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MD: Toward the end of production on season two of Avatar The Last Airbender, Nickelodeon asked us to create some extra content that could be used online or on DVDs. We immeditately thought of doing shorts in a “super deformed” and chibi style, which is popular among anime fans. The style was simpler, the stories were sillier, and everyone involved had a really great time breaking away from the normal style of the show. Designs by Bryan Konietzko and Seung Hyun Oh. 


  • Uncle Iroh: Okay, cook something that matches your personality. I want ‘you’ on a plate. Got it?
  • Uncle Iroh [on Mai]: It’s okay. Not the best but certainly not the worst.
  • Uncle Iroh [on Ty lee]: Colorful and a mix of different flavors. Sweet, spicy, sour… etc.
  • Uncle Iroh [on Azula]: Oh! This is.. Perfect.
  • Uncle Iroh [on Katara]: You have to peel the skin! Everything's literally still got the skin on, even the fucking banana!
  • Uncle Iroh [on Sokka]: There’s nothing on the plate… Did you even cook at all?!
  • Uncle Iroh [on Zuko]: *immediately drinks a glass of water* That’s so spicy!!
  • Zuko: Because I’m too hot.
  • Uncle Iroh [on Aang]: … So sweet.

Asami Sato seriously one of my favorite characters of all time. I feel like because she’s an animated character, from a Nickelodeon cartoon, people generally don’t take a critical look at her or respect her development and journey as much as they would if she were on a regular scripted drama.

Obviously, I love and feel the same way about Korra. Korra especially. Damn that child was so fucking frustrating but by the end she’s all mature, enlightened and compassionate and ❤️.

Don’t get me started on Zuko, please.

And Azula….oh god…


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I like how Zuko immediately goes from being all “hey mom, watch me mimic Azula,” to “oh crap, I should not have done that. I did not mean to hurt the turtleducks.” 

It definitely says something about Zuko. He’s not the type of person that hurts others, but the Fire Nation keeps sending him the opposite message: “You must use force to show strength. If you don’t, you are weak. Also, mercy is stupid and childish.” 

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Lots of people have covered why Zuko jumped in front of that lighting for Katara. The thing that gets to me is why did Azula shoot it at Katara. It was never explained. Azula was always calculating so what would leverage would she have gained over Zuko in the Agni Kai? How would striking Katara with lightning decide who would take the throne for the Fire Nation? She did not know that Zuko could redirect lightning. So why kill a peasant instead of the actual person standing in front of her goal?

Zuko: No lightning today? What’s the matter? Afraid I’ll redirect it?
Azula: Oh, I’ll show you lightning!

I don’t think Azula knew he could redirect it at first. Or maybe Ozai told her after Zuko escaped from the palace, maybe? I think she was so out of whack that it might have been too difficult for her to rely on it like she ususally did anyways. You have to be precise and calm and Azula was not calm at all. Then Zuko was kind of dumb and pretty much told her he would just redirect it anyways. So, then she saw an opportunity. She figured that instead of aiming it at Zuko who was expecting it, she would go for Katara who had let her guard down. Probably because she knew Zuko would try to protect her and get himself killed in the process. Or at the very least, get rid of his back-up healer and waterbender.

VSIIJEOGKI I thought this was really sweet! My boyfriend surprised me on the way to class with this amazing poster and flowers. Korra and Avatar are my life and will always have a special place in my heart, so I wanted to share this with the fandom. He’s my forever boy. 

  • Azula: Alright, that’s enough. Get your things. You’re hanging out with me today. I know this great place.
  • Ty lee: Really?! Y-You’re willing to hang out with me, 'Zula?! We need to celebrate this miracle! What day is it today, any–… oh.
  • Azula: …Don’t say it.
  • Ty lee: It… It’s Valentine’s today…
  • Azula: DON’T say it–
  • Ty lee: Azula… I never knew that you–
  • Zuko: Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...Nobody knows my sorrow...
  • Azula: Oh Zuzu! Do lighten up! Sing something with a little...bounce in it.
  • Zuko: It's a small world after all!
  • Azula: No! No! ANYTHING but that...
  • Zuko: I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts-dee-dee-dee-dee-There they are just standing in a row!
  • Azula and Zuko: Big ones! Small ones! Some as big as your head!