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Hiya! Can I ask who your fave skeleton is and may I get a full body ref of your persona/self insert?

Σ(● v ●;; )

i mean i’m coffee-fueled goblin really so-


er, that is - ahhh well whatever your sweet sweet intentions may be, thank you for asking-! ;////; here’s something i sketched up for you-

… i’m weak for both Russ and Red the most OTL

ahhh i’m pretty simple overall though! long blonde hair that kinda fades into near-white at the ends, pale as heck, and i’m all about that long flow-y/comfy tanktop life with either jeans or leggings and legwarmers <3

(oh unless… did you mean monstersona?? if you did let me know, i’ll sketch her up instead TvTb )

…. i’m gonna go casually dive into a blanket pit now because i’m blushing at posting some self-insert art woops

*BTS at AMAs*

*DNA starts playing*




happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 


i get a lot of ideas shared in my inbox, and this was one i had to make real as soon as physically possible! 

i’m feeling like this is a universe where bridgette and felix never meet out of costume, and then keep hoping to find each other once their miraculous duties are over and their powers are gone. they finally meet on the stairs of montmartre, all because bri kept those ribbons in her hair just like ladybug… 

Banter with the Lads, 1976

continuing the lazy chibi theme from last year! but this time with my aged up designs =D/

there have been rough spots in this fandom, but despite that, i am not sorry i joined :D i’ve met a lot of great people and made some very good friends, and tbh i’d go thru hell for you ppl :’D so i’m glad to spend another year enjoying and celebrating miraculous with everyone ;0;/

YOO here is yours trully once more! This is the finished giveaway portrait @overworkedunderwhelmed requested!

Probs the cutest marinette I made since I entered this fandom one year ago