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Ain’t Got Nothin’ But Love

A Highschool AU SnowBaz fic for the Carry On Valentine’s Celebration

Admittedly, it might not be entirely truthful to say that Baz joined Vocal Jazz because he loved singing.  This is not to say that he didn’t love singing, it just wasn’t something that he tended to broadcast. And yes, Vocal Jazz was a good way of coming out of his shell, breaking past that barrier of shyness when it came to his own voice, plus maybe making some friends.

           However, let’s just say that Baz might not have auditioned if it weren’t for the blonde-haired blue-eyed tenor.

           And maybe he didn’t get up for those early morning practices before class purely because he loved singing, but because he loved something else.  Someone else.


Baz was more than a little disappointed when the group was split into two for the Valentine’s Day Musical Candy Gram event.  Granted, some might find it a little overwhelming to have ten people singing at them in front of the class, but couldn’t he at least have been put in Simon’s group?

           No, because the ensemble only had two basses and two tenors.  Both groups needed one of each, and Simon couldn’t miss third class.

           So Baz was left to swallow his disappointment as he followed his group down the halls of Watford High, singing excerpts of Beatles songs at poor unsuspecting students.  Objectively, it was a cute little setup.  They would barge into a classroom with the chorus of “She Loves You”.  Then Trixie, one of the sopranos, would call out the names of any “lucky” students, who would then have to make their embarrassing way to the front of the room to accept a flower or a card or both from Trixie and be serenaded with “8 Days A Week”.  All in all, not horrible.  Objectively. Baz was just glad he wasn’t on the subjective side of things.

           After fourth period, which he spent both quietly chuckling at the sound of his choir mates in nearby classrooms, and also praying they wouldn’t burst into his classroom or, heaven forbid, bestow a Musical Candy Gram upon him, Baz returned to the empty music room for his coat, which he had left there when the group had met at lunch.  As he buttoned up the coat, he couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit melancholy.  He hated to admit it to himself, but while singing was great, it was nothing compared to singing with Simon.  Because when he was singing with Simon it made “I’ll Be Seeing You”, their competition piece, feel different.  He wasn’t just singing words; it was more of an outlet.  Like pouring his bottled-up feelings down a drain.  They weren’t going to Simon, but at least they were going somewhere.

           “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah…”

           Baz’s heart sank when all nine of his choir mates filed into the room, singing and snapping their fingers, this time directing their song at him, but he had to smile a little.

           “Really?” he smirked as Trixie came forward to hand him a single rose with a card attached by a ribbon.  “Is this all necessary?”  In response, they burst into “8 Days A Week”, beaming at him like he’d won some sort of prize.  It was mortifying, but it was almost nice.

Baz snuck a glance at Simon, who was singing through a grin, and even though he knew he was probably blushing, Baz held his gaze for a few more seconds, saving the sight to replay later.

“Alright, who’s it from then?” he demanded when the others had finally finished singing.  “There’s no name on the card.”

“Oooh, a secret admirer!” squealed Trixie, but nobody had an answer for him.  Baz didn’t miss the smirk that twisted Simon’s mouth though, or how smug the boy looked when he left the room.


“You know, don’t you?”

Simon didn’t answer right away, but Baz saw his mouth twitch.  “Know what?”

“Who sent me the card and the flower yesterday.” Baz tried to sound indifferent as he trawled through the philosophy section of the library.  “I could see it on your face.”

Simon pulled a book on Aristotle off the shelf, not looking at Baz.  “It’s possible,” he drawled.  “After all, you are my best friend, I ought to know who has a crush on you.”

“What you ought to do is tell me, best friend.”

“I can’t.”

“You won’t.”

“I can’t,” Simon turned to him giggling.  “If I tell you who sent the Valentine, it would be breaking confidence.” He solemnly put one hand over his heart and one in the air by his head.  “I am under oath.”

“Under oath to whom?”

“The person who sent it, of course.”

Baz shot a look at him.  “So you’ve talked to them about it?”

“You could say that.”

“You’re being annoyingly cryptic.”

“Do you have any suspicions?”

Of course Baz had thought about it all day yesterday after school, but his mind had kept wandering back to what Baz wanted.  Because there was only one person he wanted to be behind the Valentine.

And if Baz was being honest with himself, it Simon hadn’t sent it, Baz didn’t want it.

He just shrugged.  “No one I can think of really makes sense.”

“Most love doesn’t make sense,” Simon murmured in reply, so softly that Baz thought maybe it wasn’t for him to hear.  Granted they were in a library, but still.

“Would you tell me if I guessed correctly?”

“No guarantees, but you have permission to interrogate me.  Ask away.”

“Boy or girl?”

“Hopefully a boy.”

Baz raised an eyebrow.  “What do you mean ‘hopefully’?”

“Well, in theory,” Simon stammered, “whoever sent it cares about you enough to know that you’re gay, and if it were a girl, hopefully she would respect you enough to know better than to send you a Valentine.”

Baz had to admit he had a point.  “So basically what you’re saying is that it was a boy?”

Simon smiled.  “If that’s what you think.”

A thought occurred to him.  “It wasn’t Agatha, was it?  Just to get that off the table?”

“No it was not,” Simon admitted, “that would be a bit weird.”

“Especially since she’s still carrying a torch for you,” Baz snorted, maybe a little louder than was appropriate in a library.  Simon gave a wry smile that Baz couldn’t quite interpret.

“It wasn’t her,” Simon assured him, “guess again.”

Baz was honestly stumped.  There just wasn’t anyone else who seemed even the least bit interested in him.  He had thought that maybe Dev had had feelings for him a few years earlier, but now Dev was happily involved with his girlfriend, which eliminated that possibility.

“Really?” Simon smirked.  “No one?”

“There just isn’t anyone who shows any signs of liking me like that,” Baz shrugged.

“You might be surprised at the number of people who would gladly date you.  I mean, you’re certainly not hard to look at.”

Baz shot a surprised glance at Simon, who was apparently very interested in a chapter about nihilism.  Did he just…

“Is there anyone you want it to be from?” Simon asked quickly, like he didn’t want Baz to question him further.



Simon looked up at him with a smile that seemed just a little bit painted, and looked back down quickly.  “You should ask them,” he said in an overly cheery voice, “you could get lucky.”

“There’s no point,” Baz shook his head.

“Why not?”

“There’s no way it was them,” he chuckled sadly, “absolutely no way.”

Simon shrugged without looking at him.  “Maybe that’s for the best.  If you never know who it was, you can just imagine that it was who you wanted it to be, and the person can just imagine that you like them back.”

Baz didn’t have an answer for that.  It sounded like an easy solution, to just let the whole thing fade away and imagine that Simon had picked out the rose with care, that he had skirted around Baz when the group prepared all the Candy Grams so that Baz wouldn’t find his own name among the Valentines. That he had done something silly like kiss the card before tying it to the bloom.

But it was too good to be true, and Baz knew it. He would never stop wondering if he didn’t find out for sure.

So he steeled himself and forced the words out of his mouth: “Was it you?”

Simon looked up at him with practiced innocence, but his eyes betrayed a touch of fear.  “Why would you think that?”

“I just had to ask,” Baz floundered, hoping he hadn’t gone as scarlet as he felt.  “So that’s a ‘no’ then?”

“… No.”

“No, what?”

“No, it’s not a ‘no’.”

Baz’s brain was going at a thousand miles per second, and yet he couldn’t for the life of him comprehend what Simon was saying. “Oh,” was his scholarly response. “So that means…”

Simon stared straight ahead into the bookcase. “I sent it.  You got me.”


Simon finally turned to look at him.  “Why?  Gee, I don’t know, Baz!”  He was whispering, but with so much force that it felt to Baz like he was shouting. “Maybe because in all the years we’ve been friends you have astounded me and I only just made sense of it all! Maybe because you’re brilliant and gentle and so goddamn beautiful and when you sing I never want you to stop, and even if you never found out who sent you the stupid flower or if you didn’t care, at least I would have tried to tell you how much I like you, at least I would have -”

The next sound he made was one of shock as Baz’s mouth covered his own.

The sound after that was one of oh god, finally because Baz had him backed against the philanthropy section and was tangling his fingers in Simon’s curls, burying his lips in heat and need and oh, this is what all the hype is about and it was a million times better than Simon could have hoped for.

“Under oath to whom, again?” Baz teased against Simon’s lips, and Simon laughed lightly as he snaked his arms around Baz’s neck, already desperate for more.

“You got me,” he whispered, reaching up for Baz’s mouth again, and Baz couldn’t help but grin as Simon pulled him down to meet him.  Baz angled his head and deepened the kiss, a low sigh escaping his throat.  In the back of his head he remembered the rose and the card, and took to moment to appreciate the fact that he wouldn’t be throwing them away after all before setting up a long, slow rhythm against Simon’s mouth like they had all the time in the world.

Yall ready for this? Modern pinning klance au featuring Brogane:

  • Lance keeps pinning over Keith but feels guilty always complaining to Hunk, so he goes to Shiro because Shiro is a easy person to talk to unlike Pidge
  • Lance doesnt mention any names because at the end of the day Shiro is Keith’s adoptive brother… he cant tell Shiro he falling hard for his brother right
  • Keith joins the pinning party and confesses to Shiro about his feelinge because Keith could never expect Hunk to keep a big secret from his best friend and well Pidge is Pidge
  • So now Shiro thinks Lance likes this mystery person and Keith likes Lance, a horrible love triangle
  • So Shiro goes and complains to Matt, his boyfriend and is like “Please help me Matt these kids”
  • Matt just deadpans “Lance’s mystery man sounds a lot like Keith,,,, just saying”
  • Shiro is like “oh shit ur right babe” because it made perfect sense
  • So next time Shiro says to Keith, because Keith is the impulsive one, to try and clue Lance in on his feelings
  • Then Shiro says to Lance he gotta flirt with the mystery man like he flirt with every girl ever
  • So Lance walks up to Keith like “Hey gorgeous” and Keith just deadpans “Idk im more like a hot mess when i talk to you”
  • Lance is confused and is like “What are you talking about”
  • “You know bc of your anoyingly cute face”
  • Then they kiss and live happily ever after

the end

  • Pathologist: *enters the morgue*
  • Sherlock: *examining a body*
  • Pathologist: *rolls his eyes* Excuse me, sir, this area is out of bounds to-
  • Sherlock: *still looking at the body* It's okay.
  • Pathologist: *sighs* If you don't leave, I'll have to call security.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I said it's fine.
  • Pathologist: *frowns* Why is it fine?
  • Sherlock: *smirks* I'm sleeping with the boss.
  • Pathologist: ...
  • Pathologist: *confused* You're sleeping with Stamford?
  • Sherlock: *looks up; annoyed* The other boss.
  • Molly: *enters the morgue, carrying coffees; irritated* Here's your bloody coffee, you git. Have you finished now so I can do my job?
  • Sherlock: *steps aside; takes the coffee, grinning* Yes, boss.
  • Pathologist: ...
Not Netflix and Chill - Suho

Junmyeon x reader
word count: 731
genre: fluff
warning: none
author: sammy

Summary: Junmyeon want to spend some time with you after a while, but you want to watch netflix.

A/N: This scenario was inspired by Maari’s question “what netflix and chill means” thank you bro 

“Sorry, gotta practice. Can we do this another time?”

It’s the third time Junmyeon cancel your date because he “gotta practice”. You’ve been so long without seeing him that you don’t even know what’s his hair color anymore. The last time was pink? Ugh.

So you learned to enjoy your alone time. After work you take a shower and goes directly to your couch to watch some Netflix. It’s been like this for what? A month? Your currently favorite show is Black Mirror. Now you couldn’t wait to go home and watch some episodes before going to bed. But something got your attention when you entered home. An extra pair of shoes at your door.

“Babe? Is that you?” you heard from the kitchen. Oh right, you had a boyfriend.

“Junmyeon?” you walked into the kitchen which smelled marvelous. Junmyeon has there, putting some plates on the table. “Red then…” you said to yourself when you set your eyes on his hair color.

“You liked it?” he asked approaching you and kissing your cheek.

“Pink was better. You cooked for us?” you ask trying to guess what food that smell belonged to.

“Actually I bought on the way here” he smiled “Do you want to take a shower before dinner?”

“Yes! I’ll be right back” you kissed him one more time before ahead to the bathroom.

After a month without seeing each other you knew exactly what Junmyeon’s plans for tonight were. And you were not in the mood for that.

“Hey, can we eat on the couch? There’s this show that I really want to watch” you said after leaving the bedroom on your pajamas.

“Sure. What show is this?” he said picking up the plates full of Mexican food.

“Black Mirror. Each episode tells a different story so you can watch with me and not getting lost, you’ll like it”  you said excited.

“Hm, okay. Netflix and chill it is”

‘Not Netflix and Chill’ you thought to yourself.

Halfway through the episode both of you had already eat, and now you rested your head at Junmyeon’s shoulder. You had almost though that he wouldn’t try anything.


A playful hand rested on your thigh began to move up and down. His thumb caressed your inner thigh. “You know,” he whispered “I missed you. Sorry about not having too much time”.

You mumbled an “it’s fine”.

“Haven’t you missed me?” he asked with a pout.

“Of course I did” you said without taking your eyes off the tv.

“Then, why don’t we make it up for the lost time?” he whispered, this time closer to your ear. If the episode weren’t that interesting  you would probably shivered. But it’s Black Mirror we are talking about.

You grabbed the control and paused it.

“Junmyeon. Hand,” you placed his right hand at his chest “Hand. Junmyeon. Have fun” and you tapped his shoulder before pressing play on the episode.

“Y/n~” he whined.

“You waited a month. You can wait a little bit more” you said, from the corner of your eye you saw him shocked, and then he got up and you actually thought he was going to have fun alone, but he headed to the kitchen.

After some minutes he came back and laid his head on your lap.

“You’re mad at me” he said, not asking. You didn’t answered. “I’m sorry for not giving you attention. I’ll watch all the episodes you want until you’re no longer mad at me. I’m yours the hole night” you smiled to yourself knowing that you had your boyfriend in your hands. He picked your hand and placed it at this hair, he loved how you touched his hair. And you love touching his hair. At the begging of the second episode you knew he had fallen asleep. You curved and placed a kiss at his temple, caressing his forehead. After some time, you had fallen asleep as well, because you didn’t want to awake Junmyeon. He awoke a feel minutes later, turned off the tv and picked you up going to your bedroom, when he placed you at the bed you unconsciously took the fluff pillow you had used to hug at the nights when Junmyeon wasn’t there.

“No need to this, babe. I’m here” he removed the pillow from your arms replacing it for himself and kissing your forehead.

A sketch because I need to practice and also because I have no doubts in my mind that my vanguard Shep would have spent hours with Samara trying to learn and practice biotic tips from the justicar (and failing miserably because she doesn’t have centuries to perfect them like Samara does)

Excerpt from Dirty Diaries: Chapter 20: Moving In (double update to complete the fic)

Groaning into the sudden kisses that Seunghyun was bestowing upon him, Jiyong reached up to grasp his boyfriend’s face in a reflex action. He was soon lost in the feeling of Seunghyun’s lips and tongue working in tandem with his own. Then suddenly Seunghyun came crashing into the tub to join him in his bath startling Jiyong as he splashed water everywhere and landing right between his legs. For a few tense seconds, Jiyong sat there immobile while he waited to see how Seunghyun would react to being immersed in water fully dressed. He was about to speak when the tension was instantly evaporated by Seunghyun flashing a nervous smile his way, pressing himself flush against Jiyong’s wet body and seeking out his lips once again. Jiyong groaned as his hands fisted Seunghyun’s wet jumper. “Oh babe… you’re so sexy right now.”



Goku: We’ve actually come to take Chichi home with us.. Hey, Chichi! 

Chichi: Goku? Is that really you? I was so worried about you, I was just about to.. 

Goku: Hi honey, we’ve come to take you home 

Chichi: But what happened?! Where is my sweet little Gohan?! 

Gohan: I’m right here mom 

Goku: Oh babe you crack me up 

Roshi: calm down.. Just calm down 


Goku: Noo, it’s not like that!

Also, I love how you can just click through the pictures and watch Goku go from being happy to sad

Wife has just boarded the plane in Calgary. Yes that’s right. San Diego to Calgary to Vancouver. Why not a direct flight from Vancouver to San Diego and back? Lord help me I don’t know but when it’s free you just go with it.
Also yesterday her mother could not find her passport so they had to unpack everything. Found it after an hour of searching.
Will be glad when she is back home but am sure she will not like the fact that it is pouring outside right now.
Oh well welcome back home babe.

anonymous asked:

Bro do you think you could do 25, mystery pearl for the domestic prompts thing. Your writing is great btw

omg idk when you sent this but I can totally do that. 

Our baby going to prom

“Where’s the camera?” Pearl yelled, looking about frantically. 

Sheena laughed, putting her hands on Pearl’s shoulders. “It’s around your neck, babe.” 

“Oh, right.” She blushed, the blue of her cheeks faint. “Okay, you two, we need pictures. Outside!”

Benji sighed. He straightened his tuxedo jacket before looking at his date with a ‘lets get this over with’ expression. He took her hand and they walked outside, standing on the sand of the beach. They turned their backs to the ocean and he wrapped one arm around her waist, the other hand taking hers. “This good?”

With a nod, Pearl raised the camera to her face, looking through the lens. “That dress is lovely, Remi. Like a sunset on the clouds.” She snapped a couple pictures as the girl grinned. 

“Thank you, Mrs. Perez.” Remi pushed her red hair back behind her ear. 

Sheena chuckled. “You’ve just gotta get used to her being all poetic all the time, really. She doesn’t even know she does it.” She wrapped her arm around her wife’s shoulder. 

Pearl rolled her eyes and smiled. “I need more pictures. Come on, Remi, you can stand like this…yes, and Benji, you could be like this…would you like swords? Steven and Connie had Rose’s sword in their pictures.”

Benji groaned. “No, mom, we don’t want swords. I just want to go.”

“Well…okay then.” Pearl took a few more pictures, Sheena stepping in after Pearl had positioned them for the third time. She opened her arms, hugging Benji tightly. “Have fun. Be careful.”

“Okay. Love you guys!”

“Pearl, this is a bad idea,” Sheena said as they crept through the hotel. “He’s going to be angry.” 

“He won’t even see us,” Pearl said. “I just want to make sure he’s having fun.”

Sheena pursed her lips but followed, hand in hand, with Pearl. When they reached the ballroom doors, they were stopped. A hand landed on each of their shoulders, causing them to freeze. Slowly, they turned. 

Garnet stood behind them, a disapproving frown on her face. “You don’t want to let him see you,” she said. Pearl sighed, allowing Garnet and Sheena to lead her away. 


Cally- Im not pregnant.. she begins to tear up.

she went to sit by Caden & tell him the bad news, & get some needed advice. 

Cal- So i have bad news. She says while holding her tears in, trying to be strong for her husband. Im not pregnant. the test came back negative. I really thought i was pregnant. I’m sorry babe, Im guttered.

Cade- oh babe. you know what? maybe it just wasn’t right, & wasnt the right time to have a baby. But i still love you & your still the best thing in the world to me, that & our beautiful babies. You’ve mothered 4 of my children. your doing a fantastic job. we both are! & you know.. he began to flirt, we can always do it again, he would wink & lead her on, trying to make her laugh/smile. lets go & try again. 

Cal- Oh you… She would giggle and kissed him.


Illya arrives on the scene with his hair blowing in the wind. Napoleon looks at Illya, he freezes. His partner is so beautiful. Illya playfully reminds him about their mission, Napoleon shrugs and pulls the lever to open the gates. /how I saw this scene