oh and luisa!


“Puppy Love (Part 1/3)”

This time it took Fritz about fifteen minutes, off and on, to chew through his leash and bolt off into the park. Luisa had been checking her phone for a text from Pieter when it happened and by the time she realized, the mutt was a good hundred yards away.

“Fritz! Bad dog! Come!” Luisa yelled before taking off in pursuit of her badly behaved dog. The ground was still muddy from the rain last night and it made it hard to run. When she saw that this time her dog was going for a pretty white poodle that was immaculately groomed.

Oh god, no, Luisa thought and picked up the pace. She definitely regretted not wearing better shoes.

The poodle’s owner was standing off to the side, her dog off it’s leash, and was smiling at her phone. She was a pretty little brunette in an oversized fuzzy pink sweater and leggings that showed off her very cute butt. Distracted by the poodle’s owner, she stumbled and when she looked up her dog was already all over the poodle much to the horror of both owners.

“Fritz!” Luisa yelled and caught up to him, pulling her dog off the poodle. She held the squirming mutt in her arms and glared down at him. “Bad dog. No.”
Beca was staring at the tall blonde in shock as she scolded the mutt. The woman before her was stunning even with her hair frizzy from the misty rain and in a too big beige jacket. When she reprimanded the dog, there was a noticeable German accent. She had never thought that German accents were attractive under she heard this woman speak.

“It’s fine.” Beca assured the gorgeous specimen in front of her and leaned down to clip the leash back on her dog. “No harm done.”

The blonde was still flushed from running, but managed to compose herself enough to apologize for her dog’s actions. “I am so sorry about Fritz. He is a bit wild still and I need to get him fixed. I hope that will curb some of his behavior.”

“Really, she’s fine. There’s no reason to worry.” Beca told with a smile that she hoped was reassuring. She realized her eyes had wandered down from the blonde’s blue eyes down to where the fabric of her shirt stretched right across her breasts. Trying not to look guilty, her gaze shot back up to the blonde’s eyes.

Luisa gave her a knowing smile after she caught the small brunette staring at her chest. It was just her luck that her dog hadn’t just humiliated her, he’d done it in front of a beautiful girl who obviously liked girls.

“I am glad your dog is alright, mine can be a monster sometimes.” The blonde offered. “I should get going before I lose my grip on him. He’s slippery and I don’t have a leash for him anymore.”

Beca desperately tried to think of something to stay to keep the conversation going. She was intrigued by this girl and was pretty sure the blonde had been checking her out earlier. The German was already walking away with her squirming dog and Beca could only watch her with an open mouth.
Her butt looks great in those pants, the brunette noted.

It was later that day and Luisa had gone to the pet store to buy Fritz a new leash. Preferably one that he wouldn’t be able to chew through. She’d already wasted money on three leashes that he’d made quick work of.

Getting a dog was the best and worst idea I’ve ever had, she thought as she wandered through the aisles in search of a leash that would stand up to Fritz’s teeth.

“Hey!” A familiar voice called and Luisa looked up to find herself face to face with the cute blonde from the park.

“Hello,” Luisa responded with a smile as the smaller girl nervously toyed with a strand of her hair.

“You must be stalking me, you gorgeous creature.” Beca joked and found herself turning bright red after the unintended compliment slipped out. She covered her mouth in shock and to contain any further humiliating phrases she might utter.

Luisa only smiled in response and took a step closer to the brunette. Clearly, their awkward encounter earlier in the day hadn’t managed to scare off the cute girl. At least Fritz wasn’t here to frighten her off for good.

“Sorry,” Beca said and pushed her hair back from her face with both hands. “If we’re going to keep running into each other like this, we may as well introduce ourselves.”

“Luisa.” The blonde said and held out her hand for Beca to shake.

The brunette takes her hand. “Beca. And you have really soft hands.”

“Danke.” Luisa replied with a smile and she glanced down at the brunette. The smaller girl hadn’t let go of her hand yet and Luisa didn’t want to be the first to pull away.

“Do you want to get dinner some time?” Beca blurted out and then remembered to release Luisa’s hand and dropped it. “You know…uh…like a date.”

“That sounds great.”

Beca pulled out her phone and opened the contacts before passing it to Luisa and instructed her: “Just put your name and number in. I’ll call you.”

“I am looking forward to it.”