oh and sandeul lol


BABA B1A4 2 EP.44

Prologue 2

these are my favorite moments

I really wanted to make another gif set to practice <3

This is from three days ago but please give it love!


gongchanida: 첫콘서트 정말 수고했는걸~ 정말 멋진걸~ 최고인걸~ 다음에는 더 기대가 되는걸~ 항상 최선을 다하는 오마이걸👍 너희가 최고다🤗 #오마이걸 #ohmygirl #feat #진영 형이 #보고파서

You did well at your first concert~ you’re so cool~ the best~ I’m looking forward to next time~ The always-hardworking Oh My Girl👍  You’re the best🤗 #ohmygirl #feat #jinyoung hyung #becauseimisshim  (T/N: Gongchan wrote 걸~ “girl” at the end of each phrase)

Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
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