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(Request by anon: could you do a reid smut where they’re at a party and the reader is down about something and her friend jokes that she deserves a guy who’ll put her needs;) first and so reid gets all dominant and stuff?)

(This isn’t my first smut - I write smut over on Wattpad - however, it is my first Spencer smut so please go easy on me, aha xD)

Warnings ~ smut


“(Y/N), hun, are you ready?” You heard Garcia knock on your bedroom door.

Rossi was throwing another one of his parties which just so happened to coincide with your breakup. JJ and Garcia had flocked over to your house so you could all get ready together. You knew what they were all doing and you found it sweet that the team were trying to cheer you up.

You sighed. “Yep. Coming.” You grabbed your purse and followed Garcia outside where JJ’s car was waiting.


You had eventually sneaked over to a secluded part of Rossi’s garden to be alone. You sat on a chair, drink in hand and deep in thought.

“Are you okay?”

The voice came from behind you and you jumped before realising it was your friend, Spencer.

“I’m still kind of reeling from the whole breakup. Part of me is upset, part of me is glad. Should I be glad?” You looked over at Spencer who sat on the chair opposite you.

He nodded. “You should. The guy was an asshole, (Y/N). He didn’t deserve you.”

You smiled at your friend. “You’re too sweet to me, Spence.”

Your phone beeped in your purse and you quickly pulled it out. Your best friend (Y/F/N) had been texting you all night making sure you were okay. This text was different though.

“Oh, my God. She’s lost it.” You let out a laugh as you read the text.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing. (Y/F/N) just says ‘You deserve a guy who would willingly wrap your legs around his neck’. She’s nuts.” You snorted, taking another sip of your drink. You glanced at Spencer who was licking his lips, his gaze at the floor.

“Come on.” He finally said after a few moments of silence, grabbing your hand and pulling you back into the house.

While everyone was busy chatting and drinking, Spencer continued to pull you upstairs into one of Rossi’s bathrooms. Unsure of what was happening, you opened your mouth to speak before you were pushed against the bathroom door.

Spencer’s lips descended on yours, his hand reaching over to lock the door as his other one gripped your waist. His tongue traced the bottom of your lip as his hand fondled your ass. Your slight whimper at his touch granted him access, his tongue skillfully roaming your mouth as your hands reached up to tug at his hair.

Spencer’s hands trailed down from your waist to the backs of your thighs and you jumped, legs wrapping around his waist. He turned and placed you on the tank of the toilet, his cold fingers making you shiver as he inched your panties down from under your skirt. Throwing them to the side, Spencer sat himself on the lid of the toilet seat.

Parting your legs and positioning them over his shoulders, his tongue delicately licked your clit. You hissed at the contact, your hand instinctively reaching for his hair. Spencer smirked against your sex before beginning to suck at your clit.

Your head rolled back, eyes closing. “Spence, stop teasing - Oh!”

You let out a moan as his tongue dipped inside your folds. His tongue continued to be relentless by thrusting in and out of you, rapidly wiggling up and down your sex, focusing on your clit for a long while. He didn’t bother to use his fingers - he wanted to make you come with just his tongue.

Spencer groaned as you started thrusting to meet his tongue, your moans spurring him on. He responded by capturing your clit between his lips and sucking hard, his tongue drawing small patterns against it.

“Spence, I’m going to- oh, God.” You clamped a hand over your mouth, afraid the team would hear your moans and think something was wrong. Your hand gripped his hair tighter as you felt your climax descending over you.

Spencer’s hands gripped your thighs tighter to prevent you from falling as you rode out your orgasm. As you sat there panting trying to catch your breath, his fingers traced small circles on your thighs.

Very gently, he placed a kiss on each thigh before standing up and cupping your face. You tasted your own arousal on his lips as he kissed you sweetly, his demeanour changing from dominant back to his usual timid, sweet self.

You pulled away, still trying to catch your breath. “Where did that come from?” You smiled at your friend.

He gave you his usual lopsided grin. “You deserve someone who would willingly wrap your legs around his head.” he recited. “And I’m more than willing to do that.”


I’m going to hell for y'all. Keep the requests coming! I’m splitting my time between finishing my requests on wattpad and my requests on here but for once, I’m actually ahead of schedule aha. 💕

Mystic Production

Welcome to Mystic Production! A Youtube channel featuring a group of people with a multitude of talents!

This alternate universe where Mystic Messenger characters band together to form a YouTube channel was inspired by the many amateur production teams on YT. For my sake and selfishness, many things have been changed from the original timeline because what’s an AU if everything is the same, right?


Mystic Production was originally called RFA (Rika’s Fashion Assemble) that was started by Rika and V as a sort of makeup/fashion vlog channel but, inspired by the hidden gem, Zen - who later joined her team, Rika wanted to delve into short skits and they needed more people as it grew to include other things.

The name Mystic Production came about from a very early skit where they tried to fit as many mystical puns into a 10 minute video and the fans made it a meme and they laughed for 3 days before adapting it.

Rika and V were originally the face of the channel but Rika stepped back to get treatment as well as focus on fundraising efforts for the channel and other PR stuff. V naturally followed to care for her. Although their appearances in videos have dropped significantly, their hard work are still felt throughout the production. They are Mystic Production’s Mom and Dad.

Jumin is their producer of sorts. He has a full-time job as C&R’s director but due to V’s wish to include him, he provides funds if needed (that will later be refunded over time) and joins the production meetings whenever he can. Rika and V values his unique ideas even though he often clashes with Zen. He sometimes drops in for random videos so he became Mystic Production’s Easter Bunny (or Easter Kitty as Seven likes to call it)

Jaehee is a full-time Mystic Production staff. She handles script writing, timetable, casting, prop making, set building and lots of other stuff. She rarely appears in videos outside of behind the scenes and special group sessions. Despite that, she is mentioned a lot in the video because of how hardworking and amazing she is. She is Mystic Production’s Brain.

(brief reminder Canon In-game Jaehee DOESN’T need glasses and only cut her hair because it was a requirement to be Jumin’s assistant - thus this appearance)

Zen is their main actor. He is in all their skits and is the current face of the channel. Despite how the channel makes it out to be, theater and musical is still his major occupation. He sometimes appear on Makeup Monday to show theatrical make-up tutorials. Absolutely no fans believe that he’s still single. He is Mystic Production’s Casanova.

MC is the newest member of the team and taking on Rika’s place as the female face of the channel. She is nice and playful and adapted very easily into the team. Outside of skits, she helps Jaehee with props and does most of Makeup Monday. She is Mystic Production’s Sweetheart.

Seven and Unknown dabble mostly in the background. They handle the sensitive equipments and help edit the videos. On Friday Nights, they will hold a Gaming Night with Yoosung where they post a video in which they review and discuss about a game while they play it. Seven also sometimes appear on Makeup Monday to do character cosplay make-up tutorials. They are Mystic Production’s Twins.

Yoosung is Rika’s cousin who is still in college. He appears in Skit videos as an additional character. He mostly is part of the background team, helping with lighting or sound. He is the main face of Gaming Night and even has his own personal channel for Let’s Play series. Because of his bright personality and being the youngest, he is Mystic Production’s Maknae.

Vanderwood is an extra hand Seven can somehow summon whenever they are in need of extra help. He never appears outside of behind the scenes videos and never tries to interact with the camera. He is dubbed Mystic Production’s Ghost.

The channel posts content 4 days a week, Make-up Monday, Short skits on Wednesday, Gaming Night on Friday and a compilation of behind the scenes on Sunday. Every last Saturday of the month, they will hold a group livestream to help raise funds for several causes.

There are moments where several members appear in videos outside of their main one like Zen teaching Yoosung to put on makeup or Jaehee and MC try to play Resident Evil while Seven is laughing like a madman in the background. The most memorable one is when Jumin plays as MC’s protective father refusing to give Zen MC’s hand in marriage because Zen ‘doesn’t respect cats enough’.

All in all, everyone has a great time and is happy. That’s all I ask from this Youtube AU done for Aurora weekly challenge.

This may have had a horrible execution but I thought a lot about this, as you can see from the wall of text. Wish I had more time to do gifs but oh well. Hope you enjoyed this and big kudos to you if you’ve read this far.

Multiverse Lovers - Part Two -Stiles Stilinski

Title: The Happenings of Beacon Hills

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 8,436

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Public Sex, Jeep Sex, Fingering, Hand Job, Making Out with Stiles because who wouldn’t?, Feeling, Sexy Massages, Dirty Talking, Orgasm Denial, Multiple Orgasms

Notes: Prepare your holy water, because it’s about to get real. 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

The jostling of the moving car bumped you left and right, the almost inaudible chug of the engine the first sound you could make out. Your eyes clenched tightly, a small stream of sunlight hitting them through the window. Your mind was slow to process what was going on and where you were, the worn leather of the seats making your back sweat profusely.

Wait, you thought to yourself, your eyes cracking open to stare at the roof of the vehicle above your head. Why am I in a car? The last thing I remember was falling asleep on the roof…

You sat up startled, glancing around at your surroundings hoping to figure out where you were and what was going on. A million thoughts were running through your mind, none of them making any sense. You glanced out the window in front of you, watching the trees pass by. You were in a moving vehicle, make and model unknown, person driving it most likely having kidnapped you.

“Glad to see you are finally awake,” the driver spoke. You glanced at the person, meeting their eyes through the rear-view mirror. The male’s honey brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight, but more than familiar to your well-trained eyes. “Did you have a good nap?”

Your mouth fell open, not believing what you were looking at.

Stiles Stilinski is right in front of me. What the fuck?

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10 Things I Hate About You AU

Zoe just wants to go on a date to the school dance with the cute girl in her class. That’s literally all she wants. But she’s not allowed to date anyone unless her brother dates someone. Which makes her entire endeavour a fruitless one, because Connor would much rather NOT interact with anyone, let alone date. 

Jared overhears Zoe’s woes and offers her a potential fix - for a price (”Two Grand” “Two thousand dollars?” “Five hundred.” “Look, I got a hundred on me.” “Holy shit.”) and thus begins Jared’s quest of getting Connor and Evan together. 

It starts with him just awkwardly putting them in situations together and then abandoning Evan. Then Evan starts catching feelings and it is a Big Problem. 

Connor and Evan go out and skip school. 
Evan gets to meet the Soft Connor that no one else gets to see. 
Evan helps Connor sneak out of detention and they go on a cute date. 
They definitely sneak into the orchard. 
Connor has no idea why he’s just letting this random guy in. 

Meanwhile, Zoe is off having a grand ol’ time being tutored by Alana and flirting endlessly. 

By the time Homecoming comes around, Evan is like head over heels and really nervously asks Connor to go to the dance with him. Connor rejects him which like.. kills Evan inside. But then Zoe is like “please c’mon I’ll never bug you every again if you just say yes” and Connor gives in and texts Evan to apologize and say yes, he will go. 

When Connor finds out that Jared set up the whole thing at the dance, he thinks Evan is in on it and explodes on everyone. Evan has a full blown panic attack and Jared’s like… oh shit, I fucked up. 

Connor actually does his homework assignment for once and it’s super emo and sad but instead of leaving after reading his poem he sits down and glares at Evan. Evan volunteers to read his next which shocks everyone because! Anxiety! 

He stands up and reads it and breaks down crying through it. And then has a panic attack and Connor realizes that Evan was a victim as much as he was and Evan’s feels are real. 

They kiss and make up and everything is good. 

anonymous asked:

Could you write something about MC almost leaving the RFA because maybe one of the members said something bad about the MC by accident and she felt unwanted. How would the guys(+Jaehee)react to it and what would they do? Thank you! Xoxo


  • Considering Yoosung was pretty drugged up during the party, and was promptly dragged back to the hospital, he didn’t get see much and had no idea how successful or unsuccessful the party was
  • As it was, he barely remembered kissing MC
  • But when he checked the Messenger, Jaehee was going over details of the party that could have better handled with MC
  • At first, it’s fair enough, but a few months down the road, after another party that Yoosung thinks is near perfect, Jaehee does it again, critiquing for the next few months until another party
  • They all know MC is just doing her job by paying so close attention, but Yoosung sees the way it drags her down
  • MC closes down the app one day, logging off before Jaehee can start in on her again
  • When Yoosung asks her if she’s okay, MC just says she’s considering uninstalling the app and quitting the RFA so Jaehee will stop criticizing her
  • Like, she knows Jaehee means well, but there’s only so much someone can take
  • Yoosung has a long conversation with her about the RFA, their roles, and whether or not she should stay
  • The next day, MC convinced Jumin to let her take Jaehee out for coffee to have a little chat like rational adults about how MC feels


  • MC wouldn’t say what happened, but when she suddenly announced her desire to quite the RFA, Jaehee was shocked
  • But, she supposed, that the two of them has least reasons to remain, and it was completely unreasonable
  • Jaehee ended up sitting and talking with MC about it for a long time because she wanted to make sure MC wasn’t making an emotionally charge decision she would later regret
  • MC eventually conceded and agreed to wait a day or two before she made her final decision
  • Jaehee meanwhile quietly asks around with the other members to see if they know anything
  • She doesn’t know what happened, but Seven acts like he’s responsible, calls MC and apologizes
  • The day after the apology, MC tells Jaehee she’s not quitting after all
  • Mostly because she can’t leave Jaehee to be the only sane one in the RFA to take care of that mess of children


  • MC has a tendency to be quiet on the Messenger
  • She doesn’t say much, she mostly reads what they’re writing
  • The truth is, MC will type out a response, only to have her opportunity fly by and then quickly deletes the comment
  • One day, three whole chats go by where MC never says a word
  • On the next chat, she manages to jump in and say something and Jumin’s first reaction is, “oh hello MC, I didn’t realize you were here.”
  • MC explains the last three chats (all of which Jumin was a part of), but Jumin didn’t realize she was there
  • Jumin makes a comment about how, because she can be so quiet, he sometimes forgets she’s around
  • Something he doesn’t know is a major fear of her, that her friends will simply forget her and walk away
  • So she does a little experiment where she doesn’t log in for 3-5 days to see if anyone notices she’s gone
  • Of course Zen won’t because she’s with him all the time, doubling as his girlfriend and manager
  • And Jumin already established he wouldn’t, so MC doesn’t have high hopes for him
  • Sure enough, she’s off the Messenger for 3 days, she gets no calls, and when she goes in to check the chats to see, not one of them noticed
  • Of course, Zen talks about her, but outside of that, that’s the only mention of her
  • MC hopes it’s just a fluke but ends up swamped with so much work as Zen’s manager that she ends up off the Messenger for a full month
  • Nobody notices she’s gone, nobody talks about her outside of her relationship with Zen, no one texts her, and no one calls her
  • Zen noticed she wasn’t going online within a few days, but when he asked, she just told him she was too busy
  • When MC finally pops back on, everyone is kind of lackluster, “oh hey MC, how are you?”
  • She says, “sorry I’ve been offline for so long.” They’re reactions are generally, “oh really? How long have you been off?”
  • MC is genuinely hurt
  • She wasn’t active for a month and they didn’t even notice
  • MC catches up, reading all previous chats and ends up crying a little because they didn’t even notice
  • Zen is kinda pissed that he didn’t realize sooner, even more so that they didn’t even try to communicate with her outside of the chat
  • So when she leaves a message in an empty chatroom that she’s leaving the RFA, the RFA freak out, but Zen jumps to her defense, prompting a phone call and an apology from everyone


  • Zen was being kind of… rude is a nice way of putting it
  • He kept making digs at Jumin and picking on him more than usual
  • It didn’t help that, when MC tried to defend Jumin, Zen dismissed what she said by saying she’s biased and doesn’t see it
  • MC was so angry, she declared that, unless Zen apologized to both her and her husband, MC was going to quit the RFA
  • Of course, MC knew she was being irrational, but even after she cooled, she stood by her decision
  • Jumin was honestly flattered by her declaration, but insisted she not quit because the RFA still needed her
  • MC agreed to stay, but stated that she wasn’t going to login for a few days to see if she couldn’t get Zen to apologize anyways


  • Yoosung was complaining about how, after Rika returned, he thought things would go back to normal
  • You know, Rika would plan parties, they would all attend and have fun
  • Every time he mentioned Rika, MC would flinch and sometimes it came to be so much that she just logged off
  • After learning everything she did to V and Saeran, MC couldn’t forgive her
  • But she didn’t dare tarnish Yoosung’s memory of her
  • After MC finished organizing her second RFA party, Yoosung made a lot of comments to her about “Rika would have done this” or “Rika would have done that” and so on
  • Basically, he compared everything she did to Rika, as though implying that she wasn’t as good as Rika or that he wanted to replace her with Rika
  • So MC handed in a copy of her resignation to both Saeyoung and Jumin
  • When asked, MC made it clear
  • “I’m clearly not wanted. Yoosung just wants Rika to take her rightful place again, and that means I have no reason to be in the RFA. Ergo, I’m not wanted.”
  • Jumin says only that he’ll give her a few days to rethink her decision and if she still wants to leave, she can
  • Saeyoung, meanwhile, calls Yoosung and tells him the affect his words had on MC and how Rika is not all that she believed she was (he doesn’t go into details, but alludes to her being part of the reason V died)
  • Within an hour, Yoosung calls her and is apologizing, close to tears, because he didn’t realize that he’d hurt her so badly
  • MC says its okay, she understands
  • But when Saeyoung asks about it when she hangs up, she still says that she’s going to quit
  • He doesn’t understand why, exactly (although he was close himself)
  • MC just states, “I’m replaceable. Rika was. The RFA doesn’t need me.”
  • Saeyoung consoles her, and assures her, she is needed in the RFA
  • Not as a Rika replacement
  • As the kind, understanding woman she is, ready to help anyone in need, including them
  • “Without you,” Saeyoung says, “I would never have gotten Saeran back. I needed you. I still need you. We all do.”
  • From another room, Saeran suddenly shouts, “I CAN HEAR YOU TWO BEING SAPPY! KNOCK IT OFF!!”


HEY EVERYONE who love 19 days and recognize my existence

I change the way I colored this little comic a little bit, especially on the lighting effect. Hope it gives a pleasant feeling while reading it. I drew this on Krita, and the text tool is shitty so I ended up writing the dialog with pen tab :(

I usually included some rant along the fanart I made, and this one is going to be a reaaaaally long rant (okay, maybe not, but still) so I’m putting a tab below to help you skip the rant lol

PS: I hope you’re not scared seeing He Tian’s body *sobs I had hard time configuring the body without references :’(

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Send To All

Originally posted by ohstylesno

Requested by anonymous:

“hey there! I don’t know if you’re still doing 1D requests but I was wondering if I could request a Harry Styles imagine?? idk if you know of it but there’s a comedian called michael mcintyre who has a chat show and he has a segment called ‘send to all’ where he sends a mass text from the guests phone and reads the replies - anyways I was wondering if you could do a request where the reader is a celebrity and secretly dating Harry and their relationship gets exposed or something through this?? xx”

Warnings: None?? tiny bit of language and fluff I suppose

Notes: This gif has no relevance it just fucking kills me omg (also I’m so excited to write for harry eek)

“Good luck love, I know you’ll be amazing as always. Thinking of you and can’t wait to finally hold you in my arms tomorrow. H x” 

You felt your heart constrict and a buzz fill your body, a smile tugging up on your lips as your eyes scanned over the text your boyfriend had just sent you. Your thumbs hovered anxiously over the keyboard as you mulled over what you should reply with. You had just decided on replying with words teasing him about how he signed his texts just like his tweets when you were interrupted. 

“*yn*, we’re ready for you.” 

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So…I can’t wait for the fic where Winston is like “TORBJORN IS ON HIS WAY BACK! And he’s bringing…an assistant?” And everyone’s super hype and then they all flip shit when it’s Torbjorn and Bastion because ????


Torbjorn: yeah and do you know how many animals I’ve had to foster on my way here? Because of it there was three weeks with a family of skunks who thought we were the greate– STOP FEEDING STRAY DOGS they might belong to someone and oh. Okay yes I’ll hold this cat where did you get this?

Everyone else: ????????????

Step-bros (Connor M. x Heere!Reader)

a/n: im back bitches— this is unedited and confusing acuz its 2am,,,, credit to @edenleicester for the lovely stepbrothers au!!!!!!

w/c: 1,614

t/w: WeEd and,,,, OooOOH uNdErAgE dRiNkInG,,,OOOooohhOOH >;O

You glared out your window, your earbuds blasting the newest music you were into. You were trying to ignore your brother and new step-brother, as well as your father and Heidi. The boy in the middle of the seat, Evan, was practically radiating anxiety. He would never say it aloud, but you reminded him of Connor Murphy.

You felt a tap on your shoulder and you glanced to your left, seeing your brother Jeremy looking at you and gesturing towards Heidi. He had snuck his arm above Evans’s head to tap you gently.

“What?” You said, pulling your earbuds out of your ears. Heidi laughed.

“I asked, are you excited to start senior year?” She glanced at you in her side mirror.

“No.” You grunted honestly, making Evan glance at you with curiosity, then back at his fidgeting hands. You were the oldest sibling in this now conjoined family, a few months older than Evan and a year ahead of Jeremy. You slouched slightly as you saw Heidi’s face fall at her attempt to make peace with you. You hated this new change in your family. You hated almost all change.

“Alright, kids. We’re here at our new home!” Your dad grinned, parking the car. You opened the door and tried to keep yourself calm, you wanted to yell and cry and try to reason with your dad. You stepped out and scrunched your face up in disgust as you glanced at the new house. Your father and Heidi had gone out of their way to already unpack almost the whole house, except for your rooms.

“Do you like it, (y/n)? Jeremy?” Your dad asked hopefully.

“Yeah, dad, we love it.” You mumbled, not wanting him to feel bad. You started walking into the quite large house, looking around at the way your father and step mother had decorated. You heard footsteps behind you so you turned around to see Heidi smiling sadly.

“Hi, honey.. I know you don’t really like me, but I hope we can be like mother and daughter eventually.” Heidi smiled sadly, like she knew everything about you. Your face fell and you subconsciously tugged down on your sleeves, feeling slightly bad.

“I don’t dislike you, Heidi. I dislike change.” You mumbled, turning around and going up the stairs. Once again you heard footsteps behind you, practically running to keep up with your long strides.

“Can you believe we have to share a room?” Jeremy snorted, following you into your room.

“Yeah, I know. How will you ever have sex with Michael again?” You said dramatically, laughing and bending down to start unpacking a box. Jeremy turned bright red and started to unpack on his side as well.

“No, but really? We couldn’t just get a house so every kid gets their own room?” Jeremy mumbles.

“I’m fine with sharing a room with you. I’d rather share with you than Evan- not because I don’t like the kid or anything, I just don’t want to make him uncomfortable, y'know?” You grunted, making your bed.

“With all your satanic posters and crystals, you make me uncomfortable.” Jeremy joked.

“No, we um, actually really need a curtain to separate the room in two.”

“Most definitely, you nerd.” You agreed, watching him hang up a Pacman poster.

You were sitting on your bed listening to music one day when the curtain between the room was ripped open.

“H-hey, can we have like, three friends over?” Evan giggled, making Jeremy hit his arm and laugh as well.

“Um, sure?” You asked, raising your eyebrows. It was date night for your dad and step-mom, meaning you were in charge.

“O-okay, good! Because they’re already here!” Jeremy laughed, probably high.

“Come chill with us!” Evan and Jeremy had managed to grab your arms and drag you down the stairs and into the gaming room.

“Hi, (y/n)!” Michael laughed, waving at you. The whole room smelt like weed. There were two boys on the couch who you had seen before, but never cared to talk to.

“O-okay! These are my friends Jared,” Evan grinned, pointing to one boy. “And Connor!” He pointed to another boy.

“Sup, hot stuff!” Jared said tipsily, winking at you. He had a beer in front of him, and another one in his hand. Connor was sitting quietly and smoking weed. He waved slightly at you, and you turned pink.

“Hey,” you laughed, sitting down on the couch and grabbing a beer. “Who brought the weed this time, Michael?”

Jared, Connor, and Evan looked a little shocked you didn’t get mad. Michael laughed and blew smoke into the air.

“Actually, Connor brought it!” Michael giggled, leaning into Jeremy.

“Sweet.” You giggled, taking a hit and glancing at Connor. Connor turned a deep red under your gaze and he shifted uncomfortably. You liked the way he would glance at you and turn red all throughout the night. The way he would shift and gently lean on you when he talked to you.

“Oh my god, oh my god! We should play Just Dance!” Jeremy cries, standing up quickly and stumbling towards the Wii. “We only have four controllers, though!” 

“I’ll sit out.” You and Connor both offered at the first time, glancing at each other. You smirked as the other four started to dance drunkenly.

“Hi.” You giggled, scooting closer to Connor. Connor stared at you, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Hi?” He muttered, his face turning a pale pink. You leaned on him slightly, mumbling your next sentence.

“How come we’ve never spoken before?” You smirked at him as Evan turned around and hit Jeremy, both of your younger brothers now staring at you flirting with Connor.

“Holy shit?” Jeremy whispered, glancing at Evan then back at you.

“It worked?!” Evan whisper shouted, jumping happily. Michael and Jared glanced back at you and Connor as Evan and Jeremy pulled them out of the room.

“You were intimidating.” Connor mumbles, taking a sip of his beer.

“And you aren’t?” You joked, tilting your head.

“True. But I mean you are so pretty, it’s almost intimidating.” Connor crossing his arms after he sets the beer down on the coffee table.

“Oh, you’re the hot, brooding type of intimidating, Connor.“ You giggled, mocking him by crossing your arms. He pouts slightly, making you giggle even more.

The four boys were watching you and Connor from the kitchen, drunk amazement on their faces. “They should just date already.” Jared snorts.

“We heard that.” You giggled, glancing behind you and growing a bit tired.

“Oh-oh my god!” Jeremy cried, glancing at a text message. “Mom and dad are going to be home soon!”

Your eyes widened and you launched up from your seat. “How long?” You asked, suddenly wide awake.

“Five minutes!” Jeremy read, glancing up at you then at Michael.

“Super speed mode!” The three of you shouted like dorks, each of you launching into action. You were throwing away beer cans while Michael hid the bongs, throwing the weed at Connor. Jeremy ran into the bathroom and came out with a giant bottle of febreze, practically choking everyone while he sprayed it. Evan and Jared started to sweep and vacuum the floors, picking up all the dropped food. Connor started to do the dishes, cleaning all of the snack bowls and silverware. Everyone moved surprisingly fast for being drunk, high, or both.

“Okay, kiddos! Get your sleeping bags out and pretend to be asleep!” Everyone rolled out their sleeping bags and crawled in, except for you. You sat on the couch and pretended to be exhausted. You had purposely placed a bag of popcorn on the floor, along with a few pieces in between the boys, so it didn’t seem suspicious.

“Hi honey,” Heidi smiled at you, ruffling your hair and speaking softly. “How did everything go?”

“Good,” You smiled up at her and glanced at your father.

“Why does it reek like febreze?” He mumbled, squinting slightly.

“Oh,” You laughed nonchalantly. “The step-bros keeps farting up a storm.”

You were surprised when none of the boys on the floor broke out in laughter, since you did giggle to yourself. Your father and Heidi wished you a goodnight. When they closed their bedroom door, all of the boys sat up in sync.

“Really, (y/n)? We keep farting?” Jeremy mumbled, making Michael and Jared laugh and agree it was true.

“God damn, that was smooth. Lying on the spot like that, that was kinda hot.” Connor flirted, raising his eyebrows at you. He was drunk, and definitely high.

“Connor- please, stop, that’s my sister.” Evan complained, laughing slightly.

“You’re right, Evan, they should save it for the bedroom!” Jared snorts, earning a kick from you.

“Wait, how come I didn’t know about this sleepover until a few hours ago?” You questioned, making all of the boys go quiet.

“Goodnight!” Jeremy laughed, flopping into his sleeping bag. The other boys followed his lead, all except for Connor.

“Night, babe.” Connor smirked, laying down and drifting off the sleep. You shook your head and laughed, blushing slightly.

Stay After Class

Kim Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 2.038

Warnings: Taehyung giving it to you good( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(lol sorry)


I’m really sorry but I couldn’t find the link to whoever’s gif this is so credit to the owner:)

Great. Another day to endure, sitting in front of Mr.Kim. You weren’t sure you could endure any longer. Like really, just looking him made you feel some type of way. His blonde hair always framed his face perfectly and when he styled it so that his eyebrows showed, there was nothing but heat. Everyone knew that he was attractive yes, but you barely said anything about it. Today was the day though. When you came in, you saw him at the board, wearing all black. Dammit, he must’ve done this on purpose. Your eyes trailed all over him, your thoughts filled with how good he looked. How sexy he looked.

You broke out of your trance and made your way to your seat only to find your friend drooling over the same person you were staring at just moments before.

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a/n: get some tissues this is nearly 3000 words of pure emotion and sadness and angst

Slamming the door closed on your car, you carefully walked up the path to your sister’s bridal shower, large gift box in hand. You had flown home from Shawn’s tour to get ready for your return to university, and you made it back in time to go to her shower.

Thankfully, the door had been opened so you didn’t have to worry about balancing the gift in one hand. It wasn’t even that impressive of a gift, it was just a blender. But, it wasn’t a cheap blender, so you didn’t dare loosen your grip as you walked down the hall, until you dropped it on the table with the rest of the gifts.

“Hey! Glad you could make it!” Your sister’s best friend smiled, hugging you.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: set in the evening of june 13th's clip, the balloon boys are filming a hei briskeby video and yousef takes his phone out mid-video to check his notifications since he didn't have the time to during work and he had it on silent as well, and sees sana's text and forgets how to breathe and doesn't know how to react but is trying to act chill anyways because they're filming but is too shocked to answer back etc etc


I wrote this pretty quick and I don’t know if it’s what you wanted but I really hope you like it :D ♥


“You know what we should do?” Mikael said as Elias let the boys into his house

“What? asked Elias

“A live video!!” Mikael answered excited “I’ve seen lots of youtubers doing that, I bet people would watch that!”

“But do we have to do that today?” Yousef asked not really excited about it “Today is being a hard day at work, I haven’t had a break”

“Come Yousef, stop complaining! Mikael’s idea is great” Adam said

“Of course you’re on his side…” Yousef muted.

“Huh?” Adam asked


“Okay what do you guys think?” Mikael asked Mutta and Elias

“I think it’d be cool” Mutta said “People could ask us questions”

“I’m sorry Yousef but I’m with them, I think it’d be cool. It’d be like the last Hei Briskeby video before you go, it has to be special” Elias said

“Okaaaay, fine. Let’s do it” Yousef said walking to the living room “By the way Elias can you lend me a charger? My phone is dead”



Sana checked her phone once again, he still hadn’t seen it. She sighed and as she laid on Noora’s bed.

After deciding that they were ditching school, which they were already doing without even noticing, they went to the Kollektiv and they had been there during the whole afternoon. Noora had told Sana everything that had been going on with William while Sana told Noora about her conversation with Yousef, even the throwing grass leaves part.

“Still no answer?” Noora, who was lying by her side asked

“Nope” Sana said “At least he hasn’t seen it yet, that’s good right? That means he’s not just ignoring me…I guess”

“Sana he would never ignore you, believe me the boy is so gone for you”

“He wasn’t really warm towards me on Sunday…he was nice but…you know, not like other times”

“He thinks you don’t like him, the boy is probably just trying not to get his hopes up”

“Ugh, why is everything so complicated?” Sana sighed covering her face with her hands

“Love is complicated but it’s worth the pain” Noora said with a soft voice

“Seriously Noora, you’re starting to get on my nerves with all this positivity” Sana said making her friend laugh

“Ah, Sana life is beautiful”

Sana shook her head but laughed. That’s when her phone beeped. Her heart started to pound fast on her chest as she grabbed her phone with trembling hands, only to be disappointed when she realized that the notification didn’t belonged to facebook but to youtube.

“Is it him?” Noora asked

“Uh…yes and no”


“It’s a notification from Youtube, apparently Elias and the boys are making a live video right now”

“And what are you waiting for?” Noora said sitting on the bed “Go watch it! Yousef will be there”

“So what? It won’t make him answer”

“I know, but aren’t you curious? I mean you’re subscribed to their channel for a reason”

“Okay, you have a point” Sana said rolling her eyes

She opened the youtube app and pressed play.

The boys were at her house, as always. Elias was in the middle with Adam and Mikael on one side and Mutta and Yousef in the other one.

“Okay, okay, okay we’ve waited a few minutes so everyone gets settled but I think it’s time to start” Elias said looking at the camera “Hei Briskeby! We’re here today with a live video, we want you to ask us questions and we’ll answer them”

Sana rolled her eyes, did they think they were famous or something?

“Sana, look at Yousef” Noora said pointing at him in the corner of the image


“He has his phone in his hands and it’s plugged, maybe he didn’t have battery?”

“Uh…could be” Sana said checking her phone once again “he still hasn’t seen it though”


Elias was answering some question he had received from a viewer when he finally turned on his phone. Yousef had been without his phone the whole day, and only now he was able to check it, not like he would usually receive many texts anyway. He waited a few seconds for it to be completely loaded to unlock it. Meanwhile he tried to act as if he was interested in the video but being honest, he really wasn’t, he didn’t feel like filming that video. Lost in his thoughts, he felt his phone buzz in his hands. He looked down and saw a notification from facebook.

Sana Bakkoush has sent you a friend request

He widened his eyes and before he could tap on the request a message bubble appeared.

Do you want to hang out with me?”

His heart skipped a beat after reading that simple question, because it wasn’t simple, not at all, not when it came from not other than Sana, the girl he was so gone for. His hands were shaking and before he could do anything about it his phone fell to the floor startling everyone in the room

“Yousef bro, what are you doing?” Elias asked him


“Oh my god have you seen that?!!?” Noora asked excited “Check your phone, see if he has read your text, come on!!”

Sana opened the facebook app once more and clicked in her conversation with Yousef

“He has, Noora, he has, he has!! What does that mean?”

“It means that the boy completely freaked out when he saw your text and dropped his phone. Oh my god that boy is so in love!!”

“Maybe he just didn’t expect it” Sana said

“Are you kidding? Look at him! He’s blushing”

“Because Elias is yelling at him”

And he was, as Sana and Noora talked the video kept playing

“Yousef bro, what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, I just dropped my phone” Yousef said blushing

“Well, leave your phone now, we’re making a video” Elias said

“But I need to…”

“You can answer later, just leave it”

Elias stood up and took the phone away from Yousef.

“Are you being serious Elias?”

“Yes, our public is waiting for us”

All Yousef could do was roll his eyes. The girl of his dreams had finally texted him and her brother had taken away his phone from him as if he was 12 years old. A thought suddenly hit Yousef. He had opened the message, he had seen it. Now Sana would think that he was ignoring her


“Look at him! He’s panicking!” Noora said laughing “Oh poor boy”

“He’s not…”

“Sana Bakkoush can you stop pretending like you’re not over the moon right now because you’re seeing the boy you like completely freaking out because you asked him out?” Noora said

“Okay, fine, it’s kind of funny” Sana said biting her lip

“He’s probably so worried because he left you on seen”

Sana looked at the screen and laughed, he definitely looked worried

“Ah, poor boy we have to find a way to contact him” Noora said thinking “I got it!!”


“Okay next question” Mikael said as he read the chat they had added to the live video so people could ask their questions “It’s from SB and it says: ‘Yousef are you going to answer me or what?’ dude what the hell?”

Mikael looked at his friend confused, actually all of the boys turned to him confused. But the most confused of all of them? That was definitely Yousef.

“What does that mean?” Elias asked

“Another message!” Adam said taking the phone from Mikael “It’s also from SB and it says ‘it’s not cool to leave a girl on seen, Acar’ Yousef who is that girl?”

“I can’t believe this” Yousef chuckled, then he looked at the camera and added “Elias took my phone, I can’t answer you”

“Who are you talking to?” Mutta asked

“Another message from SB: ‘Then answer me now, look at the camera and answer’” Mikael read.

“Okay, you asked for it” Yousef said laughing and getting a little closer to the camera “Yes, Sana Bakkoush, I’d love to hang out with you”

“Wait, Sana Bakkoush? As in my sister Sana Bakkoush?” Elias asked “What is going on?”

“Well, it seems like our video is over now” Yousef said still looking at the camera “We’ll see you in the next Hei Briskeby video, goodbye!!”

He then stood up and stopped the filming. He had an explanation to give to his friend and a girl to set a date with.


Ahh I’m sorry if this is bad and short. Also I hope it’s not confusing with the texts and everything

And also I’m sorry I didn’t put a screenshot of the fb messages but my phone is dead now and I use the app there so…basically I’m sorry if this is a mess haha

I hope you’ve liked it though

Thanks for the prompt and thank you all for reading!!♥


You Tease - Bucky Barnes x Reader SMUT


Summary/Request: Hey hey, I’m sure you already have Sexual Tension all planned out, but could you do an X Reader with the same kinda situation they’re in now but reader is sending Bucky suggestive texts throughout class and distracting him, and maybe smut after?

Pairing: Professor!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 1.7k

Warning: Sexual comments, Smut & Idk jealousy ?

A/N: this is my first smut I hope you guys like it LOL also thank you to the individual who was kind enough to leave me my first request ! Highly appreciated!

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Long Distance (Chapter Four)

I cant wait to hear what you guys think of my au Bucky in this one! Hes sort of my favorite!

Thanks to everyone for rallying and getting all those notes on the last chapter, love to know you guys are reading and enjoying this! Love my readers!

I tried to add everyone who asked to the tag list, let me know if you want to be added!!!


Enjoy :)

“Tony.” Pepper ran a comforting hand over his shoulder. “Tony, are you alright?”

“Just leave me alone.” Tony was alternating between scribbling nonsense into a notebook and staring out the window at nothing. “Nothings wrong, just leave me alone.”

“Did something happen with Steve?” She asked softly. “I know you’re not answering his texts anymore.” Tony flinched away from her and she sighed. “Oh Tony. I’m sorry. What happened?”

“He has a boyfriend.” Tony said bitterly. “A boyfriend. We were all ‘oh I missed hearing from you all day!’ And ‘sure wish we lived closer!’ And I asked him to meet up and–” the pencil in his hand snapped in half. “And he’s got a boyfriend.”

“Tony…” Pepper floundered for a second, trying to find the right words. “Maybe you misunderstood him? Surely he wouldnt be talking to you all this time and then–”

“I asked him to meet up for Valentine’s Day, and he said that Bucky couldn’t wait to meet me and that they had both wanted to see me for weeks.” Tony shrugged. “I didn’t sign up to hang out with a couple. I didnt want to be a third wheel. I know it sounds stupid but I thought Steve and I– I thought we were–” then he shook his head. “It’s stupid. Just texting. It’s not like we even talked on the phone or anything. I have no reason to be upset. Stupid.”

“But you’re sad, so it isn’t stupid.” Pepper ran gentle fingers through his hair. “You’re more upset about this than you were about Shawna.”

“Yeah, I guess I hoped men didn’t play games like women do.” Tony snorted.

“Hey.” Pepper tugged at his hair. “Every gender has their stupid moments, Tony. You just seem to attract them more than others.”

“Thanks for that.” Tony frowned at her, but leaned his head against her stomach anyway. “Will you stay and have dinner with me?”

“Of course.” She hugged him a little tighter. “Tony, of course.”

“He still isn’t talking to you?” Bucky put his bag down and crossed the living room, wrapping his arms around Steve’s shoulders.

“Nope.” Steve was staring dejectedly at his phone, slouched in the recliner. “I mean he texted me a few days ago, you know, telling me to lose his number but–”

“I’m sorry babe.” Bucky pressed a kiss to his temple. “We should have told him earlier. About us, I mean. You can’t blame him for being upset. Learning someone you like is in a relationship is tough on anyone. And when you first started talking, he had just been dumped, that’s why he had been having such a bad day remember? Hearing about you and I was probably just….” Bucky’s voice trailed off. “I mean, he would have been upset anyway, but more so considering how his last relationship ended.”

“I guess I assumed he would realize that you and I were together. Two guys eating dinner together, working out together… Sure I never came right out and said, but I didn’t think I had to. And it definitely didn’t occur to me that he would be upset that he’d stop talking to me.”

“You miss him.” Bucky said softly, and took the phone from Steve’s hand, moving so he could kneel between Steve’s legs. “Don’t you?”

“It’s so stupid.” Steve tugged his fingers through his hair in frustration. “It’s just texting, right? He has every right to be upset at me and I don’t really have a reason to miss him. Stupid.”

“It’s not.” Bucky ran his hands up and down Steve’s thighs comfortingly. “It’s not. I mean, I’m practically in love with the guy and I’ve only been reading over your shoulder. And if I miss hearing from him, I know it’s worse for you.”

Steve didn’t say anything, just leaned down until their foreheads touched and breathed a heavy sigh.

“Do you want me to try and call him?” Bucky offered then. “It’s been over a week, maybe he’s cooled down and would be willing to listen.”

“I don’t think—”

“Stevie.” Bucky brushed their lips together. “Honey, I want to talk to him too. I want to meet him too, remember? Just let me try.”

Without waiting for a reply, Bucky copied Tony’s number from Steve’s phone and hit ‘call’.

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Teen Wolf Imagine- What Happened To Y/N?

Part2     Part3    Part4

Authors Note- Okay so sorry if this is confusing, but I’m starting a series where each part is told in someone else’s perspective so the first part is in Y/n’s perspective and the second will be from another member of the pack and so on. All parts follow the story of Y/n and an event that occurred, but each pack member has a piece of the puzzle that they are unaware of. (Isaac, Derek, Peter and Allison are still there so it is all the pack members) x

Y/n’s Pov

“I honestly didn’t mean for it to come across like that” you said innocently with wide eyes. “Come on, you’re a flirt and you know it! The poor boy must have been so confused” Lydia giggled, giving you a light nudge. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, and I never want find out” Scott claimed, as him and Stiles sat their trays down opposite you. “Don’t worry my dearest brother, you’ll never find out” you replied, laughing when you and Lydia exchanged looks. “There you guys are!” Liam panted as he slammed his textbook on your lunch table and flopped into the nearest available seat. “Woah, you look terrible” Stiles remarked to him, as Allison joined you all. “Have you heard the news?” Liam asked, still struggling for breath. ”Enough with the suspense, spit it out!” you said with sarcastic enthusiasm, as he barley finished. Before he could open his mouth to speak, Kira dragged a chair over to the end of the table, you all stared at her as it squeaked the whole way there. “Sorry” she eventually said with an awkward smile. “Anyway, the Beacon Hills High pep rally has been moved to tonight”  he said with such excitement. “This is what you were so desperate to tell us?” Lydia asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah, I thought you guys would be interested” he said as he looked at everyone’s bored faces. “Once you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all” Stiles spoke. “Don’t worry, we’ll be there” Scott reassured, sensing his disappointment. “Right guys?” Allison joined in, staring particularly at you and Stiles. Everyone nod and murmured in agreement, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world” you added, holding your hands up. You felt your phone vibrate in your back pocket, causing Liam and Scott to stare at you, as they were the only others to hear it. “Are you going to answer that?” Scott asked when you blatantly ignored it. “Oh uhm yeah” you mumbled, shrugging off his questioning looks. You pulled out your phone and read all the texts. You quickly shoved it into your pocket again and stood up. “Where are you going?” Allison asked. “I’ve just got to go to…the bathroom” you excused. “I’ll come with you” Lydia offered. “No it’s fine. Everything is fine” you replied too quickly, picking up your bag and exiting the cafeteria. “What was that about?” Kira questioned. “I don’t know” Scott answered with concern all over his face. “Did you pick up any signals?” Stiles leaned in. “Anxiety?” Liam confused. “Fear” Scott corrected.

You stumbled into your house, holding your head. You dropped your bag by the door and tried to sneak upstairs quietly. “Where the hell have you been?” your brother asked, while standing in the livingroom door frame. “Oh hey Scotty, I was just running some errands and I guess time ran away with me”  you lied. “For one I heard your heartbeat rise and I can smell the blood. What happened to your head?” he asked as he moved to the bottom of the stairs. You turned around and gave a weak smile, “We played dodgeball in gym class last period and I was hit pretty hard and-” you began before he cut you off. “Lydia checked, you weren’t in gym class” he pointed out. “Listen, we can do this back and forth, but if we do we’ll miss the rally and we cant let Liam down. Just drop it. I promise I’m fine” you stated. “Hurry up and get ready, Stiles is picking us up in half an hour” he gave a loud sigh. You continued up the stairs. “Don’t think I’ve let this go, we’re talking about this later” he added. You waved him off from over your shoulder and slammed your bedroom door shut behind you. That was a conversation you weren’t willing to have.

You hopped into the back of Stiles’ jeep and smiled brightly at Lydia sitting beside you. “You look stunning” she said with an approving nod. “And you look gorgeous” you returned. “They’re cute, almost as cute as us” Stiles said, as they both turned to pout at you. You and Lydia let out small laughs, as he began to drive. “How come you’re not riding with Allison?” you asked Scott. “She somehow got sucked into taking Liam and his friend Mason, so she made Kira go with her for company” he shrugged. “So how about Isaac?” you asked again. “Him and Derek were sorting something out at the loft, he didn’t really say too much. I think Derek’s bringing him later” Scott replied, reaching to turn the radio up. “Wait, so is Malia coming?” you asked quickly. “Yeah, we’re going to pick her up now” Scott answered once more. “You’re really jittery today, what’s up?” Stiles asked this time, noticing your odd behaviour. “I appreciate your concern-but as I told my brother here, I’m fine” you said, getting slightly tired of repeating yourself. A few minutes later you pulled outside the Tate residency and Malia staggered out of her house, before straightening herself out and opening the car door. You squeezed into the middle seat as she got in. “I like the feather” she smiled casually. “Thanks, I like the boots” you smiled back. You exchanged coded looks for a second, before Lydia joined the conversation. “That’s a cute necklace” She commented. “Thanks, and that’s a really nice bracelet” Malia replied, dazed by it. “Women” Stiles scoffed, while Scott simply shook his head.

When you arrived at the rally you immediately met up with the rest of the pack and said your greetings. All the girls and Mason were in a huddle complementing each others outfits before Liam, Scott and Stiles pulled you away from each other, not wanting to hear any more compliments for the rest of the week- let alone the rest of the night. You all broke off for a while and did your own little things. You, Allison and Lydia were having a few drinks and dancing, taking full advantage of being able to feel the effects of alcohol. Scott was talking to Stiles, well it was more of a shout because they didn’t think to move further away from the loud music. Liam was having a relaxed time, as he introduced Mason to a few of his team mates. While Kira and Malia took full advantage of the free food that was on offer, which many students avoided at all costs. You took a large sip of vodka and looked out of the corner of your eye, seeing a figure, you turned yourself around and watched as it headed towards the bathrooms. You then discreetly made your way out of the crowd, before Allison and Lydia could notice. You quickly walked after the figure, constantly glancing behind you.

After eventually resurfacing, you felt the crisp air on your skin as you walked out of the building. You leant against one of the trees at the bonfire, and listened to the sound of the crackling fire, the hum of students laughing and talking, the sound of coach tormenting Greenburg and the loud music that threatened to block out all other noise. A senior handed you another red solo cup and attempted to hit on you, you gladly took the drink and knocked it back, but even that wouldn’t mildly convince you to show him any sort of attention. You looked up to see all your friends dancing together at this point, you didn’t need Scott’s hearing and sense of smell to tell they were having a good time, even though every so often they would look around trying to locate wherever you had gotten off to. Stiles and Kira were both sort of bobbing to their own rhythm while Malia and Allison laughed. Scott and Lydia didn’t miss a beat and were taking pride in trying to out-dance each other. Isaac and Liam were stiffer than the others but still not as bad as Kira and Stiles. Mason had ran off somewhere with one of the lacrosse players. You shook your head and took joy in just watching them but before you could join them your phone buzzed again. You hesitated for a second, before aggressively pulling it out of your pocket. You skimmed over the messages and let out a loud huff, before storming further out into the lacrosse field alone. Who knew so much stuff could happen in one day?

After about an hour, the party was still raging but it had died down from what it was. Most of the pack had stopped dancing and had collapsed away from the crowd in exhaustion. Stiles was throwing up behind the very same tree you were leaning against previously, while Liam awkwardly pat his back. Malia was sitting against the other side of the tree, half falling asleep while eating one of the freezing cold chicken nuggets the bonfire had provided. Lydia and Allison slightly stumbled over to them with Scott and Kira trying to hold them up. Mason had reappeared with a rather smug look on his face, followed by Isaac with a rather concerned one. “Where’s your sister? I haven’t heard from her in ages and she wont answer any of my texts” Isaac asked, shaking his phone. “Speaking of which, I haven’t heard from her in a while” Allison added, as if she instantly sobered up with worry. “Y/n’s right here, I can smell her” Malia claimed with her eyes shut. “Or she was here” Liam said, biting his lip anxiously. Stiles turned around and wiped his face, showing the same concerned expression as the others. “We’re probably overreacting, she’s probably hooking up with a ridiculously hot senior” Kira intervened. “Y/n wouldn’t do that, something is wrong” Isaac stated quickly after her. “Maybe he’s right, it’s not like her to leave without telling any of us” Lydia agreed. “So we’ll look for her” Mason spoke. They then proceeded to branch off into groups, some looking around the bonfire and the others back around the familiar locations of Beacon Hills.

A Few Days Later

“I knew something was wrong with her” Stiles shook his head. His murder board was now wiped clean, whatever he was researching in the trash. It was now occupied with your case and the leads to your disappearance. “Y/n’s her own warrior, I just wish she’d have let us help her this once” Lydia said glumly. “It’s my fault, she’s my sister and I should have protected her. How did I not even acknowledge that she needed me? For once in her life she needed us to help her, and we all let her down that day” it was clear that Scott was broken, along with your mom. She would put on a brave face, but it was obvious she was hurting. Stiles hadn’t slept since you went missing. He spent countless hours researching and adding your pictures to missing peoples websites, clinging to every last hope. The Sherriff also had a huge pile up at the station, because he made your case a priority over all the supernatural cases he needed to create rational explanations for. Lydia felt like she had lost apart of her. She would often go to tell you something at school, or begin texting you to meet up, before realising you weren’t there to hear it. “I’d never forgive myself if anything happened to her” Allison exclaimed, staring blankly. On the surface, her Argent training allowed her to remain her calm. But dating Scott had brought you a lot closer, you were practically family to her and the impact of your disappearance dragged her down “We’ll find her, I’m sure of it” Kira tried to be positive, even though there was a constant storm cloud hovering above her head, which could begin to pour at any moment.

Meanwhile at Derek’s loft: Isaac, Malia, Derek and Peter stood around the table. “Stiles said something about her getting a text from someone” Isaac voiced. “Who from?” Peter asked quickly. “I’m not sure, he never said. I don’t think he knew either” he added. “So what, she was kidnapped?” Malia was lost in this huge mess of chained events. “Didn’t you two hear anything at the bonfire?” Derek questioned with a firm tone. The two shook their heads and looked down at the ground, feeling that it was their fault for not looking out for you as much as they should have. “We’ll find her, just keep looking” Derek said, a bit more sympathetic than usual. Even the Hales missed your sarcastic presence. They missed the constant contradicting voice that would make meetings like this even remotely humorous. Isaac was also affected. He would find himself staring at the empty seat at lunch, that no one dared to touch, and miss the laughs you’d make, even at Stiles’ dumbest jokes. Malia never gave up hope, every night without fail she would sneak out and look for you. All she had was the scent from the t-shirt you had left at her house. The scent also acted as comfort for her, every time she felt like the odds were against you all.

Mason watched as Liam paced back and forth in his room constantly, biting his nails uneasily. “What if we don’t find her in time?” Liam questioned. “We will” Mason replied. “What if we’re already too late” “We’re not”. “What if-” Liam began to say before he was cut off. “Li, calm down. Y/n wouldn’t want to see you like this” Mason said, rubbing his shoulder for support. “But she’s missing and I think I know who took her-” Liam stated.

Should I continue this or not? Sorry for the non-existent uploads but schools started and I’m struggling to keep on top of things so I’ll upload when I can x


 Just so you all know–Boston is the best place on earth.

In the light of the sun / is there anyone? / Oh, it has begun / Oh dear, you look so lost / your eyes are red and tears are shed / this world you must’ve crossed / you said…

Harry kept staring at the magazine article and his Twitter feed and watched the influx of DMs from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even his own text messages as people read the bogus article. His heart was heavy. For so long Harry had been trying and done everything he could think of to be successful. It all lead to this moment somehow and while he tried to be liked and tried to appeal to everyone, this is what happened.

He really should have known this would have happened. To Harry, it was as if he was golden and nothing could hurt him; sure, he was famous, but people adored him and could never say a bad thing about him.

But they did.

And it hurt.

His mum called him to tell him she loved him. It helped. Barely.

All he wanted to do was cry.

Rubbing his face with his hand he stood up from the chair on the patio and ripped the magazine in half with a huff. His body was shaking and he was breathing heavily. His eyes were red with no seep and tears that managed to leak out. He was tired of fame. It wouldn’t sleep and he just wanted to go away.

When he picked up the pages of his discarded magazine (he would never litter no matter how mad he was) he noted a tiny little piece had the nicest colors of leaves on it. He managed to place all the matching pieces he destroyed together—at least a few of them to get the big idea.

After the pieces were together he felt a little better and had his answer.

You don’t know me / and you don’t even care / oh yeah / and you said / you don’t know me / and you don’t wear my chains / oh yeah

“I know Mum, I will. As soon as I’m settled,” he murmured as he entered the quiet airport at an ungodly hour in the morning. He figured it was for the best to come at this time because if he came when it was busy he would get trampled and his heart would break again.

And still, he wore a hoodie and track pants. Anything to be comfy and hide himself from the world. No one appeared to notice him because it was two in the morning and who went halfway across the country at two in the morning?

Well, aside from Harry, the girl in front of him sipping on coffee as she waited to board the plane at the same gate as him. She was practically dancing as she stood in line, Harry wasn’t sure if it was the lack of sleep, the coffee she was drinking or just her personality, but she was adorable. With all the ache in his chest weighing him down, he felt utterly pleased by the cute girl in front of him. It made his brain and heart forget about the pain—even if it was only for a few minutes.

“Miss, you’ll have to throw that out before you board,” the person at the help desk said.

She nodded. “No worries, I’ll be done before the third person in line is seated,” she smirked. The attendant chuckled and Harry was enraptured as she sucked down the caffeine.

“Can you do that with beer?” The gentleman behind her wondered with a smirk.

Smiling the most brightly lit smile, she shook her head. “No, I’ve never tried it with beer, probably won’t.” She grinned. “But when you need caffeine,” she shrugged as she tossed the empty cup into the garbage. Harry felt a wave of adoration fall over himself. He wanted to chat her up—but she was just the right age to have heard all the rumors and probably hate his guts as much as he hated his own.

For the time he boarded, as much he found himself adoring the cute girl, he wallowed in pity of how sad and angry he was.

Of course, that only lasted another ten or so minutes, because as he boarded the plane, he found that life had a funny way of kicking you while you were down. His first-class seat was right next to the cute girl. Grinning up at him she gave patted his seat. “Hi, I saved it for you,” she winked cutely. Smirking, Harry stowed his bag above his head and plopped down next to her.

She introduced herself and Harry cleared his throat because first and foremost he had manners and regardless of how much the world hated him, he had to be polite to the cute girl. “Harry,” he murmured. His throat was scratchy from not speaking for a while, early morning, and crying for a very long time.

“Hi Harry,” she chirped and she settled into her seat with her legs crossed and she draped a blanket over herself. “I get crazy cold on airplanes,” she said. “Do you wanna share my blanket? It’s pretty big for just me.”

How on earth was he supposed to say no to that. So she pushed some of the blanket toward him and she leaned back a bit in her seat. “Just to warn you, I snore a bit and drool so if I start cuddling you—I’m a cuddler too, I apologize.”

For the first time in maybe a month, Harry laughed. He laughed from the bottom of his chest and it practically echoed through the whole plane. For a moment, he forgot who he was because it was as if she didn’t know who he was. Or if she did, she didn’t care.

Harry was really starting to like this girl.


He said I think I’ll go to Boston / I think I’ll start a new life / I think I’ll start it over / where no one knows my name

There was still two hours left of the flight when she finally asked the question Harry had been dreading. “So what’s got you going to Boston?” She whispered so as not to bother the other passengers. Most were dead to the world, but she and Harry were not rude people.

“Erm…just…starting over,” he shrugged casually. “Change of scenery and just…don’t want anyone to know my name.”

Tilting your head at him, Harry felt scrutinized, suddenly very aware of how you were looking through him and seeing into his soul. “Well that’s always good,” you said with a shrug. “New beginnings are good,” you murmured and you rested your head on his shoulder with a yawn. “I have to sleep for a bit or I’ll be cranky,” you told him and settled immediately into his soft shirt that smelled like clean cotton. Harry smirked gently combing his fingers through your hair so you would sleep quickly and he gently laid his head to rest against yours until he was asleep too.


When the plane was landing, Harry woke up the groggy girl on her shoulder. Her lips and eyes were puffy with sleep and she pouted cutely as her eyes adjusted to the light of the sun peeking through the window. Harry couldn’t help but adore and smile at her. “Hi Sleeping Beauty,” he whispered.

“There’s nothing beauty when I wake up.”

He chuckled pushing some of her hair back that was sticking up. “You’re adorable,” he whispered. Blushing brightly, you rubbed your eye and sighed as you leaned back against the seat. “Can I get your phone number?” He asked. “I don’t know anyone here and…it would be nice to have a friend.”

“Of course, Harry…but that defeats your whole, ‘no one knows my name,’ thing you got going on,” you said plucking his phone out of his hands to program your number with a smile.

“Something tells me I want you to know my name,” Harry murmured as he looked at the ten most perfect digits.

I’ll get out of California / I’m tired of the weather / I think I’ll get a lover / and fly him out to Spain

The first thing he noticed about Boston was that it was tens of degrees cooler than California. At first, he hated it and wanted to spend all day inside but then one day, he braved the “cold” and walked through the park. He noted how all the leaves were changing, deep reds, bright yellows, and flaming oranges like he hadn’t seen since he left England. At once the air was no longer cold, but crisp. The hot cider he drank warmed his hands and he swore the air was always filled with a smoky sent that made his heart warm enough to forget all about the cold.

And of course, the warm hand in his helped a bit too.

“We have to go apple picking!” You shouted suddenly. People who were running by and walking with their dogs and kids all whipped their heads toward your outbursts. Chuckling, Harry squeezed your hand. “Whatever you wanna do, love,” he promised. When Harry told his mum about you, she was a bit skeptical.

“Harry, I have no doubt she’s lovely…but I’m just worried you’re upset and clinging to the first nice thing you can find…I find it impossible she hasn’t a clue who you are.”

“Well she doesn’t, Mum,” he grumbled bitterly. He was totally smitten and he wanted his mum to be happy for him. He was happy again, barely anyone recognized him out here. Harry did tell you he accumulated a bit of fame out in California—he never said how much but you didn’t pay any mind to it and he loved you more for such.

Truth be told, when Harry needed you most, you appeared before him drinking coffee faster than anyone could dream and falling asleep on his shoulder.

“There’s so much you haven’t done. Fall out here is honestly the best place on earth. And we have to do a hayride and go pumpkin picking and carve them! And I’ll have to take you to get Halloween decora—” you hiccupped in all the excitement and Harry couldn’t believe how adorable you were and you flushed as the hiccups kept coming. He kissed the top of your head. “Easy love,” he whispered. “Make a list and every weekend we’ll do something fun, yeah?”

He was blessed that the record label would let him work from anywhere in the country—not that he needed to work, but he couldn’t just sit around. Majority of the work week you could be at home, reading and editing sending in tens of manuscripts by Friday to your publishing company. The weekends were then spent with Harry. Either cuddling on the couch to a rom-com that he suggested (you were still in shock he was even real), going out for a drink or two dancing until your feet hurt (he didn’t even care that you looked silly when you danced), or something like this—a walk in the park with a hot apple cider in hand.

“That’s a good idea!” You hiccupped again. “And then I’ll make a winter list—and a spring one!”

“Don’t forget about summer, darling.”

She wrinkled her nose. “I don’t like summer much. It’s too hot and stifling.”

He smirked. “Well…I’ll take you somewhere then—maybe Spain. It’s not as hot.”

Now, planning winter was bold. Spring was a step too far as soon as you said it. But for Harry to plan your summer together nearly ten months away, well…you continued to hiccup nonetheless.

Oh yeah and I think I’ll go to Boston / I think that I was tired / I think I need a new town to leave this all behind

It was one day when Harry was recognized, loudly, by someone when he was getting coffee for you. He was in awe that someone would yell at him in public like that. But she made a good point—he was a role model—and what he had done is not something a role model should do.

So, he sulked to your apartment his sunglasses low on his nose as he tried to hide the tears that threatened to fall. They were red, he was sure and when you opened your apartment door, Harry simply held your drink out to you.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” You asked.

The plan today was to do the last thing on the fall bucket list—a Halloween haunted hay ride. But right now, Harry didn’t look like he was in any condition to do such. He shook his head as he kicked off his suede boots and plopped down on your soft sofa. He pulled the sunglasses off, pinched between his eyes and took a deep breath. “It’s nothing…”

You bit your lip, knowing better than to press on so you stood there curiously wondering how you could help. You glanced at the kitchen. “I think I’ve got some cookie mix,” you said. All things considered, you knew Harry used to be a baker and cookies always made him feel at home.

“What about the hay ride?” He wondered.

You shrugged. “We should probably leave something for us to do next year,” you said. And you looked so cute, a huge sweater hung over your body and you were wearing a lovely fall scarf with little leaves on it. You had boots that matched Harry’s and he felt really bad cancelling your plans like that.

“Kitten, you look so pretty. I don’t want to cancel just because I’m sulky,” he said.

You shook your head. “No, you won’t have any fun if you’re sad, it’s better we just make cookies and watch a movie. We can make smores in the fire place,” you smiled at him.

“Well…can we at least go out for a walk around the city tonight?”

Sure, Harry was falling in love with Boston, but the city life always made him feel a little bit more at home when he was sad like this. “Of course, baby,” you cooed and kissed his forehead. “I’ll go get the aprons.”


As it got closer to Thanksgiving, Harry had never had experienced the proper holiday and so you brought him back to your house to meet your parents and enjoy turkey and gravy. “Promise me you won’t leave me after meeting them,” you said worriedly as you carried in the apple pie.

“Angel, nothing could keep me away from you,” he said seriously.

Blushing, he picked up the other desserts you two brought and headed inside. Immediately, your mother gave him a hug, and your dad shook his hand. Everyone appeared to be getting along perfectly and you were honestly in shock. The dinner went smoothly, Harry (who you were not worried about at all) charmed your parents and cousins and other relatives.

“Did you tell him?” Your mom asked when you guys were in the kitchen doing dishes.

“Oh God no,” you shook your head. Peering through the doorway, you watched your dad tell him some story about you in school and Harry’s face was alight with awe and adoration. You were too lucky to tell him some silly, trivial piece of gossip.

I think I need a sunrise / I’m tired of the sunset / I hear it’s nice in the summer / some snow would be nice.

You were reading one of the manuscripts to Harry while he rubbed your feet and he scribbled in his journal. The snow was falling hard out the window and it was chilly in your apartment even with the heat blasting and blankets draped over both of you. He had to say, there was nothing like the Christmas lights in the snow. While he adored Christmas, he’d never seen anyone like yourself enjoy every aspect of the holiday. You had routines he couldn’t imagine, from hot chocolate, from going on a train ride to look at lights to sipping hot chocolate in silence while looking at the Christmas tree all lit up in the dark apartment with Christmas music.

“You really like snow?” He interrupted.

You nodded. “It’s the most peaceful sound in the world,” you told him as you scribbled something in the margin. Harry pulled on your toe so you would look up at him. “Yes?” You asked.

“I love you,” he said.

Blushing you looked down at your lap with a smile and you looked back up at him shyly. “I love you too,” you whispered.

Grinning, he leaned toward you and his breath was minty as he whispered in your face, “I hope you don’t mind. I don’t have any mistletoe on me,” he said quietly. His voice was raspy and deep and made you shiver a bit.

“I don’t mind at all,” you breathed as he leaned and pressed his plump lips against yours. Your heart soared as it always did and you couldn’t believe how wonderful he tasted after the hundreds of kisses you shared. Each kiss felt new and you wondered if that was because you were so in love or if because he was just a really good kisser.

The kiss lengthened and while you knew Harry was a sweet guy from the start, you couldn’t believe there was no pressure for a physical relationship once. You found it odd, Harry, a beautiful soul and person all around and girls flocked around him and you had been to the club with him—you heard the things they begged him to do. He never once asked but now the kiss was deepening and he pulled back a little to sprinkle little kisses over your face. “Do you think I could take your shirt off?” He whispered.

You nodded and tugged at his.

The kissing continued and moved to more and soon you were cuddled against his warm chest, your body curled around his frame and he kissed your cheek whispering how much he loved you in your ear.


Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day all came and went. By now you had met Harry’s family and they adored you as much as he adored you. With spring just around the corner, you had a whole new list of things to do with Harry. You had to go to the zoo, swing in the park, and go for a walk in the blooming flowers (no matter how much it made your pollen allergies escalate).

Harry didn’t mind at all though—you had a very cute sneeze. His hand was twined with yours and he wondered when on earth you would figure him all out. He couldn’t believe how easy and quick this new beginning, this new year, was going and not once had you mentioned anything about his fame or mis-fame.

You chattered on about your friends all of whom did not know Harry either. Harry’s friends had visited multiple times with their babies and all to see the girl that captured his heart and other than Harry wanting to have a million babies with you immediately, he wanted to know if you really knew nothing about him.

At least he figured it didn’t matter to you.

By now, his name was lost in the crowd, no one paid any mind to him when he went out in public and it was the most relieving experience he could have.


When summer rolled around, you made Harry get up at the same ungodly hour he first met you. Why anyone would drive two hours to a beach was beyond him, but you were driving in the dark with the sleepy love beside you. “This is silly, we should be asleep,” he grumbled against the window. You patted his knee.

“It’s worth it, Har-bear.” He wanted to know your secret to your chipper personality during the wee hours of the morning.

While you had never steered him wrong, Harry was tired. And no matter how pretty you looked in your sundress and sweater, he wanted to go back to sleep and cuddle. “Is this punishment for not going to Spain?” He wondered.

You giggled. “No, silly. I promise, you’re gonna love this.”

So, he slept a little while longer until you were at your destination. Near a bridge, you coaxed him out of the car and went for a small walk with a blanket in hand. You dragged him along behind you and you were quiet in the early hours while most of the world was asleep.

Spreading the blanket out, he laid down immediately. “C’mon you lump, you’re gonna wanna see this,” you told him. “I promise.” Sitting up he sat beside you while you combed through his messy curls. The sleepy thing was tired you could tell from what you were a little unsure. He’d seemed really off lately and you thought this little adventure would make him smile.

“You okay, honey?” You whispered softly. He nodded against you even if he didn’t believe it himself. “Okay…” you murmured and rubbed his back. After a few moments of silence Harry finally asked why you had brought him here. “I thought of something I love about summer,” you shrugged.

He peeled opened his eyes and gazed at the sight before him in awe. A sunrise. Hues of bright pink, yellow, blue, and purple. His breath was caught in his throat as he looked at it. He’d not seen a sunrise since leaving England. There were only sunsets in California and not one sunset compared to this sunrise. Everything he had been bottling up for so long was bubbling at the surface, his heart aching and feeling just like that first night he met you. Maybe you were a distraction—that made him feel worse, but he knew that it wasn’t true. He did adore and love you. He was just sad.

So, he started to cry and they were noisy broken sobs that broke your heart. “Oh, love, I’m so sorry,” you said kissing his head and rubbing his back.

He shook his head sniffling as he attempted to pull himself together. Everything hurt all at once and sure this was a new beginning for him, but it didn’t make him hurt any less. “Do you really not know who I am?” He wondered quietly.

Biting your lip, you sighed. “Of course, I do, baby. But…when I met you…I knew what happened, and I didn’t want to make a six-hour flight worse for you just because I’m obsessed with your music and everything else about you. I went back to my apartment and took all your posters down and deleted your music off my phone,” you told him. “You were so sad and those were such awful rumors, I didn’t want you to think I thought of you any differently than you wanted me to know.”

With a shaky inhale of breath Harry tried to calm himself down, his eyes red and his face blotchy as you looked him over. “You knew who I was all this time?” He wondered.

“I thought I did…but Har-bear, you’re so much more,” you promised rubbing his cheek. He leaned into your hand and pressed a kiss to the center of your palm. “I’m sorry I lied to you,” you whispered. “But if you didn’t want anyone to know your name then I wasn’t going to break your heart and tell you I knew it.”

He bit his lip. “I know I say it a lot, but I love you a ton, kitten,” he whispered.

You smiled kindly at him and looked through his eyes and peered into his soul just like that night on the airplane. You cuddled him—a not so total stranger, knowing only that the papers had lied—or so you hoped and you still trusted him.

Harry was starting to believe Boston was the best place on earth. Whether everyone or no one or just you, knew his name.

Boston / where no one knows my name.

  • Someone: omg you're so smart ;)
  • Me: *runs into door frames, clueless in every class, forgets everyone's name, loses everything, misspels easy words, studies the same concept every day but remains lost*
  • Me: aww thankssss truee ;)
bts texts
  • Namjoon: Your great aunt just passed away. LOL.
  • Jimin: why is that funny?
  • Namjoon: It's not funny, Jimin! What do you mean?
  • Jimin: joonie lol means laughing out loud!
  • Namjoon: Oh my goodness! I sent that to everyone, I thought it meant lots of love. I have to call everyone back oh god

I got a few requests for this fanfic! I’ll give it a go!

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, Maybe Southside High was where he was meant to be. These people, they were like him, damaged, dangerous , the very definition of wrong side of the tracks. They liked him, they thought he was funny and when they laughed they were laughing with him not at him. So what was the problem?

Thoughts of shiny green eyes and long honey blonde hair pulled into a tight ponytail ran through his mind. The image of his beautiful girlfriend made his palms sweat and his heart ache. Betty had cried for him, fought for him, she never gave up, not even when he gave up on himself. And then there was Archie, no matter what happened he would always be his best friend. Pulling his attention back to the conversation in front of him, Jughead couldn’t help but laugh at the groups crude humor.


The beanie wearing boy whipped around,
Archie, Veronica, Kevin and Cheryl were all standing behind him, sticking out against the beat down high school and grungy students.

“What are you doing here?” Jughead asked, standing from his seat as the people at his table watched cautiously, silently.

Archie stuttered, speechless. Cheryl shoved past him and stood before Jughead.

“Maybe you haven’t noticed Jones, but your girlfriend hasn’t answered her phone in two days and she didn’t show up for school today. I had one of my vixens stop by her house this morning and ask that lunatic mother of hers to speak to her and the blonde stepford wife claimed Betty was at school. Newsflash? She’s not.” Cheryl angrily stabbed Jugheads chest as fear flashed in his eyes.

“What do you mean she’s not in school? And she’s not at home?! I don’t have my phone. It’s at home. I thought she was just busy, I was going to go over tonight.” His eyes were frantic as Veronica pulled out her phone.

“Oh my god.” She whispered.

Kevin ran over to the raven haired cheerleaders side, reading the message on her phone.

“Oh god” he gasped.

“What?!” Archie asked.

Veronica held up her phone and showed the group the text with shaky fingers
“It’s betty”

“Thankyou for being an amazing friend, you’ll do fine V, just stay true to who you are. I love you”

Jughead ripped the phone from her hand,
“Where is she?! Where could she be?! We have to go. NOW.” He shouted, speeding through the halls and heading for Archie’s beat up truck.

Everyone was scrambling as they got into the car, ideas bouncing off the walls of where Betty could be, suddenly Cheryl spoke evenly.

“Sweet water. She’s at sweetwater.”

They all turned to her, Archie not giving it a second thought as he sped through the streets of Riverdale, making his way to the river.

“Why would she be there?!” Kevin was texting Betty profusely to no avail.

Cheryl pulled her own phone out and began texting Betty

“It’s the easiest way to go, with the ice.”

Veronica gasped, shivers racking her body.

Jughead stared blankly out the window, his body tense. No. no, not like this. Not Betty. How could he have not seen? How could he have been so neglectful to not notice his own girlfriend was drowning. She had so much going on, it was too much on her and he did nothing to alleviate that stress. He didn’t deserve her, he never deserved her.

Archie parked haphazardly, his truck skidding to a stop as all the teens hopped out.

“Split up!” Archie called, sprinting through the snow, slipping and sliding as he searched desperately. Jughead pounded through, the cold seeping through his boots.


Veronica’s distinctly feminine voice called from his right as she pointed to a shadowed figure a few feet away. Jughead tripped up falling to his knees as he ran towards her.

“The ice!” Cheryl screeched “its cracking! Separate.”

Jughead couldn’t hear her he was running towards Betty, she was looking at him now, big, terrified eyes.

“You don’t have to do this! Bets please! Come here. I’m right here! I’m here for you! I’m so sorry.” He cried desperately, his arms extended as he reached for her.

She looked at him with such blank eyes he stopped dead in his tracks
“I’m sorry.” She mouthed.

She was gone, fallen through the ice, engulfed in the current as Jughead watched horrified.

“NO!” He screamed desperately, dropping to his knees as he dug through the snow, his fingers red and raw.

Veronica and Archie were beside him, kicking and clawing at the snow searching the ice. Kevin was holding a weeping Cheryl.

“I CANT SEE HER! I CANT FIND HER” Veronica cried as Archie pushed the heavy snow aside

“Right here! She’s right here.”

Jughead shoved Archie aside, his fists flying as he he punched at the ice, blood flying before he stood and kicked the ice sending it shattering, he reached into the water gripping an unconscious Betty by her shoulders and laying her on the snow.

“Come on, come on!” He brought his lips to hers, breathing air into her lungs as his tears dripped onto her face. “COME ON” suddenly her eyes flew open as she spit out water, gasping for air. Jughead dropped his forehead to hers and gasped.

“Oh my god” Veronica breathed and Archie wrapped Veronica in his arms.

“We have to go!“ Kevin said “she’ll freeze if we don’t get her someplace warm.”

Lifting the frozen blonde up bridal style, the group raced through the snow, depositing Betty into the truck, Jugheads denim wrapped snugly around her shoulders as she drifted off

“Stay with me Betty. Stay with me.” Jughead mumbled into her damp hair as he held her to his chest. Everything going black.

When Betty woke up she was sitting up beside a fire, her back resting against a strong familiar chest, slender hands wrapped around her, steady breathing in her ear.

Glancing up Betty looked around, Veronica and Archie were sleeping on the couch, sharing a blanket. Cheryl was on the floor beside Kevin both sleeping as well. Jughead had her wrapped up in his arms, his eyes fluttered open and got wide.

“You’re awake.” He breathed a sigh of relief, his arms squeezing her tight

“I’m so sorry.” Betty whispered tearfully. Jughead lifted the beautiful blonde up and onto his lap

“Don’t you dare apologize, this is not your fault. It’s mine. I didn’t see you crying out for Help, you saved my life and I couldn’t even be there when you needed saving.” He cupped her cheek, his eyes desperately guilty.

Betty covered his hand and leaned into his palm

“Technically you did save me.” She smiled softly.

Jughead rolled his eyes,before they softened

“Please don’t ever do that again, please just.. I’m so sorry Betty.” A single tear slipped from his eyes as he pressed his forehead against hers.

“I’m okay Juggie. We’re okay.”
She whispered, dropping a gentle kiss to his lips.

“I love you Betty Cooper” he whispered

“Jughead Jones, I love you.”