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for prompt how about Lucien and Damien painting each other's nails? :0 that's all I got really hsbdnd

THIS IS SO CUTE. You got it, anon!

Quality Time

“Dad, you’re, like, painting outside of my nails.”

“Oh, I am sorry.” Damien carefully maneuvered the tip of the wet brush away from Lucien’s finger. The nail polish was glopped onto the brush and he didn’t want it to drip and get even more paint everywhere. He wasn’t too skilled at this and he sincerely hoped his son would forgive him.

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I don’t want Keith’s reason for expulsion to be anything plot-related or significant I just want Lance to come up to him one day in the castle and be like “hey Keith why’d you get expelled from the Garrison anyway?” and Keith is just like “oh, I was using my knife to clean under my nails in class and Mr. York told me to stop and I told him to go fuck himself.”

I Wouldn’t Call That Art (Deadpool x Agender!reader)

Request: frostedej said: Deadpool acting like a protective big brother with gender neutral reader? :3

He’ll be here soon, you told yourself, lying on your back on a jagged pile of debris from the building that had just toppled with you still inside.  Each breath taken was more difficult than the last, until you felt the stabbing pain of a lung collapsing under the strain.  You could barely move, but you managed to lift your head just enough to see the thin metal bar sticking out from the side of your chest, and you wondered how you were even still awake to have to suffer through this.  When you finally heard Wade’s voice calling out for you in the distance, after the span of an eternity had passed, you realized that this was what was keeping you alert enough; you needed to see him first if your body decided to let you die.

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Way Back Home

This fic is to celebrate @word-bug and her turning a year older! Happy Birthday, Vaish, I love you! We discussed this Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani AU at length, and I hope you like it! 

I could have never perfected it without the help of my Bae-ta (ha ha!) @accio-ambition​! You’re the best, thnz

“Swan, you alright?” Killian asked, crouching in front of her.
She shook her head, the grin finally breaking through. “I’m going to London,” she announced, the first time she ever said the words out loud.

Emma Swan’s life changed that night, and she left Storybrooke to follow her dreams. But it’s time for her to find her way back home, and what better way to bring her back than for a wedding?

Find it on AO3 or FF.net

Killian grinned, watching as Ruby and Dorothy went wild on the dance floor. Their arms were slung around each other, smiles wide as they danced to the beat of the music. Dorothy laughed at something Ruby said, her head thrown back. The look on Ruby’s face made him grin wider, beyond happy that his best friend seemed to have found someone to spend the rest of her life with. He might have met her only five years ago, but it seems like he’s known her much longer.

Her and Graham, he reminded himself, grunting as his mate bumped into him hard, taking a seat next to him, a glass of scotch (he assumed) clutched in his hands. “What are you moping here for, Killian? It’s a party, mate,” he slurred.

Before he could respond with a scathing remark, Ruby pulled him out of his seat, forcing him into the crowd with her. He had to stomp down the urge to grumble, knowing how important this weekend was to Ruby. After all, it wasn’t everyday your best friend gets married in Vienna of all places.

When Ruby had first told him she was getting married, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. However, he knew how much being with Dorothy had changed her, even mended her broken heart. She’d become someone different – someone who was proud of herself.

And so, he pushed aside his own heartache, knowing that no matter how much he hoped, the person he really wanted here with him would probably not show up. She probably didn’t even know that there was a wedding happening.

Suddenly, the music stopped, making everyone groan and whine, turning to the DJ for an explanation. Right before things got too chaotic, the other side with the stage lit up, the sound of a familiar song started up, making him suck in a sharp breath. When he could see who was on stage more clearly, his heart dropped to his gut. He felt Ruby’s talon like nails grip his arm, a whispered oh my God leaving her lips before she cried it even louder.

“OH MY GOD. EMMA!” she shouted, running to the stage to hug the blonde, just as We Like to Party by the Vangaboys came on, both girls singing it together, the whole club soon joining them. Killian, well, he was stuck in the same spot, his eyes never leaving the dancing goddess on stage, her cheeks red from laughter and golden hair flipping around.

She was back. Five years later, but she was actually back.

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Winks: crow, my dearest! I have gotten myself a well deserved make over! What do you think. Do you like my nails? What about my hair style?♡oh, and my face, how is my face? Too much lip stick?

“ I must say, Winks, that I’m quite happy to see you and glad you still have some time for me. And really, you’re beyond gorgeous. All about your makeover looks fantastic, dear. Lovely. ” 


OH MY GOSH! the members called out Siwon’s name (who was totally caught off guard) to do another solo strip show and….fUCK! WTF ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)  >> rockstar @ 8:24

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Wait do some faes really have poison??? Omg I've read so much but I never found out about this wow?? Can you tell more about this i'm so curious now???

well i dont know if there are any concrete stories, a bit of google isnt helping me right now (and my brain is fried from school).  However! in my family (very irish like oh my god) there are stories about fae who’s teeth or nails can knock you out or ensnare your heart. 

it probably comes from an overlap of mermaids and sirens who are also known to ‘ensnare the heart’.  Im sorry i cant give you any definitive examples!  I will talk to my mother and grandmother when my finals are over if you want haha ~Lucy

Heith Week 2k17
Day 3; July 17th - fighting/touch
Also on my AO3
Will be queuing all my days since I’ll be working too much to post all my fics but all the chapters will be posted on my AO3 as well because I might end up forgetting!!

Keith wasn’t much of a touchy person. When he and Hunk first dated, Keith wanted to keep it on the down-low. He knew how Hunk was with information, so he wasn’t angry with him when he told the others. But Keith was very hesitant went it came to showing off in public, even if it was with the people they’ve been around for months now. But Keith warmed up to it eventually, and hunk started off slow; cuddling with Keith while they were in their rooms or holding hands when they were at the dining table. Simple pecks on the cheek with murmurs of ‘be safe’ and ‘love you’s against each others lips when they went on solo missions. Keith decided to take the big step after they got back from a long fight against the Galra and everyone showered. Hunk had went first, and he had laid out on the sofa in the common room. When Keith came in, he plopped down on him and cuddled with him, practically falling asleep on Hunk if it wasn’t for everyone watching.

Turns out, Keith was very cuddly when he was tired. Shiro had witnessed that more than once, but it was rare for Keith to show that to others. (“He must like you a lot, Hunk,” Shiro had told him, with a wide grin on his face. Then he had ushered Lance and Pidge out of the room to give them privacy.)

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this is a thing i did, i hope you like the thing i did, i know it’s bad but it’s a thing and i kinda like it

One of the things fans – both old and new alike – were wondering between seasons three and four was how much of Hell we’d get to see. Would we see Dean burning in Hell? Would we see him fighting his way out of a labyrinthine nightmare? Would Sam mount a suicidal rescue? But the realities of a TV show’s budget and shooting schedule resulted in us only getting the tiniest flashbacks of Dean’s ordeal. Not that the writers didn’t entertain the idea of spending more time in Hell. Gamble shares, “We discussed in the writer’s room what we could and could not show of Hell, and we couldn’t show much. It was a challenge, but not a challenge like, ‘Oh my god!’ We weren’t biting our nails and suffering. It was a challenge like, ‘This is exciting!’”

“Creatively it was an exciting time for the writers,” agrees Kripke, “but for the roduction team up in Vancouver it was far and away the most difficult and painful year of the show.” Right from the start it was difficult because the show’s budget was frozen from season three to four due to the economics of the time. “Same amount of money, but a much larger percent of it had to go toward paying salaries because everyone gets raises contractually, and so we had much less money to put toward the actual production of the show. That resulted in the elimination of what’s called our second unit day. For most shows, the second unit day is a ninth day of production in which you work with a second unit (because it’s literally a second crew) and while the first crew is shooting the next episode with Jared and Jensen, the second crew is basically performing clean up and shooting close-ups of watches and of the car radio, and so on. But for our show, because our production has always been so ambitious, our second unit day was never just shooting close-ups, it was shooting whole scenes – scenes without Sam and Dean in them were usually shot by that second unit. But we didn’t have the money to pay for this second splinter unit anymore, so we took (about) nine days to shoot each show, and even that was always tight, and now suddenly we had to shoot each episode in eight days. And instead of the crew working twelve hours every single day, which is rigorous, fourteen hours became the norm in season four, and sometimes it would go fifteen hours. They were all just exhausted and weary and they would call Fridays – not at all lovingly – ‘Fraturday’, because Fridays meant you didn’t get our until four in the morning (on Saturday) and then you had to be back at work first thing Monday morning.“

“There was also a lot of chaos with the production team we had in place up there, a lot of disagreements between the production staff and the crew, and Bob and I unfortunately just weren’t there all the time to help keep everything running smoothly. We were able to fix all those production problems and get things back to running on a smooth pace in between seasons four and five, but at the time the crew was working under terrible duress. And the fact that they delivered work at the quality they did under the circumstances is just really inspiring and impressive.”

Especially since on top of the exhausting work conditions, executive producer Kim Manners passed away in the middle of the season. “His loss was deeply felt by everybody,” says Kripke. “Kim was such a force of nature. He was one of a kind and completely irreplaceable. We haven’t even tried to replace him, because no one could. He brought so much quality to the show, and he was such a father figure to everyone up there. He knew everyone, from the PAs to the producers, by name and knew what issues were going on with their lives and how their parents were. And on top of that he was just a brilliant director. Every director we had on the show improved their game because they were inspired by the advice and the tips and the support that Kim gave them. His passing just blew a huge hole in the production, and then everyone had to keep working almost without a break, without even time to digest it. And they immediately got back to work because that’s what Kim would’ve wanted. I think he’d have been embarrassed by any sort of tears or breaking down over him, but there was a lot of both, and it was really tough time for the crew.“

“My heart goes out to the crew, and I’m so proud of the work they did under those circumstances – and I’ve said that to them often. I’ve said, ‘Guys, these are some of our best episodes delivered under the absolute worst circumstances.’ I’ve always loved them, but they just really blew me away this season. They truly are the best crew in television.”

Excerpted from:
Knight, Nicholas. Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 4.
Titan Books, 2010: 12-15.

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help me, i can't explain to my friend why i love Al so much, could you give me some reasons so i can tell her more that just "he cares too much"

oKAY oh mAN oK alRIGHT Alphonse is amazing both as Alphonse but also as a literary character oh my god??? He is literally a ray of sunlight that will wreck your shit?? Okay, let’s see: he’s kind and gentle, has amazing fighting and survival skills, and a knowledge that is only rivaled by his brother’s. Like honestly, AL IS SO GREAT he’s probably the strongest character in the series. He’s had one of the most difficult burdens in the series to bare, and he doesn’t complain about his life, or say it’s too difficult, he never thinks about giving up even when we know he has difficulty being alone at night and having terrible thoughts. LIKE SERIOUSLY HE TRIES TO NOT LET IT BOTHER HIM BECAUSE A). HE BELIEVES IN MOVING FORWARD AND NOT WALLOWING OVER YOUR PAST MISTAKES OR HOW BAD UR LIFE PRESENTLY IS B). LBR HE WOULDN’T DO THAT TO ED BECAUSE AL IS JUST THANKFUL THAT IS BROTHER SAVED HIS LIFE. AL LITERALLY LOST THE ABILITY TO EAT, SLEEP, FEEL, ETC. AND HE’S OKAY WITH IT BECAUSE HE KNOWS THE ALTERNATIVE IS BEING DEAD AND ON TOP OF IT ED GAVE UP HIS RIGHT ARM TO SAVE AL. AL DOESN’T SEE THIS AS THE WORST CASE SCENARIO, LIKE ED DOES, HE SEES IT AS HIS BROTHER SAVING HIS LIFE AND HE GRATEFUL ED DID THAT. AND THROUGH ALL THAT HE JUST WANTS TO HELP ED GET HIS LIMBS BACK BECAUSE HE SACRIFICED SO MUCH FOR ALPHONSE.

Like seriously they know Al’s body is more important. Ed can deal with automail, Al’s body is pulling on his soul while his armor is rejecting it; he is literally a ticking time bomb. But through this he doesn’t lose sight in their shared goal, he is making sure that no matter what Ed gets back what  he loses as well. Every time Ed (or anyone for that matter) brings up getting Al’s body back, Alphonse will deliberately point out that he wants Ed’s body back as well.
OKAY BUT SERIOUSLY I LOVE HIS CHARACTER. He’s this sweet little muffin. He really is. He’s extremely protective of the people he loves, and because of that he is also ruthless. Like people think Ed is the fighter, but like nah man. If you watch closely, Ed’s fighting style is defensive, Al’s is offensive. He’s the best fighter around, and he will fight someone if they’ve endangered someone he loves. Like how layered of a character is that?! He’s seen as this springtime meadow child but he literally threatened to murder Shou Tucker while Ed was sobbing. Writing a character that’s so subtle complex is difficult and I commend Arakawa for pulling it off so fantastically.

COMING OFF THAT he’s so protective and I love it because Ed is as well, but they show it in such different ways. Alphonse was literally able to turn his armor body, his disability, into an advantage, he’s not afraid to jump out in front of people to stop them from getting hurt and he will just throw himself into danger if it means they don’t get hurt, because he’s so strong and unable to feel pain that he just does it without a second thought.

ALSO!!!! He’s devoted, just as much as Ed is to him. He sacrificed his soul, his entire life, in order for Edward to get his arm back. He knew how much it would hurt Ed, who was absolutely terrified to leave Al alone after he himself was alone after Al’s body was taken, but he did it for the greater good. His moral compass is so strong oh my god like he is willing to fight tooth and nail for what he believes is right omg like I think the greatest part of his character arc was episode 59 when he finally comes face to face with his body like holy shit he literally left behind the body he had been searching for for five years because he knew people needed him and he needed to protect them but that body wasn’t strong enough like he literally put his own dream on hold because he couldn’t bare just sitting there and doing nothing and being weak like his character development was so subtle but it was so great he went from barely being able to deal with the long nights in the armor to learning to use it to his advantage to finally realizing that, while he needed his own body back, his armor did have perks and that there were people that needed him and he couldn’t protect them in his human body. And it wasn’t until there was literally nothing left he could do that he finally went back to his body.


Sorry I just…I just really like Alphonse.

"Not-So-Much Friends With Benefits" Dean Winchester Smut

“You’re a bitch, (Y/N)!” Dean yelled as you threw his sandwich on the table.

“And you’re a dick, Dean!” You yelled back. “I’m soooo sorry I forgot to put some fucking cheese on your sandwich!”

Dean eyed you up and down as usual when you yelled at him. It always turned him on, so this made the act so much more fun.

You didn’t hate Dean at all, quite the opposite actually. He was your…play thing, per say. You two had a kind of arrangement; incredible sex with no feelings, and no one else in the bunker knowing.

In order for the whole “no one else to know” thing to work, you and Dean had to pretend to hate each other on a daily basis. It was exhausting, but you two made up for it later.

“I don’t understand why you can’t do one single thing right!” Dean replied, “I mean you can’t remember one piece of cheese?!”

“It’s cheese Dean! Get it yourself!” You yelled and grabbed a beer for yourself before sitting at the table.

“Enough!!” You heard from the other room. Sam entered the kitchen and threw his hands in the air, “Both of you, enough!”

You stared at Sam in amazement, he had never yelled at you and Dean for fighting. “I have had it up to here with you two.” He explained, “You two fight about anything. Who gets the remote, who showers first, if someone forgets fucking cheese! It’s annoying as hell!!”

Dean sighed and looked at you expectantly before stalking to his room. You knew what that meant. “Just let it go, Sam.” You said standing, “I’ll talk to him.” Lie. You always lied to Sam about that stuff. Going to bed early? Lie. Going to take a shower? Half a lie. Usually you just took one with Dean.

You made it to Dean’s room and went in quickly, closing the door behind you. You could feel his presence as you turned around, an sure enough, he was there right in front of you, pressing your back to the door.

“That’s was a close one.” Dean whispered smirking, “I was about to take you there on the table if Sammy hadn’t interrupted.” He chuckled lowly next to your ear and starting sucking and biting at the skin behind your ear.

“I can’t say I would have stopped you. I love it when you get mad.” You said moving your hands to the buttons of your shirt. You could feel Dean’s hard arousal on your thigh as he started grinding against you.

Dean must’ve been extremely horny if he was already this anxious and hard for you, you thought. He moved your hands away and ripped your shirt open, taking no time to throw it off you and to the floor. He moved his hands to the back of your neck, pressing his lips to yours in a hot, passionate kiss.

You had always had strong feelings for Dean since you had met him. It took you a while to show them to him though. But once you did, you two came to the deal of FWB, with sharing minimal feelings towards one another. He showed his love through actions rather than words.

His hands roamed down your shoulders to your breasts, giving them a light squeeze through your bra as you pulled at the hem of his shirt. Taking the hint, he pulled it over his head and threw it on the floor smirking as he looked over your almost exposed torso.

“You drive me crazy, you know that? I can’t even look at you without thinking about what’s coming.” He said placing a hand on your cheek. His eyes met yours for a moment, sparkling in lust and passion. He ran the rough pad of him thumb over your lip as his other hand trailed down your stomach slowly, his fingertips brushing your skin. “I just want to make you feel good.” He whispered before leaning in to reconnect your lips again.

“Do it, Dean. Make me feel good baby.” You whispered biting his lip. Dean unbuttoned and unzipped your pants so his hand could fit down. Damn skinny jeans.

His calloused hand made its way in and he rubbed slow circles with his fingers around your folds through your panties. If you weren’t dripping already, you certainly were now.

“Dean, you know I don’t like to be teased.” You said running your fingers through his short hair. Dean smirked and attacked your neck with his lips, sucking and biting roughly at the skin. Distracting you from his hands (which was probably his plan), he moved your panties to the side and slipped a finger in agonizingly slow.

“Oh god, (Y/N), you’re so wet.” Dean whispered against your neck. He started pumping his finger in and out slowly gaining speed. His thumb moved up and brushed your clit, earning a gasp and moan from you.

“More. I need more.” You panted. He agreed and added another finger before rubbing small circles on your clit. Dean unclipped your bra and immediately removed his lips from your neck to your nipple, sucking on it harshly as he rolled and pulled the other in his hand.

“Oh god Dean!” You moaned and pulled at his hair, a grown escaping his lips and running up your body.

“I need you. I need to taste you now.” He growled and threw you on the bed behind him. A small giggle came from your lips as he tugged your pants and underwear down. “Oh god.” He whispered looking over your now naked body. “You’re beautiful.” He said running his hands up your stomach and grabbing hold of your breasts.

Dean opened your legs and peppered small kisses on your inner thighs, ignoring the place you wanted him the most. It was a sweet gesture, but you were needy for him.

He looked up in your eyes for permission, which you gladly nodded in approval. He dipped his head down and licked a long hot stripe up your glistening folds. “Mmm, so sweet.” He cooed and attached his lips to yours, licking vigorously at your clit.

“Oh Dean yes!” You accidentally yelled out. His hand clamped over your mouth and he chuckled against you before pulling his face away.

“Shhh (Y/N), we can’t have Sam knowing.” He smirked and kept his hand over your mouth as he began licking again. You were just about to cum until he pulled his face away and took his hand off.

Dean stood up on his knees and looked over you, obviously loving how weak and aroused you looked. He palmed himself through his pants before pulling them down with his boxers. “You want me in you, don’t you (Y/N)?”

You nodded fast and rubbed your legs together, trying to get some sort of friction. Dean smirked and leaned over you, looking in your eyes. He kissed you as he lined himself up, pushing into you in one quick thrust.

“Oh fuck. Ohhhh fuck oh fuck.” He whispered against your lips. “You’re so tight.” He said moving in and out slow a few times, just to get used to the feeling. You moaned and scratched at his sides so he would speed up, which he gladly did.

Dean pounded into you fast and hard, just his you liked it. “Oh my god!” You moaned holding onto his shoulders. Your nails slipped and trailed down his back hard, making him cry out your name.

“Oh fuck, (Y/N). That feels so good.” He said speeding up even more. His thrusts were becoming sloppier and sloppier. Your voices dying out as you were coming closer. The only sound to be heard for a moment was the sound of your skin slapping together.

“I-I’m g-g-gonna cum.” You whispered throwing your head back. Dean took the opportunity and kissed your neck roughly, pushing you over the edge.

Seconds after your walls clenched around him he came in you hard. Both of your bodies were shaking and trembling as he slowed down and finally pulled out.

Dean rolled off and laid next to you, his chest saving up and down. “Oh shit.” He whispered running a hand through his hair. “I haven’t came that hard in a while.” He said shakily.

You giggled and pulled the covers over you two, “Mind if I crash in here tonight?” You asked looking at him.

“Not at all baby.” He smirked and put an arm over you before falling asleep.


The next morning you woke to the sound of Dean’s bedroom door opening. At first you thought it was Dean leaving, but then you realized that Dean’s arm was still wrapped around you. He was still in bed with you.

Someone was in Dean’s room.

“Ahem.” You heard.

“Fuck.” You whispered and hit dean’s back, making him jump up instantly.

“What the fuck (Y/N)?” Dean groaned and pulled you on top of him.

“No.” You squealed and rolled off holding the covers over your nude body. “Dean. Sam’s in here.”

“And me.” You heard Cas say, “If anyone cares.”

Dean sat up quickly and looked at the two men joined in his room, “Well shit.” He whispered. “Hey guys.” He smiled

“Hey.” Sam said unamused, “So I take it you two made up?” He smirked. You sat up and had the sheets over your breasts so they couldn’t see anything.

“Sam,” Cas started, “I believe this isn’t their first time having participating in intercourse.”

“Cas!” Dean barked, “Shut the hell up!”

Cas looked confuse at Dean, “Why?”

Sam laughed and shook his head, “How long have you guys been at it? I heard you last night. ‘Harder Dean, faster. I need more.’” He said in a mocking voice matching yours.

“Get out.” Dean said reaching for his boxers.

“Oh, I get it. You guys need some more alone time.” Sam laughed and opened the door, “I’ll be on my way. Have fun you lovebirds.” He smirked and walked out of the room, leaving you and Dean to shower in embarrassment.