oh and they say chivalry is dead

The men finished in the war. الرجالة خلصت في الحرب
—  Egyptian expression; used to say that chivalry is dead and therefore there aren’t any men- we’re left with the boys.
“I asked him to help me move. Last time he said he’d help me, he showed up like 2 and a half hours late and I ended up packing and prepping everything myself and he just helped me with his car.”
“Did you confirm the time?”
“Oh yeah, again and again. Last night he said he’d see me at 11:30, it’s noon now and he JUST left - with traffic it’s like another 2 hours at least.”
“I’m so sorry - yeah, the men finished in the war, eh?”


  • “so i really like this girl/guy but they’re really experienced both sexually and romantically and i’m just an innocent little flower so can you like, idk, teach me some stuff??” au 
  • “you’re a deaf kid who goes to my school and you’re definitely not blind but you have no idea how adorable you are” au 
  • “we’re both trainees at some entertainment company competing to get a spot in the group that’s debuting later this year so we kind of hate each other” au
  • “i’m just a trainee, you’re a super talented singer/dancer/actor/celebrity. you’re way out of my league, why the heck do you like me??” au
  • “i’m in love with a ghost” au
  • “sorry grocery store stranger, i’m tiny af and you’re gigantic so can you get that box of cereal for me??” au
  • “i’m studying abroad and your family is hosting me, but holy crap you’re super attractive” au
  • “i may be your intern and you may be my boss, but we’re the same age so shut the fuck up” au
  • “my girl/boyfriend and i just broke up and i’m crying on a park bench in the pouring rain but chivalry is not dead apparently because there is a kind stranger holding an umbrella over my head” au
  • “i used to have a huge crush on you in high school and my heart is still beating really fast seeing you now at a reunion years later” au
  • “i accidentally put my love letter to your friend in your bag and now you know i like them shit” au
  • “hey i found your lost pet and ━ oh my, i can’t say you’re cuter than this animal but you’re pretty close” au
We Should Have Talked

* Alexander × Reader
* 35: Do you think she could have loved me?
* Modern

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“Excuse me?” You asked placing a hand on the shoulder of the stranger walking past you. “I just transferred to this school. Can you tell me which building the world history class is in?” You looked up from your classes to look at the man you stopped. You blinked in surprise. He was cute. He was more than cute, he was hot.

He had on jeans and a gray swestshirt, also dark hair that hung to his shoulders. His face was tanned and had some neatly trimmed facial hair. He was looking at you with dark brown eyes.

“World history? I actually have that class now. Follow me.” He said with a smile. “Uh, I’m Alexander Hamilton.”

“Oh Y/N L/N.” You supplied. “What are you studying?” You asked to continue the flow of conversation.

“Law.” He said with a smile. “My friends say I’ll be a great lawyer as I hate to lose arguments.”

“Well, that does sound good. If you’re studying law then why are you taking World History?”

“Well it is required. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it and all that. But I do love history.” He said. You reached a building and held the door open for you.

“Oh thank you. I guess chivalry isn’t dead.” You joked. He smiled but didn’t get a chance to reapond.

“Alexander!” A voice shouted. You looked over to see three men walking toward you. “I was wondering what kept you but I suppose I have an idea.” One man said while looking at you. He also had tan skin but his face was covered with freckles.

“Guys, this is Y/N.” Alexander said gesturing to you. “She has World History with us.”

“Oh well I’m John Laurens.” The man from earlier said.

“And I am Lafayette.” Another man said. He had a french accent and wild curls he was holding back in a pony tail.

“Hercules Mulligan.” The last man said. He was dark skinned, tall, and we’ll built. You could see some short, dark curls sticking out from under the brim of a gray stocking hat.

“Nice to meet you all.” You smiled at the group.

You had been at this school for over almost year. You became increasingly close to the group of guys as well as two sisters, Angelica and Eliza. They had a younger sister as well who was a year from starting college.

“I can’t take the tiny dorms anymore!” Alexander was complaining one evening during dinner. “I mean, they’re so small and cramped.”

“I think he’s just tried of being in tight quarters with me.” John joked.

“Have you thought about renting an on campus house?” You asked the group. “You guys could all pitch in.”

The boys traded looks that told you they never thought of that. “We could do that. Get a two room house. Those rooms would be bigger and we would have a living room and kitchen of our own.” Hercules reasoned.

“Two rooms? No we need three.” Alexander said.

“Look I know you hate sharing a room but you don’t need one to yourself.” John said.

“Not for me dip shit.” He said, shooting John an irritated look. “For Y/N.”

“Wait. What?” You asked confused.

“That is a fantastique idea!” Lafayette chimed in. “Mon amie, you could live with us!”

“Oh guys I don’t know…” You said warily.

“Oh come on.” John begged. “It’d be awesome. You wouldn’t need to share a room with anyone.” He suggested.

“You wouldn’t have to eat cafeteria food.” Lafayette added. “Mademoiselle, I happen to be an amazing cook.”

“You know it’d be way better than a dorm room.” Alexander reasoned.

You paused and contemplated this. You weren’t on bad terms with your roommate but there were some inconveniences. You also hated the school’s meals most days. You sighed. “Alright. You boys win.”

So the next year you carried your boxes into a small, three bedroom house. “Hey Y/N!” Alexander called as you entered the house for the first time. You had only met up with the guys once over the summer. “Here, let me help.” He said grabbing a few boxes from you.

He dropped them on the bed provided. “So me and Laurens are in the room next to you.” He patted the wall next to the bed. “Laf and Herc are across from my room and the bathroom is straight across from you.”

“Alright. We doing anything to celebrate our move in?” You asked.

“Pizza and movies.” He said with a grin.

“Very original.” You teased.

“Well we would have had some drinks but you, me, and Laurens still can’t drink so…” He trailed off. You got the message. If you guys were caught with drinks on campus you’d be kicked out of school. John’s parents would be angry and Alexander would never get over it.

Pizza and a movie was spent sitting on the floor of the living room. Hercules had brought a couch but you guys hadn’t wanted to assemble it tonight. You guys hooked up the TV and set it on the ground. You were eating pizza off of paper towels.

You groaned at the title screen. “You guys know I hate scary movies.” You complained.

“But this is supposed to be a good one.” Hercules said and stood to turn off the lights. You hated that even more.

You whimpered at one point and buried your face in your hands. “You ok?” Alexander whispered.

“Peachy.” You shot back. You jumped once again.

“Hey its ok.” Alexander said, tentatively wrapping and arm around your shoulders. You leaned into him gratefully. You buried your face in his chest every time something scary happened and he would whisper soothing things to you. After two hours, the torture wad finally over.

“I hate you all.” You said wadding up your paper towel and throwing it at Hercules.

“It didn’t seem like you hate Alexander.” John teased, causing a blush to rise to your cheeks.

“Alexander is the only one here I don’t currently hate.” You said.

“Clearly.” John smirked.

“I’m going to sleep. I don’t have class tomorrow but I’d still like to sleep.” You said. “Good night guys.”

They all said good night and you walked to your room and dropped into your bed. You only hoped you could sleep without thinking about that damn movie.

Alex and John both stirred at the slight pounding noise they heard.

“What was that?” John asked, still half asleep.

“No clue.” Alexander said equally confused. They then heard another thump.

“Came from Y/N’s room.” John said.

“I’m gonna go check on her.” Alexander said throwing his covers off.

“Course you are.” John said, somehow managing to tease Alexander even while mostly asleep.

“Whatever.” Alexander said, not bothering to fight with him right now. He walked to you door and pushed it open slightly. He peeked in and you were fast asleep. He was about to leave when you tossed and turned, he could hear light mumbles leaving your mouth. He noticed one of your feet hit the wall. So that was the thumping they heard.

You started thrashing, your mumbles got louder. Alexander quickly walked over to you. “Y/N.” He shook your shoulder. “Come on wake up.” He urged.

You finally woke up with a gasp. That stupid movie! You were gonna kill those idiots for making you watch it.

“Are you alright?” You focused back in on Alexander. He was in a gray tee-shirt and black sweat pants. His hair was down and in need of a brush.

“Uh I think so.” You said.

“Me and John heard some banging so I came to check on you. You were kicking the wall.” He explained.

“And that would explain the pain in my foot.” You said and reached down to rub it. “Thank you Alexander.”

“No problem.” He gave you a small smile. “Uh…anyways. Good night.” He stood from the bed.

“Wait!” You said, a little louder than you meant to.

“What?” Alexander asked coming back to the bed once more.

“Stay here please?” You asked. “That stupid movie scared me and I won’t be able to sleep otherwise.”

“Uh sure.” He said. He crawled under the covers and you instantly cuddled up to his side. He took a deep breath and let it out in a whoosh. You fell asleep soundly and didn’t have another nightmare.

You woke up and Alexander was gone. You remembered he had classes today and felt guilty about waking him last night. You got up and got dressed, getting ready for the day. As you were eating breakfast you got a text from Eliza. She wanted to meet up for lunch so you could meet her younger sister.

You walked into the small coffee shop that Eliza loved so much. “Y/N!” You looked toward the voice. Eliza, sporting a blue cardigan over a white tank top, was sitting at a table near the window. You looked at the girl next to her. She was wearing a nice yellow top with blue jeans, anxiously kicking his feet. She had the Schuyler dark hair. Her hair was more like Angelica’s than Eliza’s, with curls through the whole length.

“Hey guys.” You said walking up with a smile.

“Hey Y/N.” Eliza greeted you happily. “This is my younger sister Peggy.”

“Hi.” She offered with a small smile. Angelica had graduated the year before so now it was only the two younger Schuylers.

“Hey. Welcome to Columbia University.” You said.

“How’s the housing?” Eliza asked.

“About how’d you expect.” You joked. “So Peggy, who’s your roommate?” You asked.

“Uh…oh some girl named Maria Reynolds. I’m not too sure about her. We seem like polar opposites.” She answered.

“Oh I’m sure you guys will get along fine.” You reassured her.

“I hope so.” She mumbled and looked back down at her coffee.

When you finally left the shop, Peggy was much more comfortable around you. Eliza had worried about her starting school so you tried to make her feel welcomed. You told her she’d have to meet the guys sometime.

You stepped back into the house and found Alexander was back. He must only have morning classes on Monday. “Alexander.” You greeted awkwardly with a tight smile.

“Y/N.” He responded with a nod, equally awkward. You hadn’t talked about the night before and you weren’t sure you wanted to. John looked between the two of you with a confused expression.

“What’s going on h-” he tried to ask.

“I’m just gonna work on unpacking.” You said.

“I told Burr I’d meet up with him.” Alexander said at the same time. The two of you went separated ways, leaving John alone and bewildered.

You wish you could say that you and Alexander finally talked about that night but that wasn’t the case. You guys finally let the awkward air drop, but you never actually talked it over. What’s more, it happened more than once.

If one of you couldn’t sleep for one reason or another, or you wanted to get Alexander to sleep instead of work, you’d text each other and stay in your room. John caught on, of course. And you were sure he told Lafayette and Hercules. However, none of them ever mentioned it. Until now that is.

There was a knock on your bedroom door. “Come in.” You called, gladly shutting your text book. John walked into your room cautiously.

“Hey. Can we talk?” He asked.

“About what?” You asked.

“About you and Alexander.” He said. You opened your mouth to defend yourslef. “No. No denying it, it’s painfully obvious. Well, to everyone but Alexander. He’s really confused and upset about this Y/N. You guys need to talk and figure out what the hell you two have.”

“Your right.” You agreed. “I’ll talk to him tonight.” You told John.

“Good.” He said with a smile.

It was starting to get late and Alexander still wasn’t back. He turned 21 earlier this year, and John mentioned something about him needing a drink. But it was really late for a beer or two. You ended up falling asleep on the couch waiting.

“Wakey wakey.” A voice said. You opened your eyes to see John standing over you.

“Did Alexander not come back last night?” You asked confused.

“I don’t think so.” He said.

“Is he ok?” You asked suddenly worried. You worries ended when Alexander walked through the door. He looked like he got very little sleep and extremely hung over. “There you are!” You exclaimed. Them immediately apologized as he winced at the noise.

“I’m just…I’m gonna got lay down.” He said, almost falling asleep already.

“What the hell happened to him?” John asked.

“No clue but I’m worried.”

A few hours later you went into Alexander’s room. You had a glass of water and some medicine for his headache. “Alexander?” You said lightly.

He stirred but didn’t wake up. You set the pills and water on his bedside table, after you moved some papers. “Alexander.” You tried again. You ran your hands through his hair. He smiled as he slowly woke up.

“Morning.” He said, his voice thick with sleep.

“More like afternoon. You’ve been out for a few hours.” He slowly sat up and pressed a hand to his head. “Here.” You held out the medicine, which he swallowed.

“Thanks.” He said.

“What happened last night? I wanted to talk to you.” You said.

“Yeah I know. I got the text. Which lead to another drink.” He said.

“What? Why?” You asked.

“Y/N, ‘we need to talk’ are very feared words.” He explained.

“Oh well I didn’t mean them in a bad way. Where were you anyway. I waited up until about 2. After that I fell asleep on the couch.”

“I uh…” He trailed off.

“What?” You asked.

“I went off with a girl.” He looked at his lap. “Maria Reynolds.”

“As in Freshman Peggy’s roommate Maria?” You asked, anger rising in you.

“Yes. I was drunk ok?! After all, we apparently weren’t going anywhere so I don’t get why you’re pissed.” He crossed his arms.

“Maybe we would have if you had pulled your head out of your ass and realized that’s what I wanted to talk about.”

“Wait. What?” He asked.

“Yes. I wanted to talk about us Alexander. I don’t any more. You’ve made it perfectly clear how you feel.” You stood and slammed the door.

You only had two more weeks until finals so you stayed with Eliza, who had rented an apartment and was planning to stay here through to summer.

Alexander kept kicking himself. He was currently at a bar, this time with John. “I’m such and idiot!” He groaned and let his head drop to the table. “Ow.” He said quietly upon impact.

“Can’t argue there.” John said. “Look man, I told you to wait. I tried to help but you just had to go get it off with some freshman. Who has a boyfriend by the way.” John said.

“Yeah I know, his name is James. Peggy told me.” Alexander finally lifted his head from the table. “I just, I was so frustrated. I wanted to be with Y/N, but I couldn’t tell if she wanted to be with me.”

“Dude.” John shot him a look. “You guys shared a bed who knows how many times. Once or twice could be confusing. Once you pass five times, you should know.”

“Do you think she could have loved me?” Alexander asked queitly.

“Love?” John asked appalled.

“I love her, John.” He slumped in his seat.

“Then why the hell are you talking to me?” John asked.


“Go tell her that!” John told him.

Eliza had a late class so we were cramming for your last final. There was frantic pounding in the door. You went to the door and opened it. Alexander almost fell forward as he was using the door for support. He managed to catch himself on the door frame, just barely.

“What could you possibly want?” You asked.

“Can I come in?” He asked.

“Fine.” You walked inside with him. You dropped onto the couch while he nervously paced.

“Look I came here to apologize. I was an idiot.”

“Yeah you were.” You said.

“I know ok?” He came and sat by you. “Y/N, all I wanted was to be with you. I never knew how you felt and well…I clearly didn’t handle that well. I wanted to get a drink, then I started to worry so I started to drink more. Then Maria showed up.”

“You know you’re not helping your case.” You interrupted. “If you had just talked to me. We could’ve talked about everything.”

“I couldn’t. It was too risky.” He said.

“Why was it risky?” You asked confused.

“I couldn’t risk being shot down by you.” He looked down and took a deep breath. He looked back up at you and grabbed your hands. “I couldn’t risk being shot down because I love you.” He said. Your eyes widened. “I’ve loved you since you stopped me that first day. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was that you stopped me when you could’ve stopped literally anyone.”

“Alexander.” You said, completely bewildered.

“I don’t care if you don’t feel the same way because now at least you know how I feel. You deserve to know.” He kept rambling.

“You need to learn to shut up.” You mumbled quietly so he didn’t hear you. You leaned forward and shut him up by covering his lips with yours. You pulled back and he was staring at you with wide eyes. “How do you think I feel Alexander?” You smirked.

He shock turned to joy. He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you back in for another, deeper kiss. You ended up on his lap, straddling him. You two pulled apart as the door opened. Eliza stood in the doorway staring at the two of you. “I’m not going to ask.” She said. “Just, please don’t screw each other on my couch.”

You moved back into the house for the last week, Alexander stayed in your room with you every night. You and Alexander started looking for an apartment to rent in the area as Alexander managed to get a summer internship.

“Hey John!” You called to him. He was packing up his car. You walked over to him. “Thank you.” You told him.

“For what?” He asked with a shrug.

“Very convincing but you know what. Trying to get me to talk to Alexander and actually getting Alexander to admit how he feels about me.”

He smiled. “For being so good with words, that man is hopeless when it come to socializing.”

“Well I was no better.” You said with a shrug.

“We’ll see you next year alright?” He confirmed.

“And this summer. After all, you’ll need to see our apartment.” You pulled him into a hug. “Thank you again.” You walked back to finish packing.

He smiled and watched you walk away. He sighed and turned back to jamming everything into his car. “Let’s just hope Alexander can figure out purposing without help, otherwise this’ll be a long summer for him and that ring he bought.”


Simon x Reader #13 

Warnings: smutsters once again 

Requested: yuuuusss by @sidewomanxix and @sidemenbase also @sidefan7 who asked for Simon smut 

Notes: *passes around the holy water* ~K


You rushed out the door, to head to the gym to pick up your boyfriend of 5 years from there. Simon had had JJ drop him off since he was due to spend the night at your place and it was easier to just have you pick him up. You weren’t late, but you didn’t want to be as you hadn’t seen him in a bit. With the life of a YouTuber limiting the amount of time he got to spend away from his desk, tonight was a rarity. Pulling up to the gym, you entered it and you immediately saw Simon in the corner of the room. You can’t say that you were particularly disappointed with the sight; his hair was flat and his skin seemed to glisten no doubt from the sweat of his workout. His arms were tensed, the lean muscle seemingly accentuated. Before he could see you, he did the classic gym lad move and lifted up his shirt to wipe away some of the sweat from his face. He wasn’t aware of it but you easily saw what hid underneath his shirt, and let’s just say that he had been putting in the work.

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#26 “I’ll be with him/her for better or for worse.” “It’ll probably be for worse.” “I knew that the day I met him/her.”  W/ Nathan Drake

AN: This was requested through AO3 and it ended up being a little longer than I planned.

You began drumming your fingers on the dashboard of the van, growing more and more anxious by the second. Where the hell were they? Suddenly, a hand placed itself over yours halting your movement, “Please… Can you give it a rest for just a moment? Honestly, you’re making me nervous.”

               You sighed and removed your hands from the dashboard, “I’m sorry, Chloe… It’s just they should have been here by now and we still haven’t gotten any word from them.”

               Chloe gripped the steering wheel, “I get it, Y/N… But let’s be honest on the long list of stupid things the boys have done this isn’t that bad… However, I’m sure they’ll find a way to outdo themselves.”

               You laughed, “Yeah you’re probably right…”

               Before you could say anything else you heard Charlie’s voice coming through the radio, “Look alive, bright eyes, they’re headed your way.”

               Chloe slowly put the van in drive, “Show time…” Sure enough a sleek black car drove through the quiet alleyway with Chloe discretely tailing them. The car pulled up to a seemingly random building and disappeared through a green door.

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When the Clock Strikes Midnight

A/N: Happy New Years Everyone! Here is a little New Year’s Bucky x Reader fluff… I couldn’t help myself.

Word Count: 1,182

Originally posted by enochianess

Normally, a party at Stark’s wouldn’t be something I’d be excited about, but today was different. It was New Year’s Eve and something about the start of a new year, new possibilities, couldn’t be more enticing.

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People can sink so low...

I just saw a freaking post calling ZELINK ABUSIVE.

Originally posted by partyingzebra18

I don’t know what’s up with some people in tumblr calling whatever they want abusive. It’s like a disease. I see it with every ship. I guess they’re the type of people that, the minute they get into an argument with their significant other they break up, because for this people a relationship must be always perfect. If they like color blue and you don’t OMG THAT’S ABUSIVE!!! #sarcasm

And ppl calling Hylia responsible for “Link’s suffering and ruining his life”…. Geez. Because yeah, that totally makes sense. I mean, because that’s what the plot in a semi-canon manga says. Lets ignore that the other things in that manga doesn’t make sense (like Link being thrown into a dungeon for no good reason for example… oh oh and him being chained BY OTHER PEOPLE AND NOT HYLIA without a explanation)  or that suddenly the loftwings are semideities too…smh

Because nowadays is totally unncaptable that a hero does what is right because he wants to. Ya’ know…  Without expecting anything in return. 2016 and chivalry is dead.

Because it’s impossible for Link to be this courageous young hero that loves his land and wants to help everybody (you know the FREAKING QUESTS, where you have to save a kid or save someone because that’s the decent thing to do…)

Because is not like Ganondorf (or Vaati or any other evil incarnation) are the ones responsibles for all the land and its people suffering.

Because yeah. Is not like LoZ is fiction. Let’s make it problematic for the people who actually enjoy it. Let’s dig so deep and find imaginaryfaults in good characters and ignore the ones that are actually EVIL.

Cuts Both Ways

This is my new fanfic. I want to write more chapters. Let me know if you like it!

Sehun x Reader x Taehyung

Smut; Fluff

Words: 1231

My life was a boring routine until the day Sehun and Taehyung walked into it. How could two people so beautiful fall into my lap? Fate had finally been kind to me and I was going to relish every minute of that time. The stars were aligning and my heart was ripe for the taking but which one would hold the key to locking all I had to offer? Which one would love me the way I deserved after waiting all this time for the right man to come along? My mind had trouble contemplating the answer.  One was warm and sincere yet mysterious while the other was wild and fun with an air of sadness behind his eyes. Both had qualities I needed in my life. I found myself in love with both of them. In the end who would I choose?


Chapter 1:

The day started out like any other or so I thought. I woke up feeling like I could sleep for eight more hours. I pulled the cover over my head trying to drown out the sound of the alarm and the bright rays of sunlight that protruded through the window.  After about five minutes of tolerating the annoying sound I pulled the covers down and turned off the alarm. I tried to gather myself and find the strength to get up. I laid there with my eyes wide open and mouth turned into a frown.  I don’t know why I am frowning! It’s Friday and I’m really forward to the long Liberation day weekend.  I rolled out of bed immediately wishing that I had not after the cold air hit my body. It was going to be another chilly day in August. I looked at the weather app on my phone and it said the temperature would be 40 degrees today in Seoul. I shook my head and made my way to the bathroom in an attempt to get ready for work.  I had a set routine that I followed. I turned on the shower and walked to the sink. I pulled my hair away from my face and put on my face cream. I brushed my teeth and did my best not to hit myself in the mouth with the toothbrush causing that painful white spot you get from rushing. I wiped the cream from my face and took off my sleep shirt. I quickly got into the shower trying to avoid the cold draft of air that circulated around the bathroom.  The heat was on but I could still feel the cool air sneak around the shower curtain to remind me that I needed to talk to the landlord regarding my drafty apartment. After leaving the shower the heat had finally overpowered the cold enough for me to get dressed comfortably.  I put on a pair of dress pants and a sweater accompanied by tights, high-heeled boots, and a choice of cute jewelry.  I didn’t have time for breakfast so I skipped it as usual. I grabbed my purse, hat, coat, and a scarf then headed out the door.

It was cold outside and I am sure my morning shower did not help the situation. I walked swiftly to the train station that was only a quarter of a mile away. I caught the 7:45 train and like normal it put me across the street from the office at 8:00 am sharp. Right on time as always. I walked in the building greeting people as I walked in. I went to the elevators and pushed the button. I impatiently waited for it to come counting the minutes in my head. Finally, it opened and I went in with about 7 other people. It was crowded and I was herded into the back right corner.  I asked if someone would please push the 10th floor and I heard a voice say sure. I thanked them politely and nestled in the corned.  The elevator started up. It stopped at the 2nd floor and 3 people got out. It stopped at the 3rd floor and 1 person got out. It stopped at the 4th floor and 2 people got out.  It was taking forever but at least now I could breathe. As the elevator door closed I noticed there was only me and one other person inside. He moved back to lean on the railing and I saw him for the first time. He was gorgeous. Wow I thought to myself. I wonder where he’s going. I looked that remaining stops and he was going to 10th floor with me. I blushed and wondered if he was new as I had never seen him before and I am pretty familiar with the personnel. He was dressed in a suit and tie that made him look like he stepped out of CeCi magazine.  The elevator reached the 10th floor and the doors opened. I looked at him and he looked at me. He smiled and I smiled back.

“After you,” he said.

“Thank you,” I replied as I walked out. “I see chivalry isn’t dead.”

“Not hardly,” he said matter-a-factly.


I said good morning to the receptionist and headed for the glass door to enter my key code. He stood at the desk and I over heard him say.


“My name is Oh Sehun and I am here to see Mr. Park. He should be expecting me.”

“Please sign in sir and I will call his assistant to take you to his office,” replied the receptionist.

"Thank you,” Sehun said and signed his name on the book sitting on the desk. After that he took seat in the lobby.


I made way through the door but before I did I looked back at Sehun. He gave me a slight wave good-bye and I blushed. I turned and made my way to my office taking off my hat, coat, and scarf. I hung them on the coat rack in the corner by the window and sat down at my desk. I turned on my laptop and started reading my emails.  Suddenly, there was a knock at my door.  I looked up to see Mr. Park Chanyeol who is the president of the company and Oh Sehun at my door.

“Hello Mr. Park.  Mr. Oh. How may I help you?” I said. 

“You know Sehun… I mean Mr. Oh?” said Chanyeol. 

“No. not really. We met on the elevator ride up,” I said.

“Oh. Well let me properly introduce you. This is my friend Oh Sehun. I have hired him as the new Marketing Director.  Today is his first day. This is Y/N and she is the Director of Account Management. You guys will be working closely together. I thought it would be great to introduce you two right away. I need my best people on this new account we’ve acquired.” said Chanyeol.  

“Great! Welcome to the company. I looked forward to working with you. May I call you Sehun?” I said. “Sure and may I call you Y/N? I am sure we will get along well,” said Sehun.

"Sure.” I said reaching to shake his hand.

 When our hands touched I felt a shock go through my system. His hand was so soft for a man although his handshake was firm. I looked into his deep brown eyes and I could tell he may be trouble. I thought I saw a hint of danger behind that beautiful smile and those kissable lips. He saw my expression and smirked. That’s when I knew I was right and I could fall for him. My body had already given me a hint that I tried to ignore but that face, his stature, his eyes, his lips!  I wasn’t sure I would be able to resist.  I let go of his hand and they walked out of my office strolling to their next destination.  I turned around and started back reading my emails. It was harder now to concentrate knowing that the handsome stranger from the elevator was my new co-worker. I don’t know how this will work I thought to myself. He’s very handsome but I can’t get involved with a co-worker. It wouldn’t be proper.  How am I going to handle being that close to him?

bri617aroundtheworld  asked:

How about: Olicity meet at a speed dating event that neither wants to be at but where forced to go to by friends/family. Either S5 or alternate first meeting? :-)


Alternate first meeting, obviously.

First, sorry about the delay.  I had @ohmyemilybett (the patron saint of betas) read it, and we’re in vastly different time zones.  Which means when I got the response at 3AM, I was already asleep.  My bad.

If Pokemon!Olicity was fluff, this is like cotton candy sprinkled with sugar that you eat while lounging on a huge, fluffy pillow.  It’s also super long.  Read at your own risk.

The opportunity arose to do something I’ve wanted to write for ages.  @ohmyemilybett​ gave me the idea first, but her variant is nine million times better than this.  At the moment, all you have is me.  In case this isn’t your jam, though, this is the one universe you’ll ever find it in.

Also, I have literally no clue about speed dating.  I live in the middle of Banjo Music, USA and occasionally I’ll see something on a TV show and be like, “Oh, yeah, that’s a thing.”  So if I’m off the mark, whoops.

When I moved this into Drive, it was nine pages long.  So the cut is going to come pretty early because who wants to scroll through nine pages of fic on their dash.

Tagging the Masque Fic Squad at the end.  If you want in or out, let me know.

“Hi, I’m Oliver.”

“I know who you are.  Your face has been on tabloids for ages–I haven’t been living under a rock.  No offense, but this isn’t your scene, is it?”

“I had no choice in the matter.”

“Hey, me, too.  Oh, yeah–I’m Felicity.”

“Nice to meet you, Felicity.”

“Oh, a handshake.  That’s… different.”

“Apparently I’m out of practice.”

“No, I like it.  It establishes us as equals.  It’s definitely the nicest greeting I’ve gotten tonight.  One guy tried to hug me.  I mean, I’m a hugger, but I like to actually know someone for more than thirty seconds first.”

“…Have a seat.”

“Wow, pulling the chair out for me?  That’s a nice touch.  They say chivalry is dead.”

“Despite common belief, my mother did raise me to have proper etiquette.”


“Everyone has five minutes!  …Begin!”

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anonymous asked:

Can you write one where Steve walks the reader back to their apartment building one night (they're neighbors) and a group of guys starts catcalling to her and confronts them and Steve is... Not too happy

uh YES i was actually gonna write somethiNGA LIKE THIS WTF mind connection me and you?maGIC??

Okay so I couldn’t help myself because I am trash for Steve tbh. I love you nonnie! feel free to send me feedback. I kinda changed it a teeny bit, I hope you don’t mind.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Word Count: 1233 (i got carried away)

Warnings: none, but the guy says some creepy ass shit. also, bad language words lmao

kinda fluffly, not really. what would you label this? idk someone tell me!

“Second Date”

Both of you ran out of the bar, dying for breath. You laugh your ass off as you hold onto Steve’s hand, trying to make him run faster.

“Oh my god, I can’t fucking breathe!” you wheeze. “Dude, get moving! They’re going to know it was us!”

“I’m running, (Y/n)!” Steve yells, gasping for breath.

You may or may not have accidentally started a flood in the women’s bathroom. And Steve may or may not have accidentally started a fight with a group of guys over sports. It was just a mess. But a fun mess. You couldn’t remember the last time you had had so much fun on a date. Most guys just wanted to small talk and have sex. But Steve was different. He’s the most genuine and caring guy you’ve ever met.

You stopped running and turned a sharp right into a dark alley. You had to stop, you were running out of air. After a long time of going without sufficient oxygen in your lungs, it hurt to breathe.

“Shit, my lungs are literally burning,” you cough. You let go of his hand and held your sides.  “Fuck…cramp.”

Steve put his arms around you and bent his knees, “You okay?” he asked worriedly.

Oh shit, you were seriously falling for this guy. And it was only the second date.

You smile reassuringly while still panting, “Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’m just not very fit.” That was lie. You were trained in martial arts.

Steve grinned back and took you by the hand, “Let’s get outta here. It’s almost midnight.”

Already? Four hours had already gone by, but it had felt like only an hour.

“Alright,” you say. “You don’t have to walk me, though. I literally live 6 blocks away.”

Steve shook his head and looked at you with his soft blue eyes, “No, no. I can’t let the beautiful lady walk home alone at this hour. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if anything happened to you.”

WHAT THE FUCK? Why was he such a gentleman? Looking at Steve, you could confidently say that chivalry was not dead–it was standing right in front of you in the form of this beautiful man. You stopped yourself mid-thought. Stop it. Don’t think about how perfect he is. Shit. Now I’m thinking about it.

“Okay,” you say weakly. Walking side by side, you talk to him about the time you almost died at the mall.

In seconds, Steve is about to pee himself laughing too hard. He says in between his cute laugh, “Oh my god…that’s fucking…hilarious.”

“Language,” you joke.

You’re only one block away from your apartment when you hear another set of footsteps. Carefully, you glance behind you. There’s a man following you. Shit, shit, shit, shit. You fake a cough to get Steve’s attention, who looks at you with knitted brows. Then you nudge your head back slightly, signaling him to look behind. When he see’s the guy, he grabs your hand protectively. He takes a turn at the wrong street, so that the guy won’t see where you live. Maybe he’s just going in the same direction as us.

“Hey sweet cheeks, I know you saw me,” the creep shouts. Shit. “You mind if you take me home instead of this guy?” You gulp. Sensing your body tense, Steve holds onto your hand a little tighter. “C’mon baby, let me see your smile, huh? I’ll show you a good time in bed if you do.”

That’s it. You stop in your tracks and turn to face the guy.

“Oh, I’m sorry, are you talking to me?” you ask sarcastically. 

“Who else would I be talkin’ to, sweetheart?” the guy asks annoyed.

“Well, I thought you were talking to your dick,” you smile innocently. “I didn’t want to interrupt, it sounded kinda important.” You drop the fake smile and put on a dead-serious face. You crack your knuckles, getting ready for a physical fight if it came down to it.

“Don’t be like that baby, I just wanted to take you in bed.”

That’s when Steve loses it. He takes long strides towards the creep and punches him in the jaw. You’ve seen a lot of fights, but this was a different level. He put all his weight into the swing and you could even hear the jaw crack. Damn. 

The creep fell on his back onto the sidewalk, holding his jaw in his hands, crying out in pain. “What the fuck, you asshole?” he mumbles.

“Next time you learn how to treat a lady right, or else I won’t go so easy on you,” Steve growled, stepping on the guy’s ankle. He cried out in pain. “I’m not going to waste my energy trying to break your ankle.” The creep staggered away, but when he turned back to look at you, Steve grabbed him by the collar. “Get lost.”

Steve sent him scrambling away, fearing for his life. The entire time you stood there with wide eyes. That’s not what you were expecting. You didn’t think Steve knew anything about combat. You thought he got muscles just from lifting. Steve walked back to where you were and grabbed your hand.

He looked at you, and seeing your dazed look he asked, “Are you okay, (Y/n)?”

Shaking yourself out of the trance, you reply, “Yeah I’m fine.” You could tell he didn’t believe you. “I was gonna knock him out myself,” you say confidently, trying to reassure him.

He smiled at your confidence and walked you back. “Glad I walked you back?” he asks with a smirk.

You scoff at him, “Please, I’m a professionally trained fighter.”

“Then why were you wheezing so hard back there?”

“Okay first of all, I wasn’t wheezing. And secondly, I’m not a cardio-kinda person,” you say defensively. This earns a chuckle from Steve. Ugh, his laugh though.

In front of your door, you face him, looking up at his calm face. He bit his bottom lip, trying to think of something to say. But you beat him to it.

“I would invite you in, but my roommate should be here by now,” you say with a bit of disappointment.

Steve looked down at his watch, “Damn, it’s really late. I promised your parents I’d bring you home by 11:00.” 

You smile at his joke, “Well, mister, you’re three hours late.”

He beams at you, and you’re almost blinded by his teeth. You give him one last smile before turning around to open the door. When you look back at Steve to wave goodbye, he unexpectedly wraps an arm around waist and gives you a deep kiss. Nothing too slobbery, but a perfect goodbye kiss. It definitely leaves you wanting for more. You’re about to drag him inside for a round two but you hear your roommate singing in the shower.

“Looks like we’ve been cock-blocked by my roommate,” you give an apologetic smile. Steve takes your face in both of his hands and gives you another kiss.

“Maybe, if you want, we can go to my place?” he says eagerly.

“I can’t, my parents are already so pissed with me,” you tease. You place your hands on top of his. “I’m free next Friday though. Maybe I’ll see you then?”

“You know it, doll,” Steve says, gingerly placing a kiss on top of your head.

Drabble #5 - “Why are you so annoying?”

Submitted by: you-make-me-wander

Description: Lydia gets wasted and Stiles picks her up from the bar. Completely drunk, Lydia confesses her feelings for Stiles only to forget about it the next morning. Lucky for them, Lydia is smart enough to ensure that she’ll remember.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Part 5 of the “Birthday drabbles” series

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This drabble has been sitting around unfinished in my Evernote archive for like more than a year lol. Have mercy.

AU | In which Caroline babysits past!Klaus


The only time this whole fucked up situation might be a good thing and he hasn’t even lived that century yet.

This is Throwback Thursdays from hell.

“You’re useless then.” Caroline mutters, snatching her World War II homework from his hand.

And he has the gall to smile, all dimply, his now shoulder-length blonde hair catching the sun as he leans his back on the window. 

Ugh. Her life.

When did she have a thing for guys with long hair anyway?


The baby vamp cuts him off promptly with a hand, rips the buds off his ears with the other.

“Keep it down.” She hisses, throwing a look over her shoulder to the old librarian behind the counter giving them the stinky eye.

“Would it please you if I snapped her neck?" 

Really. She didn’t think his accent could be any more English. "No. Just—”

He grins so innocently when he grabs the earphones back from her hand. Even with less centuries, he’s still faster than her and, despite looking like half a Victorian era wet dream, still apparently a dirty old man judging by his lingering stare on her neckline.

That right there is why being thrown out is exactly the very last thing Caroline needs right now especially when the alternative is studying in her dorm room.

No freaking way.

Not when a certain temporally-displaced psychopath appeared on her bed out of thin air two weeks ago.

Not when said psychopath almost tried to kill her and then had the audacity to seduce her afterwards because somehow he’s convinced they share some sort of supernatural connection and has since then attached himself to her, claiming her as his so—

Definitely no beds.

Because seriously not even his own brother can convince him otherwise and now this is happening right now since everyone agreed (she didn’t) that she’s the one he would less likely to kill.

Either way, Elijah’s words are clear: Keep an eye on him. Keep him safe.

Especially now that he’s younger, more vulnerable without his hybrid half. Oh, and they’re all still conveniently tethered to his bloodline so that a thing.

Though if Caroline’s honest with herself, he looks nowhere near dangerous but every bit as a grungy college student sitting there in front of her with his long hair, band shirt and jeans. He fiddles with her iPad, earphone stuck in his ears, as if he’s more invested in her music choices than his evil murdery plans and which is probably true. He got over those plans in no time the minute he discovered the wonders of the future. God knows how much she laughed her ass out the first time Klaus saw a car though it’s not as funny as the first time he wore jeans… which was kinda cute actually. 

Yep. Cute. She said it.

Future/present Klaus can rot in wherever the hell he is right now and never come back. This is all his fault anyway.

 Bowed on her essay, she sneaks a peek at him through the curtain of her hair—

She will later realize she does that a lot more than she cares to admit because this whole situation is just weird and funny and frustrating all at the same time.

—and she finds his face inches from hers. 

She jerks away. “What?”

He’s not even unfazed, his stare unwavering as he catches a lock of her hair in his hand and sniffs.



“It’s called shampoo, you caveman.” She yanks her hair away from his hand and he lets her.

“I like it.”

His damn dimples are nearly winking at her and this. This is the most annoying thing in this whole ordeal.

Because when she looks at him—

She has to remind herself of the second part of the arrangement.
Not a word about the New Orleans. Not a word about the child.

His child.

Now that was a shocker.

You know—

After that happened.

Not that she would tell that to this Klaus and give him more reason to be smug than he has the right.

They’re different, she reminds herself. She knows it’s a foolish thought but she has to, for her sanity.

This one has a different kind of savagery in his smile, a certain arrogance because of his youth. He’s hella lot of charming and flamboyant in a let-me-open-all-the-doors-for-you kind a way. But he’s more guarded. More distrustful than the Klaus she knows, making him a bit unpredictable and harder to read.

Soemhow the similarity lies in what she sees in his eyes. The same… Emptiness.

It’s as if he already lost himself in the way even before he literally got lost in time. Before he became stuck here, because of his own future error, in the very world he carved out of his anger and revenge.

It’s all kinds of fucked up but she feels for him in a way.

To carry and to live in sadness for a thousand years.

It makes her realize the foreverness of forever and how small it makes her feel.

But then when he looks at her—

He looks at her the same. Like there’s nothing wrong at all. Like he’s where he’s supposed to be.

Klaus is still smiling and damn her she can’t control the lifting of her own lips… when suddenly a passing student bumps on her head with his backpack.

The smile drops, the moment gone.

He growls.

“Klaus. Shut up.”

“He hit you.” If looks could kill, they say. But at least chivalry is not dead with this guy.

“So? I’m a vampire. I hardly felt a thing.”

He growls again. She rolls her eyes.

“Seriously. I can’t finish if you keep making noises like that.”

“What noises?”

She throws him an impatient look and he answers with a challenging one. 

“Oh, you know. That one—”

And the jerk kisses her.

Oh God.

She moans in his mouth in protest but it’s over before she can even process the whole thing. He pulls back grinning oh so smugly and, nope, she doesn’t see future/present Klaus there. Not. At. All.

“Who’s making noises now?”

And yet when he flashes out in broad daylight, he leaves her smelling the woods and feeling a familiar kiss on her lips .

Play Along, A-Hole

This is a super belated birthday fic for crayoladinosaurs. The request was for the fake dating trope and I threw in a little ‘pretending to have sex for the sake of their cover’. I hope this was worth the wait, hon ♥

“Stop being so distant, Jesus. We’re supposed to be lovers,” Stiles stage whispers, putting an obnoxious amount of emphasis on 'lovers’.

Derek growls, low and dangerous. He’s sick of this entire sham and he just wants to go home. He’s missing Shark Week on TV.

“None of that,” Stiles insists. He slips his hand into Derek’s back pocket and Derek wants to run, just wants to pretend he never agreed to this ridiculous plan. Seriously, who would ever buy them as a couple? “We just have to make it to our cabin and then we can stop acting.”

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