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Whooooa heeeeeey, Sketchdump Sunday!

That’s right, it’s time for another handful of RANDOM SKETCHES AND UNFINISHED/UNRELEASED PIECES! WHEEEE!

Today’s sketchdump features the emotional guilt tripping of a tiny miqo’te who demands we fight primals for stickers. I’m on to you, tinycatte! I see your game! Also included is Cakedad (who was almost Pizzadad in my FC! But it just doesn’t have the same ring as Cakedad), a bunch of random Bee-Doing-Bee-Things doodles, Mara escaping from a giant birb while stealing all the internet’s most treasured birb pics, a concept sketch for a baby D’riz that I forgot to post forever ago, and a magitek ahriman that was requested as a mount. :B

OH AND BONUS DOODLES  (that didn’t fit in the main set) :V

He sure did.

Probably lewd things, Momodi.

“Song of Doomy-whatsit now?”

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*sad babby weeping* oh god I'm so on board SamuraiBravo. I LOVE EVERY MORSEL OF THEM YOU GIVE US. Is there any chance of a fanbook like the KevEdd one?

Idk? Really depends if this ship gets a big enough following like the kevedd ship. I don’t mean to sound like a business but i need to know for sure there’s enough people that might buy the book, before i can even start to think about making another fanbook. ( i nearly died trying to make the kevedd book, so i want to make sure that it’s worth the big amount of effort i’ll have to put)

Let’s just be happy with what we have for now, and see what goes on from there. ok? 

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“You have to, my dear, it’s who you are.“ She was put on par, at least partly, with his past, and was trying her best to appear as calm as possible, even with his constant putting down of his magical abilities. And seeing just how troubled he looked at all times, it was easy for her to sympathize. After all, she did have children of her own, and what that woman did to him… it made her skin crawl.

“You’re no No-Maj, and after all, it would be almost impossible for you to learn from scratch all the magic you missed in a day. But we’ll take it slow, alright?

Alchemy-well, magic on the whole is about believing. You need to believe you can.“