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(1) Imagine a small boy being made to incubate a creature that reproduces by splitting off copies of itself into its victims. His belly grows huge, tight and so heavy he has trouble walking. He goes into labour within hours of having gotten the lump forced into him. Labor is long and painful without any help and he’s a sobbing mess when he finally manages to push out some kind of blob that starts growing bigger and taking shape. Within minutes, it’s grown into an adult that […]            

(2) pushes down the boy that is trying to crawl away and starts fucking him violently to deposit a new copy of itself inside him. Once it’s done, the creature goes away, leaving behind the sobbing boy in pain. Soon his belly grows tight and heavy again and he has to labour through another birth. The thing he births rapes and impregnates him again and the circle repeats. His belly is never empty again for longer than a few minutes. Too weak to escape, he can barely push while birthing and […]     

(3) then, to his horror, a creature he births decides that he needs to be fucked twice, depositing two copies that are violently fighting for space in his belly. He births the first of the two and it grows into an adult as he’s birthing the other so the first one starts to fuck his mouth and deposits a copy in his stomach while number 2 fucks him from below. The next time he goes in labour, the copy deposited in his stomach has only one way to leave… as he’s choking on the blob forcing […]         

(4) its way up his throat, he has to push the other one out, knowing that this will repeat again and again… until one or both of the two creatures he births decide to fuck him twice. (Hope you enjoy this! I’m the same anon that wrote you the story with the string of growing eggs being pushed out by sheer pressure ;D) 



I thought pride month would be a good time to finally post some prints I did! Especially since I’ve been using the last one as my icon forever. This is a series I did like three years ago for a printmaking class (linoleum reduction).

My Professor said it was too kitschy because there was a rainbow and gave me a B-, but I still really like it! 


Just so you guys know, I’m currently sitting at 99 followers (THANK YOU SO MUCH I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU’RE HERE BUT I LOVE YOU) and this took me by total surprise. I may not have something right away, but I’ll try to do a “thank you” sketch or something for you. 

I don’t know how these things usually work; I just think that you should be celebrated and I want to commemorate you allowing me to be part of your internet experience, and hopefully lives, as time goes on and we get to know one another. Again, I’m super happy to have you and I hope this finds you well and happy.

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I don't really know what it is but I feel a /need/ to be tagged in that Misha thing you do cause I've just seen that smiling gif and I screamed (it's 3 am). Would you be that kind and include me in the tagging list please? Ps. I really like your blog 💚😇

No need to explain dear, you are included now.
Here, this is an unpublished work that I forget to share.
To make your dreams even more happier, and if you feel bad in any way just look at his arms, look at his thighs the constant Dom!Misha eyebrow and neckporn.
He can cure cancer just by looking at his face. ;D