” he hissed, tugging the drawers open again even though he’d looked through them three times now. Percy shoved his clothes to the side and found a striped sock instead. 

“Not the time,” he told the left sock. “Nope. Why is it that everything goes missing and shows up at the wrong time?” 

Percy tossed the offending sock back into the drawer and used his foot to push it shut. He crossed his arms and looked around the room. Curled up on the rug, Yuki lifted her head to look at him, then whined. 

“I know, girl,” he said, sliding down to the floor so he could run a hand over her floppy ears. “Losing stuff sucks.”

She pushed her wet nose into his hand in response. 

“At least someone gets me,” Percy grumbled. He threw up his hands. 

Rachel had asked him ages ago to take part in a photoshoot for saving the bees, and he’d agreed, albeit a bit warily. She’d promised there’d be no glitter or gold paint, so Percy figured it couldn’t be too bad. 

“What am I gonna do, Yuki? Hey, Rach, I hope it’s okay if I’m wearing orange to save the bees—”

A horrible thought occurred to him. 

Percy twisted his fingers together and went to the other side of the room, where Annabeth had her own set of drawers. Their clothes still generally tended to end up in each other’s drawers, but they kept them anyway. He tugged open the top drawer and was greeted with rows of bras and panties, most of them simple but a few lacy with lots of strings. 

He shut the top drawer as quickly as possible, trying desperately not to imagine Annabeth in them — the black one against her warm skin, his fingers sliding under the straps, his lips on hers, then down her neck and—

“Sweater,” he said aloud, sucking in a deep breath. “Sweater.”

He found one in the second drawer. Annabeth’s was a paler yellow - more pastel and quite pretty. He pulled it out, letting it unfold, and Percy grinned. It was perfect. The sleeves were longer than he’d expected, so it’d kind of fit, and there was even a little bee right over the heart. 

Percy took off his shirt and slipped Annabeth’s sweater on. In the mirror in the corner, his reflection stood; he looked at himself and found that it didn’t look half-bad. 

The sweater was just a bit short. Percy tugged at it uncomfortably. On him, it was more like a crop top than anything, which meant he’d be baring his midriff on camera today. At second thought, the sweater seemed like just the kind of thing Rachel would approve of. 

On the bed, his phone buzzed and lit up. 

On your way yet? 

He looked at the time. It was a thirty-minute drive over to Rachel’s studio, so it was just about time to leave. 


On the floor, Yuki’s ears raised. She stood, shaking herself, and looked out of the bedroom excitedly. A second later, the sound of the key in the lock rang through the apartment. 

He shoved his phone in his pocket and grabbed the backpack he’d had ready, slinging it over a shoulder. 

The door opened, and Annabeth stepped in. 

“Hey, Percy,” she said absentmindedly, dropping the keys in the little dish by the door and pulling her sunglasses down. She was carrying the groceries, but that wasn’t what made Percy stop. It was the sweater she was wearing - a mustard yellow color, the sleeves long and the sweater baggy, falling to her thighs. 

“Oh,” he said, and she turned to find him still staring at her. “So that’s where it went.”

“Where what—” Annabeth said before looking down. She lifted her eyes back up towards him and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “It’s really comfy, okay? And is that… is that my sweater?”

He crossed his arms defensively, striding across the room to meet her. “You stole mine first, you thief.”

“Mmhm,” she hummed, looking up at him. Percy couldn’t help it; his mind went back to that top drawer, and he put his arms around her, fingers pressing against the soft sweater at her back. 

“You look nice,” Annabeth continued, and her eyes flicked down to his stomach before flicking back up. Her voice had gone low. “I like this on you.”

Long, calloused fingers found his bare skin; Annabeth’s hands slid up his back, lingering for a moment at his Achilles’ Heel. He shuddered, and Annabeth lifted on her toes to kiss him. 

“Going to Rachel’s?” she asked against his lips.

“Yeah,” he mumbled back, but now that she was in his arms, it was a lot harder to leave.

“Just don’t go,” Annabeth said, and kissed him again. “Stay here with me.”

“That’s a really bad idea,” he said. 

“You’re good at that,” she said, smiling. 

“Yeah,” Percy said. He showed up to Rachel’s half an hour late. 

‘non sexual,’ i said, then proceeded to imply lots of stuff while crying. im sorry mari it wasnt supposed to be like this,,

but… thank u so much i’ve missed percabeth and i struggled with pjo and this made me feel really good it was so good to write <3 

pick one of the following and send me a pairing! (non-sexual acts of intimacy)

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I had to get teeth pulled yesterday and i get your not taking prompts so i feel really bad for asking but i could really use a fic where alex or maggie gets teeth pulled and its just funny because laughing gas and novicane

Of course she’s avoided going to the dentist.

“I have worlds to save and a superhero little sister to take care of, Kara, I don’t have time to let some stranger poke around in my mouth with sharp implements.”

But Kara pouts, and Alex has a acquired a limited immunity to it, but when Maggie joins in with a “Danvers, you were in so much pain last night we had to stop while you – “, Alex yelps and blushes and “alright, alright, alright, I’ll go to the damn dentist.”

Of course her wisdom teeth are impacted.

Of course they are.

Maggie holds her hand even though Alex mutters something about being a grown woman, but Kara just laughs gently and spills the secret of how much Alex hates, hates, hates needles.

Alex would normally mind, but it’s Maggie; it’s Maggie, and Kara knows this, and sure enough, Maggie doesn’t laugh – she hates needles, too – and she doesn’t tease. She just kisses the inside of Alex’s arm, the underside of her wrist, gives her hand to Kara, and tells her she’ll be right back.

Turns out she’s asked if they can give Alex gas before they give her any needles, and she’s given them death glares when they tell her they usually only do that for children, and they’ve acquiesced and Alex?

Alex is bad enough at being taken care of normally, but coming out from under laughing gas while on novocaine? She’s an absolute terror.

“Alex, hey. Maggie’s in the waiting room, do you want her to come in, too?”

“Kara! Heyyyy. You know those glasses don’t make you look all that much different. Maggie knew. Maggie’s so smart. Isn’t she smart, Kara? And pretty? Isn’t she so pretty? Hehe, my girlfriend. Isn’t it funny that she’s so smart and she’s so pretty and she’s so my girlfriend? And your glasses. Hehe. People are stupid.”

Kara fetches Maggie immediately.

“Hey soldier, how you holding up?”

“Hey, Kara look! It’s my girlfriend! You know I was just talking about you. I mean, I think I was. Was I, Kara? It’s… did they do the thing yet? Oh, hey, there’s all this stuff in my mouth… That was fast, wasn’t that fast? Hey, Maggie, you know if you kissed me right now I probably wouldn’t feel it? How weird is that? Not feeling your kiss? Because your kisses are amazing, I’ve never – “

“Well, I’ll leave you two alone – “

“No, little sis, stayyyyy! Stay, we won’t make out, Maggie doesn’t kiss me when I’m not sober, she’s annoying like that, all consenty and stuff – “

Maggie kisses her forehead and Alex preens and her gauze slips out of her mouth and Maggie chuckles as Alex splutters and she replaces it tenderly with a fresh one. Kara’s heart melts and Alex’s heart swells.

“Oh heyyy, I get to have smoothies, right?”

“Yes, babe, I got you all kinds of – “

“Ugh, is it vegan ice cream? Because I… it… gross…”

Kara and Maggie exchange smirks as Alex passes out. It’s another half hour or so before she wakes up again, before she’s cleared to be taken out of the recovery room and into Maggie’s car home.

“Ally, it’s okay, you’ve gotta go slow – “

So naturally, Alex tries to sprint down the hallway.

Kara and Maggie both wonder when they became the parents instead of Alex and Maggie.

In the car – another ordeal, because Alex is exhausted and high and rebellious all at the same time, and keeps trying to get into the driver’s seat, something about Maggie’s legs not being long enough to reach the gas pedals – Kara pulls Alex’s head into her lap in the back seat and strokes her hair until she falls back to sleep.

Maggie adjusts the rear view mirror before she pulls out of the parking space so she can take a long glance at her Danvers girls, a soft smile on her face and an unfamiliar warmth in her heart.

She’s not sure, but she thinks the warmth might be something like family.

Imagine Dean getting possessed by a demon, but instead of a very violent one, this one just wants to cuddle you. Either way, the behavior is very unlike Dean...

Originally posted by shipping-the-bromance

“Babe, please come to bed.” Dean whined from his spot comfortably on the bed.

“When did you get so impatient to just sleep?” You cocked an eyebrow at him as you put on one of his old t-shirts as nightwear.

“Oh, just sleeping beside you is a pleasure, darling.” His eyes drank you in, from the too large t-shirt, to your bare legs. He patted the spot next to him on the bed, luring you in with the look in his eyes. 

With a smile on your lips you got under the covers, immediately being pulled against Dean’s firm chest. You felt him burry his face in your neck, sighing in content. 



“Is everything okay?” You glanced over your shoulder, feeling Dean tighten his hold on you. 


“Perfect?” You turned around to face him, another sigh escaped Dean’s lips, one of annoyance this time. 

You watched him closely, as his hand ran up and down your sides, caressing you gently, but what made you furrow your eyebrows was that he seemed so fascinated by the action. 

As carefully as you could, you reached under the pillow for the holy water, so as Dean looked down on his hand on your side, you splashed the water on his face. 

He screamed in agony, his eyes turning black as they snapped up to you. 

“Now now, and here I just wanted to cuddle.” The demon spoke, smiling amused over at you, but before he managed to do anything else you started to recite the exorcism verse. 

Black smoke rose from Dean’s mouth and out of sight. Dean heaved after his breath, hand on his chest. 

“That was one of the creepiest motherfu**er I’ve ever encountered, but I’m glad at least somebody knows me well enough to chase even a not so trashy pretender as him out.” Dean pulled you towards him again at the last part, smirking.  

“We both know you wouldn’t just want to cuddle when I wear this kind of clothes, babe.” You leaned over and kissed him slowly. 

“Oh you are so right.” He mumbled back, that lustful look back in his eyes. 

*gif not mine*

A/N: Idea credit to @distance-relationship-feels ^^