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Haha, I am literally in love with your art. Do you think you could do a human!Liam from flat dreams too? I saw your Nora, and she was sooo pretty <3 oh Gosh imagine like tiny kid bill crawling all over Liam and he's struggling to keep him in line, sighs. Hey, I really like your art.

this has been sitting in a folder on my desktop for a while now

idk if im entirely satisfied with design and may change it later but eh.. maybe maybe not?

also thank you!

Teen Wolf: Said The Spider to The Fly

Okay lights, camera ACTION… Oh it’s Lacrosse
Oh hey Scott
I’m ready to see Stiles, please. 😛😛
Coach Finstock!! The bigger they are… The Bigger. They. Are. / Cream Cheese lol I love Coach 😂😂
Scott stop pimping Liam out and give him a hug!!
Aww Liam, Mason and Corey. I literally love them so much. 😍😍
Hayden. Moved!?! 😲
Lol Liam said Scott’s leaving too and I laughed because of how cute he said it 😂
Aww Liam, Corey, and Mason haha
College talk
I’m ready to see Stiles, please. 😛😛
Liam shot up like “What? Captain that’s my spot!!!”
Haha Coach didn’t know it was Liam
No wonder everyone is starting to suspect the pack of being supernatural. Liam and Scott literally walked to a wounded wolf with the lacrosse team watching!! Think first!!😒😒😒
- I’m ready to see Stiles, please! 😛😛
Awww those poor wolves 🐺🐺🐺
… .Special Guest Star?: Dylan O'Brien, yeah whatever. He is the star!
Malia doesn’t care, she wants French dudes. GIVE HER FRENCH DUDES!!
Scott/Liam Father/Son The(Wolf) Talk
Where’s Stiles?? 😛😛
Who are these people and why do I care??
Ohh they released the new hell hound guy. That’s why I care. Okay.
Is she the new Morrell?? Well, that’s a problem because I liked Morrell, I need more from this lady. I NEED SIZZLE!!
Liam’s tough year. Corey’s invisibility complex. Mason’s. Just. Perfect! 😄
Where’s Stiles? 😛😛
… I saw this guy on a few episodes of One Day At A Time. I like him! Go Froy!/Nolan
What’s a scarow? Scarerow? Whatever? The books they’re gone
Screaming *Why does this keep happening to our school!!??“ Sydney girrrrlll didn’t you take the SATS why are you even still in a classroom?
Eww Sewer. Eww oh god what is that!?
I’m dead Holland got that cigarette commercial looking like a movie
Lydia your mom just LOVES YOU!! LET HER LOVE YOU!! 😢😄
SCOTT YOU CRAZY! Awe Melissa holding down her own! Yeah Scott’s got plans!! Oh shit Melissa you held the button
I want Stiles, please. 😛😛
Yay Malia!!!! 😁😁 Paris, she’s going to Paris! No more supernatural problems for her.
… I hear Parrish. My body is ready now point me towards the sexy!! 😉😉
Don’t you ignore Melissa when she is talking to you, you Hellhound!!
Oh Parrish
Aww they brought her dinner! That’s not dinner. Mama McCall I would bring you breakfast, lunch and dinner 😄
Sexy Hellhound Face Off!!! And GO!!!
You hot precious baby Liam. NO ONE HITS PRECIOUS BABY LIAM!! 😠😠
LYDIA No! Now is not the time! Someone almost got Liam!
Lydia where does your mind take you!?!?
…So Stiles(😛😛) isn’t really going to be in this is he??
… That puppy, monkey, baby kickstart commercial makes me uncomfortable 😕😕😕
After what happened earlier they’re still letting students in and at night too!!?
Lmao if I was Mason and Liam told me to get behind him I’d be like “dude I wasn’t going to get in front of you, soooo… no worries ✌✌”
Oh is she giving me SIZZLE!?! What’s up home girl?!
Aww Stiles told Scott to Be Gentle with his jeep Roscoe in a note 😢😢 so sweet
Lydia just help and leave as much info as you can and they’ll be fine. You can leave!
Liam is hurt HAAAAAALLLLPPPPP… he and Mason are so brave 😭
Hahaha Malia doesn’t have time for this! She’s going to stay isn’t she???
Yeah, I knew it. Lol she really wants to gobto Paris.
Always a price to pay why can’t the people of Beacon Hills catch a break!!!
Oh I think home girl is trying to get hot enough to sizzle!! I need more!!!
Oh shit she’s hot!!! She practically on fire! She gave the sizzle!! Okay, she can stay. You know what I’m going to keep her at a lukewarm for now. .
Are… we… talking… about… STILES!?!?
Stiles voicemail!!! 😲😲
Stiles sounds so cute!! I love him. He’s so grown up!!
Oh shit there he is!! I can’t breathe someone help me!!! Stiles is with the FBI OH MY DAMN!! AHHHH!
He keeps interrupting THAT’S SUCH A STILES THING TO DO!
Stiles spit his water everywhere and I just want to run through all of it like a sprinkler… I want to be that girl that is sitting in front of him
He can’t pronounce Stiles’ actual name hahahahah 😂😂😂 I love how Matt(hew) Shively’s name is on the list and he starred on Teen Wolf when Stiles was in Eichen House
I just want to lie down and thank Colton Haynes for talking Tyler Hoechlin into coming back for the last half of season 6. Thank you Colton 🙌🙌
Who recorded Derek running through the woods though?? Hunters!?! And how does the FBI have it & who did Derek kill?!?! Leave Derek alone he didn’t do anything to anyone.
They are giving us Sterek and no matter how small their scenes are together I am here for it!!
End episode… BANSHEE SCREAM 😱😱😱😱😱😱 to the death(until next Sunday) 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Teen Wolf 🐺🐺

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What if Zayn were a duckling? - an AU

Phone conversation between Lilo afterwards:


Louis: Isn’t it too early to be pulling birds at the club?

Liam: I mean a real bird! Uh, a quack quack bird? At the park. Anyway, it was the bird who pulled me, actually -

Louis: [stops chewing gum]

Liam: - it pulled my shoelace, I mean. Haha! And then guess what -

Louis: Okay. Are you telling me that instead of Leda and the swan, we’ve now got Liam and the duck.

Liam: W-wait a second. [angrily] What exactly -

Louis: I’m not saying you’re going to pop out two sets of twins in a pair of eggs, for god’s sake, Li, calm down. If your duck turns out to be a Greek god I don’t think you’d complain

Liam: You think I’m joking, but I’m not. It could write! You should come see this duck.

Louis: [grimly] No thanks. The only duck I like is Donald.

Liam: But there’s other wildlife around too…maybe you’ll meet a cool creature too like-

Louis: I hear Niall at the doorbell. Talk to you later, Liam! Cheers. [Hangs up]

Liam: [sadly] …like…a frog or something….

Word Count: 1852

Pairings: Zianourry (Brothers)

Warnings: Abuse, Tears, Blood, Sadness, Angst

Additional Note: Okay, so this was actually quite fun to write, so I really hope you all enjoy it. :) I hope this is what you was hoping for, anon. Oh, and thank you for reading my stuff, haha! :) Enjoy! xo

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*long but worth it I swear ;)*

Niall - His birthday

“Hey princess.” your adorable boyfriend said looking at the camera. “Hey my Irish knight in shining armour.” you giggled waving at him. “So how are you?” “I’m great, how’s tour so far?” “Ain’t the same without ya.” he smiled. “But you’re coming here anyway so it’s gonna change.” “Niall.” you stopped him. “What’s wrong?” “About the tour….” you said as you held your breath. “Yea you’re still coming right?” he asked a his smile started to fade away. “I.. I can’t” “But why? You promised!” he said scratching his blonde hair. “Turns out that my break starts next week not this week, and I couldn’t skip school ‘cuz I got a lot of exams this week and if I do, the teachers are gonna fail me.” you said frowning. “Okay.” he replied short. “Please don’t be mad, I’m sorry.” “It’s fine, nothing’s coming up anyway, you can visit on the next stop.” he replied a bit pissed. “I’m so sorry Niall, I’m gonna make it up to you I swear.” “Tell the teacher that you have to go on a vacation ‘cuz school stressed you out.” “I can’t baby I’m sorry.” “Can’t you come at least 3 days? Like be here tomorrow?” “I can’t Niall, I swear I’ll come if I could but I can’t. It’s not that simple.” “Yeah whatever.” he replied looking away. “But I’ll be with you next week?” “But not tomorrow.” he cut. “What’s with tomorrow anyway? Why Niall? I told you I can’t!” you said raising your voice. “Nothing, just miss you a lot.” he said as you saw his eyes started to get watery. “I gotta go, show’s starting, talk to you later.” he said wiping his left eye. “Okay, good luck, I love you.” you said smiling at him but he looked away. “Ya love ya too.” he said looking back at you then hung up. 

You turned your cam off and called Liam, “Hey Liam.” “Hey Y/N! How did it go?” he asked. “He. Didn’t. Suspect. A. Thing!” you said excitedly. “That’s great! So our plan’s still going right?” “Hell yeah!” “What was his reaction?” he asked. “Well he’s pissed, that’s for sure, so prepare to face pissed off Niall.” “Ah, this is going to be hard.” he giggled. “By the way, thanks for helping me with this.” “Yeah sure no problem!” he giggled as you heard someone shouted, “ HEY Y/N! ARE YOU AT THE HOTEL YET?” “Sushhh Lou! Niall could hear you if you talk like that!” “Yeah Louis, way to ruin the plan.” another voice said. “Hahah hey Lou, Harry?” “Yeah it’s me love. Are you at the hotel right now?” Harry asked. “Yeah, plane just landed this morning.” “Y/N, you’re on loud speaker.” “But Niall…” “He’s on stage for soundcheck with Zayn right now.” Liam replied as he continued,”Y/N, just wanted to make sure, you’re staying at my room right now, am I right?” “Liam don’t take other people’s girlfriends, that’s cruel!” Harry giggled. “Haha yeah, I’m with Sophia right now.” “Okay, you’re staying there ‘till tomorrow. Do not go out of that room when Niall’s back I repeat, do not go out of that room. Because his room is right next to ours.” “Aye aye captain.” you said smiling at Liam’s cuteness. “When are you going to the stadium to talk to the fans as we planned?” Louis asked. “Well, Sophia said that if we go to the stadium as planned, Niall will know ‘cuz not all fans knows our plan and if they spot us, they’ll tell Niall and..” “I understand, so where are you going to talk to the fans?” he asked again. “We’re going to talk to them in the ballroom at the 5th floor, the one near the swimming pool.” Sophia cut overhearing your conversation with the boys. “Yeah, we reserved the whole room.” you continued. “When are you going to do it?” “At 5 ‘till 8 pm, tonight, that’s before you guys finish soundcheck.” “No, our soundcheck finishes at 6.” Harry said a bit panicked. “Don’t worry, we can work something out. What if you needed more time?” Liam asked again. “We can continue tomorrow morning, around 9 ‘till 3 pm, before the gates open.” you replied. “We’ll handle it baby, you and the boys go find the cake.” Sophia said smiling at you. “Yeah we can totally do it.” you said nodding to her. “Okay then.” “Does Zayn know about this or?” “Yes he does! That’s why he’s with Niall right now!” Louis replied laughing. “Oh yeah, okay, anyway, see ya later!” “Bye! Good luck!” Liam shouted. “Bye! You too!” “Bye babe! Bye Y/N!” he continued. “Bye!” Sophia said as you hung up the phone. “So, our plan’s going great so far.” you said as you sat on the edge of the bed, followed by Sophia. “Yeah, did you bring your camera?” “Yeah I did.” “I brought mine too, in case you forgot haha.” “That’s great! We could use two cameras!” you said smiling at her. “Yeah.” “Have you talked to the fans yet? ‘Cuz if I’m the one who tweeted about it, Niall would find out right away.” you said a bit worried. “Oh no worries, I did, through a twitcam actually, my first twitcam ever. I did it with Liam last night when Niall was sleeping.” “That’s great! Thank you so much!” you replied hugging her. “Anything for my best friend.” she hugged back. The two of you were getting closer each day since you spent a lot of time shopping or going out together when the boys are on tour. You waited ‘till the time came as you and Sophia went down to the ballroom around 4:45pm. You walked in with her when you saw that a lot of fans showed up earlier than you thought. “They’re here!!” one of them shouted, followed by the rest of them shouting, filling the room. “Ssssshhhhh….” Sophia said gesturing the fans to keep quiet. “Go on.” she continued looking at you. “Thanks baby.” you said smiling at her as she nodded. “Okay, so, hi! You guys know who we are right?” you asked the crowd and they giggled. “Anyway, this plan of ours is top secret so you guys can’t talk about it the moment you left this room until tomorrow night at the concert okay?” “Okay.” the crowd replied all at once. “Haha great! So let’s get started!” you said as you and Sophia took your cameras out and went into different ways. “Sophia, you start from the left, I start from the right.” “Sure!” she giggled. The two of you walked towards the crowd that were sitting on the carpet floor of the ballroom, “So, say anything you want for Niall okay? But keep it short.” you stated as a group of little girls giggled and nodded. They said their birthday wishes for Niall and you moved on the the next group of fans. Sophia did the same. It turned out that the two of you finished recording all of the fans that you still had 20 minutes to spare. “Hey Y/N, we should say happy birthday with the fans, so not only us and them but all together!” Sophia said and you nodded, “That is a great idea!!!!”. You ran outside the ballroom and called one of the hotel staff that were walking by and dragged him to the room. “Guys, we’re gonna do one last thing! Everyone please sit down and..” Sophia instructed as she told the crowd to do everything that she had in mind. “Soph, here.” you said as you hold the staff’s arm. “Great! Would you please record us?” she asked. “Sure miss.” he replied, taking the camera off Sophia’s hand. The two of you did it, with one take. You thanked the fans for showing up and treated them with the amazing food form the hotel. “Remember guys, don’t mention this to anyone, please.” you reminded. “Yeah! Don’t worry Y/N!” one of them shouted. “We’re gonna do a twitcam tonight and tell you the plan for tomorrow.” Sophia added, meanwhile…

“Niall! What’s wrong mate?” Zayn asked hugging his friend. “Nothing.” “Don’t be upset! It’s not her fault that her school sucks.” “Yeah.” “Cheer up mate!” Zayn smiled tickling him. “Zayn, stop, I’m not in the mood.” he mumbled. “Awhh Niall, baby, sweetie, don’t be sad, we’re all here for you.” he giggled as he pinched Niall’s chin and made him smile a little. “There’s that smile.” he laughed.

“I miss her a lot Zayn.” “I know, but you’re gonna see her next week right?” he said trying to sound as natural and as clueless as possible. “Yeah, can’t wait that long.” “You can! Come on, let’s go bowling with the lads!” Zayn said trying to cheer your boyfriend up. 

You went up to Sophia and Liam’s hotel room to start editing, “I’m gonna do the twitcam now if that’s okay?” she asked sitting beside you on the bed. “Sure Soph!” you replied still elated about everything. She turned the cam on and started broadcasting with you sitting beside her. “Hello, so we’re gonna tell you guys our plan in….. 15 minutes? When everyone’s here.” Sophia said smiling at the camera. You edited the fan videos as you waited with her then you opened twitter and you read people talking about it. “SOPHIA! LOOK!” you said handing her your phone. “What? No!!!!!” she said she turned her cam on again. “Guys guys guys! For those of you who didn’t show up today, don’t worry! Just send the video to my email, I’ll tweet it later, but I don’t think we can use all videos, probably 1-3 from each country okay? Please don’t tell Niall! Don’t trend this! He cannot know!” she said reassuring as the two of you read the fans tweeted a yes, and a sure, even they tweeted their friends to keep quiet. Sophia talked to them and you smiled and talked a little then opened her email and it nearly crashed since she got more than 1,000 emails per 5 minutes! You didn’t know which video to use so you came up to the camera instead,”Guys, we just got more than 2000 emails now and we don’t know what to do.” you said, waiting for the fans to come up with something, and a few minutes later, a few of them did. “You guys could pick randomly from each country.” Sophia read out loud. “That’s not a bad idea, but you guys didn’t write where you’re from.” you said opening the emails. “Umm, we’re gonna make a new email then and you guys resend it and add where you’re from in the message okay?” you asked. “They said yes Y/N.” Sophia smiled. You made the email and told them right away and you got more than 5000 email right away. “Thanks guys! Please don’t be sad or jealous if we didn’t choose yours, it’s randomly picked.” you said frowning. “Yeah, we apologise in advance.” Sophia added. The fans were really supportive, all of them said yes and you said your goodbyes and turned the cam off. You and Sophia spent the rest of the night editing and picking videos together, then Liam came in, “Hello hello, how are my girls doing?” “Your girls?” you asked laughing. “Sssshhhhhh!!! Niall’s outside!” he reminded. Sophia stood up and hugged his hubby, kissed him all over his face. “Get a room.” you giggled. “This is our room.” Liam said looking from Sophia’s shoulders. “Haha touché.” you giggled. “Where am I going to sleep tonight?” you asked. “You’re gonna sleep on that bed with Sophia.” he replied. “How bout you?” “I can sleep on the sofa or I can always go to Harry’s. He’s sleeping with Zayn but I could fit in, Louis’ keeping your moody boyfriend distracted for the night.” “Okay great, thanks.” you said as you stood up and hugged him, then sit back and continued editing. “I’m gonna go swim, good luck geeks!” “Wait!” Sophia cut. “What is it babe?” he asked before changing his clothes. “Record yourself saying wishes and all, and also please record the boys? Give it to us later, or tomorrow morning okay? Before the show!!” she continued. “Sure.” he replied kissing her then left the room. The two of you went crazy all night and luckily, finished the project in time. You slept at 2:30 am and woke up at 8 that day, Liam woke the two of you, “Rise and shine geeks! Today’s a big day!” he smiled as he gave you his phone. “About time.” Sophia mumbled as she took your laptop and started editing again. You were still editing when you heard voices from outside, “GREAT JUST GREAT!!” “Niall, what’s wrong?” “LEAVE ME BE!” he shouted slamming the door. Liam went out then went in with the boys right after. “What’s going on?” you asked worried. “Nothing, we acted like we forgot his birthday that’s all.” “Haha awhhh.” Sophia giggled. “Did you get the cake?” “Yep, save and secure ma’am!” Louis said smiling. “Great! I’ll give the video to the tech later!” “No! Don’t! I’ll do it!” Harry said stopping you. “Why?” “Niall? Backstage? Show?” he replied. “Oh yeah! Haha!” you laughed. The boys left the room and went to Niall’s to prepare for the show. 

You finished your video in time and took a shower then went straight to the stadium with Sophia. “What time is it?” you asked panicking as the car stopped in front of the gates. “Relax, it’s 2:45.” she replied. The two of you walked to the gates when a group of fans stopped you,” Y/N, Sophia! Hey!” “Hey! Didn’t i see you yesterday?” “Yes you did omg you remembered!” they shrieked. “What’s up?” Sophia asked. “Well, we made this and we copied it, around 10,000 papers so when we put it up together the whole stadium floor will form this letters.” “Happy Birthday Niall.” you read. “That’s crazy ! Crazy amazing! I’d never thought you guys would do this! This…This is amazing! Thank you so much!!!” you said hugging them. “We gotta go though, we’re still going on as plan okay?” Sophia added. “Yes! See you guys!” they replied excitedly. You went into the stadium and met Harry on stage, soundcheck, “Harry! Here!” you said as you gave him the disk for the video. He nodded and ran backstage. You went to the far right seats on the floor, where Niall wouldn’t suspect a thing. You waited there with Sophia, talked to fans and so. Finally, the time had come, the show. The show started as usual, Clouds for the opening, then the boys went on stage, and all of them knew where you two were, except Niall. Then the time came, the middle of the concert, where the boys go backstage to change. You and Sophia climbed the railings, helped by security, and ran to backstage as fast as possible. “Niall, I’m going to take a wee if you don’t mind. In the meantime, would you please tell us what do you think about this concert in 17 words?” Louis asked as he ran backstage with the boys. “Sure.” Niall replied smiling. Everyone knew that he was still pissed about everything, but it was amazing to know that he came out with a smile and tried to be as happy and as excited as possible on stage. “This… Is…One…..Of….The…” 

Before he knew it, the lights were all out, pitch black. “Hello?” he shouted through his mic and the crowd were so quiet he felt like he was the only one there. “Anyone?” he asked again. No reply. Then the giant screens on stage lit up as he turned around, still figuring what was going on. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALL…..” the sound of the speakers emerged. The video was turned on and pictures of him from when he was a baby, till now began showing, even his weirdest, most embarrassing videos. Then the video where he took his glasses off like he’s James Bond,“Wait, no one was there when that happened.” he said and everyone giggled, still watching the video.

The video kept rolling as you, Sophia, and the boys prepared the cake backstage. It started with the fans videos from all over the world where they said their best wishes for Niall, then the boys one by one, starting from Harry, then Liam, Zayn, Louis, followed by Sophia, then you. “Hello my Irish knight in shining armour.” you said in the video, he was shocked,”Happy birthday! Look what we made you! Well, you’re looking at it now!!” you giggled, “I miss you so much, the fact that I had to lie to you about this hurts. I love you. I hope that you have a great year ahead, hope we can still be together, hope the fans support gets you to places, hope that you can be a better person even if you are one!” you smiled as tears starting to fall of your face. “I….I love you so much, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make it.” you said wiping your tears. Niall saw the whole thing and shred to tears, even though he was on stage, in front of thousand of fans. Then the crowd, as told, took out the paper and held it in the air as he read it, the one’s on the tribune seats took out their glow sticks, “Let’s sing it together shall we?” Liam shouted as he came out again. 

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR…” they sang as one by one came on stage with you at last, holding the cake, “DEAR IRISH KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOURRRRR!!!!” you shouted, as the crowd continued to sing, “HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAY, TOOOOOO, YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!” “Happy birthday Nialler!” the boys said as they ran towards Niall and hugged him followed by you and Sophia. Sophia hugged him and then your turn. He looked at you, wiping his tears off, still couldn’t believe that his girl, his everything, his world was there, standing in front of him, on his birthday. You walked with the cake, he ran towards you,“ Make a wish!” “You are my wish.” He replied wiping his tears away then blew out all the candle and took the cake, giving it to Louis. He ran back to you hugging you, lifting you up, twirling, “Princess!!!!! You came!!“ he shouted. “Hey dork. Surprise!” you giggled, kissing him on the nose. “GUYS, THIS IS A CHILDREN’S SHOW!!!!! HELLO???” Louis shouted. “Haha get a room you two!” Harry added. “FREE PIZZA FOR EVERYONE!!!!! RIGHT AFTER THE SHOW!!!!” Niall shouted at the top of his lungs while holding your waist. The crowd screamed and cried as they saw that sweet moment on stage. #IrishKnightInShiningArmoursBirthday was trending right that instant even though the show were still going. You hugged Niall one last time and you came off stage, helped by security. You and Sophia moved and sat at the VIP section right in front of the stage where Niall was standing. You could see that he was so happy, touched, he couldn’t hold his smile, his laugh. The show went better after that, he was funny, he joked a lot, he played on stage like never before. He sang with the boys happily. He were so happy we even took a stool and sat on it in the middle of the stage, “This is for you guys, all of you, thank you.” he said as he strummed his guitar. He sang as the crowd swooned from left to right and sing along. “Niall, we’ve never heard that song before.” Harry said after he sang it. “I just made it, it’s for everyone here who made this happen tonight. Thank you!!!” 

He giggled as he and the boys continued singing their songs. The show went a lot longer than usual and he tried not to keep looking at you every time he sang another song or when he walked by, but he couldn’t handle it, he loves you too much. You knew that he was going to see you through the show, that he was going to smile or tease you from stage, you knew. You made a sign in a big piece of carton. Liam saw it first then told Zayn all about it, then Louis told Harry, Niall was still clueless till Liam turned his body around, “Niall, look!” he said pointing at you and your big sign. “There’s more.” he read then smiled. “OH MY GOD Y/N WHAT DOES YOUR SIGN MEAN?” Louis asked bursted out laughing on stage. “NIALL, YOU LUCKY LAD!!” Zayn added. 

But what they didn’t know is that the phrase “There’s more” meant something else. Niall just stood there, smiling at you with his adorable grin, “There’s more.”

Harry checking Louis Instagram:
  • Harry: oh, so followed someone?
  • Harry: oh, surprise surprise it's not me
  • Harry: so you can follow Liam, you can follow Niall, you can follow every member of 5sos and Simon too!
  • Louis:
  • Harry: but you can't follow your own husband?!
  • Louis:
  • Harry: oh, you even follow OBAMA!? OBAMA! That's it, you can sleep on the couch tonight!

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Please help me.. I've been off tumblr for a bit and only just got back on.. I've been seeing all the lairport stuff and I've worked out the basics (larry got the plane together by themselves for the first time in forever) but if you're not too busy I need some help with dates and times etc.. I tried going on the internet but couldn't work it out, if you could, it would help if you could do a timeline of recent larry (or general 1d Austrailia arriving) events thank you so much!! Love your blog xx

Oh my god I wish I was as good at this as the big update accounts but I’m shit but I’ll try and do it for you haha x

Basically, Zayn arrived in Australia today (looking hot af whilst doing that). He travelled alone because he was still in the UK. Niall was already in Australia for a while and I think Liam got there yesterday. 

What’s really cool is that Liam was in LA too but didn’t choose to travel with H/L. 

Now, yesterday people started freaking out because guess what? H/L traveling together. For the first time… SINCE 2012!

This was the last time…

This is what happened yesterday: 

There were pictures, of course. But whilst Harry was being papped in LAX and we got HQ pictures, Louis wasn’t. He just got in without being “noticed”. But he was photographed by fans.. But ofc the pictures were released straight away so everyone knew they were together. Also some big update accounts confirmed this! 

Then, they arrived today. There’s speculation about the fact if they got in the same van or not. I don’t really know. You decide!

What I do know is that Louis looked very happy. H must’ve done something right on the plane *waggles eyebrows*

let’s take a closer look at that…

Aah yes… Freshly fucked.

So basically this wasn’t really a timeline or anything just a recap of what happened. I told you I was shit at this hahaha but hopefully it’s brought some clarification!

Love you xxx

Sickies Stick Together (Liam Dunbar)

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Liam gets a cold and you take care of him and get it too and a bunch of cute and fluff

Imagine: Liam get’s sick and you have to take care of him.

Word Count: 1317

Trigger Warnings: None

(Hope you enjoy! I had a fun time writing this haha. Stay tuned for a Derek Hale imagine tomorrow!)

Text from:

Hey babe, I’m sick today so I won’t be at school. I’ll see you soon. Love you❤️

You frown at your boyfriends text. You text back:

Hey guess what? I’m not going to school today either. I’m *cough* *cough* sick. 😏

You tell your mom you are going to walk to school today but really, you are going over to Liam’s to take care of him. Don’t worry, puppy dog eyes will help you not get into to much trouble. Liam’s house is only a block away from yours.
Once there you don’t even knock you just walk in.
“Liam? You here?” You hear sniffling from the living room. You close the door and walk over to the couch. There, your boyfriend sits with about a million blankets wrapped around him and a box of half used tissues on the coffee table. He was watching some cartoon on TV. You stifle a giggle. Startled Liam turns around.
“Oh my gosh. (Y/n) you scared me half to death. What are you doing here?” He says in a nasally voice.
“Did you not read my text? I decided to skip to take care of you.” You say and walk around the couch so you could sit next to him. You place your hand on his forehead to take his temp.
“Oh my gosh Liam you’re burning up!” You exclaim. He smirked.
“I know I’m pretty hot. Thanks for noticing.” You roll your eyes.
“Whatever. I’m going to get you some Tylenol.”
“First cabinet-”
“I know on the left, beside the microwave.” You say. You could sense his smile from the other room.
“Okay, I could only find the liquid form, so-”
“No. I’m not taking it.” He says. You groan and march over to him.
“Liam it is literally just a teaspoon of it.”
“It’s grape. Your favorite fruit.”
“NOPE! (Y/n) you know that those taste NOTHING like the actually fruit!” He exclaims while pointing a finger at the culprit. You sit next to him.
“Liam. I am going to pour this medicine onto a spoon-”
“The, I’m going to tell you to drink it-”
“Then you’re going to drink it and feel 10x better.”
“No. I’m not doing it.” He refused. You fling yourself into him.
“Please Liam! Do it for me!” You exclaim and give him the puppy dog eyes. Those always work. He tried to look away but he couldn’t.
“UGH! Alright fine. But I’m going to hate you for this afterwards.” He grumbles. You smile and shake up the purple liquid. You grab a spoon and pour the medicine to the rim of it.
“Okay Liam. Three, two, one!” You say and shove the spoon into his mouth. He makes a disgusted face and swallows it. He breaks out of his cocoon and grabs his glass of water and downs it in one sip.
“You need more water?” You chuckle. He leans back and nods. You put the Tylenol back and refill his cup.
“See now your fever will go down, and it will help clear you up a bit. You’ll be better in no time.” You put the glass on the table and sit right next to him.
“Would you like to join me in my cocoon of warmth?” He asks and opens up his blanket shield revealing his pajama clad body. You nod and scoot closer to him. He wraps the blankets around the both of you and you rest your head on his chest. 

“Liam, if you don’t mind, I might try to sleep. I’m kind of tired…” You say trailing your sentence.
“Fine by me. I might try to sleep as well.” He readjusts your position so that he is leaning against the side of the couch. This makes it to where it is easier for the both of you to stretch your legs out.
“I love you Liam.” You mumble into his chest.
He kisses your head.
“I love you too (y/n)" 

A few hours later you wake up to a phone call.
"Ugh-it’s your phone.” Liam groans. You groan as well. You look at the caller ID.
“It’s Stiles.” You say and answer it.
“(Y/n)? Finally you answer! I’ve tried to call you and Liam like 5 times each. Where are you guys?” He asks. You roll your eyes.
“I’m at Liam’s. He has a cold so I came over to help him out and keep him company. But we ended up falling asleep.” You explain.
“Okay good. Scott was just freaking out a bit. He thought the Doctors got you guys.” He says with relief in his voice.
“Right. Scott was freaking out. Bye Stiles.”
You rest your head against Liam’s chest.
“What did he want?” Liam asked as he played with your hair.
“He was worried about the dread doctor stuff. He thought that we got taken by them or something.” You say.
“Oh. I see. Well, should we go back to sleeping?”
“Yeah. I would suggest make out but, that won’t be on my list of fun things to do with you for a few days.” You grin and close your eyes.
“What’s that suppose to mean!” Liam grumbles before falling asleep too.

You awoke again a few hours later. Liam was playing with your hair.
“Sleep good babe?” He asks you. You nod. You sit up and stretch.
“You hungry?” He nods.
“I’m going to make you chicken noodle soup.” You say.
“From scratch?!” You laugh.
“Haha no. From a can. I’m not that good at cooking!”
You go into the kitchen and get a bowl to put the can of soup in. After heating it up for a few minutes, you grab a spoon and head back to the living room.
“Okay Liam, here’s some-ACHOO!” You sneeze.
“Did you just sneeze into my soup?” He scoffs.
“No. But I was close too. Sorry.” You grin sheepishly.
“Good. Because I’m really hungry. I hope I didn’t get you sick.” He chuckles. You roll your eyes.
“Yeah I hope so too. Hey I have to run babe. My mom will be home here soon. I’ll come over tomorrow. I love you.” You say and give him a kiss on the forehead.
“Okay, I love you too (y/n)” he said as you left his place.
Once home you explained to your mom what happened and she was fine with it. She realized you only wanted to help him. When you went to bed, you started to sniffle a bit but didn’t really think that much of it. The next morning you wake up with a pounding headache and coughing. Your mom tells you to stay home from school. You don’t even bother with clothes or hair, and head over to Liam’s in your pj’s and flip flops.
“Liam,” you say in a nasally voice.
“You got me sick.” He see you and laughs.
“I’m sorry babe. Wanna join me? In watching Adventure Timeee” he says. You smirk.
“Hello? We tried knocked but decided just to come in. How are you feeling- HAHAHAHAHAH OMG (Y/N) IS SICK TOO!” Stiles laughed. 

Everyone else stifled laughter.
“Ha. Ha.” You deadpanned.
“I’m so sorry, but this is just the most adorable, and funniest thing in the world. I have to get a picture.” He said. Lydia rolled her eyes.
“We decided to come over and figured (y/n) would be here with you. We wanted to help her take care of you. And I guess, now the both of you.”
Stiles took his pic. This was a great moment with your friends, even if you and Liam were both sick. 

“You guys are Sickies!” Stiles exclaims, thinking he came up with the most cleverest thing in the world.
You and Liam grab hands.
“Sickies Stick together.” He whispers to you.
“Together, forever.”

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*when i meet my favorite celebrity*
  • Me: hi can you please do me a favor?
  • Celeb: yeah of course sweetie, what is it?
A Matter of Trust (Part 9/??)

A/N: Hello, my loves. As you all have been patiently waiting for it, I am proud to present part 9. Like I said, this part was extremely emotional and challenging for me to write because the majority of it actually happened to me. Not exactly, there’s one huge difference, but it’s pretty fucking close. Feel to free to write to me if you have any questions about what actually happened. :) As always, thanks for being the amazing people that you are. Your kind words make my life so much better. Enjoy! :) xx

And shanshenanigan, thanks for always being my rock.

Rae’s sleep on Sunday night was the worst she’s ever had and that includes her first night in hospital. She’s not even sure how much she actually slept because every time she turned over to the clock on her night stand a new hour was displayed. Sunday, the day, wasn’t nearly as bad as she expected it to be, given everything that happened. Rae was sure Chloe had given Izzy a Sparknoted version of what happened on Saturday night because the two of them made it their mission to keep Rae’s mind clear of thoughts of Finn, Tix, and Liam. They went shopping, they went to see a movie, and they got manicures. It was a lot of fun, if Rae was being honest with herself, but it didn’t take her mind away from anything, even though she pretended for Chloe and Izzy’s sake.

Rae tried hard not to think too much into what Izzy had said about Finn coming home the night before, storming up to his room without saying a word to anyone, slamming the door and blaring The Smiths.

“The Smiths get me through the tough times.” Finn’s voice danced through her mind. “Or if I just need to think, I go to The Smiths.”

What do you need to think about, Finn?

It was exactly this reason that she couldn’t sleep the night before. She knew she’d be seeing Finn today and a thousand different scenarios flashed through her mind about how lunch was going to go. Countless times yesterday she’d picked up the phone to ring their house but every time she got to the tenth number, she’d hang up.

What am I goin’ to say to him that’s not goin’ to make me sound like a total twat?

She couldn’t be in bed anymore. Her first class wasn’t for another three hours but maybe she could find Finn on campus and have their conversation earlier than lunch because the more she thought about it and the longer she waited, the queasier she became.

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coldbam  asked:

in advance of tomorrow, any au about footballer louis

OKAY, SO: Louis is a footballer and a single dad. It’s mainly just him and his daughter - it’s a bit much with his schedule, but he’s never really liked the idea of leaving Ella with strangers, so his mum helps out a lot. Most days he’ll drop Ella off at his mum’s on his way to early practice, and she brings Ella to nursery school later in the morning, which is why Louis doesn’t recognize Mr. Payne at first.

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anonymous asked:

When the new year started, I said to my friend: I'm gonna miss Harry haha I just always thought that if he doesn't have band obligations and have to be in the limelight he'll chose not to. Same goes for SM. Now maybe he would tweet more IF the current band & private situation would be different etc. but I do think he's a private person, also has limited options due to the ongoing band/image/stunt mess. He seemed to have some influence how to behave this whole year&that's how he did it. 😉

I love your tag too haha I remember a good post about MIA Harry going around! I think what some people forget is that we aren’t talking about 3 months etc. It’s been almost 1 year!!! So many predicted he’d be the first who can’t wait, instead we’ve NIALL and LIAM with singles/announcements first! And Harry did a movie and one magazine! Total different direction, which wasn’t that surprising if you paid attention to everything going on :) 1 year of being mostly MIA & in the same city as Louis :)

Oh, yes, I think that when considering Harry’s situation in 2016, there are several points to keep in mind.

1) Every celebrity, whatever their field of (artistic) competence is, needs promo. Promo while working to sell their product, promo while they’re not working to keep their own status up; promo promo promo, 95% of the time that’s all what it is about. But not every celebrity (and their team) has the same idea of promo or to what extent they intend to work for it. Some literally live on and off that (honestly often because they don’t have much else to offer), some find a balanced way to handle their public and private time and some just choose to keep a very, very low profile (it’s rare and generally happening with older people, used to a different environment- generally). I think that whoever followed Harry for some time would agree that he’s not part of the first category and that, given the choice, he won’t obsess over self promo and an oversharing of his daily life.

2) After 5 crazy and abnormal years in the circus that One Direction was turned into, Harry, as the other boys, absolutely needed some time to properly rest, recover, recharge and just live (Niall completely fell off the radar for months and Liam has disappeared for weeks at a time; Louis didn’t have a moment to breath until summer and that’s been our first concern).

3) Harry, as the other boys, is likely not entirely free from some of his old restrictions and ties and he’s shown more than once in the past how unhappy he is to be portrayed in a certain way. It’s not that hard to imagine he’d prefer to keep quiet and wait it out until he can present himself according to his own will, as he’s partially (and clearly) been able to do with AM.

4) I also don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to guess that considering his partner and the revolting situation he’s been living in for the past year+ and how close and supportive they appear to be one of the other, Harry wouldn’t exaclty jump of joy at the prospect of going on and living his life as a rising star. And as odd as FSm management has been in the past months, they also proved to be more than effective and capable when they needed to be and they’re certainly more than aware that as famous and promising as their young client can be, this was NOT the moment to have him SO quiet, off the cool circles, off the press, off SM, off everything if not mentions here and there by other people while he just doesn’t show his face. Not in such a delicate moment of transition. 

I believe we’ll get a good idea of how Harry Styles wants to lead his mix of public and priate life, what he wants his perception to be, the moment point 3 and 4 eventually, definitively shift and settle.

OUAT Van Con - Saturday

Just wanted to do a quick write up about the con because it was SO SO much fun!! This one is just for Saturday :) 

So the first event of the day was Liam and Sinqua’s panel which was SO HILARIOUS oh my goodness. Those 2 have such amazing banter. I was laughing so hard the entire time and I loved them talking about funny stories from filming. Robbie’s panel was after that and he’s quite adorable in person!

But the day really started getting great when the photo ops started. My friend and I split a Colin photo, and got the idea from Kat to “fight” over him in the picture. Which is seriously perfect for us. So when it was our turn Rose was like “so we’re just gonna like…. fight over you” and Colin was totally down for it and okay with it haha. I was just gonna grab his arm but looked at Rose and she had grabbed his wrist so I did the same and just sorta ended up holding his hand in the photo. AND HE HELD IT BACK AND I WAS LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING HAHA. Highlight of my life ngl. And the photo turned out so great and it was so wonderful.

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You Can't Sleep when He's On Tour

“Hello?” you spoke on the phone. It’s 2 am and you still couldn’t sleep so you called Harry. “Hello love, what’s wrong? Everything okay?” he asked worried. “No, I mean yes, everything’s fine, I just couldn’t sleep when you’re not here with me.” “Babe, please don’t say that, it makes me feel guilty and want to climb to bed with you.” he sighed. “That’s the point, anyway, where are you?” you giggled. “Well, I’m in Brazil right now, our show’s starting in 5 hours so I’m guessing it’s 1 in the morning there?” “2 actually.” you corrected. “What? Go to sleep! Now!” You heard him worried and couldn’t help but giggle, “I’d love to but I can’t I don’t know why.” “Hmm… Wanna know how’s my tour been?” he asked. “YES PLEASE!” you replied short. Then he started to tell you the story that you’ve heard a million times since he went on tour, the same things, just to hear his voice, till you drifted to sleep while he was talking, “Yea that’s that. And oh! Louis pulled a prank on me today… And… Y/N?” he asked. “Y/N? Hello? You there?” Still no answer. He giggled as he spoke to the phone right beside you, “Sweet dreams kitten. I love you.”

You keep rolling from one side of the bed to the other, then you looked at the clock, “Ah, why am I so tired but can’t fucking sleep!” you groaned. You heard your phone buzzed on the bedside table and saw Niall sent you a text. You didn’t read it and called him right away, “Princess, I’m sorry, were you sleeping?” “Uh, no, not really, I can’t sleep. What’s up?” you asked. “I just got off the plane, I’m in Maine now.” “Cool.” you said smiling. “Yeah, 28 days, 672 hours, and 40.320 minutes to go till I see that beautiful face again.” he replied giggling. “You know, there’s this app called FaceTime, or Skype?” you said. “I know I know but if I see you now, then it wouldn’t be as special as when I see you as I got off the plane. I don’t know, I just don’t want to feel lonely when I see you there, not here. But when I hear your voice, I feel like you’re here with me you know?” he said sighing. “I miss you.” you replied as tears started filling your eyes. “I miss you too princess. Anyway, want me to sing you to sleep?” “Sure.” You heard him strumming his guitar seconds later and started singing. A few minutes passed and you drifted to a deep sleep.

“Come on Liam pick up.” you said looking at your phone. “Good morning my lady.” a voice said as the camera readjusts. “Good evening.” you said giggling. “Oh, it’s night time there?” he asked looking at you lying on the bed. “Yeah, it’s 12, can’t sleep.” “Oh my, it’s pass your bedtime! Naughty naughty girl!” he replied. “Haha shut up!” you bursted out laughing at your weird boyfriend. “For the record, you still look beautiful as ever.” he smiled. “You’re such a tease!” you replied. “So, since I’m not out of bed yet, let’s sleep together.” he continued as he took the covers and rest his head on the pillow. “Huh?” you asked a bit confused. “Go to sleep babe.” he said. You smiled and closed your eyes. You peeked and saw him also lying on the side, trying to sleep. “I love you. So much.” you whispered, not sure if he heard it through the cam. “Love you too babe now go to sleep!” he said while closing his eyes. “Haha okay okay.” you giggled as you closed your eyes one more time, then finally drifted to sleep and you didn’t wake up hours after, and so did Liam.

Your phone buzzed as you saw your snapchat notification when on, Louis sent you a snap. You rubbed your eyes and about to open it when he called you. “Hey love, so did you see it?” he asked. “See what? I was about to open it!” you laughed hearing your excited boyfriend. “Okay, well I gotta go to the interview in Louisiana. I’ll call you later then.” he replied. “Wait don’t go.” you said. “Why? What’s wrong?” “Nothing… It’s nothing, never mind.” you continued. “Y/N what’s wrong?” he asked again. “Nothing! Really! Haha I couldn’t sleep that’s all.” you smiled. “Why didn’t you say so?” “Because, you’re gonna be late for that interview.” you replied. You heard him took a deep breath and said, “The interview’s like 4 hours away, I’m on my way now, I can still talk to you love, let’s just talk until you feel sleepy okay?” he asked giggling. “Yes, that’ll be great.” The two of you talked for a couple of hours till you reach the point where you couldn’t speak anymore, just listening and finally slept without him knowing, “I guess you’re asleep now, good night beautiful, see you soon.”


My OTRA Experience

Hey everyone here is my experience of seeing One Direction on Valentines Day AND for the first time! I must say it was the best night of my life and Harry Styles got hit by I think Tim Tams. So here I begin!

It was around 4pm when I left for 1D. My cousins Mum picked me up and went into the city together, and had dinner at a restaurant right opposite Etihad Stadium. I saw thousands of girls either at where they were staying or waiting outside and it was hectic. The energy was buzzing and the gates hadn’t even opened yet. I sat on the floor section B2 Row A, which was front row in my section and 3 sections back from the catwalk! 

Finally the gates opened and we went inside, that’s when I said goodbye to my family members (as they were sitting somewhere else) and headed to explore by myself. I found the merchandise stalls and immediately got depressed by the price of things. $50 for one shirt! Like man I’m a teen girl who has no money like geez that’s steep, but I still bought it, along with some posters and a flag.

While in line I met this really nice girl who was also a Harry girl and immediately got along. She told me that she was there from midday and that in sound check the boys played Stockholm Syndrome multiple times. It sounded really confusing as it wasn’t on the set list in Sydney etc, and unfortunately the boys didn’t play it either. 

After becoming broke I moved on to finding my seat. I had a nice view of the boys and as I was front row I could easily stand in the makeshift walkways and take decent pictures. When I sat down I got greeted with the girl next to me. Her name was Bella and her mum came also for the first time to see 1D. Me and her do some really random shit during the concert which I will get to shortly. 

I remember checking my phone at 8:27pm. The boys would be on in any second but what plays? The macerna closely followed by Beyonce Single Ladies. Literally the whole entire audience was jamming to Beyonce and you could feel the energy beginning to grow. Finally the lights shut off and the music begins. I could not believe what was happening, after so long of never seeing them they were standing less than 20 meters away. With tears building I mentally smacked myself so I didn’t make a mess of myself and forced my eyes not to cry. 

Then I see my beautiful long haired sexy husband come out singing the lyrics to Clouds. His energy on stage was electrifying. Hes cute and signature dance moves rocked the catwalk floor and most importantly, those locks of brunette hair swayed joyously on his broad shoulders. Everything I have always seen in a YouTube video was standing right before me and that’s a lot to take in, especially when he decided to fall AGAIN on the edge of the catwalk. 

Niall shared with us that “Melbourne is my second home” and wore an Aussie flag around his neck. Zayn spoke and killed us all with his high note in You and I (as per usual). Louis was loud and bubbly like he always is. He (along with all the boys) constantly thanked us for everything we’ve done and for selling out this stadium. Liam was talkative and said we were the best crowd so far from this tour, along with talking. Yes just him even talking even gave me feels, his accent is so sexy and just in general anything that Liam Payne does makes me fall to the floor. Anyway moving on to Harry he was full of energy and wished us all a happy Valentines Day. I did say he slipped and fell above and what actually happened was I think he tripped on something or slipped and at last minute I was recording Louis and saw him fall haha. He was such a tease though honestly with all of his muscles and tattoos and sexy arms oh it was too much to handle. 

So here comes the interesting part of my concert experience. The girl next to me (Bella) asked me during the concert if I wanted to get water with her. She said to me she saw people selling water towards the catwalk area so we went from our seats and went. We walked almost all the way to the catwalk and videoed a little while having no luck searching for water. Anyway we run back but around half and hour later I saw a break in the security, Harry was standing right on the section of the catwalk that I could run to the very front and so I grabbed Bella and ran for it. I ran until I got to the end of the catwalk and filmed Harry while fooling the guards pretending I was looking for someone. He came up to me and said no filming but I made a lie saying I was searching for someone. He actually believed me and by then Harry moved on and I went back. I made eye contact with him and I’m pretty sure he saw me too. I felt on top of the world because I fooled the stupid guards and managed to get decent filming of Harry literally right in front of me. 

After that song the boys had a quick change of clothes. Harry and Zayn hairs were put into buns and Harry changed into this really hot white T shirt that revealed all of those tattoos. Literally eye candy gold it was. Nialler announced that there were only 3 songs left. The first was You and I. Many girls including myself bought little love heart posters which filled the stadium to hold during this song. You and I is one of my favourite songs by the boys and I sure was pleased as it sounded so unique and powerful. It showed all of the boys talented voices along with a sick bass. Liam was impressed by our efforts to create the stadium full of hearts and so he asked us to pull them all out again so he could take a picture. All we need now is for him to post it.

Next was little black dress (which was very much fun to jam too) and then ending with Best Song Ever. While jamming to BSE, the boys were at the very end of the catwalk and Bella grabbed me and pointed to all of the girls running to where we were at the catwalk before. I quickly reached for my phone and ran too, pushing past slower people until I saw the reason why they ran. The boys were walking back up the catwalk and I had to find a spot where they would see me. On the side of me was a chair (and rules strictly said no standing on chairs) but I yoloed and did it anyway. I made sure no one else got on it so it wouldn’t break and watched the boys look at me and the rest of us. I couldn’t believe it. They saw me and I filmed it AND for once in my life I managed to do it. 

Unfortunately the boys left the stage and I immediately missed them. I jumped off the chair and walked backed to my seat, picked my things and went on the road again. 

So there is my OTRA experience! Sorry if its so long and I will post my videos and pictures in the morning as my phone has died. If anyone has some pics/videos from this concert please submit them to me as I would love to keep them! 

Skype (Niall)

So Niall misses you on tour and gets a bit worried during Skype:

Your hands are getting a little frantic as You type in your username. You haven’t seen Niall or heard his voice in almost 3 weeks now. You had missed him singing you to sleep. He’s already logged on. You click the ‘call’ button and sit patiently. He quickly answers and the connection is made. As soon as it hooks up he smiles big, You’re doing the same. He has his hair down and headphones on. There is a guitar next to him and he’s wearing a soft gray t-shirt. “Hello love.” “Hi Niall, I missed seeing you.” (You make a little sad face for effect). “I’ve missed your smile! I’m sorry we haven’t skyped in awhile, it just gets a little hectic when we have interviews along with shows.” You can see some small bags beginning to form under his eyes just like the last time he was on tour. “Its no problem, I understand. (You smile) where are the boys?” You asked because usually by this point they are in the background making noises and teasing Niall, but today it is strangely quiet… “oh. (He looks around quick) Zayn is asleep. Louis is too. Harry and Liam are talking over there on their phones about to knock out too.” “hmm. I was wondering why it’s was so quiet, haha.” “haha yeah. (he yawns a little)” “Where are you guys now? What time is it?” “We are in Brussels. (he checks his watch) Its about 3 am here.” He looks back up at you. “Niall! Why are you still awake? You must be exhausted.” You softly scold him for being up so late. He’s avoiding eye contact…“I couldn’t sleep” “Why not?” he starts to look down at his keyboard avoiding the question. You’re intently watching his every move, trying to get a reading off him. Something is wrong but You can’t tell through a computer screen. “… I just have a lot to think about.” You’re still watching him, he’s avoiding eye contact and it’s silent. You want to know what’s wrong. “Are you okay?” He answers you quickly to try and assure you, “yeah, (Y/N)… Don’t worry.” He looks up at you and his eyes are slowly watering up but you don’t think he’ll cry. Your mouth falls open a little and a sympathetic expression makes its way to your face; He looks back down quickly hoping you didn’t see him upset. It’s silent for a sec and he pulls his t-shirt over face quick. “Ni, please. I can see it in your face something is wrong. Tell me please, I never want you to be hurting alone.” He covers his face with his hand and falls back on the couch he’s sitting on. “I just,” he starts but then stops and thinks for a second. He puts his hands down and his face is red and blotchy. You just want to hug him. “There’s a lot going on and… I feel like I’m not able to keep up with you. I just really miss you, it’s been too long since I’ve held you.” Now he’s blushing a little but he looks right into your eyes.  “Ni. You’re there for me whenever I need you to be. And I wish you could be here with me everyday but think about how amazing your life is- and you know that I am going to be here waiting for you no matter what.” You smile at him a little trying to show him that it’s all-okay now. There’s nothing to worry about. He looks you in the eyes, “Do you love me?” You look down quickly and it’s silent for a few seconds but you’ve made up your mind immediately. You look him straight in the eyes and a smile creeps on your face. “More than anything, Niall Horan.” He starts to smile and brighten up a little, “I love you too.” You’re happy to see him better but then You realize it’s getting even later and he has another show tomorrow. “Niall, do you feel better now?” “yes thank you, love” “Can you go to bed now? I don’t want you to be sleep-deprived. (You laugh a little and so does he)  Call me again tomorrow if you get the chance, its Friday and we can talk all night. I promise.” He looks at his watch as You’re talking and tries to hide the surprised look on his face. You guess when he told you earlier he was too conflicted to process it. “That’s sounds like a good idea. Harry and Liam have knocked out already so I should get to bed too. (He shifts his weight a little) Alright, I’ll call you tomorrow.” He Smiles “Alright then, I love ya Niall. Please don’t worry too much. Good night, Ni. Love you.” You blow him a kiss. “Night (Y/N). I Love you!” he blows a quick kiss at the camera, smiles, waves, and then he’s gone.