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How's Babette?? Is she good? Is she still adorable?

Other Anon: how is the kitty doing?

babette is doing pretty alright, nonny. <3 i think i forgot to update on The String Incident, but she has been fine even though she scared me half to death. she has since had to endure a deworming and an oatmeal shampoo bath for her dry skin, but now she is fluffy and so soft and smells terrific. 

she is spoiled absolutely rotten, you see, as the entire living room is basically Her Room, and has various cat beds and toys strewn all over. her favorite toys are the ones that crinkle and/or jingle, and the ones that do both make her ecstatic. of course there’s also old reliable, her beloved murder sock, which now has three delightful jinglers inside of it to make it even more fun (repurposed jingles from toys she has murdered!)

she enjoys her staple dry food every day and each night also gets a variety of flavorful canned food spooned on top. when she has been very good, been through A Lot, or usually just about once a week because i’m a sucker, babby gets even more spoiled by having soup-for-cats with dinner instead of canned food, and she goes absolutely nuts for it, oh my god. her favorite ones are the clear broths, especially the one that has whole sardines in it. she likes picking those out and eating them as if she is a vicious hunter devouring her catch. the soup is the only supper she sings for. (though she does also sing for Mom Kandi when her favorite mom replaces her water every day. she’s a weird baby and we love her.)

she is terrified of the outdoors and travelling, dislikes most strangers, though she Must Investigate them, and is happiest when both of her moms are in the same room. 

but i will also let you judge for yourself :)

and last but not least, babby’s new crinkling santa hat house, which i flatout could not resis.

thank you for scrolling past these several photos and i hope this has been an enjoyable stream of Babby Content. <3


Whooooa heeeeeey, Sketchdump Sunday!

That’s right, it’s time for another handful of RANDOM SKETCHES AND UNFINISHED/UNRELEASED PIECES! WHEEEE!

Today’s sketchdump features the emotional guilt tripping of a tiny miqo’te who demands we fight primals for stickers. I’m on to you, tinycatte! I see your game! Also included is Cakedad (who was almost Pizzadad in my FC! But it just doesn’t have the same ring as Cakedad), a bunch of random Bee-Doing-Bee-Things doodles, Mara escaping from a giant birb while stealing all the internet’s most treasured birb pics, a concept sketch for a baby D’riz that I forgot to post forever ago, and a magitek ahriman that was requested as a mount. :B

OH AND BONUS DOODLES  (that didn’t fit in the main set) :V

He sure did.

Probably lewd things, Momodi.

“Song of Doomy-whatsit now?”

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*sad babby weeping* oh god I'm so on board SamuraiBravo. I LOVE EVERY MORSEL OF THEM YOU GIVE US. Is there any chance of a fanbook like the KevEdd one?

Idk? Really depends if this ship gets a big enough following like the kevedd ship. I don’t mean to sound like a business but i need to know for sure there’s enough people that might buy the book, before i can even start to think about making another fanbook. ( i nearly died trying to make the kevedd book, so i want to make sure that it’s worth the big amount of effort i’ll have to put)

Let’s just be happy with what we have for now, and see what goes on from there. ok? 

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Ehehehe Acheron and Vex kiddo. I wanna see : D

  • Name: Selene. Eschewing the usual Keeper naming conventions, and given her parent’s somewhat… Contentious feelings towards each other at times, they finally agreed that the girl would have neither the surname of Vex’s family, nor the moniker Acheron took as his own. Selene was simply known as Selene from the day of her birth onwards. 
  • Gender: Female.
  • General Appearance: Given her genetics, it was no wonder that Selene grew into the woman she is, with golden eyes that took on Vex’s brightness and Acheron’s intensity, Selene’s gaze is captivating. Atop her head, and usually kept in a mess of short locks, sits a head of jet-black hair, which she usually streaks with light blue if given half a chance. Unlike her mother’s heavy frame, Selene has the body of a dancer, lithe and agile, leaning more towards an hourglass figure, likely from her father’s side of the family. At home in the moonlight, Selene’s skin is the colour of smoky quartz, a light, sleek brown, dotted with numerous tattoos of constellations that interest her, and two blue bars denoting her as a member of her mother’s clan. Beautiful, growing up to have full lips, a snub nose, and long-lashed almond eyes, Selene would be the centre of attention in any venue if she didn’t have a particular interest in veils, keeping herself mysterious at all times. 
  • Personality: Strangely enough, Selene is a usually-reserved and quiet woman who prefers to listen and watch than speak, likely due to the overwhelmingly strong personalities of her parents. When engaged, however, the Keeper is a vibrant and animated personality that enjoys lowbrow humour and talking incessantly about her interests, which often drift between the sky (and everything in it), and cartography. Selene doesn’t seem to have inherited the confidence or arrogance of her mother and father, though she did inherit their headstrong nature, being stubborn and often impossible to dissuade from following the path she set herself, Selene is fiercely independent. Favouring silks and long, flowing skirts and dresses, Selene has expensive taste in clothing, though she’s not above wearing simple attire should the need arise, but the Keeper always has an inclination to preferring form over function.
  • Special Talents: Dance. Selene’s inherently strong and agile physique lent themselves well to the art, and the woman took to it with ease, and though it is a talent she keeps to herself, the footwork and coordination needed allow her to walk almost silently should she so wish. If she ever decided to take up a different path, the Keeper would likely make a formidable assassin - not that killing or fighting has ever taken her interest in the slightest. 
  • Who they like better: Acheron. Selene often found herself at odds with her mother, who would have preferred she grow up ‘the right way’ back home in the Adderfang camp in Lower La Noscea. Acheron, or Ache’a (as her mother liked to call the man), favoured a far easier-going lifestyle and was often travelling, and given the chance Selene could often be found accompanying her father, far preferring the road to the marble cliffs of her mother’s home. The quiet Keeper also shared her father’s interest in the stars and particularly, the moon. 
  • Who they take after more: Acheron. Selene inherited her father’s independence streak, and distaste for the clan lifestyle. Furthermore, Selene could be just as headstrong as her father, stubborn and self-assured when the need arises. She also seems to have gained her father’s sense of humour. 
  • Personal Headcanon: Selene was one of the first Redains in a long time to break the usual lifestyle of the clan, choosing to become a wandering fortune-teller and dancer instead, making her own way as soon as she could from the age of 18 cycles. A lot of her personality stems from the way her parents interact, or rather, the way they don’t - Acheron and Vex thrive on being at odds with one another, and having a child together likely only made that slightly worse, with each always wanting to one-up the other. Acheron never liked the amount of confidence Vex had in herself, whilst Vex never enjoyed the man’s attitude, and though this mellowed out on the discovery that they had a child on the way, the two often flared up. It’s likely that Selene’s quiet nature is a slight rebellion against the domineering personalities of her parents. 

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Wilford with an s/o that gives him nicknames? Like Willy or Ford Fiesta? Would he be into it, or would rather his s/o not?

Wilford loves nicknames. He loves being called silly, random names. But he has an encyclopedia of nicknames he gives his S/O. Pretty much whenever he is addressing them, they are called something ridiculous.  

“Sugarsnap-sticks, do you know where I put my gun?” 

“PumpkinPie! Oh, Sugar-Babby! I need a favor.” 

“Donut-Sprinkles, did I tell you that you look ravishing this morning? No? Well, my, Tasty-Treat, you look absolutely, delightfully ravishing today.” 

He goes a little overboard when he wants something or is in a very good mood.

Chapter 2 Reactions

-Inej is the only sane person here



- What the fuck kind of name is Oomen. He sounds…slimy

-I like to think Kaz is the epitome of style and I will accept nothing less


-wow these back to back burns are sizzling

- my bby Inej said “I like it when men beg” oh my this girl is my VIBE

- “This whole ‘shoot me’ thing is starting to concern me” WOW A BIG MOOD THANKS FOR VOICING MY THOUGHTS JESPER U DA MAN

- ya boi broke a motherfucker’s wrist with a cane. That is the epitome of badass I aspire to be (psssst @vangoghfangirl can you do that to sexist/racist/nazi assholes??? I did not know you held such great power I am AMAZED)

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I've had a really hard time figuring out what I want my blog's theme to be, but I've been looking at all these simblrs and just??? It's so nice here? I already take an ungodly amount of screenshots of my sims so I'm thinking of joining this community as a simblr myself but I need a second opinion. Also congrats to Julia and Gem on the lil' babby :)

oh my god YES PLEASE join the community. i know some things have happened that may turn you away, but honestly i don’t think there’s that much drama, or that many mean people. at least not from my experience! it’s really just a way to share your creativity and stories with the world. plus you can make really awesome friends (hit up @yesdarlingsims, @montysims, and @nullmoonsims for some Quality Content)

i say go for it! and if you do make one, let me know so i can check it out :) and thanks haha. i’m excited to see where that goes xx

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I just read an interview with Bill Skarsgard about playing Pennywise. At one point he says that to get ready for an intense scene, he'd walk around just making noise to psych himself up. Later on he noticed the kid actors doing the same thing, apparently they just copied him and picked up the habit. That's adorable all on its own but all I can think of is Parent!wise psyching himself up for a hunt and then he turns around and all the little babbies are imitating him in their squeaky babby voices

Oh. My. GOD. That’s adorable beyond words!!

I can see that as being one of the ultimate things to make Parent!wise melt into a puddle on the floor - his little ones acting just like him! Or trying their best, like it’s probably touching, like Pen has never felt so much love nor ever knew that something could inspire awe in him, but goodness. These children are too much.