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Mina’s Monday Recs

Wow, what a week! There has been so much loveliness coming out of the fandom creatively in the last seven days. And since I’ve become sick of adulting, I decided to this a bit earlier instead :) (Of course, this rec list is – as it always is – based on my shipping preferences, and lately, as will soon become obvious, I’ve been on a bit of a Nyssa kick. Not to mention I have needed smut like I need air, which is also reflected in my choices for this week.)

Do you Take This Man? (NSFW) by yespleasehawkeye (Olicity) – AHHHH. So much smutty goodness in this fic, seriously. One thing I can never get enough of is the physicality between Oliver and Felicity when they’re established – I just think that their interactions have a different kind of sensuality to them when they’re kind of familiar with each other physically. (Like when Oliver is just casually touching Felicity under the table while they’re eating, lol.) And, of course, the fact that it’s set during Thea and Roy’s wedding (two of my OTPs for the price of one! :D) just makes this even more enjoyable. I love the lazy feel to this fic, and the way they keep going back to the dance floor again and again. Definitely one I will be rereading. :)

Carpe Diem by agentsofmariahill (Nyssara and hints of Black Assassin) – whoa. I will preface this by saying that there really isn’t nearly enough femmeslash fic out there, and there is nowhere near enough Nyssa fic either. So the fact that this is both is a bonus, for me. I love the way the author explored the different facets of Nyssa’s character – the way her father trained her, the way she slowly started questioning her sexuality, her beautiful relationship with Sara and her budding friendship with Laurel. Even if you’ve never read a Nyssa-centric fic before, I urge you to check this one out. It’s amazing.

Tantric (NSFW) by lostolicityscenes (Olicity) – HOT DAMN. I am a sucker for road trip smut, and this was gorgeous. I love the poetic style and the way Oliver and Felicity kind of find each other, physically and mentally. I love that kind of discovery between them and how the physicality between them, while losing its novelty, never loses its thrill. And what gets me is that this fic doesn’t have a word of dialogue in it, but it doesn’t need to. In fact, the silence is kind of what makes this story so sexy. <3

It is not in the Stars (NSFW) by kaleidoscopes-and-carousels (Nyssara) – GIVE ME ALL THE NYSSARA SEXYTIMES PLEASE. Wow. What an amazing homage to one of my OTPs, set during the end of season 2 when Sara returns to Nyssa and asks for the League’s help. I think this fic sums up perfectly, for me, Sara’s mindset when she decided to break things off with Oliver – that this was never about not wanting to be with Nyssa and was far more about unwilling to face the darkness inside herself.

Strange Birds by darhkfelicity (Olicity with Laulicity friendship) – I will never, ever, ever get enough of the Laulicity friendship, and this fic is such a lovely homage to what has become one of my favourite ever girl-power!friendships on Arrow. I love how their early interactions in canon are addressed here, the way Sim dips into both my darlings’ minds and shows how they slowly become friends. And I adore the way this extends beyond the Olicity road trip while also working in details of some of the new spoilers we’ve been getting for season 4.

Sensations of Survival (NSFW) by arrow-through-my-writers-block (Olicity) – ahhh, I am such a sucker for smangst, and this is a wonderful one. Set the night that Oliver defeated Ra’s (I think?), it has some of my favourite things in it, including SHOWER SEX and apologies and pain and did I mention shower sex? :D There is something almost cathartic about reading this that I adore, and there is such a gorgeous introspective and quiet feel to it that is also ridiculously hot and something that I just can’t get enough of. Definitely my favourite by this author.

So, I found this waterfall by thevegantargaryen (Nyssara) – I love Nyssara fics that are set during the flashback years, and this is an excellent one. There is so much emotion and hotness packed into what is actually quite a short piece, but it doesn’t seem to be from how beautifully it is written. Both Nyssa and Sara talk about their dreams, about leaving, exploring the world, and the way that is inexplicably linked with their exploration of each other sinceriously tugs at my heartstrings and makes me ache for these two. <3

Wanderers by susannahmccormick (Olicity) – yayyyy, more road trip fic! :) Sus does such a great job with this series, and I am loving in particular the section about Oliver and Felicity’s mountain hike. AND THE PUPPIES. Oh God. I really like the domesticity about them – not only does it perfectly fit into what Stephen and Emily have been saying lately about how Oliver and Felicity have changed while on their road trip, but there is something so ridiculously endearing about Oliver thinking about holding a barbecue and wanting to do up the house and all sorts.

And then I found this delightful tag fic (picture is NSFW) by effie214 which kind of speculates on what Oliver and Felicity would be like their first night back in Starling. And as always, Effie’s way with words leaves me speechless, because I can totally feel Felicity’s conflicting emotions about being back, and about wanting to hold onto the comfortable oblivion of their road trip. And THE PANCAKES. I love it when Oliver cooks breakfast for Felicity. For obvious reasons. :D

I also came across this gorgeous Olicity graphic by waschal – I LOVE the angel wings on Oliver (I can’t help but interpret that to be a reference to the fact that the Arrow is Starling’s guardian angel <3) and the pretty colouring and the infinity sign around the arrow. I could probably write an essay about how much I love the symbolism of this, but I’ll stop there, lol.

Then there’s this beauty by captainolicitysbedroom, which was made for supersillyanddorky06’s fic, The Firebird (which I’ll admit I haven’t had a chance to read yet, but Matty is an excellent writer and I know, having read several of her other fics, that this one is as good as anything she writes). Plus, I love any art that feature’s Al-Saheem, because of reasons. ;)

I may have shrieked a little when I saw this lovely Laurel Lance graphic by blackprettybird, too. WOW. What a gorgeous homage to my pretty bird. I love the monochrome and the way the city is reflected – I think some people forget that when Oliver was off in Nanda Parbat, Laurel had to look after Starling on her own, with only Nyssa by her side. This is a wonderful reminder of that. <3

And my graphic rec list would be incomplete without this absolutely heartbreaking Nyssara edit by cherrychapssstick, which made me feel SO MANY EMOTIONS. I love the shattered glass effect and how it reflects the fragmented nature of Nyssa and Sara’s relationship. So dark and achingly beautiful. AH.

And then, because I love Black Assassin both platonically and romantically, here are a couple of lovely videos that are dedicated to the wonderful pairing that is Laurel and Nyssa. There’s this one by wondertwinc, which goes ever so slightly AU in that they’re actually together. And wow, do they have great chemistry! I will forever love the milkshake scene, and the scene in 3x16 where Laurel agrees to let Nyssa train her, and the part where Nyssa said the last few weeks with Laurel had brought her happiness. Nothing makes me happier than two badass ladies supporting the hell out of each other, saving each other and having a beautiful friendship (and, in this video, something more). This video is certainly one I will rewatch. Again and again.

The second video is by vigilantelawyers, which I also adore and which made me fall in love with the pairing even more. What an apt song choice, and with a lovely selection of clips from the show, too. I think we see here how Nyssa has mentored Laurel in training her, but also how protective Laurel is of Nyssa – to the point that she says she doesn’t want to lose her after everyone else she’s lost. Also, I don’t know if there’s a technical name for this, but I love how at one point there is two of Nyssa and then later there is two of Laurel. It looks super cool and just makes this video even more gorgeous. :D

That’s it from me! I know this week has been Nyssa-heavy, but hey, she’s a cool character and I love her to pieces. You know the drill – if you liked anything on this list, be sure to let the creators of these wonderful fanworks know. Reblog their work. Give kudos. Leave comments. Leave a lovely message in their askbox telling them how much their fic/edit/video made your day.

In other words, spread positivity so all the hardworking people who give so much to the fandom get something back. Thanks, and see you next week! :)

(And graphic artists, I’ve linked to your works, but if you want me to take down the actual images, I am happy to do so. Just shoot me an ask. :))

Recs from last week

My fics

Long Time No Seen

Request-So I’d like to request an imagine in which Dean and Sam have a little sister that they were separated from when they were little, but then were reunited with after she heard that Ellen was close with the Winchester boys. So she drove straight to the bar and asked Ellen to call them for her 

Word Count- 890

tag- @evyiione

A/n-So I changed the request slightly so the reader has never met Ellen I hope that is okay :) Also as my birthday treat to you all if you didn’t know I’m uploading the next part to “That Boy Is A Monster,” on Monday when it’s my birthday and it may or may not be dramatic lol catch up now! :)

That Boy Is A Monster: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Take that you son of a bitch.” You say glaring at the beheaded vampire. Looking around to see any more you sighed when there was no one left. So after hiding the bodies you got in your crappy car and started to drive. You lived a lonely life, never knowing who your true Mom or Dad was. All you knew was your name was (Y/n) Winchester and you were adopted when you were little. As far as you knew you didn’t have any brothers or sisters. You were too lazy to research your family tree, you only researched for hunts. Hunting defiantly wasn’t your choice. But when your foster parents got attacked by some werewolf you wanted revenge. After you completed your first hunt alone only at 15 you didn’t turn back.

As you drove down a dusty road a road house came into view. Slowing down you saw what the sign said. “Harvelles Road House.” The name felt familiar until it clicked. Sometimes when you met up with other hunters they told you about the place, but you never went. You didn’t like the idea of making new friends. It was basically where all hunters go to drink. So deciding you deserved a few drinks and hopefully some pie you turned in and parked.

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anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts, Yuuri as a small Gryffindor and Victor as the Slytherin who ADORES him

I hated everything. 

I’d been there for what? 2 years? Nothing’s changed. The same routine. The same fake smiles. The same midnight tactics. I didn’t fight back when they slammed me against the wall. Why would I? They’re not worth the wrath of my magic. 

People seemed to dislike my hair. One look at it and they knew which family of sorcerers I came from. Of course, my family was dead. I spent most holidays alone. The bullies seem to get a kick out of provoking me to ‘use it’. 

The girls were always easy to charm. If I played it right, so were the boys. But what’s the point? I only remained in school to relieve my boredom. 

Why was I born? Was this life of mine really worth living? I wanted it to end. But something kept telling me… ‘Not yet’.

Luckily, I found a spell that allowed me to share dreams with someone I could connect with. Someone who shared my loneliness. I could never see their face because my eyes would never open and I could only ever say my own name. That was my payment for creating these dreams. Even so, this person always made me smile. After we exchanged names, I experienced the best human-like companionship. This person played with my hair, poked my cheeks and leaned against me or hugged me with their warm arms. I only used this spell on my worst days. 

At only the start of my third year, I was targeted once more. I knew they would not give up until I caused trouble by releasing my powers. I ignored their taunts as I thought of ‘dreaming’ again. But that night was different. Because I didn’t need to ‘dream’. As I was dragged by my hair to the boys’ bathroom and roughly handled like usual, a clear voice cut through. 

“LET HIM GO!” Such a strong voice from a small body. In the dim-lit bathroom, I could see the trace of red on his robe. A Gryffindor. 

Was this child an idiot, I thought. When the child waved his wand against six 5th year Slytherins, I knew he was. 

They deflected the child’s spell easily and released me with their attention switching to the child instead. 

“What are you doing defending a filthy creature like him, kid? Can’t you see the colour of his hair?” the bullies mocked. I was actually rather interested in hearing the child’s answer as well. 


My eyes widened at those words. And even more so by his next words. 

“Unlike you ugly bullies!” I never wanted to laugh harder. 

“WHAT?!” The seniors took stance with their wands. But I wasn’t having any of that. Like I was going to let a bunch of weaklings hurt this child. 

I felt the air in the bathroom thicken by the release of my pheromones. The 5th years had just discovered they could no longer move. I stood up and gracefully touched their skin. Just a light tap. Oh how they shuddered and gasped in shock. My finger tips were ice cold after all. They didn’t even dare breathe. Once I came in between them and the Gryffindor child, I smiled at them. I knew my eyes were glowing. 

“If you dare come near me or this child again, I’ll be sure to trap you in ice for eternity. Is that understood?”

They couldn’t answer in their petrified state. But once I released them, they ran away like the cowards they were. 

I turned to the child. I was surprised that he was hardly fazed by my display. 

“Aren’t you afraid of me?”

The child shook his head. I knelt down and smiled at him, “No one has ever complimented me before.”

Without hesitation, the child caressed my long shiny grey hair, “But Victor’s hair is really beautiful…”

Again, I was caught by surprise. He really wasn’t afraid of me. 

“How did you know my name?”

Oh? Is he blushing? 

“Y-You told me… In my dreams…”

I could feel my cold heart melting, the blood in my stream started running hot as I realized who this child was. I reached out my hands and cupped his cheeks, “You found me.. Yuuri.”

The child giggled, a sound I only used to hear in my dreams. 

Victor was blushing purposely as he reminisced how he first met Yuuri with the second years in an outdoor class, “AH~! He was such a cute child! Fighting against 6 bullies on his fifth night in this school to defend my hono-”

The children laughed as an unknown object hit Victor hard on the head.They knew who it was that had thrown it. ‘Victuuri’ was a very famous term in the school. All the young wizards adored them and their ‘unique’ outdoor classes where they had two sorcerers teaching them simultaneously.   

“You don’t have to tell that story every time!” shouted a flustered Yuuri. 

Victor smiled as Yuuri stood next to him. It’s been more than 10 years since that night in the bathroom. And Victor has never been more thankful to still be alive. 

A/N: After that night in the bathroom, Victor was seen almost everyday with Yuuri to the point that the teachers had to deliberately separate them because Yuuri could barely get to class wwwww AND VICTOR DEBATED BY SAYING HE COULD TEACH YUURI BETTER THAN THEY CAN HAHAHAHAHA (I would totally write how Victor’s hair was dramatically cut off and how he almost died in Yuuri’s arms during his sixth year but that would make this a whole fic and I’m not ready for that commitment lol You just need to imagine Victor lying on Yuuri’s lap and then gently cupping Yuuri’s face, “…I’m sorry I’m no longer beautiful…” and Yuuri is crying, “You’re always beautiful.. With or without your long hair, Victor. So please… please don’t leave me yet…”)


All Images are from Google or Richard’s twitter, I’m too lazy and so not emotionally prepared to wave through all his tag finding the movable version for any of this, I’d probably have a heart attack before I manage to finish this post.

I PROFOUNDLY APOLOGISED! That this post is ridiculously long and full with tons of images…

Day 7: A Favourite Personal Look

Seriously, how can anyone answer this question? I sure can’t. I mean, I basically don’t give that much attention to his looks, he’s an actor; he has to change his appearance all the time to keep things look realistic. Besides, I’m no Fashionista myself, when someone asks me about his/her style, I usually response that he/she looks fine the way she/he is! It isn’t a lie, my head really is working like that.

And oh my, Richard does look absolutely gorgeous in every style he’s managed to be. Well, I have to say maybe not his ‘90′s Backstreet Boys’ one in Between the sheets.

Yeah…probably not this one…

But apart from that, Totally fine, damn.

I’m usually all for man in suits, you know, all nicely dressed and gentlemanly but Richard with cardigan and waistcoat really does make my heart leap. It makes him look approachable and kinda of, I don’t know, warm somehow.

Suits? Oh yes, Definitely yes. though for me, I love him more in black; black has always been my favourite colour, I don’t know it has certain quality like bringing out a sort of mystery and sophisticated, enticing atmosphere some how.

But of course, His casual looks is not bad at all. I kinyda like this side of him actually; I remember reading an interview way back like in 2008 or something where he gave an interview in causal clothes, and then went to change for the photo, lol. The man has almost absolute no-sense about dressing himself; I think perhaps he’s just too lazy and doesn’t like to be bothered with it. When shooting Spooks, he talked about how he would hit the gym after shooting, went home and crashed on the bed, waking up in the morning, putting on the clothes that he had just picked up from the floor because he didn’t have the time to send it for cleaning before going out for the shoot of that day. Yeah, totally hopeless.

Dark and dirty, clad in leather?

Need you ask?

As for his facial hair… I don’t know but clean-shaven Richard always gives the sense of incredibly young and it looks so oddly unfamiliar, so for me I don’t particular in favour of it though I wouldn’t object. (My friend said that Richard looks old and odd-looking but when she saw his picture as Lee in Cold Feet, she literally pointed out at the screen; shouting out right that he’s handsome.)

I think we could agree that Richard with a little bit of stubble, like with those 5 o’clock shadow is the most frequent looks we’ve seen him it. And it works fantastically. I think there even a research saying that women are more likely to attract to a slightly-beard man rather than  a clean-shaven or full-beard one. But for Richard, it sure add up more to his charm; giving the vibe of someone who is a bit sinister; like bad-boy attractive especially when he dyed his hair black…

The beard? 

Oh, no doubt. I think the man likes his beard. In one interview he expressed concern at first about having a beard while doing a Photo-shoot but much to his surprise, it turned up to look good. (His exact word would be okay but I think we can push it to good, no?) For me, he looks a bit more mature and, I don’t know intimidating? because only when he got a full beard on had I realised that he is indeed a big man and my, watching the Crucible really gives me a glimpse of how he would be when he’s angry.

You know someone once made a point that Richard’s selfies on Twitter look like a compilation of Hot Dad taking selfies, my friend said that she had agreed with that (I would never ever call Richard “Daddy” but oh well…) I don’t know, I love that looks as well. I mean, how can you not?

Hair colour? I would say Black does indeed compliment his eyes making them much more prominent and boy, what a nice pair of eyes…

But when his real colour is showing, it looks kinda nice too.

Or like this…

Hell, I should probably stop now…Okay, I’m gonna stop now…